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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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stahl will show us a new device helping to continue the fight while offering hope. for more than 60 days, this emu has been ruffling if thers in a delaware town but today only "eyewitness news" was there as the 6-foot tall bird was rounded up. but wayward bird has been causing problems for two months, even putting schools on lock down. hi, good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos went to new castle county and only our cameras capture the capture. >> there you go. >> reporter: heading toward this trailer, and this emu known as eddie not happy to be back in captivity. >> he is unhappy. >> reporter: moments earlier delaware's most wanted fugitive, almost got away.
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eddie making moves that would make eagles running back demarco murray proud. >> i seen on the news that there was a emu on the loose but i didn't suspect it was around here. >> reporter: now captured in your backyard. >> well, that is amazing, isn't it. >> reporter: unwelcomed guest show up on leo's, delaware farm. >> he has been here for probably three months. >> reporter: what has he been doing. >> nothing eating corn. >> reporter: quick. >> he is fast, 6 feet tall and runs 40 miles an hour. he is very crafty. >> reporter: he became a nuisance and led to dangerous encounters with people. >> they pulled alongside at the road and shot at him. >> reporter: an and faculty at a nearby school. >> they had a soft lock down which they kept the kids inside from playing outside because of the emu's presence, trying to keep people moving. >> reporter: now eddie can take a rest from running. safely back, in captivity. were you worried that he would getaway again.
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>> it has been an ongoing issue, yeah. a lot of help and cooperation from the public here. so great job, everybody. >> reporter: as for eddie, he will be brought to the local farm, check out and put up for adoption. reporting from towns end delaware, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the the chester county district attorney tells a cautionary tail of sexting and cyber bullying at local schools. he warn students not to do it. he asked parents to have conversation was their children about this growing trend. we want to warn you this story contains graphic language. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon is in wayne to tell you more, rahel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. there have been sexting scandal in colorado, new york and here at home chester county d.a. says no more different. four young boys are facing charges, some felonies a and we want to remind you some language you may hear are offence i have. >> that ho over there.
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and the most hated girl in school. >> reporter: word so ugly, so, traumatizing it may be hard to believe that prosecutors say a 13 year-old girl was, subjected to this day after day. >> they isolated her, they made fun of her, they did everything that they could to make her life hell on earth. >> reporter: bullying began after the victim sent suggestive photos to her then boyfriend. after they broke up he sent those photos to his friend who also shared it. thursday a statement from the victim was read. >> bullying and harassment are never okay, on any level, norris supporting bullying. >> reporter: chester county d.a. tom hogan says sexting a among children effects nearly every school in every district. typically in cases involving one child and another, they try to resolve it but with images are received and shared, that is when things likely rise to a criminal level and they take those cases very seriously. >> every year somebody is driven to despair that they take their own lives.
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>> reporter: as forkers watching and thinking that this could never be you, maybe not, but d.a. hogan says just keep one very important thing in mind before you click and sent a picture. >> these images last forever. they will haunt you for the rest of your life. >> reporter: now d.a.'s message for kid, of course do not take these pictures, do not receive these pictures. if however you find yourself on the receiving end of these pictures, he says, at the very least, immediately delete it, and absolutely do not share it. reporting live from valley forge middle school, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive, philadelphia police wanted him off the street. cbs-3 has learned that the suspect charged in the carjacking and kidnapping of the woman in center city is accused of victimizing another woman 56789 days before nathanal rodriguez abducted a 28 year-old woman at seventh and delancey the the victim of the friday a attack tells our walt hunter that the suspect
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ambushed her at 11th and lombard and forced her to remove cash from their atm's. she pick out the suspect from a photo line up for police. >> i knew them right away as soon as i saw that picture it was him for sure. i feel bad for her. i know what she went through. >> reporter: sources say when detectives requested an arrest warrant from the district attorney's office for rodriguez, it was declined because they wanted more evidence. a rainy thursday made way for sun, but it business to get windy and cooler. meteorologist kate bilo is on the cbs-3 sky deck. the kate, wind is on the way. >> wind is on its way, indeed, guess contact you can tell on the sky deck because my hair is not blowing like crazy, the wind have not yet pick up because the actual cold front has not yet moved through the area but it is heading our way. it is in central pennsylvania getting here shortly and overnight wind will start to pick up the pace. otherwise nice night for now but take a look at storm scan three. you can see that line of rain over new york state. a few showers could make it in
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the least high valley as we head through next couple of hours. but in berks county or lehigh county, northampton county don't be surprised if you pick up a stray sprinkle wind speeds between five and ten. look at where that front is, it is still in central pennsylvania and as it head our way that is when wind start to pick up, as we head back towards cleveland, buffalo, wind over 20 miles an hour with gusts in the 30-mile an hour range. that is heading our way overnight tonight. coming up we will talk about how it is becoming blustery and how long it lasts, coats are needed to start the weekend but warmth then returns, more warm november weather is in the seven day forecast and i will that have when i join you inside. >> thanks very much. embattled pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is facing a federal retaliation lawsuit. three former prosecutors and two former investigators that worked in the ag's office filed the suit in federal court today. all five accused kane of intimidation, retaliation and attempted black mail. lawsuit names the the philadelphia a daily news and
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former reporter there. spokesmen for kane tells "eyewitness news" that she hasn't reviewed the lawsuit but intend on vigorously defending herself. chopper three overhead as college students from our area marched to fail's city hall. some students marched in the wake of the events at the the university of missouri. others are calling for an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> the problem with our world and our government is that students are not involved. students, if they were, they would be voting differently on these issues. we would have different changes in our government and government system and the way it is structured. >> students who took to the streets today in philadelphia a were joined by students all across the country. on the cbs-3 healthwatch new hope for people living with parkinson's disease, one of the symptoms is difficulty talking. now is there a device to help them communicate and feel less isolated. >> stephanie stahl is here to show how it is helping a bucks county couple. >> parkinson's disease ace
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progressive neurological disorder with a variety of symptoms, patients say that the in a ability to be understood when speaking can be devastating, well now there is a fix for that. andy and kevin payton remember their wedding 22 years ago, his hand was shaking, in the from nerves, at 26 he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease. >> kevin proposed, i said yes, and then he got parkinson's and he thinks he got it. >> they kept their sense of humor raising two sons and as disease progressed, kevin had deep brain stimulation surgery hoping to control symptoms and he wrote about it. but his slurred speech and mum blink a symptom of parkinson's continued to worsen. >> kevin was feeling very isolated. >> reporter: this device that looks like a hearing aid is helping, it is called speech easy. >> i notice a different. >> reporter: working with a speech pathologist in wearing device kevin read passages,
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relearning talking. >> unaudible. >> what it does is, the person wearing it hears themselves talking at a slight delay and slows down speaking rate of the person hearing it. >> reporter: here's what kevin sound like without the device. >> unaudible. >> kevin fights it every day and i tell him as long as you fight, i will fight with you. it is hard. >> reporter: while it can still be difficult to understand kevin, he says speech easy has him feeling better about his life. >> unaudible. >> having a good life is your choice. speech device was original willly used to treat people who studder, that delayed feedback is being used for parkinson's patients but it does not work for everyone and experts say it is unclear y i must say annie and kevin were a tremendous couple. talk about living together through sickness and health. >> that is it, right there, no
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doubt about it. >> thanks, stephanie. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight more fall out for bill cosby. reacting to the recent sexual assault allegations againsts famous actor and comedian, also this. >> i don't know is what worse having to ride your bike in the rain or coming out and realizing it has been stolen or seeing the person who stole it and then finding out you just took a big bite. i'm alexandria hoff and i'll explain coming up. we have a few showers creeping in the lehigh valley this evening as cold front does move through, in its wake, the wind really pick up a a as we head toward weekend, i'll have your full seven day forecast coming up, don. if you hate cowboys then this one is for you, an epic locker room rant by star wide receiver dez bryant and interest is caught on tape, you don't want to miss it, coming up in sports.
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drexel university rescinded an honorary degree that gave comedian bill cosby in the 90s drexel president john fry say recent accusations of sexual misconduct that came to light in that deposition given by cosby, stand in quote
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opposition to the university's values. during a 2005 deposition cosby admitted to obtaining quaaludes to give to women for sexual purposes. today students reacted to this latest developments involving the philadelphia native. >> i guess our president was following the lead of others. >> um-hmm. >> i agree with him in that sense. >> they gave to it him so long ago why are you taking it back, so maybe it is a bad name on your college because you gave it to him but seeing as though you took it back. >> cosby received honorary degree from drexel in 192. today cosby has never been charged with any crime and denied allegations he drugged and sexually assaulted woman. public safety officers at the university of pennsylvania create a unique way to crackdown on bike thefts on campus. tonight, an "eyewitness news" exclusive, "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff explains how a simple piece of technology is helping officers grind the gears of would be thieves.
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>> reporter: somewhere between chopped, locks and chop shops victims have been left without a ride or much hope. that was were before, criminals started to catch win of the bike that is more than happy to go for a spin. >> the bikes moves, the bike will signal the operator and operator then brings up our regular cameras and in tern police dispatched, and we are watching them as we drive away. >> reporter: it is called a bait bike, similar ones stashed around the cam puts of the university of pennsylvania, as a way to crackdown on a paralyzing number of bike thefts that the campus has seen. >> people who commit bike thefts are not just doing bike thefts, so you have individuals who maybe have a long rap sheet for other more violent crime and they are on your campus. >> reporter: to spook those criminals bikes with gps chips hidden in them have been placed in high theft zones, when they move, police are able to follow them. so far the university has gone 22 for 22 in terms of an
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arrest. >> these are just 22 unlucky people who picked the ron bike. >> reporter: if you noticed any locations, in worries, they change the the bait bike locations all the time. oh, they have been rate todd stick in low gears so good luck to any criminal who thinks they can out ride the cops. >> our hope is that the word spreads that the bike you take might be a bait bike, you never know. >> reporter: since implementing the technology the campus has seen a 37 percent decrease in bike thefts. temple university and philadelphia police department are now also looking to similar technologies. reporting from the university of parks alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". don't be stealing peoples bikes. >> out for a ride, make sure you ride with the wind and not the wind in your face. >> yes. >> unpleasant. >> especially fit is strong in the city because it goes through buildings and it gets in the confined space and it is a wind tunnel. >> we will be dealing with that tomorrow. >> when wind comes through like that you know what it is called, the the hawk.
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>> the hawk. >> we will talk more in a couple months. >> okay. >> the the hawk. >> i know you know what i'm talking about. >> the hawk. >> i was going to say, an effect, meteorological. >> let's stick with the hawk. >> let's move along. we will deal with the hawk tomorrow but not in a winter way, temperatures a would have average today and right on track to be average tomorrow. then we will warm up next week. once we get a few days of cool windy weather we will have another warm up in the seven day. let look outside and look at this beautiful video. this is chopper three showing us the sunset, lets take a look sinking below horizon. a lot of clouds and reflection with the suns this evening. we have got clouds to break just in time to see that sun drop below horizon just a gorgeous shot. we have seen last little bit and there it goes, another end to another warm november day. and here's the time lapse video from leader ship academy here in philadelphia the the day started out quiet, rain comes in through midday hours and we few batches of
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rain, wetting everything. by the after have noon we have cleared out a little while and we had summer and sun hype until 7:30 or eight or 9:00 o'clock tonight. turned out to be a nice evening. the this is november. it is dark outside right now. we cannot enjoy any of that clearing really. storm scan three does show showers for our far northern and western suburbs. i want to zoom in up in berks county, lehigh, northampton counties in the poconos. we will see to the i showers, in the next hour or so. tail end of the trailing cold front which is bringing in some steadier rain into portions of new york state. it is part of the larger scale system, you can see the swirl moving from the great lakes up in eastern canada this storm is what will be increase ago this wind flow around its back edge as we head through the next several days. here's the front about to push through and once the front comes through the wind will pick up. in fact take a look, wind alerts and advisory extend from fargo, north dakota down toward ashville. we have had high wind washings here along the coast there, lakes ontario and another a
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cross portions of upstate new york. wind very, very strong through overnight hours, especially there and even threat for lake effect rain and even snow by the weekend. temperatures 59 degrees in philadelphia 56 in allentown. fifty-six in wilmington. we don't to have worry about rain or snow this weekend. note that is is going to be limited to areas a along the great lakes. you can see snow tomorrow morning, a few lake effect rain showers in new york state and northwestern pennsylvania and it is this pressure gradient, built in behind the storm, wind accelerate and we will deal witt right into saturday. so what to expect? overnight wind gusts to 25 miles an hour. tomorrow at their strong peace miles an hour gusts, saturday gusts to 30 miles an hour. only a brief cool down on saturday look at what happens next week. jet stream goes well to the north again and we have a noticeable warm up, starting monday of next week. heading in to the overnight hours clearing, turning windy, 48 degrees, your friday looking cooler and windy a at 57. chilly, blustery saturday but
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then we will get better on sunday and keeps climbing from there. by middle of next week we could ab approaching the 70's once again, no real extended cold even looking way out to the even of the moy don't see a prolong period of cold weather, heading our way. >> very much so. >> all right, thanks kate. >> um, um. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. a suggestion for your weekend dining plans, vittoria woodill takes viewer recommendation and discovers a gem of the restaurant. >> this is the musho chicken, it is amazing. the best in the world. >> and it might be the best in the universe, thanks to a man who studied the universe. what a princeton educated scientists is doing in the restaurant business. find out in tonight's taste with torey a at 11:00. we will be right back with don bell in sports.
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so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. don bell has sports. >> we will start on the ice in
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this show. you know things are bad when your team has a players only meeting. flyers did that tuesday, have after their latest loss, tonight, we will see if it makes anyifference a at all when they host capitols. fly guys have lost three straight at home and seven of their last eight overall. speaking of losing, the sixers fell to zero and eight, with the loss to the raptors but bright spot was big man jahlil okafor. he tied a season high with 26 points. he lead all nba rook business five, 20-point games, sixers play in okc tomorrow night. eagles safety malcolm jenkins practiced today. we talking about practice. here's the reason y jenkins played in the teams win over dallas sunday with a concussion. jenkins believes he suffered the injury during a second quarter tackle of darren mcfadden. laterred had issues covering coal beasley. >> as a the game kind of went on, you just let it go. >> did you find yourself in the similar position in the
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past game. >> no, that was my first one. probably dot the right thing and sit it out. >> eagles win sunday and it may push them to new heights and sink cowboys for g dallas lost six straight for first time since 1989. the struggle is real. today, their pro bowl wide receiver dez bryant went on a epic locker room rant that was directed at a couple of reporters. >> unaudible. >> you are talking to the wrong people. i'm going to make your job. why i do this. i am going to let it be known why i do it. they dirty.
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>> all of them dirty, and dirty, take any exception to. that i shower regularly. >> look at you you. >> so, that is the deal, bryant is not happy. also says he is not talking to the media again which will last five, four, three, two, like he is probably talking right now. >> that is six straight losses, frustration, boiling over. >> yes, spilling over. >> yes, even more so. >> thanks. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, we are back a at ten on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". protests against racism are break out at college campus's cross the country.
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what is behind rising tensions, from new york here's scott pelley, take care >> pelley: today, u.s. air strikes and kurdish troops pound isis in iraq, while at home, an alleged isis sympathizer is charged in a plot to murder u.s. servicemembers. also tonight, a judge orders a baby removed because the foster parents are lesbians. tornadoes ripped through the midwest. >> seeing that we have nothing, it's scary. >> pelley: and an army captain is awarded the medal of honor for an extraordinary act of heroism. >> i would turn that right back in, right now, and say, no thank you, bring my guys back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: u.s. warplanes hammered the


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