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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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stephanie. >> reporter: three days in a row this mom from west philadelphia brought her baby to chop with a fever that would not go away. he had an infection that was not properly diagnosed and now years late their family says, there is finally just advertise. >> who is that? is that you. little boy. >> reporter: six year-old shemir tillry loves to show pictures of himself and, without word he says a lot. >> that is you, and mom. >> reporter: shemir is deaf and has significant learning disabilities because of a brain injury that happened as a baby. the his mom, lives with shattered dreams and tears that never stop. >> i don't know, if he could have done. i'm mad. >> reporter: she says that when shemir was 11 months old he spiked a fever. she took him to children's hospital where they were sent home twice. on the third visit three days in a row back to the hospital he was finally diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. >> it is unfortunate that shemir did not get basic
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standard medical care. it is very, very unfortunate. >> reporter: andrew stern represented the family in a lawsuit against chop. he a said by the time shemir got blood work and other testing it was just too late. >> it is next excusable negligence and what is really sad is it would have been so easy for this to have been corrected for him to get the right treatment. all he needed was antibiotics. >> reporter: jury awarded the family ten million-dollar, shemir will need life long care. >> i want to do everything that i can do. >> reporter: he wearing hearing aids but it does not help much. he communicate was signing. however you don't need word to know that this is an adorable little boy. >> high five. high five again. good job. >> reporter: he is precious. cbs-3 reached out to children's hospital for reaction, spokesperson says that the hospital does not comment on litigation. such a tragic situation but that little boy is really a trooper.
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>> we can see that, no doubt. >> thanks, stephanie. tonight there are new developments, in the search for the master mind behind the paris attacks. swat teams conduct an early morning raid on an apartment near paris believed to be hiding abdelhamid abaaoud, authorities are working to identify bodies of the two terror suspects who died in that shoot-out with police including a woman who blew herself up. eight others were arrested. information from wiretaps, surveillance and witness accounts led investigators to the location. abdelhamid abaaoud's fate is unclear as well as the whereabouts of the eighth attack shore got away. south jersey woman foils a possible terror plot after receiving a mess a age from a friend on facebook. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live outside gloucester township police department with details on this, cleve. >> reporter: police say gloucester township women only knew the man from texas through their relationships on line but he opened up to her back frustrated, upset over
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paris a attacks and was talking about shooting up a mosque. he was too nervous to talk to us this evening but she did what she needed to do which was talk to police. >> we believe we have stopped an attack on the mosque. >> reporter: gloucester township police are singing a local woman's praise for tipping authorities on an a allege terrorist threat by a texas man. clayton chancellor is friends with facebook with the woman. yesterday she flagged down a gloucester township officer to show him a message on the phone allegedly from the the man saying he was going to shoot up a mosque, his motivations appeared to be in the message that it was going to be retribution for his loss of a friend in the 9/11 attacks and paris attacks. >> reporter: gloucester township police figured out where he lives, and contacted the county sheriff's office. >> they were concerned because there was a mosque in the area and there was a mosque approximately 1 mile from this person's residents. >> reporter: the sheriff's office arrested can. sler, while's ledgely posted
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pictures of weapons on line, police didn't find any. he admitted to sending a message and facing a charge of making a terroristic threat. would the man who came forward with the tip is a perfect example of people in the community acting as the the eyes and ears for local law enforcement. >> she's nervous about the whole situation but we're proud of her. we told her that she did a great job and she probably saved someone's life. >> reporter: gloucester township police say since the par ace tack, law enforcement agencies have been told to take a look the at soft targets in their area and firm up security but really, a big part of what needs to happen, they say is having people monitor social media, and their an associate and people in their own towns. reporting live from gloucester township, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you. we're following breaking news, fire crews battling a two alarm house fire in darby, delaware county. chopper three live over 100 block of whitely terrace. you can see heavy smoke flames
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shooting out of that home when fire fighters arrived at 5:15. calmer now. so far no confirmed injuries. the cause of that fire is under investigation and we will keep an eye on it. in your weather we are tracking rain and keeping an eye on the system that is sure to make your thursday less than desirable. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck, kate. >> it will be a a nice warm thursday but unfortunately not a whole lot of time to get out and enjoy temperatures in the upper 60's because it will be a windy wet thursday. take a look at storm scan three you can see what we're tracking tomorrow. we have a large scale storm system producing rain that extend from the great lakes down to the gulf coast and gets in for us during the day tomorrow. it is going to be an all day event for us, notice cloud are increasing right now, maybe a stray shower through the overnight hours but rain really gets in tomorrow. at mild as we await the arrival. still hanging on to 60 in the a airport. fifty-five in allentown. temperatures don't fall much below the mid 50's here tonight but we still to have
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track this rain ape it will impact much of the day tomorrow. i'll time it out and tell you when heavier rain will fall. it turns chilly behind that front, chilly but then cold a few days later, i will have that full forecast as soon as i join you inside, back over to you. college football legend doug fluid i shared some sad news, both his parents died within an hour of each other. flutie, who also played for years in the national football league and canada made sad revelation today on facebook. he posted both parents had heart attacks within an hour of each other. his father had been ill, and died in the hospital. his mother, had had a sudden heart attack less than a hour later. flutie wrote quote they say you can die of a broken heart and i believe it. his parents were married for 56 years. new a at 6:00 tonight parents, students, staff, come together for a meet to go discuss violence at philadelphia's george washington high school. as our greg argos tells us tonight meeting follows a fight at the school last week
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that sent one teenager to the hospital. >> reporter: if you asked students at george washington high school how they feel about safety, what are the conditions like right now inside the school. >> it is violent. >> reporter: you'll find a common theme. >> i have only sn one fight today, it is a improvement. >> reporter: you say just one fight as if there were more in the past. >> yeah, like 3a day, last week, every day. >> i just watched someone get punched in the face today, holding his face. >> reporter: today you saw someone get punched in the face. >> yeah. >> reporter: you don't think conditions are great. >> no, it is washington. >> reporter: with social media, with fights like this it is easy to see why administrators decided to hold a public meeting for staff, students, parents. >> we will answer your concerns. >> i'm's a parent, i'm a dam concern parent. >> there is constant fights, constant problems. >> let me be clear, more are
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not solution. >> reporter: more than a dozen parents, teachers from different schools spoke, hoping to push gene jones and philadelphia school district officials to improve safety at george washington high. although comments were frank at times. >> you are a disgrace for your profession. run this school or get out. >> reporter: school officials say they do have a plan. >> reality is that there have been fights and there have been injuries and it is from our perspective any fight is too much fight. >> reporter: increased staff and improve what they say is a a poor climate at george washington high. >> we're adding, three additional support specialist to help monitoring, that is there monitoring in all parts of the building, and help ensure safety. >> reporter: we are told these additional staff members should be in place by early next week. of course, with new hires come new expense and school district says they are not sure exactly how much it will cost. reporting here at george washington high school i'm
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greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fill will a police need public's help tracking down a man wanted for arson for a fire earlier this month in overbrook. police say suspect intentionally set a car storage lot on fire on the 6,000 block of lancaster avenue. this surveillance video shows the man running from the scene on november 6th, with his arm, on fire. about 11 vehicles were completely engulfed in flames. if you have any information, please contact the the police. we now know the the cause of the last night's fire at moorestown community house. authorities say that the electrical fire started from sparks in a wire in the the a attic, and the flames did not spread anywhere else. no one was hurt, fortunately but there is a a lot of damage. the building which opened up in 1926 is a community center, housing, non-profit group. it is unclear when the the building will be usable. employee in a popular main line pizza shop is behind bars tonight after she allegedly sold drugs while at work.
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police say brandon weldon is accused of possessing and selling marijuana during her shift at seasons pizza on lancaster avenue in radnor. she was arrested after she told to an under cover officer. police and code inspectors have temporarily closed the pizza shop. >> we will come out, meet our under cover, do buys, they are back in the the store. >> we have police detectives here, eating all the time and we're just absolutely shocked. >> it is kind of sad that you know that they had to close because of that marijuana situation but i hope it gets like resolved and that they open up again. >> police say they are optimistic that the shop could open up as early as tomorrow. still to come on "eyewitness news" a local rapper raise ago wear necessary for an important cause, he was on top of the world performing with hip-hop mogul jay-z and then diagnosed with kidney failure. now he is trying to get word out and warn others about the issue. works of heart on display in center city but might not believe artist behind these
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masterpiecees, we will tell you where they came from and why they are being shown off. it is quiet for now, nice and mild as well, just cloud in place but get ready for messy morning commute and probably messy evening commute as well as this strong cold front moves in and it will bring rain and win, i'll have details coming up, don. hello philadelphia, let me introduce to you james is wins exton. he is coming after the eagles. later in sports a behind the scenes speech, by famous james us that will leave you speechless, we will be right back.
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philadelphia born rap artist known for hits with the likes of jay-z and kanye west received a devastating diagnosis this fall. his kidneys have have failed. >> now he is using his talents to raise awareness about a difficult ease that effects millions, reporter cheri greg of our sister station kyw news radio has his story. >> reporter: for years, you could find freeway, on stage with the likes of jay-z. but now, three days a week, the 37 year-old rapper spends four hours here, at dialysis. >> they take my shirt up, they pull these up and they hook everything up to that and then start the process. >> reporter: born leslie and raised in north philadelphia,
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freeway is known in the hip-hop world but quietly he was diagnosed with diabetes in 2013. he got it under control but fatigue set in over the summer, coming to a head at made in america festival. >> right before i hit the stage i told him i cannot the do it. i got an anxiety attack. >> reporter: freeway made it through but days later his life changed. >> what went through your mind when your doctor gave you the diagnosis that your kidneys have failed. >> it was surreal for me because i knew it was going to be a huge lifestyle adjustment. >> reporter: now he scheduled his shows around dial cyst. he need a new kidney but thanks to family and a strict diet, he is feeling pretty good. >> i'm so hot still. >> reporter: so now he is had sharing his story, and on friday, he will hit stage to raise money and a awareness about a disease that effects millions. >> in one is invisible, or
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super man. you have to keep up with your routine physical because it is difference between life and death. >> reporter: in lansdale, cheri greg for kyw news radio cbs-3 "eyewitness news". for those incarcerated, art can play a important role in justice. >> art created by former and current inmates was displayed and sold. "eyewitness news" at the defenders association of philadelphia where paintings, prints, photographs, filled the room. mural arts restorative justice program gives people in the justice system creative outlet. artists say program put them on the right track. >> more positive people and more different influences that try to keep us, like on different kind of task are you know, may open up new doors. >> makes me stay out of trouble and stay focused on a right path so i won't wonder off on the other side. >> reporter: weekly programs, mural arts provides art instruction to over 300
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inmates every year. great program. great program. kate joins with us our forecast and you're watching that storm moving in. >> it is heading our way and will get here sooner rather than later. make sure rain gear is upon us. >> yes. >> by the the door when you step outside. you will need it. an umbrella kind of day. kind of day where wind could take your umbrella away where wind likely will accelerate through buildings there hang on tight to those umbrellas for your thursday, it is a warm, wet, windy day and then things change by the weekend. we will show you where system is bringing rain, over portions of ohio back into chicago, tennessee and extending down into georgia at the moment with strong storms near atlanta metro area this evening. the cloud and a few showers drifting in ahead but main thrust of this rain will hit us late tomorrow morning, mid-morning, between 7:00 and 9:00 a a.m. that is when you can expect to it start but don't expect to it end very quickly. it is dark outside beach patrol headquarters in margate lower merion high school at 57 .
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let me show you temperatures in the live neighborhood network as cameras goes dark we are seeing temperatures in the the 50's. fifty-seven in kenneth square. a art more 57, bensalem is at 55. hainesport is at 56 degrees right now. cinnaminson is a at 57. norristown 57. these numbers, well above average again this time yesterday we were seeing mid to low 40's, already across the region. so things have improved temperature wise and you can see hard to even buy a blue square here this november. temperatures 7 degrees above average, 5 degrees above average. we have had one day in the blue but that is about to change once this system gets in and then gets out. future weather shows when rain will arrive. it is coming in early tomorrow morning. we will get clearing overnight. then tomorrow by about 9:00 a.m. rain is falling, on and off throughout the afternoon. see batch of heavy rain around 3:00 p.m. and continues in the evening commute and here's 9:00 p.m. still raining, finally by midnight or so we will see it push out of here. wind will pick up as well, tomorrow afternoon we will see
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wind out ahead of the front gusts over 30 to 35 miles an hour, front really pushes through late tomorrow afternoon. expect heavy rain, three-quarters of an inch to inch and a quaer, possible thunder, not a big deal but can't rule it out wind gusts to 35 miles an hour, watch for ponding and slow travel on area roads a all day, tomorrow. so overnight mostly cloudy, stray shower late, 56 degrees is our low. for your thursday period of rain, breezy, mild, 67 degrees. daytime high. your eagles kick off forecast, look at the chill, 45 degrees, eagles take on tampa bay sun take at 1:00 and you can see that dip in the mercury 50's friday and saturday. that is seasonal but sun take and monday, it is cold. monies 46 degrees. sunday may feel colder then monday because of the wind, but it will be brutal out there. >> here it comes we have been warned. >> yes, thanks, kate. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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>> french chocolate brownies or warm sticky buns coated in carmel. they are all made with ingredients you would never expect. >> we take cashews and grind them up until they are nice and tart. >> i would totally double dip if you all weren't watching. >> she's honest that torey. >> watch tonight to find out what goes into these special dishes and see how you can have it all served up at a private dinner party, it is cake with torey tonight at 11:00. >> we will find out. >> oh, my. >> sports up next.
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don has a lot sports.
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>> jameis winston has never seen liberty bell or art museum. in fact he had never been to philly. but his favorite team growing up, the eagles this weekend famous jameis will step foot in the city and fly with the bird at the the link. the winston won heisman trophy at florida state. he was first overall pick in may's draft. right now he had has bucks a at four-five same exact record as eagles. this week he led them to a four-point win over the cowboys. after the game, jameis gave an emotional speech to his teammate. >> i told ya, the team that wanted it the most will pull that game off. you can't bleep, bleep. if we keep doing that, if we keep doing that, we give all we got, we have each other back, we will go seven-zero. >> let's go. >> that is the the guy you will see on sunday. come on bird, let's do it. >> never celebrate another man's pain but pacers lost
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could be sixers gain. second leading scorer george hill is out with an injury tonight. that means zero and 11 sixers may have a better chance to get their first win of the season. tip off in south philadelphia in about 35 minutes. flyers rookie defenseman vein spotspeer with his first nhl goal and first overtime loss to the kings. he picked it up, in the first period on the power play. he had has two points in two games. fly guys host san jose sharks tomorrow night. >> we need your help, selecting the the last friday football frenzy game of the week, your choices are great valley at a academy park, marple newtown at upper moreland and williamstown at cherokee. go to cbs to vote. i will a announce winner tonight at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. >> is this the last one. >> this is the the last one and then it is over. >> we need to throw the kitchen sink and everything
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else. >> jameis was fired up. >> exactly. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly, back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". details on the alleged ring leader behind par ace tax. and we are speaking with those who knew suspected architect the the best. here's scott pelley. take care family. we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: tonight fromñi paris, police hunting for the mastermind of the friday attacks storm an apartment, and they say they have smashed another terror ring. the president versus the republicans over syrian refugees. >> they're scared of widows and orphans. >> if you admitted 10,000 people and 89,999 of them are good people and one is an isis killer, you a problem. >> pelley: northwest storms turn deadly and leave many without power. and a parisian has a message for the terrorists and a lesson for us all. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: we'll begin tonight with first video


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