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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 19, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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it's thursday, november 19th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." a new threat from isis, new york city is on alert after the terror group releases a new video. while the manhunt continues for suspects in last week's attack in paris. the debate in washington simmers over whether to allow syrian migrants fleeing isis to settle in the united states. a deadly wreck is caught on camera. two people are killed when a helicopter crashes, then spins out of control at an airport. ♪ you're so vain and a song secret revealed more than 40 years after it
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became a hit, carly simon tells the world who she sang about in "you're so vain." good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. there is fear of terror this morning in two of the world's greatest cities, new york and paris. new york city officials say there is no credible or specific threat against the city despite a new isis video warning of an impending attack. while in paris, the investigation of last week's attacks continues, we have correspondents in both cities, but we will begin with don champion in times square. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the nearly six-minute video was released yesterday, five days after the deadly attacks in paris. while only a small part of the video references new york, the message is clear, and it prompted a response from city officials.
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>> there is no credible and specific threat against new york city. >> reporter: the isis propaganda video shows a suicide bomber preparing for an attack and a glimpse of times square. though the video raises concerns, city officials say there is nothing new. >> new york obviously remains one of the top terrorist targets in the world. that video, our review of it, it looks like it has been hastily produced. it is a mishmash of previously released video. >> reporter: an isis fighter says we will destroy you with the permission of allah. it served memories of 9/11, but police commissioner bill bratton says the city is taking all necessary precautions. >> there is, as we have repeated frequently, no city in america that is better prepared to defend and protect against a terrorist attack. >> reporter: new york has been the target of numerous terrorist
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plots besides 9/11. a few like an attempt to detonate a bomb in times square five years ago nearly succeeded. and after this latest threat, mayor bill de blasio says new yorkers should not live in fear nor be intimidated. >> we understand it is the goal of terrorists to intimidate and disrupt our democratic society. we will not submit to their wishes. >> reporter: now, the fbi says it will investigate this new threat against new york city. again, while there is no credible or specific threat against the city, security has been beefed up. the city has even deployed a new anti-terrorism squad out of an abundance of caution. anne-marie? >> don champion in new york's times square. thank you so much, don. this morning it's still not clear whether the mastermind of last week's attacks in paris is dead or alive. paris officials say that he was
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not taken alive during yesterday's raid, but it's unclear if he actually died in the attack. jonatha jonathan viglyati is in paris. good morning. >> reporter: we're talking about abdelhamid abaaoud. it's still unclear if he was killed in the raids. what we do know according to officials, it could take several more days before dna tests come back. just a day after the violent raid that turned the streets of saint-denis into a war zone, forensics experts are still working to figure out if abdelhamid abaaoud was among two terrorists killed. french s.w.a.t. teams raided this apartment in the paris suburb wednesday where the alleged mastermind of last week's terror attacks was thought to be hiding. law enforcement officials say one suspect was killed as police threw grenades and fired 5,000 rounds during the onslaught. a female suicide bomber also died after detonating an explosive vest. eight others including seven men and a woman were arrested.
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but authorities say abaaoud and another fugitive, salah abdeslam, were not among them. president francois hollande is calling on the u.s. to intensify its role in the fight against isis. the topic is expected to be the focus when hollande meets with president obama next week in washington. >> they're not coming to ask for divisions of troops to go invade anyplace. they're going to need help with what's called intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. >> reporter: so far the airstrikes carried out by french jets and other forces have killed more than two dozen isis militants in raqqah this week. and overnight, raids were carried out in belgium. we are told they were directly connected to one of the three suicide bombers at the stadium on friday. anne-marie, still unclear at this point if there were any additional arrests made. >> jonathan, thank you. well, we'll be talking to new york city police
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commissioner bill bratton about this latest isis threat. and that's coming up on "cbs this morning." isis released a photo of a homemade bomb it says brought down the russian airliner in egypt. the photo shows a soda can and what appears to be bomb components. isis says it discovered a way to compromise the security at the egyptian airport where the russian plane took off from. security experts say a bomb as big as a soda can can easily rupture the pressure hull of an airliner. well, today a republican-sponsored bill to increase screening of syrian and iraqi refugees is expected to pass the house. democrats say the legislation would allow -- would, rather, all but shut down the nation's refugee program. president obama has been at odds with republicans over his plan to allow 10,000 syrians to enter the u.s. next year. opposition has snowballed following the paris attacks. >> it's not that we don't want to accept people coming into this country, it's that we
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cannot because we cannot conduct effective, reliable background checks. and if you admitted 10,000 people and 9,999 of them are good people and one of them is an isis killer, you have a problem. >> a new poll shows more than half of all americans want the u.s. to stop admitting syrian refugees. and a syrian family that waited three years to resettle in indiana has been turned away. they apparently are the first syrians to be redirected after 26 governors said their states would refuse to accept the refugees because of security concerns. the family of three has been welcomed in connecticut. and six syrian nationals traveling on false passports are being held in honduras. honduran officials say five were trying to reach the united states. they were detained tuesday when they arrived from costa rica. police say that there are no signs that they had ties to last week's attacks in paris. hillary clinton's campaign is distancing itself from a virginia mayor who made
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controversial comments about syrian refugees. roanoke mayor david bowers cited the mass detention of japanese-americans during world war ii to support his call to reject syrian refugees. the democrat's comparison ignited a backlash. the clinton campaign called japanese internment a dark cloud in our history. and an earthquake rattled people from their sleep overnight in oklahoma and kansas. the 4.7 quake struck near cherokee about 90 miles southwest of wichita. there were no initial reports of injuries or damage, though. much of the eastern u.s. is facing a powerful storm system this morning. it will deliver drenching rains to the northeast, severe thunderstorms and flash flooding are possible in the southwest. residents in georgia are cleaning up this morning after a likely tornado ripped through the atlanta area. the powerful winds tore roofs off five homes in a subdivision southwest of atlanta. debris littered the
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neighborhood. firefighters say there were no injuries. coming up on the "morning news," police clash. minneapolis cops use chemical spray on people protesting the police shooting of jamar clark. and caught on video. a helicopter spins out of control in a deadly crash. this is the "cbs morning news." when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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video shows the deadly crash wednesday of a helicopter in southern california. witnesses say it appeared to have a normal landing at the airport in carlsbad but then begins to spin out of control. the tail breaks off and then the chopper burst into flames. firefighters doused the fire. >> i just saw the propeller spinning and spinning and spinning. and then it kind of tipped over. to looked to me like it had tipped over, and then it just blew up. >> both people on board were killed. the faa and the ntsb are investigating. and protests against
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minneapolis police over the shooting of an unarmed black man are boiling over. a crowd of hundreds demonstrated outside the precinct wednesday, three days after the shooting of jamar clark. they blocked the entrances until police fought back with chemical irritants. >> we stand over here peacefully and they came out of nowhere and started poking sticks through the gate, hitting us, and started pepper spraying us or macing us. >> protesters used milk to take away the sting. clark was shot in the head during awe confrontation with two officers. witnesses say clark was handcuffed at the time. the cops' identities have been made public on wednesday. and protesters want police to release video of the shooting. police blame protesters for the violence. >> persons from the crowd started throwing rocks and bottles and other items at the officers. with disregard as to who they were hitting. police officers are citizens. >> police say several officers sustain ee eed minor injuries a
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♪ so where we are now, we're coming to -- this is where you buy a lot of your clothes, right? >> yeah. >> justin bieber riding shotgun once again with james corden f pop star karaoke. giving the late show host giving him a look at what his life is like complete with paparazzi. bieber's new single is climbing the charts. on the "cbs moneywatch," another star has a hit in the dessert department. first, why your thanksgiving travel plans could be slowed down. hebb that daniels is live with that and more. >> reporter: good morning. just days before one of the busiest weeks for air travel workers are striking at seven of the nation's busiest airports. the airports are hubs for the major airlines. the workers want higher pay and the right to unionize. more than 2,000 cleaners,
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wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers are walking off the job. it's unclear how the strike will affect airport operations. released minutes from the latest federal reserve board meeting point to an interest rate hike in the coming weeks, and that sent stocks to their best day in nearly four weeks. the dow jones finished 246 points higher. the s&p 500 gained 33 points. and the nasdaq rose 89 points. the mobile payment start-up square begins trading this morning on the new york stock exchange. the ipo is one of the highest-profile public offerings in month. with a $9 share pricing is lower than the projected offering, giving the company a market value of about $3 billion. that's well below its previous valuation. the match group ipo is also today, but it's the ceo of the dating app tinder who's making headlines. in an interview with "the london evening standard," he talks openly and in great detail about his sexual history. he said he also performed,
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quote, a background research on a female journalist, wrote a critical story on tinder. in a late s.e.c. filing, match group said it did not approve or condone the article. ll bean is scrambling to fill all the orders for its iconic rubber and leather duck boots. the backlog stands at nearly 100,000 pairs. the boots are handmade in maine. bean has hired 100 new employees and added new equipment but still can't keep up with demand. bean says it will take months to catch up with all the orders. >> yeah, and there's another hot item that everyone wants, at least the thanksgiving holiday they can't get their hands on, those patti pies. >> have you had one? they're really good. patti labelle's sweet potato pies are seeing a surge in sales thanks to this video, anne-marie. >> patti! ♪ whoa yeah >> sales were sluggish until james wright posted this video
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of his taste-testing experience. after that the pies flew off the shelves of walmart. the demand is so high, walmart bakeries are telling callers they are out before even saying hello. the pies sell for $3.48 each but are going for $40 apiece on ebay. over $2.3 million worth were sold just this past weekend. anne-marie? >> yeah, i read that patti labelle called him to thank him, which is great. but i think a lifetime supply of pies may be in order for that guy. >> i'm with you. >> henna daniels at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot. coming up on "cbs this morning," music legends jimmy iovine and mary j. blige join us in the studio on their new collaboration for apple music. still ahead, another music icon opens up, singer carly simon reveals whom she was talking about in her hit song "you're so vain."
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forecast in some cities around the country. carly simon comes clean about "you're so vain," and an ex-spokesman for subway learns his fate. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the indianapolis star tribune" reports on sentencing day for former subway pitchman jared fogle. fogle will be sentenced today on child pornography and sex crime charges. prosecutors are seeking 12 years while his attorneys have asked for five. the judge could decide on a sentence of up to 50 years. "the denver post" reports vandals targeted a bookstore that shares the same name as the terror group. isis books and gifts in the denver suburb of inglewood has been vandalized five times. its owners say that the name comes from the egyptian goddess of healing and motherhood.
4:22 am
there are no plans to change the name. "the san francisco examiner" reports on a divorced couple's courtroom fight over frozen embryos. a california judge tentatively ruled yesterday that the couple must follow a contract they made to destroy the five embryos if they divorce. the 46-year-old woman argued it could be her last chance to have children. and "people" magazine reports carly simon revealed the identity of the person she was singing about in the song "you're so vain" that she wrote more than 40 years ago. ♪ you're so vain simon says the second verse refers to warren beatty, but she also says the other verses refer to two other men, and she's keeping those names a secret, at least for now. simon has a new book out later this month. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the new revelations why carly
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there is a big birthday celebration in iowa. the m septuplets turn 18 today. molly cooney. >> reporter: this was our first glimpse of the septuplets 18 years ago, ranging from 2 pounds 5 ounces to 3 pounds, 4 ounces. they grew from baby to toddlers to teenagers learning to drive. >> use your turn signal. >> who wants to date? and yes, dating. now in their senior year, it's a mixture of emotions as they look to graduation and life on their own. brandon will be the first to
4:26 am
leave the nest. he's enlisted in the army. >> and then my job is the infantry. so i'll probably be gone most of the time because i'm going active duty for that. >> reporter: and dad is hitting his sib lipgs hard. >> it's going to be hard especially with my brother, brandon, because he's going into the military now. him and i were the closest. i'm going to miss him a lot. >> reporter: kenny jr. plans to go into the construction trade. kelsey is in allstate choir and wants to pursue a career in music. >> they're my biggest supporters. and i have so many of them, so i just have so much support for what i did. >> reporter: natalie, joel and nathan plan to head out of state. nathan and alexis have had numerous surgery forrer is brawl palsy going from crawling to crutches and now walkers and braces. >> me and lexxi are completely done with going to getting different surgeriries and checkups unless we need something, we're completely done
4:27 am
with it. >> reporter: and it hasn't slowed either one of them down. >> this is my first year getting into high school cheerleading squad. so that was a really big moment for me. >> reporter: days of reflection already are under way. >> my first thought is did i do a good enough job with them? >> every single thing this year will be the last. >> reporter: so what advice do they have to parents just starting out? >> just have them one at a time. >> reporter: mollie cooney for cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> that sounds like great advice. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the cyber group anonymous is waging a tech war against isis. we'll take a closer look. plus holiday. shooing, we will tell you how much people will spend and the most popular black friday items. and charlie talks with george lucas about not being asked for input in the upcoming "star wars" movie. >> i decided, fine, but basically i'm not going to try to -- they weren't that keen to
4:28 am
have me involved anyway. but at the same time i said if i get in there i'm just going to cause trouble. >> that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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on strike, some workers a at philadelphia international airport walk off the job, and we're live with why they are walking the picket lines and how this could effect your travel plans. also this morning new york city security comes under question after newly released isis video implies an attack there could be next. looking live at storm scan three. bring that umbrella today. katie is tracking rain heading our way. when i walk outside, here i said we need that umbrella handy. >> good morning, it is thursday, november 19th i'm quarter ron tiehl. speaking obfuscate i and meisha they have an eye outlaid is good morning. happy thursday,


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