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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:51pm EST

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before you know it, the holidays will be upon us. as family hit the road to visit often with a family pet in toe. as consumers remind is there is more to bring your petting. regardless of whether your dog or cat loves to sit on your lap while you drive it just isn't safe. if you think if putting them in a travel great or carrier will protect it depends. i'm scared of the car crashes and the dogs getting loose. her fears came through when the cars she was driving in and her dogs were traveling in was involved in a serious crash. the dogs were bruised up d banged around. but they did survive a pretty horrendous front end crash. they were glad the dogs were in
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crates, but the crates didn't hold up. jake managed to jump out at the crash scene and was lost at yellow stone park for 43 days. most experts recommend pet crates for travel. if you slam on the brakes they can go flying through the window. if there is an accident they jump out of the car and get caught in traffic. what you may not realize mst of the projects that we've purchased for our pets for travel in a vehicle have never been tested or crash tested. firing. > that's why the center for pet safety put pets through tests. it's important that a carrier contains your pet so that it doesn't become a projectile in a crash, but watch as this stuffed test doing is thrown out of this soft sided carrier and into the air while th test shows a hard sided crate literally coming apart with the test dog trapped
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inside. connections that secure the carriers were examined, too. the anchor points for the crate are critically important to ensure that the product does not release. if you do get into an a sudden stop or an zen. this video shows the blue anchor straps breaking free. the crate itself seems to impose a flying danger. they received high marks in the end. the sleepy pod mobile pet bed with a handy lock and the p petty go former frame jet set carrier with a latch connection. meanwhile jade and company are back home happily reunited. while am manufacturers claim their products are crash tested and save, there are current no federal testing or standards. for links for the centers of pet safety and the products i just mentioned visit philly
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you see that fall apart, do you think this will have an i'm pack. >> i do. they started crash testing vehicle also and publicizing the results and consumers paid attention and they had no choice but to build better cars. they want animal owners to have that same type of awareness. it is iconic. you think you're doing the right thing. i can't get over the dog was out there 43 days. only on eye witness news. it was finally stopped in the stone field development in odessa after what authorities called soft lock downs at two elementary schools. no one is sure who owns this bird, but over the past weeks they did get an increasing number of calls. the bird is bird and it's fast. there were numerous attempts to catch it. i seen on the news that there
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was an i moo on the loose, and i isn't dozen peck it was around here. > now it's in your backyard. the bird was moved to a carrier and it was moved and it will ultimately be put up for adocumentation. > all the time spent on pictures, posts on comments on facebook may be doing little to improve your frame of mind. eyewitness news diana rock other reports. if you're feeling sad, stop updating your status or checking others. a new study finds quitting facebook can improve your overall feeling about live. > i have taken a break and i feel much better. >> i definitely agree. > have you been happier since you've been out of facebook. >> yes. i feel kind of out of the social loop. i feel more to myself, a lot more privacy. > jake half nick has been over facebook two years and he says he left the drama behind with it. >> friends that i had that would post things that i would find, being a little strange.
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the study than could ducted by the happiness research institute shows people who gave up facebook for just one week reported higher levels of satisfaction. over all facebook users were 39 percent more likely to feel unhappy than the non-users. about 88 percent of non users described themselves as happy compared with 81 percent of people on facebook. > we can fall into a pattern of comparing ourselves and kind of looking at this curated life that people share and maybe feeling a sense of disappointment because ñi so perfect tt everyone shares on social media. social media expert andy hackend berger says the behavior of checking a page to see what others are up to is adicking and makes us feelxd like we have to keep up with the joneses.$x ubóf out ofw
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different. it's just allowing us to do it at a bigger scale. some of the other people we talked to say they still like facebook for connecting with old friends, but experts say that you're checking the sense that you're checking in way too much and it's start too making you feel bad about your life it may be time to unplug. i'm diana rocco, cbi news. > use instagram. facebook, there's just a lot going on there right now, too. > i just learned how to text last week. > a local university is taking a unique approach to stop bicycle thefts on campus. still ahead at 11 we'll show you the creative way officer are stopping criminals in their tracks. victoria whittle takes your representations and discovers a gem of a restaurant. the man behind a successful mainline itry is a successful
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princeton physicist. how did he get into the food industry. fine out. > kate, and the winds have picked up now that the showers have moved on you÷se"z]-ñ&rfid has that storm continues to dominate the northeast itñr will stay wind i right through the even. > and it might not feel like that winterñi wonder land yet, t it looks like one. where you can get into theñi xd á
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the university of pennsylvania has come upç with a unique wayo catch bike thieves on many contact pus. eyewitness news got an exclusive look at the so-called bait bike. ones like this have been stashed in high rig sequence. they're equipped with gps to help police track them down. police have snatched # # of these bikes. they've been caught 22 times. chinese blends with physicist. hew in an style restaurant owned by a physics professor. >> quite the mixture there.
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vittoria little is live in mount r montgomery county with how a restaurant was born. hew in an here in ardmore has existed for over four decades and a lot of it because of a loyal following, but also a loyal son and the story of huh in an is just asacol orful as it's chinese menu. mastering the art of great choice ease food is a science and some items too it takes a scientist to make it happen. meet doctor he any too a physicist with an ivy league education. think lap yeah with ginger and physical once. >> this is the moo shoe chicken. it's amazing. the best in the world. how did a physicist end up owning a restaurant? well, there's a little story here.
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he grew up in taiwan and wanted to go to l could edge in america. i applied for schools. somehow princeton accepted me. i don't know why. in fact, he got a full scholarship there. he went onto get his ph.d. and became a physics professor at temple. much of his family was still in taiwan. then his parents decided to come to america. his dad just retired. >> he was working all his life, non stop. when he came here he couldn't standstill. i have to find something for him to do. so we started to make hoagies. the small lunch yet that he started turned in a busy chinese restaurant. his son, chris, a cornell graduate is now overseeing the daily operations. we've been serving the opportunity for over 40 some years which is really nice to have all the families that still eat here loyally.
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even any and his wife love the loyalty, customers that have grown up and come back with their own babies. >> we call them hunan babies. sometimes i will carry them around and let their parents ethan now they have their own kids. all of which makes hunan so special for this physics professor. physics teach you how to fix. every time i have a problem i'm very happy because you have to solve it. if no problem, nothing to solve, then you never improve. and there's no improving on these dishes. > a special thank you to viewer veer nice daniels. she said that we had to go to huan in ardmore and can i tell you, guys, these are shanghai bearnaise. ukeey, jessica. it is so so fantastic here. can we get a little bit of an
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insight here, we're talking fridayed what in an as with cherry almond ice cream. it's just to die for. for all of you viewers out there, make sure that you hit me up on facebook. whittle where we should taste next. right now i'm going to get a taste of these shanghai been shies. > it's not fair. >> it's amazing. > all this wind going on. >> we've been spoiled so far this november. it's been warm. pretty calm weather wise. now we're talking colder weather and strong gusty winds much that's going to be the headline as we head to our friday and into the start of the even. next week when we start monday and tuesday we'll talk about how warm it is again. we'll take you out to skycam3 and our roof cam looking aokay this evening. no problems out there outtrades.
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is quiet on 16th street. you may have seen in a tasha out there earlier her hair blowing around. the wind is starting to pick up and it's going to accelerate as we head through the overnight hours. here's a look at how the day white. this is our network site in nazareth. you can see it started off cloudy. watch the rain come down. it comes down on and off throughout the day. the clouds hung on at least until sunset. we did see a little bit of sunday peak out just in time for a pleasant sunset across the area, but it was kind of an off and on days. temperatures slightly above average, but now we're talking about a wind and it's all because of a storm that's well off to our north. the good news about today's rain is that it was in and out pretty quickly, a quick moving system fours. skies are clearing and we'll see that clearing continue overnight. this is a large storm. it's centered over portions of earn canadian and it's the
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circulation around the back edge of the low that's bringing us the gusty winds. you can see with the winds are coming from p you follow the bands are coming from, over michigan, over portions of ontario, we're seeing the lake effect rain showers and possibly lake effects snow this weaned. the winds accelerate through the night and into tomorrow. you can see how the stream lines are tightly backed. you have low pressure tot north, high pressure to the south, the wind belows kind of in between those and they really accelerate through the course of tomorrow and into the saturday. and there are those lake affect no showers for us. it's the wind and the cool temperatures that we'll be talking about. the wyncrest day 35-mile per hour gusts and 30-mile per hour thursday. sunday, monday, we start to warm up again and look at how high that jet stream goes and all that warm air invading tuesday
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into monday we're talking about temperatures well above average again. tonight, turning windy with some clearing. tomorrow isabels think and cool with 730-degrees much winds gust to 35 miles an hour. saturday bundle l up, it feel like the 40s all day, but next week back to the 640s and maybe even pushing 70 by next wednesday. the warm november continues. > here it comes. >> love it. > thank you, kate. tomorrow bell here with a look at sports. we're going to talk about some stuff that happened on the ice tonight with washington in town. if you hate the cowboys this is a story for you. how their best player des bryant had a complete meltdown. you have to ' it to believe it.
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the flyers give more shots and frat house at a home coming. heading into the night they are
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allowing 34 shots on goal for game. that's the second worst in the nhl. not a good way to beat the capitols at the center. bad participation at its worse. pic goes flying into the stands and nails this dude in a forehead. he's sitting next to his boo, so he's like i got this. later tied to one, the flyers, it's 2-1 fly guys we're in business. different results, jason had two goals on tonight and we are tied at 2. later, former flyer justin williams, his third of the season and the flood gates open and the flyers get smashed 5 to 2. they now lost eight out of nine. malcolm in the middle. more than an old show on network tv. it was a story at eagles practice today. safety malcolm jenkins was the center of attention after revealing that he he played in sunday's win over the cowboys with a than could concussion.
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he believes he suffered the injury of a second tackle l. he is expected to play sunday when the birds host the dolphins. jenkins wasn't the only one injured in that game. you can collect the collective ego tot dallas cowboys of the injury report. it's now bruised battled after losing since 1989. they're frustrated and it showed today when ded bryant went off on reporters. how about you fix it. i'll put it out there. beep. why i do this. p i'm going to let it be known why i do it.
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beep. they dirt particular, all of them, especially you. > hashtag now mistake. let me introduce you toyota, he's a bulldog and he's a. he broke the longer record traveled through by a dog skate bore. i'll bet you thought the record would never be broken. we all did. otto thinks otherwise. it doesn't matter, it is a guiness world record. they didn't have to adjust their positions with their legs, either. oto just went bam. that face, though. >> that face, though. > i knew you were going there,
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it's beginning to look like the holiday season in philadelphia. it was opening night of the holiday special featuring the electrical speckle l. 50,000led lights are synchronized to holiday music. the magic of ben franklin's discovery of electricity is the center piece of the electrical speckle california. and how perfect. here's another sure sign, colder weather is coming. the ice skate opens tomorrow for its second season. cruise are busy today getting everything ready to be open.
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get some grub and warm drinks, hang out, so get those skates ready. we'll be right
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> that's going to do it for us, our morning team is back tomorrow starting at 4679. 30 through 7:00 a.m. kate, our entire. i'm ukee ' washington. we're always on. have a good night and sleep well
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welcome to the colbert. >> ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs stephen: hey! whooo! (applause) thanks, everybody. thanks, everyone. (cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: that's nice. a beautiful crowd today. thank you so much. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thanks, everybody! (cheers and applause)
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hey! welcome to the late show. thanks so much. thanks, everybody. in here, out there, all around the world. (cheers and applause) welcome, welcome. >> stephen, stefer en, stephen! >> stephen: welcome to the late show. great to you have here. i am your host stephen colbert. we have a fantastic show for you tonight. that makes 43 in a row at this point. and i'm feeling good. you're all, everybody here at the late show is feeling pretty good because we have some very exciting news. i hope you're sitting down. if are you lying down, sit up. have some self-respect. as you know, as i'm sure you know, this year the super bowl is on cbs. now we don't know-- (cheers and applause) we don't know who the teams will be yet. but we already know the winner,
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me. because i am proud to announce that i will be hosting a special episode of the late show live right after super bowl 50. whooo! (cheers and applause) now that, not bad. that's going to be fun. >> are you ready for some football followed by an hour of comedy, variety television? that's right. i got the most cough eted spot on tv. it's mine. so i would like to take a moment to thank cbs and since it's football, i would also like to thank jesus. i could not be-- thank you, thank you. i could not be more thrilled. i get to be a part of the biggest sport event in the world and i didn't have to exercise. (laughter) i promise you, this is going to be the greatest hour of television in the history of broadcasting and i can say that with total confidence because i have no idea what we're going to
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do yet. i just found out the news yesterday my sevment of course there will be plenty of in disept coverage of the big game. for instance, i plan on knowing which teams were playing. who won and in what way did the go-daddy ad make you feel uncomfortable to watch in front of your children that year. so-- (applause) (cheers and applause) so get psyched for february 7th, america. cuz you're not going to want to miss the show right after super bowl 50. that will be our 87th episode. so in the spirit of the super bowl, we'll be calling it late show lixvy. (applause) tonight also very good show. i will be talking this evening with academy-award winner jennifer connelly. (applause) so talented. lovely. so i hope you're ready for a
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raven-haired irish beauty to interview jennifer connelly. then, i'll be sitting down with the writer and director judd apatow. (cheers and applause) he just started performing. he just started performing stand-up again after 20 years. he should be fine. i hear it's like riding a bike while drunk people yell at you. then we'll have a performance by the banded" internet" now i haven't sherd-- i haven't heard the song yet but i assume it's 90% porn. (laughter) that sound you just heard right there, that is jon batiste and stay human. give it up, everybody. (cheers and applause) they are about to baste your brains in a funk sauce, but
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before they do following allegations of doping in russian athletics vladimir putin called for an inquiry and then ran a two minute mile. >> tonight, stephen welcomes jennifer kol el-- connelly. judd apatow. and a meuses kal performance by the internet. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for the late show with stephen colbert!
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(cheers and applause). >> stephen: thank you, everybody, thank you, jon. thank you stay human. thank you so much. hey! thanks so much. hey, how are you folks doing tonight? you feeling all right? (cheers and applause). >> stephen: you know what i enjoy? i enjoy having a representative government. you guys like that? we get to have some say on who governs us. and guess what, there are just 361 more shopping days until we get to pick a new president. and right now we are in the thick of debate season. for the next few months they're going to be coming at us fast and fiorinaous. but of all the debates, the most next one is this saturday the democratic candidates will be duking it out right here on only the cbs tv. my entire body is surging with adrenaline and company loyalty. now this is going to be
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different from the republican debate because the g.o.p. field is so big. hey, guys, that you didn't even notice, i put john kasich in there three times. (laughter) same damn picture. meanwhile them dems are down to just three candidates. hillary, bernie and-- don't tell me-- and i know, no one is going to try. a double m name it is murkin mufly-- it's miss ter miss ter, mitt momney, no, mallow mars-- no, whatever. he knows his name and that is the porntd thing. with only three democrats left in the field compared to the republican debates, there is also going to be so much extra room on stage they should really put the fourth podium on air
11:43 pm
bnb. and this saturday will be particularly special because the cbs has partnered with the twitter to bring in live reactions and questions. and folks, this is poised to be the biggest twitter debate since ben affleck was cast as batman. and for the record there will only ever be one batman for me, val kilmer. his suit has nipples. and this-- this is just part of a social media revolution in politics that goes back to 2008 when barack obama won with a two-pronged strategy. tapping into social networks to create a sense of engagement, and running against a man who had just learned to dial nine before sendk a fax. now social media, social media like this makes getting your candidates name out there so much easier than the old ways like tv or radio or buildings.
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and that's why the 2016 candidates are all over twitter. like bernie sander supporters who are sharing photos of their babies for bernie, dressing up their little ones like the crusading vermont senator. it really is a much more effective campaign than bernie for babies, the time has come to change of my diapy. my diapy is currently 40% poop, 20% wee wee. we need to change t my tushy is red t is a crisis. i also want my binkie,ed top 1 percent get 90% of the binkies. so it all comes down-- (applause). >> stephen: really, really? really? you people are really nice.
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so it all comes down to this saturday. anything could happen, from hillary clinton moving inevitably toward the nomination to hillary clinton moving evitabley towards to the nomination. the wildcard is the man sitting ring side debate motd moderator cbs news political director and host of "face the nation" john dikerson. for more from what we can expect from john dikerson, please welcome live via iowa, the john dikerson expert, john dikerson. john dickerson, everybody. there you go. john, thanks so much for being here, how is everything in iowa? >> thanks, steven, it's great. it's very windy here right now. >> stephen: uh-huh. you must be using a lot of hair spray because it's not moving your hair in anyway, shape or form. >> yeah, all the open flames have been kept away. >> stephen: john, your cohost is twitter. what does that mean for the debate on saturday night? >> well, it meanser's going to
11:46 pm
be asking people for questions. they can send them in and we'll maybe ask those questions of the candidates. and watch wag people are saying while the actual debate is going on. >> stephen: how many of the millions of twitter questions will be you able to use during the two-hour debate. >> it depends. if they are really good, we'll use them. if they are not so good, we'll maybe use them afterwards. >> stephen: as kindling? >> yeah, to sharpen our discussion of the post debate analysis. >> stephen: now, jon, the-- john, the-- john, the republicans are known for roughing up the referee in these debates. like the cnbc guys got slapped around a little bit by the republican candidates. do you expect the democrats to do the same? >> no, they don't really have that tradition. in 2012 you remember neut ging rich ran a campaign that was at various times basically focused on beating up the press and it worked really well for him. but in the democratic party that
11:47 pm
has really not been so of the case for them. so hopefully that will continue to be true after saturday night. >> stephen: now because it's twitter will you limit their answers to 140 characters or less? >> well, i won't but the economy, stupid, was a pretty good tag line for bill clinton in 1992 and that was way less than 140 characters. >> stephen: now i know it's hillary clinton and it's bernie sanders and the third guy is. >> martin o'malley. >> stephen: right, that's the name, martin o'malley. what is your job as moderator? do you really have to give everybody the same amount of time when you are up there? or can you acknowledge as someone who watches the news, that he has the same chances of a snowball plunging into the depths of hell? >> well, there have been candidates in the past who have in the been doing very well when they got on the stage. remember joe biden in 2 thousand-- 2008. >> stephen: no, no one remembers him in 2 thousand. joe biden dun remember joe biden in 2 thousand.
11:48 pm
>> well, he, never the less was asking really interesting questions and saying really interesting things at the debate, that sharpen the conversation among the candidates at the top. so no matter where you are in the polls, if the idea of a debate is to have a conversation that democrats care about, even if you are at 0, you can still play that roam. >> stephen: will you tell us any of the questions you are going to ask the candidates? >> no. >> stephen: how about questions you will not ask the candidates? are you going to do any of that cnbc stuff where you ask them really insulting questions like bernie sanders, do you have the ability to feed yourself? like-- cuz cnbc got criticized for trying to stir up animosity between the candidates. are you going to do any of that gotcha stuff, john? >> i done think there is going to be any animosity stirring. there might be some questions that are not your garden variety questions. but we're not going to be trying to get them to pick any fights. >> stephen: are you going to
11:49 pm
sct questions that are really on anybody's mind like do they believe the pyramids were used to store grain or would they kill baby hitler, the real questions that concern the iowans? >> yeah, well, and those may come in through twitter. so that is why we will be moniterring it so closely. >> stephen: well, good luck, john. who do we have on "face the nation" this weekend? >> well, we have bernie sanders the very next day. so he will be on to talk about how he did the night before. and so we're looking forward to that too. >> stephen: is he going to leave or will you bunk in together that night? >> we might just get hot koa koa and just stay on the stage, tell old stories, just kind of-- . >> stephen: like a slum ber party. paint each other's toe nails well, congratulations, john, i'm loving "face the nation," we'll see you saturday night and sunday morning. john dicker sorntion everybody. watch the debate on cbs this saturday at 9 p.m. eastern time, 8 p.m. iowa time, john dickerson
11:50 pm
everybody, we'll be right back. >> the late show with stephen colbert sponsored by ihop, coming to over breakfast


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