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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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on strike, some workers a at philadelphia international airport walk off the job, and we're live with why they are walking the picket lines and how this could effect your travel plans. also this morning new york city security comes under question after newly released isis video implies an attack there could be next. looking live at storm scan three. bring that umbrella today. katie is tracking rain heading our way. when i walk outside, here i said we need that umbrella handy. >> good morning, it is thursday, november 19th i'm quarter ron tiehl. speaking obfuscate i and meisha they have an eye outlaid is good morning. happy thursday, katie, and
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always great to see you back. you girls are looking good. dealing with overnight construction but katie, they're nice and dry so far. will that hold off. >> that is the key phrase. would i say for tail end of the morning rush about the time you will have your handful here in terms of the wet weather having an impact on what it will do for the morning drive. all is calm and quiet but you can see signs of life over my shoulder. we will get to storm scan in a second. i wanted to check out on sky scan three where we are bone cry for now. that is set to change however with time but our live look from campbell a's field camera overlooking the delaware river, ben franklin bridge is still very tranquil and visibility still darn good out there we are looking good hitting the road anytime soon but already, on the tri-state sweep here on storm scan the wet weather is beginning to advance. not quite even at the lancaster county border yet. we still have a window of dry weather opportunity here, to get into travel plans without any major hitch.
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most of what you are finding through lehigh valley from berks county is not quite verifying just yet. that will change though obviously with the moisture and those dark her shades, bringing in some actual rain, to the surface. here comes that front. that is leading edge what you are finding in the yellow and green with the heavier rain and it will get here thinking of between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m. that depend where you are from west to east is how it will progressively move in. comes earlier, lancaster, berks county, at the shore point and we will be smack dab in between that for when it arrives. we expect that rain to be locally heavy. we have said it since yesterday. the have the the umbrella ready. eventually, you will thank yourself that you have got the that wet weather gear ready to go. >> absolutely, i got mine packed and ready. thank you for that. happy thursday. it is still early. still dark outside. we are till dealing with the overnight construction on the vine, planning on taking the
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vine anytime soon, it is still closed. we did just see movement. it looked like a tax i can moving in the westbound direction but we have not had time confirmation if the westbound lanes have opened and we know eastbound lanes are still closed. we will have another update and let you know when that does open. to thinks i-95 north between era port and bartram avenue. this has just clear. two left lanes were block. that has not been cleared. schuylkill eastbound at spring garden beautiful shot looking good but already, early this morning still only 4:00 o'clock in the morning, 4:00 o'clock hour, moving in the eastbound direction already quite a volume load for this construction new jersey turnpike northbound near 206, that left lane is block due to that construction and also 295 northbound between route 168 and 42 freeway, two lanes are block until 6:00 a a.m. looking like that has just been cleared for those on the tv side, back of to you. airport workers at philadelphia international are on strike. >> work stoppage comes days
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before the the busy thanksgiving holiday travel season. justin finch is live at the airport with the potential impact if you are flying today, justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. no word yet on travel impact for passengers, however, thinks called first ever nationwide airport workers strike and here at phl in just a few hours, workers are set to arrive to demand a $12 per hour wage as well as protest unfair working conditions. let's take you to video of that strike. that began last night. it will extend into today. on today's picket line we will see wheelchair attendant, plane cabin cleaners and other subcontracted staff they all work for airline subcontractors, including prime flight, and mcginn security. they are teaming with local 32bj to protest what they call up fair working conditions and pay in he canty. they point to last june when city council signed off on $12
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living wage for airport workers. many wheelchair a tenants have not the gotten that raise. this strike is timed to align with the thanksgiving travel rush and it books airports from chicago, boston, new york city areas as well as fort lauderdale. organizers say here in philadelphia this day has been a long time coming. >> a couple months back city council acted. a number of these workers got the a raise. some work their were supposed to, didn't. that is part of the issue. they are a all out here starting the strike because of the way they have been treated at work. as they tried to talk about their work conditions we believe they have been threaten, harassed, several of them legally terminated. they are going on strike to stand up for themselves. >> reporter: now later on today about noon time those workers will meet with mayor-elect jim kenney to discuss their struggles and in word on effect strikes. it may be smart to call ahead to see. >> always a good idea, justin,
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thank you. meanwhile business a at philadelphia international the airport is normal for foreign flights after the attacks in paris. latest act of terrorism is making travelers to europe nervous. long time travel agent says she has been getting phone calls from concerned per speculative travelers. they have not canceled their plans but they do have questions about safety. >> you know, folks are frightened or just not traveling at all, or they will stay domestic. those that are used to traveling will say i'm not going to stop my life. >> overseas carriers report a drop in sales for flights to paris, not so for any major u.s. a airline. france foreign minister wants the world to help fight isis after last friday a's terror attacks. he says it is incomprehensible that the world cannot fight 30,000 people. surveillance video obtain by london newspaper daily mail shows one of the terrorist circled in red, you see firing into a restaurant. can't quite see the red there
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patrons die for cover as bullets and glass rain down from a above. gunman tries to fire point blank but his gun jams. meanwhile authorities insist alleged master mind abdelhamid abaaoud was not taken alive. they are trying to determine if he died in that raid along with another suspect who blew herself up. meanwhile, france anal is continue to follow isis target in syria in retaliation for at tax. isis a has released a new video this that suggest new york city is eye potential terrorist target. police commissioner bill braton says some footage is old and there is no current threats. >> we will not be intimidated and we will not live in fear. >> still new york city police are on alert. in the wake of the terror attacks in paris, penn state university will increase security at saturday's football game. there are no known threats to the game against michigan, but school officials are not taking any chances.
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beaver stadium will open up the at 10:00 a.m. for noon game, that is 30 minutes earlier then usual to give staff more time to search, as they enter. now an "eyewitness news" exclusive, jury decide children's hospital of philadelphia will to have pay ten million-dollar to a family after the hospital's mistakes left a six year-old deaf and disable. shemir tillry suffered a brain injury at 11 months old. his mom took him to children's hospital three days in a row with a fever that wouldn't go away. they were sent home twice. it wasn't until the third visit that he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and received antibiotics. shemir will now need life long care. cbs-3 has reached out to children's hospital for reaction. spokesperson says the hospital does not comment on litigation. well to day former sun way pitch man jared the fogle is expect to plead guilty to child pornography. fogle's lawyers want five-year prison term but prosecutors want him behind bars for more than five years. they want a lifetime of
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supervision after his release. thirty-eight year old father of two had has a agreed to pay more than a million-dollar to his 14 victims. some of the nation's most influential women will be in the area today. doctor scott carli lloyd will be a key speaker for pennsylvania conference of women. jessica alba will take part in the event at the the pennsylvania convention center. conference draws thousands of women from across the the state for a full take of networking, professional development and personal growth, welcome. republican presidential candidate carli fiorina will be in town. she's speaking at today's keystone conference on business and policy. we're told she will discuss economic policies. the the speech takes place later this morning at the university of pennsylvania. the former ceo of hewlett packard has been trailing in the polls recently. philadelphia parking authority's new app meter up launches today in four pilot areas. program notifies drivers when they have had seven minutes left on the meter. users can add more time from the the credit card without having to return to their car.
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if it is successful the p pa will expand this app city wide in six months. and there is no better day to quit then today, when it comes to smoking. the american cancer society's annual great american smoke out is today. the the organization is calling on all smokers not to light up today and to make a long term plan to quit. statistics show 42 million americans, smoke, that is slightly fewer then one in five adult. main line pizza shop employee is behind bars after she allegedly sold drugs while a at work. police arrested brandy weldon an employee at seasons pizza on lancaster avenue in radnor. they say she sold drugs to an under cover officer a a a the that restaurant. the code inspectors close that had shop because weldon touched food while also handling drugs. 4:40. katie is tracking a rainy day. she's back with your forecast up next. generous gift given to a local church. how they were chosen to receive a piece of papal his there i. flyers take time off the
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ice to spread some holiday cheer. that story, when we come right back
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piece of papal history. author had been a new permanent home at holy mortar's parish in or land. suburban church is home to about 1100 families. the church's priest reached out to the director of the cathedral when he could not attend the papal mass simply asking for the alter and that is how this small parish got that big treasure. a great lesson, you know, you have to ask. >> that is right, you have to ask for it. >> we were asking for good weather but it unfortunately will not work out. >> i thought it is going to be a mild day. it feels warm, doesn't it, for mid to late november this is not shabby. we are still looking at upper 60's a. even tonight we have a cold front that will not be terribly chilly even tonight.
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that will change. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> exactly. we're talking heavier rain, yeah. at the moment at least things are quiet. we said this earlier. if you have a window of opportunity to walk out the door, not need umbrella if you are just going to be heading out for a couple hours here, aside the rest of the the day all good but if you plan to be out basically through the daylight hours i suggest an umbrella here's why. we will go out to storm scan and there is pretty soaking rain that is coming along with the leading edge of the frontal boundary especially right now down through virginias and that is getting drawn up on the leading edge of the frontal boundary. we have a southerly push that comes in a ahead of these front. that is why it is so mile, but this moisture will get drawn in here where we will end up with steadier, heavier rain as the day progresses. looking forward in the future weather forecast here, here's
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the front, looking at the time stamp at 11:00 a.m. as this continues to trek east we will deal with an all day event. so through the noon time hour, through early afternoon rush and typical evening commute you are still going to be dodging some rain especially through new jersey. the entire garden state will be covered in this but as we head toward 7:00 p.m. further inland you are and further west you reside, more than likely things will be tapering off. high pressure builds in. we will dodge another system, looking forward here, come into the upcoming weekend. this is weaker by comparison but it will reenforce the the chill. for now expect the umbrella, mild but windy day. 67 degrees. only bottom out to 50 in the overnight and looking forward in the forecast we are back in the 40's by sunday and monday. a true winter chill set to return, with that reenforcing front we mentioned a a moment ago. back over to you. checking sports, sixers are now zero and 12 and head on to the the road after another bad night in south
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philadelphia unfortunately. sixers struggling against here, monk other issues,ll sixers were called for technical foul when they put six players on the court. one, too many. you have to count them up. they had 31 turnovers, the the most in nba game, since the year 2,000. sixers lose 112-85. they start a six game road trip in charlotte tomorrow night. meanwhile flyers play the sharks tonight a at the well but today, they used yesterday's day off to give back. the flyers and their significant others, visited ronald mcdonald house yesterday. they prepared a served a thanksgiving dinner for families staying there. they stuck around and signed autographs and spent sometime with their young fans. ronald mcdonald house does so much to help families through medical issues. how special to get that break. >> exactly, to meet one of your heroes. >> that is great. >> still ahead this morning do you still need your flu shot? coming up next how you can get one without leaving your house
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today. >> sound good to me. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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here's a look at the the headlines this morning. union workers at philadelphia international airport on the picket lines. the members of the service employees union which includes baggage handlers say they are unhappy over low wages and poor treatment of employers. french authorities hope dna testing will help them identify two people killed in yesterday's raid in suburban paris. it is in the clear if one of them is the man who allegedly planned last friday's attack. the second decimated by a suicide belt. new york city's mayor says the city won't be intimidated, following a newly released isis video suggesting the city
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could be a target. mayor bill deblasio says the the city is safe. 4:49. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's henna daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange. holidays are coming up. consumer watch dog group is letting us know which ones are very dangerous. which toys made the list. >> reporter: just in time for the holidays, topping the list , dinosaur claws inspired by jurassic park. the those toy claws can cause eye and face injuries. list includes a quick folding trampoline that can cause injuries during assembly, nicole and erika. >> uber is offering to bring flu shots right to your door. tell us more about that. >> so strange, doesn't it. >> to avoid catching the the flu catch a uber. car service app is offering flu shots in several it is is. choose option for uber health and reserve a nurse to administer the shot to you at a indoor location. uber will charge you $10 for this service, nicole and erika
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good that is not bad ten bucks not to leave your house, uber is dabbling in it the all, pizza, groceries, nurses. >> yes, henna thank you. we will see you later this morning. coming up the the new additions to the zoo and how you can help name them. >> plus we have check on traffic and weather on this rainy thursday, we will be right back. >> not quite to friday. >> all right, almost.
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4:53. lets get the the latest on the roads and they are dry for now, meisha. >> that is right, good morning. the drive is looking good this morning. we have dry roadways, for now, we will hear from katie in a little bit for that. they are looking g here's i-95 south at academy, keeping my
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eyes always on i-95 south, heating up very early all week long. the right now looking good in that a area. people in new jersey 42 freeway northbound creek road looking good. a as you follow northbound all the way up to 295 you are looking good there. this is what it will look like up to 295 and vine, westbound lane is opened. eastbound lanes, however are still closed. westbound side of the vine all good between schuylkill and broad and so still closed in the eastbound direction. new jersey turnpike that left lane is still block due to the overnight construction. i will let you know when that clears. overturn vehicle in kenneth square beared vote at mill road. certainly some, activity there but overall holding steady, katie. bringing that rain for the viewers, what is happening. >> we will time it the out here and give you have a sense how much rain we're talking about. generally speaking this storm system has been a big weather producer. it brought blizzard conditions to colorado and lots of severe
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weather from the south. for us it is just heavy rain with a little will bit of extra wind thrown in there. a big nuisance for sure but thankfully not the kind of damaging weather we have seen this already produce across portions of the united states. this is huge. you can see that spiral especially with the satellite coverage all the way up toward the hudson bay and straight down to the gulf of mexico. a broad expanded system. for us a glancing blow. granted, again a big old headache here looking through the the course of the afternoon. we have upward of an inch, potentialry more than that depending on location but future weather models predicting about that. it is still a mild day too at least. we have got the that going for you but you need an umbrella on a day like this. >> new lets check the the stories of our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. hopefully you don't mind shots because flu mist is in short supply. kathleen kane's top deputies testify before a special senate committee and rapper known for taking stage
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with jay-z and kanye is taking stage to raise awareness about kidney disease. check it the out two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio. the philadelphia zoo is letting you do more than just see the red panda. >> you can name the little guys. unname brothers are nearly five months old. they way three and a half pound and expect to grow only four more pound. >> they stay tiny. >> yes, zoo is asking public for input what to name the the red panda siblings by wayf social media. so you can weigh in. and just beautiful. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> all right. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live at the airport as workers get ready to walk off the the job this morning. also trapped by a tree how a woman survived getting stuck in the bed when that massive tree slice through her house. struggling to meet holiday need why challenging of the the shelves being
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good morning. gracious umbrella a before you head out today, it will be wet and windy. storm scan three is showing that rain heading our way. katie lets you know how long that wet weather will stick around. airport workers go on strike just days before one of the busiest travel times of the year. demand they are making and impact that strike could have on your holiday travel plans. high alert in times square new york city respond to the latest threat from isis that targets the the big apple. good morning, thursday november 19th i'm erika von tiehl. i'm nicole brewer. dry for new but it will be soggy day, katie outside on
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the sky deck and meisha checking out the roads, good morning. the roadways are looking good, katie. they are still dry. we know maybe that will change during this morning commute. the right now we have no accidents, all overnight construction projects are now moving out of the way. what do we have in store in terms of the wet roadways. >> well, it will be on the way for us as the day progresses here, meisha. would i say toward tail end of the morning rush is about to expect that wet weather to be an issue. this is more than anything a big old nuisance. here on storm scan three we have more localized zoom from the top of the show. it is not too much that is happening just yet. right on the outskirts of the lancaster county leading edge of the frontal boundary is starting to push in. as day progresses this moves in basically from west to east. cloud are here, acting like a blanket to keep temperatures maryland rate this morning but along with that mild air the trade off is, this. period of the rain, rain


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