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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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ch presidents frances hollande will meet with president obama a next tuesday in washington. cbs news correspondent kenneth craig is in par business more, kenneth. >> reporter: just as parisans were winding down for the evening another flight evening development. this time out of germany where several event were abruptly canceled and evacuated including a huge soccer match over concerns of a possible bomb plot. french authorities are looking for a second fugitive, they say was directly involve in the deadly paris a attacks. hunt for 26 year-old salah abdeslam a a key suspect. salah abdeslam's brother urge him to surrender. >> unaudible. >> reporter: best thing he says would be for him to turn himself in. french media reporting that salah abdeslam rented two rooms in this hotel near paris. there are reports he used a credit card ape was not the a alone. in paris a group of muslims gathered at the a area where some held up signs that read i'm a muslim but i'm not a terrorist.
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>> islam is not about terrorism. terrorist november religion. >> reporter: this huge memorial will in the center of parises a public gathering place for parisans to remember the dead and try to heel. >> ♪ >> reporter: some parisans expressed themselves through music, others with free hugs. a russian violin player played a tribute to the victims outside bataclan theater where most of the carnage occur. >> i wanted to play for the people of paris. >> reporter: tuesday russia ordered one of the missle will cruisers to work with france, fighting isis in syria. french war planes slammed targets there for a second day. so far authorities have not found any explosives, in germany and investigators here of not released any information about that ninth attacker. reporting from paris kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> kenneth, thank you. house speaker paul ryan a is a among those calling for a pause in syrian refugees coming to the u.s. speaker says national security comes first and legislation is
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in the works. the governors of at least two dozen states say they will refuse any attempt to send refugees in their states. they a argue there is no way to properly background those coming into the you had. more than 2,000 syrian refugees have settled in the u.s. since the start of that country's civil war. our alexandria hoff went to allentown today and met with some who are helping others, make the adjustment to life in america. >> reporter: suicide bomber who french officials believe gained access by posing as a refugee has also managed to muddy the the trail for millions of displaced syrians. >> those people suffer a lot those refugees suffered a a lot. >> reporter: this man left syria after political work made it too dangerous. he now works with the syrian arabic american charity association in lehigh county, which as far as counties go is home to one of the largest syrian populationness america. >> founded on for those reasons to help the new comers, to establish their new
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jobs. >> reporter: he also works with the group, which is preparing to give out nearly 200 in monthly meals. the men say of the people they assist many of them left villa as and estates back in syria and traded them in for row homes in allentown. so all part of the american dream. that dream of freedom came full circle when he was asked to consult state officials or handling refugees. >> twenty-six governors have said no. i understand. look, there is concern. there is definitely a concern. i mean i don't want to see what happened in france. we had heart break with september 11th. we have to be very cautious. >> reporter: meaning proper checks and documentation not necessarily restrictions based honorary lincoln. it is important to note that the group is a christian one most syrians are muslim. but he says that he feels that a photo like this proves why religion should not matter here. >> my wife started crying right away when she saw the baby. she asked me if this kiddies
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christian or muslim? who cares. a human is a human. >> reporter: in allentown alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for developments surrounding the attacks in paris. coming up at 5:30 philadelphia's top cop commissioner charles ramsey, speaks out for the a attack for the first time. an unrulely passenger causes tense moments on board a british airways flight headed to boston. the massachusetts authorities say the the woman in her 30's was intoxicated and tried to open up an exit door on the plane. fellow passengers and staff restrained the woman. she was taken in custody upon landing this afternoon at logan international airport. police say the the incident has no connection to terrorism. russia says that the homemade bomb brought down a metro jet plane over egypt killing all 224 people on board. investigators say traces of explosives were found in the debris field that indicate a bomb went off inside of the plane. russia a has offered up a 50
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million-dollar reward in the case and vowed to hunt down those who did it, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. five teens arrested and police say more may be involve in the series of armed robberies, targeting delivery drivers, in one south jersey community. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is in winslow township where police say businesses should be on the a alert cleve. >> reporter: jessica, winslow township police say suspect that they arrested are 13 to 16 years old and they say that they are committing very serious crimes for not the a lot of money. in of the delivery drivers had more than a hundred dollars on them. a as police work to make sure they have all suspects accounted for they are telling businesses to be careful. one taste of the chicken and ribs at buffalo bill's barbecue in sicklerville will keep you coming back for more. at least that is the the hope. when a customer with an a unusual phone number ordered delivery, it wasn't food that they wanted. >> he didn't get a chance to get to his order. two gentlemen came up. one with the gun with the
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bandana and put it right to his chest and key mannedded money. >> reporter: that armed robber is one of the 11 in the last three weeks involving delivery drivers from businesses in the sicklerville section of the the winslow township. police won't identify victims but they say the a attackers method were consistent. >> as the driver pulled up one person will show up and couple more will come out from hiding in the bushes or in that general area and approach the driver eater with a handgun or knife. >> reporter: some came through internet making it harder to track suspects. several happens in the the man or hall community where delivery drivers were called to empty homes where one located in dark corners. last week winslow township police handed out crime alert flyers to food delivery businesses and talk about safety measures like only taking credit card transactions late in the evening. fortunately so far no drivers have been seriously hurt. >> he was pretty shaken up. he was okay when he got here either next day it really hit him. no longer works here because of the incident and i totally
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respect that. i understand that. >> reporter: police recovered an air soft pistol and they are still working to identify if there are other suspects, with this rash of robberies. reporting live from winslow township i'm cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning to weather now it looks like we are back to normal for november. still a pretty nice day. meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck with the first lot the at forecast, kate. >> it definitely feels different then it did this time yesterday. yesterday i was out here sleeve less. today broke out the wool coat. big difference even with sunshine today thanks to the northeasterly wind from the back door cold front. temperatures could not warm up that far. the lets look at what we are feeling like temperatures, 52 right now in philadelphia a only 40 in mount pocono. 47 degrees in trenton. forty's in millville and atlantic city a as well. you can see cold enveloping new england and our area. we're still seeing 60's in cleveland, pittsburgh and richmond, virginia only 46 in new york. forty-one in albany look at
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these departures from this time yesterday temperatures dropped ten to 15 degrees. it is 17 degrees colder in trenton then it was at this time yesterday. it will warm backup. that warm upcoming courtesy of the cold front. tomorrow cloud will increase by 5:00 a.m. it does get cloudy but it is what comes later this front loaded up to the west will move through during the day on thursday with heavy rain. coming up i'll tell you when rain gives in, gets out and how much will fall and if we can expect thunderstorms with that front and it gets cold after a the front. we will have details when i join you inside, back inside to you. >> kate, we will seal you then. charlie sheen makes a shocking confession, he is hiv positive. former cbs star made the announcement on live television this morning. he said he paid out millions in hush money to keep his diagnosis under wraps. actor charlie sheen ended days of rumors by telling nbc's matt lauer he is hiv positive. >> i thought i had a brain tumor, i thought it was over. after a battery of tests and
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spinal taps and all that crap, they walk in the room and said boom. >> reporter: sheen, hoist 50 says he was diagnosed four years ago about the same time he was fired as least actor from the cbs sitcom two and a half men for his eradic behavior. >> is what not to love, it is my life, winning. >> reporter: sheen has a history of substance abuse and bad behavior, including highly publicized liaisons with prostitutes. he has been married three times and has five children. he says he told his ex-wifes about his diagnosis, and has been on hiv medications which have have made him viral load undetectable. >> have you had unprotect sex on any occasions since your diagnosis. >> yes but the two people that i did that with, were under the care of my doctor and they were completely warned ahead of time. >> reporter: sheen said people who knew of his status have black mailed him and he has paid out millions to keep them quiet. he says he hopes his statement will reduce stigma of hiv.
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sheen also said in one case a prostitute took photos of his hiv medication and threatened to sell those pictures to the tabloid. coming up tonight at 6:00 health reporter stephanie stahl says rate have of hiv in philadelphia is one of the highest in the country. but she will explain why now hiv is not a death sentence. that is at 6:00. straight ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 more than 30 million americans are facing a a severe weather threat a as a powerful storm system stretch's cross the the country's midsection. >> we will take you live to colorado where heavy snow is prompting a blizzard warning. the plus this. >> reporter: when power goes outlinesmen go up, i'm's greg argos getting a hand on intense training, these men and women go through. >> it is latest thing to hit philadelphia, paying for your parking with your smart phone. you can even add time away from the car. i'm jim donovan. three on your side has details coming up.
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latest innovation to i am move parking, in philadelphia a today the philadelphia parking authority is introducing, meter up. >> an app that allowed drivers to pay with a smart phone
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three on your side, jim donovan joins with us those details. >> reporter: that is right ukee and jessica. there are very few things about parking in the city that make me smile and this may be one of them and it starts this week. no digging a around for change or pulling out a credit card. today ppa a executive director vince finnerty unveiled meter up pay by phone parking app. >> it is new technology utilized in other cities, and we have had this designed specifically for philadelphia. >> reporter: this promotional video shows how it works. first set up an account on your smart phone using your license plate number, and credit or debit card. pull up to the curb where you want to park, hit the pay button on the app, select a zone number found on the kiosk or meter choose amount of time and you are set to go. when you have seven minutes left you will get a text message notifying you that your time is almost up. hit extend to put more time, without returning to your car. >> we're starting it in a
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pilot. for six months. and if it is succeeds and passes all of our hopeful projections it will go city wide after six months. >> reporter: the four pilot zones are bound by fourth and 20th street, arch to locust, long christopher columbus boulevard from spring garden to race street. torresdale train station and the ppa parking lot at eighth and chestnut. now app goes live thursday morning. just in case you are wondering you can click more than one license plate to your account as well. >> that is nice but you got the little paper things you put on the front what do you do in this case. >> reporter: exactly now you will in the use that. i'm thinking the scam part of the things. >> what happens is parking enforcement officer is they will check your license plate number and then that will alert it is all put together. >> wow. >> that can be a game changer. >> meanwhile i will be back tonight at 11:00. we have good news for people who like to dot right thing. there is a smart new way toour neighbors
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and report scammers specifically targeting people in your area ill a's show you how easy it is to use tonight at 11:00. >> i will try out this meter up thing because i did get one parking ticket. i missed it. woman was so nice. she said i'm so sorry. >> it is not your fault. >> but actually, i got one for late for two minutes. >> killer. >> heart breaker. >> all right jim thanks. >> weather was pleasant around the tri-state area but sun shining was in the shining in other parts of the country. >> quite the opposite. >> totally the opposite. we have not seen our fair share of winter weather here in philadelphia but maybe you'd like to see some for posterity sake. we are join live by stan bush, reporter at our sister station kcn thec in lineman colorado where it looks cold. winter storm has swept through the region. good evening, stan. thanks for joining us. what is it lining out there. >> thank you kate. it is improving right now. the entire state has been hit
5:17 pm
by this big storm but no place was hit more than the eastern plains of colorado. frankly up until last couple hours ago this is just not a very nice place to be. take a look at what we have been seeing outside. it has been more than just one blizzard, it is really two. we had 18 inches of snow that fell in the eastern plains, but also extreme wind. so you got ground blizzards and blizzards from the sky. it was enough snow to shut down 200 miles of interstate from the denver metro area all the way up to the kansas state line. that flipped over, some semi trucks forced hundreds of them off the road and it has been a pretty dangerous situation and franklin even though the skies are starting to clear right now the storm is not over especially here because blowing snow and drifting snow is such a big deal, while this storm moves out to kansas the road maintain clogged because road are not safe to open up at this point. >> that is right stan. people don't realize you don't have to have falling snow to
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get blizzard and white out conditions. serious stuff here. here in philadelphia we have had an unseasonably warm november. have you had a unusually cold or snowy november or are people used to this weather this time of the year. >> kate, novice a really difficult month to predict especially in colorado because our weather is all over the place. we have had a couple cold days and uneasenablely warm days in the 70's and 80's but for the most part it has been in the 60's and this storm woke us up that winter isn't coming, it is here. >> it looks like it is here. lou coal. i know feeling he when your lips get frozen and can't talk too well. we will let you go. thanks so much for joining us. get warm. hopefully things will improve for you there in colorado. lets take a look i want to show you outside. we have on storm scan three i will show you where that storm is. this is what stan was talking about. heavier band of snow just push out of colorado and push into portions of kansas. look at the rain and severe weather, almost 40 tornadoes a
5:19 pm
across portions of the southern plains. now the storm is pushing east. you can see heavy snow. li mon colorado is right along i70. snow has come to an end for him but wind whip around back edge of the system and now we have heavy snow in northwestern kansas. town of kansas i tweet that had out over a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warning and blizzard warning. very crazy conditions across the country's midsection. this system will impact us eventually. on thursday i told you yesterday this storm is elongating and stalling and pulling in lots of moisture and hanging out off to the west. we don't to have worry about it. the eventually we will. here's how today looks. in kutztown it was a beautiful day. few cloud in the afternoon. looks like yesterday though except that it felt a whole lot different a as we talk about earlier. temperatures were well below yesterday. we hit 70. today in the 50's. this is is seasonal for this time of the year.
5:20 pm
this is what we should feel like in mid move. forty-eight in will allentown. forty-seven in trenton. forty-eight in millville. despite that it was actually 5 degrees above average, mainly because of the morning lows. it didn't drop down as far as they would on a seasonal day. we have all red squares except one but by week end we will have a few blue squares all thanks to the front i just showed you. it approaches during the day tomorrow. just some cloud. stray shower in the evening. but thursday after afternoon that this front crosses the a area quick hitting batch of very heavy rain maybe a few rumbles of thunder and some pretty steady rain through evening commute. coming up i'll tell you more that system in the next half an hour. partly cloudy overnight. chilly. 45 degrees. tomorrow mostly cloudy just that stray shower in the afternoon possibly 63 degrees. we will see sun and here and there in the morning. you're witness weather three day forecast we're right back in the 60's. thursday morning mild. not the kind of mild day to enjoy. we have rain, win up to an
5:21 pm
inch is possible. we will look closer a at that system in our next half an hour and then gets chilly friday. if you think that is worst of it wait until you see weekend get those parkas ready it will be a chilly weekend. i will tell you which day is the worst. >> put it all the way up. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 it is a new kind of self-defense in which women use high heels as weapons. check this out double the cuteness and double the fun meteorologist katie fehlinger's twin girls ahead of perfect return to "eyewitness news" this morning, don. you want me to top that? i don't think i can. i will do my best. up next in sports lights, camera, action we will introduce you to the eagles resident film buff find out what makes safety walter thurmon, tick, that is
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an eagle who is a a film whuff. >> he is in to other stuff. birds down by four, if they score a touchdown then they are in. they are in the playoffs. that is what you call, drama? but not the kind eagles safety walter thurmond, excuse me, enjoys the most. the leslie van arsdal has more with lunch with leslie. eagles safety walter thurmond is not only a play maker but a film maker as well. >> i always had a passion for film growing up, even though i played sports, i watched more movies then i watched sports games. >> reporter: as a self-taught film maker producing and directing is similar to building a football game. >> i watch movies like game tape. a situation like the head coach, you have to be concerned at that moment and stuff like that. it is a give and take relationship. >> reporter: while he has worked on several films his biggest project is the one he's working on right now. >> documentary i'm doing on eddie lev er t and it is
5:26 pm
executive producer. >> reporter: you are directing this interview, help me. >> i like the setup right now. i like the awe tore yum space. talking about passion interests. >> reporter: we need more drama. >> a little bit more drama. you can make it darker, to make that come across. >> reporter: every good movie has cliff hanger, will you guys make the play a offs? >> making it dramatic. >> real dramatic. >> it is like eagles won the rest of their games and made the playoffs and maybe win super bowl. maybe work on that one. >> i'll go see that one indeed that would be great. coming up next on "eyewitness news" what philadelphia's mayor michael nutter a says about security at this weekend's marathon. also this. >> reporter: police commissioner charles ramsey speaks out about the paris terror a attacks and what is needed to keep philadelphia safe.
5:27 pm
our interview coming up. also, they helped keep your lights on when severe weather hits but not an easy job, what does it the take to be a peco area line worker,
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5:29 pm
5:30 pm
tonight we are getting a firsthand lot at the challenges of the job. that is "eyewitness news" reporter, greg argos with his hard hat on climbing poles as he takes part in peco's line school. men and women who do it every take it is tough work in the toughest of conditions. >> greg got a taste of what that job entails. >> okay. >> reporter: when power goes out, these workers go up. >> step, step. >> reporter: peco linesmen come in all shapes and size business they all share one
5:31 pm
common characteristic. >> they are not scared of heights. >> majority of the people who drop out drop out because of height issues. >> reporter: peco is training a dozen new linesman to savely and efficiently climb power poles. >> safety is paramount. >> reporter: part of the 42 month apprenticeship, 13 weeks dedicated to scaling these and it is no easy job. >> you will run into a a lot of bruises cushions and. >> reporter: i learn that first hand, geared up, getting training from first time linesman eric sanchez. >> when lights go out we put them back on. >> reporter: key is to forget wharf been doing for years walking on your feet and paying attention to the metal strikes strap to your legs. >> only thing you will walk on are those two spikes. >> reporter: it is exhaust continuing. thinks all in a nice day not factoring weather these guys to have work through. >> all of the conditions you see when you look out and your lights go out that is when we are working. >> reporter: it is necessary
5:32 pm
work.hat cannot be accessed by bucket truck it is time to climb. so next time that ice storm cuts off power watching your favorite show. >> in the summertime we are dealing with rain, thunder lightening. >> wintertime it is completely different. 180, freezing, freezing rain, snow ice. >> reporter: think of the men and women 30 to 40 feet up working through weather to get power back on. it is like you have done this before. >> yes. >> reporter: in plymouth meeting, greg argos. >> if this news thing don't work out suit up. >> reporter: for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> how about that. >> it takes a lot of work and conditions, they go up in those conditions. my power goes out this winter i'm calling greg. >> can you climb this. >> they do a wonderful job. bless them a all indeed. philadelphia police officer is under arrest for allegedly assaulting two people. officer joseph merion is facing charges for an incident back in february. police say he got in the
5:33 pm
confrontation with the worker and woman at a dunkin' donuts on wadsworth avenue, shopping cart being applied to the parking lot hit the officer's vehicle. the officer merion has been suspended for 30 days with the intent to dismiss. >> we will continue to follow the terror attacks in paris. tonight europe is on edge, a soccer stadium in germany was evacuated today after officials received intelligence that a bomb was going to be set off during the match. no explosives were found and no arrests were made. meanwhile french authorities are looking fugitive they say was directly involved in the attack that killed 129 people, they are all ready on the hunt for a 26 year-old suspect his brother urged him to surrender today. u.s. cities, including philadelphia are increasing anti terror measures in the wake of the paris a attacks and continued threats from isis. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us from police headquarters with that part of the story walt. >> reporter: police
5:34 pm
commissioner charles ram i spoke one on one with me today about the paris terrorist attacks, about what is needed to keep philadelphia safe, and perhaps his biggest concern and obstacle to surveying terrorist to prevent attacks in the future. after par ace tax started police commissioner charles ramsey told me that he was on the phone, with the head of the fbi in philadelphia. >> talking about what is going on, more importantly what they are hearing and how do this impact the the you had philadelphia in particular. >> reporter: ramsey says terrorist choice of so-called soft targets like restaurants and a concert hall make it more crucial for everyone to be on the alert. >> if you have seen something suspicious, it is probably because it is suspicious. give us a call. >> reporter: finally the the commissioner warns tracking terrorist is now harder then ever, because they are protecting high tech ways to keep their communications, secret. >> when you hear us talking
5:35 pm
about, you know, chatter and monitoring this and monitoring that, there will come a time when there will be no chat tore listen to. >> reporter: it is called going dark, using encrypted communications that are i am possible to intercept. >> you are unable to penetrate this stuff. they will be below radar with in warning and be able to carry out these very, very barbaric attacks. >> reporter: the commissioner urge people not just to make a call to report something suspicious, but also to make a call to legislators, to get them to change and strengthen laws, that will make monitoring terrorist easier in the future, and help prevent future tragedy. live from police headquarters, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, walt. coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00, play stations as a recruiting tool it is not just encrypted acts. steve paterson reports how isis could be using gaming systems for hidden messages.
5:36 pm
we have some breaking news to tell but. chopper three live over a two alarm fire at moorestown community house. this is on east main street. no injuries have been reported in this fire. we're told everyone made it out safely but we will continue to follow this breaking story and we will bring you developments as we get them. in the wake of the terror attacks at paris enhanced security procedures are in place for this weekend's philadelphia marathon. still mayor michael nutter, said there is no known threat to the city of philadelphia. >> the events of this past friday, in my mind at least cause us to reaffirm to the public that we're paying attention, we're taking this seriously but life has to move on but we want you to know that we're on top of this. >> all runners and spectators will be required to pass through security checkpoints to enter the art museum area where sunday's race will begin and end and all bags are subject to inspection. please touch museum is
5:37 pm
getting a big help hand, donations are pouring in for those who want them to stay opened. anonymous donorpular children's museum out of bankruptcy. total donation added up to almost half of the ten million-dollar fund raising goal. >> donation that is come from individual that believe in our institution and believe we have a future here. >> in addition to the multi million-dollar donation, museum officials a announced a a new ceo trish well evenback will take over in early 206. still to come, it is not just for fashion anymore. more and more women are using their heels as a weapon in early defense. we will show you. meteorologist katie fehlinger returns to work tomorrow on "eyewitness news" this morning but today, we are checking in with her and meeting her baby girls. hear what katie says a has been toughest part of adopt to go mother hood. milder weather returns but
5:38 pm
so does the chance for rain, i'll tell you when rain and wind will hit and what follows after that, why you will need heavy coat this weekend coming up when we come right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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google is taking on yelp and trip advisor tech giant is offering incentives for users to write reviews fix mistakes, add photos, as a local guide on google maps. each time you contribute you'll earn 200 points and it will get you one pair of free google drive storage. top local guide will be event toward win all expense paid trip to google headquarters with the 2016 local guide summit. lets check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more.
5:42 pm
>> college students can be more thankful then ever. their chances of landing a a job after graduation are looking up, but employment outlook for new grads had been ugly recently but according to a new survey from the research institute at university of michigan hiring will increase by 15 percent next year. there appear to be two big factoring driving employment, company growth and employee turn over. some areas are primed to hire more than others construction industry which dried up during the recession is looking to hiring of grads by 19 percent, prek and k through two teachers are in demand, hiring projections for the field are blighter then they have been in a decade. other hot fields include financial and insurance services aerospace automotive and defense related industries, truck transportation, and internet accounting and computer services. finally the survey reports that non-profits which is main stay of college hiring for much of the past 15 years will continue to grow, but
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thanks to increased competition from other industries, hiring will only climb 5 percent in 2016. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "e
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a member of the family is returning to the morning show tomorrow. >> katie fehlinger, new mother of twin girls will resume her tooth is and we asked your dear friend and morning anchor erika von tiehl to stop by and introduce the new family members. >> these two little ones are the roof of my lives. >> baby twin girls parker janice and katie fey were born october 26th and already they have mom and dad wrapped around their little fingers. >> every day we see them growing and becoming little people. it is so cool. >> parker is champion either, little will kaydennis a stubborn. >> kayden looked more like dad steve, parker looked like momma a katie did when she was a baby. >> yeah, yeah. >> so when did it hit that she was a mom. >> as soon as i heard them crying the tears just flowed. it was just surreal it was a
5:47 pm
miracle to me to look at their little faces and realize that they are mine, i'm a mommy now. it was amazing hello come on in. >> reporter: it wouldn't be a proper morning news reunion without our pal nicole brewer who brought her own toddler jack to meet new members of the tv family. >> say hi. >> morning show cousins. >> hi morning show cousins. >> reporter: baby's first play date in the books we asked how she and steve are doing and working a morning shift helped at all. >> it is actually nice i don't to have put make up on at 3:00 in the morning. but yeah, we're still doing zombie shuffle where we're you know hear babies cry and that is your alarm clock these days. >> reporter: tomorrow morning an earlier alarm will get katie out of bed and back to the station something that she has been thinking about the last few weeks. >> i was driving my husband into 30th street station one morning and listening to ed abrams and carol mckenzie and i realized i really miss
5:48 pm
anybody but i would be lying if i said i was completely ready to come back. it will be a bitter sweet morning but i'm's ready to get back and i can't wait. >> can't wait for her exactly. >> welcome welcome back. >> they are so cute. >> family. >> the baby girls. >> yes. >> welcome back. i'll see you tomorrow morning. >> i'm getting up and watching. >> yes indeed. >> kate has your forecast. we had a snowstorm in march. just in time for katie we have a nice rain storm for her to track. we have no snow. but we have a rain storm to talk about as we head into thursday, and it will be a hard hitting storm. it will bring heavy raines specially thursday afternoon and thursday evening. but what is behind it, well it will feel like the the first little hint of winter in the the air here in philadelphia this weekend. lets look outside right now. we will go outside looking
5:49 pm
live down 16th street toward center city philadelphia looking good tonight. skies are clear but with the clear skies temperatures didn't rise very far today. the wind are dying down a little bit. that means temperatures are dropping steadily back to the 40's across the region as we check with our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they are reporting. most of them in the 40's, down to 49 degrees as we check with steve schwartz in bensalem. has a clear sky temperatures dropping but we are still lucky. in the like colorado. as you saw we showed you footage and had a interview withstand bush from our sister station out there if you didn't see it we will show you footage at 6:00. very nasty blizzard conditions there. christopher deambrose ohio in saint david at 47. refeel temperature of 40 degrees. it is not feeling that warm. i'll tell you big far cry from yesterday, and i was out identify in sleeveless conditions outside on the sky deck. definitely need coat and just pop up, that would be fantastic. barbara lane willow grove
5:50 pm
47 degrees. the it is chilly no matter where we are. we are seeing 50's here. lynn in cherry hill 50. beautiful fall day full of bird singing and flying from one name tree to the other. those leaves are coming down. anything left the wind on thursday will bring the rest of them down for us. the lets look outside on storm san three. we are watching a storm. it is pushing from the west, and remember we saw it in the same position yesterday. it was just going to sit there and draw in more and more moisture. that trough will be elongated as this storm effects the the nation. you can see the the center of the low will be moving up through great lakes but rain along this cold front that will blast through our area during the day on thursday and it will be a hard hitter. we will look closer in just a moment. we have temperatures of 52 in philadelphia we are down to 49 in millville. forty-seven in trenton. chilly evening. as we head back to the west our brief warm up again so, quick cool down today. quick warm up again tomorrow. we are back to the 60's. cleveland, st. louis, all in
5:51 pm
the 60's but cold air wait in the wings. wind will pick up tomorrow as well. the here's 4:00 o'clock with wind from the west southwest. 25 miles an hour gust possible tomorrow afternoon. as we await this cold front on thursday 7:00 a.m. front still off to the west but wind howell, 30 plus mile per hour gusts during thursday morning and as that front crosses the a area you can see direct southwest wind, wilmington, dover seeing win gusts above 30 miles an hour long with the heavy driving rain. this is a 2:00 o'clock thursday a and this continues in the evening commute on thursday. not great timing for this out and about on the road. it basically is around around through the entire day. 7:00 a a.m. to 10:00 a.m. rain begins west to east, zero to 6:00 when steady rain will be falling. some heavy. threat for some thunder out there don't expect severe weather but rumbles of thunder. rain will taper between 6:00 and 10:00 and then temperatures drops. i want to draw your attention to something happened night it is at leonid meteor shower.
5:52 pm
ten to 15 meteors per her. you have to look toward leo the the lion constellation and thinks debris from the temple cut will. best viewed just before dawn and they are moving quickly out there tonight. if you see any let us know. it will be quick. overnight partly cloudy, chilly. we will start wednesday with sun early a and then mostly cloudy. stay shower late in the day but real rainy day is thursday rain, wind, 67 as i just showed you. friday it a starts to will cool down. friday seasonal november day but over weekend that the cold air invade and then use the word cold for first time this month, sunday down right cold and that is the case into next week as well. back over to you. >> not col cold. >> yes. >> on the healthwatch tonight researchers say coffee can help you live longer. american heart association found people that drink moderate amounts of coffee lower their risk of death from cardiovascular disease type two diabetes and neurological diseases. moderate drinking is defined as less than five cups a day. researchers used caffeinated
5:53 pm
or decalf coffee suggesting health benefits come from the coffee beans themselves. it appears high heels aren't just for high fashion they can also be used for self-defense. several women in new york are learning how to protect themselves using their heels. the course is called the so tea era method and they use stilettos, platforms and pumps as a one on of opportunity against an attacker. >> how you get to a specific place, and pretending i'm wonder woman. >> i never thought i was before but it is something that i will give it a through when i get home. >> these classes are part of the growing trend of ready to wear self-defense classes. another tip to mention make sure you are wearing a high heel you can take off quickly. that is key. >> straps, and all that. >> yes. >> get your hand and hit someone witt. >> let it fly. still a ahead pie so good, it just makes you want to sing.
5:54 pm
>> ♪ >> i was just talking about this with someone today. how one man's viral review led to a run on pies, for the holidays, up next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
philadelphia native patty labelle is making people dance without any music. >> it is her sweet powe tait the owe pies that are going viral. >> patty... >> ♪ >> um, um. >> work it work it. >> i love pie too okay. >> i know, that is james wright he really loves pie
5:58 pm
and he is singing praises of patty's pie this viral video made dessert fly off the shelves at wal-mart and retail giant said rough liz one pie get this, one pie sold every second. >> um-hmm. >> to meet high demand wal-mart will need 2 million-pound of sweet potatoes for thanksgiving and christmas. the pie which cost under $3.50 are being routed to the stores where the demand is the highest. the listen, patty labelle and wal-mart could not have bought this kind of publicity. >> patty can cook. i went to a concert of hers in atlantic city, 20 years ago, a after the the show she put her bedroom shoes and threw down. patty, call me. >> time for a follow-up on the the pies patty call me. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, hidden messages from isis. as france continues to heel from the deadly terror attacks we are learning more about the high tech ways terror group could be recruiting and sharing information. and, living with hiv in the wake of charlie sheen's
5:59 pm
shocking a announcement, health reporter stephanie stahl speaks to a local doctor about dealing with the virus today, plus this. >> reporter: police say a driver impatiently tried to get around a trolley hits and kills a a mother of three. i'm rahel solomon charges for driver and the pain of this family. and temperatures, dropped today but they are on their way back up, just briefly. we're also talking rain, wind, abe then pretty noticeable cool down in the weekend. lots to talk about in weather all right the now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. developing right now at 6:00 o'clock chopper three over moorestown community house on main street. the fire fighter continue to battle a two alarm fire that broke out there about an hour ago. the the building is a historic landmark in the moorestown community. no injuries have been reported. also tonight, heightened security in the wake of the par ace attacks in germany
6:00 pm
threats led to the evacuation of the soccer stadium. that evacuation prompted by what officials called a serious bomb threat. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. of course all this is happening as french officials investigate deadly devastate ago tax in paris. here's the latest. no explosives were found and no a arrests were made in the germany threat. french police say they are searching for a second fugitive directly involved in the the attacks on friday. he has not been identified. the brother of the other fugitive, salah abdeslam called for him to turn himself in today. france launched new hair strikes against isis targets in syria today. government surveillance


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