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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the fire fighter continue to battle a two alarm fire that broke out there about an hour ago. the the building is a historic landmark in the moorestown community. no injuries have been reported. also tonight, heightened security in the wake of the par ace attacks, in germany, threats led to the evacuation of the soccer stadium. that evacuation prompted by what officials called a serious bomb threat. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. of course all this is happening as french officials investigate deadly devastate ago tax in paris. here's the latest. no explosives were found and no a arrests were made in the germany threat. french police say they are searching for a second fugitive directly involved in the the attacks on friday. he has not been identified. the brother of the other fugitive, salah abdeslam, called for him to turn himself in today. france launched new hair strikes against isis targets in syria today. government surveillance programs, used many
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sophisticated tools to tractor wrist, but some terrorist may be using a popular device found in many living rooms, and send hidden messages. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has that story. >> reporter: six separate attacks, nearly 130 dead. a analyst, had taken months to plan, with blind spot communications and new intelligence community is pointing to dark apps or phone programs we can down load to encrypt, or even erase messages from existence. >> although technology for terrorism may be low tech, the communications, between the the the planners and the scooters was done very sophisticated. >> reporter: drexel director of computing and security technology for home land security, scott white, says that sophistication, may have included this. >> communications in new gaming consoles like sony's play station four provides an excellent smoke screen. >> you may not think of the
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gaming console as a sophisticated piece of technology but doctor white says she is things are even harder to track then their phone app, you just need a headset and touch of the button you are connect to the user base of over 65 million worldwide. chatting software allow users to form parties allowing for dark conversations. on top of that, it is complicated. the operating systems of gaming consoles are very much different than what you see in the standard computer. it is a completely different way of auditing those machines as well. >> reporter: owe far no way if the terrorist plotted mass murder over a game of call of duty but it is now only just possible but many say it is probable n university city, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the the terror in paris has led to the raging debate about syrian refugees with the governors of many state saying they do not want them coming to the united states. "eyewitness news" went to
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allentown, home to one of the largest syrian populationness america. we talk with the syrian arabic american charity association a christian group that helps settle refugees in the states. >> it is definitely a concern. i mean i don't want to see what happened in france. we had our heart break with the september 11th and all of the -- we have to be cautious. >> reporter: speaker of the house paul ryan a is reportedly working on legislation to prevent more syrian refugees from entering the u.s. stay with "eyewitness news" for developments in the a attacks in paris. the fine updates on line and television at cbs scott pelley will have very latest tonight live from paris, cbs opening news begins right after we sign off at 6:30. developing right now fbi joins intense search for a missing cheltenham teenager believed to be armed. police issued an arrest warrant for jacob marburger, washington college in maryland where he is a sophomore remains closed until further notice. his disappearance prompted a
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lock down at cheltenham high school yesterday. his parents say he visited his cheltenham home over weekend a and left with the the firearm and they say they are worried about his safety. authorities say that marburger became upset when fellow students pulled a prank on him and displayed a weapon. lets take it outside and we are heading for a mid week warm up. lets get the the latest on a mild november, meteorologist kate bilo is outside on the sky deck but you have your coat on, kate. >> today was a brief cool down, up and down kind of week after 70 yesterday, today, only 50's and it is chilly out here right now. it will be a cold night. then we will warm it backup. the question is how long does the warmth stick around this time? lets look at first and foremost at the chill in the air, only 50 in philadelphia. but 40's across the suburbs. forty-five in trenton. forty-six in allentown. forty-seven in millville. this is courtesy of the back door cold front. you can see chill, blue shade ago this invaded new england. only 38 in albany. forty-five in new york. warm to the west and that is our little mid week warm up that we will feel tomorrow.
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temperatures since this time yesterday have dropped ten to 15 degrees in 24 hours. even though we have more warmth on the way, it is not the good kind of warmth. we are tracking threat for win, rain, rain could be heavy at times. we will tell you when it gets in and out and behind it, some of the coldest air this season to come in the seven day forecast. i will have that when i join you inside. back over to you. delaware state the police have have a arrested a former middle school choir director who allegedly raped a 13 year-old student. four three-year old gary smith was taken in custody today and charged with counts of rape. continuing sexual abuse of the child, sexual solicitation and related charges. work at du pont middle school in hockessin. police say at boost was committed numerous times on the schools property between 2010 and 2012. a driver is behind bars after police say he tried to pass a trolley and in the process hit and killed a woman. tonight that woman's family is
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speaking out and talking to our rahel solomon. she's live from southwest philadelphia with more, rahel. >> reporter: jessica, septa officials tell me route 11 trolley would have been pacing 54th and wood land about every ten minutes yesterday morning. but powe police say one driver decided he would not wait, and he is facing a long list of charges, three young boys are without their mother. the driver would have likely saved himself a minute, maybe two, but because of that impatients 38 year-old miriam wilson a mother of three is dead. all i have left. >> reporter: monday morning around 9:30 miriam was trying to cross 54th and wood lannon her home. the authorities say the driver, 23 year-old mal kay armstrong decided he would not wait, speeding around the left side of the trolley, through a red light, hitting and killing the friends call meme
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before striking another car in the opposite direction. >> it appears that he was trying to get away from the scene initially. >> would i say probably just from the fact he was in the rush to get around the trolley. it is 9:30 in the morning. he is lucky more people weren't injured. >> reporter: armstrong smelled of marijuana and faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and homicide by vehicle while under the influence. miriam's family said she was a mother to three boys, 17, six and just two years old. >> she just kept saying mommy says she was coming home, mommy says she's coming home. and, take me to school, aunte, and that just, broke me down. >> reporter: as the family tries to explain what they can to the children, they questioned for themselves, the potential minor two saved for the a alleged driver, really was it worth it? and back out here live you can see the candles and teddy bears from yesterday's vigil, the family tells me they plan to hold another vigil that
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will be tonight at 8:00. we are here at 54th and wood land. reporting live from southwest philadelphia, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. on the healthwatch tonight hollywood bad boy charlie sheen who had a long history of substance abuse and promiscuity says he is hiv positive a viruses specially high in philadelphia. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on his a announcement and also too the the virus here in philadelphia. >> reporter: that is right, jessica and ukee. philadelphia's rate for hiv is five times higher then the national average. charlie sheen says he went public with his diagnosis to help raise a awareness and get more people screened, and into treatment. charlie sheen made the revelation on the today show saying he has had hiv for four years. >> he probably wait because there is still so much stigma about the diagnosis. >> reporter: doctor robert wynn, medical director of the lgbt health center which treats hundreds of patient was hiv says it is no longer a death sentence.
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>> it is not curable but treatable. >> reporter: these are medications used to treat hiv that is contracted through unprotect sex or drug use with needles. while predominant among gay men anyone can contract it. magic johnson who announced he was infect in 1991 said virus is no longer detect in his blood, same with sheen who also didn't say, how it was contracted. >> i mean what is not to love, it is my life. winning report report sheen admitted he has had unprotect sex twice since the diagnosis but since he is being treated, the risk of spreading hiv is very low. >> you can get the that viral level so low that you can then transmit it to other people. two good things about treatment, one it makes you healthy and two it protects your partners. >> reporter: but 1.2 million american with hiv that don't know they are infect. other than this quick blood test people wouldn't know they are hiv positive. >> correct, you wouldn't know because you wouldn't have a symptom that you have it. >> reporter: no symptoms. >> no symptoms at all.
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>> reporter: h iv is diagnosed with a quick, simple blood test but experts say because of the stigma many are reluctant to get screened. also doctors are seeing a growing trend of people in their teens and 20's contracting this virus. we have more information, resource toes help you, cbs, click on health. >> interesting stuff, stephanie, thank you. still to come on "eyewitness news" a new app that aims to protect citizens, the mobile justice app, works and situations it hopes to prevent. and it is the new smart way to park and it could help awe void tickets. the latest technology that could save philadelphia drivers from those pesky traffic fines, kate. and it was another quiet but cool day, in philadelphia, however this storm that is bringing heavy rain and even blizzard conditions, is heading our way by the end of the week. i'll tell what you to expect and what to expect once this system leaves as well coming up in weather, don. it looks like mark sanchez is man for eagles, but there
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♪ >> later tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 while meat sizzles on the dance floor world class food sizzles in the kitchen. >> everybody likes the food, it is music, every day when i wake up, i just say again, thanks, god, thank you god for these days and thank you god for this opportunity. >> meet woman behind one of the hottest spots around and see how she turned opportunity into success for herself and a community, vittoria woodill has her story tonight at 11:00 . >> we have a first look at a app that a allowed citizens to keep tabs on the police. it is called mobile justice and was create by aclu. cheri greg from our sister station kyw news radio explains now how it works. >> reporter: video of police interactions, gone viral, all taken with a cell phone, but now, there is a app for that and it is called mobile justice. >> it is mostly a tool to empower people.
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>> reporter: ben owens works for aclu of pennsylvania and says mobile justice allows users to record interactions with police, with the press of a button. >> you want to turn your camera this way. >> reporter: when user hits stop the video is sent a in mustily to the aclu, users can choose to provide their name, location and other details. >> did the the the officer identify themselves, yes. did they use force? >> reporter: app alerts users when someone is recording nearby. >> that means you are now, able to witness other users. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law it is legal to use to this app to record video in public spaces, and no police officer should tell you to stop. but on private property it is a different story. mobile justice contains information on when and where citizens have the right to record. >> if people want to walk around with the camera strapped to them god bless them. >> reporter: commissioner charles ramsey says he welcomes more accountability but apps like these fail to capture an entire incident and hoping police body cams that
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will be rolled out this year will solve that problem. >> with body camera, what it will do hopefully is give us a full perspective. >> reporter: in the meantime owens say mobile just advertise app is the every man's body campaign will be there just in case. hopefully i never to have use it. >> reporter: in center city, cheri greg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". no more dicking for change or swiping for a credit card in philadelphia. >> now there is a app that will do it all for you and you don't have to dig around in your purse or bag. new way to pay called meter up was unveiled today. the drivers can set up an account on their smart phone using their license plate and credit card number. that app goes live thursday morning but we will go through testing first. >> we are starting tonight a start up program for six months, and if it succeed and passes all of our hopeful projections, it will go city wide after six months. >> the app will notify you via text when you have seven minutes left on your meter.
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you cap hit extend to put in more time and you don't even to go back tour car, which is like a game changer. >> yes, sitting here. >> how many times have have you had to run outside. >> wait a minute, my meter. >> countless, countless times. >> blew my mind i'm loving it. >> kate joins us with the forecast, it is in the 40's now. >> upper 40's. >> it is right around, upper 40's to 50's and many spots are dropping in the mid 40's already because we have a clear sky on a clear night like tonight with light wind. wind have died down. we are feeling the chill outside. but not the for long. back in the 60's tomorrow but by the the weekend that is when real cold starts to come n it will feel like a hint of winter for those missing it this month. lets look outside and see what is going on weather-wise. i want to show you video from earlier, from limon, colorado we talk tie reporter in colorado who was there live. they have had blizzard conditions there today. are very strong whipping wind,
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over 07 miles of the interstate shut down in portions of eastern colorado. eastern foot hills got hit hardest in the eastern planes in kansas where snow is ongoing. look at that wind whipping street signs and near blizzard conditions. so maybe, just maybe, if you have been talking about the lack of winter in our forecast seeing tha will make you reconsider at least for a few more weeks. nobody wants to drive-in that weather. very dangerous conditions there lets see, ben franklin bridge all lit up. clear skies, no snow in our forecast, there is a chance, jump in to it sunday into monday in the poconos you may see flurries, that is how cold it will get. not talking about philadelphia but north and west, far north and west. storm scan three shows us where that snow is, heavy purple shading over portions of kansas, nebraska, heavy snow and heavy rain on the front side of the system. this is coming through for us here on thursday. temperatures have dropped in the 40's in most locations. forty-seven in kenneth square. forty-seven in ardmore. forty-five in bensalem at
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snyder middle school and 44 at hainesport township school. future weather shows what to expect. we may see sun starting out the day but by afternoon cloud will increase. it turns out to be cloudy here by 1:00 o'clock on wednesday. couple showers tomorrow evening at 10:00 o'clock off to the north and west, a few sprinkles but day you want to have rain gear handy for is thursday. by 9:00 a.m. if you get done early much of the area should stay dry but afternoon commute completely different story. heavy rain orange shading over philadelphia, montgomery, chester counties. heavy rain continues in the evening commute at 6:00 from philadelphia especially in south jersey and delaware, slow go here on i-95 with this rain and does clear out by 11:00: we have clear skies. quick hitting storm but heavy rain strong gusty wind as well. here's what to expect rain heavy a at times. three-quarters of an inch to inch and a quarter of rain plus or minus an inch around your area. possible thunder as that front comes through warming up ahead
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of it. wind gust to 35 and slow travel will be an issue. we will get a brief surge of warm weather tomorrow into thursday. back in the 60's but once that front comes through by week even watch this cold puddle of air, that starts to dive southward and on sunday and temperatures only in the 40's. starting on sunday. overnight tonight speaking of the 40's, 45. partly cloudy a and chilly. wednesday mostly cloudy a stray shower but mild at 63. watch for that rain and wind on thursday. high of 67, but not the kind of day to get outside and enjoy your 67 degrees. friday 56, sunny and cooler a and then sunday 47 degrees, monday, tuesday, not much better, so it will start to feel like winter around here. >> a little different. >> thanks, kate. >> we will be right back.
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don has sports.
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>> eagles are hoping that they are on the mark, pun intended. franchise quarterbacks don't grow on trees, one time they thought help had one in the jets mark sanchez. his nickname was the sanchez but after two losses in two afc championship games and one butt fumble. if you don't know what it is, google it. sanchez is here in philadelphia now he takes over for the injured sam bradford who attended practice today as a spectator. sanchez played in nine games, ahead 14 touchdowns and 14 turnovers. eagles host bucks sunday and not much will change with sanchez under center. >> it will be the same, same offense and then we just, you know, kind of just veer toward some of the things that whoever is in there might do better. >> it is a different style. i feel confident that he will run the offense very effectively. >> all right. switching gears hockey in south philadelphia tonight. flyers will host pacific leading l.a. kings, something to look out for though.
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fly guys are second to last in scoring goals. kings have the second best defense in the league. not a good match up for orange and black tonight. temple football team at practice today, here's the deal now they control their destiny if they beat memphis saturday and u-conn next week they will play in the conference championship game. head coach matt rule is banking on his seniors to lead the way. >> it is another chance to play a great team, with a nfl quarterback, great defense play makers every where and you're difficulties ain't pod, banged up, you are hurt. to me i think our seniors have a opportunity to lead this team and show the toughness and leadership it takes to beat a team like memphis. >> all right. we need your help to select the last friday football frenzy game of the week, your choices are great valley at academy park, marple newtown at upper moreland and williamstown at cherokee. go to cbs to vote. i will announce winner
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tomorrow night at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. i just want to say, you know what, we will say we will apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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chopper three is live over chester county, the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are closed because of a tractor trailer fire. police tell us that the tractor trailer was traveling westbound when it lost control and hit a concrete median 10 miles west of the downingtown exit. once it hit it burst into flames and exploded. more information on this at cw thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news", here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see
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you, tonight. >> pelley: tonight, from paris, the manhunt widens. the search is on for a second terrorist who go got away. france launches more bombing raids against isis. secretary kerry tells us the u.s. and russia may join forces against the terror group. and how do you explain evil to the most innocent among us? a dad's tender words of wisdom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: the president of france ordered a third round of attacks on isis targets in syria tonight. inspired, he says, by the faces that don't leave his mind. the faces of t


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