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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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parisans know this is no where near over. french authorities confirmed that the suspected ring leader of the paris attacks was killed during a raid early yesterday morning. a fingerprint made the match to abdelhamid abaaoud. >> they confirmed it. but it is not finish. there might be other people, who want to attack us. >> reporter: fugitive salah abdeslam is still on the loose. belgium police posted a video message warning the public he is dangerous and likely armed. the daily mail obtained this video showing a gunman opening fire on a restaurant during the attacks. at one point he aims his rifle at a woman and then walks a away. senate will consider a measure to extend the state of the emergency here for three more months, lower house of the parliament has already given its green light. measure would expand police powers and allow authorities to restrict people's movements. residents and tourist are
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still gathering in central paris, this group of iranian a woman came to show support for french and condemn the attacks. >> what happened in paris, last week has nothing to do, absolutely nothing to do, with islam. >> reporter: france and belgium are asking their european neighbors to tighten border security and gun laws. tonight we also got word from the french government that the president is calling for the intensification of the air strikes, not only in syria but iraq as well against isis. reporting from paris, kenneth craig, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. former secretary of state and current democratic presidential can tait hillary clinton delivered a sweeping foreign policy speech. she said she would not put boots on the ground in syria but u.s. needs to target terror right now. >> it will require sustained commitment, and every pillar of american power. this is a worldwide fight and america must lead it. >> coming up at 5:30 today,
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increased security in new york city after an isis video depicts shots of times square and what appears to be someone making a bomb. new york officials say, and why they say you shouldn't be worried but you should remain alert at 5:30. be sure to stay with cbs-3 for latest otter or attacks in paris. when we're not here on tv you can find us on line at cbs house of representatives passed a bill that could temporarily stop syrian refugees from entering the the country. votes fell largely a along party lines with the majority of the republicans voting for the bill and most democrats voting against the bill. bill requires the debate of home land security, secretary, the fbi director and the national intelligence director to all certify that each syrian or iraqi refugee poses no threat to the u.s. >> we don't have sufficient information to a appropriately investigate and vet failed nation states. >> it slams the the door, that door again, or desperate mothers and children fleeing
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isis's unspeakable violence. >> the legislation will now go to the senate the for a vote, democratic leaders there have threatened to block the bill and president obama said he will veto it. if you are waiting for someone to come home give them a few extra minutes tonight, it is not the best driving weather out there. not the best walking weather either this woman used a coat to cover her head. others had umbrellas out, you certainly needed something, the the question is how much longer will the rain go on. meteorologist kate bilo has a look at the answer now, kate. >> this is heaviest rain we have seen all day long, we have had light rain around this morning but there is a bap of steady rain that has arrived just in time for evening commute and it will be slowing you down for the the next hour or two. you can start to see light at the end of the tunnel looking west but a as we zoom in over philadelphia, you can see heavy rain new lifting up toward nor east, toward feltonville, bensalem we are seeing heavy rain at the moment but steady rain from philadelphia, center city back toward 76, into the the suburbs, and across the bridge
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into new jersey as well. we are still seeing heavy rain and shifting to the north and east. you can see pockets of heavier rain over mercer county and up into bucks county as well this will be with us again for the next several hours. you can see front is not through, reason why, the wind are out of the south and east sustained wind, 17 miles an hour, in philadelphia a. a a lot to talk about. i'll tell but the the impact for rest of the community this evening and we will talk about the season's coldest air so far, we will tell you when it gets here and we will take a sneak peak into thanksgiving. it may just warm up again that is a all coming up in just a few minutes, ukee. just a ahead of the busy who will take travel season, thousands of airport workers go on strike. they are protesting for higher wages at major airports across the nation, including jfk, boston, logan and chicago o'hare. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us from philly international with more, alex? >> reporter: airport employees are subcontractors so they are
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not directly employed by the airlines but it may be airlines having to scrapple tomorrow fill these positions and if the strike continues on. new york, newark, boston, chicago, fort lauderdale and philadelphia. subcontractors at major airports walking off the the job just one week before the thanksgiving day holiday. >> unaudible. >> reporter: philadelphia's mayor-elect jim kenney arrived to voice his support. >> people, here and many of us do in philadelphia, that we are you, you are us and we have your back. >> reporter: the workers, many who served in baggage handling and passenger assistance partnered with the local 32bj workers union after they say not all employees were receiving their promised $12 an hour. >> i'm's a baggage handler, one of the first people you see coming to the airport. the we're responsible to make sure bags get on the belt, making sure that they get taken to ts a a.
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>> reporter: workers like alfred williams see their position as crucial parts of the airport security. since they are not direct employees of the airlines, operations can continue, withstand ins. aside from the passengers who arrived to an unexpect commotion, those we spoke with said the strike had no effect on their travel. >> it hasn't slowed me down, not yet. >> reporter: i have reached out to the three priority security companies, a all three provided me with no comment and airport officials told me that they feel like travel will continue on uninterrupted. reporting live from philadelphia international, alexandria hoff, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> alex, thank you. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who broke into a home and got away with an estimated $37,000 worth of jewelry and electronics. take a good look at the this surveillance video on tuesday, the suspect got in the home on west avenue through a basement window. that suspect got away with
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computers, gucci and watches and digital cameras and other items. the suspect was there for 20 minutes before leaving through the front door. school bus necessary vineland will soon have ads plastered on the side of them. board of the education a approved the move at a meeting yesterday. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tell you the district is hoping that the ads will bring in much needed revenue. >> the the bus that he is file in and out of the vineland schools will be a bit more colorful. for several years ago, they officials balked at advertisements on buses, and this weeks board of ed meeting it was a unanimous yes. >> we feel it is a win/win situation. we don't have have dime one tonight. >> reporter: district owns their fleet which a allows them to sell the ad space. they expect to make at least $10,000 the first year. >> it the is a tough budget times so if this helps off set the cost of the budget and help shorten the short fall a bit. >> reporter: vineland selected a mullica base cod called
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educational informational resource center to run the ad business. this is an example of the adsn4 years the selling ads on buses are in 23 school district, including washington township. >> learning process really was to get most comfortable with the idea and schools comfortable and it is still safe. we have had no issues with distracting, drivers or what not. >> reporter: each school bus can have up to three advertisements on each side of the vehicle and school officials tell parents not to worry about the content of the advertisement because they don't want anything controversial. >> we have been assured that this would be a very tastefully done and everything must come before the board prior to being put on the the bus. >> reporter: while some may think ads on school buses look talk, vineland officials say alternatives of raising taxes or school fees are a lot less appealing. in vineland, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". they served when their country needed them most. >> today local businesses, joined together to give back to a group of military vets who gave so much. "eyewitness news" report earth
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greg a argos has more from sout philadelphia. >> the thing is usually packed with feisty fans. today it is a calmer crowd. >> i don't know. >> reporter: veterans looking for a job. >> i joined in 2006. i was still in high school. >> reporter: one semester into college, philadelphia native sean capleni was sent overseas. >> i was in southern iraq for a few months and then military operations. >> reporter: now with two bachelors and masters on the way. >> i'm a full-time grad student. >> reporter: sean is looking for work. >> i'm sean, nice to meet you. >> reporter: he is glad to attend a job fare solely for men and women who served our country. >> a a lot of the jobs i'm looking at call for three to five years have job experience which i didn't have because i was deployed. >> they are lying, they are reliable leader ship skills. >> reporter: the lead recruiter for main line health systems made sure her company
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was one of the five dozen represented today at the link. >> my oldest of five sons, just left, got deployed for the first time two weeks ago. so this is really close to my heart trying to help them out rorrer. >> reporter: job fairies opened to the veterans, families and current members of the military. >> try to get my feet wet and seeing is what out there. >> reporter: people like allison land a army intelligence captain in maryland. >> i have a big objective statement. multiple different things that i am good in. >> reporter: transitioning from active duty services in a few months and lining up work for the the private sector. >> everybody has to understand that amount have of experience you receive from being in the military. >> reporter: great news here organizers say some 120 jobs will be offered today and that is not even counting the offers made in the coming weeks and month. reporting here at the link, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a disturbing crash caught on camera. a helicopter spins out of control and burst into flames.
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ex-subway pitch man jared fogle learns his fate after pleading guilty through child sex charges, find out how long he will spend behind bars. a warning about a new trend in alcoholic beverages, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us what parents need to be concerned about, let's call it spiked soda, leslie. jessica, he is so busy, he cannot life his office for lunch. i will bring to it him and have have a little chat. we will be coming up.
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former subway pitch man jared fog it was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison. fogle, seen here, arriving at court this morning was led away in handcuffs after pleading guilty to trading child pornography, and having sex with underage prostitutes. fogle reportedly showed little we'll motion as the judge announced his sentence. so-called franken fish is coming to a dinner table near you, food and drug administration approved production and commercial sale of the type of genetically modified salmon, the first such altered animal cleared for human consumption in the united states. a massachusetts based company developed the fish which grows
5:15 pm
twice as fish as normal salmon. f.d.a. says that the fish is safe to eat and will not require special labeling. on the healthwatch tonight a growing trend in alcoholic beverages. >> some call it hard or spiked sewed, health reporter stephanie stahl, joins with us what is it. >> spiked sewed, hold on to your hats, folks. it is a drink that taste as lot like plane old soft drink but different is, it has alcohol in it. when sarah, picks up drinks for hang outs with her friend she's often choosing root beer, beer. >> i like it because it is delicious. the it is like drinking an awesome childhood drink but in an adult way. >> as someone who doesn't drink much i love it. >> reporter: sarah's favorite is not your father's root beer. >> we cannot keep up with the demand across the country. consumers are ranging from 21 to 80 years old. >> reporter: there is more where that came from other hard soda flavors, cherry color, orange, lemon lime,
5:16 pm
ginger ale. they are watching the market gross. >> the trend toward spiked sodas will happen and occur for next year or two. >> reporter: they appear to be popular with adults but how about teens. parents, experts say, need to warn their kid. >> really talk, engage with teens, that these drinks are alcohol, regardless of what content they come in and how they are packaged, but there is alcohol and we want them to make the right choices by not consuming them under the age of 21. >> reporter: makers of not your father's root beer say they take under age drink varying seriously. >> we have 21 plus on all of our packaging and all of our retailers card as well as ours. >> reporter: they say sweet sodas are adults only. and now you can expect even more of these spiked soda products, new brand of hard sodas are coming on to the the market, in early 2016. and coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock a special fashion show, along with the professional models, cancer patients, and their families. they hit the the runway today
5:17 pm
at sachs. i will tell you how fun and fashion are helping the cancer support community, coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. i was mc out there today and it was fun for a really good cause. >> it looks like fun. >> yes, indeed. >> kate joins with us our forecast now. boy, it is like, nasty outside. >> if you go he outside the only fashion you need is a rain coat, umbrella, hat and boots. >> i got some boots. >> yes. >> yes. >> there is what you need outside tonight. it is pretty nasty. if you have been outside in the past half an hour or hour the the rain has started to come down fast and furious. generally sparse this morning, light rain but as i told you heavier rain late afternoon. the that is what we've got. it is happening right now. it is a mess outside on the roads. the it is a very wet, foggy, just ugly afternoon. wet behind the ears every where. take a a look right the now, to the time lapse video and we started out gray, in kutztown, little bit of rain early and then cloud tried to break up
5:18 pm
but then it the gets worse and worse and worse and worse and right now we can barely see camera lens because of the, rain, falling. although, you can see last frame there a break in the cloud cover and that is because we're starting to receive, a tail end of this on storm scan three. and, heaviest is starting to push east and we are starting to clear out back to the west as that front pushes through. this is moving, pretty well, it will not be with us the the rest of the night. heavier rain is lifting to the north. you can see back edge of the rain as well over portions of berks, lancaster counties. as we zoom in heavier rain over philadelphia a has started to break up, light in intensity and that is, picking up in intensity, over portions of montgomery county. heavier rain we're seeing is over bucks county, buckingham down toward northampton and lower southampton as well. and, the large scale system, is starting to push off the coast but you can see we still got more rain to get through. take a lot at showers around portions of eastern maryland. this has yet to come through. you can see where front is, align of cloud, front will
5:19 pm
come through this evening and behind it, we will start a progressive cool down that will be with us for next several days. nothing cool about right now, 63 degrees in philadelphia 64 atlantic city. sixty-two in reading. you can see how warm to the south. zero seven in raleigh-durham. forty-seven charleston. coldest air waits in the wings up here. only in the 30's in bismarck and minneapolis. we will clear this out tonight, 6:00p m seeing steady rain. tail end hanging out the at 8:00 and then by 11:00 it toss move off the coast. what to expect the rest of the evening rain continues, some pockets of the heavier rain, and wind gusting to 30 miles an hour. slow travel and visibility. watch how temperatures drop f we hit 60 at midnight that could be our daytime high tomorrow. in the afternoon we will struggle to make it past the the low 50's. much cooler weather on the way, and it will keep on getting colder as we head in the weekend. we're talking four's wye sunday and monday. overnight tonight showers around early, pockets of the heavier rain but we will clear it out. 50 degrees the eventual low
5:20 pm
but it could be a backward day where our high tomorrow is a at midnight, 55, it may end up being at 59 degrees high but really in the afternoon it will feel colder then that and just keep getting cooler 567892 saturday. forty-eight on sunday. that will make it coldest day since end of the march last winter, and it is going down. >> but it can come backup and i'll tell you more about that. >> i like when do you that. >> all right, kate, appreciate it. wedding bells are ringing in hollywood, coming up who is tying the not this weekend. before you make your list and check it twice we have the most dangerous toys to look out for this holiday season this season temple football crack top 25 and shattered expectations, up next we treat the head coach matt rule to lunch and find out how the team is getting it done.
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i'm looking forward to this next segment. walking down the street, with
5:24 pm
the grub. >> and head coach is not turning her away. that tells you a whole lot. make sure to bring it in. success don't rest. temple head coach matt rule is a perfect example. on any given day he can leave his office and have a elegant white tablecloth lunch at a five star restaurant but instead he choose toes skip the raided dining and feast his eyes on the record breaking year for the owls. leslie van arsdal has more in lunch with leslie. >> temple head coach matt rule is so busy, he cannot leave the office for a minute the. so we will bring lunch to him. i hope this is the right thing. this is what he gets, very, very serious about his food. >> a hot dog. >> a hot dog. >> he gets a hot dog. >> yes. >> coach, we got your lunch. >> it is hard for rule to think about food like preparing for a big game like the one saturday against memphis. >> as a team, as a person prepares you for moments.
5:25 pm
this is one of those moments. >> when he can eagles coach chip kelly is there to cheer him on. >> he has been supporting us and really all their staff since the first year. we weren't very good. he knows we have ups, we have downs. he has always been there to give us a kind word. >> while his football family fills his mind his real family fills his heart and the two can coexist. >> every coach's family comes every night for family dinner. the kid run around the field. the thursday i try to get out, go home, take my wife out. so i just think if i get home at midnight or 1:00 o'clock my five month-old is up. this is a great job. >> reporter: his 11 year-old sonnies enjoying it, even dressing up as one of the players for halloween. >> he goes right down to the locker room, works out with the guys. he will complain about the schedule, you know, we're running too he is one of the players. he thinks, you know, he is one of them. this has become our home. it is a great place because there is great people. when you build a home, it is
5:26 pm
hard to leave. thinks our home. >> reporter: for real. >> he really wanted to say, matt, he is a hot coaching prospect. hopefully he stays put. a huge match up saturday at the link. they are taking on number 21 memphis. this game is massive for owls. >> indeed. >> they need to lock him up long term. >> thanks, buddy. coming up next on "eyewitness news", new york not intimidated. we will have the latest on the isis video vowing to attack the big apple. what city officials are saying. also this... >> entrepreneurs from all over our area are pitching their ideas to the qvc. what makes one local woman's cooking so unique. and new a at 6:00 a new jersey state troop's rested, it is all caught on dash cam video, why this accident landed him behind bar
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we will continue at 5:30 to follow lateness paris. the fbi says there are no connections at all between the paris a attackers and the united states. authorities say the architect of the attack is confirmed dead, but at least one other suspect is still at large. lawmakers a deciding whether to extend the state of emergency for three more months, this would extend police powers and allow authorities to restrict peoples movement. newly released isis video appears to threaten new york city. officials are telling resident to go about their normal business that there is no credible threat. >> they say they are nothing new. law enforcement authorities remind all americans to remain vigilant. heavily armed police, and security officers are obvious in new york's times square. increased is present and in place as isis release aid new video which shows a suicide
5:31 pm
bomber preparing for an attack and walking through landmark crossroads. video was released a week after the deadly a attacks in paris that killed 129 people, and while the increased patrols encounter terrorism units are new, new york's top cop says the video is not. >> it is a very hastily produced document that contains previously viewed video. some of it from video in august, directed at the tourists. >> reporter: new york law enforcement the is adamant there is no new, or specific threat to the city, but still it has got the a attention of those in times square. >> i'm on this block every day a at this time, and a third of the people, are here. >> reporter: even tourist who ventured out are aware. >> unaudible. >> reporter: as one new yorker put it, it is just another day post 9/11. after 9/11, new york has been at center of numerous terror
5:32 pm
plots including a failed attempt to detonate the a car bomb five years ago in times square. coming up a at 6:00 in the days since the terror a attacks in paris, pennsylvania gun shops are seeing an increase in applications. our walt hunter will be live in what is driving the increase in the next half an hour. faa is investigating the cause of this deadly helicopter crash in california. helicopter went down at a san diego area airport yesterday afternoon. six five-year old pilot bruce allen erickson and his 60 year-old passenger wayne frank lou writes killed. cell phones captured helicopter spinning out of control before it lost its tail and then burst into flames n1 on the ground was hurt. an american airlines international flight was forced to turnaround after two flight attendants got hurt. the plane left chicago last night with 77 passengers on board. two flight attendants suffered serious injuries when the plane ran into severe turbulence in route to england. as you can imagine passengers were shaken up too. >> everyone was playing,
5:33 pm
right, putting their seat belts on. probably jumped 5 feet. >> i thought we were going down, honestly, it just terrified me. >> reporter: plane returned to chicago an hour later a and in one else was hurt. the philadelphia parking authority's new mobile app, meter up, launched today in full pilot area. it is a story our jim donovan told but earlier this week. app allows users to pay for parking and notifies drivers when they have seven minutes left on their meter. users can add more time without returning to their car. >> i'm very happy to see that this new technology is coming to philadelphia and make it easier to live and more convenient and more successful and happy experience. >> meter up is successful, p pa will expand it city wide 2346 months. more than 7,000 women in philadelphia are taking part in the pennsylvania conference for women. today entrepreneurs pitched their ideas live to a panel of experts from a popular shopping network. "eyewitness news" reporter
5:34 pm
rahel solomon has details from the pennsylvania convention center, rahel. >> reporter: good evening, guess contact we have been speaking to all types of business owners to day, some have just started, others hoff been doing this for quite sometime. but we also talk to a local mom who said she started baking cookies as a need for her daughter and now she hopes her product can help others. like many great ideas patty learner's was born out of necessity. >> i started to bake for kara because after going out in the stores i could not find anything healthy. >> reporter: kara has severe food allergies, although patty started toying with ingredient until she whipped up what can only be described as creamy, delicious cookie dough that unlike many similar products can be baked. >> it is all allergen free. >> reporter: bucks county mommies part of the growing trend, according to one recent report, would the man are looking to start their own businesses. a according to the study, some of the reasons why include lack of fair pay, or promotion in the work place.
5:35 pm
something that pennsylvania governor tom wolf says that should be improved. >> we need to level the playing field, and we have done a lousy job of that, throughout this country. >> reporter: among feedback from the qvc pose was learner further research her product price point. one jar goes for $12.99 a pop but al-zawahiri ban i irving stress qvc is always in the market for new products. >> anybody that is a creative thinker, anybody who has a new spark or idea open and available with a completed product. >> reporter: patty says working with the home giant giant would be it'sing on the cape for her sweet megan product but she suspects her niece who died a as a result of the brain tumor would already been proud. her name was megan. now about 30 women participated and hitched their ideas today. unfortunately they did not learn if the qvc is interested in working with them. they will learn that at a future date. reporting live, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:36 pm
>> rahel, thank you for that. with the thanksgiving holiday just around the corner families who need extra help are turning to food banks in our area. >> but as "eyewitnes news" reporter jan carabao tells us tonight some of those pantries are running short of supplies right now. >> reporter: at the food bank of south jersey, volunteers have been busy, sorting food at the pennsauken warehouse and packing it up for delivery. to the 250 emergency centers a and soup kitchens that the organization serves. >> it is usually year round. need is big. >> reporter: unfortunately this year chief operating officer joe, says rising turkey prices and avian flu made it tough to stock up on the thanksgiving day stapel. >> we have been unable to buy as many turkies as we wanted to. >> reporter: the food bank usually collects more than 15,000 frozen turkies to satisfy the need. this thanksgiving, it is shy
5:37 pm
about 5,000 birds. in new jersey, they are hoping for this type of the generosity that is shown at philabundance this week. shop rite donated 600 turkies to the south philadelphia location, but philabundance needs other supplies, just a dollar donation can provide two meals to the people in need the. >> if you want to skip it, maybe twice a week for the next few weeks that $10 will equal 20 meals for people who need it. >> it intend to be about ham turkey, and all that and it is great. but there is needs for other kinds of food. >> reporter: like peanut butter, rice and non-perishable canned foods all to fill shelves and eventually bellies. >> what you will be doggies helping another family, other children, seniors, be a able to enjoy thanksgiving day meal and be able to celebrate the holiday season. >> reporter: the food bank of south jersey is making it easy to help, they are holding a turkey drive here on saturday from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. in camden county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:38 pm
>> i have been here a long time. i have seen the community come through time and time. let's keep it rolling. >> a little bit can keep it going. >> no question bit. toy trouble, list is out for the ten most dangerous toys, you will want to cross off your holiday shopping list. and they are one of the hollywood's most beautiful couples, so rhea and joe are tying the knot this weekend, we have details on their road to the alter, kate. tonight's rain moves out, and then turns chilly but cold air waits for another few days, we will tell you how cold it will get coming up with the seven day forecast when we come right back.
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5:41 pm
and, when you join us tonight the at is 11:00 this couple thought they were taking a 0-dollar cab ride but
5:42 pm
it cost them $1,800.36789 on your side jim donovan was able to resolve the the problem and he will show you how to avoid being taken for a ride, as well, that is tonight at 11:00. right now it is time to check your if philadelphia's jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: unlimited vacation time, on site child care, free food, these perks are a reality a at some companies but as employees say is there one benefit that trumps them all, flexibility. in a survey by staffing form mode us, more than 50 percent have of those surveyed chose flexible work hours as a perk they most desire. flexibility can mean a variety of things from work going at home to not being at the office for the same time each day. in many cases, this flexibility is more important, then money. glassdoor found 79 percent of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase this was particularly important to women and younger employees. these younger employees say
5:43 pm
that ideally they would like to tell i commute full-time, but average tell commuter is 49 years old, and college educated and earns more than $65,000 a year. that is because increasingly these positions are not relegate todd customer service or administrative work. instead it is often managers and even executives that the corner on flexibility. i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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six teams of three students competed in the first annual mystery market basket promotion. drexel university hosted the style event. they created a appetizer, entree and dessert using ten mystery ingredients. winning team earns a scholarship that will go toward furthering their education in culinary arts. >> how about that. >> mystery meat. >> fun to see what they came up with. >> wow. >> indeed. >> kate has our forecast, wow, it is doing it out there. >> it is miserable out there. >> it is just like a grilled cheese, tomato soup kind of night. not a culinary masterpiece. >> it taste good. >> perfect.
5:47 pm
>> maybe saltines. >> yes. >> lets talk about the rain. we have a lot of rain, moving through this evening, and couple hours and it should be out but it is lenning itself to a pretty wet commute for those waiting for people to get home to put their grilled cheese and tomato soup on the din are table. the it will take longer this evening. lets look at our roof cam, hopefully your windshield does not look like this. what a mess. the it is wet, soggy, low visibility, low clouds and fog and sunsets so early that it is dark and even harder to see. it will slow you down tonight. we are not talking about severe weather or flooding but rainy evening and it will ntinue again at least through the evening commute, and possibly, until about eight or 9:00 before we see things start to taper off. our eyewitness weather watchers always tracking rain, lets take a quick peak at what they are seeing. first and foremost, we have a few folks that have gotten over an inch of rain. 1.27 from christopher in saint david, landenberg at 1.21.
5:48 pm
also, gary has 1.13. walt inner newark, delaware .8. in chestnut hill about .8. in hatfield we will check with jeff moore and he is at .68 inches. lets look at photos, great photos. wayne hunter sent us this one, from delaware, he says sun trying -- actually some sun trying break through clouds and rain. it looks like an ultraviolet sky, purple will sky. always send us great photos what a nice shot there. windows and windshields look like this evening. i want to show you the wet city of philadelphia but beautiful photo from tanya. looks great. rainy evening in philadelphia a but our city is always beautiful even if it is cloudy, damp and glummy. lets look at where the storm is, it is moving out of here. we will split it up. we have had light rain, very spotty, even some spots saw a few peaks of blue skies earlier today. rain broke up south of here as well. heaviest is now off the coast of the north carolina but we have this light to moderate batch of rain moving through right now and it will continue for the the next couple of
5:49 pm
hours. you can see end is in sight. here's tail end by, lancaster county. it is still moving north ape east. we have a couple hours to go before we get this out of here and then we will start progressive cooling down process here friday and saturday. not too bad, into sunday and monday when real cold comes in. but hey there is nothing cold right now. 64 degrees in philadelphia a62 in reading. sixty-one in wilmington at the moment. lets talk about future wind. wind as we head in the day tomorrow will get rain out of here but still blustery. notice difference. wind out of the north and west, 20 miles an hour gusts tomorrow afternoon. then saturday we will see wind dying down, kind of a north win, light, less wind means saturday will possibly feel even warmer then friday, even though friday is technically warmer of the two days. friday, tomorrow will be a weird day where we may hit our daytime high just after midnight and temperatures stay chilly throughout the afternoon. expected to feel cooler then high i will show you we will have you believe.
5:50 pm
it will be wet, chilly. rain moves out, sunny and cooler tomorrow. wind north and west. high pressure overhead, less of the wind issue here on a saturday but a a few cloud, turning out mostly sunny and then we have this front. this will bring heavy snow to portions of the midwest, cities like chicago heading in to saturday. it will lift to the north but drag a cool front here through your saturday night into sunday morning. overnight there could be a stray shower but that will usher in some of the coldest air of the season and the coldest air we have felt since last march, a big drop in temperature here, and actual high today 67 degrees. forecast high for sunday, just 48. almost a 20-degree drop between today and sunday. again, two step cooling process for u so as we head overnight tonight, rain clears out, it will be breezy, 50 degrees our overnight low and we could still be around 60 at midnight. friday will barely get in the mid 60's in the afternoon. some spots could stay in the lower 50's through the course of the afternoon with the
5:51 pm
wind, cooler, like 40's all day. the saturday less wind, chilly start high of 52. then sunday, coldest since march 27th of last year, 48 degrees will be the high on sunday. monday just 46, but take a look as we head toward turkey day, things will get better, we will climb backup and it looks like a mild, dry, pleasant thanksgiving day holiday and good for travelers as well on wednesday. ukee and jessica, back to you. just in time for holiday shopping season we have april important list, toys consume are watch dogs say are the the most dangerous among the toys making the the wrist dinosaur claws that could cause injury, and that is not all. the group world against toys causing harm says something called po thedough can cause allergic reactions. toy guns are also a problem. >> very tough and distinguish from the real thing especially considering when police officers to have make split second decisions, is it real, is it not the. >> also on the list
5:52 pm
trampolines and skateboard, the group urges parent to be vigilant when buying on line where an estimated 50 percent of the purchases will be made this holiday season. speaking of that, most employees on line shopping at work is against the rules. >> but this holiday season more and more companies are beginning to relax that boundary. new survey from the robert f staffing agency say 20 percent of companies allow unrestrict access to shopping sites. 48 percent of the businesses a allow it but they monitor workers for excessive use. and one in five employees say they actually feel more productive because they don't to have leave the office, to shop. >> the the line of companies, employers, just accepted rather then try to prevent it, accept it within reason and lets have a process around it so we can still get work done during the holiday season. >> not everyone is free to bargain hunt on line just yet, 25 percent of the companies surveyed say they still block on line access to shopping sites, completely. still a ahead on "eyewitness news", it is a
5:53 pm
marriage of what could be the most photogenic couple of hollywood. that is saying something. >> it is we have an inside report for preparation of the so rhea vergara and joe mangelo, coming up next.
5:54 pm
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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5:56 pm
actress so via versaceagara is set to mar think weekend.
5:57 pm
>> et nancy odell has more from hollywood with the preview. >> ukee and jessica sophia and joe, they are getting married at a palm beach resort and we are on the scene with the very latest. i can tell you it doesn't seem like sophia and joe's wedding will be held outdoors, even though the famous breaker motel is known foresee see side ceremonies, there is a 90 n sunday, the day of the wedding. >> i'm so happy. i never had such a fun, peaceful time, and we're super excited about the future and making all of the plans. >> could those plans include this dress? she is creating her gown, showed this stunner at his paris show. while martin, is doing her reception look. this beige bandage dress which should show off her curves. the the hotel is completely book where rooms start at over $600 a night. the it is expected this 350 to 400 will a attend and joe has even invited his beloved
5:58 pm
pittsburgh steelers who don't play this weekend. >> i called ownership and said i need the the week off to get married. so they were happy to comply. >> the florida location was chosen to make it easier for sophia's guests. >> i want all of the people from columbia, south america, to be able to able to make it to the wedding, and los angeles is very far away for everybody. >> we have much more on the frantic press, we just spotted sophia getting ready on tonight's et. ukee and jessica, back to you. it will be a party. >> yes, it will. >> it better be. >> find out more about the big wedding on entertainment tonight. see that tonight and every week night at 7:00 on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a new jersey state trooper is in trouble after this accident caught on dash cam video. why he is now off the job and under investigation, kate? it is a slow go all across the area this evening as rain continues to move on through,
5:59 pm
coming up, i'll tell you how much longer it will last and we will track coldest air we have felt since last winter moving in this weekend. i'll tell you when it gets here coming up at 6:00. pennsylvania pennsylvania gun shops are seeing an up tic in permit applications, our walt hunter shows you what is driving the increase. plus imagine a world without property taxes? well, it could be a reality if some local politicians get their way. we will explain the new proposal and what it could mean for you. now at 6:00 o'clock a new jersey state trooper is a arrested and under investigation, after a traffic accident, in monmouth county. police say he was under the influence when his cruiser collided with another car on the garden state parkway. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown is in
6:00 pm
cinnaminson tonight where this trooper is from. what can you tell us. >> reporter: well, just tting access to this dash cam video today, we understand that new jersey state trooper was charged with drunken driving, he apparently professed his sobriety from the very beginning from when the first trooper responded to this 911 call to the garden state parkway this is sergeant first class michael road side. he told the trooper that he was under effects of anesthesia. they later were to found on it that was not the case. we have excerpt from the dash cam video. let's listen in. >> how are you doing. >> not too well. >> are you okay. >> i just came from surgery. i'm under anesthesia right now. >> okay. >> unale


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