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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> something moved and i looked in and it had literally crawled out from inside of the grapes. >> reporter: the grapes were bought here monday at this bj's near long horn, bucks county. she was washing them last night to give to one of her six children. she even ate two herself before seeing the black widow crawling around. what would you say to anyone hear your story and say no way, no way. >> you're free to open up your grapes and eat them as quickly as you'd like. >> reporter: she put the spider in a zip-lock bag and we e mailed pictures to the department of the experts and they cannot say for certain without examining a spider it does appear to be a black widow. bj's release aid statement saying in part we are aware of the black widow spider a a member found in the pack of organic grapes at our langhorne, pennsylvania location. we inspected all other graves and discovered no spiders or insects. we are taking this matter extremely seriously and working with our vendor to take appropriate measures.
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according to the containers, the organic grapes were distributed out of eden prairie, minute so the. they are out there, be careful. >> reporter: they say black widows can be found a across the the you had, including pennsylvania, and poisonous females are typically identified by a red hour glass shape like the one reid discovered and their by the are rarely faith aal for normal healthy a adults. in norrisville bucks county, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". when contacted for a comment welch's spokesperson directed us to another company that sources and distributes the grapes. that distributor then referred us to bj's statement the one you a saw. tonight, we're hearing from the quick thinking clerk who rescued a carjacking victim in kensington. the suspect carjack and kidnaped woman from the parking garage at seventh and delancey, in center city this morning. minutes later the the suspect drove the victim to a kensington gas station to withdraw money from an atm. in the video the suspect then tries to leave with the woman
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but suspicious clerk leaves the counter and keeps woman behind him. yeah, he was looking very nervous, investigators say police were able to find the suspect by tracking the the stuff he stole from her. he and another man were both arrested. there is a new top cop in town. marry electric jim kenney selects richard ross to lead the philadelphia police department as commissioner. he made the big announcement right here at cbs broadcast center this afternoon and "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon looks at policy changes we can expect with this new administration, rahel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. a as you mentioned the a announcement has been made, no major surprise there, many people expected first deputy commissioner richard ross to assume the role but attention is turning to what happens after the new administration is sworn in. >> foundation here. >> reporter: with the leader of the local naacp to his
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right and first deputy commissioner richard ross to his left, mayor-elect jim kenney made it known that ross will be philadelphia's next top cop. >> i don't think we had to go anywhere. >> reporter: focus of the announcement held at cbs broadcast center quickly shift todd possible changes in department policies, including stop and frisk. >> we obviously cannot arbitrarily stop people for no reason. >> reporter: kenney has been highly critical of the policing method. while he wouldn't say he would completely do away with it, he said more training is needed. >> better training on the police side, better information on the public, better interaction with our community and police and it is a level of respect on both side that we all need to show each other. >> we constantly hammer home what the law is and that we continue to message out properly what we will and will not tolerate. >> reporter: ross says he plans to continue community policing efforts with foot patrols, increase body camera program and speak more with various community groups in addition to black lives matter
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advocates. >> there is a a way to strike a balance, and get a sense of understanding from each other. that is what we will work with. >> reporter: and on a lighter note future commissioner tells me he plans to continue wearing his uniform. he has not decided on whether he will continue to ride in the squad car. reporting from the steps of the art museum rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. that was a dry wednesday today but we are once again tracking rain and meteorologist dates bilo is outside on the sky deck with more on what we can expect in the next few hours, kate. >> jessica, this evening, looking a-okay but is there a pretty nasty storm across the country a's midsection tonight, producing snow, and severe weather, and that is the storm that will impact us tomorrow. the right now, it is getting breezy but clouds are in place and that is bit. storm scan three locally not showing any wet weather outside right now. just a a few clouds here and there we have to zoom all the way back to the central part of the country and take a look at the really defined comma shape of that low as severe weather in moves through iowa
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and snowfalls over eastern, nebraska. that is the system that will get here tomorrow afternoon. question is will it be weakened enough that we don't to have worry about, and, on average, 50's, and 60 degrees at ac other port. coming up we will track those showers and tell you when to expect them what to expect for your thursday. wind will be an issue as well starting tomorrow and then, as we look forward into the the forecast, another warm up, is expect, i'll have more when i join you inside. back over to you. an update now on fund raising effort launched by our sister station sports radio wip. >> host josh inines spike eskin and others raised $32,335 for genesis women's shelter in dallas. wip set up a a go fund me page in reaction to graphic photo the owes released of cowboys greg hardy's former girlfriend who was a allegedly beaten by the defensive end. bianca johnson, director of the shelter, says money will
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help around 200 women and children in need. meanwhile philadelphia flyers are helping to make one child's dream come true. >> sports director don bellies here to tell us all bit. >> special day for sure, watching on tv is one thing, watching in person is an entirelitive rent story. flyers made today a special day for a boy battling a debilitating disorder. liam is a long way away from his home state of wisconsin. so what brings this eight year-old to voorhees, new jersey, an opportunity of a life time. he has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he exhibits his bravery on a daily basis but on this day he had a chance to show it on the ice. liam made a wish to meet and skate with the flyers, especially forward jake voracek. >> there is a lot of things he cannot do but being on the ice makes it universal. everybody can enjoy it. our family is a huge flyers
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fan. everyone plays hockey. this is a big deal to have a hockey experience. >> reporter: with his two brothers by him side, li theam joined voracek on the ice and was treated as a member of the orange and black. >> but today when we got out and we were getting ready on the bus and everybody is in the flyers gear, he had a big smile on his face. >> reporter: then off to the locker room for more pictures and minister time with his new teammates. >> you know, got the to get back. he is a professional hockey player. we have a lot of time on our hand. it is just little things we can make his life happier. it is always a good feeling. >> flyers do such a great job in the community. the fun continues though, tomorrow night, where the family, voracek has arranged for them to attend the game against the capitols. that should be fun. i heard the dad say he doesn't smile very often but today he had a big smile on his face getting ready for the ice. >> just warms your heart.
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>> great, beautiful. >> thanks, don. still to come tonight a special bond between a former marine and his therapy dog on this veterans day our stephanie stahl will show you how unique relationship is helping this south jersey father put his life back together. major restaurant chain taking a crack at a new policy, we will show what you joe's crab shack is doing and hoy it will effect customers, kate. dit stay dry today, between two systems, rain yesterday and this storm bringing a chance for a few showers and rumble of thunder storm. we will have the latest and what follows that system may be a shock to the system coming up in weather in just a few minutes.
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battleship new jersey solutes all veterans a ceremony honoring men and women who served in the armed forces was held at forward part of the deck below the deck. after the ceremony many will area veterans were treated to a free guided tora board the bj. area restaurants giving away free meals to veterans. at pizzeria grill, active duty and veteran can get a
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individual pizza a vets can get a free meal and apple bees and chiles. is there still time to get a free dinner. several retailers are offering veterans discounts, if you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping as well. once again we thank you so much. cbs-3 healthwatch a new way to help veterans with brain injuries on this veterans day. four legged kind of specialized therapy. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to tell us about this south jersey program. >> we all love our dogs. >> yes, we do. >> reporter: we know how beneficial pet therapy can be for all sorts of patients. well now k-9's are used almost like a piece of equipment, for vets with brain injuries. shamus is having a therapeutic tug of war with veteran keith wolf, recovering after five surgeries for brain cancer. >> on my second one they had to take part of the left side of the the brain out. >> reporter: thirty-eight year-old heat h it was a marine stationed in hawaii in the late 90's and then in the reserves. doctors don't know what caused
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the brain tumor, heath thinks it is related to the anthrax vaccines he was given as a marine. >> i was in the hospital for 200 days, in one year, from april, 2014 until this april, 2015. it has been hard because i haven't been able to really be with my kid. >> reporter: the father of three is on permanent disability living in south jersey, rebuilding his strength in neuro rehab in bank craft the where shamus is a star. >> they spend six to nine months in advanced training. >> reporter: his owner and therapist carolyn size shamus does k-9 pet therapy which is a specialized form of pet therapy. >> he actually becomes a treatment tools. >> reporter: this game helps heat h with balance and coordination working with the dog makes it more fun with the patients. >> it engages the person more, makes it more interesting, and, it really becomes an interactive piece of therapy. >> he is very, very strong. he gets me going. it is fun. >> reporter: rehab is fun and can be discouraging for
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patients like heat h has to relearn basic skills but shamus makes that work easier. >> he gets me so much better, when he he is working with me because he gets me going. he really does. >> reporter: shamus is a full-time k-9 therapist at bank croft which specializes in rehabilitation for veterans with brain injuries. we have more information on that program at cws, click on health. coming up tonight at 11:00, she was beautiful and athletic, a hard to imagine how a mold on her ankle could kill a 17 year-old girl. she's part of the growing trend, now comes a new cancer treatment that could have have saved her. i will have the story of loss and hope, coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. >> wow. >> yeah. >> a amazing. >> we will see you at 11:00. >> thanks, stephanie. also coming up at 11:00 it is taste with torey. >> beautiful cakes and cup cakes inspired by a philadelphia grandmother. now her daughter is preserving those memories with deserts that come with stories.
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>> my mother would always sit the girls down, my daughters down and tell them about the family, tell them about the women in the family. >> reporter: vittoria woodill will tell you how stories of the the woman in these vintage photos inspired a local family business and touched the lives of customers who love this bakery. don't miss it tonight at 11:00. well, major restaurant chain with several locationness our areas trying a big change. >> joe's crab shack has gotten rid of tipping at 18 of its locations and the company has more than 100 restaurants nationwide. servicer at the restaurant where there is no tipping will be paid a higher hourly rate. joe's crab shack says those restaurants will have slightly higher prices. the cot says the movies meant to provide better financial stability for its employees. kate joins us now with your forecast and i looked at radar, storm scan three not much on it at all. >> not much in our area, certainly but if you zoom to the west, things are
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different. >> here we go. >> whole lot of snow on the radar out west. are you ready for some of that. >> not yet. >> it is not heading our way. snow will stay away from frustrs but we are tracking chance for rain as we head in the day on thursday and then a drop in the mercury. lets look at is what going on outside right now. we will go out to the lovely shot of the ben franklin bridge, all lit up. it is not a bad night to be out and about. breezy for now but wind will increase tomorrow. tonight just some cloud outside but temperatures still on the mild side, in fact, still happening on to the low 50's in spots in the region. the here's time lapse video of today from our camera in the live neighborhood network ahead of the nazareth area middle school. cloud hung on to start the day a and then blue skies peaks through briefly. there is sunshine. it tried to come out. it tried its best. you can see in the afternoon it did clear out a little bit. we did see enough sun with the intense cloud cover through most of the day and that sun could get us in the mid 60's in philadelphia a. about 7 degrees above the seasonal a average for today's
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date. call than not complain too much about today, we would have like more sunshine but that is all right. storm scan three looking okay right now. nothing on it a as we said but when you zoom out you can see intense storm moving very quickly and you can see red, green, there as severe weather moves through portions of iowa. there is a a tornado watch in effect for this area right now and one tornado warning right there as this line of very strong storms with rotation moves into area. possibility of tornado on the ground in eastern iowa right now. a along the back edge we have snow. this ace approaching omaha area temperatures plumetting. snow coming down heavily in spots in eastern nebraska. this this system is lifting. you can see this front lifting to the great lakes. when we see that it is than a indication that the storm is weakening, we are digging south, picking up more energy lifting to the north means it is weakening. it toss weaken. that is good news for us. sixty-one still at the a airport. still hanging on in the 60's as well. look at how warm a a head of the front 72 in little rock.
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sixty-four in st. louis. big difference to the north and west. only 36 in shy and. forty-two two omaha and cold pocket of air in the northern plains. warmth hangs out in the south but that cold air is infiltrating east and we will feel it by the weekend. here we go tomorrow morning starts out with cloud. the showers with the cyst to tell still off to the west. greatest intensity lifts to the north. it does weaken. mainly scattered showers around during midday hours for us, but front then crosses the area late thursday behind it, take a look at how tightly pack these are. we will see strong gusty wind on the back side of the low. the here's lake effect rain and snow showers as well as that colder a air moves over great lakes. those showers stay away but it does turn cooler as we head in the weekend. for your thursday midday showers into 4:00 p.m. less than a quarter inch. wind pick up. wind gust to 25 miles an hour, 30 miles an hour at the coast and that will be a problem right through the day friday. these are sustain wind five to 20 miles an hour with gusts even higher then that.
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kate is now a a hurricane. good news it is moving away from any land that will be a fish storm. i have been looking forward to hurricane kate, even better when it is not a dangerous storm. staying out to sea and will weaken. nothing we need to worry b for your thursday showers, windy. showers around midday. eyewitness weather seven day forecast does feature a cool down. the blustery and chilly friday and saturday. we will warm up. nice weather for eagles sunday. monday 63. sixty-four on tuesday before another system comes in next wednesday. so not too bad looking. >> miami dolphins might think it is nippy. >> they may. >> yes. >> hinder their play. >> yes, thanks kada appreciate it. >> "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> charlie rose is in for scott pelley tonight, and he has a look ahead. >> tonight we will fact check last night's g.o.p. debate including a a look at the one target all a of the candidates
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all right. don is here now with a little dolphins/eagles action. >> we're getting ready for sunday already. wonder if the the three-five dolphins have buyers remorse. they game in come kung suh a 114 in million-dollar, a mountain sized man with the mean streak on the feel will but his presence has been nothing, for their defense. eagles host dolphins on sunday and suh will be front and center. he has been known to literally stump on players with the detroit lions. they are 30th with the run but eagles are still saying all of the right things and showing
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respect for him and his teammates. >> not just suh, they have a good front seven. they play extremely well. three teared d lineman outside suh with mitchell who is having a great year. they are good players. they are great players. so, we will have to, you know, watch film, we will have to be prepared coming into the game and we have to bring our a game to be successful on sunday. >> seventeen, it is number of games sixers have lost in a row. that losing streak dates back to march. tonight they will try to snap it and beat philly native at the center, kyle leery, who is in town with the raptors. last night raptors played knicks in toronto and raptors mascot made a list of the famous lopez and robin lopez did not make the list. jennifer lopez did. he decided to express his displeasure, right then and there on the court. >> come on, man. >> the knicks won the game, 111-109. it never gets old, by the way, watching mascots get beat
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down. this season is winding down, just two more weeks of the friday football frenzy. here are your choices for game of the week, neshaminy at springford, north pen at unionville, perkiomen valley at haverford. go to cbs to vote and we will announce the winner tonight at 11:00. >>i would have had jennifer lopez ahead of robin lopez too. >> what about mario lopez, i saw that on there too. >> that is right. >> i will take all those lopez. >> you like to see mascots get their due. >> every single time. >> yes. >> i was smiling. >> thanks, buddy. >> we will be rig you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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montgomery county man is more than seven million-dollar richer, today. joe mckeon is the new world champion of poker. >> it is a deck. joe mckeon goes wire to wire to win the 2015 main event. >> look at him sporting a sixers jersey too. twenty-four year-old beat out more than 6,000 other poker players for the title. each had to pony up $10,000 to enter the tournament. runner up is also from our area marlton native joshua beckly. >> well done. >> yes. >> i bet. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and we are back here a at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". student loans are now leading cause of debt in the u.s. find out how it could impact your retirement and what you need to do right now to plan for the the future. in for scott pelley here is
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charlie rose. take care family. we will see you tonight. >> rose: severe weather threatens millions. tornado warnings in the midwest. snow in the rockacy. also tonight-- >> >> i don't have to hear from this man, believe me. >> rose: the republicans spar over donald trump's plan to deport millions of illegal immigrations. two fantasy sports web sites argue the call after being flagged for illegal gambling. and these veterans found new purpose thanks to a fallen comrade. >> sometimes i feel like, you know, he died so we could all live. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is on assignment tonight. i'm charlie rose. from the rockies to the great lakes, nearly 40 million americans are under the threat of severe weather tonight. a massive storm system is du


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