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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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on guard for era attack, french forces are vigilant this morning as the the country mourns the deadliest day since world war two. and back here at home a candle will light vigil for paris thousands gather in support of the victims in the the city of brotherly love. terrorism took sent stage at democratic presidential debate, after the attacks in paris. i'm weijia jiang in des moines, iowa with the wrap upcoming up. today is sunday november 15th good morning, to you so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 o'clock. the lets get a quick check of the forecast. the pretty cold a windy, kyla. >> i tried to walk yesterday for like a block and i said i need sunglasses.
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>> i know, really winnie. >> so, the good news is we will lose that wind today. started ramping down last night and we are warming up. >> i like that. >> this is just beginning. we will see nice warm up this week. we have all good news on your sunday. good morning, everybody. today we will see much calmer wind. much better scenario walking out the the door, warming up to a high of 58 degrees. that will be yesterday by a good 7 degrees and that will feel nice too. live look at storm can three shows you in addition to the warmer temperatures less wind scenario we have clear skies. look at this beautiful out there. we will see sunshine today. we are waking up chill any cinnaminson at 36. looking a at our neighborhood network norristown 30. thirty-four in wayne. mace landing 3 degrees for you too philadelphia sitting at 37. hey mount pocono below freezing level at 30 degrees. the it is chilly. when you walk out the door you will want your coat. the this is healthy. now you see high here only 7 miles an hour, calm wind out
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there. when you don't get hit in the face, when it is cold i say that is a good day. high of 58 degrees. the both in philadelphia and shore. poconos high of 51. but lots of beautiful sunshine out there. guess what? we have warmer temperatures to start our workweek. a nice day. i'll detail that in a few moments in the seven day forecast, nicole. >> kyla, thank you. french leaders are promised to go wage war on islamic militant and take terror with the series on have brutal well coordinate add tax. the death toll stand at 129 and includes a at least one american. more than 350 people were injured. on saturday, the investigation brought police to a brussels neighborhood where investigators focused on a car near the concert hall where 90 people were killed. jonathan vigliotti has more now from paris. >> reporter: thousands of french police and troops swept the the streets of paris as fear of another attach remains all too real here. growing vigils and memorials line the streets as country
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mourns. >> we did not go out on the street and just not the to feel the fear that we felt before. >> reporter: paris was rocked friday night, french officials a say three teams of for wrist, all arms with a assault rifles and suicide vest launched coordinate add tax on cafe, a soccer game and concert hall. >> it is like war. crazy. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old, know home i gonzales was killed having dinner with friend. she was studding a broad in paris. she brought joy, happiness, laughter to everybody that she work with. >> reporter: as a precaution many paris top tourist a attractions have been closed, including the eiffel tower and the leuve, french president fran is some holland blamed isis militant, authorities say one of the attackers was born in france and had a criminal record. they are searching for
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accomplices and vowing to take no mercy when they are track down. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs news has learned that the fbi will send agents here but french officials have not asked for help. well, chilling new video emerged of the fans escaping the the bataclan theater during the the attacks. you cane people dangling from the windows there, others are running down the the streets, screaming. this was record by a journalist who works for a french paper. the the journalist were wounded as they attempted to help people shelter in his apartment. muslim leaders are condemning the attacks this morning, u.s. consul of the muslim officials held a press conference in washington denouncing isis. >> isis does not represent muslims, the the majority of the victims in these a attacks are muslim and muslims worldwide in the u.s. and europe and the middle will east have condemned and continue to condemn the brutal
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nature of this terrorist organization. >> the the coalition, also said that the actions of ice is are complete thely contradictory to the tenants of islam. here in philadelphia our city is standing with paris. dozens gathered for a vigil will in center city to honor victims of the attack. local authorities are increasing security at public gathering this is weekend. the "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has that story. >> reporter: solidarity, in silence. broken only, by song. >> ♪ >> reporter: saturday night a large crowd of the french nationals fixed with philadelphians for a few moments in reflection. above the iconic love sign, now wearing the flag of france, below, dozens of candles illuminating annual tower in peace. does this help at all today? >> yes, it is difficult.
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>> reporter: french awe pair gale trap has been in the states for four months and with friend back in paris she said that she needed this tonight. >> we need to be like reunited, that is our feeling right the now. >> i feel like a chill. >> reporter: nicholas has been in philadelphia for a year. he a says his friends were minutes away from the a attacks in paris. >> it is important to talk bit and not just keep it for yourself, especially living in a foreign country, it goodies to see the solidarity. >> reporter: meanwhile police and security agencies across the the country say there has been in credible threat but they are stepping up security and a show of force, increased patrols promised at transit and cultural center from airport terminals to to nfl games this weekend. philadelphia a police stressing extra awareness with the statement to "eyewitness news", saying in part quote, as always, we want our officers and public to be extra vigilant and we want the public to notify us if they see any suspicious activity
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occurring in our city. unrest, new met the with the moment of healing in a display of peace. >> i will like this, it is tough time for our friend. >> reporter: increased patrols will extend to any cultural institutions, historical sites, religious gathering, anywhere where large numbers of people are gathered. while they say there are in credible threats they are asking everyone to just stay vigilant. reporting from center city, i'm steve patter son for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, president barack obama touched down in turkey earlier this morning for g20 summit in the shadow of the horrifying terror spree in paris, world leaders attend ago this um is it are expected to take up issue of terrorism during a working dinner this evening. you can stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the terror attacks in paris. we will have latest developments on air and on our web site at cbs
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the the democratic presidential candidates faced off last night in iowa, national security, and foreign policy were front and center in light of the deadly terror attacks in paris. in less than three months the people of iowa will pick the the democrats they believe should become nominee for president. weijia jiang reports from des moines. >> reporter: hillary clinton met with supporters right after saturday's debate in iowa. >> thank you all for making this such an exciting and successful campaign. >> democratic presidential debate. >> reporter: former secretary of the state was the first to field questions about foreign policy, after the attacks in paris. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. >> reporter: clinton entered saturday's debate with the strong lead in the the polls and her opponents made a point to go after the the front runner. senator bernie sanders questioned the campaign cash she received from big business. >> why do they make millions
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of dollars of campaign contributions? they expect to get something. everybody knows that. >> he basically uses his answer to impune my inn telling grit. >> reporter: cbs news encouraged people to post their thoughts with the hashtag dem debate. twitter track which candidates were talked about the most, and the most popular topics. >> we saw a lot of conversation about gun issues, we saw a lot of converse assayings about wall street. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley came when he a attack a candidate from the the other part. >> you will never here that from that i am giant bashing carnival barker donald trump. >> reporter: all three candidates celebrated their debate performance. the. >> very good about the debate. >> reporter: now time for voters to decide. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new this morning, police are investigating an armed
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robbery in north philadelphia investigators tell us a person was rob at gunpoint at seventh and jefferson. two armed men walk up to that victim standing at the bus stop and demanded money. robber stole car keys and an unknown amount of cash. leaning evenry news man an ordinary here in philadelphia, coming up street dedicated to the late 60 minutes correspondent ed bradley in the city where he was born. coming up later, ditch those pj a's folks because health reporter stephanie stahl says it is better to sleep naked. yes, we will have scientific evidence to prove it. kyla, what do you think. >> yeah, i already knew that. >> no, no. >> hey, good morning everybody. too much information, i necessity but i have got some great information regarding the weather, sunshine for your sunday and lets talk warmer temperatures, shall we. stay with now only ford offers $750 black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs.
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a philadelphia street is dedicated to a news legend a beloved member of the cbs family. is there now an ed bradley way on the stretch of the city avenue between monument road and presidential boulevard. ed bradley died at the age of of 65 in november 2006 during his 26th season in in 60 minutes. this street was dedicated a at wdas studios where bradley began his career. our own ukee washington was there and bradley a's wife says he always cherished the city that he was from. >> this place is very, very special for ed, and as widely
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recognized, acclaimed, honored as he was all over the world with all sorts of a award, i think that this one, were he here, would hold a particularly special place in his heart because he was a philadelphia boy. >> yes, he was. bradley won 21 emmys throughout his incredible career and he was born right here in philadelphia. that was very appropriate to see that happening. >> if you went to journalism school like i did, you did, he was one that you want to be like him. >> you model yourself after that. he was so iconic. also good news in the weather department, right. >> yes, wind was ridiculous yesterday and day before. we will get rid of that today. >> yes, i will be honest, i'll be happy with that. >> we will kick it to the curb and it will be a nice day out there lets look live at the rooftop camera here. we are waiting for the the sun to come up as we look at center city. it is on the way. when it comes up, it will bring us sunshine out there. if you have outdoor plans this is a good day for it.
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we will warm up, not bad at all, so today seasonal and sunny, we will see a high of 58. break from the wind. thank you very much. sunshine and warmth on monday as well. a high of 63 coming your way. boy november has been a lovely month but there is cold air. thirty-seven in philadelphia. thirty-one mount pocono. check out millville a at 29 degrees, my goodness this morning, cape may about 28. you can see a few 40's rolling in along the the shore. it is chilly out there but the wind is much, much calmer today. we are all under that 10-mile per hour range and that makes a big difference dealing with cooler temperatures. live look at storm scan three shows us beautiful, clear skies, that we will see throughout the day-to-day. it will stick with us as we head into machine. the beautiful sunshine, not just for today but as we head out the door on your monday workweek too. by the way, we have a football game here today a lot of people talking about this one. eagles taking on the dolphins at is first o'clock.
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a 55 degrees. good football weather n problem. high pressure will to stay in control will today, tomorrow and we are looking really good, you start to see, off to our west another system will be approaching us next week but not catching up to us until about thursday. so, really we will stay nice and dry for first half of the week and watch this jet stream move to the north, open the door and let nice warm mild air in. we're talking mid to upper 60's by the the time we get to thursday. i hear applause in the the studio. yes, exactly. ourverage high to time of the year is 56 degrees. you can see we were cooler yesterday. today we should beat that by 2 degrees but then we will stay nice and warm, you know, a little will bit above average as we head a across the week. if you think of november, my goodness, it has been a heck of a movement we have been 8 degrees above average all a told. first week we had one day a at 21 degrees above average yesterday and that was our first below average day. it had has been a lovely run.
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and today, it will be nice out there not as windy. sunny, seasonal. high of 58. winds out of the west giving us a break. tonight clear skies, mild temperatures, with the low of 44 degrees. the lets take a look at at the that seven day forecast, we have eagles game today. great weather for that. sixty's heading to work for monday. the tuesday looking good too, cooler. by wednesday, cloud rolling in, showers overnight, into your thursday, and then we will start to clear out and guess what we will head for next weekend, good timing on that part. i like this warm up, nicole. >> i really like it too, thanks, kyla. are you heading out? here's's meisha johnson that could tell us and could get busier. >> meisha johnson here from the traffic center. as you are driving around today here's a few things to necessity b the first off in the world of the mass transit there is a a new ninth street station in lansdale on the lansdale doylestown line that is opening up today, november 15th. this is when the the new schedule for this line will go in effect but in the meantime
6:18 am
they are currently busing between doylestown and 30th street station. so make sure to check out septa's web site for new information about the the station and the the new schedule. additionally the media elwyn line is busing between elwyn and temple university. today for emergency maintenance work. the it is then scheduled to return back to the normal schedule tomorrow. one other line scheduled for weekend maintenance is airport line. this line will be busing between airport terminal e and f and 30th street. in the world of the construction just remember that interstate 495 northbound, the on ramp, from terminal avenue has been extended. it is now closed until the even of november effecting the 29 right lane. of course, last but not least today is game day, eagles take on the miami dolphins at 1:00 p.m. at lincoln financial field. if you are planning on taking mass transit to the stadium, there will be a broad street sports express line that will run from fernrock to the sports complex. catch this express every have ten minutes running from 10:10 o
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eagles. from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm, meisha johnson. i will see you again tomorrow. coming up next on "eyewitness news"... scary stuff. that warning suddenly your shower explodes. and three on your side, discovered it is happening so often that the federal government is taking notice. we will have that story when we come right back. the keurig k200® series brewer. one touch, and unlike life, no mess. your favorites. your way. keurig hot.
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what. one minute you get ready and next you are covered in glass after the the shower door explodes. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan explains how this happens and what you can do to prevent it. >> boom, there is a loud explosion. >> reporter: dianne parker says it sounded like a bomb. she was saying in the four seasons hotel in chicago attending her brother's wedding when after after opening a glass shower door like this one it exploded. >> it flew every where and i ended up on the ground looking at my arm, gushing blood, i had shards of glass in my neck, all over my body. it was pretty painful. >> reporter: parker's case is not an isolated one. a according to the consumer products safety commission, every year, 300 people are treated in emergency rooms due to shower doors, that shatter. these videos from you tube show the of aftermath. >> a shattered, there was no force, it just shattered like
6:23 am
a bomb. >> reporter: oliver suffered cuts to his arms when the glass from the shower door in his bathroom came raining down. >> the explosion was so loud that i ran upstairs expecting maybe an airplane through my roof or a tree falling on my house, something. >> reporter: in this demonstration, glass experts mark, shows what happens when shower doors break. under law the the glass used in showers is required to be safety glass meaning it will break into little will cubes. >> except sometimes those pieces don't separate like what we see here. they don't separate quickly enough to protect person in the shower when they come crashing down. >> reporter: in this slow motion video you can see what he is talking about, safety glass falls in big chunks. >> anyone inside the shower is at risk. >> reporter: to keep your family safe erect mend putting a safety film on glad used in showers. in this demonstration with coated glass you can see glass stays together.
6:24 am
>> i believe these shower doors should be designed like car windshields where glass stays together even if broken. >> he warns something as simple as a shower door to hit trial can cause breaks. he believes that the door hitting the wall in her hotel bathroom caused the glass to explode. >> you should be able to expect that you can go in there and open, operate and close a door without it exploding and injuring you. >> reporter: dianne parker is suing the hotel in federal court, the four seasons in think had no comment. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> very scary. well, here's a question for you do you want more purple in your life? i don't know maybe you do. think about driving this around a, a purple jeep, yep, jeep unveiling special addition wrangler black country. it is offered in quote extreme purple. so something different for you. the back country is based on the the sahara model but with 17-inch wheels and unique decals as you cane there. yes, they all come in purple.
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jeep hopes limited addition will be more a attractive to city dwellers. i guess we like purple, i don't know. there are less vibrant colors things like blue, black, white, and gray. i don't know, i just read this stuff. coming up next on "eyewitness news" benefits of sleeping name, yep, you heard right, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us scientific reasons for sleeping without your pj's. plus a a lot of people on social media talking about video of what appears to be the the forest breathing, wow, we will explain coming up, next. it is alive.
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a country is in mourning, vigils are held across paris as leaders vow for vengeance after friday's terror attacks. and it is the nation's highest military award, and a philadelphia teen plays a big role in making them. coming up next meet civilian whose created the lasting tribute to america's heroes. game day at the link. the the eagles take on the dolphins today a amid tighter security in and around the the stadium in the wake of the terrorist attacks. we will talk more about that coming up next. it is sunday, november 15th, good morning to you, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:30.
6:29 am
we will send it the out to kyla grogan on the sky deck and you talk about the the wind yesterday, it was pretty bad. >> yes. >> hopefully, less of that today. >> we are starting out chilly and i feel it out here but wind has ramped down and we will catch a break today and beautiful sunrise. i don't know if you can see behind me but we are in for a beautiful sunrise as we have just a few clouds in the sky. beautiful day out there but chilly walking out the door. today we will warm up. the seasonal temperatures. upper 50's. a warmer week ahead. lots of 60's in your forecast. late week showers to look out for. we will get into that later but right new lets take a live look at storm scan three. we are doing very well with the few high clouds rolling in but we should see mostly sunny skies today, a gorgeous look at our neighborhood area, in kutztown just 30 degrees but look at that beautiful sunrise, good morning to you here in philadelphia. thirty-nine right now. that wind giving us a break out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour and you can see looking at very, very,
6:30 am
very calm wind this morning. so that is the the good news. also some good news if you are going to see temperatures roll up, today a high of 58 degrees. and we're talking 60's on monday and 60's on wednesday. not a bad week ahead, everybody. i will be back with your seven day forecast and we will talk about those lovely numbers in that seven day, nicole, back to you. >> nicole, thanks very much. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig is in par business new developments. he's talking about the latest on the paris attacks. the lets check in with him. >> reporter: across paris, mourners lit candles and comforted each other at memorials, one day after their city was terrorized. >> really sad for our friend and people died. >> reporter: eiffel tower was dark and events across the the city were canceled including a sold out u2 concert. members of the band paid their respects saturday night. one of the victims is an
6:31 am
american victim, cal state student nohemi gonzales. >> she will be extraordinarily profoundly missed. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that the fbi will send a handful of agents to paris but at the this point the french government has in the asked for assistance. three teams have of extremist carried out the attacks, first near france national stadium where french president francois hollande evacuated a after a suicide bomber blew himself up when his vest was detect. the minutes later another group opened fire at a string of the crowded cafes killing dozens. the gun man first attacked customers at this restaurant, firing about a hundred bullets, some went right through these front windows. another team took hostages at the the bataclan concert hall where american band eagles of death medal were playing. a as many as 89 people were killed. french authorities say they have identified the seven
6:32 am
attackers. islamic state has claimed responsibility. outside the concert hall a man played john lenon's imagine as a tribute to those killed. kenneth the craig for cbs-3 eyewitness news, paris. a syrian passport found near one of the terrorist shows its owner entered europe through grace in october on one of the island where refugees arrived have after fleeing syria and elsewhere. cbs news has learned this passport might be fake. another terrorist was a young frenchman known to police. despite the french capitol being on lock down parises leaving safety of their homes in drove to give blood to the victims of the terror attacks. some waited in line for three hours. french blood traps fusion services has received thousands of donations and many hospitals are asking people to return later on because of the sheer on it pouring of support has overwhelmed services. happened marks across the world and here at home are shining colors of the french flag. this is pennsylvania state
6:33 am
capitol building in harrisburg showing solidarity with the people of france. and the c ira sent center here in philadelphia, showing its support with the french flag and peace sign lit up on the side of the building. lit brothers building at eighth and market street in center city is supporting terror victims. a area landmarks are shining bright for france and it is beautiful to see that. tributes to those victims of the attacks can be seen all over the country and around the world as well in the just here in the area. in a show of solidarity the one world trade center last night was lit up in the color of the french flag. the this is what it looked like for travelers entering lax. the pilot at los angeles international airport lit up in french colors. brazil paying tribute, the the christ the redeemer statute all a glow on top of the mountain in rhea a de, the archdiocese manages the the 125-foot statue that overlooks that city. and it is sidney opera
6:34 am
house in sidney, australia, you can see display of the french flag as well just beautiful, tributes, near and far. it is a all in solidarity with the french people. of course, stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the terror attacks in paris. we will have latest developments on air and our web site at cbs well, last week our country celebrated veterans day and president obama marked that day by bestowing the nation's highest military honor on a army captain wounded in afghanistan. the it turns out a team right here in philadelphia plays an important role in making those medals before they are presented to america's war heroes. cbs the news correspondent mark albert has that story. >> reporter: chris mcdaniels using diamond tip precision to chisel names with honor, grit, daring on the symbols of sacrifice. >> does it ever give you pause. >> sometimes, sometimes. i put myself in their position where i have been brave enough to do what they did.
6:35 am
>> reporter: eight civilian on the navy base in philadelphia, engraved 21 medals for army and assemble 131 in all, with the medal 60 honor for all branches such is a the the one bestowed this week on morris grover. unit processed if thousand medals last year. they are down sharply since draw down have of u.s. forces from iraq and afghanistan. in addition, staffing shortages increased backlog and now more than four months for veterans. colonel dennis vei oversees the the unit. is it a priority to reduce that backlog. >> a absolutely. we want to do everything we can to get it to them as quickly as they can. >> reporter: on this game mcdaniels is etching names on the purple heart given to those wounded in battle. line of purple, seemingly without end. would your father be proud of what you do today. >> definitely. >> reporter: he served in one way you are serving in another. >> yes, yes, it is sort of the family thing. >> reporter: mark albert for
6:36 am
cbs-3 "eyewitness news". congress at medal of honor society says 3,496 medals of honor have been given since that award was created in 1861. well, eagles take on miami dolphins at lincoln financial field after their big win against dallas. the eagles hoping that momentum heat up as they get in the second half of their season. you can also expect stepped up security heading to today's game. cheri greg from our sister station kyw 1060 is live at lincoln financial field with more on that and excitement of the game, cheri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. it is chilly out here but eagles fans are fired up, despite the the cold, we got here before 6:00 a.m. and folks were already lined up, could not wait to get in and get started with their tailgating. i'm here with matt from bucks county, and he is a season ticket holder. he does this every single home game. what is the plan for today. >> good food, hopefully a win.
6:37 am
>> reporter: friend, food, football, why are you so excited about today's game. >> i just love eagles foot the ball. the best, a absolutely. >> reporter: you heard about what is going on in paris. they're at a game. were you at a game. what do you want to say with them. >> our thoughts and prayers are with them. u.s. puts their support behind them. it is awful. >> reporter: a lot have of positivity. they have music, lots of fun, the the wife is here, everybody is here, having a good time. they are keeping warm inside of the trailer here. >> yes. >> as they try to will challenge this cold. that is right. they are not worried because there will be increased security here at the game, and expect a moment of silence. the nfl issued a statement on saturday saying there will be a moment of silence during the game. folks focus on the eagles as they try to whip up on the dolphins but keep their mind on what is going on in paris. live a at the link, cheri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it looks like fun.
6:38 am
that is the way to do it with the camper situation. very nicely done. we will check with you in a bit. of course, see the eagles game right here on cbs-3 at the 1:00 o'clock this afternoon and our sports team will get you ready for that game. our coverage starts at 11:30 on sunday kick off. all right. the right now very strange, but kind of cool video coming up next, it the shows what appears to be a ground in the forest breathing. that would freak me out. we will tell you what is all with coming up next. spinning out of control, hear from a car wash worker who got caught in the spin cycle. dear god, i hope they are okay. kyla comes back with the workweek warm up, we like the sound of that, okay, we will be right back. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me.
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benefits of sleeping name, some say it can improve relationships and getting better rest. health reporter stephanie stahl, explains. >> reporter: could it be time to ditch pj's, t-shirts and everything else if you want a better night sleep? national sleep foundation say hitting the sack sands nightclothes can have health benefits that come from better shut eye. >> if you are comfortable that way you will sleep better that way. >> reporter: doctor karl degrand, head of the jefferson sleep center says lower body temperature is better for more restful sleep and cooler
6:42 am
environment at night helps with the primary sleep harmone melatonin. >> the body temperature may be one of the triggers to emergens of the melatonin. so the the cooler body temperatures may be helpful to the emergens of the melatonin and sleep hormones. >> reporter: while sleeping naked might be tricky for people with children experts say for couples it can enhance intimacy. one survey found married people who slept without clothes were more content in their relationships and there is old research about sex and sleep with lopsided results. >> sexual activity prior to go to go bed may be helpful for sleep, but that seems to be limited to men and not women. >> reporter: why that helps men and not women was not the studied. while sleeping name can help lower your body temperature the doctor says if you are more comfortable in clothes you can always lower the the thermostat. one researcher estimates the ideal room temperature for sleep is 68 degrees or lower. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:43 am
all right. well, whatever works for you. now you to some interesting video making round on social media this morning. nova scotia man captured video of the forest floor moving. brian noodle was out for a walk when he capture the ground rising and falling as fit were breathing. the video has garnered 4 million views on line but was really going on? it is in less dramatic. tree roots spread out wide underneath the floor. they detached from their moring so they get caught up by wind making them a appear to be breathing. so, along california explanation but in less kind of creepy walking through forest and then it looks like a harry potter scene. >> yes, exactly. >> it is alive, it is alive, exactly. had hey we've got some beautifully alive wet they are morning. how is that for transition. it is gorgeous out here. look at this i love it. that is ed back there running the camera for me zooming out so you can see this beautiful sunrise we're getting here.
6:44 am
we have color in the cloud. lots of blue skies outs there. we are looking at center city, it is a sunny day and warmer and the wind give us a break. not bad at all. also, we're heading in to a week with much above average temperatures, in the just for philadelphia, but these higher, eastern seaboard, even more good news, and, you know, let's talk about that because our average high this time of the year business 56, and well, you can see today we will be seeing plenty of it. we will stay above for next four or five days. we will see mid to upper 60's before it is all said and done this week. so something to look forward to. high today, very seasonal, 58 degrees, i have to pull it, because my jaw dropped when i saw it. the in 1993 on this day, 81 was the record high. the we are not seeing. and, taking a look at temperatures. 39 degrees in philadelphia cannot get to the freezing mark in mount pocono, 31 at the millville. twenty-seven very chilly degrees this morning. looking up and down that i-95
6:45 am
corridor shows us that we are all feeling the chill but today we will start to see a little bit of the warm up as we go through the day. here we go, live look, and, beautiful blue skies out there and it the is, going to stay blue not just today but monday. we see a few clouds. wind has finally calmed down. we are relatively and that 10-mile an hour range, so today we have lots of sunshine we will see temperatures in the upper 50's as we work our way in the evening. clear night tonight. the not bad. very good football weather today, a as we have eagles playing dolphins, 55 degrees, and sunshine r your kick off. win is nice and calm. that helps when you are talking about football. feeling like fall today but quite nice, warm, sunny, high of 63 on monday. by tuesday we are looking at mid to upper 50's. the just a nice run. i wanted to talk about the poconos here for a second because we have had snow
6:46 am
flurries there while we have a chilly start this morning 51 for your high, not bad, warmer for your monday before we pull back on tuesday but lots of sunshine in the next few days. here in philadelphia you should see a beautiful day, sunny, seasonal with a high of 58. great day to get outside. tonight clear and mild with a low of 44. lets look at the that seven day forecast, looking good starting the workweek there. sunshine and 60. we have rain. it the is laid wednesday night into thursday but notice even though we have some rain, temperatures up there, for mid-november, high of 66, for thursday, nicole. >> kyla, looking good, thank you. 6:47. we will check on those road with ann evans. good morning. >> we are looking at the schuylkill at vine street expressway. we have a lot of volume. but volume we have is moving fine. you should not experience any delays or problems for your drive-in or where ever you are going, and schuylkill at vine, everything looking okay. i-95 at girard, volume picking
6:47 am
up, i-95 looks good here and through philadelphia and suburbs, and on to the ben franklin bridge eastbound, this is camden side, eastbound heading in to new jersey, construction right lane is closed at eighth and vine and a down side of the bridge. the right now no delays and this construction should be cleared by the end of the november, so we will not have to put up with it anymore. walt whitman heading to the shore, 42, 55 garden state parkway looks good and mass transit honor close to schedule. that is very latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. right now a louisiana car wash manager has a scare of his life when he gets stuck on a huge rotating brush, jeanie moos has more. >> the manager was cleaning up with a hose with the car wash in louisiana when the brush
6:48 am
caught the hose and josh hood with it. it took him for a terrifying spin that lasted for less than 30 seconds but must have seemed like for he ever. >> josh said hose wrapped around it hog tying him to the rotating brush. >> reporter: round and round he went, the hose, spooling out, as he spun, but never really running out. so at least he was president squeezed as if by a python. finally the brush spit him out on the ground who told the web site right at this minute that neither he or the brush suffered serious consequences. >> there is a little will road ration my knees. i laughed about it afterward. >> reporter: we have seen fictional characters trapped in the car wash. >> i'm stuck, in this car wash. >> what? >> and we have seen real characters intentionally running themselves through car washes, for instance, on a tricycle. even braving the the brushes, this radio dj rode on the hood to raise money for charity.
6:49 am
getting squirted and brushed, and slapped, but no one got slapped around like josh hood. >> it was scary, i was in the military and that was the scariest thing i have ever been through in the military. i thought i was going to hit some poles around it report. >> and it is being spin scrub josh is being squeaky clean but he still took a shower that night. instead of the taking a spin to the car wash, this car wash took josh for a spin. jeanie moos, new york. and he took a shower, i love jeanie moos aspect. we will
6:50 am
6:51 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. it is game day for eagles they help dolphins and with the win bird will be over 500 for first time this season. miami comes to town ride ago a two game losing streak and finding their third straight road game. ryan tan hill thrown for 2200-yard and 13 touch towns. they run an offense very similar to the eagles. >> athletic quarterback, so you have to keep them in the pocket, help different looks and get them off their spot. he can get hot quick. if he gets rolling he can get rolling. >> he throws a real nice deep ball. when i turned on the film to watch him in the pocket he is calm. he is not nervous in the pocket. he throws the ball down field very well. >> condition bird win back to back games for second time this season. the find out at 1:00 on cbs
6:53 am
36789 our coverage starts at 11:30. join me and sports director don bell with the voice of the bird merrill reese live on the field. well, it has been i great season for temple owls unbeaten in conference play they took on south florida and with the win, they would win the american conference east division, then play in the conference title will game. no score in the first owls with the ball but this to jihad thomas and he find his way the in the end zone. temple takes the the lead. then bulls took over. after a temple turn over south florida will capitalize, quinton flowers with the quarterback keeper a and florida takes the lead. still in the second hand off to marlins mack, he is gone, 57-yard score there he ran for 230-yard. temple loses its first conference game 44-23. flyers, rj um burger and mark street on injured reserve. umberger has a food injury. street has a foot injury. last night they took on the hurricanes. before the game they played french national anthem to honor victims of the paris
6:54 am
terrorist a attacks. flyers trailing two to nothing in the second. luke schenn scores with the face off circle to cut hurricanes lead in half. three minutes left in the game, wayne simmonds deflected in the shot to tie the game. we have bonus hockey n overtime michael dell zotto with the pass to jay voracek who scores his first goal of the season. the flyers win three-two. sixers are only winless team in the nba, last night they played spurs, before the game san antonio head coach greg popovich, he said he wouldn't have lasted a month. a month in the first year. well, jahlil okafor played begins his idol tim duncan, not a bad guy to idolized. he scored 19, and nice pass to okafor, scoring on the lay up. he scoring 21 points and grabbed 12 board. sixers down six, tj mcconnell hits jumper. and they trailed by four. could they pull off the the upset. nope. tim duncan hit the floater in
6:55 am
the the lane. they remain win less 92-839 the final. to other action, penn on the road taking on harvard in the ivy league she down. first quarter in score. alex torqueson ran up middle will for 9-yard score. penn up by seven. to the third quakers down to-21. torqueson with white with a 29-. pen pneumonia snaps the the the 22 game winning streak. over the the main line villanova taking on richmond. wildcats trying to keep their playoff chance's live. second quarter zach, find kevin, for the touchdown. villanova beats richmond 21-20. that is all for sports. i'm's leslie van arsdal. have a great the day. go bird. >> go bird. switching gears, areeally cy pictures? how about this one. how about a hippo, a baby hippo, for last week at the san diego zoo, i know, just too sweet. he weighs in at 12-pound, 12 ounces, feeling just fine
6:56 am
as we are's seeing the mom and baby together. we're told they were enjoying some quiet time together in their barn before they are allowed to go to the main exhibit area. just having a little will bonding moment, mom and baby, but yet just 12-pound, this little thing, yeah. super, super sweet. roof to see that. all right. that is a great way to end, great way to wrap up on that note. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00, here's what we have at 7:00. are you having trouble looking for love? there are a few tips that might help you find you match, just in time for the the holidays. very good. world's most popular search engine knows more about you then you think and probably then what you want. three on your side jim donovan shows you how to find out what it has on you and how to make sure it stays private. also it is a chilly start to the day but big changes are coming, kyla has your weekday forecast, your machine forecast, coming up next.
6:57 am
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france warns those lost in the par ace tax including one american.
7:00 am
this is a as investigators piece together how the terrorist carried out the coordinated shootings and explosions. plus, here in philadelphia a vigil was held for those victims, we will have more on how city of brotherly love is honoring those who died and increased security here in our city. democratic candidates for president, faced off last night in the debate, came out on top and how they handled an unexpected topic. today it is sunday november 15th, good morning, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. let's check with kyla for more on the forecast. definitely cold, windy. i'm hoping for improvement today. >> we will deliver on. that yesterday was like flying foliage. >> yes. >> the leaves were coming down and smacking you in the face. little tough to walk around. >> pretty much. >> we will not have that problem today. wind is giving us a break. i have a a bonus there. temperatures are rising. >> yeah, i'll take it. we're on tap for a very nice sunday but we are starting off


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