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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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good morning, everyone. and, talk about a perfect day to stay home and snug he will under the blankets, if you can, if your alarmist going off, your cat is scratching at you, your kiddies crying you have to get up. it will be wet and windy. katie breaks it down coming up. also happening right now workers at philadelphia international airport go on strike. we are live with the reasons why they walk off the job and whether or not it will affect your travel plans. a call for normalcy in new york after isis released a new threat a apparently targeting times square. today is thursday, november 19th, good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we will check with kate on it sky deck and we see you are still umbrella free. roadways are still dry. >> it is looking good. for those who can you want to get an early jump start before it comes down. once you say, katie sometime this morning. >> your window of dry weather
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opportunity is dwindling at this point because as we showed you on storm scan three that rain is obviously advancing, it is just time before we do start to see rain drops falling in the delaware valley and it moves from west to east. the lets take one more look at storm scan three and at the moment on the tri-state sweep the initial read of this wet weather is starting to push into western most berks and lancaster county. it is still, a window, of dry weather, activity, as i call it across the garden state. things are completely dry in delaware and most of the southeastern pennsylvania but that is changing, i would say about the window of seven to 10:00 a.m. we will see that rain moving in. later closer to the shore and then sooner if you are closer to that leading edge in those western suburbs. also along with this we will see that wind kick in, nothing major, nothing damaging but wind gusts will peak as high as 30 miles an hour. quick check of the temperatures they are not bad, lower 60's, currently and we
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will expect upper 60's in philadelphia today. i have been saying it all morning, meisha, it is a trade off but 67 degrees, mid to late novice not bad but you need umbrella. >> this morning when i walk out i could feel how warm it was despite the fact that the rain is coming in. it the is a trade off. good morning. happy thursday to you. if you are just waking up, things are just starting to heat up, roosevelt boulevard in the southbound direction toward schuylkill looking good but you can see how many headlights are out there because we know that rain is pushing in, a good idea to leave early if you want to avoid all that because we know that will bring backups with us. here's schuylkill taillights moving in the eastbound direction at girard, looking good, anywhere we will look at schuylkill it is looking g heating up as we normally would expect. forty-two freeway north bound for those in new jersey at creek road looking good but just 15 minutes ago looking at 42 freeway it didn't quite look like this. we do know volume will start building there with new jersey and up to 295. construction new jersey, route
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55 northbound past route 49, that left lane is blocked until 3:00 p.m. for those in and around that area i would plan accordingly and more construction in new jersey turnpike north bound near route 206 that left lane is still block, nicole, over to you. happening right now some airport workers at philly international are on strike that work stoppage is part of the strike involving airport employees. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live with more on how this could impact your travel plans, just continue. >> reporter: nicole, erika good morning. demonstrations began an hour ago. they are very active right now picking up from last night worker walk off. phl1 of the several airports that will see workers on the picket line this morning and throughout the day. now here in philadelphia at walk off comes after what was thought to be a victory back in july but city council a approved a $12 living rage for airport workers. now they have yet to see that wage and that includes
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subcontractors this morning. they are wheelchair attendants, baggage workers and plane cabin cleaner. they work for three major companies that serve major air liners, they include prime flight, prospect and mcginn security. the timing here is by design, just in time for that thanksgiving travel rush. these protests do exist in several major cities and airports including chicago, boston, new york city and fort lauderdale. organizers say here in philadelphia a this day has been a long time in coming. i want to bring in mercedes jones this morning. mercedes, why are you out here this morning. >> mainly for better wages, benefits and mainly just respect. >> reporter: you're a wheelchair attendant does that mean you have not gotten that $12 hourly rage. >> no. >> reporter: how would that change your life. >> it would change my life because we have family and it is just more money because it
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is just not enough in today world. >> reporter: back in july city council approved that raise. you still don't have it. who are you frustrated with this morning. >> mainly everybody because they are not giving us what we want. we have a job. we break our backs for your job. we just do not get enough money. >> reporter: we do know later today city council members will join these workers for a rally at 7:30 and mayor-elect jim kenney will be here to hear their concerns. we are live at the the airport, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". france's prime minister is asking to extend a state of emergency another three months. he warns that the terrorist who targeted paris last friday could use chemical and biological weapons. meanwhile authority say that they are using dna to identified two people killed after a swat team, stormed an apartment building in saint denis. officials say suspects were ready to launch new attacks. a new look at the tragedy
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here, surveillance video obtain shows restaurant as bullet smash in the walls and diners run for cover. and new york stepped up patrols after isis released video showing times square. jonathan vigliotti has very latest from paris. >> reporter: just a a day after violence turn the streets in saint denis in the war zone forsic experts are still working to figure out if abdelhamid abaaoud was among two terrorist killed. french swat teams raided this swat team in the paris suburb wednesday when the alleged master mind of last weeks terror attacks was thought to be hiding. law enforcement officials say one suspect was killed as police threw grenades ape fired 5,000 round during the onslaught. female suicide bomber died after detonating an explosive vest. eight others, including seven men and a woman were arrested. but authorize say a booed and other fugitive salah abdeslam were not among them. a as france continues to mourn
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the president hollande is calling on the u.s. continue on tense file its role in the fight begins isis. topic is expect to be focus when hollande meets with president obama next week in washington. >> it will be a multi year task, we will not be able to fully succeed and eliminating terrorist safe havens until we have a political settlement of some sort in syria. >> reporter: so far officials say air strikes carried out by french jets and other forces have killed more than two dozen isis militants in the syrian strong hold of cocca this week. in paris, jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the the city that never sleeps is keeping vigil after an apparent threat. new york's times square is bustling following release of the isis propaganda video implying that city is a target. nypd is aware of the video but adds there is no current or threat clothes to, and we will have a live report coming up at 6:30. the attacks in paris are
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making travelers to europe nervous. last night lines for international flights at philadelphia international the airport were pretty normal. long time travel agent says she has been getting calls from concerned speaker techtive travelers. they have not canceled any plans but they have questions about their safety. >> you know just not traveling at all, or just stay domestic. those that are used to travel, say i'm not going to stop my life. >> overseas carriers report a drop in sales to flights to paris but that is not the the case for any major u.s. airline. police have rarely shut down a main line pizza shop after employees bus to ted for selling drugs. police arrested brandy weldon an employee at the seasons pizza on lancaster avenue in radnor. they say she sold drugs to an a under cover officer a at the the restaurant. police and code inspectors had to close that pizza shop because weldon touched food while also handling drugs. >> she would come out, meet our under covers, and do buys,
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go back into the the store. >> we have police detectives here, eating all the time and we are absolutely shock. a man suspect of torching a dozen cars in overbrook end upsetting himself on fire too you can see him running away from the scene with his hand on fire. cars were found earlier this in month at the a towing and storage lot on lancaster avenue. police are still looking for that suspect. an "eyewitness news" exusive, a jury decides children's hospital of philadelphia will to have pay ten million-dollar to the family after a hospital's mistake left a six year-old deaf and disable. she mere tillry suffered a brain injury at 11 month-old. his mom took him to children's hospital three days in a row with a fever that wouldn't go away. they were sent home twice. it wasn't until the third vice that it shemir was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and received antibiotic. shemir will need life long care. cbs-3 reached out to children's hospital for
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reaction. vspokesperson says a hospital does not comment on litigation. 6:09. this is not us, right? snowplows are busy after a winter storm dumps about 20 inches of snow in the midwest, not here. >> thank goodness. also ahead you might remember this this video of two women who started twerking on a man in the gas station. now that man is speaking out. hear yes feared for his life. >> are you ready to kick it old school. >> ♪ late night laughs were justin beiber and james corden they reunite carrasquillo oak i. wait until you see beiber a's fashion advice. >> should he be giving fashion advice. >> stay with us. coming up.
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all right. check this out, it is northwestern, kansas where 20 inches of snow, has already fallen. >> my goodness. i'm thankful we are not in kansas. >> road crews and emergency crews digging out. snowplow operators are very busy and farmers say they were without a lot of moisture and their field will take some of the water anyway they can get it. some good news for them. >> lets talk about this system with katie. we have a wet, dreary day but how about that snow. >> this storm system, guys, it the is very huge. very expansive. we have to go all the way out to storm scan. it is in its entirety. you can still see snow is falling over dakotas, northwestern minute sewed, canadian border.
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but kansas, nebraska at this same time we are dealing with the snow falling down with that colder air wrapping in on the back side of the storm. it is just cold front that we have to contend with. that cold front has been responsible for lots of severe weather in the deep south. for us it is a rainy, nuisance, headache of the day and we will also end up with wind picking up too. at the the moment you might look out window and saying there is no rain just yet. it is not here just yet but our time line is starting to dwindle here where you have dry weather. things will start picking up, i would say next 45 minutes or so, western most suburbs starting to pick up on the rain. if you want winter you have to wait time here. thanksgiving, seven days away. i cannot believe it is thanksgiving. a astronomical winter does not begin for 33 more days but meteorological winter for us climate buffs start on december 1st. we don't see average first snowfall for a few more weeks, as well. so we have sometime here with the warmth that we have had recently it may be a while.
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in the live neighborhood network we have a quiet start. cloud cover in the night sky here or relevant i morning sky in the live neighborhood net the work but looking forward in the seven day forecast it is expect to see a drop on the thermometer come tomorrow. nice mild day. trade off that is rain and wind. sun returns. back to seasonal conditions friday and saturday. reenforceing shot of cold from the new front comes in saturday night that might bring showers early sunday morning guys but more than anything back in the the 40's, that is bigger story. it will be chilly. that is wintry chill right there. >> forty-six and 67 to 46. >> yes. >> good drop off for you. >> yes. >> even though we are dealing with that i'm going to live it up with 67 degrease. good morning everyone happy thursday. things are looking g roadways are still dry as we have been talking about all morning. we have an accident at 422 eastbound at oaks, that left lane is block and report we
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are receiving is this is involving three to five vehicles. it is slow moving around here until this gets cleared out of your way. you can see flash arrow letting you know to move over down to a single lane. you probably will be just because of the amount of traffic flowing and volume but they are starting to hit roadways in this area right now. that is 422 eastbound a at oaks half that left lane is block. i-95 at betsy ross bridge, this is another area, interstate 95 southbound direction right around 6:30. you know where i'm going with this. schuylkill at belmont also heating up. schuylkill in the area we look is getting more busy. just a string of headlights. so it the is busy out there. also mass transit looking good. no major delays, and high speed line running on normal schedule. lansdale doylestown is on a new schedule. check those schedules on line and construction new jersey turnpike north bound near 206, that left lane is blocked, so all right we will have another update in a bit but first we will take a quick break stay
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jared fogle is expected to played guilty to sex crimes charges and also expected to learn how long he will spend in prison. judge could sentence 38 year-old father of two up to 50 years. will fogle admitted paying for sex with girls as young as
6:20 am
16 and receiving child pornography produced by former director of fogle's director. washington d.c. man is speaking out after being caught on camera as victim of sexual abuse. forty year-old washington man in the video showing two women twerking, grabbing and touching him at 7-eleven. >> he said that was just the the beginning. after walking outside he drove into a car wash and then retreated, but only for a moment. >> when i turned on the car wash, the girls came inside of the other way from the exit, after me and i'm thinking oh, shoot they are about to dill me. that is when i called nine is 11. >> he feared for his life, as for those women one had been since locked up, held without bond and charged with sex abuse. other woman is still on the loose but is there now a warrant out for her arrest. 6:20. today is the great american smoke out, coming up next after jen stops by our studio with ways to help you quit
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smoking. >> also this. >> what do you mean. >> are you ready. >> you bet. >> he is such a good sport. >> i love him. >> it is car, car oak which justin beiber and james corden and laughs do in the stop here. next see when beiber takes corden shopping for updated clothes. >> katie tracking lots of rain. >> we certainly are. >> it is on the move right now in the western most suburbs, but we will time this system out, how does it affect your day. it will in a big way. stay tune. i will have your full forecast
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the word is, soup. >> that is after 22 years e entertainment network is canceling its weekly show. program debuted talk show, talk soup and had famous host, greg dinner and current host joe mchail will sign off december 18th. network has not said why the the show is being cans he eld. >> i liked that show. >> we have our first lot the second zoolander movie. ben stiller repricees his role as the number one male model in the world, derek zoolander.
6:25 am
owen wilson is back, as well, and pair gets to save the world, including pop star justin beiber from criminals out to get all of the beautiful people. >> no. >> zoolander two hits theaters in february. >> that looks so hot right now. >> yes, speaking of the beiber, he made his return to late night television last tonight right here on cbs-3. >> he joined late, late show james corden for another handful of car, karaoke. >> it is fantastic. >> ♪ >> you ever do this one. >> what in the the heck. >> i want to. >> they went shopping and we saw outfit that they chose. >> i am a father of two, does this say father of two, do you
6:26 am
>> it says i'm a little loss as an adult. should we get me dressed or what. >> the only thing that is a annoying about this, the the home thing a annoying is you actually look quite cool. >> i love it. >> he is pretty cute. >> yes, beiber will be in philadelphia next spring and added a second show, you can see him may seventh and the walk off. >> yes. >> at the wells fargo center, tickets go on sale tomorrow. that is a amazing. >> that james corden is hilarious. so likable. our producer said beiber is likable there too. sometimes tough to do. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we will have the the latest on the paris terrorist attacks. >> we are live in times square where security is tight hear what authorities are saying about the latest threat from ice that is seems to target new york city.
6:27 am
jan? and erika i'm coming to you live this morning from pennsauken at food bank have of south jersey, where you can see they have a lot of supplies but not nearly enough of that thanksgiving center piece we're talking turkies this morning and how you can help feed needy families in our area straight
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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good morning. we've got some bad news, a dreary, rainy day ahead, definitely need to grab your umbrella, rain coat, wet weather is with us all day long, when it finally get here and we have mother nature giving us a visual warning too. >> yes, absolutely. >> you know the old saying, right, red sky warning. >> sailors warning. >> i want to show you a look at the red sky this morning because wet weather is on the way. we will time that out but checking in with the live
6:31 am
neighborhood network first and foremost notice wind direction, guys. we have been talking about how warm it will be and it certainly already is, 59 degrees at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. you can see sun's reflection off of the school will there but again sign of things to come and color of the sky here and gray clouds that are starting to bilo in here. looking at storm scan once more it is all from a cold front. this storm system has brought blizzard conditions to colorado, severe weather in the deep south. for us it is a big old headache, rain starts to pick up here as early as within the next half an hour from west to east. at the shore points you will will's see it moving in later, then say if you are in chester county. meanwhile through the course of the day everybody getting hit with heavy rain through pockets. the most of the day bank on it being soggy and wet and dreary. temperatures are a nice trade
6:32 am
off 62 already out at philly international. we will see temperatures climb another 5 degrees expecting them to top off at 67 at around 3:00 p.m. that rain is the big story of the day, big weather head line for the week and eventually behind this cold front we will see temperatures take a tumble but sun will come back. pros and conn every day. >> certainly is, thanks, so much, katie. good morning. happy thursday to you. if you are just waking up with us we have an accident outside, this is 422 eastbound at oaks. that left lane is blocked because of that accident. if you are just thinking about heading out on to 422, right now it is very slow moving because of the accident and left lane is down and everyone is slamming on their brakes. here's some of those backups a at 422 eastbound. the backups go past this to route 29 in collegeville. so again this is your backup camera. take a look this isn't even a on ramp on to 422 backup all
6:33 am
the way, yikes, thinks a warning either give yourself plenty of extra time or avoid that area we have a disabled school bus. this is schuylkill westbound before university avenue. those are two hot spots that you want to avoid if at all possible but give yourself a couple extra minutes. we have another accident in norristown a and we will have another update in 15 minutes. nicole, back to you. we have new developments following paris attacks. france prime minister warned islamic extreme is at some point might use chemical or biological weapons. >> earlier he urge the the international community to do more to eradicate isis which he calls a monster. still no word on the fate of the alleged master mind of the attacks. french authorities are using dna evident to determine if he died in the raid in suburban paris. president obama's paris trip is still on, attending the the climate talks november 30th and staying two days. new york's marries telling
6:34 am
residents to continue to live their lives. call for normalcy follows a new threat by isis. >> don champion joins us from times square with the latest on that, don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. threat came in the form of the the video released five days after those deadly attacks in paris. while only part of the video mentions new york city, the message is clear and this morning city officials are responding. heavily armed officers now stand guard in new york city's time square, landmark is at center of the new threat from isis. >> the people of the new york city will not be intimidated. >> reporter: in a rare late night press conference wednesday city officials called for vigilantes. threat came in the video released on line by the terror group that shows a suicide bomber preparing for an attack and footage of tourist sites and restaurant in times square. >> there is nothing new about that video. the it looks like it has been hastily produced, it is a a
6:35 am
mix up of previously released video. we believe it is a compilation of videos going back to one in august. >> reporter: in all about 19 seconds of old footage from around new york appears in the video. police say it rearms that the city remains a top terrorist target. following friday's deadly a attacks in paris, the nypd has beefed up patrols and dispatched a new counter terrorism unit. >> i want to encourage all new yorkers to continue to go about their business normally. >> reporter: in recent days isis has threatened a attacks in washington d.c. after 9/11 new york has been at center of the numerous terror plots including failed attempt to detonate a car bomb in times square five years ago. this threat from isis comes a week before the big macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york city. if you plan on coming here
6:36 am
expect beefed up security for that. fbi is investigating this latest threat and it is important to know there is no credible or specific threat in new york. thanks for the update done champion. live look at philadelphia international airport where service workers are on strike. baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and other service employees walk off the job late last night. they are demanding higher wages and better benefits. it is taking place in airports in five other cities including chicago, boston and new york. philadelphia parking authority a's new app meter up launches today in four pilot areas. program notifies drivers when they have seven minutes left on their parking meter. they can add more time without actually returning to their car. if it is successful p pa will expand it city wide in just six months and that is very exciting. >> yes. >> down load that one for sure. we're a week away but holiday shopping season starts this weekend.
6:37 am
>> for more on how to score best deals we are joined by business analyst jill schlesinger live for us in new york. so we're wondering is it worth to it kind of sneak away on thanksgiving and maybe do object line shopping. >> absolutely, according to a doby digital research on line prices should hit rock button on thanksgiving day when you will snag an average discount of get this 27 percent. if you you plan to shop on that day you will be rewarded. interesting, adoby found consumers will find different deals depending on what you are buying. here's a tip this saturday is the the best day to shop for toys, because it is something between the amount of inventory and the price. monday, very good day for electronics and best day for jewelry thanksgiving day. >> yes. >> so what are the hottest gifts, jill, what do you think. >> reporter: once again we
6:38 am
have cell phones specifically, iphone six and six plus, wearable devices like fit bit, that is at the top of the list for both kids and their parents. top toys a little bit of old school here. we have new versions of old favorites according to toys-r-us, let's look at the star wars toys, pretty much every single one of them are pegged to the release of episode seven the force awakens. the guitar hero live, barbie, i hate barbie, but barbie, lego. >> yes. >> i mean i like lego better. if you have to choose for your daughter or your son, barbie saddle and ride horse or lego dimensions starter pack i'm going with legos, sorry. >> neutral, everybody can use them. >> thanks, jill. thanks for the tip on when to buy jewelry. >> good tip. >> thanksgiving is only a week away and that means people are out shopping for their family. >> families can turn to
6:39 am
several food banks in our area but as "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao tells us some pantries are running short. what is the situation there. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. it was avian flu that wiped out a lot of bird and that is make it more difficult for the food bank of south jersey to get their hand on frozen turkies it need for thanksgiving. you might think warehouse here in pennsauken looks full but when talking turkies this organization is thousands of turkies behind where it need to be. volunteers here at food bank of south jersey have been busy, sorting food at pennsauken wear house and packing it up for delivery. to the 250 emergency centers and soup kitchens the organization serves. >> serving people near round the yearly need is big. >> reporter: chief operating officer joe, says avian flu and rising turkey prices made it tough to stock up on the
6:40 am
thanksgiving day stapel. >> we were not able to purchase as many turn is as we wanted to and that is going to come down to the holiday season. >> reporter: food bank collects 15,000 frozen turkies to satisfy need, this thanksgiving it is shy 5,000 birds. in new jersey it is hoping for generosity that was shown at philabundance, shop rite donated 600 turkies in the south philadelphia location but philabundance still needs other supplies just a dollar donation can provide two meals to people in need. >> if you want to skip it, twice a week for next few weeks that $10 will equal 20 meals for people that need it. >> it is just great but there is also a need for all other kind of food. >> reporter: like peanut better, rice and non-perishable canned foods to fill shelves and eventually bellies. >> we will be helping another
6:41 am
family and be able to enjoy thanksgiving day meal and be able to fresh even the holiday season. >> reporter: out here at the food bank of south jersey you can see some workers are removing produce and other products around this morning. the as far as turkeys go, that is where we are having a a food drive on saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so easy. just drive through and hand that bird out the door, you can really help families in need and if you want to learn more about how to help this organization as well as philabundance just visit cbs reporting live, this morning, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot of times grocery stores offer up that free, thanksgiving day turkey so maybe take them up on it thinking about that bird, coming up how to get yourfully shot today without leaving your house. today is great american spoke out a day to encourage smokers to kick the the habit. doctor jen is in the studio
6:42 am
with advice on how to quit smoking, that is next. >> ♪ >> yep, skies will get a gray, expecting some rain, it hasn't moved in just yet but depend where you are in terms of the timing. katie will break it down coming up, stay with us.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. a consume are watch dog group is naming its most dangerous toy. >> one of them is a dinosaur claw linked to the jurassic world movie. experts say it can cause serious injuries. they say modeling clay product called podo can contain allergens. toys are on display and they include a trampoline and skate game. you can get top ten most dangerous toys at cbs lets check with kate and our weather watchers. any rain coming yet, katie.
6:46 am
>> we have one report, just got it via twit inner nottingham, chester county that the rain just started for him but not everyone is seeing it. further east, the later this system will arrive. we will start off by checking with these folks. more than anything look at today's temperatures. we're talking about upper 50's and 60's, we have 62 degrees from delores. the she's in newark where clouds are still there. it is still try at the moment but the rain is on the the way, as she alludes to. that is thing we are looking ahead to. just in the next couple of hours and already for some of you it is here. rain is on the move. if you are ready to walk out the door grab the umbrella here's what we are facing. look at the wide zoom, huge storm system. you have to zoom it out here. you cannot see top of it, all the way to the hudson valley in the northern stretch of the storm and the the cold front that will be responsible for wet weather today pushing eastbound as we speak. a secondary system still bringing in pretty impressive wet's cross the northwest that
6:47 am
will be moving in, and we will be dealing with the weak frontal boundary for weekend but for now it is all about the the initial front. watching for not just rain, some heavy throughout the day, most of the day ace affected by this once the rain begins. it is not going to end until later tonight and wind to go witt. 30 miles an hour is about the peak there. then high pressure goes in and we will sit press which sunshine for a couple days until that next storm system comes along. it will be just a relatively weak frontal boundary that reenforcees the chill, back in the 40's, wintry chill looking forward in the second half of the weekend. eyewitness weather seven day forecast warmest day right here. wetes day of the pack right here. the especially need that wet weather gear and feels like spring outside. then we will drop off to seasonal friday, saturday, down right wintry chill for sunday and monday and then we will start to make a slow upgrade here and get you back to the 50's by tuesday a at the earliest, meisha, back over to you.
6:48 am
we have dry roadways this morning but it does not mean we are accident free. we have an accident at 422 past oaks, pulled off to the right. it has been blocking a little bit of the area looking at these backups, look at this 422 eastbound at oaks, this is going to come, slow downs. i am starting to see easing tension but overall it is still busy there. i-95 northbound is a a at 462, the the reason is because you have an accident just north of this before kerlin street. this is your backup shot a at 452, very slow moving because of that accident and we have this disable school bus. schuylkill westbound before university avenue, still blocking that left lane. it is pulled all the way upright there and vehicle stopping pulled over with flashing lights that will cause slow downs. another accident mere at bristol pike and station avenue, one lane block, two vehicles involved and it sound like there is an entrapment in both vehicles. nicole, back over to you.
6:49 am
6:48. there is a a lot coming up on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us live from new york with that preview, good morning, charlie. >> good morning. we will talk with commissioner bill braton about the new isis video that references new york city. we are in paris with the latest on the hunt for at tax suspected leader, and then this, how hackers are taking aim at isis. and he tells just he is keeping distance from the new star wars movie, from george lucas. all that and more is back in the morning. we will see you in ten minutes. thanks for the preview. also uber is making house calls today for $10 ride sharing app will bring you a wellness pack which includes water bottle tissues and hand sanitizer. you will have an option to get the a flu shot for up to ten people. all you have to do is use the uber app between 1:11 and 3:00 n
6:50 am
if you have been meaning to quit smoking now might be perfect time to start. today is american canr society annual great american smoke out a day encouraging smoke tours kick the habit for good. family physician doctor jennifer cuddle joins us on how to get advice to quit. if you are not a smoker you don't understand how hard it is. 42 million american smokers out there and there is some good news you can reverse some of the damage. >> it is so true. i have a number of patients as a family doctor who say doctor cut will, i have been smoking for 20 or 30 years. what is the difference if i quit now. the truth is benefits start immediately. >> yes. >> lets get to the list of all of the benefits we can get to within 23 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will drop and improve, two weeks to three months your circulation will improve. from one to nine months that smokers cough, that coughing and shortness of breath will decrease. we have even more benefits, after that, that can be
6:51 am
experienced a few years after that. a year, your risk of coronary heart disease, your excess risk will be cut in half. up to five years your risk of certain cancers is reduced and ten years out your risk of dying of lung cancer is about half and that to me is quite significant. so don't think, i have been smoking a long time. yes, it makes a difference. >> incredible the body cannery generate. >> it is amazing but it is a good thing good a lot have people go cold turkey but it can be hard. is there any habits or behavior that is can help someone quit for good. >> i think that there are. talking with student this morning, hi guys, one of my students said, a lot of times people feel guilty for their smoking. they beat themselves up. don't beat yourself up. quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things to do. what you have to do is keep trying. tell your family and friend you are trying to quit smoking. get them to support you.
6:52 am
get rid of the cigarette stuff. the lighter, ashtrays get rid of it. make sure awe void those smoke breaks with collogues, don't get out the side with smoke breaks and fur partner is smoking you quit together. those things can help. >> if you need more help with that are there resources because sometimes people do it on their own and it can will be difficult. >> it can be. i would say talk tour doctor. we have a number of great f.d.a. approved medication toss help you quit smoking. the that is first and foremost. is there free counseling by telephone located in all 50 states. i like web site because it has those resources and this is something i found there is an app called quit for life put out by american cancer society and it is cool because it will calculate how much money you save by quitting smoking. it will help you set a quit day which is important and gives you tips, reminders. so use these resources. the go tour doctor, talk to us. we want to help you. remember, most people, it
6:53 am
takes multiple times to quit smoking. so just don't feel bad if that is you. >> this could be the time. >> this could be date even. >> there we go. >> great day to start. >> a lot of people, seeing popularity of e cigarettes just sky rocketing. >> yes. >> people think it is not as bad, what do you want to tell those people using those. >> let me be clear i have heard the same thing, and i have heard the same thing, and using e cigarettes, really claim its benefits. truth of the matter is we don't have a enough evidence. it is not approved yet by f.d.a. for quitting smoking. >> so we are seeing e cigarettes and products but it is not formal willly approved nor that indication. >> >> yes. >> all right. >> today might be the day. >> hopefully,. >> doctor jen, thanks very much. >> we will be right back.
6:54 am
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happening right now, dozens of airport workers at philadelphia international airport are walking the picket line. >> they walk off the job late last night demanding better treatment. our justin finch joins us from the airport with more on that, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. demonstrations began this morning and will continue throughout the day. we have several dozen subcontracted airport workers here, wheelchair attendants, plane cabin cleaners and baggage handlers here demanding higher wages, better work conditions and $12 living wage that the city approved back in june. later on they will be joined by city council members at 7:30 this morning and at noon
6:58 am
mayor-elect jim kenney will make an appearance. a at this time we are not hearing any reports of the flights impact but you may want to work and call ahead to see fur flight has challenges as a result of the strike here. we are live at the the airport i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that update. we want an update on the forecast because we have rain moving in, on the way. >> on the way as we speak and seeing those rain drops falling in chester county. rain is moving from west to east next few hours, with us all day long, and then later on tonight, we will start to see things clearing out. have the umbrella ready, meisha. >> it is busy, we have four accidents, schuylkill eastbound off ramp to airport and 26th street is one. 422 eastbound past oaks, 95 north before kerlin, backup to 452 and disabled bus on the schuylkill westbound before university avenue. give yourself a couple extra minutes this morning. all right. switching gears, you guys, tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.,
6:59 am
i'm back on the road in my dream drive. i will go from new jersey to pennsylvania. i'm checking out a place i had no idea existed and it blew blue me away. when i look around here, it is stunning. what is it? go inside a real life castle, this was a wild place to visit. let me tell you, it is right in our own backyard. we even saw some old vehicles but i can assure you this one is not going anywhere. but you know what i sure am, watch dream drives tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. on cbs-3. >> making the round, um. >> yes. >> yes. >> meisha, thank you. cbs this morning is coming up next with mary j. blige and music producer jimmy eye vin. they are talking about apple is changing it way we listen to music. >> join us bright and early each weekday morning at cbs-3 we get started nice and early at 4:30. thanks for joining us, have a great day. stay dry out there. >> or try to.
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new isis video threatened new york city. did this soda can bomb bring down a russian plane? how the isis claim is triggering new questions about security at u.s. airports. and director george lucas tells charlie why he is staying far, far away from the new "star wars" movie. >> we begin with today's "eye opener". >> u.s. intelligence is study agnew propaganda video. >> isis targeting the homeland.


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