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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 19, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, chilling images from the deadly terror attacks in paris. for the first time we are seeing the moment gunman opened fire on restaurant. >> playing the waiting game. there are a record number of car recalls in the united states, but not enough parts and mechanics to fix them. three on your side's jim donovan with what you can do if you're afraid to wait. >> also, public shaming. there's an app or two for that. and they can turn ugly how you could be publicly humiliated
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without even knowing. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> hi, everyone, i'm jessica dean. we begin tonight with new details and new dramatic images from the terrorist attacks in paris. surveillance video shows the moment terrorists opened fire on a paris restaurant during last week's deadly violence. theisms matches obtained by the london newspaper the daily male show one of the terrorists firing into the building. patrons dive for cover as bullets and broken glass rain down from above. at one point he tries to fire point blank but his gun jams. to women run from the restaurant escaping with their lives. now to the investigation right now french police are trying to determine whether the mastermind behind the attacks is dead or alive. he may be among the two terror suspects killed in a raid outside paris earlier today. meanwhile france and allies continue to bomb isis targets in syria and retaliation for the attacks. and the terror group has released a new video that
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suggests new york city as a potential terrorist target. the question on the mind of many travelers with planned trips to paris and throughout europe remains, should i go? >> some are determined not to let the terrorists win. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is at philadelphia international airport tonight with that part of the story. david? >> reporter: ukee, international flights here and across the country are back on the grid but some passengers i spoke to tonight inside the airport told me, they're concerned and those passenger told me they will be concerned for awhile. the lines inside the international terminal at philadelphia international airport were nothing out of the ordinary wednesday night as passengers waited to check in for their flights to europe. >> i'm always a nervous flyer any way, and so this climate makes me even more nervous actually. >> reporter: amelia bauer and her husband joe are going to brussels belgium for work a city where french officials believe some of last friday's attackers called home. >> i seem to be more relaxed than her. eye yeah, honestly the odds are pretty slim, you know, no matter
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what's happened recently. >> the mixed reaction between couples is common. according to a philadelphia travel agent with 40 years of experience. israeli born iris owns gill travel in center city. and says after the tragedy in paris her phone has been ringi ringing. >> we get calls and, you know, questioning what other people are doing. >> reporter: she told "eyewitness news" her concerned clients have not canceled any trips. but want to know more about safety. >> those that are very much frightened will not travel at all. they'll stay domestic, and those that are used to traveling say, you know, i'm not going to stop my life. i'm just going to continue doing what i've been doing. >> reporter: one of those on the fence about traveling to europe is alexandra bow hem. we caught up with her before she left for her motive poland. >> i do travel but i'm scared, too. >> reporter: she travels overseas frequently and says when she heard two planes leaving the united states for france were diverted tuesday, because of threats, she wasn't surprised. >> it's absolutely different
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feeling that 10 years ago or 20 years ago. 30 years ago. >> reporter: airlines overseas have reported a dip in sales when it comes to flights to france and other parts of europe. so far that does not appear to be the case with airlines based here in the united states. reporting live tonight at philadelphia international airport, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you for that. in the wake of the terror tax in paris penn state university will increase security at saturday's football game. there are no known threats to the game against michigan but school officials are not taking any chances. beaver stadium will open at 10am for the noon game. that's 30 minutes earlier than usual to give staff more time to search fans as they enter. make sure you have the rain gear ready before you head out the door tomorrow. tonight meteorologist kate bilo is tracking whenhe wet weather arrives. kate? >> jessica, we've been tracking this storm all across the country for of the past several days. and temperatures are responding to that storm as approach. you can see how mild it is.
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59 degrees in philadelphia. it's 58 in trenton and 58 degrees in allentown. here's the storm for us. the actual center of the low way up here around the back edge of it we've got showers and even some smo. snow breaks out later this week and into the week and across the midwest. here's what we're watching. see this big batch of rain lifting through the carolinas, virginia and west virginia and headed in our direct. it's starting to lose moisture to the north but look at all of this red, orange and yellow shading. that's lifting north and eastward and that's going to get in here as we head into tomorrow morning. in the meantime right now, generally just a few clouds. a few sprinkles off to the west but eventually the rain will get in and it may impact both your commutes tomorrow coming we'll time it out and behind this storm, it's going to get very cold. i'll tell when you the coldest day will be coming up with the seven day forecast. jessica. >> kate, thanks so much the. "eyewitness news" exclusive. a jury decides children's hospital of philadelphia will have to pay $10 million to a family after the hospital's mistakes left a six-year-old deaf and disable.
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shamire, suffered a manubria yes he was 11 months old. his mom took him to children's hospital three days in a row with a fever that just would not go away. they were sent home twice and it wasn't until the third visit shamire was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. and he received antibiotics. he will now need life long care. cbs3 reached out to children's hospital for a reaction, but a spokesperson says the hospital does not comment on litigation. it seems we are often telling you about another vehicle recall but just because your car is recalled doesn't mean you'll get a quick fix. >> some complain there are not enough parts and mechanics to carry out the repairs right aw away. tonight three your side consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look what you can do if you're afraid to wait. >> that's right, good evening ukee and jessica. when you find there's a potential safety risk with your vehicle you want to get it fixed right away. but what if you can't? laura myers is afraid every time she back out of her driveway. >> i have the stress of wondering if somebody will hit me and blow this air bag in my
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face. >> reporter: she says the dealership tells her it doesn't have the parts to replace her takata air bag in her mazda rx8. >> they can't give me date when they have the parts. >> reporter: mayor jane, waiting for parts for her ford fee teas. recalled over issue that could cause the door to fly open while driving full speed down the road. >> i feel unsafe and dangerous. what can i do? i need my car to get around. >> reporter: 2014 was a record breaking year for recalls. 64 million vehicles in the us with safety defects. some with the potential to kill. 64 million vehicles that need to funnel their way through 16,000 dealerships nationwide for repairs. repairs that aren't necessarily happening quickly. for instance n may, three on your side reported at the rate takata air bags are being manufactured, it could be 2.5 years before they all get replaced. >> the number is absolutely staggering. >> reporter: jake fisher the director of auto testing at consumer reports. >> it's confusing for consumers
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to have these vehicles because you can't always get them fixed right away. >> reporter: the national highway traffic safety administration acknowledges part supplies and the availability of repair technicians are both factors in delayed recall repairs. so what can a concerned vehicle owner do? the auto alliance which represents 12 manufactur manufacturers says owners should request a loner from the dealer who will work with the manufacturer. loners are given on a case by case basis. >> i'm just taking chances. >> reporter: these drivers just hope their fix or loner cars come before they experience the issue that had their vehicles recalled in the first place. people often confuse the manufacturers and the dealersh dealerships thinking they're the same. remember it's the manufacturer that made the car and supplies the repair parts. dealers can only fix the recalls if they've got the parts. >> what happens if you can't get it nixed and they won't give you a loner? >> if you have a relatively new car, two years old or less, you may want to file a lemon law complaint and try to get the manufacture tower buy the vehicle back. if it's an older vehicle, file a
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complaint online with the government at safer car.goal. i'll put that link on facebook and twitter as well. >> good stuff. >> all right, jim, thanks so much. an employee at a pizza shop is behind bars tonight after she allegedly sold drugs while at work. police arrested brandy weldon an employee at seasons pizza on lancaster avenue in radnor. they say she sold drugs to an undercover officer at the mainline restaurant. code inspectors closed the shop because weldon touched food while also handling drugs. new tonight public shaming. someone could be trashing your reputation online right now without you even knowing it. our natasha brown has more tonight on so-called shaming apps. how they work and why what is said online can be harder to get rid of. >> now this one is cute. >> reporter: report often something as innocent as dog shaming capturing dogs acting badly. >> we're going to call her grab man. >> reporter: this woman is calling out a person she believes to be a home wrecker. public shaming sites can quickly turn ugly when it comes to
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blasting people for their perceived defensive behavior. >> there's no shortage of sites like passenger shaming for commuters to she's a home wrecker from boyfriend shaming blogs to neighbor shaming. >> it's appalling. but people should behave well. >> it's very scary. >> reporter: scary to think your image may be out there linked to one of these sites and you don't even know it. >> there's a fine line between what's right and what's wrong. what's invasion and what isn't. >> if you look up the home wrecker site there are forums and forums o people complaining i'm on here, i'm not a home wrecker. my photo is up here. there are all these comments about me. >> it's difficult to have your images removed once they've been plastered ornithes sites. >> with the internet it's so hard to actually delete information. >> reporter: app pre crating the most buzz now called people. it's being compared to yelp for human beings. >> a lot of the community understand al system up in arms because how do you opt out of such a thing? when you post
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something online, it's very hard to get it taken down, and it kind of follows you. so it's very important to beware receive these kinds of sites and applications. >> reporter: so while there are legal avenues you can take including copyright act, invasion of privacy and defamation cyber security experts say it can be costly and hard to prove. >> while these sound great and some of the claims are applicable to some of these issues, it's very difficult to file these kinds of lawsuits. they're expensive, sometimes you don't know which party to go after. >> reporter: while it is difficult to have some of these images removed, cyber security experts say some states are actually looking to criminalize the actions of those who post malicious and illegal content on these sites. live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you. well there's nothing like some comfort food after long day. >> you got that right. from sweets like sticky buns to savory treats like grilled cheese. and there's a south philly eatery that makes these classics with ingredients you would never
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expect. taste with tori finds out what goes into these special dishes and how you can have it serve up at a private dinner party. >> ao, ahead tonight a piece of papal history. now a permanent fixture at a local church. how they were chosen to receive the generous gift. >> also the flyers off the ice in the kitchen. how they're spreading holiday cheer to chirp who truly deserve it. >> meteorologist kate bilo is busy tonight tracking a rainy thursday. she'll help you plan for your day. that's coming up.
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>> he couldn't attend the papal mass simply asking for the alt altar. that is how this small parish got the big treasure.
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>> very nice. >> the philadelphia flyers celebrating thanksgiving by giving back. >> they made a special appearance at philadelphia's ronald mcdonald house. members of the philadelphia flyers and their significant others prepared and served thanksgiving dinner tonight for families staying at the house. after the delicious meal, the players stuck around to sign autographs and spend some time with their young fans. good time for all of them tonight. it is a bakery that invites to you make yourself at home around their farmhouse table. >> and it's not the kind of eatery you'd expect to find in south philly in tonight's taste with tori. what make this place so special. >> well, we are doing something that we've never done before yet on taste with tori i'm not going to reveal it because you'll have to wait scene. besides the delicious food and the ingredients that go into the dishes, this place offers people a once a week unique dining experience. get ready to make a reservation. ♪ >> reporter: walking into miss
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rachel's pantry is like walking into your mom's kitchen. back in the '50's that apron he is those glasses that refrigerator. >> look at the underneath it's like perfect spiral. on the table warm sticky buns or maybe french chocolate brownies. rachel klein owner of miss rachel's pantry is fussing to make everything perfect and everything vegan. no dairy, eggs or meat. >> i think people think they're going to get a big glob of tofu mess. wherever creative with it. anything you can have traditionally you can vegan. >> like a grilled sandwich much blue cheese with a hot wing style spread made from soy beans. how about a dip in the pub cheese. >> we take the cashews and grind them up and get to sleepover night with probiotics until they get nice and tart. then it's ground up with sun dried tomatoes, smoked pap rick today.
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>> miss rachel's pantries sells soups, sandwiches and sweets. friday, saturday and sunday. but on one of those days, something special happens here under this crystal shaped lear. >> we do our dinners on saturday nights which is something i really love. prepare all new dishes for 12 people. >> an exotic six course dinner. >> gourmet crusted crusted green tomatoes, potato chowder we did brussel sprout salad and the next course after that was a squash and ginger dumpling with black garr limb lick butter sauce. should i keep going. >> oh are my gosh. wow that menu changes the with the seasons what doesn't change is the chosing seating. >> we have the farmhouse table that lends to the communal aspects of things. so often you sit at aestaurant and you don't even make eye contact with the people next to you. >> aside from creating that togetherness there's a retro vibe here too. salt and pepper shakers and old
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time radio. >> miss rachel, there is a family pantry connection. can you tell me about that? >> my grandparents in the 1950s had the pantry it was a luncheon net on san son street in philadelphia. >> while that luncheon net wasn't vegan whoever heard of that back then. rachel did grow up vegetarian and went vegan eight years ago. and now she's spreading the wo word. >> i want you to know that you can get great vegan food here even if you're not vegan person. we use really good ingredients and we're just working hard to foster a really nice relationships. >> cheers to miss rachel's pantry. >> thank you cheers. >> i want to wave back to them. so friend there. so fabulous many you're not missing the meat. i will tell that you. and thank to you rachel's mom. it was rachel's mom renee' neck kerr klein who recommended rachel's pantry to us on facebook. i thought that was really sweet. super proud mom and don't forget to tell me about your favorite place. send me a message on facebook wood ill head to
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we set up a link you can find out more information about miss rachel's pantry. even though it's vegan i wasn't missing the meat. >> you loved it. >> i did. >> you said it tasted wonderful. looks amazing. >> it was. they really put so much thought into like she said it's not globs of tofu that people, you know, have that misconception. >> a real meal. >> you're getting a real meal to sing your teeth into. >> we know you like that. >> we do. >> tori, thanks so much. >> kate joins us with the forecast. give us a timeline for this precipitation and wind anding. >> some of the soup and the pastries and hearty foods will be good for day like tomorrow it license rainy, wet and windy day. it will start by the time we wake up tomorrow morning around seven, 8:00 a.m. when the rain will start to move in and impact both ends of your drive in philadelphia and everything in between. i expect this rain to be around really seven of a a.m. to 7:00 p.m. the window you're looking at with bursts of heavy rain imbedded within that time frame. let's take a look what's happening outside right now on storm scan3.
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here comes the rain that feels like the other day we were talking about a big blob of green now we've got another big blob of green to talk on storm scan3. yellows and oranges as well over portions of north carolina and virginia where the heaviest rain is right now. these kind of storms they like to get in early so i wouldn't be surprised if a few showers at least light rain starts up by about five, 6:00 a.m. you can see a few light showers out ahead of that main push but the heaviest rain is right about here and this is all lifting through during the day tomorrow. the actual front is way back here. so the actual front doesn't cross our area until late tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime, temperatures very mild as we await the rain. it's 57 degrees in cinnaminson norristown 57 in wayne and 58 degrees mays landing. southeast wind keeping us nice and mild outside tonight. another mild day with highs riding into the 60s even with the cloud cover today. tomorrow warm as well but warm, it's windy, and it's wet. if only it were wednesday my illiteration dream would be complete but it's not. it's thursday. future weather showing the clouds really continuing to
2:27 am
gather overnight. here we go, 8:00 a.m. especially west of philadelphia, you've got rainfalling for the first and second half. second part i shall say of the morning commute. if you're going to work later between 8:00 and 9:00 you'll start to see the rain filter into portions of delaware and south jersey. i think the heaviest rain for us is in the late afternoon and. you can see pockets of rain. i could see a few rumbles of thunder flashes of lightning with this line moving through during the evening commute. by 8:00 p.m. that clears out and we clear out and dry out by friday behind that. the winds will be strong tomorrow as well. hang on to those umbrella. the winds at 10:00 a.m. gusting over 30 miles an hour. with the actual front passage winds could gust over 35 miles an hour briefly and then the front comes through wind directions changes to the west and it's cooler but drier heading into thursday night and friday. breaking it down rain heavy at times during the day tomorrow. about an inch of rain plus or minus a quarter inch on either end. possible thunder and winds 35 miles an hour watching for
2:28 am
ponding road spray low visibility a miserable rainy day pretty much from start to fini finish. 56 degrees overnight. for your thursday periods of rain, breezy, mild at 67. nothing mild about this eagles forecast as we jump ahead to sunday. 45 degrees. that's the kick off temperature. it is going get cold. so friday and saturday it gets chilly. seasonal mid 50's not too bad. i can deal with this wait until sunday. the high of 48 will feel mr. like 38. it is going to be cold outside into early neck week. >> cold, cold, cold. >> thanks, kate bilo. >> i got what i got. >> kate bilo. >> looking forward to going to that game. we're talking sports and we're talk bowing hoops right now. a new low for the sixers tonig tonight. and james miss winston is on the rise. meet the man the eagles will be chasing down on sunday. a frigid sunday. those stories coming up next in sports.
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remember the year 2000 sand back then people were all relieved that computers didn't crash because of that whole y2k scare. that also the last time nba team had 31 turnovers in game. until tonight. the zero-11 sixers hosted the pacers in south philly. pick it up in the first quarter pace big nan jordan hill, nice move in the post against nerlins noel. pacers lead 23-16. in the second big jal my man. jahlil okafor 14 points, six boards, sixers down by three. but this is how bad things have gotten for the sixers. how many players do the sixers have on the court right there. >> 12, three, four, five, six. that's one too many. it's technical foul. they also had 31 turnovers. the highest total in the league since 2000. they lose by 27. now zero-12 on the season. yikes! college hoops, buffalo
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visiting st. joe's. cheerleaders mid season form having some fun. huge night for isaia miles also have fun. 24 points, 14 boards. hawks with a huge win over buffalo, 89-sketch. high point visiting drexel. musical stylings of the drexel band. dragons working down low off the miss. seam cleaning up the mess. he has two. the dragons fall at home 75-60. randall cunningham a philadelphia icon he also happens to be the boyhood idol of this week's opposing quarterback. tam pay james miss winston because seven-year-old when randall retired that didn't stop the heisman legal from falling in love with the eagles. he's an eagles fan. on sunday he'll try to beat the birds at the linc. the same way he led the four-five bucks to win over the cowboys on sunday. now after that game, he gave an emotional locker room speech. >> that's how you come overcome
2:33 am
adversity. i told you the team that wants it the most will pull that came off. t-j you kicked that bleep, you kicked that bleep offense had fun, baby. we had fun. we keep doing that, if we give all we got, if we have each other' backs we'll go seven-zero on this bleep. let's go! let's go! >> he is an excitable dude, man. it look like pat gallen head to go new jersey to final friday football frenzy game of the week will be williamstown at cherok cherokee. be sure to tune in friday night for our final frenzy of the year. can you imagine just having james miss winston behind you everything do you ooh just gets you fired. >> taking it to the next level. >> time for eagles d to calm that young man down. >> real quick. >> real real quick.
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philadelphia zoo letting visitors do a lot more than see its new red panda cubs much. >> the public can help name th
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them. unnamed brother and sister were born over the summer. they're nearly five months old now. they weigh about 3.5 pounds. they're expected to grow about four more pounds. and the zoo is asking for the public to help name these red panda siblings by social media. if you can weigh in go to the zoo's facebook page and leave your suggestions. ukee thought ukee and jessica had a nice ring to it. >> didn't it, though. >> but -- >> that was a good idea. i don't think it will work. fingers crossed. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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thanks for watching tonight. our morning team is back from 4:30 till 7:00 a.m. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with sharon stone. good night, family. sleep well. ♪ >> if you've ever wanted to go out there and learn how to make big money flipping houses or learn how to accumulate profits with rental houses, or if you've ever wanted to go out there and just change your family's legacy through real estate, or if, deep inside, you know you can be more, do more, and have more, then real estate is the business for you. >> announcer: armando montelongo, star of a&e's hit tv


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