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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  November 15, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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american. this is a as investigators piece together how the terrorist carried out the coordinated shootings and explosions. plus, here in philadelphia a vigil was held for those victims, we will have more on how city of brotherly love is honoring those who died and increased security here in our city. democratic candidates for president, faced off last night in the debate, came out on top and how they handled an unexpected topic. today it is sunday november 15th, good morning, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer. let's check with kyla for more on the forecast. definitely cold, windy. i'm hoping for improvement today. >> we will deliver on. that yesterday was like flying foliage. >> yes. >> the leaves were coming down and smacking you in the face. little tough to walk around. >> pretty much. >> we will not have that problem today. wind is giving us a break. i have a a bonus there. temperatures are rising. >> yeah, i'll take it. we're on tap for a very nice sunday but we are starting off
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chilly, in doubt walking out the door you will want to take that coat with you. today, even better, seasonal, sunny, nice, warm week ahead, a few late showers coming our way, we will talk about that as well. the look the at storm scan three in showers as we have blue skies, just beautiful out there and take a look our live neighborhood network says good morning to those of you at cape may courthouse. this is middletown ship high school we are looking at. 42 degrees and there is that calm wind just 6 miles an hour. currently 39 degrees in philadelphia, so we have a chill in the air. thirty-four in reading. lancaster at 33. thirty in mount pocono. thirty-six down in atlantic city. wind in the region, nice and calm, everybody under 10 miles an her except for mount pocono. today beautiful, sunny high of 58 both in philadelphia and shore. poconos will cooler with 51. we will talk about the warm up when i come back in just a few moments, nicole. >> kyla, thanks very much. french leaders are promised to go wage war on islamic militant who hit
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terrorist attacks, with brutal attacks. death toll stand a at 129, and that does include one american. more than 350 people were injured, and jonathan vigliotti has very latest from paris. >> reporter: thousands of french police and troops swept the streets of paris as fear of another attach remains all too real here. growing vigils and memorials line the streets as country mourns. >> we did not just want to stay home we wanted to go on the street and just not to feel the fear that we had to have have. >> reporter: paris was rock friday night, french officials a say three teams of for wrist, all armed with assault rifles and identical suicide vests launched attacks on cafes, soccer game and concert hall. >> it is like war, crazy. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old cal state student nohemi gonzales was killed having dinner with friend, she was studying abroad in paris. she brought joy, happiness,
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laughter to everybody that she work w as a precaution many of the paris's top tourist a attractions have been closed including the eiffel tower and the luevre, the french president francois hollande blamed isis militant for the carnage. authorities say one was born in france and had a petty criminal record. they are searching for accomplices and vowing to take no mercy when they are track down. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile local authorities are increasing security this this morning after the the terror attacks in paris. our city is standing with paris in the wake of the tragedy. dozens gathering for a vigil in the city to honor the victims. iconic love sign wears a french flag in the candles in the shape of the eiffel tower and peace symbol sits below. local french citizens say that they were grateful to have a place to pay their respects. >> we need to be united.
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that is our feeling right now. >> it is important to talk bit and not just keep it for yourself especially living in the foreign country. it is good to see the solidarity. >> another vigil is planned for today beginning at 4:00 he clock at french international school of philadelphia a, in bala cynwyd. president obama is in turkey for this weeks g20 summit and now some of the focus will shift to the paris attacks. the the president pled to help and said incidents were an attack on the civilized world. the a attacks have sparked globe will alan site about the the reach of the islamic state. turkey is putting unprecedented security measures in place for the summit. the two days of talks among world leaders gets underway, just today. new this morning, a man is fighting for his life after a shoot-out in fairmount. this happened this is 1600 block of the the street just after 2:30. investigators tell us the man was shot three times. the suspect is in custody. there is no details on what sparked that shooting. if you are traveling to
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olde city this morning beware, market street is closed between fourth and fifth streets. a crane sits in the middle of the street there while work is being done in the wells fargo building. no details on when market street will be back opened to traffic. eagles take on the miami dolphins at lincoln financial field today. fans are hoping that the bird keep that momentum going after last weeks win against dallas but if you are heading to the game, expect tighter security. maybe leave a little will extra time. cheri greg from our sister station kyw 1060, is live at the link, good morning, cheri. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. yes, the stadium as you can tell is there a buzz in the air. i did see some police cars, a couple of motorcycles drive by so increased security is here but it is not stopping the eagles fans. we are now in eagles country. my passport was my green sweater, they let me in. good thing i'm here with justin and trever grasso, you guys do this every single week
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with a home game. >> yep. >> reporter: tell me what the game porkies, pork on the menu. >> big pulled pork contest oust of the mcgill family. >> reporter: so tell me what is exciting about today's game, justin. >> i want four quarters of consistent football, in the two, or three i want four quarters. >> i want a big day from sam bradford too. >> that might actually happen with the dolphins. they have their friend here. they are from all over the area. show us what is going on. you have eagles green every where from the chairs, to the t-shirts. >> yes, flags, we have got stickers, all kind of cool stuff. >> all kind of cool stuff. >> reporter: you guys were alerted to the increased cure but you have a game plan. is what the plan to make sure that you do not miss any part of the game. >> we have to go in earlier and it the is, what it is, you have to stay safe and it is all good. increased security. keep us all safe on the field. >> reporter: nfl also released a statement on saturday saying
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that there would be a moment of silence for the the game. you might even see some french flags, inside the stand as well as some players showing their solidarity with those, who were injured in the a attack and those who lost their live. live at the link, cheri greg for kyw news radio, for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. eagles. >> eagles country, nicole. >> yes. >> i love it. >> cheri, thanks. we appreciated that so much. 7:07. switching gears, we are talking about politics now. the the democratic presidential candidates facing off last night in iowa, national security and foreign policy were front and center in light of the deadly terror attacks in paris. in three months people of iowa will pick the democrat they believe should be many in minute knee for president. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang is live in des moines with more on the debate, weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, and good morning to
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everybody. the debate began with a moment of silence followed by some previously unplanned questions, about foreign policy. and this democratic primary debate has been, noteably more civil, the the race more civil then the republican contest but there was an aggressive shift last night with hillary clinton as a clear target. hillary clinton met with supporters right after saturday's debate in iowa. >> thank you all for making this such an exciting and successful campaign. >> the democratic presidential debate. >> reporter: former secretary of the state was the the the first to field questions about foreign policy after the attacks in paris. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat have of an international terror network. >> reporter: clinton entered saturday's debate with the strong lead in the polls and her opponents made a pointing to after the front runner. senator bernie sanders questioned the campaign cash she has received from big business. >> why do they make millions of dollars of campaign
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contributions. and... >> he is basically used his answer to impune my inn telling grit. >> reporter: cbs news partnered up with the debate and encouraging people to post their thoughts with the hashtag dem debate. twitter track which candidates were talk about the most, and the mess popular topics. and conversation about wall street. >> martin o'malley mess talk about moment talk about when he attacked the candidate from the other party. >> let's a in our debate because you'll never hear from it that immigrant bashing carnival barker donald trump. >> reporter: all three candidates celebrated their debate performance. >> i feel very good about the debate. >> reporter: now time for voters to decide. a among those voters tweet nothing real time during the debate were republican
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candidates. so there is no doubt that social media is not only changing the conversation but also the game. nicole will? >> it seems to be creating the the conversation, theseays. weijia live for news des moines, iowa, thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" google is watching you, the world's most popular searching engine knows more about you then you think or probably want. three on your side jim donovan shows us how to find out what google has got on you and how to stay private. plus time for another dream drive with meisha, she's taking us through brandywine valley and brandywine river museum have of art. it will be a chilly start to today but good news is the sun will be shining and it is perfect football forecast, but, get ready for some big changes, all right, kyla has warm up heading our way mid week we will be right back. now only ford offers $750 black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with
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oh, google the world's mess popular search engine allowing to us fine things very quickly and easily on line but how much does google know about you? as three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan find it may be more than you realized. >> reporter: it tracks web sites we visit. it gleams information from our e-mails. >> i don't know about inn track castcies of it. >> reporter: captures and stores your voice.
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>> that is interesting, i wonder why. >> reporter: when it comes to google. >> they are tracking everything especially in your account. >> reporter: on your laptop, i pad and android device. cbs-3 managing editor steve mckenzie a's android phonies linked to his, google account. while he knew google stored information he was surprised how precise it was especially as it relates to tracking location. >> it will show you the exact place you have been, the time you were there, and pictures, if you took them there. it is kind of freaky. >> google will tracks that with the hopes of delivering you a a better customized experience. >> reporter: rob devideo is an assistant professor at drexel university and specializes in computer crime and digital forensics. he said the fact that you can access your for. >> it means that they can do it and anybody that gets access to that data through a malicious hacking or intrusion-type of activity will also have access. >> reporter: many may not realize google retains this
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information but it doesn't keep it the a secret. >> google does a great job of explaining exactly what they are capturing and it gives the user directions on how to go about deleting that information. >> reporter: visit your google history page and find your web searches, audio commands and other histories like you tube video that you have searched fornd watching. you can disable storage feature by hitting pause on the managing your activity page. it is right here. in fact. >> whether it is google, yahoo, outlook, any type of on line web service, go into the private thecy settings, see what type of information that they are capturing on you and retaining. >> reporter: google captures and retains your voice if you use google voice search referred to as okay google. the ate allows to you get directions, and ask for things like the the weather forecast. devideo recommend checking your settings on a regular basis as you never know when
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one will change its privacy setting and leave you vulnerable. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> yeah, i don't like any of that. i'm also not a fan have the of the location services or the ge o tagging, it is just too much for me. >> absolutely. >> it is important that you just go in there and look at the settings. jimmies like about that. everybody has the power to do that. >> look at the this. >> here comes the the son, na, na, na, na. >> wheat seat a beautiful sunshiney day and jimmies rocking the cameras for me back there. this is center city we are looking at and we are watching that sun coming up. we will have lots of blue skies out there today. it will be beautiful. walking out the door it is chilly, in doubt bit. blue skies comes with the chill in the air. looking live at our neighborhood network just 38 degrees in rehoboth. we are looking at boardwalk plaza, i don't see a whole lot of folks out there. you can bet they are bundled up this morning. today world seas nal and sunny temperatures. high of 58. break from the wind.
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by monday though look at this, sunshine and a high of 63. but we're not there just yet. temperatures chilly. thirty-nine in philadelphia. we have just went a above freezing in mount pocono at 33 . thirty-six in at atlantic city. millville 27 degrees. rolling in down the the shore, better barnegat light down to stone harbor. cape may still chilly. wind is calm this morning. highest number, 12 miles an hour in mount pocono. that gives us a big break. taking a live look at storm scan three you can see a few high clouds rolling in here but we are set up for blue skies today and that will stick with us today, but into your monday as well. however, today, the the sunshine will definitely be handy, because we have got a big football game going on. 1:00 o'clock kick off as eagles take on the dolphins and sunshine and look at that wind is five to 10 miles an hour. that is perfect football weather. high pressure in control and it will stay in control rolling through our monday. we will start to see a disturbance off to the west there and that will be some rain that much contactes up with us by thursday, but first
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part of the week is really nice. jet stream is manager to the north so here comes the warm air, moving in, and so by the time we get into wednesday and thursday we're talking mid to upper 60's. how about that. yeah. i like the sound of it too. average temperature this time of the year is 56. yesterday we were below that you can see our run over the next four or five days really in those upper 50's and even really mid to upper 60's in some spots. that has been the the story for november. every box in red was above average days and you can see yesterday was the the first day below average that we have had the entire month. so what a november so far. 58 degrees today, beautiful, win giving us a break, lots of sunshine, overnight lows, mild, 44 degrees, and lets take a look at that seven day forecast, nice warm upcoming up on monday with that sunshine in the 60's. the little rain to look out for on thursday. you will like wednesday into thursday with those temperatures. sixty-six for a high. >> what a week in mid-november, that is pretty good. >> kyla, thank you. 7:18. lets see how traffic is moving
7:19 am
out there with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there ann. >> hi there nicole. we have sun glare and beautiful sunshine. this is schuylkill at gladwynn, in delays or problems on the the schuylkill this morning, however, you will need advisor down and your sunglasses to avoid the sun glare. the it will be an issue this morning. we will move the traffic cam here to i-95 at the platt bridge. up and over the the platt bridge that is the stadium area and we have an eagles game today heading out to do early morning tailgating, now is the time to do it no delays on i the 95 at the the platt bridge and there is in delays on i-95, and near the the stadiums at all sewed we're in good shape there we will move traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge mid span, we have one issue with the ben franklin bridge, eastbound lanes, heading in to to new jersey, we have construction, right lane is closed between eighth and vine and down side of the bridge so far is not causing any delays, should be removed by late november. now, if you are already heading to the shore today, no delays on the 42 freeway or 55, ac expressway looks good,
7:20 am
so does parkway taking mass transit, honor close to schedule. that is the the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now back to you. thanks for the update, we appreciate it. today might be chilly but it will be a beautifully sunny day. if you are looking to take a little will will drive, meisha johnson has the the perfect place to go. she took a tour of the brandywine valley and took us along for this dream drive. >> we started in delaware, then drove into pennsylvania, on historic route 100, and then turned on to route one baltimore pike taking in the the beautiful sights of chad -- chadds ford. >> chadds ford is really beautiful, i can see why it inspired so much great art and speaking of art we are on our way to the brandywine museum
7:21 am
of art. inside, you'll find many of the famous works of the wyatt family, andrew was the the best known, his father and mc wyatt was an illustrator and son jamie was a painter. >> we are in the wyatt galleries, some of these mostly there treasure island. >> andrew wyatt captured chadds ford. >> this one i noticed, if i could own a pot belly pig, i would. >> the family is there. >> yes. >> how did that happen. >> they were a talented family. >> reporter: right new you will will's see a modern touch. sculpture and exhibit, inspired by colors that the wyatt family made so famous. you can also visit the a actual places these artists works. >> right now we are in andrew wyeth studio. jamie wyatt, this is his first studio as well and mc wyatt
7:22 am
studio and their current farm where andrew wye the at painted many paintings. >> i hear there is a great lunch place here. we will combo in and get a bite. come on. >> we also offer good fresh food, cleanliness, and friendly service at hank's. >> look, it is following us. whenever you see a pig it means good luck. this area has a lot of antique shops so we are driving down baltimore pike right now and we're going to a little will place with a lot of charm. hi, i'm lease, welcome to brandywine view antiques. >> what do you love about antiques? >> i love saving the past. >> there is also, 30 fabulous vendors in this store. it the is what everybody is creating and keeping it local as well.
7:23 am
>> again, i tell you, they are good luck and a three pigs... >> what is with meisha and the pigs, hilarious, i love it. still ahead, a hollywood actress in philadelphia, holy robinson pete is on the mission to help other families living with autism, it is a cause very close to her heart. we will her story coming up next. it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios.
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well, autism is up dramatically 80 percent according to new government data released but researchers say changes in the format of the questionnaire likely effected those numbers. meanwhile a champion in that fight against autism made a specl visit to philadelphia. health reporter stephanie stahl has details. >> it is called my brother charlie. >> holy robinson pete reading at center for autism about her 18 year-old son rj who was diagnosed with autism when he was three. >> we were told wow never speak. he never had meaningful relationship or he wouldn't say i love you, play organize sports. it was, what we called the never day. it was a day where we were told all of the things we would never do. >> never do turned into can do, rj talks and much more now just like character in the book. >> is this your family. >> you know, more or less. >> reporter: holy is from philadelphia but lives in l.a. now, wrote the book with her daughter rj's twin sister. they wanted children to have a
7:27 am
better understanding. >> the book says even though charlie has autism, he is not autism but so many other things. when you get to kid young, you can push a away stig in a. >> reporter: she's married to rodney peete, former eagles quarter back and rj's dad. >> i thought being a football wife was hard. i thought that made me tough. >> reporter: but being a mom of the special needs kid it is hard to explain it. we have been called warrior moms. >> reporter: she's on a mission to help other family and donate tablets that help kid with autism communicate. >> this can tell a parent i'm sleepy, i'm hungry, i'm angry, very hard for them to express their feelings. >> reporter: holy and robinson pete has a family that supports autism advocacy and parkinson's disease something that holy's dad suffered w i'm's stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so much respect for that cause and as a parents that are so involved. all right. still to come on "eyewitness
7:28 am
news" world mourns 129 victims killed in the france terror attacks as investigators find out more about the individual responsible for that attack. plus eagles are riding high after last weeks win against the the cowboys and the fans as you can imagine, they are super excited, we will have more on today's match up with the dolphins, kyla. good weather for that football game, i'll have your forecast for rest of the weekend and talk about a warm upcoming your way. good morning everybody. thanks for being with us. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. today is sunday november 15th, good morning, so glad you are with us. i'm nicole brewer, and it is just past 7:30. lets send it out to kyla on the sky deck. i noticed you have your coat on and buttoned all the way to the top. it is chilly. >> definitely, it is chilly this morning. many spots in the 30's. we have a breezing but not that bad. much different scenario then yesterday. we will be warmer. we will catch a break from the wind. today calmer wind and warming up on a bit to the high of 58 degrees. that is very seasonal temperature. we will be guys night today. looking live at storm scan three you can see a few high cloud, but beautiful blue skies, and they will stick with us throughout the the day. in fact look at sun, it is
7:32 am
rising, taking a live look in center city. 39 degrees. that wind southwest at 8 miles an hour so not bad. certainly not crazy gusts of winds that we had yesterday, taking a look around the region highest number on the map would be mount pocono at 12 miles an hour. our highs today, quite nice, we will look at 58 degrees for our high. look at monday. we will keep beautiful sunshine and we will head back down into the the 60's. sun sticking with us on tuesday as well but pulling back to more seasonal number of 56, but really a a nice week coming up. we will see temperatures towards end of the week get in the mid to upper 60's. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast in just a few moments, nicole. one of the the suicide bombers in friday's attacks in paris has been identified. officials named ismail omar mustafa as one of those responsible. it left at least 129 people dead and hundreds of others, wounded. now world is mourning their loss. aaron mclaughlin, has a report
7:33 am
from paris. >> reporter: outpouring of support from around a the world for victims of the terror attacks. >> new york city, stands together today with our city of paris. we feel such deep sorrow, i hope when i see support of the people all over the world that have been coming out for them they realize this is time to heel. >> the world is watching them, yes. we have to figure out why this is going on. >> reporter: among victims is nohemi gonzales the 23 year-old was a student at cal long beach. >> nohemi was something of the star in our department shining start. >> reporter: across paris friday night terrorist armed with rifles and suicide vests carried out a attacks in six different locations. isis claimed responsibility for the bloodshed. france president francois hollande called the attacks a act of war. investigators are scam blink to track down accomplices and not just in france. there have been a arrests in belgium connected to the paris
7:34 am
attacks. the investigators say a car rented in brussels was found near one of the sites of the attacks. one of the suspects was men to police. cnn pressed one french senator about how they slipped through the cracks. >> the last time they had were also, known before they were acting like that. >> that is a real problem. >> reporter: meanwhile some 1500 french troops deployed across france in an effort to stop any future attacks. reporting from paris, i'm erin mclaughlin. the band you two laid flowers at a memorial site for victims of the attacks. the the band paid their respects close to the site of the concert hall a location with the the most casualty. u2 was supposed to perform in paris last night but postponed it until a more appropriate time. paris attacks seemed likely to compel the white house to consider militaryes lacing against isis. obama administration has insisted it's a approach to defeating the islamic state is
7:35 am
a right one and threat does not justify a large scale u.s. offensive in iraq and syria but paris attacks made across the u.s. to reevaluate and make minor changes such as military advisers closer to the front lines with iraqi forces and rebels in syria. landmarks across the world and here at home are shining the colors on the french flag. the this is path state capitol building in harrisburg last night, to show solidarity with the people of france. the c ira center here in philadelphia is showing its support. french flag and a peace sign are lit up on the side of that building. the the lit brothers building at eighth and market streets in center city is supporting terror victims. area landmarks shining bright. also across the world, some other signs of support. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the terror attacks in paris. we will have developments on air and on our web site the at cbs well, had happening to today a new septa train station opens up in lansdale,
7:36 am
ninth street station traveling through lansdale and doylestown will enhance regional will rail service access to those who live and work in montgomery county. now the authorities first new railroad station in nearly 20 years. that station featuring 78 permanent spaces and 125 temporary ones. switching gears now the eagles will take on the miami dolphins a at lincoln financial field stadium today. if you are heading to the game you can expect some tighter security. cheri greg from our sister station kyw news radio 1060, live for us at the link with all of the details and where are your tailgaters, are they still having fun, cheri. >> reporter: oh, yes, the fun has already begun. there has been increased security but that has not stopped eagles fans. you can see folks have been lined up for quite sometime now, folks got here before 6:00 a.m. this morning. i took you to eagles country and new we are hanging out with one crazy, fan, mike young, how are you doing.
7:37 am
>> good, how are you. >> reporter: you are over here preparing. he will probably have 60 to 75 people. >> could be around 50 i would say today. >> now let's talk about this truck. he converted a beer delivery truck into his staging area for his tailgate party. show us real quick what is going on here. what do you got going on in here. >> inside here we have a 11-foot bar that lights up so night games we have lights, we have a couple taps. we have a couple of tv's and a sound system. they are not upright now but we store them here so these 22. v's comes out. one hangs there one hangs in this room over here which is where the sound system draws from the mixer he is very serious about what he does. the the operation is already laid out. they have a very detailed menu. give us a quick run down. give us what is going on. >> today we have barbecued pulled pork, mack and cheese, corn bread, cole slaw and puff
7:38 am
low chicken wing soup. >> reporter: i understand, you told me to stay a away from this. >> stay away from the soup. >> reporter: it is not because it is not good. >> no, i need the the left overs. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: her mouth has been watering all morning, and this is one of the things, you do one crazy fan, this is kind of like your computer engineer by day and this is what you do, this is love you have at night. >> that is correct, i have been doing this for 14 years in this spot here at wells fargo center right across from the link. >> reporter: he is all ready for eagles to take on the miami dolphins. do you expect a win. >> this is a definite win, not even a question. >> reporter: she has on eagles slippers as well. they are very serious about what they do. >> they are very serious out here in eagles country. >> this is the gold. >> we will he leave it the right there, nicole. live from the link cheri greg for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> they are legitimate, i'm
7:39 am
telling you what, and i need them to make a little room because faith, kyla, our floor director, we want to come join on the fun. make that happen. still to come on "eyewitness news" are you having trouble looking for love? there is a few tips to help you find a lasting match. chilly start to the day but big changes coming this week. kyla will
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holidays are right around the corner, can you believe it?
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they can a very difficult time for singles and people struggling to find that special someone but there are a few outside of the box ways to find your matches. of course, make that connection last. relationship expert, joan joins us live in our studio with some advice. i am happy to hear your tips because they are in the run of the mill go out and meet people at a bar kind of advice. >> i'm about throwing the rules out of the the door an throw what other people have said out the door and you need to live outside the the box. you need to live out loud. i recently stopped by a friend at ritz in florida in town visiting friend and i said let's go. let's go to this pennsylvania party and see what was going on. we weren't invited. it was a private event. we walk in. i said people need to crash parties. don't do anything illegal but you need to go and say hi, can we join you, these men were so fond to have us to come in, come sit with us. go crash a party. go to a fancy hotel will or nice restaurant where there is
7:43 am
holiday parties and introduce yourself. get to know people. >> interesting. >> it is completely outside box. >> you could be the mystery man or woman in that moment. >> absolutely. >> you say throw parties. >> instead of jewelry parties bring a man or great woman party. everybody brings a hot date that is your friend and introduce these people to your friends and you never necessity who could fit together good hopefully they are single, right. >> yes, requirement is single. we do not, exactly. >> you say maybe take a trip, travel. >> travel. >> it is a great idea, i suggested to somebody recentry she spend this money on her family which we love to do for each other but she's single. i said you need to go away to go hiking, outdoors. i said keep your monday think year go on a powerful trip that is just but and you have no idea who you'll meet. that is what she's doing. >> speaking of taking care of yourself trying something new i saw you slip in pole dance
7:44 am
action. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> does that work. >> i think sexy is about you internally. so what can we do to get your own groove on. i think pole dancing is fun. i have had friend do this together. i think going dancing, incorporating, taking an or the class something outside box for you. if you are shy, quiet, timid you have to do something crazy and outlandish, again, respectable. >> yes. >> don't go to jail over this. >> no. >> and volunteering. giving of yourself. >> i think that is important. it is important for us to be in service. it is important for people to share their gifts. every human being has something to offer. you have no idea who is waiting in the wings, so, you helping and being of service. whether it is that for animals, whether it is with the the home less, it doesn't matter. >> yes. >> and it never hurts to help another human being. >> i have 30 seconds left. in addition took a
7:45 am
relationship expert joan is what we call an intuitive, so you can read people. we have what ten seconds. >> what dawn say about me. >> what i want to say clearly is i have seen as a child around you, i do see a beautiful girl hanging around and it is your choice if you want to bring her in. i do love thaw work but i want you to be when your husband has special time you both have been running crazy. i read souls. when i bring in loved ones it doesn't mean they will pass or going to pass but i brought up my grandmother. your grand mother is here. she has a pegs birthday coming up and we have had conversations. she adores, cherishes you and she cannot take it personally if she cannot be there for her. >> it is probably something i will not make but you will say go visit grand mom. >> make the the even if call. it is so important just to call people and connect on the even if or send a card. i'm all about the the mail. write an actual letter. >> i love that. >> joan marie whalen thanks
7:46 am
for being here. >> thanks. >> almost made me cry, a baby girl in my future, kyla, i will send it over to you. >> you have a a lot going on over there. >> i love video of the people smooching, talking love. i love my eyewitness weather watchers this morning and they are waking up chilly, everybody. look the at these numbers. check this out. 29 degrees, where margot is in buena vista. she has a beautiful sunshine now but baby, it is cold outside, and layers you need them this in morning to walk the dog. absolutely. lets go warmer here, 34 degrees. this is where phil is. you can notice he has a little bit of the hazy condition out there but he is getting a a very nice sunrise and he just sent me a beautiful picture, gorgeous. we are seeing sunrise out there. little further are south toward atlantic city, in, ocean city. good morning to you. james, you have 38 degrees. he a says first time in ocean
7:47 am
city in the the 30's this fall with in wind. that helps. lets take a live look outside, as we look at actually we will head over and talk about temperatures. so, lets look at this. notice those on the east coast are going to be dealing with much above average temperatures, do you like the sound of that? a warm up is on the way. no the just here in philadelphia but the entire eastern sea board. we are looking at a warm week ahead, average high, 56 degrees. we are staying above that average right through thursday and we will see mid to upper 60's before it is all said and done. today in the bad. high of 58 degrees. it is not record warmth. in 1993 the the high was 81. we don't have that in the horizon. the it is quite chilly right the now. the current temperature show you 39 degrees in philadelphia. thirty-three in mount pocono. millville just 28 this morning. very chilly good morning to you. all up and down the i-95 corridor we are looking at 30's just the the 40-degree mark in new york. only ones that have pulled up there so far. live look at storm scan three shows us high clouds out there
7:48 am
but it will be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. folks can get outside and enjoy it. the wind will give us a break. the we have sun going on. everybody is under that 10-mile an hour range with in mount pocono, higher there but it is a big difference from the the foliage blowing around yesterday then we had today, beautiful with sunshine working our way up to a high of 58 degrees. hey there is a football game if you haven't heard. we have great weather too mostly sunny skies, 55 degrees at 1:00 o'clock for kick off and most importantly wind staying calm today so it should not affect the game. feeling like fall but enjoy it tomorrow. warm, sun toy start your workweek and a high of 63. tuesday, mid to upper 50's. i want to say hi to my friends in poconos because you had snow flurries. today he'll get up to that 51-degree mark. warming up on your monday. the not bad at all, folks. today high of 58 degrees. not as windy, nice to get outside, lots of sunshine tonight. clear skies. low of 44.
7:49 am
lets look at that seven day forecast, here it comes, warm upstarting on moth in the 60's we will go. looking out for a few showers late wednesday night into thursday, nicole. >> kyla, thanks, looking good. 7:49. lets check on the roads and highways with ann evans, good morning, ann. >> good morning, nicole. this is schuylkill at spring garden. looking to the left you can see a cargo train heading in to 30th street station. in the delays or problems on the the schuylkill this morning and coming along fine in the philadelphia suburbs. looking to the right however that is martin luther king drive opened for traffic no more recreational activities, colder weather is setting in so martin luther king drive is opened for traffic and will be closed come spring. something to look forward to again no delays on the the schuylkill, we will move the traffic cam to i-95 at the walt whitman bridge. off ramp to the walt whitman to the left and right of the screen, i-95. i-95 picking up volume but no delays or problems. walt whitman looks all right if if you are taking that to the shore point no delays on the 42 freeway or 55.
7:50 am
a ac expressway and parkway will look okay as well. and that is very latest from the the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now nicole back to you. thanks for that update. still to come on "eyewitness news" a heart breaking loss for temple owls last night more on what this means for their season coming up in sports. but first here's a look what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
7:51 am
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it is game day for the eagles. they host miami dolphins and with the win bird will be over 500 for the first time this season. miami comes to town ride ago 25 game losing streak and playing in the their straight road game have the dolphins offense led by ryan tan i hill, and, dolphins run a offense very similar to the eagles. >> athletic quarterback. you have to keep him in the pock. the show him different looks. get him off his spot. he can get hot quick. he have is one of the guys who can get rolling. >> he can throw a nice deep ball. impressed you when you turn up the field and watch him in the pock. he is calm in the pocket. he is not nervous in the pocket. he throws the ball down field very well. >> can bird win back to back games for second time this season? find out at 1:00 right here on cbs 36789 our coverage starts at 11:30 on sunday kick you have a. join me rain don bell with the voice of the bird merrill
7:54 am
reese live on the field. well, it has been a great season for temple owls unbeaten in conference play they took on south florida and with the win they with win the american conference east division, and then play in the conference title game. in score in the first, owls with the the ball but this to jihad thomas. temple takes the lead. then the bulls took over. second quarter after temple turn over south florida will capitalize, quinton flowers with the quarterback keeper. now south florida takes the the lead. still in the second, hand off to mack, he is gone. 57-yard score there. he ran for 230-yard, temple loses its first conference game 44-23. flyers placed rj umberg and mark street the on the injured reserve. umberger has a foot injury, street will miss six weeks. last night they took on the hurricanes. before the the game they played french national anthem to honor victims of the paris terror attacks. flyers trailing one to nothing. now to the come back. luke schenn scoring to cut
7:55 am
hurricanes lead in half. little more than three minutes left in the game, wayne simmonds deflected in the shot to tie the game. we have bonus hockey. and in overtime, michael dell zotto with the pass to jake voracek. he scores his first goal of the season. the flyers win three-two. sixers with the only winless team in the nba. last night they played spurs. before the game san antonio head coach greg popovich was asked if he could deal with the sixers rebuilding plan. pop said he wouldn't have lasted a month, a month in the first year. jahlil okafor played begins his idol tim duncan. the not a bad guy. they trailed by 19. for the back. nice pass to okafor. scoring on the lay up. he scored 21 points and grabbed 12 board. sixers down six. tj mcconnell hits the yum per. they trailed by four. could they pull off the upset? nope. tim duncan hit the floater in the lane. sixers remain win less 92-eight 39 final. penn the on the road taking on harvard in the ivy
7:56 am
league she down. first quarter in score. quakers quarterback alex torqueson ran up the middle for 9-yard score. penn up by seven. to the third quakers down 25-21. he has a wide open ron white, with a 28-yard score. penn snaps harvard's 22 game winning streak 35-25 the final. over to the main line, villanova taking on richmond. wildcats trying to keep their playoff chance's live. second quarter zach, find kevin, for a touchdown. villanova beats richmond 21-20. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a a great day. go bird. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what is coming up at 8:00. >> french security forces are on guard against another terror a attack, i'm's jonathan vigliotti in paris with the the latest coming up. a special bond between a former marine and his therapy dog, our stephanie stahl shows us how unique relationship is helping this south jersey father put his life back
7:57 am
together again. cold start to the day, bundle up out there but kyla grogan is back to tell us about a warm up. mid-november. i just saw january. we don't want to do that. we will be right back.
7:58 am
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french forces are vigilant a as that country mourns the the deadliest day since world war two. back here at home a candle light vigil for paris, thousands gathered in support of the victims in the city of
8:00 am
brotherly love. terrorism took center stage in the democratic presidential debate, after the attacks in paris. i'm's weijia jiang in des moines iowa with a wrap upcoming up. good morning to you. today is sunday november 15th, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock. we will send it over to kyla and we're hearing about a warm up. yes, intrigues me. >> yes. >> i'll tell you it has been a warm in so far. >> it is amazing. >> yesterday was first below average take we had the whole month. >> i felt ity think everybody has with the wind. >> today we will lose wind. >> okay. >> we will keep sunshine and we will warm up a little bit. in the just today that warm up will continue for us as we get in the workweek. another nice week ahead, everybody. nice and sunny. seasonal temperatures in the 50's. warmer week ahead. a few late week showers to keep an eye on. today a live look at storm scan three shows us it is beautiful out there just gorgeous blue skies all throughout the


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