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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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>> i am not drunk. you joke. >> right now at 11:00, shocking dam cash video shows a moment after a new jersey state trooper is in an accident. police say he was drunk while driving his squad car. and we're now hearing from the woman he allegedly crashed into. this couple thought they were taking a $10 cab ride. instead it costs them $1,800. three on your side's jim donovan gets results ton night he'll
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show you how you can avoid being taken for ride. it's a place where everyone knows your name and your order. taste with tori heads to popular spot for breakfast when you're here, you're definitely family. good evening everyone i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we begin tonight with dam cash video obtained by cbs3 that appears to show a new jersey state trooper drunk. our natasha brown has more and of the alarming video that shows what unfoldedn the garden state parkway i am not drunk. >> you joke. >> yeah. i had a prostate surgery. >> okay. >> i'm under anesthesia right i'm trying to get home to cinnaminson. >> a profession of sobriety that beginning an exchange that would lead to new jersey state trooper suspension. dam cam video from the responding officer's vehicle shows the interaction moments after sergeant first class michael roadside rear ends a driver at a rest stop on the garden state parkway in monmouth county.
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>> i will pay for -- whatever have i to do >> video shows what appears to be the trooper's erratic behavior and slurred speech. female driver called police after seeing the diss shelf officer step out of his car after the crash. >> how you doing? >> not gd. >> you globe i was really scared and honestly i'm still scared. >> reporter: it's been a month sin the accident and kimberly wilson says she's still traumatized. she spoke to cbs news from her home in lincroft new jersey and took us back to the incident on october 26th. >> he looked dirty and disheveled. his hair was all messed up. he opened his shirt up i guess to show me his uniform was on him but and side out and when he open it up, a bottle cap fell on the ground and i lunched down and pink it up in front of him. and i saw it was a bud light
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cap. >> report roar police say the trooper's blood level alcohol was twice the legal limit. >> a man at his cinnaminson, inform, home came to the door claiming the trooper wasn't ho home. the dam cash video let to sergeant roadside's arrest on dwi charges. also, police say opened alcohol containers were found inside his police cruiser. >> i think it's scary, and terrible and i feel bad for him and i hope he gets the help they needs. >> reporter: kimberly says she suffered back, neck and knee injuries and is still recovering. meantime sergeant roadside is a 29 year veteran state trooper. he faces dwi and careless driving charges also charges of having an open alcohol container inside his vehicle. the trooper has been suspended without pay and an internal investigation is underway. we're live in the sat center tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". ,. that is a, thank you. now to the latest on the paris terror tax. >> tonight the fbi is investigating dozens of people capable of carrying out a paris
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style attack in the u.s. the fbi has no credible threats against the united states but it is encouraging americans to stay on high alert knowledge links have been found between the paris attackers and the us. the man suspected of planning the carnage is now dead. but the search is intensifying for one of the terrorists who got away last friday. back here at home refugees from syria and iraq could soon be blocked from coming to the us i was lawmakers take action following the attacks. >> today the white house overwhelmingly -- the house overwhelmingly approved to bill to halt the refugees from the u.s. until agencies certified those refugees do not pose a risk. some are concerned isis fighters will gain access to the u.s. as rev few jew. the bill now goes to the senate president obama says he'll veto the bill if it passes. as the refugee crisis takes a new turn the issue hitting close to home for familiar unless our area tonight. lehigh
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valley has one of the largest zero ran populations in the entire country. >> "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke to some students who are now waiting and worrying for their loved ones. >> i don't think there's anything in the world that i could be more proud of than to be syrian the report roar hazel says the pain of not knowing is unbearable. not knowing her familiar until syria will ever make it to the united states to start a new life. >> my dad has 11 brothers and sisters all of them have three, four kids and they are all in syria. >> reporter: suede is a senior at penn state lehigh valley. the majority of american governors don't want syrian refugees in their states but pennsylvania governor tom wolf does. jack bari cat is expecting family members in late december but even that hangs in the balance. >> i feel like it's going eventually become a problem they don't want any cyreans coming at all. >> jack and hazel are both orthodox christian and say they both support the as sad regime in syria. they tell "eyewitness news", they've been bullied because of their views. >> there's been a lot of attacks
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towards us on twitter and on facebook and all of that, and the problem they don't know what they're talking about. >> students make up one of the largest syrian populations in america. for years, syrians have made their home in the lehigh valley. dr. kenneth is the chief academic at penn state lehigh valley and he has a large population of syrian american students oh our state has continued to be a state that welcomes refugees as of today or yesterday it still is, and that's a good thing. >> hazel and jack insist syrian refugees just want to find a new home and the united states should welcome them. >> we were one of the best in the middle easton see my country fall the way that it did, um, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: in bethlehem, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". new tonight, police are investigating a sexting incident at plymouth white marsh high school. district says a parent called for the investigation. authorities have found a drop
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box account that includes some inappropriate pictures of students. police say they are at the very beginning of their investigation. anyone who may have information is asked to contact whitemarsh township police. drivers who cross delaware river port authority bridges on a regular basis are about to get some money back. a new discount program will return $18 into the e-z pass accounts of those who cross the bridge at least 18 times a month. it only applies to drivers who have an e-z pass account through new jersey and you have to sign up and enroll that begins on december 1st. they took a taxi ride home after a night on the town but the cab fair they faced was anythingut fare. >> consumer reporter jim donovan introduces to you a couple taken for ride hit with an outrageous charge until three on your side got involved, jim. >> that's right, ukee and jessica. i dealt with so many exams and rip off stories over the years nothing really shocks me, but this one certainly did. a 3-mile cab ride costing almost
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1800 bucks. when it comes to making a short trip in center city, many hospital in that cab. no questions asked. it's quick, convenient and normally doesn't break the bang. but there was one taxi ride this summer that ben and jenna won't soon forget. 3-mile road in rose mander cab they say the meter read almost $18 but they were charged 1800 bucks. >> we thought that he could have made a mistake. >> unlike most cabs that have a credit card machine mounted on the safety shield, the cab driver swiped ben's card using a square device like this one. >> just swipes it on his phone and tapping away. never hands me anything but the card so i never signed anything. >> reporter: the payment went into the driver's personal account. >> it was strange because it just said his name. it wasn't a cab company. but it was tagged taxi limousi limousine. >> that couple was stolen from. there's no other way to describe it. it was out right intended premeditated theft.
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>> reporter: the executive director of the philadelphia parking authority which has regulatory oversight over taxis in the city. >> you never have to hand any cab driver your credit card. so that should be a red flag all cabs in philadelphia have to have a credit card machine. it's mounted on the back of the shield which separates the front and back of the cab. >> reporter: when ben filed a dispute through his barclay credit card it said it couldn't credit back the trains action because quote the services for which you were billed were rendered. >> they said somebody had signed for it and as far as they were concerned that was good enough. i said it was not my signature. >> he were at our were the. is end. >> when three on your side contacted barclays they eventually backed down. >> they knew a story was being done and they said since we were a good customer they would do us a courtesy and wave the charge. >> rosemont tells me that the driver took a company taxi without permission and was fired and that they conrey fun the couple since they never got the money the driver did. the parking authority tells me that rosemont cabs shouldn't be
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picking up passengers within the philadelphia city limits and police have an open investigation regarding this case. >> jim, why wasn't it credit card company this wasn't right. >> barclays kept on telling them they had to take up with the merchants the driver who ripped them off. they were supporting paper work from the parking authority showing that the fair should have been $10.71. jenna estimates they would have had to drive to charleston south carolina to ring up the fair $1,800 in you get in cab and it doesn't have a credit card machine get out of the cab. do not give your card to the driver. >> good heads up. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. >> you can put away the rain gear it looks like but you're soon going need a heavier coat. >> kate big changes are in store for the weekend. >> big changes indeed. you guys, a front is now moving out. you can see the showers pushing out to sea just impacting the shore right now, but as this system moves away, the winds are pog to pick up north and west. two phase cool down to tell you about. i'll have that coming up in weather also ahead a reality
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star sued and his legal woes are centered right here in philadelphia. why an adult film actress is going after josh duggar. >> and breakfast is the most important meal of the day victoria woodill found the mace to go. taste with tori takes you to the neighborhood favorite known for its home fries covered in what they call dust. plus they're only 12 years old, but they are teaching all of us an important lesson. how these kids are paying the holidays brighter for hundreds in their community. ♪ >> coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 the late show with stephen colbert tonight stephen welcomes jane fonda check her out, andrew lloyd webber will also be on the show tonight at 11:35. be right back.
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>> reality star josh duggar being sued by adult film actress right here in philadelphia. ashley stamp north up known as danica dylan claims that duggar approached her at a local strip
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club back in march and paid her $600 for lap dances they then went hotel where the suit alleges duggar paid her more money for sex and then beat her. duggar allegedly found her at a different club in the suburbs just a few days later. according to the suit, he apologized and then attacked her again. she wants $500,000 in damages. a big surprise tonight for a boy from west goshen chester county. alex reunited with sheriff of chester county south carolina who took him hunting last year. the two met when alex entered a contesting to hunting and fishing and alex originally thought it was with the sheriff of chester county, pennsylvania. it turns out the two sheriffs from the two chester counties know each other and one thing led to another. alex finally got his hunting trip in south carolina. >> our boy alex who wiggled his way into our hearts, the hearts of two sheriffs and become part of our family and we love him so much.
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>> alex's mom says she's happy about the experiences her son has been able to have as a result of the mix up. >> how about that. also new tonight, little leaguers in montgomery county are stepping up big time to help some families in need. >> the limerick air 12-year-old baseball team donated more than $1,600 to the daily bread community food pantry. the team had surplus funds and decided to use it to help fill the pantri' shelves this was the first night for the pantry knots new location on gravel pike in collegeville. the money couldn't have come at a better time. >> it's going to make is a* difference, the difference of families goating christmas fixings for their meals. we would not have been able to afford that this year. >> i'm used to having one but for people that don't have it, i'm sure it's really special to have family and food they can all enjoy. >> i'm so hopeful for the future when i think about these young people who are willing to do things like this. >> how about it? nicely done. daily bread community food pantry serves approximately 300 families per month.
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breakfast is the most important meal of the day as many people say then this is the place to go. >> known for home fries this northeast philly restaurant is a family favorite. let's get a taste with tori. >> hello. >> hello you guys. >> hey, hey. >> we're going to my neck of the woods now. >> bring it. >> i'm just saying. >> bring it. >> hello everyone. we are talking about tate's good food restaurant in the northea northeast. it's not just good, it's great and so is the staff. ♪ >> reporter: it's breakfast time and all the seats at the counter are taken a taste much this place is kind of the cheers of holmesburg. >> i come in here everybody knows my name. >> and everyone knows your ord order. >> this is his special. thee eggs up. extra latest and hot italian sausage. >> rob elliot has been coming here for eight yours with her family. >> great food. great atmosphere. the waitresses are fantastic.
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>> like waitress lisa valentine who just loves her customers. >> i just talk to them, make friends with them. feed them. make them happy. >> you've been working here for how long. >> 11 years. >> leach years. why contact me on facebook about taste's? >> i watched the shows and i thought of us because all your shows when i was watching them it was like family. like you went to places like the girls worked hard and they made people happy. >> i just thought you'd love to be in this place. i know we can make her happy and give her great food. >> great food, that's an understatement. i could eat a whole late of these home fries. >> it was awesome food. tate' social security known for their home fries. covered in what they call dust. a secret blend of seasonings. look at the crisp on those home fries. >> here we go, tori. >> here we go. we've got the tower of tori. >> they name a dish after me! french fries smothered in
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peppers, homemade chili and cheese. >> okay. seriouseriously? tower of tori. >> anyone else is as excited as i am? >> bring on the smores pancakes with marshmallows, crumbled graham crackers and chocolate drizzle. >> does it get any better than that. >> it does. homemade crepes from scraps with sweet cheese inside and apple, blueberry and strawberry sauce on the outside. >> our goal was to make it really family place. >> joanne jones owns tate'. >> our waitresses, you know, became very close to the customers like familiarly. >> with lisa's own family of five children now grown, her daughter and son in the marines, lisa gets emotional. thinking of how much she misses those big family meals. but she gets her taste of that at tate's. >> my family is far away. this is my family. >> aren't you so lucky you have this place. >> yes. >> you make that feeling for everyone else. >> i think i do. i hope i do.
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>> do you. >> the sign a s right. this is a nice place for breakfast and lunch specials. because of the people like lisa. >> brotherly love. sisterly affection. >> will you go. >> thank you so much lisa for sharing tate's with us and of course thank to you her children who serve in the military. by the way, the restaurant is open for lunch. it's fantastic. it is fun. it is warm. and don't forget to tell me about your favorite places on facebook. send me a message you torah wo woodill. another homerun. >> i mean and for the waitress to say we're going to serve you great food, i know you'll have so much fun, it really touches my heart that the viewers are embracing that and i had a great time there just amazing people. >> i love the sign. friends gather here. >> yes. good food, good people. a nice place to be. >> vittoria, thanks so much. >> i was having breakfast this morning the rain was coming down. that was early. starting to move out maybe. >> it is starting to move out of
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the things are getting whole lot nicer looking. the next five, six days sun across the board. >> okay. >> great. >> put the umbrellas away you need to break out the heavier winter coats. >> gotcha. >> and the hats and gloves he is special if you feel plans to be out on sunday. maybe you're heading to the linc it will be a cold and blustery sunday out there. it may get better in times for thanksgiving holiday. we'll take you outside to our rooftop camera still raindrops on the camera lense there and you can see still foggy now we're starting to be able to see the tops of the buildings which one hour ago at 10:00 o'clock you couldn't see that. so things are clearing out. the low clouds, the fog, star starting to move out of the area which is good news. here's time lapsed video on our live network network in margate downtown margate started out with clouds this morning. a few showers early but the instead yesterday of the rain waited until the afternoon and that was the case for most of us. you can see most of the day generally quiet and the roads looking little wet there as soon as the sun begins to go down and the shore points still dealing with at least a few showers here this evening. you can see where that front is lining up right along the coast
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at the moment heavy rain off the coast of north carolina there. for our area, little bit of rain and drizzle in the wake of this system but it is clearing out pretty quickly as the front moves through. the heaviest of the rain now offshore but still lingering showers from toms river right down through cape may point noon says sucks county, delaware as well and that's where it will remain for the next hour or two before that finally pushes out to sea. temperatures right now 63 in philadelphia. still warm. it's 61 in reading. 62 in wilmington. cooler waits in the wings. 40 in columbus, ohio right now. 47 in nashville and even colder as we zoom to the northern plains look at these numbers. 21 in business mark that sounds awful. 28 in rapid city. 32 in minneapolis. we got to 67 today but not for long. it's a one-two punch of colder air. first punch coming overnight into tomorrow. the second punch waits in the wings and if in fact the storm will bring decent amount of snow the upper midwest this weekend. that will lift off to the north for us but a front comes through saturday night and that's what reinforce the chill. so it's wet for now, it's moving
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out and then it turns chilly. sunny and cooler for friday highs only in the low 50's. heading into saturday, high pressure overhead less wind saturday. not bad day. sunshine a few clouds pretty seasonal chill in the area for november that front comes through saturday night. sunday brisk and chilly highs only in the 40 there is could be snow flurries up in the pocono region as we head through the weekend notice midnight it may still be 62 degrees that means when we look back at this month, tomorrow's high will officially be recorded in 60s but not going to feel that way. 46 at 7:00 a.m. and in the afternoon, not much better than the low to mid 50s with a gusty breeze from the north and west. i mentioned we got to 67 today. take a look at sunday almost 20 full degrees colder it will feel even colder than 48 degrees when you factor in the wind. so overnight again clearing out, breezy. cool but not too bad. 49 degrees. for your friday, sunny, breezy, cooler, 55 and that may be a bit optimistic. sunday 45, brisk and cold. kick off at the eagles game bundle up. you'll need the coats, the hats
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the gloves, the scarf the whole 9 yards. it stays cold monday in fact we start monday morning below freezing. but i had little good news towards turkey day back to the upper 50s that's good news. anyone notice hat, glove, scarves many directly. >> i felt like you were talking direct toll to me. >> i'm a mom. >> we have a show 11:30 on sunday. >> i'm looking out for you. >> we're talking about sports. episode of when sharks attack. how the flyers had their hearts broken in south philly plus the eagles have one reason to worry about the tampa bay bucks.
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your rate is locked in and can never go up. and your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. see how much coverage you can get for just $9.95 a month. call now for your free information kit. ♪ home is where the hurt is. that's hurt h-u-r-t flyers come into the night on a five game losing streak at home. longest skid in south philly since 2011. tonight, they tried to make it right against san jose sharks. opening face off for the flyers and right off the bat, a shot on
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goal for this luke schenn making the safe. so nice we have to show you twice. in fact we get greedy we show you threes times because it was that good. the shark only had 21 shots on goal that one coming win seconds of the opening puck drop. meanwhile in overtime, carlson, what, there's no score and then he lights the lamp with 1:15 to go. the flyers lose one to nothing in overtime. six straight losses at home. switching gears he has a concussion, he hasn't practiced all week long. and the eagles will miss him if he can't play sunday again the bucks. i'm not talking about quarterback sam bradford. the mystery man is ryan matthe matthews. running back has a touchdown in four of the birds last five games. no matthews most likely means more demarco murray. problem, that tampa bay defense is stout. they allow 3.6 yards per rush that's third best in the nfl. they also have a star defensive tackle in gerald mccoy.
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>> gerald mccoy is heck of a player, pro bowler, and david is, you know, great linebacker so we got our hands full with lovie and, you know, his experience and, um, deal with the defense i know we got to, upping, definitely be on our cues. >> by the way lovie smith the head coach of the buccaneers defensive with czar eagles and buck at 1:00 on sunday. we'll get you ready with cbs3 toyota sunday kick you have off at 11:30 a.m. i'll be joined by lesley vanessas dale, pat gallen, merrill reece an cast of characters. see you then. temple owls on the road for the puerto rico tip off taking on minnesota this afternoon. second half we go. he had 14 off the bench. 67-61 at that point. later it's devon coleman 12 of his 15 coming final seven minutes talk about clutch. temple wins 75-70. we'll be right back. ♪
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let's talk about the tribune. philadelphia tribune held 130th anniversary gala tonight. "eyewitness news" at the pennsylvania convention center for the celebration. governor wolf was there along with mayor nutter and so many others. the tribune is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the nation so fussed on the african-american community. congratulations. >> indeed. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us our morning team is back from 4:30 to 7am for kate, don and everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at the late show with stephen colbert comes your way neck. >> good night family and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. [♪...] professional chefs create great-tasting meals from years of experience and by using professional equipment. and now you can too, with the nuwave oven pro, the number-one countertop oven in america! no more defrosting or preheating


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