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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 12, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 historic change to a philadelphia tradition. the mummers parade is going where it's never gone before. a local family business inspired by a philadelphia grandmother and these mouth watering desserts all have a story to tell. the sweet details in taste with tori. >> before you buy a car you really need to see this the new technology that's making it easier than ever to rip people off. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean.
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it is a scam that milks american car buyers out of more than a billion dollars every year. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us now much this is a problem that could affect a million vehicles on the road today, jim. >> that is right. ukee and jessica. when people buy a used car one of the first questions they ask how many miles does it have on it? don't be surprised if the number you're given isn't accurate. >> it looked really good on the e-bay listing. mileage was quite residential for a nine-year-old car. >> reporter: with 109,000 miles this jeep seemed like the perfect suv for wayne boss sick's son so he bought it. but when he later ordered a car fax report wanting to know about possible recalls -- >> there was a flag that said odometer discrepancy. >> reporter: the report showed an early 2013 the jeep already had 173,000 miles on it. >> we're talking about 40% more mileage on that thing than i was led to believe it had. >> reporter: how does it mileage go from 173,000 back to
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109,000? >> many of us don't even realize odometer fraud still exists. >> reporter: many consumers believe that only old analog odometers are susceptible to roll back but digital odometers are actually easier to change. >> instead of having to do it by hand manually withly analog odometers it's as simper plugging hardware and software into the car's computer and it can be done in seconds. >> reporter: roll backs happen more often than you might think. car fax says that in our region alone, over 90,000 vehicles have odometer readings that simi don't add up. over 60,000 in pennsylvania. 27,000 in new jersey. and 2,000 in delaware. car fax says it collects data from into thousand sources nationwide, and vehicles 14 to 15 years old are most affected bio odometer fraud. >> these are used cars that have 100, maybe 200 to us san miles on them that have been rolled back at least 50,000 miles. >> reporter: wayne offers this
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advice. >> until car manufacturers come up with more tamperproof systems in the vehicles, do all the homework that you can. >> reporter: now rolled back odometer will not only affect your car's value, your insurance rates could go up and the maintenance you expected to deal with down the road will likely appear much sooner than later. >> what about an inspection? >> not always will inspection flag. you can't always count on that. buying a vehicle history report may be your only way to spot odometer fraud. at the very least if you're buying a used car, you may want to use the free odometer check on the car fax website. i'll be posting it on again, that's tree free. don't have to purchase the whole report. >> philadelphia police officer is hospitalized after getting dragged by a car. it happened tonight in frankfo frankford. the officer stopped the car which was stolen. the driver then took off dragging the officer about half a block where the car crash. that driver is now in custody. the officer suffered minor
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injuries. close call for buck county couple. they went shopping at bj's in long horn bought some grapes and brought home what appeared a black widow spider. the spider's bite can be deadly to the very young and the elde elderly. amy read was washing those grapes to give to her children when she saw the spider. they she put it in a bag then put that bag in the freezer to kill it. bj's says it is investigating and that inspections have found no other spiders. >> tonight we are following a historic change to the mummers parade. the organizers are making it more inclusive than ever before. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at the mummers museum in south philly right now to explain. david? >> reporter: ukee, we are a little less than two months away from the big parade in 2016 yes, there will be a lot of changes mummers organizers tell me that change is long overdue. ♪ >> reporter: it's been a philadelphia tradition since the turn of the 20th century. and now more than 100 years of mummers history is on display
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inside this south philly museum. if you ever meet a mummer, they'll tell you all about what it means to be a mummer. >> it's part of who we are as city. >> reporter: philadelphia attorney george beatty is a proud mummer of um 50 years. he started as a kid living in south philly. >> what mummers do is parody. it's sattire it's making fun of those in power. making fun of current events. >> reporter: it's no secret the mummers have come under fire in recent years. for not including enough diversity in the famous parade. beatty says individual minorit minorities have marched but 2016 will be the first year entire groups will get involved. >> the mummers have not gone into this kicking and screaming. the mummers fully embrace the concept of diversity. >> reporter: one of those groups is a mexican heritage group. spokeswoman monica told "eyewitness news" in statement, we are excited. the parade that we do and the costumes are very similar. we are honored that the mummers have decided to include us. >> and now there's a promise
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from the top brass. more diversity is on the horiz horizon. >> the mummers parade is philadelphia. it should represent all of philadelphia and it will. >> reporter: city officials are also involved with the changes george beatty calls that a good thing f groups want to get involved with next year's parade contact the mummers directly. reporting live in south philadelphia, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. a woman is carjacked and kidnapped in center city and tonight we're hearing from the quick thinking clerk who rescued the victim in kensington. police say that suspect -- suspect rather carjacked and kidnapped the woman from a parking garage at seventh and delancey this morning. minutes later, that suspect drove the victim to a kensington gas station to withdrawal money from an atm. suspect tried to leave with the woman but the suspicion clerk left the counter to protect her. >> i'm looking no boyfriend girl friend.
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looking -- swipe your card. i help you. no problem. >> iestigators say police were able to find the suspect by tracking the phone he stole from the victim. he and another man were both arrested. mayor elect jim kenney selects richard ross to lead the police department as commissioner. he made the announcement right here. ross who's 51 a 26 year veteran of the department. he's originally from fern rock. ross says he plans to continue community policing efforts with foot patrols, increase the pilot body camera program and speak more with groups like black lives matter. >> there's a way to strike a balance and to get some sense of understanding with each other and that's what we're going to work on. >> ross will officially assume the role in early january after commissioner ramsay retires. it is a story of loss and hope as the number of young people with melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer is increasing. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how the cancer claimed a teenaged girl before
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the approval of a new treatment that was tested right here in philadelphia. >> reporter: she was beautiful and athletic hard to imagine how a mole on her ankle could kill claire banister when she was just 17. >> she had her sister with her and we were with her and as bad as it was, it was as good as it could be if they makes any sense. so she was in her room with all her things around her and the people who loved her the most. and it was a gentle passing. report roar claire's mom maryann banister a former news anchor in baltimore burr ride her daughter a year ago after a three year battle with melanoma that started with a mole that changed in appearance. >> the problem was we found the change quiet quickly. but we couldn't get into a plastic surgeon to have taken off for three months. >> reporter: mother's torment could quicker action have saved her daughter? the girl who was so full of life. >> claire embraced her life for what it was.
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>> it's too late for claire but the fda has just approved new drug to treat advanced melanoma that was testified right here in philadelphia. >> we can see shrinkage of melanoma even within days of starting the medication. >> reporter: dr. lynn shucker chief of hematology oncology at penn medicine did research on the new drug that works with other medication if power physical shuts down a pathway basically puts the brake on the melanoma cells, and these have been dramatic in their success. >> reporter: melanoma that's usually caused by the sun shows up as an irregular mole that changes. >> she was diagnosed when she was about 14. the doctor keeps a drawing from a young patient who died while rare it happens underscoring the importance of regular skin checks. something maryann is sharing in memory of her daughter. >> we want to honor her spirit as much as we want to raise awareness. >> reporter: it's a message doctors say will save lives. when found early mel gnome in a is 90% curable.
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i'm stephanie stahl, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> now new tonight a special honor for a special veteran this veterans day. 76ers recognized former tuskegee airman eugene richardson before tonight's game. "eyewitness news" at the wells fargo center in south philly. tuskegee were the first all black aviation units in the u.s. armed forces and fought during world war ii. congratulations "eyewitness news" at chosen 300 ministries in spring garden neighborhood tonight on this veterans day men and women in uniform from join base mcguire dicks lakehurst served food to the homeless. it's estimated that one of seven homeless in philadelphia have served in the armed forces. special recognition tonight for a youngster whose a big fan of our men and women in blue and the k9s they work with on the beat. >> university of pennsylvania police department. (applause). >> "eyewitness news" at the university of pennsylvania where five-year-old logan mast of aston got top honors from the school's public safety
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department. instead of getting gifts for his birthday logan set up a gofundme page to raise money for local police departments. and he gave u penn k9 officer a gift basket so far he's put together six of those baskets for police k9s all around the area. >> still like policeman even when i turn six, seven, eight, or nine or 10. >> forever. >> yeah. >> may you want to be a policeman one day. >> yes. a k9 officer. >> here's to that. >> i'm telling you that's great. >> gofundme page is still active and raising money. >> my man logan. >> isn't that great. >> that's great. >> break from the rain today but more soggy weather is on its w way. >> meteorologist kate bilo tracking another round of change. >> take a look at this storm. significant comma shape here much this storm has been nasty across midwest today and heading our way tomorrow it will turn wet and windy for your thursday. i'll have the latest details coming up. >> and this is for the sweet tooth in all of us.
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delightful cakes and cupcakes inspired by a philadelphia grandmother. now her daughter is preserving those memories with desserts that come with stories. taste with tori has a treat for you on the other side. plus, it's one small step for one of the cutest residents at the national zoo and you've got to see the mother panda's reaction to this. >> stephen colbert makes history the super gig he was just given. >> speaking of mr. stephen colbert the late show is on knew tonight he's welcoming actor viola davis, brian green and george ezra. that all gets started at 11:35. we'll be right back.
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cbs makes a super big announcement about super bowl 50 late hoe with stephen colbert will air immediately following the big game and this mark the first time a network late show will air in that coveted time
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slot. super bowl 50 airs right here on cbs3 that's happening sunday, february 7th of 2016 and following that special edition of see fenn colbert you can watch "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and then you'll stay tuned for special ed dig of the late late show with james corden. restaurant chain joe's crab testing out a new policy. no tips for servers. joe's is getting rid of tipping at 18 of its nationwide locations. servers will be paid higher hourly rate. many prices will increase around 12 to 15%. the company says the move is meant to provide better financial stability for its employees. do you remember the cakes and cupcake your grandmother made from scratch? >> hmm, you might even remember sitting in her kitchen maybe watching her bake. >> come on. >> that is the inspiration for a local bakery. let's get a taste with tori right now. that sounds pretty great. >> sounds amazing. so who is ready for dessert? this place is definitely not an
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ordinary bakery. the cakes come with a slice of life and love. this is the sweet story of brown betty dessert boutique right here in northern liberties. ♪ >> reporter: the cakes and cupcakes here aren't just beautiful, they have personalities too. there's the hey, thelma, the sing little alice and only for he will liza the remember for the names is as sweet as the he'sing. >> my mother would always sit the girls down, my daughters down and tell them about the family. tell them about the women in the family. >> that's right. linda hin son brown named many of the delectables delights here after relatives. >> this is for the good feeling throughout the whole family and they became so proud. >> like the dear ruth a chocolate sour cream cake with chocolate icing and shavings. named for her great-grandmother.
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jean road trip, redville rhett cake for her i wasn't jean or the ask rose, a chocolate cake with raspberries filling named for rose hinton martin the aunt everyone went to for advice. >> she was the first one to go to college in my father's family, and so therefore when things came up, it was oh, well, we'll ask rose. >> reporter: even the name of the bakery, brown betty is a family recipe of linda's last name brown and her mom' name betty whose homemade desserts started it all. >> when my mom was baking for all the church functions, and that's how she became known for her pound cakes. >> reporter: it's a family affair. linda runs the business with her daughter and attorney in washington and young yesterday daughter who knows the importance of that wall. >> most of those women are no longer with us. so it's a good feeling to know like their memories carried on and other people who didn't know them are inquiring about them. >> reporter: something linda loves too.
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>> when they look at the pictures on the wall, this reminds me of my mother, my grandmother report roar recipes are written down in a well worn book. >> whose ready to lick the spoon? >> reporter: i had the cha and to feel the path helping linda mix batter for met too's lemon pound cake. >> take your spatula and scoop around the sides. you know exactly what to do here. >> reporter: my grandmom taught me a little something. >> you're doing an excellent job. >> reporter: a few accident took place and into the oven. some lemon icing and now the best part. >> can you help me eat this one? >> i love you. >> i love you. reallreally. miss betty is now 92 and in great health and still comes to the bakery once in awhile. by the way, if you get to go or if you can't go to northern liberties the bakery also has a second location at liberty place
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and we're so lucky check out all the goodies i have for all of you. after the news so i don't want to, you know, should have this in your face because you'll have to wait. but you will. >> that's okay. >> five fine. after the show. >> did you bring us a little something so that's fair enough. >> a what wonderful little treat. >> and here's to miss betty. >> miss betty. >> fantastic. >> to miss betty. >> save us some. kate has our forecast right now. >> i can't concentrate now. >> tell me about it. >> oh, my gosh. beautiful. we've got some changes on the way. we had pretty quiet today day. the clouds hung on but it was mild. now we're tracking another chance for rain and it comes in just in time for your thursday afternoon. now the good news is, the showers may actually be in the middle of the day so maybe, maybe we can get away on either side of the commute without being impacted by the wet weather. but we will be tracking some strong gusty winds as well through the day tomorrow. let's take look outside right now. take you to our roof cam looking live down 16th street towards
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center city philadelphia. few clouds out there right now actually pretty comfortable. temperatures still hanging in the mid 50s. we were well above average today. got to 65 degrees despite the persistent cloud cover. take a look at the time lapse video from leadership academy in philadelphia. you can see the clouds to start the day. then the sun tried to come out. you get that brief burst of blue sky and just as quickly the clouds come back and then the sun tries again but then the clouds end up winning the fight today. but enough sun that again temperatures got well above average and staying pretty comfortable tonight. take a look at this nasty storm. this is such a classic look of a synoptic storm system. comma shape. severe weather along this line over portions of iowa especially earlier tonight. snow around the back edge across portions of nebraska and into iowa. we'll get hit with what you see about here. these showers mainly just some showers this storm is lifting its weakening and that will be the case as we head through tomorrow as well. so really not concern about extensive severe weather. there could be rumble of thunder
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tomorrow as that front comes through. that's about it for us much it's mainly just a few showers. temps right now pretty comfortable. 54 degrees in philadelphia. you can see how warm it is out ahead of the front. 66 in little rock. 65 in st. louis. but zoom back to the west and the cold air is filtering in behind that storm. only 26 in rapid city. 28 in business mark right now. follow going to get that cold for us some of this cool air will continue to spill eastward toward the weekend. tracking the system by 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, clouds are already in place. the showers are mainly through the midday hours i think the instead yesterday right around 11 a.m. into the noon hour see it start to push out by the evening commute we may even see clearing and then that front moves through but behind it, winds very very strong. look how tightly pack these gradients are these pressure lines here and winds will be strong out of the north and west as we head through friday and again on saturday. so what to expect for your thursday. midday showers between 10:00 and 4:00 less than quarter of inch. winds will pick up in the afternoon. coming in directly from the
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south and then north and west as we head into friday with gusts these are sustain winds 15 to 20 gusts could top 30 miles an hour friday and unfortunately again on saturday. so overnight mostly cloudy, cool, 48 degrees will be the low for us. tomorrow, clouds, showers, midday the winds pickin pickingp especially in the afternoon and it will be blustery as the sun returns friday and saturday. saturday the chill reinforces trough that will swing through the high saturday only 54 degrees. but then another warmup. just like that. 58 sunday. great weather for the eagles game. then we're back to the 60s. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week and we're getting further and further from those normals as we head into next week. >> stars to climb degree by degree. >> right back up. >> yup. >> thanks kate. >> wow. >> don is here with cake. >> if the 76ers actually won a game they would get this cake and much more. maybe tonight is the night? the zero-seven sixers look for their first win of the season. bigly? was die ma'am mick. what about his teammates.
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no cake for you! we're talking hoops
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the hunt for one continues. zero-seven sixers are still looking for their first win of the season. they haven't won a game since last march at the center tonight hosting the raptors. a team they haven't beaten in two seasons. so the sixers celebrating veterans day throughout the game tonight a special thank to you servicemen and women everywhere. after the game jahlil okafor had it rolling. suite, smooth confident. the rookie has some of the best post up moves in the nb. tied his career high 26 points. sixers couldn't stop louis scoal la. had 17 of his 21 points in the third quarter. meanwhile, philly native and villanova product kyle lowry finishing with 23 points. the sixers have now lost eight straight dating back to last season they lose by 16119-103 your final score. it's the nfl version of peek
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a boo. eagles offense will be non existent and then they show up in flashes. that happened in their win over dallas when they scored 19 points after half time. let's hope we get little bit more than a peek sunday against miami. if we do, sam bradford will be a big reason why. >> i think we got into a pretty good rhythm in the second half, and you know kind of like i talked about after the game i felt like that was one of the first times all year we played at the tempo that we wanted to. we played fast. we put a lot of pressure on the defense. we had both the running game and the pass game going in that second half when we're balanced and playing fast like that. >> high school ranks only two more weeks left in the friday football frenzy and play off time is here. we had you vote on season long. this week we had a run away winner. it's seven-three neshaminy at 10-zero springford should be great game. >> guys. do you recognize anyone in this photo? look closely. spot shadow on the left that
2:33 am
cbs3 sports reporter pat gallen with the frosty tipped hair and he's going one-on-one with high school teammate kyle laurie of the raptors you saw them play tonight against the sixers hopefully they talked about their questionable hair decisi decisions because listen, he had the frosty tips. >> i want to talk about pat about his hair decisions. >> i text him about it tonight he said the reason why he had that look on his face because it was a questionable hair decision. he was having a bad hair day. bad hair day. >> he's got game. >> i've seen his game. >> okay. >> 101 with kyle lowry. >> that will be great. >> that will be fun. >> we'll be right back.
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new tonight adorable moment caught on camera in washington, d.c. video shows bei bei the national zoo's giant panda cub taking his first steps under the watchful eye of his mom.
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zoo released this video today. a short time later mom would just scoop her baby up in a bear hug right there. the zoo wrote on youtube post one small step for panda one adorable wobbly moment for all of us. we'll be right back. ♪
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time for to us roll. our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. for kate, don, our entire team. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c up next the late show with stephen colbert. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares,


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