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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 13, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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we turn and she is there. >> attacked on a hollywood street. >> we have her only on camera interview about her alleged assault. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> he got me. he told me he was going to kill me over and over and over again. >> our exclusive from the scene with the sketch that led to an arrest. >> i was alone. i was terrified. >> did you think that you might die? >> then, why caitlyn jenner was just confronted as gwen and gavin come under siege. >> did gavin cheat with the nanny, gwen? >> what kristina knows about her romance for blake. >> i feel for them. >> also, our 35th birthday flash
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back with stars at 35.19ñ >> i don't know why we have to play this game. that is a wildly overconfident kiss. >> and john ritter's son. >> this is you on the set of "three's company." >> plus, donnie and marie, the first interview together after his vocal chord surgery. >> after surgery, he never complained. >> i couldn't. >> now in our 35th season this is entertainment tonight. >> thank you for joining us. we're in front of celebrity newsmaking headlines. >> ncis star attacked on the street if hollywood. our exclusive interview today. >> he told me was going to kill me several times. i absolutely believed him. i prayed as hard as i ever prayed for anything ever in my life. >> so walk me through what happened. >> i got tacked by a severely meantally ill homeless person. and he punched me in the face. clearly my face was a little swollen and my nose was a little red. and pinned me down and -- not
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down but by my arm and told me he was going to kill me. and i know that he was. >> according to pauley, the attack went down. just a few blocks from where i'm standing right now at 5:00 p.m. yesterday. she was walking down the sidewalk, a homeless man began to approach. she looked at him to make sure he wasn't a friend or someone who might need something. and as soon as she walked by him, that's when the attack began. >> and it was terrifying. it was terrifying ordeal. >> when he finally stopped attacking, she did something in fact, you could say it was right out of an ncis script. >> i took a pen and i immediately drew a picture of the guy. because i didn't have a camera. i didn't have anything. and then my -- i text my buddy next door and james came over an he took a photograph of the picture i had drawn. >> once i knew she was okay, i went -- i just got in the car and drove down the street.
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>> with the sketch in hand, pauley's friend came here to this 7-eleven in hollywood and saw a homeless man, identified him then took a picture of him. sent it to pauley who was with police at her home. she id'd the man as her attacker and the police came down and arrested him. 45-year-old david merk was arrest ond a felony battery charge. >> she drew him to a t as far as i was concerned. i drove right to the question. there was no question in my mind that it was the guy. >> i did not know what was happening. i was terrified. i was in shock. >> pauley's real life work is helping those who are less fortunate. wasn't that long ago that i visited a homeless shelter for battered women and children and pauley was there not only to help and raise money but to
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bring a little sunshine into those people's lives. >> what's your name? >> paulie's ncis character befriended a homeless woman last year in an episode that is close to the actress' heart. >> you're better than that, emma. >> despite this attack, she remains committed to the homeless community. >> i'm really happy to be safe. but, you know, he breaks my heart. i hate that people are that mentally ill in this country or anywhere. there is no help. >> typical paulie. she is more worried about other people than herself. she hopes to put a spotlight on homeless people, not this incident and not just in hollywood but all across this country. that's what she really cares about. >> hopefully something good will come out of something bad. we love her. >> yep. >> all right. also last night caitlyn jenner was involved in a heated confrontation. we broke a story on the website. we have exclusive i have yoe of -- we have video of caitlyn jenner getting verbally
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attacked. the confrontation happened outside a hotel where she just gave a speech much she shakes hands with one protester but another won't have none of it. this video was taken by a chicago radio personality. >> i thought she handled it really well. she was trying to get them to understand her per inspect i. >> at one point she doespeak with the protester. >> i love you. >> on their facebook post, i ain't cate, they complained that while many trans people are homeless and broke, caitlyn jenner lives in a mansion and has a net work of millions of dollars. a spokesperson for the charity that hosted jenner actually that privilege for the benefit of all trans people." >> i think it was brave of her to approach them. because she could have ignored them. that is what a lot of celebrities do in that >> a source tells "e.t." that a camera crew for "i am cate" captured the entire incident. >> the incident was not at all
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staged. it took everyone by surprise. >> no word yet if that footage will be on season two. >> i think we know the answer to. that. >> probably. >> i'm sure gwen stefani would love to get away fró0!u)q cameras. everywhere she goes, she's getting hit with questions about blake and her ex-husband's alleged affair with their nanny. >> did gavin cheat with the nanny, gwen. >> she was having none of. that ignoring the paparazzi as she left the recording studio. >> are the rumors true, gavin? >> the romance with blake shelton getting tons of attention and now another voice coach is sharing her approval. >> i've been through divorce. it it is hard enough. then to be under a microscope and scrutinized and rumors. it's just a bunch of crap. so, you know, who doesn't deserve happiness? >> kristina is teaming with verizon and hope line to bring aware fls to domestic abuse. >> i've been very vocal and open about my own experiences with domestic violence and experiencing it in my home. so by purchasing your verizon prepaid phone bundle at walmart, you can help so many causes with
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hope line and verizon. >> christinal turn 35 next month and we're getting her celebration started by looking back at her first music video and our first interview in 1999. ♪ i'm a genie in a bottle >> my first video. like, oh, my gosh. that was such an excitement in the air. i remember it was freezing cold. that's what i do remember. i think i said that. >> literally, it's very cold. we're on the beach. >> it is supposed to be so hot and sing about genie in a bottle and i'm like all -- >> before her singing career took off, kristina was on the mickey courthouse club along with ryan gossling. they're both celebrating 35 now just like "e.t.." kristina gave ryan this little shoutout. >> hey, ryan! the 35 club. yes! with "e.t." this is our year. >> that was ryan actual birthday yesterday.
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he celebrated at his own movie premier. that is where carly speel took him back to his first "e.t." interview. >> this is a very good video. >> why do we have to play this game? let's just get married. >> that is a wildly overconfident kid. there is no reason for that kind of confidence. >> we lot of confidence. almost as much as we love hearing ryan gush for the first time about being a dad to his 14-month-old daughter with his girlfriend eva mendes. >> this is the best thing that ever happened to me, for sure. that's an understatement. but she's an angel. >> the proud dad also got birthday love if his co-stars o3
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handsome is a feat. i think they did it. >> i don't think can you make ryan look bad if you tried. coming up, i'm sitting down with leann rymes. >> i've been pregnant four or five times this year already. >> but first, vanessa williams joins the good wife as a sexy billionaire. >> something going on there. >> turn the heat up. >> courtney paige, hello. >> i followed your career closely, miss paige. >> this is terrifying. >> sunday on cbs, she's a seductress while her co-star has sex with her ex.
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this is something vanessa can relate to. >> i take you back to your miss america days. lye like almost the ultimate poster person for reinvention. you know, after the scandal. can you
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my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay. and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. next week, seattle's one direction exclusive. is the new song about harry's ex? >> is it about taylor? that's what everyone wants to know. >> nothing is off-limits. >> is one d done? >> the breakup rumors. next week on "e.t." >> a lot of girls happy about that. and a lot happy about one d's new album made in the am just
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dropping today. meanwhile, leann rymes is playing shows in the states. she spent time to dish about her hectic life. she has a new christmas album and is she trod have a baby? >> i've been pregnant four or five times in the tabloids. >> i understand you take prenatal. >> i do, not for any reason. >> we go way back. >> the lady in the checkout line, she bought vitamins. and she's like, oh. i'm like, it's for my hair. >> she started taking prenatals and stopped taking birth control on her reality show. so what would leann look like pregnant? >> i think i would have a baby bjorn singing with the kid. it's so hard. it's hard to put them down. they're so cute. >> i know, right. >> look at me and it's mine and crying at 2:00 in the morning. >> it's a love you never felt
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before. >> until then, she is more than happy with jake and mason, eddie's children with his ex but what does leean think about the label the evil stepmom? >> you know, you just have to be let stuff roll off. at first you're mad and you don't know my situation. this is thanks for the input. >> she is focused on the new album and her little guys have actually helped her write a few songs. >> how about eddie? >> i don't ask his opinion anymore. he's going to be it's so great. >> you wrote, i adore this man, his heart and the way he loves me. >> we all go through things in life and make different choices when we're younger and you meet the right person and life changes. >> well, they seem very happy. in fact, eddie seems so proud of her. he is always trying to get letter to sing when guests are over at the house. and speaking of singing, coming
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up next, we are with donnie and marie returning to the vegas stage after donnie's serious vocal chord surgery. >> if they didn't get it quite right, he couldn't sing again. >> then our 35th birthday celebration with jason ritter who is also 35. it's a friday flash back remembering dad john ritter and following in his footsteps. >> as an actor, god help him. >> that is straight ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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they still sound as good as ever, donnie and marie, what a relief that is it after donnie had to undergo vocal chord surgery. >> it was really scary for him. he had a 50/50 chance he would
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never sing again. i was there as he and marie sounded amazing and announced that they will be extending their run at the flamingo for another year. >> donnie first, how you are feeling? >> i'm doing great. i'm better than i've ever been. >> he was amazing during -- after the surgery. you know, you never complained. >> i couldn't. three weeks of silence. my wife loved it. ♪ i feel good >> they joke about it now, donnie's surgery in august was a lot more serious than they led on. >> had it been botched, it would have been the end of donnie and marie. >> but it was a success and a
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better than ever donnie was proudly showing me a bit of leo, his eighth grandson. >> here is the latest osmond. >> and marie is a proud grandma. >> congratulations on your second grandbaby. >> thank you. number three is on the way. >> yes, it's crazy. >> these two aren't ready for the rocking chair, they're ready to rock. ♪ i'm coming out >> they just signed on to another year of residency at flamingo las vegas starting in february. tickets are on sale now. but watch out if you sit in front. >> get back to work. >> what are the most requested songs? >> all of mine. >> all of mine. >> oh, geez! >> it's fun to see that after all these years of performing together. you still have such a great camaraderie. still get along. >> we hate each other completely. >> it's because the cameras are rolling. >> you can't divorce your siblings. >> this is true. >> donnie and marie have a new honor coming their way, take a look. there they are getting measured for their wax figures at the world famous max museum. donnie said he would love to just go in and stand there and then stare at people. >> i dare him. i dear him. >> all right, breaking in puppy
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love. >> that would be cute. we are celebrating our 35th anniversary here and i want to introduce you to jason ritter. we first met him long before he decided to follow in the footsteps of his famous father. so we took jason back to his very first "e.t." appearance. >> we met you when you were 2 years old. >> i can't believe that. >> this is you on the set. >> my son loves it here. i just bring him here. he goes, zoo. >> oh, my gosh! >> that is a cool outfit. >> it's hard not to get a little sentimental looking at that face. and remembering the special relationship "e.t." had with his dad. john was always hamming it up for our cameras and we loved him for it. >> i remember the first time
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when i saw him on tv and in the room at the same time. i'm like, you don't go in there and shrink and then come back out. ♪ i'm in heaven wing it, momma. >> your dad is known in the comedic roles. of course, you've done comedy. >> i think that early on i would get so nervous in my comedy auditions. sometimes i would come in and they would be really excited about my dad and oh, my gosh. everything that he said was comedy gold. he would open his mouth and we would be rolling on the floor laughing and, gosh, he just was so, so, so funny. all right. go for it. and, you know -- if they weren't rolling on the floor after my first little joke, i'm like this is a failure. i can't do this. >> two generations, two actors, two very genuine men. and what is so endearing, well, it was always clear just by how much he would talk about him that john had so much love and pride for his sons.
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>> nice this is my son jason. >> my son is now an actor. god help him. he's 22. and he's doing a horror movie up there. >> the interview. >> oh, my gosh. >> 2003. premier of freddy. >> he just is being himself and not be nervous. >> that premier was one month before john's tragic death. but what lives on today is the legacy of laughter and nowhere it is more evident than in jason. the man who has a humor, heart, and humility just like his dad. >> where do you see yourself in the next 35 years? >> i hope i have a child by that point. i hope i'm sitting here doing happy 70th birthday, "e.t." >> so much talent in that ritter family. jason's younger brother tyler is headed to ncis. tyler is starring as a younger brother of paulie perez character and a crossover in ncis and that is going to air in january.
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>> right now let's talk about net week on "e.t.." it is going to be one to remember. we're presenting our first ever "e.t." icon awards. >> it is such an honor, honestly. it really does mark a career, something like this. >> the true icons making headlines, making history. >> people in hollywood didn't have your back. >> of course i was angry at the time. >> their incredible journeys, the stories you never heard. >> it makes me -- i'm not going to cry. not going it cry. >> we honor the stars who entertained us an inspired us for over three decades. >> there are very few true icons. >> i just want to say thank you. >> next week on "e.t." >> that's going to be awesome. >> all right, in our birthdays, which star of "300" worked in the legal field before the acting career took off? the answer is coming up next. welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor was in the law field? >> i was a lawyer. >> that was girard butler. he turns 40 today.
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conversation being had at the same time. >> more at ):v welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which actor was in the law field? >> i was a lawyer. >> that was girard butler. he turns 40 today. >> are you looking ahead? >> by the way, friday night is
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plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. the "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. are you going to get back with courtney? >> he returns from rehab as khloe gets an update on lamar's struggle to recover. >> he's learning to walk again and feed himself again. it's a long, long road ahead. >> the kardashian men on the
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mend. then the "star wars" frenzy intensifies. the cast of tgit gets in on the hype. >> and michael keaton shines a spotlight on the catholic church abuse scandal. >> i know what happened. my mind is blocked. >> the actual journalist uncovering the truth. >> you gave each the other most breath taking of gifts. >> and cate blanchett's love screen. why it has them getting grilled about their sexuality. >> what kate has to say to those digging for dirt. >> it would have been wow, you had sex with a woman? >> wow! >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. hello, everyone. welcome to "the "insider." >> we have the top trending story making headlines today. khloe kardashian on lamar's long road to recovery and kim slamming rumors that reality


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