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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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a trooper in trouble. police say he was driving drunk in his squad car when he crashed into another driver. you will hear his explanation for that crash and what the other driver says he offered her if he didn't call police. also, starting to feel like the holidays are right around the corner, the temperature is dropping, and the lights are starting to go up. check it out. live at one of the most dazzling displays in the area. love this. so exciting. >> so beautiful. >> that time of year. >> and i understand, do want to feel cooler, what, 70s it seems in november, but thanksgiving is next week. >> i know, can you believe it, you guys? >> i feel like it came really fast this year. >> 70s, i'm not too angus to hear about the snow in our area. >> obviously temperatures will be dropping, puts you in the season, get the scarf out. >> i would suggest, come on, meisha, you're from minnisota get with the program. i'm with her. look, the 70s sounds nice, but
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once further into the winter, we will be wishing. >> exactly. >> now that those lights displays are going up it, helps to have the the temperature drop off little bit t does put you in the mood. and it will feel like winter coming up, my friend. so for now, just back to reality. late november, typically would fall into the mid 50's, and that's where we will end up here today, tomorrow, but look what happens by sunday. not only are we cooling down, we are cooling down substantially, only going to top off to the 40's here for couple of days in this outlook down the road. so, that comes courtesy of reinforcing blast of cold that will come our way this weekend, for now, though, the first forefront, brought the soggy dreary day, that is long gone. storm scan has now since cleared out nicely. you can expect just sunshine throughout the day. clouds are clearing quickly, as well. so we have got high pressure on our side for couple of days, seasonable conditions. now we take you out to the feels like values. for the most part philadelphia on southeast, what you see is what you get on the they are mom term. in other words, there is not too much of a wind factor,
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that is making it feel much cooler. so it is about 55 degrees, in most of these spots, and it feels that way. off to the northwest, bit of different scenario. knock about 5 degrees off. that's how it feels right now. bit milder on the they are mom term, into mount pocono, into reading, but feeling more like the upper 30s, or low 40's in those spots because the winds is starting to kick in a bit. it won't be terribly windy day but brisk, breezy, enough that you will notice it. fifty-seven is our anticipated high along the shore points, we get to the mid 40's in the poconos, very seasonable 55 degrees at best, the sun back here in philadelphia, so, tgif, meisha. >> yes, tgif, katie. soap good to know that the sun's back, no more rain, roadways are nice and dry, still dark outside. all of the overnight construction project have been lifted no accidents to report right now. here is a look at the blue route, mid-county toll plaza, you move in the sound bound direction looking pretty good. both northbound, southbound, right on the blue route, looking good in fact anywhere i look on the blue route looks great. schuylkill eastbound past 202,
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this is as you move toward king of prussia area, through it looks good here. you are starting to see little bit of brake lights go off. altogether, though, the schuylkill looking pretty good this morning, i will say, with that, though, we are starting to see volume levels pick up already in the 5:00 hour for friday that's fairly early. do know that friday's tend to be one every our lighter travel days. ninety-five southbound, academy, looking good. ninety-five southbound interstate 95 looking pretty good all morning long, we will start to see the change now, we push toward that 6:00 hour. so, we have this big marathon this weekend. that is great. we are going to see some closures because of t take a look at this, i will say, just in combination with this, the outbound inner lanes on the ben franklin parkway will open briefly today during the rush, between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. but they are closing inner drive 9:30 a.m. friday to 6:00 p.m. sunday. so they are completely closing of course i'll be tweeting this out all morning long, erika, nicole, back to you. >> thank you, more now on breaking news out of mali.
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radisson blue hotel in mali capitol under attack. cap torts saw ten gunmen stormed the hotel with guns and grenades. the gunmen were reportedly shouting god is great in arabic as they took more than 100 hostages. now, reporting some of the hostages have been released including those able to recite verses of the koran. both the us and french embasies asked their citizens to take shelter. erika? >> nicole, a new jersey state troop is her charged with drunken driving after a crash in monmouth county. "eyewitness news" obtained some dash cam video here from october 26th. it shows the moments after sergeant first class michael roadside allegedly rearended a driver at a garden state parkway rest stop. another trooper right there on the left, he gets out, he asks sergeant roadside if he's okay. he says he was under and steer y the driver of the other car claims sergeant roadside offered her $1,000 if she did not report the collision. >> he goes, i'll write awe check for cash right now for a thousand dollars. and i said: either you call
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this in or i'm calling it in, but i'm not leaving here until one every us calls it in. >> sergeant roadside is suspended without pay. he is charged with dwi, careless driving, and having an open alcoholic container in his vehicle. it is 5:36 right now. in business news, this morning, when the so-called gender gap will be history. >> also, how one billionaire is putting his money where his mouth s money watch's hena daniels joins us from the new york stock exchange, those stories and more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ladies, happy friday. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife donating $20 million to help schools speed up their internet. the money is being given to non-profit groups education super highway. on facebook page, the billionaire wrote the internet is critical for unable personalized learning. you can now expense uber, launching new feature, business profile to track work-related right. still on the same app by
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plugging in separate credit cards, have receipts sent directly to your work e-mail. so the good news, gender gab will eventually be erased. the bad news, it is going to take about 118 years. ladies, you might have to wait until 2133 to make as much as your male colleague. the world economic forum just released its global gender gap reports, and in the u.s., women earn about two thirds of what men make for similar work. >> if diamonds are a girl's best friends there is just might be your very best friends. it is the largest diamond found in more than a century. the 1,111 karat stone was recovered by a canadian mining firm in botswana. >> just wow. there are no words. >> diamonds of that size! you know, some multi billionaire will probably give it to his seven year old kid. remember that story? couple days ago? >> thanks so much. august normally not time you think about stringing up your christmas light, still hot out, exactly when workers at
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shady brook farms in bucks county, they start stringing them up. >> yes, more than 3 million light so they have to get a casino of early start. jan carabeo live in yardley with the with a look at the dazzling display, jan, good morning. >> erika, nicole, good morning. some days you just luck out with a fantastic assignment, this is one of those days. take a look, what we're coming through right now here at shady brook farms, lovely bucks county, this is this year's holiday lights show. and it is fantastic. there are more than 3 million light here, over the course after two-mile route. one of the owners here, paul, takes a long time to put up these lights, year-long process? it is a year long process. we start january 1st, planning next year's lights show, and we start building props for next year, and we will set up lights in the summer when it is actually nice and hot out, and not cold, or rainy, and that's really fun. >> this is one of, i think,
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the highlight of the route that we're going through right now. what are we coming up on? i see ton of light straight ahead. >> so, this is, we just went through the first lights tunnel, just passing, coming to up one of my favorite displays, my kids always make fun of me because it is the jack in the box. this is one of the first props we built with animation. and it was such a breakthrough for us, in designing these things, and it just -- i love it, every time i pass it. >> yes, really is great. you guys do wonderful job. and we will be coming through an area where the light seemingly go over us, and we are riding on this open air wagon, fantastic, under the seat? >> actually this isn't under the seat. just passed, coming up to the swamp area, a then this is the blue woods, so just all blue, snowflakes and really pretty like on a hey ride like we are and you can see up. >> it is chilly but not bad at all. so i can imagine this will be very popular?
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>> it is very popular. and it is the best way to see the light. >> and you can have hot cup of cocoa, coffee, whatever, to snuggle and keep you warm? >> it is really nice, and music on here which is really great. >> if you don't want to do the wagon just take your car on through? >> take your car, so anyway you want to come, you can enjoy the lights. >> this is one of my favorite parts. going under, through the swamp right now? >> yes, going through the swamp scene, into the blue lights. and then we go to our second light tunnel, which is at the end of this road here. >> so what are some of the prices in it opens officially tomorrow evening? >> yes, opens tomorrow night. it goes through january 10th. it is $25 a carload, or $12 a person for the hey ride. >> and something special also happening tonight. not ride nag car or wagon, right? explain that? >> so tonight we have what's
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called run the lights. so, the lights show open just for the runners, so it is actually nice, a loft run letters run through once, and then they'll walk through and really enjoy the lights show. so it is a great event. it starts at i think 6:00 tonight, and, you know, there is probably going to be like 2,000 runners tonight. so it will be awesome. >> that will keep your mind going. you won't think about running. >> i know, you're exactly right. >> so tell me, you still have a little tweak to go do here and there today before the opening night tomorrow. >> yes, we do. we still have a lot of work to do. actually coming to up one of our newest props, know noah's arc, the nice thing about noah's arc, trying to tell the story of noah where the animals come, the animals go on the arc it, start raining, the water rises, the sun comes out, the water settles down, and then the sun comes up. and then the rainbow. so, but we are waiting on controller, which is getting shipped from oklahoma,
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hopefully here today. >> you are shining up the light light bulbs so to speak, it will be fan taste being, thank you so much, paul. actually coming here again live in the next hour to see more of the displays, absolutely gorgeous, again, you can walk through tonight, if you register, then bring your car through or ride on the wagon tomorrow starting through january. back to you guys in the studio. >> oh, i love the preview. >> doesn't it just make you feel good? >> that was so cool. >> oh, jan, so neat. thanks so much. >> thank you, all right, coming up next, jersey shore most popular shark is next. >> we'll let you know where it is spotted. wait finally over. erika, you will love this. the final installment of the hunger games franchise in theatres right now. hear from the folks who got to see it first. >> no spoilers, nope, we'll be good. that's coming up next. >> ♪ >> oh, what a voice. if you want to hear adele's
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new albumn, get ready to pay. why you won't find her songs on popular streaming site. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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oh, getting the chills.
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taking her final vow. >> hilarious. well the much anticipated final chapter to the hunger games is now in theatres much to erika's delight. we head into river view plaza to get reaction to mocking jay part two. >> many movie-goers are sad this is the final installment of the series. >> i can't believe it, they're like four years of my life is over, like three books later, four movies, and i just need another one. >> i think -- i didn't really expect that. ii didn't think she would end up the person she ended up with. >> oh, that's a big spoiler. >> is that a spoiler? >> darn you. >> that sound bite. >> that's all right. ruin it for all of us. >> movie-goers had different ending than in the book. so. >> wow. >> wait and see. >> i'm reay sore that i happened. >> tough to hear. >> looking forward to t moving onto adele, new albumn goes on sale today.
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>> but don't look for it on music streaming services sites, not yet. >> ♪ >> adele is saying good-bye to streaming services, like spotify and applied music, trying to find digitally feel her songment last year taylor swift did something similar. industry insiders say adele albumn easily the top selling albumn re less this year. >> guess who is back? the jersey shore's most famous shark is coming around her old stomping ground. the shark tracker group spotted the great white shark fared mary lee near the shore of barnegat light, at last check the 16-foot long shark still swimming off ocean county. weather not warm enough that anyone wants to go out into the water right now, but marry she back. checking the forecast right now, especially with the temperatures coming our way, no one going in the water? >> i would suspect not. although my colleague justin dray become tends to go out
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with a wet suit quite often. 's surfer dude. so i wouldn't be shock by that, actually, we'll have to tweet him. i'm sure he is sleeping right now with the baby at home. but we will wake him up, finds out. let's check in with the weather watchers network, generally speaking to us, flirting with ooh, further north and west go, it typically would be colder and it is, and it actually feels little chillier because it is a little bit breezier up that way right now. we will take you on tour of couple every these observations and zero in on them. barbara lane checking in with clear skies willow grove. nice again cool start to the day. but clear skies. that as fran nicely point out is going to allow for beautiful sunrise, that will be something we look ahead tonight also, want to give props for fran for tweeting me yesterday telling me the rain had gun in chester county where he is. that's what i love so much about our eyewitness weather watch ers as already phil in philadelphia, just checking in with us to say, hey, things are starting to verify on the radar. we really appreciate. that will so thanks, guys, for sending those observation action our way when the rain came through the. here is a spot where the rain is long gone.
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gone for everybody, but you can see, the wet weather left behind. couple every puddles on the area boardwalk here, outside boardwalk plaza, 54 degrees to kick it off of the northwest breeze 1 miles per hour, will feel cooler to you obviously, look at storm scan3, nice wide zoom. front continues again to make its retreat out to sea, high pressure taking its place, and that's going to be with us here for at least the next couple of days. so with that said, that also means, you will ends up with sunshine here, at least through the upcoming first half of the weekend. could we see shower early sunday morning? it is possible. but this next frontal boundary definitely packs more of cold air punch. and as a result, our temperatures at best, meisha, a only in the chilly wintery 40's, for sunday, monday. >> oh, katie, what a change that will feel like, right? all right, we'll just roll with whatever mother nature dishes up. good morning, everyone, hammy friday to you. things heating up on the roadways, a look at the boulevard, moving southbound. as you move southbound on the boulevard looking okay here.
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but then once you get on to the schuylkill, i mean, let me back out of the way, show you eastbound, westbound, looking good. although i will say the schuylkill is looking busy this morning. as you move in both directions, really. also, we do have accident here, 295 north, past glover ends, the left lane is block here on 295, ill of course let you know that clears. and also, just remember, this weekend we've got big marathon, and it is going to affect your commute plans. say that. so, inner drive, 9:30 a.m. friday to 6:00 p.m. sunday, it is closed, outer drive 2:00 p.m., out bound lynn err lanes on the ben franklin parkway, will open briefly today during our evening rush, between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. that will help ease that just a little bit. nicole, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. driving across the delaware river is about to get cheaper for some commuters. starting next month, delaware river port authority will give drivers a 18-dollar credit if you drive over the bridges at least 18 times a month.
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now the only catch here, you need to have e-zpass from new jersey. you also have to sign up for the program to be eligible for that rebate starting december 1st. but little kickback there, 18 bucks. >> any money back is great. >> take it, why not? >> just like the song said, breaking is up hard to do, specially on social media. >> yep, it is complicated. now facebook has come up with new way to help ease the heartache. plus this. >> i'm daniel nottingham in los angeles, coming up: more employers looking the other way when it comes to shopping on line at work.
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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>> facebook has something new. people who maybe don't want to un friend or block their ex completely, so the feature will allow them to remove their name from past posts involving their ex. >> i think that's helpful. >> hard to believe but we're a week away from "black friday", not stopping. it is "black friday" deals, started today, and they'll run through the traditional "black friday". amazon says new deals will be added every 30 minute, and with the deals popping up earlier and earlier, change every 30 minute, can be tell to go perhaps knock off items from your holiday list while
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sitting at your desk. >> maybe so. i think all every russ guilty of that from time to time. danielle nottingham reports more and more companies are making it easier to snag a bargain while still on the clock. >> it can be hard to resist. >> sometimes after lunch i take little extra time from my eating time, and go on line, get some shopping done. >> new survey, from the robert half staffing agency, found 25% of companies allow unrestricted access to shopping site, up 10% from 2012. another 48% of businesses allow it, but monitor workers for excessive use. >> let's except it within reason, have a process around it so we can still get work done during the holiday season. >> about 25% of workers admitted their bosses caught them red handed but only 15% of them were reprimanded for shopping on the clock. >> scrolling along, then
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amazon prime calls to me. >> aren't you worried about getting caught? >> no, because everybody's doing it. >> one in five employees actually feel more productive, because they don't have to leave the office to shop. >> you can truly make your purchase, schedule delivery, and get right back to work in a more orderly fashion versus again getting stuck in the mall. >> but not everyone is free to bargain hunt on line just yet. danielle nottingham, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i guess if you make it quick? >> exactly. >> in, out, back to work. >> right. happy employee, right? coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of mallet. >> latest on the host tell hostage situation. details at the top of the hour.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> burst of gunfire, gwen add explosions, they siege a hotel in mali. about 170 hostages have been freed. update on the violence coming up in just a moment. fbi is investigating dozens of people, meanwhile, capable of caring out paris-style attack here in the u.s.
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plus, an update from france. >> and, happening right now, local business leaders are waking up after sleeping out on the streets to support the homeless. we're live with more on their mission. >> such a great cause. >> absolutely. >> today is friday november the 20th, good morning to you. i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we check in right now with katie and meisha for your friday forecast, and how the roads are doing, good morning, ladies? good morning, happy friday you guys. roadways looking really good this morning, they're light, friday's tend to be little lighter, all of the overnight construction project are out of the way now. so things looking good. everyone is wondering, katie, will this last? >> well, you know, we are expecting at least to see the sunshine out there today, meisha a sun glare might ends up being an issue for those early morning commuters, once it pops over the horizon, but for now, you know, not terrible outside. as you said it was traffic and certainly with the weather won't have any impact at least for now, on your travel. but, we are going to certainly see pattern change take effect, after yesterday's rain, these temperatures have gun their decline. now, at the moment, we're staying somewhat steady with these values on the thermometer really.


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