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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 17, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, the cost to see an at a. parents outraged over one local mall's costly tra dig. that mall is making a christmas change. >> a local customer accused of of taking customers money and never showing up to do the work. jim donovan is on the case how you can avoid the same mess.
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>> show of solidarity and support. the avenue of the arts in philadelphia glows in blue, white and red in the wake of the terrorist attack in paris. as we learn more about the suspected attacker who got away. security measures here at home are heightened. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with the latest on the terror in paris. isis has released a video praising friday's dead al tack in promising an attack in washington, d.c. in france investigato investigae intensifying their manhunt for the moon got away. he was stopped at the belgium border burt let go. france's president has declared war on isis and after launching air strikes urging russia and the us to unite in the fight against isis. president obama spoke today about the attack at the g20 summit rejecting calls for a change of strategy. >> folks want to pop off haven't
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pins about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. if they think that somehow their advisers are better than the chairman of my joints chief of staff, and the folks who are actually on the ground, i want to meet them. >> live in paris is slowly returning to normal. the eiffel tower reopened today and tonight it was draped in the national colors of france. delaware couple is happy to be home from paris tonight after their trip to europe was disrupted by the attacks. delaware native gale and frank kess sell man arrived earlier at philadelphia international airport from paris. they were on a river cruise scheduled to arrive in paris friday. but after those attacks rock the city, they were detoured and didn't arrive until a few hours before their flight home. >> it's scary. your heart goes out for them. >> yes. >> we were told that right when we flew out that paris was the
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safest airport, safest place to be. >> gale and frank told us they're looking forward to see they're grandkids. in the wake of the paris attacks officials are increasing security across the city at the sixers game tonight stepped up patrols and there's been increased presence on septa. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones at septa headquarters to tell you more about it. todd. >> reporter: ukee, attacks in paris are a reminder to law enforcement here that so-called soft targets are often the most vulnerable. >> here's a three. got it. >> after attacks in paris wells fargo center increasing securi security. fans were asked to use patience if getting through security took a little longer than usual. although specific security changes were released fans took notice of the police presence if for no other reason than a piece of mind. >> we feel very safe and we're very fortunate to have that security here. i'm not -- i don't have any fear whatsoever. >> reporter: james brady
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brought his 10-year-old son to the game but the killings in france and the fear they race became a topic of a father/son talk. >> we had a talk on the way down in the car. and he had some questions. i know they brought it up in school. so he had some concerns but i reassured him that i'm sure wells fargo center took all the proper precautions. >> reporter: since friday septa police depth has stepped up patrols. manpower increase especially during peak travel times in big events like eagles games. >> we have every possible resource we have in personnel. we're also partnering in a joint endeavor with the philadelphia police department's count terrorism unit. >> reporter: septa police inspector steven harold says there's no credible threat but he reminds us all if we see anything suspicious, don't hesitate. he contends riders can be helpful in preventing or stopping criminal activity. >> if they feel uneasy about it, if it's something they feel is a pro 10 shall threat, we would
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prefer to investigate their complaint. >> reporter: and septa police want to row mind riders if they see something, say something. reporting life tonight in center city. todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> todd, thank you. several u.s. governors now say they do not support taking on refugees from syria. this after it was discovered one of attackers in paris likely posed as a refugee to get into europe. new jersey governor chris christie opposes allowing any syrian refugees into the country, however, both pennsylvania governor tom wolf and delaware governor jack machine markell continue to support refugees and will welcome them into their states. "eyewitness news" will continue to follow all of the developments surrounding the attacks in paris. you'll find updates on television and online at all they wanted was to fix their homes but the company they hired took their money and never came back. >> customers say it's a pattern of deception and they want it stopped. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us now with warning.
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>> that's right, ukee and jessica. they she would out their hard earned money and didn't get anything in return. yet the owner of the company is living in luxury. we know you're in there. hello! >> i just wanted to ask some questions but when i visited this mcmansion in marlton, only a family dog seemed happy to see me. >> i know they're in there, doggie. >> high questions from consumers like francine warring. >> why do you want to rob me out of hard earned money? >> reporter: all francine wanted was a reliable roof over her head. >> heavy rain come it look. >> reporter: 11 months after paying a thousand dollars deposit to a company called oh may go window systems in south jersey to replace her roof -- >> they did not do the job. 90% of the time when i make a call, it goes to voicemail. and when they do call, they lie and say he they coming and they never show up. never. >> these are the old water marks growing day by day while we're waiting for a new roof. >> reporter: this woman knows
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the feeling. she handed over $4,300 to omega for roof. >> they said it takes about six to eight weeks to be delivered. >> reporter: six months later -- >> we canceled our vacation. we canceled like wedding reception. because every other week he say, i'll be next week, next week. >> reporter: they never showed. >> never showed up. >> people work for their money and it's not fair for people to scam them. and just take it. >> reporter: last february, carl let at a mays paid omega $500 towards new windows. >> it was some type of a deal. >> reporter: omega took the money and never came back. she ended up hiring someone else. >> i normally check better business, and i did not. >> reporter: in fact omega window systems has an f rating with the bbb, 22 complaints in the past year. and complaints have been filed witness new jersey attorney general's office, too. >> this is an established pattern, and it's criminal. report roar vanessa slow come williams sued oh margay and its
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owner for windows she never got. she, too, had to higher another company to do the work. >> i had to pay again. >> the court awarded her 3355 bucks but she hasn't yet seen cent. >> he's been unresponsive to better business bureau, to me, to the court system. >> reporter: four complaints alone add up to $8,800. someone is in the house. we can see your cars out here. after i visited his home, rc called to say he'd meet with me. >> you'll come here. >> true to form he never came. last thursday tech mowing i'm stuck on a job because of weather right now. we'll we waited for him on friday he teched may have to run wife to hospital. will let you know shorely. he never showed up. >> i'm glad channel employee three has been so responsive but it doesn't look like anybody else cared. >> we've learned that there's at least one active police investigation into the company. if you've given the company money and they failed to the work file a complaint with your
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local police department and with the attorney general's office. >> wow! what did he say on the phone. >> it depends on what you believe. he says refunds have been mailed out. yet they aren't delivered. he says he's never heard of some poo of these people but the customers have texts and voice males they've gotten from him. even though the cars were in the driveway he said he and his wife weren't home they were at church. >> i'm looking forward to your follow up already. >> you know there will be. >> there will be one. >> keep you posted thank you. >> if you're buying or selling something online, one local police departments aims to make the p in person trance act safer for everyone involved. in the wake of serious scams police in cherry hill create wad they're calling safe transaction zones. both parties can meet at the police station to complete the transactions. there's a location inside and outside, and police say they're available 24/7. >> tonight philadelphia's financial watch dog says tens of thousands of dollars in unused wireless internet hardware is just wasting iowa.
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he blames the nutter administration for doing nothing to make use of it. here's "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt with the story. >> reporter: it may not look like much at first glance but inside this wary house in south philadelphia, there are unopened boxes and more boxes of wire hess internet equipment that's been in the city's possession since 2010. >> obviously the attitude is, that this equipment is not worth anything. >> reporter: alan butkovitz at the controller fort city of philadelphia and says his inspectors made a trip to the warehouse just a few weeks ago. they took this video obtained by "eyewitness news" which allegedly shows the equipment unopened and just sitting there. >> i think it just shows the general thoughtlessness with which the seated station approved technology. >> reporter: according to nutter administration official the city of brotherly love received $2 million from the federal government to install wireless networks for police, fire and other city employees for business purposes only. that official says some of the equipment is currently in use around the city.
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and what's left in the warehouse is out of date and can't just be thrown out. according to federal guidelines. >> you should have a respect for tax money. i mean that's the other thing that happens. if you disrespect federal tax money then eventually you'll disrespect city tax money. >> he told "eyewitness news" he looks forward to the new mayoral administration one he says will do a better job of making sure equipment doesn't go to waste. >> i think jim kenney understands going in it's not his house. it belongs to the taxpayers. >> reporter: i reached out to mayor elect jim kenney for comment on the story. i'm told by his spokeswoman he won't officially comment until he speaks to mayor nutter about these allegations. if controller butkovitz's allegations are true, she said, there is no reason or no excuse that those equipment issues should be going on in the city of philadelphia. reporting at philadelphia city hall, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". david, thank you. 70 degrees in mid november. it was a near perfect day.
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>> but kate it is back to reality tomorrow. >> that's right. back to what it should feel like in november. a brief cool down is on the way thanks to back door cold front and then this rain here is going to get our area bite end of the week. i'll tell you when it gets here and what follows coming up. >> also ahead, it's an out of the way spot that is well worth the drive. taste with tori heads to a south jersey joint famous for buffalo wings they also serve up a side of history. >> the christmas controversy that had parents seeing red. now the local mall at the center of it all is making changes. >> and meet one strong kid. the difficult obstacles one young girl has overcome and how a philadelphia sports team is recognizing her. >> and coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it's the late show with stephen coluber. he welcomes bill maher, florence grober, artist shepard fairy and performance by the act crow-cats the fun starts at 11:35. we'll be right back.
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backlash leads to big change for santa at the cherry hill mall. the mall has done about face and dropped the required 35 to $50 charge for kids to visit santa and sit on his lap. until today parents who wanted their children to visit santa had to buy a photo or video package. a lot people complained saying it was way too much for something that in the past has been free. the mall says it made the change to keep with the spirit of of the season. well how do you like your wings? everybody is kind of got particular thing, mild, smokey, hot. >> you can take your pick and then some at a south jersey landmark. let's get a taste with tori tonight. >> you could say pick. pick is the key word here. >> all right. >> let's get the wet naps ready. this place is called the pick a lilly in. it's tough to way in burlington county on the edge of the wharton state forest. but it is definitely worth the
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drive. ♪ >> reporter: the friars are sizzling especially on buffalo wing all you can eat night. >> this is your first order. >> yes. >> good. good. >> the wings for lack of a better word are awesome. >> this is my uncle johnny who came up with the wing sauce idea. >> bonnie is part owner of the restaurant in shamong. this place was a luncheon net. hotel and courthouse all in one. the owner thomas schneider was a justice of the piece. schneider's daughter lillian and her husband picket later rename the place after themselves. pick a lilly. get it? >> how is everything. >> bonnie is their great great granddaughter and learn the business from her grandfather. >> what i remember was he absolutely loved this business. he loved the people. he love the area. he loved everything about being here. >> this collection of whiskey bottles is still on display.
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check out these elviss. >> never changed hands. i'm the fourth generation. >> bonnie's uncle wallace russell lived upstairs as child. and has watched the business grow. >> we got lot of help now. i don't have to move the kegs no more. >> reporter: his son wally work the friars. crisping more wings than a chicken has feathers. 4,000 pounds week. it's a lot of chicken. >> over 22,000 wings a week. they're from kosher chickens raised on farm in vineland. >> has a different flare than a regular non kosher because they're soaked in salt. it's a sweeter chicken. >> wings that are finger licking good and the sauce is key. >> garlic parmesan smoker, hot, mild and barbecue. >> time to take a dip. >> whoo! buddy. >> these wings are actually a wing with a drum stick still
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attach. >> buffalo just about anything here including shrimp and even scallops. viewer maryann core seen know told me about them on facebook. >> you got to try the scallops because maryann said wait until you try the buffalo scallops. ♪ >> maryann, you know you're stuff. >> besides being the king of wings, they had steaks, burgers an lot more on the menu, too, and birch beer on tap. >> that's good stuff. >> even in a giants glass. >> which is why bonnie says this the place to bring the whole familiarly. >> we always have freeze pops for the kids, coloring book. i love to start them young. >> they'll grow up to be just like me. i'm walking out a pick chick. >> yup that's right. pretty much buffalo anything your shoe, your hat, your purse. it is awesome. there. all you can eat wing night is every wednesday. for 9.95 you can pretty much practice for wing bowl and by the way in week pick today lilly
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makes more than twice the number of wings they have at wing bowl. >> hello. >> are you serious. >> i'm serious ukee. tell me about your favorite places and send me a message on facebook. what a great family inform shamong new jersey my first time to shamong definitely i'll be heading back for those wings. >> it look like airplays where the whole family goes. you saw kids. yes. >> you saw friends, everybody. one room when all the family they strip the tablecloths on, put on the plastic and free for all wing. everybody getting dirty and messy fun for the whole family. >> you said whoo buddy. >> yes, indeed. >> how about these warm temperatures we've been having. >> talk about hot. >> i'm telling you. >> hot wing, hot weather in november. it's going to change briefly and back up to above average for a couple of days later on this week. but the above average temperatures later week come along with some rain and then it gets cold maybe the first we can really it cold so far this month. take look at a beautiful site in the sky from earlier tonight.
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chopper up in the air and caught this great glimpse of the moon kind of look likes the man in the moon that little nose or looks like we called it a fingernail moon growing up fingernail clipping of the moon in the sky. gorgeous shot from copper three our waxing crescent moon. storm scan3 shows why we have a great view of the moon. no cloud cover across the region much wedged in this wedge of clear air across the northeast. it's getting cloudy and cool per up across north new england but our next storm we'll watch is this right here. you can see it gathering moisture up across the mid section of the country. this will elongate and stall over the next couple of days it needs a push before it get in here and it doesn't get here until thursday. in the moan too many we're wat watching this back door cool front i'll explain what that means in just a minute. take look at temperature. it depends on where you are, temperatures are dropping rapidly in a few spots norristown 43 degrees at the audubon elementary school. cinnaminson is the 50. saint das golf club in wayne 54.
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mays landing 44 degrees right now. high today's well above average we hit 70 here in philadelphia. 14 degrees above average. wilmington and atlantic city both at 69. trenton and allentown 68 degrees. but back door cool front will usher a in a quick cool down tomorrow. notice near 70 all across the northeast and mid atlantic tod today. watch what happens to the winds. west wind today. watch how these winds switch as we get into the day tomorrow. there it goes that northeast flow we feel it all the time when you get a wind in off the water, temperatures just struggling to anywhere. so 58 the high tomorrow. 53 in new york. and 61 the high tomorrow in salisbury, maryland. then we get that back door cooled front out of the way and start to warm back up on wednesday back into the 60s but notice the clouds will increase out ahead of this front and notice how slowly it moves drawing in moisture over the next few days. that front crosses our area on thursday. two main models spit out between a half inch and inch of rain quick hitting burst of rain during the day on thursday gusty
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winds as well. you'll see in the seven day coming up temperatures really take a tumble. behind that. overnight mainly clear, chilly breeze, 45 degrees. for your tuesday mostly sunny, little cooler. 58 but we got to take it with grain of salt because it's all relative. 58 is too degrees above average. wednesday a few more clouds starts off nice. wednesday is not a bad day a shower possible in the evening. but thursday that's when you need the rain gear. rain and wind as that front comes through and behind it keeps getting cooler. we can't win with the weekend. weekends are cold and windy. work weeks are great. sunday we may not get out of the 40ing all day. it will feel good. >> take that tampa bay. >> warm weather team coming in this sunday. >> that's right. >> right now we're talking about indoor sport. we are talking basketball. sixers leading the mavs with four minutes left. they were looking for their first win of the year whom made the plays down the stretch. highlights from south philly coming up next. ♪
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the hunt for the one continues. sixers haven't won game in nearly eight months. they came into the night zero-10 and with four minutes left in the game, they had hope against a dallas mavs. to south philly we go to the center. before the game the sixers showed support for france with a french national anthem. fourth quarter big jal gentleman la little okafor, 19 points and 11 boards. sixers down a bucket. nerlins knoll -- i said nerlins knoll had double, double, 12 points, 12 boards. sixers up by two. two minutes left. dirk novities ski. on his way to the hall of fame. sixers lose 92-86 they've now lost 21 straight games. dating back to last season. on to the nfl. mum is the word from the novacare complex.
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we all know that sam bradford is hurt. he has a concussion. but the eagles aren't saying much about his shoulder injury. however, iain rappaport from reporting qb has separate the shoulder. he'll miss sunday's game against the bucks and potentially thanksgiving day game in detro detroit. here's how it all happened. how it all went down. bradford was sack in the third quarter yesterday pots one point loss to the dolphins. he walk off grimacing in pain while holding his non throwing arm up against the his chest. chip kelly was asked about bradford's status today. >> we just take it as it comes. if they tell me he can play we'll make plans he can play. if they tell me he can't play we'll make plans then. >> basically he's telling us nothing. bradford can't play, the plan start mark sanchez. thee i was back breaking interception in relief yesterday but mark has experience in this am as you see here. last year he played nine games and finished with 14 touchdowns and 11 picks. >> important thing is just to take it one week at a time and, you know, from the mistake each
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week and continue to build, um, and i think, um, you know, we have a chance down the stretch here to be a really good football team. >> now with a full week of, you know, preparation with the ones that was probably looking like i know he'll be able to come out and give us a great game against the buck. >> remember nick foles eagles traded gnome st. louis for bradford. well, nick got benched this week in favor of case keenan. they're saying foles needs a break which is a polite way of saying he stinks right now. >> wow! >> i'm just saying is all. people are looking back and saying, what if we that had nick foles here? well -- eh. >> you're saying it's -- >> what are you going to do. >> i didn't know he got benched. >> yeah, man
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tonight young girl facing adversity gets a special honor at the sixers game. >> this 11 year old margaret stewart and she and her mother
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have been struggling with homelessness. before the game the sixers gave her the strong kid of the game award which goes to someone over come great obstacles. margaret and her mom were treat to do makeovers before the game and things are looking up for them. they recently moved into their own home. so congratulations to them. hope it was great night. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team back at 4:30 until 7am. for kate, don our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm cocoon we're always on at the late show with stephen colbert is neck. thanks for watching. good in it, family, and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you're about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been featured on the number-one real-estate hit reality show, "flip this house," and is a best-selling author. he is the most sought-out real-estate expert in the world and has changed thousands of people's financial futures. you now have the opp


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