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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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how is this for a spectacular view? we are looking live from inside one of the tallest building right here in center city. we will take you all the way up to the 57th floor to show you what the the city looks like from the top of the sky scraper. >> you cannot see this view before it opens to the public. thankfully they're windows around here and she's not standing out there with all that wind because we have a storm moving in tomorrow it sound like. >> storm scan three is showing rain heading our way. lets check with katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> i'm's so glad there is no storm today but i know it is moving in tomorrow but so far morning commute is looking great for all of you leaving your homes. all of the overnight construction projects are lifted. but katie, how is weather. >> as you said storm system on the move. here it is, once again full
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screen, heavy rain right now down across eastern mississippi valley and some snow on the back side. thankfully we are in the dealing with severe weather threats out of the system let alone snow thank goodness but this will be a big game changer, very heavy rain for tomorrow, gusty wind to go with that and then we will see temperatures take a dive. let look at the where we came from. average high is 55. we have been doing darn nice, even our coldest day was above average by 2 degrees. we had 70-degree day on the way here beautifully mild weather for standard this time of the day. current temperatures, temperatures tend to drop and under generally clear sky, here in the 30's and mid 40's around the board here, just outlining suburbs of the palmyra, doylestown, willow grove. quakertown is at the freezing mark. this is what i would call a layering day but i would have heavier coat ready to go heading out the door. cool fall morning on tap as we
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move forward a milder day then it was yesterday, we expect to get you back in the mid 60's as day progresses here but a lot of cloud, more than anything. could we have a stray shower, we will talk about that chance and time out that rain for tomorrow, all coming up, but meisha, back to you. thanks very much, good morning. happy hump day if you are just waking up with us, roadways are looking great. weather seems nice, calm, both taillights moving in the southbound direction, and you can see it is looking good here but we are starting to see levels, just start to progress as we move through 5:00 o'clock hour. this is i-95 moving in the southbound direction. moving in the north bound side we still have overnight construction between bridge street and cottman that right lane still blocked but northbound direction not causing too many problems. we are seeing most of the volume levels build right now in the southbound side of i-95. vine, good news all opened for those dealing with the morning
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construction. that can be a pain for us. i may self included this was closed now moving in the westbound and eastbound side all opened there. we have construction in new jersey, 55 northbound past route 49 that left lane is block until 3:00 p.m. ladies, over to you. developing right now a standoff french police say is connect to last friday a's attack that continues in the paris suburb. police stormed a building in saint dennis and were met with violent resistance. two are dead including a with man blue herself up with the suicide belt. several others are under arrest. police are looking for the allege master mine of the attack. in germany a bomb threat canceled a soccer match 90 minutes before kick off. police searched stadium but they found nothing. meanwhile authorities have cleared two air france planes bound for par that is were diverted has night after anonymous threats. this is air france 55, it took off from dulles international airport outside washington and
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landed in halifax nova scotia a air france flight have five landed in salt lake side i, searches turned up in evidence of the explosive devices. at tax in paris are forcing u.s. law enforcement to keep a close eye on restaurants, shopping centers and public places. charles ramsey say they are all pose a problem. >> we coordinate and work with very well private security that covers majority of the infrastructure in the you had. we have very good relationships with them, again if anything suspicious, give us a call. >> many police departments are trained for situations involving active shooters. >> in in business news this morning we have got bad news if you are a a fan of harry potter. it will cost you more. >> travelers take note one of the biggest airlines in philadelphia is changing its benefits. henna daniels joins us live with more on that, good morning, henna. >> good morning. big changes to american airlines frequent flier program beginning in the
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second half of the next year members will earn award miles based on how much they spend on a ticket as opposed to how far they fly. american advantage members will receive 5 miles for every dollar spent on base fair and fees. but janet yellin opposes republican sponsored legislation to increase oversight over the federal reserve. in a letter to house leaders yellin called the proposal significantly flawed and a grave mistake detrimental to the economy. the legislation would require the fed to use a mathematical formula to determine interest rates, the the house could vote on the matter this week. it is going to cost you more to see harry potter, universal studios/hollywood is raising price of the yearly pass. a ahead of the opening, of the new wizarding world of harry potter this spring, there are three-yearly pass tears but they all have blackout dates and, of course, there is no free parking.
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los angeles designer wants you to frek yourself. she has dreamed of having freckles so she came up with stencils that create frequent also that last for 48 hours. in case you guys were wondering her project is on kick starter, nicole and erika. >> i was than the wondering. >> yes. >> there you go. >> freckles are lovely don't get me wrong but won't be in your stocking this year, hena, thank you. take a ride on the hell cooperate tore see philadelphia from the top, observation deck at top of the one liberty will be soon opened to the public. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at one liberty in center city with the very first look. i can imagine what it is like out there, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. how cool is this. the one liberty observation deck does not opened until end of the month on november 28th but we have a sneak peak as it transformed, transforming over last couple months into this.
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as soon as you step off elevator and floor the doors it is a very philadelphia experience. ben franklin will great over at the sky lianas and the general manager here, is joining us here to talk about this philadelphia a experience. as soon as you get in on the second floor you feel that what will it be like. >> we have deliver of so much what philadelphia represent through graphic images, arts, mosaic styles and murals thaw get a sense thaw are all over the city. when you come to the 57th floor and people will engage with you. they love to with their cell phone, posting things on social media we have put lots of philadelphia experiences so people can post their own photos but what we offer is the the view. this is a view of philadelphia that most people never had an opportunity to enjoy 883-foot, 57 stories. everybody understands the beautiful city we live in but when we get here you can enjoy this good 360-degree here,
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north south, east west, see ben franklin bridge, city hall, sky scrapers at a level that hasn't before seen in this city. real special place. >> what you will see is people will rush, look for something that is familiar to them, grand mom's house, went to the school, neighborhood you live, it is spectacular all day all night. >> once this space is complete they are going to be touch screens around to help you pinpoint those different locations. >> we have the coolest technology available and we have mega pixel photo you can zoom in on anything you would like in philadelphia it will tell you bit. we have points of interest, for example you see ben franklin bridge, get a little text on what makes it so special. additional image as behind us. really cool technology. >> reporter: so what entrance should people come to one liberty is a a big place. how can they get in. they go through entrance and escalate or and up an elevator.
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>> coolest entrance is on the market street. and that is where you will come in through some escalators, a lot of the images where ben franklin's lights are on the second floor >> express ride to the top with the huge tv in the elevator. >> a that made this project frequent a real estate perspective challenging we had to find a way to get to the top in one elevator. if you have been to other observation decks sometimes it takes a couple elevators to get there for us it is one. >> we are expecting this to be a huge hit. it opens november 28th at 10:00 a.m. >> great gift to the city for holidays. >> reporter: is what web site so people can check out prices, times, 365 days a year. >> we're opened every day, and it is philly from the >> evan evans, general manager, you can see how beautiful it is a at this hour. wait until sunrisees. we are told it is gorgeous a inn we will get a daylight
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view later on. reporting live from center city, 57 stories up, back to you in the studio. >> great. it is beautiful. >> best of bows world, nighttime and daytime view coming up. >> thanks, jan. >> other good news. >> is there a new section zest man alive we will tell you who deserved the crown. >> i know you have been wondering it is hard to argue with this one. >> from country music star to heroes see how blake shelf even saved strangers stranded in the truck. these young football players are flying high thanks to the generous donation from the eagles. hear message eagles share with the kid who look up to them. we will be right back.
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paying for park nothing philadelphia is high tech. >> yes. >> starting tomorrow you can pay for park nothing parts of the city with just your phone. consumer reporter jim donovan shows us how it works. >> reporter: no digging around for change or pulling out a credit card, ppa executive director vince fenderty unveils meter up pay by phone parking app. >> it is new technology which has been utilized in other cities and we have had this designed specifically for philadelphia. >> reporter: this promotional video shows how it works. first set up an account on your smart phone using your license plate number and credit or debit card. pull up to the curb where you want to park, hit pay button on the app, select a zone number found on the kiosk or meter, choose amount of time and set to go.
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when you have seven minutes left you'll get a text message notifying you that your time is almost up. hit extend to put more time without returning to your car. >> we are starting in the pilot program for six months, and if it succeed and passes all of our hopeful projections it will go city wide after six months. >> reporter: four pilot zones are bound by fourth and 20th street, arch to locust. along christopher columbus boulevard from spring garden to race street. torresdale train station and ppa parking lot at eighth and chestnut. reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. that app goes live tomorrow morning. you can link more than one license plate. >> multiple cars. >> that is nice. >> a a lot of money. >> yes. >> i know i can, for sure. you want to check your kitchen and fridge because more than 52,000-pound of these tyson chicken wings are recalled. tyson received complaints that the chicken had a strange odor. some people said they got sick after eating them.
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recall effects 28-ounce bags of tyson any tizers fully cook hot wings. october 24th and 25th, 2016. it is 5:46. we are checking with your weather watchers for the first time in 12 weeks. >> i miss everybody, and so are our weather watchers, so very much. i have been a true believer they are a huge part of what we do here in the weather department because they are our eyes on the ground to tell us exactly what is happening in these different neighborhood. we will start off down in middletown delaware where jason is, nice clear sky for him. he has a modest 10-mile an hour wind at 41 degrees. he is welcoming me back. i'm just so grateful. twins look adorable. thank you for that. they are hopefully still sleeping right now. lets go out, to 33 degrees from mark. he is under a nice clear sky
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in chats worth, clear cold, star lit sky in the pine barons a few more cloud inland. we will shoot up to one more here at 32 degrees. ed connor has clear skies in chesterfeel. p90x work out for me. i'm a big supporter of that program, it did wonders in six weeks. storm scan three, we are watching these storm system making it migration, heavy rain, you can see some cloud starting to bilo in here. some have a clear sky as we saw from the watch are and or seeing cloud, generally just a day to feature more cloud then anything but this rainfall will hit us. we could end up with up to maybe lovely higher then an inch worth of precipitation. weak go within window of three-quarters of an inch to an inch plus, once that rain hits. when does it get here? probably about the time from west to east we will go off the air on "eyewitness news"
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at 7:00. i would highly suggest you walk out the door with the umbrella and thank yourself because you will need it all day long. mild day. very soggy one. temperatures tumble but the sun does return at the that point. >> we have been dealing with 60's and 07's how can we complain about rain, right ? good morning. happy hump day. it is still dark as you can see but it the is not stopping anyone from leaving their homes. it the is getting quite bus think wednesday morning. here's the schuylkill headlights moving at conshohocken curve, plenty of volume, just starting to make it way on the schuylkill expressway. interstate 95 is looking busy moving in the southbound direction. moving in the north bound direction 95 north between bridge street and cottman we are still dealing with the remnant of the overnight construction. the those cones still on the roadways, pulled off to the right block ago this right lane. just make note they are not causing too much slow downs, it is southbound side of i
5:49 am
state nine 56789 ben franklin bridge from new jersey looking good as we move westbound over that bridge. nothing to say about any of the bridges. they are a all looking great. construction in new jersey, 55 northbound past route 49, left lane is block until around 3:00 p.m. erika, over to you. a big toe nation is helping a local youth football team fly like an eagles. >> "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more on the local bird who helped these young players. >> eagles. >> eagles tightened zach ertz paid visit to dozens of peewee football players tuesday in norristown as they received their new helmets, pad, practice jerseys and cheer uniforms. a donation worth $20,000. >> i was just lick this and still just like that in my heart and for them to know that everything that they want to accomplish in life is a attainable. >> reporter: ertz signed autographs and answered questions from the kid who played in the norristown youth football league grade k
5:50 am
through six, both players and cheerleaders too. >> i'm a a diehard eagles fan and i don't have a career, i will will go to the nfl. >> reporter: kid got to take pictures with eagles cheerleaders and mascot, swoop. >> what do you think about this autograph. >> good. >> reporter: what will do you witt. >> i will sell it. >> in the game today it need to beafe and starts with the equipment and techniques that the coaches are seeing. >> reporter: message that was well received. >> play hard, people. don't play bad. >> reporter: for every touchdown eagles score money is donated to a youth football program throughout the philadelphia area norristown season may be over their equipment will be shining and new next year. in norristown i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, word is score, for david beckham. >> former soccer star is people magazine sexiest man alive for 2015. >> yes. >> the the 40 year-old called it a huge honor but he is not
5:51 am
sure he deserves the title. >> come on. >> he takes the crown from chris hems worth, well deserved. blake shelton is called a hero, singer came to the aid of four men whose truck got stuck in the mud in ardmore, oklahoma a the his truck could not get vehicle out of the mud so he came up with another plan. >> he decided he would go get his tractor and will be back in a 15 minutes. fifteen, 20 minutes later he came back, pulled him out. >> really nice. >> i'll be right back with my tractor. >> this isn't first time shelf even helped a a neighbor in need, he rescued a guy stranded in waist deep water. >> makes you like him even more. >> we will take a short break we will be right back. >> cute too.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at we're updating developing news in france, police say that the raid on an apartment building outside parises now over. you're looking live at that scene here, two people were killed, and seven others were arrested as police looked for more suspects from last weeks paris terror attacks police thought the the master mind was inside that building but they have not said they found him. we will get an update from france in our next hour. officials say there is no link to terrorism but plane
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passenger was restrained after a scare in the air. it happened on the british airways flight from london to boston. a an intoxicated three two-year old woman from poland tried to open up an exit door mid flight. fellow passengers and crew held her down. woman faces an arraignment later today. a fight between detroit middle schooler and a teacher is caught on camera. students started rolling with their cameras as things got out offhanded in the detroit school yesterday. things got out of hand. that teacher said seventh grader called her a vulgar name, the teacher is on paid leave while an investigation gets underway. massive fire in new jersey forces a mountain tore make a decision with flames tearing through her apartment she rush to the balcony where an officer urge her to drop her child in her arms, he did and officer caught that little girl. then, he jump topped safety as
5:56 am
she was still emotional just thinking about that moment. >> i just jumped, yes. just so scared that she would not catch her. >> everyone is okay, her daughter was examined and we're told she's all right. we will be right b thioh my god. friday. does anybody want to be part of this? nooooo. well, chevy has a better way, with black friday deals all month long.
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good morning. massive flames, light up the night sky when an overbrook home catches fire. we are live on the scene. gunfire and explosions could be heard throughout the night in paris where police just ended an hours long standoff with suspects, in last weeks deadly attacks. we have the the latest on that developing situation. it is clear this morning but check out storm scan three we are tracking rain on the way, will it effect you today, katie. >> katie will have the answer. >> that is right, it is wednesday, november 18th, good morning i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. lets get traffic and weather together and so happy to welcome katie about a being from maternity. meisha as always great to have you too. >> i missed you guys. >> traffic and weather back together. >> it is back together.
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i have to ask with the new born babies does it the feel like you are in the groove, not getting a whole lot of sleep. >> i never got a lot of sleep, i mean let's be honest. the kind of schedule we keep, let's keep it the real here but having an extra full-time job on top of that could get interesting. but, i'm happy to say i have a full cup of coffee in my system. lets show you what is going on. no rain. erika mentioned it is on the move and it will eventually bring us our next big thing, this storm system will have a significant impact on our area but thankfully not in the form of any severe weather threat. at the the moment we are basically clear. we have a partly cloudy here on storm scan three but chilly outside regardless of the cloud cover down in the 30's in a few locations. pair of four's up and down from philadelphia to wilmington and down to 40 at this point in trenton. once sun comes up we are expecting a nice warm up here to 6ic
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