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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  November 19, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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it's going to be a of people. >> sophia and joe's wedding countdown, we're at t private resort. >> plus, charlie sheen's godd versus goddess. our new exclusive. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> that's why she's angry. -p>> never said anything. what this ex told us ab charlie's hiv revelation after his other goddess went off. >> ch paid me to keep quiet. >> what we know about a new tell all. >> is charlie right? >> yes. >> and then sojo's i dos. >> the dress designer, the sea side venue, see prep for this weekend's ceremony. >> how is your relationship going? >> blake and gwen's newouting. is she taking her kids to his house for thanksgiving.
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hope to be in acting. >> i'm not even embarrassed. >> "e.t.'s" icon week, flashback with ellen, our candid interview. >> hollywood didn't have your back. >> i was angry at thetime. >> and j-law un taking shots. our wild surprise as bieber and james gordon do alanis morissette. >> now in our 35th season, there is entertainment tonight. >> just days af announcing he has hiv, "e.t." l that charlie sheen is writing a tell all boo we have exclusive details. and can you imagine the stories that charlie can tell? >> it will be amazing. and we have an exclusive sitdown with a former goddess talking for the time on camera. she lived with charlie, the same year he claims he contract hiv virus and she is standing by him. >> i knew charlie as a man and not the myth or the legend. charlie didn't pay me to keep quiet abou diagnosis or
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anything else. i've been tested several time since then. i also don't believe that i around when he was diagnosed or contracted the virus. >> right now it's charlie's goddess bersous goddess. now brunette and four years removed if her relationship with charlie, natalie kenly is taking on sheen's o and questioning her motives for blasting the star. >> we were sleeping together every single night. never said anything. i'm clean. i'm clean. >> the industry that brie is in this is devastating to her career. i think that's why she's so angry. >> i can definitely say that my recollections of that time are greatly different than the ones that she has mentioned. >> natalie who now has daughter and lives in the midwest tells us she's been playing phone tag with charlie since he went public. and she returned here to his beverly hills home yesterday as "e.t." broke the news today that the 50-year-old television star is now working on a b deal about his life and hiv diagnosis.
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>> that's right. i'm in new york and spoke with charlie's manager markburg w bu is meeting with managers. >> he's just beginning to formulate it and think about it. >> what offers is he getting? >> highest paid person on tv, the offers should be tremendous with what he's going to about and he's not going to hold anything back. >> what about like a movie deal? would he play himself? >> no. >> why don't i want to have sex with you anymore? >> you don't? >> i'm sorry. >> also speaking out is charlie's former co-star jenny mccarthy who is irate he kept everything secret. >> playing his love interest shoent back in the day, i go wait a second. if i have to be up front about a herp can you not be up front about hiv? >> jenny mccarthy blast him for not being up front, do you think it is uncalled for? >> completely uncalled for, unwarranted. unless she is having real sex with him under kafrz, what
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she worried about? our job is to educate schol >> let's move on to other news. subw subway spokesperson was sentenced to day. he got 16 years. jarrod's defense claims in today that all the weight he lost caused him to become hyper sexual. jarrod will be supervised for life when he g out. okay. let's switch gears now. we found sophia vergara getting ready for her big day with joe. they're tying the knot this weekend at a resort in palm beach. and we're on the scene with the latest. >> first stop, i can tell you it doesn't seem like sophia and joe's we will be held outdoors even though the famed hotel is known for romantic sea si ceremonies, there is a 90% chance of rain on sunday, the da wedding. >> this was the casual dressed bride to be this week at a beverly hill body contouring
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salon. she told us earlier, no wedding jjtters. >> i'm so happy. i mean i never had such a fond, peaceful time and we're like super excited of t future. and making all the plans. >> the plans include this dress. the designer showed this stunner at his paris show. this beige dress would show off her cur the hotel is completely booked this weekend where rooms start at $600 a night. 350 to 400 will attend. and joe even invited some of his beloved pittsburgh steelers. who don't play tweekend. >> i called ownership. i said i need a week off to get married. they were happy to comply. >> the florida location was chsen to make it easier for sophia's guests. >> because i want the people from colombia and south america to be able to -- andeurope, my friends to be able to make it to
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the wedding. and los angeles is very far a for everybody. >> and no brides >> in colombia, it's not a tradition to have bridesmaids. i'm going to have my niece dress in a beautiful soft dress because she's going to help me holding the farrangement and there fixing my dress. >> as for the black tie ceremony, it's being reported that her 23-year-old son is going to walk her down the aisle. there is going to be a lot of tears for sure. nancy, back to you. >> yeah, that's going to be moment. thank you very much. meanwhile, is blake shelton taking his romance with gwen stefani to the next level? we hav news about their thanks giving plans and new evidence that their rumored song together is going down right now. >> blake, how is your relationship with gwen going? >> going go. >> blake stepping into the studio and confirming that all is well. and get this we spotted gwen walking into the same studio three hourslater.
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we're hoping we get a duet out of this. the couple also arrived separately at a private dinner hosted by jennifer aniston and tobey maguire last night celebrating designer jennifer minor. they could be spending a more time together. blake is putting finishes touches on the lake house in oklahoma. we're to gwen visited in october and now there say report that he's invite and her three boys over for a country thanks giving. we caught up with pharrell at a concert for bro pro gres on in america. how is music able to bring everybody together? >> well, when people sing together, like, essentially you canharmonize. you know? and that's what this world needs. >> the event will air on all a & e networks tomorrow night. only "e.t." wasbackstage. ♪ >> i'm star struck in this room. >> oh, my god. it's crazy. smokey robinson just kiss med on the cheek. >> john legend was there and
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gave us the on his wife's pregnancy cravings. >> it's not tdifferent. i think she likes sweets more than she used >> john tells us that christy usually does cooking but he is in charge of breakfast. the easiest meal the day. toast, cereal. >> that baby is coming and everything will change. you'll have a lot more cooking to >> jennifer lawrence was in a party mood in new york. she even knocked down a shot on the red carpet. the final premier for the "mocking jay" crew and they went out in style. >> oh, this is capoli? this is by shrimp sc >> the designer is actually scaparelli. you get a >> tomorrow is my first day in almost a month. >> yeah, i'm going to look a lot uglier tomorrow. that for sure. >> to be honest, we always hold our breath when gets glammed
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up. zbh her mouth and mind don't have a filter. her body and her mind don have a connection. >> she falls down again. >> when i trip, it's not even cute and charming. >> with "mocking opening tomorrow, they gets more time to bifrpg on reality tv, favorite, "vander pumprules." she and her girl squad even posted this spoof of the show's over the top open. jennifer, you have competition. seth rogan, anthony mackey and their co-stars from the night before are fan boy two and they just about killed it. damn. i mean i deposit see that there. >> at the hollywood premier, they were proud of their work. >> someone has to do it. i was us. >> i'm a huge jennifer lawrence fan. >> now before the premier, we sat down with the cast and w thanksgiving day approaching, we asked about thur plans.
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i know whose house i w be going to this year. >> they shop in new orleans. they take other wildlife and put it in the turkey. >> you can get a are a con in there. you can get a squirrel in there. >> there is more of that conversation on our website. >> coming up next, tonight is how to get away with murder's winter finale. so who shot anna lee? find out what we heard on set. >> you're going to be so surprised to have a glass of wine, maybe a shot of
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tonight is the big winter finale of "how to get away with murder." we'll be glued to our couches. >> cameron went on a quest to find out about one of tv's real mysteries. who shot anna lease keaton? >> you stay with me. >> do you know who shot anna lee?
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>> no help there. remember, september's splash forward where we saw a wound annalise and suspects fleeing the scene. it could be the disgruntled connor? >> i think it comes from a place of, you know, pretty over this. i'm going to shoot you now. >> well, she's really good with guns. i wouldn't put it past her. i think it's going to be very startling. >> we'll see what happens. i have no idea. >> let's face it, everyone has issues with this woman. >> if one of our characters didn't shoot her, why did they not? >> flashing forward to sunday's amas on abc, where there is no blake shelton seating card. >> in the front row, gwen stefani is sitting next to luke bryant. it's not clear if blake will come as gwen's date. >> justin is also up front as is his ex-girlfriend but they couldn't be further apart. >> why did you decide to have justin bieber close out the
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>> i think this is really his year. >> performing at the amas, 1 d. >> i'll serve you. >> pastries, harry, nile, and louie. they're celebrating their new album. >> if you weren't musicians, what do you think you'd be doing? >> i've decided i wanted to be a lawyer. but then this happened before i started working enough to be a lawyer. so i be can like, whoa, i would have been a lawyer. >> louie said he'd be a schoolteacher and nile, he just said he had no clue. >> according to projections, 1 d will sell more than 100,000 copies of the album this week, good enough for second place to bieber. >> and coming up, his new karaoke and what he just told us about his new music an selena. >> you have talked to her about it? >> then we're giving ellen degeneres our next "e.t." icon
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award and what you never heard about this. >> i never said yes, i'm gay. >> that is next. closed captioning provided
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♪ what do you mean >> justin bieber, another delicious installment of car pool karaoke on the late, late show. he was totally mobbed by fans. >> stop. stop taking the photo. >> you have to live like this?
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how do you live like this? >> you don't even know what it's like. ♪ is it too late to say sorry now ♪ >> justin son a media blitz promoting his new album "purpose." he admitted that some of the songs were inspired by his ex-girlfriend selena gomez. >> you both released albums within a month of each other. have you talked to her about it? >> i haven't talked to recently. >> i'd love to know what she thinks about your album. would she love it? >> i think. so. >> we had a brush with bie as well. he was down the hall waiting to appear on ellen while she was busy receiving our "e.t." icon award. take a look. >> we want to present you with this award because you captivated entertainment tonight audiences and we're delighted and honored to present but entertainment tonight icon award. >> wow. icon award? >> icon award. >> that's incredible and beautiful. >> glad you like it.
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cameron joins us from new york. that was a special moment. >> she is a very special woman with humor, her heart, her honesty and, by the way, it may be a little psychic as you'll see. but there is no doubt that her talent and her bravery have changed hollywood. >> what do you think the magic of the ellen show is? >> it's a very funny show. i think we help a lot of people. i'm pretty much a, you know, i wouldn't say a perfectionist. but when they're not perfect, it just -- it stays in my head. i don't go to sleep at night. i think about what i should have do as much as people think i'm an extrovert, i'm an introvert. i can perform, but if you ask me to go to a party, i would not go. because it's -- it's weird. >> we spent more than three decades with ellen starting with her days as a standup comic. the thing we noticed, she never likes talking about hersel much. i was surprised when she opened up. but i guess how you could not when you got all this? >> give me the rundown on how to say your name. >> rundown? >> yeah. >> degene
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>> why did you not go degeneres? >> because i'm common folk. >> you know, what can i say? i tried to live my life authentically as much as possible. and i think what you see is what you get, who i am. i think people who work with me here see the same person that comes in. sometimes mondays i'm a little different, i'm tired. >> there is the mondays ellen. >> yeah. >> your first interview on "entertainment tonight" in 1984. >> it's fun fo >> here you go. >> i hope to be in acting. i want to do i want to do tv. and definitely expand into an acting career both dramat comic. maybe have my own series like lynda carter and do some dancing, singing. >> come on! >> first of all, who is that? because i don't even -- the face, everything and the hair, that's high maintenance to have to do that constantly. wow. but i did end up danci i was right. >> the dancing, have your own show. >>
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>> that was pretty accurate. >> the power of the word. you put that out there and you think about it and things happen. >> but it's the power of thee threes words that changed he will and ellen 1997. >> the words, i'm gay. >> which i never said, by the way. somebody at "time" magazine said that would be the title. >> the big quote on "time" magazine, you never said that? >> i never said yep, i'm gay. >> do you remember what you said? >> it was an interview. everyone -- but i didn't say, yep, i'm gay. it certainly wasn't like off handed like, you know, it wasn that casual for me to go, yep, i'm gay. it was a really tough thing. your whole life you're hiding it and then suddenly, yep, i'm gay. anyway, y'all. >> why can't i just see the truth? i mean be who i a i'm 35 years old. i'm so afraid to tell people.
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i mean i just -- i'm gay. >> you won the emmy. then abc canceled the show. >> yes. >> there was a lot of backlash. >> yes. people in hollywood didn't have your back at that time. >> you know, it's what i've -- of course, i was angry at the time because i wanted to support. i knew i could lose my show. but i didn't realize there were that many people out the were struggling. and then suddenly i'm hearing from people that were considering suicide and that i did do a lot for them and help them. >> she is a game changer for her courage and her honesty but ellen is an "e.t." icon because she doesn't let her sexuality define who she is. instead, it's all about her heart, hard work and bringing happiness to as many people as she k. whether that's as host of her own show or a little blue show that has her own sequel
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coming out. >> what about dori's philosophy just keep swimming? >> i didn't write that line. that was written for me. and the fact that when i was asked to do dori was at my lowest point, like i hadn't worked at all. people realized i could have taken three years to do "finding nemo." while i was doing nothing they had heard my voice on tv with how rambling i was and how i never stayed on topic. and he wrote dori with me in mind. literally, i wasn't working. i started doing dori. by the time "nemo" was coming out, i just got the show. so it came out a year -- but during that time, nothing had happened. so just keep swimming which certainly applies to me and to a lot of people out there. >> i love that story. >> it's amazing. she's on top of the world now. she hung tough. >> all right. tomorrow one of my favorite people, garth brooks. he gets the "e.t." icon award. i got to present it to him on stage front of thousands of his fans and what a thrill that was. >> yeah. pretty cool. in our entertainment tonight birthdays, which star of "you got mail" started acting as a way to pay for college? tom hanks? greg kanare or meg ryan? >> i'm going with greg. >> the answer is next.
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cool time to go shopping. welcome back, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which star of "you got mail" started acting to pay for college?
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that is meg ryan. >> great game on the nfl network tonight. titans take on the jaguars. on cbs, thanks giving episode of "life in pieces." we were on the set where collin hanks is ready to chow down. >> i can just go turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, gravy on all of it. >> pot of gravy. just pour gravy on everything. >> good-bye, everybody. exclusive, charlie sheen's
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the "insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. i'm very honest, very real. >> playing a love interest, how could you not be upfront about hiv? >> jenny mccarthy puts charlie sheen on blast. but is her anger justified? >> there is this myth that hiv can be transmitted through kissing and it can't.
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>> inside a new controversy. >> it bothers me th have a round table with only white women. >> and george lucas is breaking up with "star wars." >> if i get in there, i'm just going to cause trouble. >> why he wants nothing to do with the new movie. plus, tv mom suzanne somers gives us a step-by-step guide at staying sexy at 69. >> her advice for keeping a 38-year marriage hot and heavy. >> he likes a lot of sex. >> do you have a lot of sex? >> we do. it keeps you together. >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's the "insider" together with yahoo. a blackout at the oscars? the hollywood reporter named best actress frontrunners, at them. not a single african-american among them. we're going to go inside this controversy. >> speaking of controversy, jenny mccarthy kow


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