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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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suspect after kidnapping and carjacking the victim brought her here to this kensington gas station. he tried using her credit card to take out cash at an atm and when that didn't work he tried getting victim back in her car but she was sitting, he was stopped by a quit thinking clerk. shortly before 6:00 this morning central detectives say a woman was carjack and kidnaped at this center city parking garage. operated by pennsylvania hospital. minutes later her blue car pulled up to this gas station, in kensington. behind the wheel, the the suspect, and both get out. twenty-five year-old man, is at the counter. the suspect waves at him but comaris suspicious. >> i was looking, and you know, just looking, very nervous. >> reporter: man tried getting victim to take money out of the atm but it doesn't work. they walk to the counter where suspects uses the women's credit card to buy a pack of cigarettes. >> this is money, you know, id. >> he was calling her, his
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girlfriend. >> he tried leaving with the woman but co mar leaves the counter and keeps woman behind it. >> i help you. >> reporter: and holding on to this good luck charm he follows the suspect outside and tells him to leave. >> unaudible. >> reporter: that man drives off with the victim's car and phone and comar goes back inside to give the upset victim some water before police arrived >> i'm good. >> reporter: police found the the suspect by tracing the looping cell phone. that suspect with another man, were arrested. fill will a police not yet releasing their names. we are live from kensington i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a good samaritan, greg, thanks very much. dozens of northeast philadelphia residents are without water tonight, and an 8-inch water main break on van kirk street in lawncrest just before noon. water department says residents, in about 70 homes
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should have their services restored by 8:00 p.m. no word on what might have cause that had break. taking a look at the weather now we have a day long break from the wet weather and now we're tracking more rain for tomorrow. rittenhouse square bustling a a short while ago people taking advantage of the nice day out there and probably want to get out now because tomorrow likely you will need umbrella again. meteorologist kate bilo live on the the sky deck with the first look the a the forecast, kate. >> thanks, guess contact clouds won the battle to day but you could feel sun trying to break through and anytime you did the temperature really spiked more sunshine in parts of the area then we saw in the city but we got enough to get the in the mid 50's, well above average. but as you said, more rain is on the way, nothing out here tonight the but taking a look at storm scan three and you can see what is heading our way across the northeast not a big deal. not much going on. just some cloud cover in place. the as we zoom outlook at this system in the central part of the country. that is snow on the back edge. look at the that temperature contrast, snow over portions
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of nebraska, down into kansas, severe weather in iowa and missouri and that storm is heading our way. mild air we are seeing right now is on borrowed time. sixty-two in philadelphia 50 at the atlantic city airport. coming up we have a lot to talk about that storm comes through tomorrow with the chance for showers, strong gusty wind as well, they will stick around in the end of the week and another warm up to talk about after a brief cool down a lot to cover and i'll have it all when i join you inside in a few minutes, back to you. well, it is official, mayor-elect jim kenney picks richard ross to be philadelphia's next police commissioner. the announcement was made right here at the the cbs broadcast center. rahel solomon joins us more on what the new appointment means for future policing here in the city. rahel, good evening. >> reporter: as you mentioned it has been called one of the worst kept secrets for mayor-elect jim kenney but today officially announced that many long expected came down. >> i'm very, very proud to introduce our next police
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commissioner richard ross. >> reporter: fifty-one year-old first deputy commissioner richard ross is a 26 year veteran of the department. originally from the fernrock area he graduated from central high and later penn state and then st. joes. after a press conference at cbs broadcast center ross says he doesn't plan to reinvent the wheel per se but wasn't ready to release specifics. >> right now it is more about an announcement the not about laying out specific plans but i assure you we will work with the collaboration with the mayor-elect you will get more than enough. >> reporter: ross does plan to continue community policing efforts with foot patrols, increase pilot body camera program and speak more with groups like black lives matter. >> there is a way to strike a balance, to get a sense of understanding and that is what we will work with. >> reporter: fop president john mcnesby appointed the appointment of ross but department has serious will challenges he hopes can get resolved. >> obviously we need more manpower, berth equipment on the streets and that is
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something we have been dealing with over the the last four or five years. >> reporter: ross will assume the role in early january after commissioner ramsey retires. >> i like a person who has had relationships, has had experience, knows the the players, knows the ad ohio dates and community groups and doesn't to have take six months to a year to come up to speed. >> reporter: and mayor-elect jim kenney has been out spoken about the controversial stop and frisk policy, coming up tonight at 6:00, we will learn more about where the stand and if there could be changes in store. we will hear from the new commissioner ross. reporting live on the steps of the art museum, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. police in claymont, delaware announced at rest of jon son, wanted in connection with the carjacking and kidnapping of the 71 year-old woman that happened outside wawa convenient store at philadelphia pike on tuesday evening. a short time later police arrested his alleged accomplice, norris farlow
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during a track stop. authorities say victim gave the suspects money and she was not injured. today is veterans day, of course and our region is pausing to honor and thank the the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve our kentry. media hosted its annual veterans day parade this have afternoon. dozens of veterans, high school marching band, mounted color guard and fife and drum core participated. thousands came out to show their support as well. it is the largest veterans day parade in the area. on independent mall the the national constitution center celebrated veterans with activities for people both big and small. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" reporter meisha johnson was there. >> reporter: if you knew school children were eager to hit the the table to make veterans table art in red, white, blue and other. >> thank you. >> reporter: for some, it is their first lesson in veterans
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day. to retired army specialist john campbell, this celebration is a far cry from the days after vietnam. >> for the longest time we were the ones tagged as losers as veterans instead of the government and now people are realize ago this we weren't. >> tell me about what veterans day means for you. >> the community comes together and says we are proud of our military and proud of our veterans, and it is very powerful. >> reporter: retired lt. col. in mo gillan served 27 years in the army. now she's executive director of the veterans multi services center. she said newer veterans have a different struggle. >> those are struckeling are working very hard, veterans multi service center and many organizations in this area, especially to end homelessness among veterans. >> reporter: so this was a day to reach out, with a few word on a post card, visitors could thank a vet far away. >> there is going to be someone that reads that and
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you will make their entire day, how does that make you feel. >> it makes my day too because i like making other people happy. >> reporter: even the the littlees were able to watch, and learn. >> we love our veterans. >> reporter: meisha johnson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". beautiful. and as we continue to solute those who served our nation in the armed forces, this morning president obama laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery, tomb of the unknowns. in the annual ceremony the president encouraged all to celebrate veterans, year round. >> what has always made america great, what has always made us exceptional are the patriots who generation after generation dedicate themselves to building a nation that is stronger, freer, a little bit more perfect. on this day and every day we
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thank you. >> the president also urged employers to hire veterans. just hours after wrapping up their fourth debate, last night, those seeking g.o.p. nomination hit the ground running today. craig boswell reports from washington. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates fanned out across the country on this veterans day holiday. in new hampshire donald trump promised better medical care for those who served in the military. >> if you don't get good serve us you go to the private doctor, hospital or someplace right nearby and we will get it paid for. >> reporter: ben carson discussed his a fate with students at liberty university in virginia. he told reporters he wants an across the board 3 percent cut to the government. >> some people say, you cannot do that. every penny is vitally important and the whole system will collapse. that is a bunch of garbage. >> reporter: just hours after
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the candidates clashed on immigration in tuesday evening's debate florida senator marco rubio came back to the issue. >> criminals they have to leave. if they are not they have to pay taxes, they have to pay a fine, they have to learn english and they will have to get a work permit and that is a all they will have have for ten years. >> reporter: while there is no break from the campaign trail there is a slight pause in the debate press. the candidates won't meet again until mid december. >> i thought moderators asked really good questions, they talk about things that are important. i thought it was a good debate. >> reporter: jeb bush campaigned in iowa he picked up endorsement of the famous world war two veteran and former g.o.p. presidential nominee senator bob dole. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news", the shopping frenzy that is bigger than black friday and cyber monday combined. plus, smiles and tears asiana boosted pit bull leaves the hospital and head off to a much happier life. i'm walt hunter with the
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latest on the story of remi coming up. we test drive cars so why not tattoos. if you are unsure of the life long commitment of getting inked a philadelphia start up company has an answer and it is much more than just your generic fake tattoo, we will show you. meet the the new multi millionaire after battle between two local players at the world series of poker, that is coming up next.
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is, more than seven million-dollar richer, today. joe mckeon is the new world champion of the poker. >> it is a jack. joe mckeon goes wire to wire to win the 2015 main event. >> the 24 years old beat out more than 6,000 other poker players, for the title, he had to pony up $10,000, to enter that tournament. and, get this, the runner up, also from our area, marlton native, josh beckly. sixers jersey, all right. now to a tattoo test drive of sorts. if you want ink but aren't sure you are ready to commit for a lifetime a start up company in philadelphia may be
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right up your alley. here's kyw news radio reporter iain bush. >> reporter: are you sure you want that soviet dictator's face on your skin for life? now you can see how prudent that permanent decision will be. >> we have a product that can do any custom design as well as a proprietary type of finish that makes it look like a real type of tattoo. >> reporter: jordan dennie runs momentary in >> it a allows to you try on any tattoo, whether it is color, black and white, and exact replica before you get that permanently. >> reporter: what makes these different from the ones you find in the box of crashing jacks? it is what you do after after you apply the ink if we are taken seriously that was the first thing that we did something that looked real. it is an application that you a apply, after the temporary tattoo goes down. that brings out that matt finish that makes it look like a real tattoo. that is the secret. >> reporter: prices start at 15 bucks up to 4 inches.
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you can submit your own design or use their in house artists. in moment try ink is getting tattoo shops on game. >> we are here to offer an alternative for people that are first timers and really, need an extra push to get something that is truly meaningful to them, on their body. >> once again, once again. >> reporter: iain bush, for kyw news radio, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". nice, nice. >> nice, iain. >> nice, nice. it seems to be novice a little early, for some at least for me. >> thankfully, we are not out west. take a look at utah, snow is already on the ground in some places. snow season there lasts into march and sometimes april i understand. the storm system is moving through plains and threatening wild weather maybe even tornado in iowa, and missouri. kate, i was asking but that. you heard about all that i'm sure. >> it is a really potent storm moving through right now. we have heavy snow on the back edge of it. severe weather on the front
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with tornado watches and warnings and temperature difference is just remarkable. i will show thaw in the plains coming up. this is the same system that will impact us tomorrow but it will not be as strong as it was in the central plains which is good news. system will weaken as we head in the overnight hours and your thursday but it will drag a cold front here tomorrow. i wouldn't be shocked to hear thunder a at some point during the day and it will bring about a change in temperature. a drop in the mercury. lets look outside. we will go outside to our live neighborhood network a time lapse video. look at the how today really and out in philadelphia the sun just tries to break out. it started cloudy and then briefly, midday, it starts to get beautiful. the sunnies out and then just as quickly it clouds backup and then tries again and then cloud backup again. it was just one of the days the cloud won the the battle but even with the cloud battle sun broke up enough that we climbed in the mid 60's which is well above average for this time of the year. nicer day then what they had a across midwest where they had a few showers. still ongoing over vermont,
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new hampshire and down in the boston area, as well. for us, clouds are starting to break a little bit but as we head through tomorrow clouds return and this system we were just talking about is right here. this will impact us. what i want to know even though this is very nast to tid over portions of iowa and missouri is storm is lifting. this is lifting to the north and east. when you see a storm lifting, that is an indication it is weakening. this will weaken before it gets in our area tomorrow. look at this heavy snow. omaha were in the upper 50's yesterday. now it business to be snow omaha as snow pushes n look at that temperature gradient across kansas and missouri. much colder air behind this system. cold enough, of course for all that snow. temperatures in our area definitely not cold enough for snow. sixty-two in philadelphia still. sixty in trenton. fifty-nine in allentown. normal highs around this time of the year is 58. we are well above average for today. let me take you out to the midwest. right now 41 in heyes.
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forty-six in omaha. it is 37 in job lynn, missouri. we can see that cold air working its way here as that storm system moves east and this cool air will be felt and modified but it will be felt for us as we head through the weekend. lets look at future wind gust was future radar. tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. showers approach and that direct southerly wind gusts to 20 miles an hour here. showers move through by 1:00 and then we will clear it the out. watch what the wind do have after that system clears tomorrow night we have wind gusts over 30 miles an hour in spots and it will stay blustery into friday. wind 25 to 30 miles an hour, throughout the day friday as we clear it out and get sunshine back. wind may be more noticeable then the rain will be. expect showers between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. less than a quarter inch. this is not a big rain event but wind will pick up the pace as we go through the afternoon and evening hours especially. overnight tonight mainly cloudy, cool at 48. tomorrow, cloudy and windy with midday showers.
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sixty-two is our daytime high. eyewitness weather three day forecast you can see cooler a air working its way in by the weekend. not cold enough for snow. not as cold in the in midwest but only 54 for saturday and with the wind it will feel like 409's, bundle up and our first fully below average day in november. >> the at least it is more seasonal then what is happening out west. >> yes. >> yes. >> thanks, kada appreciate it. health reporter stephanie stahl mced glaxo smith-kline impact award for greater fill amount recognition program was held at gsk's navy yard campus and honors outstanding non-profit organizations that are improving lives and contributing to a healthier community. congratulations to all. a sensitive holiday product, the christmas sweater creating an uproar among target customers. inside the life of the victoria secret model on the day of their big fashion show. we will give you behind the scenes look and hear from the models walking the runway,
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don. eagles talk about veteran leadership not on the field but in the armed forces. a sleet to the veterans next in sports.
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it is veterans day of course. people are getting involved. >> everybody acknowledges and rightfully so, right. football players battled in the trenches but they are not warriors, however, members of the u.s. armed forces are. we solute you all on this veterans day. your work is a appreciated by not only us but the guys on the field of play. pat gallon has more. >> reporter: with it being veterans day we celebrate those who have served and those who currently serve in our armed forces. eagles head coach chip kelly has always incorporated the teaching of the armed forces in to his coaching but he says it goes beyond that. >> i think, it is not just your coaching career but from peoples lives. we are allowed to do what we do now because of the men and women that made sacrifices for this country and what this country stand for. >> reporter: many philadelphia eagles players have their own stories regarding the the
5:25 pm
military. nolan carol is son of the parents who served in the navy and air force. >> looking back, i'm glad, you know, they were in the service and i was glad they raised me the right way. almost every day they were on me. i think that helped me grow up. >> perhaps the most interesting armed forces story belongs to special teams ace brian bramman. at 6-foot five, 240-pound he is an imposing figure but hardly as i am powesing his grandfather who stood 7 feet 4 y 400-pound. >> he was actually a world war two vet. he was a mp, for a while before he was discharge. >> i take after him a lot as far as looks. the height and stuff like that. it skips a generation. blue eyes. you know, my mom says i'm spitting image all the time. >> reporter: eagles special teams is better for it from the novacare complex, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". >> that ace i great story. >> great story.
5:26 pm
>> 7-foot four, nearly four hound pound. >> that is a big man. >> large. >> large. >> indeed. >> we thank him. >> yes. >> thanks, buddy. coming up in the next half an hour, an abused pit bullies now a survivor, as he heads out of the hospital and off to a much happier life. we're there for smiles and the tears, we will have the latest on remi's rescue coming up. hundreds of women filing suit against a local drug company who say their birth control pills did not stop them from getting pregnant. a spider scare in bucks county, a dangerous creepy crawler is found after a woman goes shopping in langhorne we will tell you where it happened and what the stories saying bit
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updating a dog that has
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captured so many hearts across the region. remi is on the move tonight heading to a temporary home where he will continue down the the road to recovery. "eyewitness news" continues now at 5:30. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. remi has a new lease on life, after being abandoned by dog fighters. our walt hunter has been battling the dog's battle from the very start and has more on this unforgettable journey. >> reporter: kisses, and tears, as those who rescued remi and nursed at boosted pit bull back to life, said good bye. >> surrounded by his favorite toys and treats, he was heading from the keystone veterinary hospital, on his journey, to a new life. >> these are happy tears but at the same time sad, we're so happy to see him go, healthy. >> reporter: for the first year of his life, remi knew only pain, generations of scars showing where he had been beaten and starved by dog fight promoters. then, when he grew sick, left
5:31 pm
him to die, on a chester street. >> this is where he was when i found him. >> reporter: but officer robert found remi sheltering him for an hour as justice rescue officer russell harper raced to the scene. >> he tried to stand up, stumbling, uneasy, he came down and put his head on my booth. i mean there wasn't too much else that needed to be said. >> it is a amazing. i really am at a loss for word as far as how he has come along. >> reporter: now after long hours and days, hoping remi would survived, officer harper had joyous job of taking him on another trip, to the justice rescue sanctuary, where far from the bloody fight rink he will have acres of green grass and most importantly, more love then he has ever known. >> he knows love, the attention, the comfort and he will get that the rest of his life. >> reporter: search is on for vicious criminals who abused remi, the the reward for
5:32 pm
anyone that can help is $5,000. meanwhile, those who saved remi already have have have their reward, the comforting knowledge that a young dog, so terribly hurt, now has, every chance at a long, happy life. >> in haverford township walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so glad to hear that. >> i love that face. >> and wish remi all the best. in other news tonight, a rocks a north jersey neighborhood. blast ripped through a home in elizabeth around 8:00 this morning and badly damaged two neighborhood properties. a man was killed, 14 others were injured, two critically with burns. the cause of the explosion is under investigation but authorities are looking at a possible, natural gas leak. investigators recovered the voice recorder from a business jet crash in ohio. the harper h25 jet went down in akron yesterday afternoon, killing will two pilots and seven associates of the florida real estate company. a forensics team from erie is
5:33 pm
assisting with the recovery of the bodies. authorities say that the jet clipped power lines before smashing into an apartment building. no one on the ground was hurt. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says framework is in place to break a five month budget stalemate. new budget could include an increase in the sales tax. if approved, pennsylvania would have the second highest state sales tax, after california, jump pink from six to 7.25 percent. the the current 8 percent sales tax in philadelphia a would hit 9.25 percent, tied for third highest of any u.s. cities. the the new revenue would be used for property tax reductions. more than 100 women have filed a lawsuit begins a chester county pharmaceutical company. they say that they took birth control pills that were incorrectly packaged and then got pregnant. they are seeking millions of dollars in damages. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is in center city with more on then usual case. >> reporter: in 2011, f.d.a. pulled over 3 million birth
5:34 pm
control packets from the market after it was discovered that some pill pouch markings had been mistakenly rotated 180 degrees making pills inside mostly useless. the now 117 of those customers are seeking damages from qaul test incorporated a end health solutions who has headquarters in malvern. >> we live in the world where it is buyer beware. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney shanon spector is not directly related to the case but is no strange tore large scale pharmaceutical settlements. >> we're incredibly the the mississippi label of the pharmaceuticals where one vial or pill is in the place of another, it has happened repetitively over the years. >> reporter: in this case some of the plaintiffs are asking for compensation that would cover the entire cost of having the child through to education. in pennsylvania, spector says that could be a reach. >> under pennsylvania law, the benefits of having a healthy
5:35 pm
child are considered to out way the detriments of having an unwanted child. >> reporter: i reached out to the atlanta based attorney representing would the man and he says they filed suit in pennsylvania last week, and for endo health solutions they decided not to provide comment on any pending litigation. reporting from philadelphia, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". on this veterans day we honor and thank all of those who have have served, our nation, and that includes the 3 million women who served in the u.s. military. and there is a memorial in the nation's capitol dedicated to just them. the at the entrance to arlington national cemetery, it is a one of a kind memorial. >> this is the the only place dedicated to all women in the military service. >> reporter: about 3 million women have have served in the u.s. military, and the women in military service, for america memorial wants t document all of them. >> this is my sister mary. >> reporter: florence
5:36 pm
kavanaugh found her late sister's world war two picture and profile here. >> she looks so young. >> reporter: database contains information family members often didn't know. >> i didn't realize that she got a good conduct medal because from the stories i have heard... >> reporter: that is when the emotional impact of the small memorial, kicks in. >> donna perry describes it as a living memorial, air force veteran says it is a place to thank those who cleared the way for her. >> you didn't just have your career, you made it possible for me to have one. >> reporter: it is her job to photograph all of the important moments here. first lady a's michelle obama's first visit, first four star african-american woman in the navy, admiral michelle howard. and the ceremony removing combat restrictions on women. >> even when we had to fight to do it, we were there to defend our country. >> reporter: that is part of the story that she says the
5:37 pm
memorial and her pictures are intended to tell. the remainder of the story is not yet written. >> reporter: number of the women killed in military service is difficult to determine. experts say it is at least 1,000 and many of those killed, were not given military status until years after their deaths. a must visit in, doubt. must visit. still to come tonight, the the world's busiest on line shopping day is four times larger than cyber monday and analyst say this year could shatter sales records. we will tell you about singles day in china. also target under fire for a christmas scene sweater that is offending some customers. we will show you, coming up, kate? strong wind and another round of showers for your thursday, and then a cool down, i'll have the full seven day forecast when we come right back.
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a blooming dale's new holiday spring cat a log. >> it featured a man looking at a woman and caption, spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking. many thought it was in poor taste and the company agreed and issued a statement saying blooming dale's sincerely apologizes for this error in judgment. meanwhile target is selling a sweater that some complain makes light of obsessive disorder disorder and mental illness. red sweater is with the acronym o cd followed by obsessive christmas disorder. some customers are demanding target stop selling sweater but others say critics should lighten up. in a statement target a apologized for any discomfort but says it will continue to sell the the sweater. both of these stories are generate ago lot of reaction, connect with us on facebook, twitter and cbs and tell us what you think about
5:42 pm
it all. >> um, um, um. >> we're not even to thanksgiving yet. >> i know it. how about it. >> holidays. >> yes, we will be right
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tonight thinking about buying a car? new technology has made it easier then ever to rip people off. on your side jim donovan shows you what to look for, how to do your homework and drive away happy. it is singles day in china that tradition launched in 2009 as an anti valentine's day where singles treated themselves to something nice. it the has since become the world's biggest, on line shopping day, nearly five times larger then cyber monday here in the u.s. five times. and china's e commerce company alibaba has sold $14 billion in sales today breaking last years record. can you believe that. >> five times. >> so take it, and multiply it by five. >> wow. >> that is amazing. >> yes, indeed. >> kate is here with the forecast. >> sun tried to come out. wow, gorgeous day. then cloud came back in. but we will stay dry today, not a bad veterans day, but
5:46 pm
hopefully you didn't put that umbrella too far. also you might want to bring heavy cute the eye umbrella because wind will pick up tomorrow. don't want to be chasing it down the street. lets look outside. we will go out to the roof cam to start off, sky cam three looking live at 16th street toward center city. everything all lit up. beautiful view here. same view i enjoy from the sky deck looking great in center city philadelphia in the a bad evening. temperatures still above average for this time of the year which is good but cloud have rolled in, it is breezy now in the wind that are just going to pick up. wind will be an issue not only tomorrow but friday and perhaps saturday, as well. eyewitness weather watchers let's check in, temperature wise, we are again, unusual for this time of the year. fifty-eight is our normal high. to be 60 in the darkest not too bad. steve schwartz in bensalem is cool. cooler with ed connor in chesterfield new jersey at 56 degrees. dull, drab day. veterans day is always a great day regardless of the sky.
5:47 pm
very, very true. thanks, ed for. that lets check in further to the north, where we are still in the 60's at david mitchell's home in norristown pennsylvania 26 with cloud. sixty-two, cloudy, have a wonderful wednesday evening, everyone. you too. david. as we head down to the shore lets check with our shore weather watchers, jonathan egg harbor township, new jersey. 59 degrees. a few clouds. cloudy day but sun make a slight appearance at times. when it broke through cloud it was beautiful today. cloud rolled in, breeze pick up. it got chilly. an up and done sort of the day. weather could not make up its mine. look at what is had happening on storm scan three shows not a whole lot locally. you can see cloud moving in, the cloud kind of still enveloping the region here this evening. few breaks in the cloud cover throughout the overnight hours but cloud come back just as quickly, as we get into the day time tomorrow. reason for that is storm we have been talking about moving through midwest tonight. it has snow around its back edge over portions of nebraska, severe weather here over portions of iowa and southern minnesota buzz notice
5:48 pm
how this is lifting toward great lakes that does indicate it is weakening. we have a few showers down here but not expecting anything in the way of he severe weather in the day tomorrow. tornado watch is in effect for eastern iowa, down to illinois, portions of missouri. do you see dark red blobs, right about here those are actually tornado warnings. potential tornadoes on the ground right now in eastern iowa as this front, lifts to the north and to the east, luckily we will not have to worry about that tomorrow, maybe a rumble of thunder here or there marginal risk off to the west for small part of the area but i'm not concerned about thunderstorm activity, for your thursday. mike typier, one of our photographers sent us this beautiful shot. cloud were in place. didn't about on the their horse grazing in the beautiful meadow. nice bucolic site from mike. thank you as always. temperatures differential as cross the central part of the country. it is much colder then it has been. temperatures cooling down, snow is falling in that cool air is what will make its way in our region as we get in the
5:49 pm
weekend. future weather showing cloud still hanging around. this is 3:00 a.m. we will start tomorrow with cloud cover. throughout midday time frame 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. showers will cross through. the here's 11:00 a.m. they will get out of here quickly. we may see sun by end of the day but wind are going to pick up the pace and as we head into friday, wind will be an issue as well. wind could gust onto 30 miles an hour as we head through not only tomorrow night but friday and perhaps into saturday as well. even as this front crosses the area we will be cool and blustery friday. same for saturday. you can see win lines, very, very breezy day saturday with highs in the mid 50's. it will feel cooler then the thermometer indicates. overnight mainly cloudy, cool but not cold. 48 degrees will be our overnight low. for your thursday, cloudy turning windy. wind will pick up as the day goes on. the showers through that midday time flame, 62 will be our daytime high. definitely make sure you have rain gear but don't spend too much time on the hair perhaps tomorrow because of the winds, it will pretty much inn val
5:50 pm
day any effort you put in to it. lets check out your eagles forecast. beautiful day, sunday, 55 degrees. mostly sunny for that eagles game. you can watch it right here on cbs-3. friday again sunny, weekend is cool but sunny. let's look at next week we will warm up back to the 60's with sunshine machine and tuesday. we will send it back to you in the desk. >> kate, thanks very much. big stars, big hair, and of course, big wings. talking about victoria secret fashion show airing december 8th right here on cbs-3. >> insider's debbie joins us from los angeles with a sneak preview, hi there, debbie. >> ukee and jessica you can call it a a early holiday gift for america. from the make up to the hair, to the lingerie, our chat was backstage for all of the madness and she's taking us inside victoria secret stripped down. >> welcome to the glamour and beauty. it is 11:00a m. yah. i found my girl josephine subscribe are in the middle of the frenzy.
5:51 pm
>> for me they say nothing is ever enough. you want too much hair, you want too much lush and too much plus. you want to be full out. >> it is so pink, glamorous and listen, is there always room for a selfie. >> we're backstage at victoria secret show. it is so much fun. >> we were with gigi when she got exciting news that she will be walking in her first fashion show, now hours before her catwalk strut she was focused on what she will be doing when the wings came off. >> tomorrow, having a french toes bail well extra cream cheese because that is what i'm thinking been night before i go to sleep. >> reporter: we took you inside lily aldridge's fitting for two million-dollar fantasy bra. she and josephine were getting their game face on. >> wonder were security was so tight today. >> it is her fault. >> my fault. >> after it was all over at the end of the night lily aldridge invited everybody back to her favorite pizza place so they could get a much deserved slice of pie.
5:52 pm
ukee and jessica, back to you in the studio. >> check out more behind the scenes video and interviews tonight on the insider at 7:30 after entertainment tonight. be sure to watch the victoria secret fashion show here on cbs-3 on december 8th at 10:00 s performances by the weekend, ellie golden and selena gomez. are you ready for colbert. cbs a announced today that the stephen colbert will air immediately after super bowl 50. colbert will be first late night series to air in the coveted post super bowl time slot, and super bowl 50 airs right here on cbs-3 sunday, february 7th. counting down. and here's the the full line up at 6:00 p.m. super bowl 50 will be live from levi stadium in santa claire a, california. after the game and post game it is late show with stephen colbert, approximately at 10:00 o'clock. then "eyewitness news" at 11:00 followed by a special addition of the late, late the show with james corden a at
5:53 pm
11:35. these are all approximate. we are a couple months out and the game will go as long as it will go. >> depending on how fast the eagles move the ball that day you know what i'm saying. >> i know what you are saying, yep. still ahead on "eyewitness news" can two word make a world a bitter place. >> in today's storm irv brotherly love we will talk to a young girl who says she can. her inspiration is her grandfather that she had never met. we will be right back.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
havertown fourth grader is trying to make the world a better place using power of the words. >> two words, to be exact. it thinks weeks story of brotherly love. nine year-old ana malone never knew her grandfather former lower merion police detective
5:57 pm
died in 2005 before she was born. what did your father tell but his father, your grandfather. >> my grandfather, always told my dad be nice because he doesn't like bullying. i don't think anybody does. >> no. his son michael malone is ana's dad. >> i got the that from him, and i passed it on in my way and i used to quiz her, always be nice to anyone. >> so one day i was like why don't i just live nice, and so that is how, i came up with the idea. >> reporter: with the help of her mom, ana designed these t shirts in different colors with the word, live nice. >> oh, it is extra, extra large what are you trying to say, ana. >> reporter: her goal raise money for anti bullying efforts so her parents had shirts printed for a yard sale this spring. they sold out. they printed more. those sold out, as well. so they just kept selling shirts $20 each at school and festivals and at local shops. >> and one of her goals was to have somebody wear that shirt
5:58 pm
in all 50 states. >> reporter: she raised $2,000 thus far, and $400 has gone to an anti bullying group, another 400 to a girl youth practice. >> how proud is he right new looking down on her because you know he is. >> he absolutely is. >> live nice. how do you feel inside, what does it mean to you. >> be nice and like in anyway that you can. >> i know that is right. if you want to find out more about live nice go to cbs live nice, family. >> good life motto. >> you got the that right. >> very well done. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00. >> reporter: bucks county couple buying container of grapes and gets way more than they bargained for, up next where they say they pick up this black widow spider, i'm todd quinones, and i'll have that story straight ahead. a frightening ordeal for woman carjack and kidnaped in center city, we will hear from the man who helped her escape, kate. >> it is a cool, cloudy night in philadelphia but dry for
5:59 pm
now, we are tracking a little bit more rain in the forecast and then temperatures take a tumble, i'll have complete details coming up at 6:00. hanging with his heroes, the flyers make a young boy's dream come true and "eyewitness news" is on the ice for the special day. >> potentially deadly spider found in the unlikely spot. they found the creepy crawler after shopping in langhorne. tonight, we're hearing from the woman about her close call. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. that spider was found in the package of grapes from the bj's in bucks county. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has the latest on this spider scare. >> reporter: black widow's bite can be deadly to the very young and elderly and this one with amy read's container of grapes.
6:00 pm
>> something moved and i looked in and it had literally crawled out from inside of the grapes. >> reporter: the grapes were bought here monday at this bj's near long horn, bucks county. she was washing them last night to give to one of her six children. she even ate two herself before seeing the black widow crawling around. what would you say to anyone hear your story and say no way, no way. >> you're free to open up your grapes and eat them as quickly as you'd like. >> reporter: she put the spider in a zip-lock bag and we e mailed pictures to the department of the experts and they cannot say for certain without examining a spider it does appear to be a black widow. bj's release aid statement saying in part we are aware of the black widow spider a a member found in the pack of organic grapes at our langhorne, pennsylvania location. we inspected all other graves and discovered no spiders or insects. we are taking this matter extremely seriously and working with our vendor to


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