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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 18, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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born babies does it the feel like you are in the groove, not getting a whole lot of sleep. >> i never got a lot of sleep, i mean let's be honest. the kind of schedule we keep, let's keep it the real here but having an extra full-time job on top of that could get interesting. but, i'm happy to say i have a full cup of coffee in my system. lets show you what is going on. no rain. erika mentioned it is on the move and it will eventually bring us our next big thing, this storm system will have a significant impact on our area but thankfully not in the form of any severe weather threat. at the the moment we are basically clear. we have a partly cloudy here on storm scan three but chilly outside regardless of the cloud cover down in the 30's in a few locations. pair of four's up and down from philadelphia to wilmington and down to 40 at this point in trenton. once sun comes up we are expecting a nice warm up here to 63 which is still close to
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being above average. we will take what we can get but don't expect that bright sunshine like we have seen in recent days. then sign of things to come we have rain off to the west that moves in with the stray shower as early as late today. only for some. mostly a dry wednesday. then tomorrow is when we will start to see rain and wind no less getting into -- getting underway. that is what we have on tap as far as looking forward here. beyond that point we will have to break out it looks like the winter coats as we in the upcoming weekend. temperatures taking a tumble in the near future, meisha but now not looking too terrible. >> we are looking g we have an accident outside good morning, katie and good morning to all of you at home. we have an accident at 202 northbound at route 252, exit to paoli. two left lanes are block. you can see but also it looks like it might be compromising some right side whether that be the shoulder or what but make sure you know this is still there. this has not been moved at
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all. i will update and let you no he when that does because that can slow us down out there. i-95 south at girard interstate i-95 at girard looking butts i and so is roosevelt boulevard. roosevelt boulevard has been an area we are keeping an eye on. it is heating up and getting slow moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour. likewise interstate i-95. we have construction at 95 north before church man's road at route seven of pass. three left lanes are block. they are saying that should be moved out right around 6:00 a.m. i will let you know when it does and also construction in new jersey, 55 northbound past rude 49, left lane there is block until 3:00 p.m., erika, back over to you. >> we have huge flames that destroyed this home overnight the in the overbrook section. one fire fighter suffered minor injuries bat telling two alarm blaze. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us a at the scene with the very latest information, good morning.
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>> reporter: that fire fighter was taken to presbyterian showing signs of the exhaustion. fire fighters are still on the scene here knocking out hot spots, still burning on this home here this morning. chief tells us that he knew that this was a big job when he arrived and got that call at 1:23 this morning. let's show you video of what fire fighters found. four engines and two ladders were first to respond to the scene here on the 6100 block of west columbia avenue. we are told that fire began in the back of the home and moved from the basement to the top of this three story house. the heat was so intense they say it caused a siding of nearby homes to melt. fire burned intensely until it was contained at 2:23 this morning and part of the fire fighting next door to sure up the fire that connects those homes here. the let take a look at the damage that this fire left behind some hours later, the the top two of the home that caught fire are now as you can
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see gone. there is also heavy collapsed inside. that home next door damage to the top two floors, ladders, focused water on the building to soak out those hot spots and prevent anymore spread of the fire. fire marshals have been looking into the cause of the fire. we also spock to the woman whose home caught fire about her rescue and here's what she had to say. >> they woke me up. someone heard glass break, okay. the guy around the corner, he was hollering saying something is on fire. he was trying to get me out of there. but i just heard the glass break and then there was smoke when i woke up. >> reporter: as you might imagine, that with man is grateful that she was able to get out and someone came to rescue her. looking live at that home it has a orange condemn sticker on it. we are told the next home
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demolish at some point as soon as this morning. we know that this morning at least eight people were displaced. also two cats and two turtles were rescued from this home. we did tell you fire marshals are on the scene looking for a cause into this fire. we are told that they are looking in the back of the home where a grill was seen earlier in the night last night. we are live here in overbrook i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". developing right now a french government spokesmen says a standoff involving suspects in last weeks paris attacks is over. it ended this morning in saint dennis, a paris suburb. two suspects died including a with man who blue herself up. police arrested seven others. they believe the alleged master mind of the par ace tax was held up inside the building. two air france planes got the the all clear after anonymous threats forced them to be diverted last night.
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jonathan vigliotti is in saint denis with more. >> reporter: gunfire erupted in the paris suburb of saint denis during an operation tarring several suspects behind last week's terror attacks including the alleged master mind, abdelhamid abaaoud, panic residents heard explosions, some were evacuated, others told to stay indoors as heavily armed officers and soldiers, moved through the streets. law enforcement officials say at least two suspects are dead, one of them a female suicide bomb shore blew herself up with an explosive vest. it comes as police begin searching for a second man whom they say slipped away after the carnage. the authorities reportedly spotted him on surveillance video in a car with two other attackers who opened fire on customers at a bar. brother of one of the attackers is a appealing for him to come forward. my advice is to turn himself into police he said so justice
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can shed light on what happened. saint denis is a mile away from the south of france, soccer stadium targeted by three suicide bombers. secretary of the state john kerry a says attacks on so-called soft targets like these posed yet another challenge for fight against isis. >> for a terrorist, you only, if you are willing to die you can choose almost anywhere to go do that and everybody else who is in law enforcement trying to prevent it has to get every single thing right, you'll time. >> reporter: french war planes dropped more bombs and russia a joined air strikes begins ice is in syria. in paris, jonathan ledge lot i for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". because of the attacks in paris philadelphia will have a enhanced, and, enhanced security, and, and, and, belongings. the the at a news conference mayor michael nutter said there is in known threat but, because of what happened last friday, better safe than sorry. >> i think the events of this past friday in, my mind
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at least, cause us to, you know, reaffirm to the public that we're paying attention, we're taking this seriously, and might bet to move on but we want to you know that we're on top of this. >> tens of thousands of people are expect to be in town for the the marathon. westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike are opened to traffic in chester county after a deadly crash during last night's rush hour. tractor trailer hit center tea trieder and burst in the flames in west nantmeal township between downingtown and morgan town. the driver of the truck was kill. fire damages a burlington county land mark and fire fighters want to know how it started. fire at moorestown community house started a around 5:00 yesterday evening. it was under control in about an hour. that building which opened up in 1926 is a community center housing non-profit groups. it is also hosted wedding and anniversary parties. >> it is a landmark. i remember it a as a kid. we swam in the pool up here, it was a library, it is very
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pretty inside. >> no one was hurt but there is quite a bit of damage. it is unclear when this building will be opened. rash of armed robberies targeting food delivery drivers in winslow township is being blamed on teenagers. many of those robberies happened in the manor hill community over past three weeks. five suspects in custody are between three and 16 years old. police say drivers were held up at gunpoint and knife point and one occasion a driver was attacked with the stick. >> the the driver pulled up, one person will show up and couple more will come out from the bushes or general area and approach the driver. >> get a chance to get to the door, two gentlemen came up, one with the gun and put the gun right to his chest and demanded the money. >> police recovered a replica handgun from the teens and more arrests are now pending. this is quite a view of the city.
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we are's giving you first look inside the brand new observation deck on top of the one liberty place. new app that protects citizens and keeps tabs on police, it the is called mobile justice. we will show you how it works. one major airlines make policy changes to impact millions of travelers, we will explain coming up. >> ♪ >> we are so excited to have, katie back from maternity leave and she's showing us more picture of her beautiful babies when we come right back.
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we have rain on the rain but when it comes to your umbrella, not today but tomorrow, yes. >> tommy would call it a necessity. for now we are just waiting, on this storm system to make its the arrival. it is a ducey this was responsible for blizzard conditions over colorado, and continuing to bring some snow to portions of the central plains. very nice, well defind organization, that classic comma shape to it but when you see that nice organization, that we meteorologists geek out over, it means pretty heavy duty stuff in the form of very soaking lane, severe weather potential for deep south but as far as we're concerned this will be more rain maker and some wind that come with it but noing that we would call garden variety severe weather bye this is all drawn in as we await arrival ape passage of this cold front. notice time stamp. 11:00 a.m. today. we will look forward in the forecast.
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later in the a afternoon and evening, northwest suburbs, may end up with a quick shower, stray would be the word i used to describe that. then got stuff comes in, heavy rain once again soaking us through the better part of the the day tomorrow. notice time stamp 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. a as we go off the air the region is getting doused out there, slicker, rain boots, certainly umbrella, whatever your preferred weather accessory for rain events you'll need it tomorrow and then it is out of here later tonight. it is an all day event but once it is gone we will see things clear up. it is quite clear, beach patrol here at margate city looking lovely. chill in the air for sure. make no mistake. it is a dry beginning to the day and it will stay that way until we hit tomorrow. that is when rain, wind come on in and it is still a mild day. is there a trade off there. notice tropical in temperatures, guys, come sunday, monday, tuesday, 40's. we are talking winter weather. >> yes. >> thanksgiving. >> you know, seriously.
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>> we felt very spoiled. >> we were. >> yes. >> it is funny how fast you lose your thick skin, right? you are complaining about high 40's. >> yes, it is all relative. >> we have beautiful babies, they are so cute. >> yes. >> we have baby picture we want to share. >> i wanted to give you an inside glimpse here. this is parker, parker janice, and this is what we're spending quality time in the hospital. they had to stay longer. i believe we have got another one for you. >> everyone is healthy. we're all doing good. baby parker is one week old here and we have a few more. this is both sister. she spent three weeks there. the she's healthy. but because they come early, look at how tiny. >> yes. >> we saw you last week. >> that is parker, going home and she weighed if i'm
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remembering right just over 5-pound on the day that she came home. >> three weeks old there. >> yes, i look back and get teary eyes. >> thermos precious kids. >> you said it, when i first announced i was pregnant you came in and said it is the best thing ever. i have to say it, it is true. >> it changes your life. >> nothing like it we love you. >> we love you guys good so great to be back. >> it is an awkward transition to go to jammed up road. things looker looking g roadways are, they are nice and dry we have an accident here, this is 202 northbound at route 252. exit to paoli two left lanes are block in and around this area. i can let you know part of
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that right shoulder might be compromised as well. traveling in and around this area just know it is busy because of this accident, flashing lights, still very dark outside as you can see. even your visibility compromised a little bit. little warning it is still in place. i'll let you know when it does. i-95 south at cottman look at this very busy already. we are just breaking in the 6:00 o'clock hour and you can see a string of brake lights. some drivers are not even moving. it is obvious you you are not traveling at posted speed there. forty-two freeway at creek road approaching 295 looking good but 15 minutes ago looking at 42 freeway in the northbound direction it didn't look like this. we are starting to see volume levels pick up quicker, then would i say normally moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour interstate 95 but 42 freeway looking busy a as well and construction in delaware i-95 north at route seven overpass, three left lanes are block
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here right around until 6:00 a.m. right now we will take a quick break stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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it is tough to watch sheriff's deputies beating a man in the mid of the san francisco street. it happened saturday night.
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officials say man had led police on a 38 minute chase in the stolen car. officers say he ram an officer with that car and was tough to restrain. incident is sparking outrage and spawned an internal investigation. behavior like that is, a new app, is helping citizens to report. aclu calls it mobile just advertise. cheri greg cbs news radio explains how it works. >> reporter: video of police interactions gone viral all taken with a cell phone but now is there an app for that and it is called mobile justice. >> mostly going to be a tool to empower people. >> reporter: ben owens works for aclu of pennsylvania and said mobile justice allows users to record interactions with police, with the press of the button. >> you want to turn your camera this way. >> reporter: when a user hits stop video is sent anonymously to the aclu, users can choose to provide their name, lex and other details.
6:22 am
>> did the officer identify themselves, yes d they use force? yes. >> reporter: the app alerts users when someone is recording nearby. >> that means you are able to witness other users. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law it is legal to use this app to record video in public spaces and in police officer should tell you to stop. but on private property it is a different story. mobile justice contains information on when and where citizens have the right to record if people want to walk around with the the camera strapped to them, god bless them. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey welcomes more accountability but apps like these many times fail to capture an incident. he is hoping body cameras held out this year will solve that problem. >> with body camera what it will do is give us a full, perspective. >> reporter: in the meantime, he says mobil justice app is every man's body camera and it will be there just in case. >> hopefully i never to have use it. >> reporter: in center city cheri greg for kyw news radio
6:23 am
"eyewitness news". >> amazing what technology can do. coming up two major airlines make policy change that he is will impact millions of travelers. >> see philadelphia from the top, we will take you 57 stores and 883 feet up, to check out sky line from the new observation deck at one liberty place where we are showing this to you before it opens to the public, great live view right now. >> and more rain on the way, katie. >> more rain is on the way but not yet we are going to see a stellar sunrise get underway here, eventually you have to break out umbrella, it is not an option, we will time this next system out for you on the other for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
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well, are you planning to take your pet on your next delta flight? airline announced it will no longer accept your fury friend as checked baggage. exception toss that new rule include military members and service animals. small dogs and cats can still fly with their owners if they fit in the pet carrier underneath the seat, that policy changes next march. american airlines is also changing its policy when it comes to calculating frequent flier miles. next year points will be based on ticket prices instead of the miles traveled. this means flyers who rely on the discounted fares or travel longer distances may not get reward as quickly as they once
6:27 am
did. company will be lowering reward miles for flyers to redeem free flights. >> we have that going for you. >> bad news all the way around. >> four men from vancouver have sights set on the world record but forget this. >> high seas in a hot tub. >> check this out. >> men picked up a used hot tub freon craigs list and built this around it. authorities weren't sure if it was sea worthy but it checks out. men say it wasn't just for them, everybody wanted to help out. >> my friend has a sail boat, so he has been many times, it would be fun to get a hot tub boat. when we started building it it was a lot of fun like a big community project. >> the men attached a pig roaster and dingy so they can have a a snack on it. >> you got to have it. >> set the record by sailing across british columbia georgia straight and 18 miles ride. that looks like a fun group of guys to hang out with. >> if you ever wanted to break a world record, this is way to
6:28 am
do it. a hot tub. >> boat. >> yes. >> just love it. wow. coming up next on "eyewitness news" latest developments in the paris terror attacks. there is a new parking app in philadelphia that could save you from getting tickets. we will show you how to feed the the meter with your phone, jan. we have got the best live location in all of the city of philadelphia this morning. we are coming to you live 67 store ace above ground level here at the new one liberty observation deck with your you can see sunnies slowly coming up over horizon this morning. we will look at more stunning views and a couple new exhibits opening up at the end of the month. we are getting busy on the roadways we have an accident 202 northbound at route 62. and another one i-95 north bound at delaware state line. we will have all of the delays coming up but we will take a quick break cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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well, check out this a macing, view. >> yes, philly from the top, incredible view from one liberty observation deck. our jan carabao is taking you inside before it opens to the public. we will check with jan in a couple minutes. >> i'm not so sure you can see it but if look in the center of the screen you can see our cbs-3 studios and our own katie fehlinger outside on the sky deck. >> yes. >> hi, katie. >> is it chilly out there. >> i'm trying to wave to jan do you think she can see me. >> good effort. >> probably not. >> well, thank you for that. good morning. we are tracking wet weather looking forward in the forecast, that is something we have to talk about but for new no umbrellas required. we are off to a quiet start, and nice sunrise currently underway. you have to to break out extra
6:33 am
layer but overall this isn't a terrible day. still above average. i will walk you through the the forecast, we will start off with a check on storm scan three if we can go there full screen. there we go pretty heavy rain. your we starting in the deep south? heavy rain continues to pummel deep south another round of severe weather expect there. for us a dry day expect for most. could there be a stray shower for northwestern suburbs i think absolutely but keep that in mind late today and tonight there might be a couple sprinkles or showers northwest of the city. once potent cold front comes in the cold with the purple, blues, when you see those colors it is turning chilly and that is our big story a as this cold front passes through and brings in the chill. for now it is cool but not terribly uncomfortable and or breezy either. that will be changing tomorrow. we are in the 30's, mid 40's around the board but still we would call it an above average day. sixty-three under mostly
6:34 am
cloudy skies in philadelphia for the day and we will see cloud thicken. brighter start to the day down the shore but eventually included do creep up on you and it is a sign of things to come, meisha. eventually the rain gear required, thankfully for most you do not need it yet. >> tough to complain about the the 60's, thanks very much for that. good morning. just waking up things are looking okay but we have two active accidents outside have the first one here paoli 202 northbound at route 252 the exit to paoli that left lane is still blocked. it is active and been there for quite sometime. you can see flood of brake lights clearly travelers moving 202 northbound trying to make their way around this it is very difficult. still posing problems for those in and around this area also another accident we have involving a tractor trailer and car i-95 northbound at delaware state line, you can see this tractor trailer is blocking that middle lane.
6:35 am
the drivers traveling up to this have to split around it causing some delays and shoulder compromised as well. not only that but we have some people including drivers getting out and walking around on the roadways which always you put that into this kind of a mix it will cause slow downs. that is i-95 northbound at delaware state lines. ben franklin bridge coming from new jersey slowing down a bit but overall looking okay, ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. is there late word that a standoff that french police say is connect to last friday's attacks in parises now over. >> police stormed the building in saint denis and were met with resistance. two are dead, one a woman who detonate aid suicide vest. seven others are under a arrest. police were looking for at alleged master mine. no word on his fate. in germany a bomb threat canceled a soccer match 90 minutes were the start. police searched the stadium but they found nothing. meanwhile searchers found no tea advises on two air
6:36 am
france planes bound for paris, a a in must threats forced air france 55 which took off from dulles international outside washington to land in nova scotia air france 56 from los angeles landed in salt lake city, and passengers got off both planes safely. it is also leading to tighter security in philadelphia and other major cities. police are keeping a closer eye on restaurant, shopping center a and other public places. police commissioner charles ramsey say they pose a problem. >> we do coordinate very well and work with private security that covers majority of the infrastructure in the you had. anything suspicious just give us a call. >> many departments are trained for active shooter situations. it is shaping up to be philly a's hottest a attraction and observation deck atop of the one liberty. >> it opens to the public next week but we are taking you inside with our jan carabao in center sit the which that sky-high view of philadelphia we cannot wait for the the sun
6:37 am
to come up and see it. good morning, jan. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. fifty-seven stories up, 883 feet above street level and these are types have of views you get the here at the one liberty observation deck. you see delaware river, city hall, ben franklin bridge. we have a pink hugh to the sky. sunnies coming up. it don't get much better then this. we are here before it opens scheduled to on november 28th at 0:00 a a.m. this will be opened 365 days a year. afterward don't miss out, evan evans is here with us, the general manager. just talk a little bit more about how impressive this is for the city of philadelphia because we have not had an observation like this before. >> this is first large scale observation. it is a tremendous view. we are lucky philadelphia has had this opportunity. observation decks exist around
6:38 am
the world. >> it opens up november 28th, when you you step in, you take an escalate or up to the second floor and see 95, downstairs what is that all about those are ben franklin shoes. in that scene right there, it is telling stories of ben franklin's discovery. as you are standing there there is a lightening rod. before you get there we have other philadelphia a things that is neat. experience generators that help tell us our cultural and story of philadelphia you'll feel them throughout the experience, wondering through the the space as you watch closely and take pictures of iconic philadelphia a sites that are really unique. >> reporter: take elevator up, the elevator up to the top floor you have boots in the area up here. talk about them, and talk about philly culture. it is a philadelphia
6:39 am
experience. >> the fun one is penalty box. it pays homage the two broad street bullies. everybody will sit in there and take a selfie or take a picture whether they belong in the penalty box or hockey reasons or just adult misbehaving and their child want to put them there. >> people want to learn more about the prices and time. >> all available at philly at the >> thanks for waking up early with us what a gorgeous view. i could not have had a bet's sign. if i tried. absolutely stunning. lots of picture taking and we are tweeting it out this morning. >> just beautiful. >> once that sunnies up, i can't imagine. >> jan, thank you. you need to pay for street parking there is an app for that. >> philadelphia parking authority unveiled meter up that lets drivers set up an account on their smart phone using their license plate and credit card number. app will notify you when you have seven minutes left on your meter. then if you you want to you can add more time right from your phone without racing back to your car. pp the a is testing it out in
6:40 am
four pilot areas and if successful that app will go city wide in six months. think of the money it the will save us. >> no more begging park ago tend ants, please don't give me a ticket, only 30
6:41 am
and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day.
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this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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powerful wind storms are hammering washington state in other parts of the pacific northwest, this tree actually landed right on the car there. >> at least three people have been killed in the storms and power was knocked out all over the a area correspondent don champion shows us the extent of the damage. >> reporter: around the pacific northwest hurricane force wind are wreaking havoc, overnight several major road were closed in the spokane, washington area because of down trees. >> it feels like the a apocalypse. >> we lived in georgia when hurricane katrina hit and thinks almost identical to what it felt like. >> reporter: at the height of the powerful win storms gusts knocked out power to more than 178,000 people in western washington. in seattle will on tuesday
6:44 am
strong wind made it almost impossible for people walking downtown. >> you look at this like pay $25 and it is broken. >> reporter: elsewhere gusts up to 70 miles an hour knocked over this tree, felon top of the car missing the driver by inches. the witnesses struggled for ten minutes to get would the man out. >> i asked her to rub my head for good luck because she was a fortunate young woman. >> reporter: limbs even caused trouble on the water by whipping up waves. water conditions were so dangerous in some areas, ferry trips were delayed or canceled. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 6:44. also tracking some rain at home, katie. >> same exact storm system that is responsible for the the next rain maker. it is classic comma shape with snow on the back side where cold air is wrapping this in. heavy rain rolling up and
6:45 am
being drawn from the gulf of mexico. it is all heading our way as we look forward to tomorrow. we will give you a sense what is going on right now. you can see cloud billowing in, a little glimmer of the slice of sunshine on the horizon off in the distance outside kutztown area middle school. we will check with our weather watchers. they have been reporting all morning long, a lot of chill in the air right now. we will look at the list view in fact sharon connolly in gloucester township has 37 degrees. list goes on where we are in the mid to lower 30's at this point. so all across the region as a whole especially where we have clearer sky earlier today. we will end up with that chill in the air. do keep tonight mine. have layers ready to go. we are looking at a pretty mild day, for mid to late november. not terrible. 63 degrees we will take it. sixty-seven not bad for tomorrow but that is when that storm is tell arrives. up as early as late today and tonight, northwest of the philadelphia a we could see a
6:46 am
shower. you think tomorrow is the the day that requires rape gear for sure, wetest and milder forecast. temperatures start their decline. we will be topping off in the mid 40's, below average as we look ahead to the second half of the weekend moses specially but is there always a trade off. there is a always a trade off when it comes to weather with systems like this. if it means we have to be cooler, meisha we will see sunshine. >> not a horrible way to wrap up the week. >> we had such a great fall that it is hard to complain. good morning. happy hump day to you. good morning katie. always so good to see you and good to have you back. this is where we have an accident involving a tractor trailer and car i-95 north of the delaware state rine. you can see the the tractor trailer is still block ago this middle lane. we have a vehicle pulled off to the shoulder. this will cause slow downs. take a look we have crews on the site with the arrow pointing you off this way. vehicles coming up they are
6:47 am
having to split and having slow down in and around that area thinks where we have that accident in pennsylvania paoli, 202 northbound at 25 to second that has been cleared. route 202 looking okay. all good there. schuylkill, headlights in the eastbound direction at conshohocken curve, looking g just busy. you are slowing down on interest state i-95 and schuylkill a an company construction in new jersey, 55 northbound past route 49, that left lane is block, until 3:00 s area construction in delaware i-95 north before churchman's road at route seven overpass. three left lanes are blocked until 7:00 a.m. it it was 6:00 a a.m. and now 7:00 a.m. ladies, over to you. it is starting to look like christmas at the blue cross river rink, philadelphia's largest living christmas tree is now in place. 45-foot douglass fir came in on a flatbed truck from west chester and weighs about a ton about a ton. >> yes, give or take. >> it is a big tree. >> now to the a story of generosity a man who grew up
6:48 am
in norristown invested money to buy a house in his old neighborhood. >> he could have flipped it but instead giving it away to a good cause. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington has that story in this weeks brotherly love. >> reporter: man giving this gift was inspired by the memory of the family that once lived there. lenny baitmore grew up in norristown a tight knit block where everybody knew each other. >> i had a beautiful childhood. >> reporter: lenny's best friend curt henning lived in the brick row home right across the street. now lenis a real estate investor, artist and gallery owner. he never lost touch with curt or curt's parent who lived there until they died. >> they just recently passed a away so it is very emotional. >> reporter: at curt's request lenny bought the house and planned to flip it but there was so many memory he could not bring himself to start tearing it up. >> welcome to the henning
6:49 am
house. >> reporter: it felt right. so right here is where bill used to sit. >> reporter: to give it as a gift for habitat of humanity for montgomery county. lenny donated $50,000 for rehab. marry ann lynch is the executive director. >> we will make it the so it is basically new from the inside out. >> reporter: family as large as five can live here, family not chosen yet will put in 200 hours of sweat equity and pay no interest mortgage back to habitat. >> we used to jump on the bed in here. >> there was such love in this house and it was such a great placeor kid to grow up. i can't wait to see family in june get the keys to this house. >> reporter: this will be the 34th house habitat for humanity//montgomery county has given. to find out more go to cbs i'm's ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i'm john owe hurley, erika and nicole, is what the word and did you spell it?
6:50 am
how do we love john owe hurley. >> we love him more. >> sock are staffer david beckham may be retired but he just scored title for people magazine sexiest man alive. >> yes, the 40 year-old father of four called it a huge honor but he is not the sure he deserves the the title. >> he takes crown from chris hems worth, we think he does deserve it. >> like he doesn't know he is beautiful, come on, david beckham. blake shelton play is here owe over the weekend. and, and, a truck got stuck in the mud in ardmore, oak a shelf even's truck could not get vehicle out of the mud. he came up with another idea. >> he decided he will go get his tractor and said he within back in 15 minutes. fifteen, 20 minutes later he came back, got us out. >> how about that. went and got his tractor. >> yes. >> this isn't first time shelf even helped a neighbor in
6:51 am
need. during summer floods he rescued a man stranded in waist deep water. >> could you like this guy anymore. >> funny, handsome, smart. >> shows up with a tractor when you need help. >> yes, crazy. >> well, pope francis is answering children's questions in a new book. >> terrific idea here. book includes pope responses to 30 handwritten letters to children all over the world. they are age six to 13. it touches on topics that are tough to talk about. he addresses it. after life, justice and family. that book is set to be published on march 1st. >> yes. >> like you said, we just keep liking him more and more and more. >> what a great idea to have a conversation with kid. >> wonderful. >> good to see.
6:52 am
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and welcome back. we have a great story about a philadelphia eagles giving back to the community. >> absolutely. this is terrific. eagles mascot swoop was there great story of giving back. our diana rocco has more. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: eagles tightened zach ertz paid a visit to dozens of the peewee football players tuesday norristown with their new helmets, pad, practice jerseys and cheer uniforms. a donation worth $20,000. >> i was just like this and i'm just still like that with them to know that everything
6:56 am
they want to accomplish in life is there. >> reporter: ertz signed autographs and answered questions from the kid who played norristown youth football league grade k through six. both players and cheerleaders to. >> i'm a dehard eagles fan. i don't have a career, i will go to the nfl. >> reporter: kid got to take pictures with eagles cheerleader and mascot, swoop. what do you think about this autograph. >> good. >> reporter: what will you do with it. >> i will show it. >> i think it needs to be safe and it starts with the equipment and techniques that coaching is teaching them. >> reporter: message well received. >> play hard, people, don't play bad. >> reporter: for every touchdown they score money is donated to a youth the football program throughout the philadelphia area while norristown's season may be offer their equipment will be shiny and new for next year n norristown, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that equipment means so much for those kids. >> and to the family.
6:57 am
>> yes. >> yes. katie so great to have you back. you brought nice weather with you. >> i did for at least one day. >> yes. >> absolutely. it will end up being a decent mild day. more cloud then what we experienced as ovulate, granted but by tomorrow that is something that will go back downhill. it will stay mile. i did want to time everything out. we are looking ahead if you have travel plans, flying out of town here's how it a shakes out, folks. we have an all day event tomorrow. i will say we may see a quick shower north and west, not enough to require an umbrella steady rain comes through, ten to 7:00. essentially an all day event. look at what happens, the the sun comes back. >> you will not hear my complain. we have an accident though involving a tractor trailer at i-95 northbound, you you can see that tractor trailer is block ago this middle lane and in south philadelphia an
6:58 am
accident 26th street before pen rose avenue the right lane is block by multiple car pile up in that area overall your dropping speed as we push into our rush hour this morning. >> meisha, thank you. >> before we go we want to update you on that early morning fire that destroyed a house and injured a fire fighter. >> lets check in with justin finch in overbrook for us, good morning. >> reporter: we have eight people out of their homes and one fire fighter being treated for signs of exhaustion this morning. just behind me you can see that home completely gutted, still smoking at this time. we are told this home will face demolition sometime soon. no other injuries here at the time of the fire and the fire is under investigation. we are live here from overbrook i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. cbs this morning is coming up next, and torey burch from the area, philadelphia's own, she will be in studio 57, she has an exciting a announcement only on cbs this morning.
6:59 am
always great, so great about helping other female entrepreneurs, so great. >> can't wait for that. we want to leave you with yet another stunning view from the brand new observation deck at the top of the one liberty place 57 stories up. >> sunrise all morning. >> finally there. >> this opens to the public on november 28th so go check it out yourself. >> jan carabao has a sneak >> reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning on cbs-3. we kick off at 4:30 a.m. so great to have our katie fehlinger back. good to be back. >> thrilled to be back. love you guys. >> we will see new 25 minutes with the check of the forecast roads and quick update, have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is several spuspects are in custod, including a woman who blew herself up. president obama promises to work with russia on one condition. some of the most well-known dietary supplements are the target of an investigation crackdown. we begin with your world in 90 seconds. >> a paris suburb


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