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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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overnight construction project, i'm sure we can expect at this time of the morning. katie, how is it feeling outside? >> not terrible. i have to say, you know, little bit after breeze out here. it is starting to turn more out of the northwest, in fact, it already is out of the northwest across the delaware valley, that said, extra layers required today. it will be a cooler day by comparison to yesterday. thankfully, drier one, too. but look at where the temperatures are starting to drop off here. sixty-seven, is the actual high that we reached yesterday, verified perfectly with the forecast we made. we are now forecasting temperatures to bottom out, or i should say, top off at best into the 40's here. inbetween that, looking forward to the rest of today, into tomorrow, as well. but let's get check here on storm scan3, if the clicker will cooperate. let's see, there we go, temperatures at the moment, currently into the mid 50's, you can see, how starting to drop off to the 40's, to the north and western suburbs, average hi, 54 degrees, pretty much already there as we start off our morning here. but, that said, expect that,
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again, you are going to at least see more sunshine in the northwest wind kicking in in the wake of yesterday's front to help make it feel a little bit colder. so, sun glasses, and maybe scarf required here today as that frontal boundary retreats, the umbrellas go right back to the closet. quick peak at the eyewitness weather region wide forecast, talking mid 40's, in the poconos, the sun will shine, breezy day down the shore, at 57 at best. and just very seasonable here in philadelphia. these temperatures should stay pretty stead he for the better part of the day. the way it feels now, meisha, a kind of the way it will feel the rest of the day. >> okay, well, you know, at least we've got the sunshine, that's always good thing, especially on a friday. thanks for that. good morning, everyone, happy you're here with us, southbound at girard looking good here, we'll keep our eye on interstate 95. we push through the 5:00 hour, particularly, up into the 6:00 we'll get very busy on 9a looking good there right now, ben franklin bridge looking beautiful and very desolate right now, still early, still dark outside, good news,
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friday tends to be one of the lighter travel days, that helps, as well. boulevard at fox street, looking good, as well. here, though, starting to see volume levels pick up ever so slightly, we do have marathon, make note of there is the ben franklin parkway will be closed that inner drive, 9:30 a.m. friday to 6:00 p.m. sunday, so all weekend, outer drive 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. saturday 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. sunday. and then sunday take a look at the ramp closures, 95 south, to columbus boulevard, vine westbound, ramp to ben franklin parkway, the vine eastbound ramp to 23rd street and the martin luther king drive closed, saturday, sunday, and this will also affect some of your septa drive times. so i will be making some maps for that, as well, putting those out on twitter all morning long, because this is a l make note, this is going on all weekend long. nicole, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. following breaking news from overseas. hotel attack in mali. >> government reportedly launched attack at the madison blue hotel in the mali
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capitol. this is the hotel on it facebook page. staff say the attackers stormed with guns and grenades. the bbc reports gunfire could be heard outside that hotel and the attackers may have taken as many as 170 hostages. the us embasy mi has asked citizens to shelter in place. we'll be following this story and bring you update as we get them. meanwhile new information in the terror attacks in paris. authorities say they've just found a third body in the apartment raided by police. the body that far woman is of a woman but her identity is unclear. >> isis video threatening rome, new york and the white house, put authorities on high alert. fbi director james combi says no credible threat to the u.s. as of now. french authorities confirm the alleged masterminds of the paris attacks died in that raid. as tina cruz reports, french police continue to search for suspected terrorists hide outs. >> police across europe are now focused on hunting down suspected terrorist, sala
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escaped in paris one week ago. thursday french authorities confirm apparent ringleader abhud is dead. >> this woman captured scenes from the raid that killed him on her cell phone. she said she saw him socializing on the street of the paris suburb just a day after the attacks. >> the guy, said hello, i cannot believe he was just here. >> french intelligence officials thought he was in syria, until they received a tip-off days after the attack, that he was back in france. as the hunt for the terrorists continues, isis has released new videos threatening several attacks in france, italy, and the us. the fbi says it is not aware of any credible threats of a paris-style attack. >> we're asking aggressively to diffuse threats as they emerge, and we are vigorously investigating and prosecutors those who seek to harm the american people. >> in malaysia, president obama arrived overnight a mid
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heightened security. authority in the country issued alert thursday, warning at least ten suicide bombers affiliated with abu are where the president is meeting with asian leaders today. leaders of the terror group have pledged allegiance to isis. tina krause, cbs news, paris. >> now, in the wake of the paris attacks, lawmakers taking action to block refugees from syria and iraq from entering the us. the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to halt the refugees from entering the us until key security agencies certify those refugees don't pose security riskment some isis fighters to gain access to the u.s., because one of the terrorists reportedly posed as refugee to get into europe. bill now goes to the senate. president obama says he'll veto that bill if it passes. now, the house vote isn't sitting well with syrian americans in the lehigh valley. student at penn state lehigh
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valley. they have families in syria, and are now wonder if their loved ones will ever make it to the us to start a new life. >> my dad has 11 brothers and sisters, all of them have two to four kids and they're all in syria. >> i feel like it will eventually become a problem where they don't want any syrians coming at all. >> the student say syrian refugees just want to find a new home and the us should welcome them. >> philadelphia police are investigating an accident that killed a plumbing contractor. a 27 year old man was working in a excavated area, on 63rd street, north of market street, late last night. investigators say a vehicle lost control and fell into the hole. the worker died at that scene. >> 5:06. and in other news this morning, business leaders in the philadelphia area are braving the elements to support homeless youth. >> actually sleeping outside in germantown, bee finds "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch with details on the story. i think it is so great what they're doing, justin. >> nicole, erika, good morning, actually, starting to wake up at this point.
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but overnight, they slept out here in their boxes, and sleeping bags, to raise money and awareness for homeless youth in our city. talking about the covenant house, of pennsylvania, the money raised here will go to help kids who are homeless, sometimes, human trafficking and also victims or run aways, many times, as well. joined now, by john duecough. i'm told you guys have raised about $250,000 at this time this morning. is that right? >> we have. absolutely. we've raised quarter after million dollars to help run away homeless and traffic kids in philadelphia. it is phenominal news. >> and we're talking about where this money will g how much will this help? >> how much will this help? this is huge. this is immense. >> this will help us keep the doors open and the light on for homeless youth in philadelphia. we are the only program that does what we do in this city. the only program we've got 51 beds to serve thousands and thousands of homeless youth. we will serve 500 young people this year. we will turn away another 400. we have got to raise this money so we can do more so we
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can help these kids. >> by all accounts, you are saying as many as 4,000 kids in our city have experienced some kind of homelessness in their lives is that right? >> absolutely. it is a silent epidemic. these young people, they're teenagers, what do teenagers care about? how they're seen. they don't want to be seen as homeless, so they are an invisible population. people don't know they're out, there but talk about it, raise awareness, talk about it here tonight, people want to help. >> we are talking about local business leaders out here this morning, some names and some groups may recognize, who is out here this morning? >> absolutely, we've got scott o'neil, from the sixers, laura price, from the sixers, chris gaffney, whole contingent from toll mothers, america luxury home builder out here tonight. we have got folks who have come together to show solidarity with these young people. >> you are saying, too, no one out here begrudgingly, all want to be out here, out here
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in these conditions to raise monday. >> i absolutely level of commitment that's inspiring, it is inspiring, these people will say i'm going to give up my safe warm bed, and i'm going stay outside in the cold, in the rain, in the wet soy i can -- so i can help these homeless kids. >> i have to ask you there is overnight, it was okay, crisp now, but what that is it like to be out here in the sleeping bags and boxes all night? >> you c't imagine that there are teenagers, who have tone do your this every night. because we can get up, go out to our beds, but kids out on the street who endure the noise, the sound, the fear, right, not knowing, where they are going to sleep the next night, what's going to happen to them. it is inspiring. >> and about $250,000, quarter million dollars, but that total could still go up. is that correct? >> and it is still going up. more pledges coming in. still raising money.
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people go support our sleep out. we would love to have your support. >> all right, john, thank you so much. and so, erika, nicole, still time for our viewers watching now at home, to crib to this cause. we are live, in germantown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> wow, just can't even imagine that someone's life. and in a kid, a child. >> great to raise awareness. >> amazing, justin, thank up. happening today, douglas hughes, the man who flew a gyro cop tore on to the lawn of the us capitol, remember this, expected to plead guilty to operating the aircraft without a license. hughes was arrested in april after flying it from get its berg to washington. he said did he it to call attention to the influence every big money and politics. he faces three years in prison. >> marathon weekends is underway here in philadelphia. this morning, mayor michael nutter kicking off the celebration at the pennsylvania convention center. now, he will get help from olympic runner bill rogers who won the philadelphia marathon back in 1974. an estimated 30,000 runners will be at the starting line for this weekend's races.
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>> also tonight, santa claus flips the switch on the impressive holiday light display at peddlers village in bucks county. so exciting, isn't it? more than 1 million light will get people in the spirit for the holidays. meteorologist, kate bilo, there live for the festivities on "eyewitness news" today at five and 6:00. and coming up in the next half hour, our jan carabeo will take you for a ride, through another dazzling light display in bucks county, at shady brooks farms. really looking forward to that. >> absolutely. you say try to wait until after thanksgiving to get excited but you see the lights. >> comes earlier and earlier, but you just get on board at a certain point. >> still ahead, trouble for local state trooper. >> yes, he is arrested after he is involved in a accident in his squad car. >> i'm fine. i just want to get home. fair enough. >> well, what police say he did before that crash. and we're hearing from the driver he is accused of hitting. >> also this gives new meaning to the term food truck. why this entire taco bell restaurant was on the move overnight. >> what? >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> oh, that voice. >> i know. >> incredible. it is amazing, one of the most anticipated new albumns of the year really. you won't be able to listen to adele's new songs everywhere when it is released today. we'll have the word on the singer's decision that's upsetting some of her fans. we'll have the details coming up next. >> ♪
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>> this time police investigating student at plymouth whitemarsh high school. a parent notified the school about drop box account that contains ann prepare reap at pictures and videos of student. police shut down the account, while they investigate. detective have already met with several student at that school. but so far no one is facing any charges. police say, someone stole this school bus overnight thursday, then crashed into a strip mall in monroe ville, pennsylvania, just east of pit burying. the bus crashed with such force, that it actually went into two businesses, ruining a vitamin shop and burger joint. no student were on board ted. the driver fled through the back of the bus, police now checking surveillance for clues. well, we are starting to dry out from yesterday's rain, that's the good news. >> all good news, i think we have, maybe. katie, our weekends? >> it depend how you spin
5:16 am
this, a lot of people dig the chill. >> yes. >> we look forward to the second half of the weekends, will feel more like winter than anything, haven't seen the casino of temperatures you will find in the seven day since the past april. long time ago, my friend. this will sort of bite you if you are not ready for it. that's why i am here, to get you prepared for it, right? looking forward to eventually that drop in the they are mom term, but for now, temperatures are somewhat steady. very much close to where we this same time yesterday. we will stay at that level, pretty much all day, as the cold air comes, in sort of the balancing act with the solar heat that goes on, and we will also certainly end up in a much more seasonable territory as a result. now, here is your frontal boundary still pulling away, even still some light snow falling across portions of the great lakes region, we won't be looking that the, really high pressure or story for couple of days. see some of the snow already starting to streak out in advance of the next storm
5:17 am
system. reinforcing the chill look forward to sunday as we've been talking b look at the chill already out across that region. you have got 30's, you've even got couple every 20's showing up toward the twin cities in des moines. not talking 20's here, right now at 55. that chill does start to set until with time. then as that reinforcing frontal boundery comes in by the weekend, we will see these temperatures drop off. so today in the 50's, typical. tomorrow in the 50's, also a very typical day for late november. but then you see the signs of that next storm system moving in. brunt of the energy, bypasses us to the north, but still going to get the effect regardless of the chill that comes in the wake of the front. so, back in the four's sunday, and monday, and that is, again being some of the coldest air, in fact the coldest air we've had so far this season. school day forecast isn't bad one. better than yesterday, right? breezy, that's why we gave it b. little cool as a result. the sun will shine. we expect the mid 50's for highs that will continue to be the case tomorrow. as we mention, watch for that chill, as we head into sunday, monday, then look at the cute
5:18 am
little turkey on the seven day, meisha. there he is, gobble gobble. >> he is so cute. >> milder by the actual day. >> so cute. >> gobble gobble. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday to you. the roadways are looking pretty good this morning, but take a look at this, already southbound, 95, southbound at the betsy ross bridge, travelers moving of course in the southbound direction, already certainly starting to mount up. the volume levels on interstate 95. for a friday, this is a little different than what we normally see because friday's tends to be one of the lighter travel days. certainly, especially, on a friday, and because little chilly, a lot of people staying in, usually friday, especially in the fall, ben franklin bridge, looking good here, now, just remember, we have some construction eastbound, these travel letters moving in the eastbound direction, westbound coming in to center city, eastbound, this is where you have that construction, this is on the far right lane. you have lost that right lane for those of you coming over the ben franklin bridge, won't cause too many problems.
5:19 am
just be aware of it, here at the vine, headlund direction, so you have westbound starting to heat up, eastbound looking good, where were you closed for overnight construction, that has now since been opened, so you're all clear on the vine between the schuylkill and the broad. ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. the tiny taco stands that gave birth to fast-food giant is now getting a new address. the very first taco bell shop faced demolition in the town every downey, california. so, taco bell bosses just picking the whole darn building up and moving it, they moved it overnight to taco bell headquarters in iron vine, about 34 miles away. the historic shop they call number one, opened back in 1962. keep paying homage. >> part of their history, pick it up, take it with them. >> how tacos have changed. >> i'm sure. time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs analyst jill schlessinger has a look at some of the best job benefits. >> unlimited vacation time, on site childcare, free food, these perks are a reality at
5:20 am
some companies, but employees say there is one benefit that trumps them all: flexibility. in a survey by staffing, more than 50 press of those surveyed chose flexible work hours as the perk they most desire. flexibility can mean variety of things, from working at home, to not having to be in the office at the same time each day. in many cases, this flexibility is more important than money. found 79% of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase. this was particularly important to women and younger employees. these younger employees say that identify locally, they would like to tell he commute full time. but the average tell he commuters 49 years old, college educated, and earns more than $65,000 a year. that's because increasingly these positions are not relegated to customer service or administrative work. instead, it is often managers and even executives that have the corner on flexibility. i'm jill schlessinger, for
5:21 am
cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, still ahead this morning, do you ever wonder why diet works for your friends but then you try and it doesn't work at all? why our bodies react differently to the same foods. >> plus talk about the giving spirit. why woman bought entire toy store just to give the toys away. >> love it. >> i love this story. we'll have more coming up.
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>> on the health. with a, first time fda, genetically modified salmon for human consumption, will come from canadian company. some consumer groups are concerned they are the fish are not safe. and engineered to grow twice as fast as normal fish will ultimately alter the evening owe system. >> we're concerned the fda
5:25 am
dealing with new rules for this technology, concerned they didn't look carefully at environmental risks if these fish got out into the ocean, or got out into echo systems, what would happen, we're concerned that they didn't look hard enough about whether it is the same, when it comes to us eating. >> fda not requiring them to label the fish, so to be sure the fish you are not buying are not genetically mod filed, they are suggesting buy wild salmon. ever wonder why certain diets don't work for you? researchers in israel found people react to the same foods differently. look at the blood sugar levels of 800 people over the course of a week. they found even if they all ate the same meal, they metabolize it differently, which helps explain why certain diets don't work for everybody. >> makes sense. >> well, what's more american than thanksgiving and football? acme markets part nerds with the eagles brent celek to celebrate both. last night celek signing footballs, and helped serve meals for 200 families in the area, children from local hospitals, also, attended.
5:26 am
celek's foundation raised more than $130,000 for the event. special day. >> in toy store has new owner. you can't buy toys here, instead, she is donating everything to new york city's poorest children. thousands of children will be receiving a gift to open for the holidays. she provides gifts every year, but this year, she noticed the business and contacted the owner. >> we talked and negotiated and i bought the toy store. >> we have many generous sponsors, and people do toy drives, and do a the love giving. but i have to say, this is the first time anybody ever bought out an entire store and donated to the children in shelters. >> i know everyone could use a gift around the holidays. >> oh, just wonderful, in addition to the shopping spree, she and her husband once owners of the sung zest full technology business, they also provide birthday gifts for foster children. >> wow. >> special place in heaven for
5:27 am
that woman. >> absolutely, can you imagine, opening the shop and then saying, you know, if you're in need? come by. >> and seeing the faces of the kids when they get into the store, i can take anything i want? this is great. >> good job. >> coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news", good news for some drivers. >> yes we'll let you know how to save some money on your daily commute. jan? >> reporter: and we are coming to you live this morning, from the beautiful shady brook farm holiday lights show, it opens to the public tomorrow, this morning, we are giving you a sneak preview at some of the new displays that's straight ahead. >> is it just me or is she on the move? >> looks like it. she is going places that jan. do you ever find yourself doing little on line shopping at work, perhaps ladies? we've all probably done it at some point, right? show you why more and more companies are letting workers shop while on the clock. >> i was going to say, i like the sound of. >> this tell you what, though, you might want to think about doing some on line shopping from the comfort of climate controlled environment. little chilly out there right now. starting to see even more of a
5:28 am
plunge on the thermometer. details coming up. >> roads are drying out after yesterday's rain. meisha, everything you need to know for your friday morning commute. we will be right back.
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