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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  November 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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terrorism took center stage in the democratic presidential debate, after the attacks in paris. i'm's weijia jiang in des moines iowa with a wrap upcoming up. good morning to you. today is sunday november 15th, so glad you are with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 8:00 o'clock. we will send it over to kyla and we're hearing about a warm up. yes, intrigues me. >> yes. >> i'll tell you it has been a warm in so far. >> it is amazing. >> yesterday was first below average take we had the whole month. >> i felt ity think everybody has with the wind. >> today we will lose wind. >> okay. >> we will keep sunshine and we will warm up a little bit. in the just today that warm up will continue for us as we get in the workweek. another nice week ahead, everybody. nice and sunny. seasonal temperatures in the 50's. warmer week ahead. a few late week showers to keep an eye on. today a live look at storm scan three shows us it is beautiful out there just gorgeous blue skies all throughout the eastern
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seaboard. this is your ahh moment, this is a live look at neighborhood network in margate just beautiful blue skies and high cloud. the nice day to take a walk. and little chilly, and, 34 in mount pocono. forty-one down in atlantic city. if you are taking austral take that coat as you go out the door. wind not bad. we have pick up a little in philadelphia same story mount pocono. the rest of the area looking calm. we should stay that way throughout the day. not wild wind we had yesterday. sunshine, high of 58 in philadelphia and down the the shore. poconos cooler there with a high of 51 degrees but yes, temperatures take a turn for the nicer as we head across next four or five days. i will will detail that in the seven day forecast. we will talk about that late week rain too, nicole. >> french leaders are promising to wage war on islamic militant hit par business brutal attacks. death toll stand at 129, and that does include at least one
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american. more than 350 people were injured in the attacks. now on sat saturday, the the investigation, brought it to the brussels neighborhood where they found a car near concert hall where 90 people were killed. jonathan vigliotti has more from paris. the fear of another attach remains all too real here. growing vigil and memorial line the street as country mourns. >> we did not want to stay home we wanted to go out on the street and just not feel the the fear that we had. >> reporter: paris was rock, friday night, french officials a say three teams of terrorist all armed with assault rifles and identical suicide vests launched coordinate add tax on cafes, soccer game and concert hall. >> it is like a war. crazy. >> reporter: twenty-three year-old, cal state student
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nohemi gonzales was kill. she was studying abroad in paris for a semester. >> she brought joy, happiness, laughter to everybody she work with. >> reporter: as a precaution many of the top tourist attractions have been closed including the eiffel tower and museums. french president fran is some holland blamed isis militants for the carnage. authorities say one was born in france and had a heavy criminal record. they are searching for accomplices and vowing to take no mercy, when they are tracked down. jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay tuned for more coverage of the terror attacks, we will have latest developments on air and on line cbs local authorities are beefing up security. bird facing off with the dolphins at 1:00 at lincoln financial field. cheri greg from kyw news radio 1060 is live with the details and a little tailgate action, is that right, cheri.
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increased security has been visible. we saw police cars and police riding around on motorcycles but that has not stopped eagles fans from getting fired up for today's game against the miami dolphins. we will take to you eagles country. we will let you take a look at crazy fans. right now i'm here and it is all about tradition. tom young, right the here, has been tailgating outside the eagles stadium for home games for 22 years. >> twenty-two years. >> reporter: why do you do it in tell me about the tradition. >> love the philadelphia eagles. don't want to be anywhere else. i would never want to be anywhere else. we live for this we work hard during week. we come down here, relax, it is a big family. we have known each other for 20 years. we all park in the same spot, we save each other spots, we eat each other foods. it is comradery and awesome. >> reporter: all of your guys are here. they have been eating what,
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what do you have. >> pork roll and egg on a muffin. >> yes, beer in a nice little beer holder. >> yes. >> it is in the shape of the football. they have a lot of fun. >> so you have to explain this sign to me as we look over here. i will get out of the way so joe can shoot it but what is up with the fish. >> well, every week we add something, you know, this year we added chip kelly. we have got a blow up of chip kelly. every week we put a saying on him. whoever we are playing next week is bucks, so sink the bucks, kill the cowboys, we just take pictures witt. we have fun witt. the last week i played music. we were line dancing with chip. we had him line dancing. >> so squish the fish is this weeks saying. >> that is right. >> reporter: for the dolphins. i will let you clothes it the out. they have a little will something to say to get hyped up for today's game. go ahead guys and keep it
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clean. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. live, cheri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> go bird. yes, squish the fish. i like the the part about keeping it clean, cheri, you are amazing, thank you. you can see the the eagles game right here on cbs-3 at the 1:00 o'clock. our sports team will get you ready. our coverage starts at 11:30 on sunday kick off. switching gears, democratic presidential candidates faced off in iowa. national security and foreign policy were front and center in light of the deadly terrorist attacks in paris. in less than three months the people of the iowa will pick the the democrat that they believe should be the nominee for president. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang is live in des moines with more on the the debate, weijia. the debate started with the moment of silence to honor victims of the terrorist
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attacks followed by questions that were previously unplanned about foreign policy. this democratic primary race has been pretty civil compared to the the republican contest but last night there was an aggressive swift with hillary clinton as a clear target. hillary clinton met with supporters right after saturday's debate in iowa. >> thank you all for making this such an exciting successful campaign. >> democratic presidential debate. >> reporter: former secretary of the state, was first to field questions, about foreign policy after the attacks in paris. >> we have to look at isis as the the leading threat of an international terror network. >> reporter: clinton entered saturday's debate with the strong lead in the polls and her opponents made a pointing to after the the front runner. senator bernie sanders questioned the campaign cash that she has received from big business. >> why do they make millions of dollars of campaign contributions? they expect to get something. everybody knows that. >> yes, basically he used his
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answer to impune my inn telling grit. >> reporter: cb. news partnered up with twitter encouraging people to post their thoughts with the hashtag dem debate. twitter tracked which candidates were talked about the the most and the most popular topics. >> when you saw a lot of conversation about, gun issues. we saw a lot of conversation about wall street. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin owe mal a's most talk about moment came when's tack a candidate from the other side. >> lets say tonight our debate because you'll never hear that from this immigrant bashing carnival barker, donald trump. >> all three candidates celebrated their debate performance. >> i feel very good about the debate. >> reporter: now time for voters to decide. here in iowa the biggest issue for voters is the economy. even though the the three candidates, do have some disagreements they all believed that people who are wealthy, big corporations
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should pay more in taxes. nicole? >> weijia, people talking about that heated exchange between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. how did that all play out last night? >> reporter: well, she certainly defended herself. her answer to his question about why people on wall street contributed to her, she said that was because she was a new york senator, after 9/11 and she helped rebuild wall street. people said that she was insensitive. but when she had to she stood her ground and she defended herself. she has to be careful not to be too offensive to bernie sanders because she needs some of his voters, to swing to her side so she can secure that nomination. there was at least one moment that was light between them, they mentioned again, he said, he didn't want to hear about her e-mails just like he did during the first debate. >> i did catch that part. weijia jiang, live in des moines iowa, thanks very much. meanwhile president barack obama is in turkey for g20
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summit in the shadow of the horrifying terror attacks in pennsylvania paris the president pledge toes redouble efforts to eliminate islamic state group and end syrian war that has fueled its ride. a philadelphia street is dedicated to a bee love member of the cbs family. there is an ed badly way between monument road and presidential boulevard. ed bradley died in 2006, during his between the section season of 60 minutes. street was dedicated at wdas studio where bradley's career began. our own ukee washington was there bradley's wife says that he always cherished the city where he was from. >> this place is very, very special for ed. and as widely recognized and acclaimed and honored as he was, all over the world, with all sorts of award, i think that this one was, were he here, will hold a particularly
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special place in his heart because he was a philadelphia boy. >> ahh, bradley won 21 emmys throughout his even credible career and he was born here in philadelphia. 8:11. a special bond with man's best friend coming up next on "eyewitness news". the meet a form mare reen and his therapy dog, we will show you how unique relationship is helping this south jersey father put his life back together. rocky's own sylvester stallone, featured on sunday morning, we will preview the interest right straight ahead. i saw those rocky runners, when i got home all dressed up as sly stallone. we are looking out for your weather, i have got a warm up on the way, we will tell but it and get you ready for rest of the weekend. stay with us, good morning, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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landmarks a across the world and right here at home shining the colors of the french flag. thinks path state capitol building in harrisburg, of course, showing solidarity to the people of france. and the cira center here in philadelphia is showing its support, french flag and peace sign are lit up on the side of the building. also tributes all over the the the country and around the globe in new york city the spire of one world trade center lit up in the colors of the french flag. brazil, paying tribute to the victims as well, iconic christ redeemer statue was lit up in the hundred tane of rio di janeiro, they manage that 125-foot statue that overlooks the city. this was sidney opera house in australia displaying colors of the french flag as well. beautiful tributes from near and far. i don't know about you but
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seeing those images of landmarks across the world in solidarity. >> it remind me how people said we're all new yorkers. peel rallied all around the world around us. >> it is true. >> we're in this thing. >> it gives me chills just thinking bit. you will be chilly when you walk outside the door today. >> i know. >> but warm up, starting to day and you will feel it on monday. >> yes. >> nice temperatures and nice day on tap. >> lets start off with a live look at ben franklin bridge here. thinks campbell's field camera across the river in center city. you can see blue skies outs there. that is the the story as sun comes up. the nice start to the the day. we are cold to start off with but we will see a high of 58 degrees. the not bad at all when it is all said and done. the seasonal and sunny today. more importantly a break from the wind which is just ridiculous yesterday. monday more sunshine and warmth and a high of 36 degrees. we're not there just yet. we are still cool, certainly here in philadelphia 43. check out mount pocono.
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35 degrees and 32 in lancaster that beautiful area, took a ride by there last weekend by the way. forty-six in wildwood. as we zoom in down the shore we have 40's from cape may to ocean city. rehoboth beach, you are in the 40's as well. wind is relatively calm. we have 12 miles an hour there in philadelphia and mount pocono. but what a big improvement over yesterday. the those gusts up to 30 miles an hour again. a as we look at storm scan three this live look shows you just a few cloud rolling in but really high pressure is in control and that will give us beautiful skies throughout the day-to-day. the nice set up for, say a football game if you happen to be heading out. i know we have tailgaters already. it will be 55 degrees by the time we hit 1:00. sunshine and wind west is five to 10 miles an hour. that is perfect football weather. if you want to take a jacket. make sure you are looking g high pressure in control. that rolls into our monday. we have another system off to the west that will make its way toward us. the it is not until wednesday or thursday that we will see
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some showers, from that. what we are going to feel though as we head into our workweek is jet stream moving up to the north opening door to let this nice warm air in but by the time we get into wednesday and thursday we are talking mid to upper 60's and we won't start cooling down until next week even. warm week on tap where average is 56. yesterday we were below that but we will stay at or above it as we head across the next few days. the kind of interesting looking at the month overall and consider we only had one day that was below average that was yesterday. we were 5 degrees below. one day we hit the on the nose but those box necessary red including when we were 21 degrees a would have average what a heck of a november. we are about 8 degrees where we are on average. so kind of of interesting. today we will stay seasonal and lovely, sunshine out there, not as windy with a high of 58. tonight nice and clear, pretty mild temperatures below, 44 and a look at your seven kay forecast, monday we will be bouncing out the door to go to
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work because we will have sunshine and 60's on tap and we will have sunshine until tuesday and wednesday but wednesday some cloud moving in. thursday a little shower act but we will be looking nice for next saturday. we will see sunshine return. >> looking at that calendar i realize why i like november so much this year at least. 8:18. lets check with ann, good morning. >> good morning nicole. we are looking at i-95 at broad street. if you are tailgating this morning today for that eagles game whether i would be the roadway would you take, in delays or problems on i-95 through philadelphia or broad street today. we will move traffic cam right here to the schuylkill at vine expressway, schuylkill at the tip top of your screen. the vine expressway right in the middle n delays on these two roadways, and again, volume building but they are moving. and we will move the traffic cam one more time to the mid county tolls of the the pennsylvania turnpike. mid county tolls will be kind of quiet. not too many cars going through. further up it looks good and so does northeast extension.
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earlier construction removed from the northeast extension and pennsylvania turnpike, so everything is good to go heading to the the poconos today. that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new nicole back to you. >> thanks, for that update. fallen hero is honored in bensalem. "eyewitness news" at rededication of the pfc neil wine taubb memorial bridge. winetaubb a you had marine was killed in action in vietnam in 1968. he was only 18 years old. bridge cities located between new falls road and leonard avenue on bensalem boulevard. it just reopened after months have reconstruction. well this weekend va medical centers across the the country are enjoying vets in need of urge even care get it. the fail a facility participated in access stand down day. they asked each va center to go through record to contact anyone who has been waiting to make an appointment. the the va has been dogged by criticism of veterans having to wait more than 30 days to see a doctor.
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cbs-3 healthwatch this morning a new way to help veterans with brain injuries. it is four legged kind of specialized therapy. health reporter stephanie stahl tells bus this south jersey program. >> reporter: he is having a therapeutic tug of worth with heath wolf, recovering after five surgeries for brain cancer. >> on my second one they had to take part of the left side have the brain out. >> reporter: thirty-eight year-old heath was a marine stationed in hawaii in the late 90's and then in the reserves. doctors don't know what caused the brain tumor. heath thinks it is related to series of anthrax vaccines he was given as a marine. >> i was in the hospital for 200 days in one year, from april 2014, until this april 2015. it has been hard. i haven't been able to really be with my kid. >> reporter: the father of three is on permanent disability, living in south jersey. he is rebuilding his strength in neuro rehappen in bank croft where shamus is a star. >> they spend 2069 months in training.
8:21 am
>> reporter: his owner, carolyn, says shamus does k-9 a assisted therapy, which is pet therapy. >> he becomes one of the treatment tools. >> reporter: this game helps heath with balance and coordination, making sure that the the fun makes it fun for patients. >> kenneth engages the person more, makes it more interesting, and it really becomes an interactive piece of therapy. >> he is very, very strong and he gets me going, which is fun. >> reporter: rehab is hard and can be discouraging for patients like heath who has to relearn basic skills but shamus makes that work easier. >> he gets me so much better. i'm working with him. he gets me going. he really does get me going. >> reporter: shamus is a full-time k-9 therapist in bank croft which specializes in rehabilitation with veterans with brain injuries. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". last week president obama marked veterans day by bestowing nation's highest military honor on a army
8:22 am
captain wounded in afghanistan. medal of honor and 130 others military medals are engraved and assembled right here in philadelphia a the chris mcdaniels of the veteran medals unit uses diamond tip precision to chest ill the names of the recipients on the symbol of sacrifice. >> does it ever give you pause. >> sometimes, sometimes because i put myself in their position, and if i would be brave enough to do what they did. >> we do want to get to it them as quickly as we can. >> the unit procedures is he zested 23,000 medals last year. we now only ford offers $750 black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing. that doesn't happen every day. make black friday hassle-free with low prices ford cars, trucks and suvs. and get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select ford vehicles, on top of all other offers. it's an inside deal, now for everyone. hurry for a limited time, get $750 dollars black friday bonus cash on select vehicles,
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on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th.
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philly favorite sylvester stallone has made a career out of playing film heroes. rocky, of course, and rambo. the a as lee cohen tells us he had to fight his way to the
8:25 am
top. here's a preview of the interview you will see later on cbs's sunday morning. >> hi everyone. >> rocky. >> hi. >> go anywhere in philly with sylvester stallone. >> yo, how are you doing. >> reporter: and might as well be with rocky himself. >> is that arnold schwartsenager. no, sly. >> reporter: like statue of the foot of the philadelphia museum have of art. >> these guys are unbelievable. >> reporter: at 69, stallone is a fixture. >> what do you think. >> look at him. >> hey, i look pretty good. i go i wish i was that noble. >> reporter: as if rocky was flesh and blood, people come here to pose and run those famous steps. how often would you run up these. >> all the time. >> i come past these buildings, all the way up and down. >> reporter: and standing there with him, they even took my feet. >> reporter: its a little
8:26 am
surreal. >> what do you think when you stand up here now, up is an iconic theme. >> it is my favorite place ever, i swear to god. i feel like you can do anything from up here. you can see your whole life from up here. keep punching philly, i owe you. >> i love that. >> sylvester stallone goes another round sunday morning at cbs-3 at 9:00. our ukee washington will have more from sly in the days leading up to his new movie, creed, which is out in theaters in 25th. 8:26. some more information is emerging in the investigation of the terror attacks in paris, coming up next. also ahead game day at the link. eagles take on the dolphins a amid tighter security in and around the stadium. we will have a live report. and before you buy a car you need to see this, new technology that is making it easier then ever to rip people off, and kyla returns with the latest on this chilly weather and we will get more warmer
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for you when we come back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. today, it is sunday november 15th, good morning to you i'm, nicole brewer. it is just about 8:30. we will send it out to kyla on the sky deck. i don't want to call you skyla, i told thaw before. >> i would do anything, nicole, i adore you, you can call me anything. the just call me a friend. good morning, everybody. it is chilly out here. i have the coat all bunled up this morning but we are on our way to a beautiful day. sky is blue, sunnies out and temperatures lifting up and wind will give us a break
8:30 am
today. what to expect? calmer winds and a high of 58 degrees which will be beating yesterday quite handily. a live look at storm scan three shows skies looking great. in the just here in philadelphia but all a across the northeast. boy, it is just blue skies all the way from maine right down to washington d.c. 43 degrees, right new looking at center city. wind west at 12 miles an hour. not crazy wind from yesterday. temperatures show they are still very chilly places, lancaster is one at the 32. lets check out wildwood at 50. not bad. we will get in the 50's before it is all said and done. the wind is relatively calm, that will help us out today. we'll 12 miles an hour in philadelphia more of a 58 high today. check out monday, sunshine and 60's, yes, a warm up, pull back on tuesday but it is a week full of nice and mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. rain to worry about later in the week. we will talk about that in your seven day forecast,
8:31 am
nicole. >> kyla, thanks very much. one of the suicide bombers in friday's attacks in paris has been identified. officials have named ismail omar mustafa as one of the responsible a attacks. left 129 people dead and hundreds of others were wounded. now the world is mourning their loss. erin mclaughlin reports now from paris. and it looks like we're having some trouble getting to that package. we will try to get that coming up in a bit. we do want to share some chilling new, video that emerge, of fans escaping, the bataclan theater in paris. and i'm in the sure if this appears to be some kind of a vigil honoring those victims but we will try to get you that video, and, windows
8:32 am
taking care from the street screaming and pretty moving stuff. in the wake of the a attacks, lots of memorials as i mentioned, u2 actually laying flowers at a memorial site for those victims. the band paid their respects close to the site of the concert hall that is the the location with the the most casualties. you two was supposed to perform in paris last night but then postponed it until a more appropriate time. and now despite the french capitol being on lack down parises leaving the safety of their homes in droves to give blood to the victims of the terror attacks. some waited in line for more than three hours. the french blood transfusion services has received thousands of donations and many hospitals are now asking people to return later on in the day to see because of the sheer outpouring of the support that is basically overwhelmed their services. so, a lot of people giving back in light of those attacks. local authorities here, also increasing security this morning after terror attacks. in our city, people standing
8:33 am
with paris, in the wake of the tragedy, dozens gathering for a vigil in center city to honor those people lost their lives. iconic love sign wears a french flag and candles in the shape of the eiffel tower has been placed in the peace sign below it. local french citizens say they are very grateful to have a place to pay their respects. >> it need to be like united, that is our feeling right now. >> it is important to talk bit and not just to keep it for yourself especially living in the foreign country, it is good to see the solidarity. >> another vigil will is planned today beginning at 4:00 at french international school of philadelphia in bala cynwyd. all right. auorities are on high alert ahead of the eagles game at the link. the bird face off with the dolphins at 1:00. heading to that game again you have to expect tighter security. cheri greg from kyw news radio
8:34 am
1060 is live with the the details and also where the the tailgate is happening, cheri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. the increased security has been visible, all morning, and i saw police, in cars, on motorcycles just driving around the parking lot. there is also expect to be increased security on the inside as well but none of that of course, has stopped the eagles tailgaters, from setting up shop here in the parking lot the d. now with tailgating, bob, how are you doing. >> hey, how are you. >> we first ran into bob this morning what time did you get up. i understand this has been in the works for a long time. >> i got up 4:45 a.m. i got here at 5:15 waiting in line for parking lots to open up at 6:00 a.m. i reserved like 20 spots the for everybody. and we planned this, we have a tailgating meeting in august and we go over our cooking schedules, who gets the the parking spots and it is a whole process. >> reporter: their only rule is no hamburgers and hot dogs. you are going to be doing the
8:35 am
thanksgiving cook off, right next week. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: this weekly ann has within in charge and lee ann got up early. she practically started yesterday. come on over here. lee ann got yesterday, saturday got up early this morning had time to do her make up and everything. and tell me is what on the menu today. >> mack and cheese, pulled pork, mote mote balls, sauce, cole slaw and bake bean. >> jim and i have been able to keep warm. they have a nice little will heater over here, and it has given us life because it is chilly. but these eagles fans are fired up. are you fired up, for the the the game today. >> yes, absolutely. >> yes, they sound fired up. tailgating, are you fired up. >> we're fired up, man. >> lets go eagles. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> back to you, nicole.
8:36 am
they are ready for the the game for eagles to take on the miami dolphins. you guys are expecting a win, right. >> absolutely. >> you heard it. live, cheri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i like it. no, are you fired up. i want to hear it. you guys have fun out there. >> reporter: exactly, exactly. >> stay warm, we will see you soon. you can see the eagles game right here on cbs-3 at 1:00 this afternoon. our sports time will get you ready. our coverage starts at 11:30 on sunday kick off. we are also talking about the democratic debate last night. we heard a lot about that right here on cbs. moderator of that debate and maryland rate or of cbs face the nation joins us this morning, cbs news political director john dickerson back in washington what a night you had, john, good morning. >> that is right, nicole. we finish the debate, got on the plane, flew back here because we want to talk about the latest otter or attacks on friday in paris.
8:37 am
we will do that with the chairman of the house and senate intelligence commit thee and talk to mike morel, former number two at cia and then go back to politics and talk to senator bernie sanders on that debate stage last night. >> all right, john, thanks for the preview. we're also wondering burr experience last night as moderator. i wondered did you have to prepare a lot in advance for that debate? what was it like on your end. >> well, we had aeam that started preparing more than a month ago, and lots of meetings, talking about the issues, doing a lot have interviews, crunching through all of the topics and we had a pretty good road map. a and then friday's events turned everything upside down. we wanted to talk about what a president has to do when they face a crisis, and then, of course, there was an actual crisis. so all of that training for the previous month of the team that put together the questions, was then, we were in good shape because we had to go over and do it basically all over again. it was very exciting, very exciting a couple of daysy can
8:38 am
imagine. >> i think that a lot of people wondering what we see a shift in the polls out of the debate. what do you think? hillary clinton has such a strong leading into it and obviously she has a lot of foreign policy experience, do you think we will see any shift out of this debate. >> real interesting question. overnight poll cbs has done, hillary clinton came out the winner. when you asked folks about the individual attributes about foreign policy she had a very strong performance. when you asked about the question of domestic policy and income in equality and fighting for the middle class, bernie sanders came out a ahead on those numbers. that is one of the interesting questions of this debate, she has that command of the issues on foreign policy but democrats are really interested in this question of who will fight harder to rebalance the the income in equality and so in that sense even though issues where the knot front and center in terms of the ones bernie sanders is comfortable work voters nevertheless who watched heard
8:39 am
him on the question of income in equality and that is important in the democratic race. >> one final question for you, we know cbs partnered with twitter for this debate. how do you think that effect the conversation, what did you see coming out of that. was it the a positive thing. >> well, based on the reaction it was a positive thing. one of the things we wanted to try to do was not the just to use twit eras kind of window dressing, at the end of the debate, you noticed nancy cordis, our congressional correspondent, has been referred to something said on twitter, and, and, it was a way to use twitter, in real time to engage with the public but then also show that the public was paying attention and listening to what the candidates were saying and then asking the the candidate in this case hillary clinton to respond to the reaction that viewers were having. it was that way twitter helped with engagement and connection with the politician and people
8:40 am
they are asking to vote for them. >> anytime you can get public talking about the issues it is a good thing. john dickerson, we appreciate the preview and we will look out for the broadcast later this morning. just a reminder for you, cbs face the the nation as i said on cbs-3 it starts at 10:30. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a story you need to see before buying a car, the the new technology making it easier then ever to rip people off, we will explain coming up next. like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye.
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it is i scam that milks american car buyers out of a billion dollars each year. the a as three on your side jim donovan tells thus is a problem that could affect a million vehicles on the road today. >> it looked really good on the e bay listing. mileage was quite reasonable for a nine year-old car.
8:43 am
>> reporter: with 109,000 miles this jeep seems like a perfect suv for wayne bostic's son but he bought it. when he order aid car fax report want to go necessity about possible recalls. >> there was a flag that said meter discrepancy. >> reporter: report hose in early 2013 the jeep already had 173,000 miles on it. >> we're talking about 40 percent more mileage on that thing, then i was led to believe that it had. >> reporter: they went from 173,000 back to 109,000. >> many don't realize owe meter fraud exist. >> reporter: many believe they only old analog meters are susceptible to roll role back but digital ones are easier to change. >> instead of having to do it by hahnemann you'llly with the analog, now it is simple as plug nothing hardware and software in the the car's computer and it can be done in seconds. >> reporter: roll backs happen
8:44 am
more then you think. car fax says in our region alone over 90,000 vehicles have readings that simply don't add up. 60,000 in pennsylvania, 27,000 in new jersey, and 2,000 in delaware. car fax says it collects data from 92,000 sources, nationwide, and vehicles, 14 to 15 years old are most effect bio come meter fraud. >> they are hundred, 200,000 miles on them that have been rolled back at least 50,000 miles. >> reporter: so wayne offers this advice. >> until car manufacturers, come up with more tamperproof systems in the vehicles, do all of the homework thaw can. >> reporter: roll back meters will not only effect your cars value, your insurance rates could go up and maintenance you expect to deal with down the road will appear much sooner then later. a at very least if you are buying a used car you may want to use the the free check on the car fax web site. i have posted it on cbs
8:45 am and facebook and twitter. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still to come, it is a cold start to the day but some warmer weather is on the the way, kyla grogan is back with the latest, coming up next, what a shot, we will be right back. owe come meter.
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so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. now to some interesting video making round on social media, a nova scotia man captures video of the forest floor moving. this is kind of creepy. brian noodle was outside for a walk when he captured the ground rising and falling as if it were breathing. video has garnered more than 4 million views so far but what is really going on is less mystic california but in less dramatic. tree roots spread out wide underneath the the forest floor and key attach from the morings. so root system moves underground when trees are cut up by wind making them a appear to breathe.
8:48 am
there is a logical explanation. >> it is still creep toy look at. >> it really is. >> we are not feeling creepy this morning but cool, say good morning to the eyewitness weather watchers. temperatures lifting up to the 40's but cool morning, 30's and 40's to start. the lets start with this 4-degree observation from lynn. she had a foggy hazing on there, and most of us starting to see sunshine but she says lots of bird eating the the seed that were dislodged from the wind the past couple days. i thought that was, interesting. lets head south, 39 degrees where jason is in middletown delaware. we have beautiful sunshine. he says starting to warm up. should be a excellent day for football. we have a great the forecast for that eagles game today. lets take one more here, 40 degrees, this is where lewis, he is in eagleville with the sunshine as well, looking g let look live, everybody outside, where the sunnies outside, the the the sky is blue, and we have roof cameras there, can you see
8:49 am
that? we will try for it. going once or twice. there we go. the it is gorgeous out there. blue skies are with us not just today but also as we head into your workweek on monday, so, very nice way to start our day today. look at this, just beautiful. we will zoom out, just a few high cloud but that is bit. other part of the story today is that we're going to see temperatures warming up. we have been, a little will below average yesterday. as you can see we will change that this week as we look the at the entire easterne board much a have above average for the next five to seven days. so terrific, right. our average this time of the year is 56. we were below that. today we should beat it by a couple degrees. we will stay right above that line, even through mid 60's coming our way later in the week. our high today 58. would you believe in 1993 the record high for this day is 81. wow. i thought we were doing good in november. they were doing better. forty-three in philadelphia as we look at current temperature. thirty-six in allentown.
8:50 am
thirty-five in mount pocono. lancaster chilly at 32. forty-one in at atlantic city. we are pulling in the 40's along i-95 corridor from washington d.c. north but still cooler out to the west. to take a live look at storm scan three shows you beautiful out there, not just here in philly, but taking a look at blue skies, all the way up through northeast corridor and the wind, compared to yesterday, what a great break we are getting. it is calm, lancaster and reading. 12 miles an hour in philadelphia a both wind there too in wildwood. we have 13 miles an hour. today the wind won't be the the story. it will be sunshine, warmer feelings and temperatures and fact that you can walk around outside and in the worry about that gusty wind to highs of 58 . what does that mean? you are tailgating or heading out to the eagles game we have great weather. mostly sunny skies and 55 degrees. more importantly the wind is not a problem today. feeling less fog but likely warm and sunny on your monday
8:51 am
and 63-degree high. we have mid up toker 50's. so not bad. yesterday our friend in the poconos were dealing with the snow flurries. i want to look at their weather to let them necessity they will make the in the 50's too chilly start this morning. tomorrow even warmer for your monday with a high of 55. yes, we will pull back on tuesday but some nice weather coming your way. philadelphia, glorious day, hopefully you can get out there. fifty-eight. not a as windy. lots of sunshine. your night will be clear and mild with the low of 44 degrees. looking at your seven day forecast one hitch in the giddy up, we do start to see showers moving in the forecast, however, notice that thursday a high of 66 degrees. so, not a bad looking forecast at all. we have showers that head toward the weekend and we will see sunshine saturday with seasonal temperatures. do you love watching weather? i bet you do. you can be featured and become an eyewitness weather watchers. sign upright now anytime at cbs,
8:52 am
nicole. >> kyla, thank you. 8:51. let check with ann on those roads. how are we shaping up. >> they are good, they are behaving themselves which is good. a lot of unshine, sun glare, will have have to put advisor down and wear your sunglasses. the this is blue route. sun shining down and you can imagine sun glare today. thinks between saint david, broomall, volleys out there on the blue route and moving fine this morning. that is good news. we will move traffic cam to i-95 at the the walt whitman bridge. walt whitman in the advertise tans there at the top of the screen. top right of the screen. i-95 in the middle. no delays on i-95 or walt whitman as we are taking walt whitman today in problems on 42 or 55 further up. we will move track cam again one more time to 202 at allendale road in king of prussia and mall is to the right of the screen there and if you are, perhaps you are doing early shopping for the holidays today. now is not a bad time to do it. 202 is in fine shape.
8:53 am
this part and all over, no delays or problems on 202. this morning. that is very latest from the the cbs three traffic center, i'm ann -- here's a look at "eyewitness sports" with leslie. it is game day for eagles, they host miami doll instant fins and with the wins the bird within over 500 for first time this season. my amies playing in the their straight road game riding a to game losing streak and led by ryan tanehill. he has thrown for 13 touchdowns. dolphins run an offence very similar to the eagles. >> we have to get him off his spots. he can get hot quick. he is one of the guys that he can get rolling. >> throws a nice deep ball. really impressed me when i turned on the film and watch him in the pock. he is calm in the pocket. he is not nervous. he throws the ball down field well. >> can birds win back to back games? find out at 1:00 right here on
8:54 am
cbs 36789 our coverage starts at 11:30 on sunday kick off. join me and sports director don bell a along with the voice of the bird merrill reese live on the feel. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, they recently rated their
8:55 am
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♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless. i love november. >> i do. >> come on back anytime. >> yes. >> today will be nicer then yesterday. yesterday i tried to take a walk and i was eating dirt with all of the wind blowing around. >> i had the same experience i was rolling baby around in the stroller. the it is coal out here. >> it is only day this month. >> it was. >> yes. above average temperatures. to take we will be seasonal and then warming up again starting on monday with a high of 63 degrees and beautiful sunshine. little bit of rain, overnight wednesday into thursday but this is not affecting our temperatures thursday a high of 56. incredible run so far this november. >> i just love it. let's keep this going. >> yeah. >> kyla, thanks. that is "eyewitness news" for
8:57 am
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