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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the fbi is investigating dozens of people capable of caring out paris style attack in the u.s. more on the threat maze against the united states and the search for suspect in the paris attacks. >> local businesses are trading in their warm beds for cardboard boxes. the sleeping bags, more on why they're opt to go sleep outside tonight. >> live look from center city, from our skycam. big changes on the way for weather, rain thankfully moving out, but cool down on the way. you thought fall felt cool? winter like temperatures, i know. morning, it is friday, at least it is friday, november 20th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> we've been pretty luck. >> i seven days in november, with this weather, i'm nicole brewer. thanks so much for joining us, we also have katie and meisha
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standing by. morning, ladies? yes, tgif. the first thing i noticed walking out the door this morning how windy it is. the winds might play a factor? >> thankfully not talking about anything too terrible in terms of the winds flow here today, meisha, a but definitely makes you feel chillier. extra layers still required for you. >> this morning actually bottoming out only into the low 50's in many spots, suburbs, very likely into the 40's, but with that win factored in, it certainly has so made to feel chillier. storm scan3, quiet as can be. any sign of the wet weather we had pretty much all day yesterday, now retreating well taught sea at this point. all of the shore points all drying out, as well, cloud cover starting to really just recede away. looking at nice clearing sky. here's a look at the area temperatures, the damage certainly being done here, in terms of the cool down, 49 in lancaster, 48 in reading by comparison worse of the chill hasn't quite gun to take hold in philadelphia. but yes, if you haven't walked out the door yet, that
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57 degrees, is definitely going to feel little cooler to you, when you factor in that wind. so you can't netsly take these numbers at face value all the time. this is definitely one of those examples. looking forward in the forecast, talking wall-to-wall sunshine, deaf little going to be bill breezy, talking about northwesterly wind, with this kind of pattern, it will definitely be made to feel little cooler than those thermometer readings actually reflect. so, keep that in mind. notice, these temperatures, don't warm up all there much. you get couple of extra degrees, with passing time here, even at the height of the afternoon. , it is definitely much more seasonable today, with the winds picking up, expect that it will feel little cooler, and then as we look ahead, erika, allude dollars to there is coldest air coming we've seen so far this season. so we've been awfully spoiled in recent weeks and months. and that is all about to change for little dose of winter coming our way. we will talk more about that as the show goes on, meisha? >> about time, right, katy? it is coming whether we want it or not. good morning, everyone, happy
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friday to you. tgif. this is a look at the schuylkill eastbound, onramp on to the vine is closed, because we do have that overnight construction on the vine. still in place, it looks like the westbound lane is now open. eastbound lane still closed down. westbound this is between the schuylkill and the broad. this is that overnight construction that we're typically dealing with early in the morning, just starting to try to get cleared out of the way there. ninety-five and cottman, one of the areas we look at early in the morning, certainly one of the areas that gets heated up the quickest in the morning, looking good on cottman, construction, on the ramp from 295 southbound to route 42, that's closed, until right around 5:00 a.m. so ill of course update you as soon as that does. and we've got the marathon this weekend, the ben franklin parkway between eakin's oval and the square drive closed today at 9:30 until 6:00 p.m. make note of. that will the outer drive closed saturday 4:00 a.m. to two p.m. and sunday 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and there will be some more closures and some septa
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updates coming up in a little bit. but first, ladies, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. breaking news right now. gunmen have attacked a hotel in the capitol of molly. it happened at the radisson blue hotel. the hotel is apparently very close to government offices and businesses of the the bbc reports gunfire could be heard outside that hotel and the attackers have taken as many as 170 hostages. us embassy has asked citizens to just shelter in place. we will stay on top of the story, bring in you updates as soon as we get them. latest on paris terror attacks, if. bi interviewing dozens of people capable of caring out a paris style attack in the us. fbi says it has no credible threats, but urging americans to stay on high alert. authorities also say no links have been found between the paris attackers and the us. >> the director of the fbi says americans should go on with their lives as normal. >> do not let fear become
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disabling. that is what the terrorists want. the threat here focuses primarily on troubled souls in america who are being inspired or enabled on line to do something violent for isil. >> meanwhile, in paris, the man suspected of planning the carnage is now dead. but the search is intensify for one of the terrorists who got away last friday, the paris prosecutor's office says the eight people detained wednesday will remain in custody for at least another day. refugees from syria and iraq could soon be block from coming to the u.s. as lawmakers takings following the isis attacks. yesterday the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to halt the refugees from entering the us until key security agencies certify that those refugees don't pose security risk. some concerned that isis spiders will attempt to gain access to the united states as refugee, because one of the terrorists reportedly potes dollars as refugee to get into europe. the bill now goes to the senate, president obama saidel
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veto the bill if it passes. >> well, lehigh valley has one of the largest syrian populations in the country, many here wondering if their families in syria will ever make it to the united states. >> val and jack student at penn state lehigh valley, both families in syria. expecting family members in late december, but now, that hangs in the balance. >> i feel like it will eventually become a problem, where they don't want any syrians coming at all. >> we were one of the best in the middle east. and to see my country fall, the way that it did, it is heart breaking. >> the student say, syrian refugees just want to find a new home, and the us should welcome them. >> 4:36 right now. local business leaders are trading in their warm beds for cardboard boxes and sleeping bags. >> i love this. right now, they are sleeping outside in an effort to support homeless use right here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in germantown with more on that story. justin? >> nicole, erika, good
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morning, already have some of those people waking up this morning, we had several dozen people, more than 60, i'm told, camping out, as you can see, in sleeping bags and boxes, to raise money to help our city's homeless youth. let's take you now to video here, about 4,000 philly high schoolers have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. the shelter cares for more than 500 young people each year, but turns away more than 400 other. their third annual sleep-out executive addition has raised about $250,000. that will will go to food, shelter, other services for youth who are often homeless, run aways, and sometimes, traffic against their will. several dozen bold face business names are out here this morning including sixers ceo scott o'neil, and chris gaffney, president with toll brothers, he's up already, and also, they're all joining covenant house to sleep in the parking lot, as thousands do in our city each night. >> homeless kids don't get to
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choose their weather, and it is a reminder that we shouldn't get to choose our weather either. hopeless kids have to endure so much. they've got to endure rain, sleet, snow, cold, they have to endure fear, they have to endure the perils of the street, the traffickers, the pumps, the preditors who exploit them. sleeping out is a way of showing a solidarity, as a way of us having a glimpse of what they go through, a glimpse. >> and again, just a glimpse, he's saying, of the sheridan their can be faced for a young person out in the street, sleeping, and here and alone, about $250,000 raised already this morning. and we are told 16 other across the us and canada also doing the same thing here. live in germantown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> such important cause, justin, thanks. police are investigating a sexting incident at plymouth whitemarsh high school. the district says a parent called for this investigate. authorities have found a drop box account that includes some
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inapropriate pictures of student. police say they're at the very beginning of this investigation. anyone who may have information is asked to contact whitemarsh township police. >> a new jersey state trooper is charged with drunk driving after a crash in monmouth county. "eyewitness news" obtain dash cam video from october 26th. now it, shows the moment after sergeant first class roadside rearended a driver at garden state parkway rest stop. another trooper on the left asked sergeant roadside if he's okay. he says he was un anesthesia. the driver of the car claims sergeant roadside offered her $1,000 if she did not report the collision. >> he goes i'll write awe check for cash right now for a thousand dollars. and i said either you call this in or i'm calling it in. but i'm not leaving here until one every us calls it in. >> sergeant roadside is suspended without pay. he is charged with dwi, careless driving, and having open alcohol contain nerve his
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vehicle. >> a bizarre on the job accident has killed a plumbing contractor in west philadelphia. police say a 27 year old man was working in a excavated area near 63rd and market when a vehicle lost control and fell into the hole. that worker died at the scene. the accident is under investigation. >> convicted spy, jonathan politicalard will be release from the medium secure prison nearly 30 years after first arrested. the 61 year old sentenced to life behind bars back in 1987 after turning over classified information to israel. he will be on parole for five years. lawyers for him says he has a job and housing lined up in the new york area. >> still ahead this morning, fans of the hunger game series, your wait is over. mocking jay part one has hit theatresment we'll get reaction from some of the first people to see the final instlment of the movie franchise. >> in a couple of hours get the answer yourselves. good news, the rain moving out, get ready for colder
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temperatures. katie has a check on chilly and weekend forecast when we come
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>> little con fusing but great movie. >> although long time coming, i thought it was a pretty good conclusion. >> really, really happy, with the ending. i'm not going to say what happened, but i'm really really happy. >> movie-goers have been saying they did not expect the ending because they changed it up a little bit from the book version, which i normally a.m. not on board for. but if they're saying it -- >> little surprise for this afternoon once you go to see the movie. >> all going together. it will be fun. >> i mean, would we have it any othe way? i'm not shock by this at all.
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>> bundle up for our little movie outing? >> i would say wise idea. we drop to the 30's tonight, yes. the chill is here. this is actually, looking ahead, to some of the coldest air we've seen in months. >> we will actually start things off by looking at a little bit of statistical information for you. big fan of that. but also, yes, we did gather these things from the eyewitness weather center, yes, we expect to see the chill settle in, become the big weather headline looking forward. no major wet weather event coming our way, just reinforcements coming in in terms of the chill. let's get you out there. lovely statistical information for you, ladies, enjoy it. sunday, that's the day, that we start to really see the temperature drop off. forecasted high right now, 48 degrees.
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>> are have the winter coats on. storm scan3, showing, the retreat, hey, above that frontal boundary, so the rain's out of here. again, pretty quiet pattern, all things considered, high pressure takes the lead for now. and then, we look ahead to saturday night, this guy, moves on in. it is actually the same system responsible for all the crazy weather going on in the pacific northwest. by the time it reaches us, making its cross country trek, it loses some of it steam, bulk of the energy gets swept up into canada. might see shower out of that early sund morning, otherwise bigger story is the chill that comes along with it, so for now, bright sunshine, breezy, cooler, notice because of the breeze, 55 degrees, isn't going to feel like 55 degrees. later on tonight we drop to 37, as we mention, it is clear, it is cold, but thankfully the worse of the winds is tapering off for the weekends. fifty-three for tomorrow. still seasonable, and then, that reinforcing chill comes along. stuck in the 40's for couple of days. nicole, back to you. >> katie, thanks. in sport right now, the flyers
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are at a point in standings but still can't bring home a win in front of the home crowd. just didn't do it. flyers have some trouble right off the opening face-off here, ends up in the net, never good, right. that's luke, with the kick save, and quite a few there. flyers and sharks played to scoreless tie in regulation, but the flyers lose an over time one to nothing. by the way they play the senators in ottawa tomorrow night. >> now it is not clear if eagles will have running back ryan matthews sunday afternoon when they play the buccaneers at the linc. matthews has concussion, and hasn't practiced all week. now if matthews is out that means the tough tampa bay defense will see little more demarco murray, allow only six points, third bet in the nfl. eagles know they have to work hard for a win. >> it was very important to come out every week, and make sure you're ready to play, we came out last week, firing, but we just didn't finish well. execute, game plan, so we got
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to continue to play all four quarters like we did the first quarter. >> that's right. you do. it will be all eagles and buccaneers at 1:00 sunday, but we will get you ready cbs-3 sunday kickoff. leslie van arsdale, pat gallen, merrill reese foreign site before the big game. toyota sunday kickoff 11:30 sun kay morning right here on cbs-3. and, temple owls basketball taking on the golden go first of minnesota in the opening game of the puerto rico tip-off. i like that, little giggle there. owls three starters back from last year's club that reached the nit finals. temple over minnesota 75 to 70. we like to see. that will owls play butler in round two this afternoon. go owls. >> now against the golden gophers, every time. >> still ahead this morning, "eyewitness news", facebook trying to make breaking up a little bit easier. more on the changes the social network is making coming up in your money watch report. >> first, what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> police are investigating a sexting incident at plymouth whitemarsh high school. the district says a parent called for the investigation. authorities have found a drop box account. that includes some inapropriate pictures of student. >> local business leaders are trading in their warm beds for cardboard boxes and sleeping bags. they're taking part in the third annual sleep-out. it is an event supporting homing less youth in philadelphia. >> such a great event. >> absolutely. >> love that. 4:50. time for check on business news. >> hen a daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange, seemed like yesterday tracking about uber doing flu shots, now another program there is one for professionals look to go travel. what's going on now? >> that's right. good morning, ladies, you can
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now, the company launching new feature, lets they switch to business profiles, work-related rides. you can keep your personal ride separate on the same app by letting you plug in separate credit card information. and have receipts sent directly to your work e-mail. nicole, erika? >> that makes it nice. >> perfect. hena, facebook wants to ease the pain of breaking up. what do you know about this? what are they doing? >> yes, guys, facebook is offering new feature in the u.s. design for people who want to be screened from seeing their ex partners post and pictures. after changing relationship status, you can also remove your name from pass posts linking you to your ex. the feature designed for people who won't want to make the final move of blocking ex lover from their facebook page. >> that's handy. >> that way you don't have to go through all of the pictures. >> maybe don't want to be connect in the that way. >> we're on board with that, thank youment coming up after the break, another check on weather and traffic.
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we'll be right back.
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>> 4:54 on this friday. let's check the roads with meisha. >> we are busy because we have a marathon this weekend. i'll get to the closures coming up in just a little bit. first what we take a look at is the vine. the vine now open for those of you taking it between the broad and schuylkill. that will was closed because of some overnight construction, both the eastbound and westbound directions, as you can see, westbound looking all good. eastbound, just opened right now. so that's looking all good, as. then the schuylkill eastbound at spring garden looking good in bolt directions eastbound and westbound. eastbound usually heats up limb bit making your way in center city this morning. but looking good right now for early friday. and speaking of friday's, one of our lesser travel days of the morning, typically, what we see. a look at new jersey, 42 freeway, right around creek road, approaching 295 looking good, very light traffic levels. now, speaking that far marathon we do have it this
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weekend. so, saturday, 7:30, a.m., is the rothman institute 8k. then the kids fun run 10:30 a.m., the philly marathon half marathon sunday at 7:00 a.m. because of that, tees are some of the closures that we are going to experience, i'll get into this little bit more in depth in about ten minutes. so, katie, it will be a fun weekend for the runners. what can they expect in terms every weather. >> you know, i was going to leadoff with, that meisha, because it will be i think a rude awakening for folks that have been training outside for these events, coming up, it gets a lot chillier by that point in the forecast. it already is feeling a little chillier now. but, dose of winter is on the way for the weekend. that also of course means you'll need to bundle up extra with the extra layers for the eagles game, too. so storm scan3, quiet now, you can see the first frontal boundery retreating completely, clear as a bell, or if we're not completely clear getting there fast. but look at the wind direction. not so much the numbers, yell, breezy, but that winds direction is critical. since we do have a bree, granted it is not terribly
4:56 am
strong, it is enough it makes it feel chillier. we are going to see another front swoop in, saturday night, by sunday eagles game time it is a lot chillier, 46 degrees at kick off. not spec to go rebound too much more than that, beyond that point, through the rest of the day. so expect that it will be a cold second half of the weekend here. even chillier monday. but for the better part of this forecast, it is very quiet, with the at least sun icons, pretty much wall-to-wall, right to the seven day. we expect to warm things up gradually with time as well headed toward thanksgiving. >> at least sun. >> i true. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", latest on the threat from isis in the wake of the paris attacks. >> plus this is about the last place would you expect to see a school bus, right? casino of scary scene there. right in the middle of a store. we'll let you know who was behind the wheel when it made its smashing entrance. >> ever find yourself doing little on line shopping at work? more
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>> good morning, latest developments in africa, gunmen stormed into a hotel. >> also, the rain moved out. now cooling down headed into the weekend. katie says it will feel like winter pretty soon. just blew past fall. justin? >> we are live from the covenant house of pennsylvania sleep-out where dozens are camping out to raise money for local charity and our youth. more coming up. good morning, it is friday, november 20th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. meisha checking on the roads, katie out on the skydeck. >> good morning, tgif to you guys. roadways looking goodment starting to dry up little bit now.
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overnight construction project, i'm sure we can expect at this time of the morning. katie, how is it feeling outside? >> not terrible. i have to say, you know, little bit after breeze out here. it is starting to turn more out of the northwest, in fact, it already is out of the northwest across the delaware valley, that said, extra layers required today. it will be a cooler day by comparison to yesterday. thankfully, drier one, too. but look at where the temperatures are starting to drop off here. sixty-seven, is the actual high that we reached yesterday, verified perfectly with the forecast we made. we are now forecasting temperatures to bottom out, or i should say, top off at best into the 40's here. inbetween that, looking forward to the rest of today, into tomorrow, as well. but let's get check here on storm scan3, if the clicker will cooperate. let's see, there we go, temperatures at the moment, currently into the mid 50's, you can see, how starting to drop off to the 40's, to the north and western suburbs, average hi, 54 degrees, pretty much already there as we start off our morning here. bu
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