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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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beginning of the hotel siege. bystanders applauded mali troops who helped in the standoff in the the hotel in the country's capitol. the islamic extremist armed with guns and grenade stormed had son blu hotel. witnesses say men shotted god is grade in arab during their a assault and they spoke both french and english. at least 170 people were taken hostage. security forces went door to door and led dozens to safety. cbs news has learned that as many as four of the hostages are american, and president obama a was asked about the the siege, during a meeting in malaysia. >> we're monitoring the situation. >> reporter: u.s. department of defense are all safe, five were at the hotel at the time of the attack. french soldiers a and some u.s. special forces helped in the operation. up scale hotel is popular with foreigners, employees with air france and turkish airlines were staying there two terror groups with ties toal cade air
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claiming responsibility for the the deadly siege. extremist linked to al qaeda took over mal any 2012, france much launched a military intervention in 2013 and thousands of french soldiers remain in the country. our local mali community is closely watching the developments in their home land tonight. native of mali, in southwest philadelphia, tells us he is not surprised by the attack because former french colony has been battling islamic extremist for years. >> people do not feel safe in mali, at all, anywhere, anything can happen. this has been going on for so long. we don't know when it will stop. you don't know who is who there. that is the main concern. >> local mali community is working to help those impacted by the a attacks. now to the lateness paris. the country ace honoring victims who died exactly one week ago in the terror attacks. death toll climbed to 130 today, when a wounded victim died from injuries. french lawmakers voted to extend the state of emergency another three months giving police more power and
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flexibility. authorities are still searching for suspect terrorist who slipped away. police carried out the nearly 800 raid in and around paris as part of the terror investigation. some residents are worried terrorist will hit that city again. >> everything is scary now. >> i think it is not finished, because one action, and another and again and again and again. >> we will have a full report from paris coming up at 5:30. recent terror attacks will no doubt be on the mind of many a at this weekend's philadelphia marathon. mayor nutter and event organizers officially kick off the race weekend at the pennsylvania convention center this morning. enhanced security along the entire race course will be in place, roughly 30,000 people will descend upon the race course which stretches from penns landing to manayunk. we will have more about what you need to know about the security at the marathon coming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. san francisco authorities say a man was removed from the
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plane carrying new jersey governor chris christie today. this is a photo from twitter ofhe governor in the terminal prior to that flight. we're told incident happened as flight was about to take off from san francisco around 8:30 this morning. the that is when passengers say the pilot turn the boston bound plane around. the passenger was removed from the flight but still unclear why, the the flight was delayed for about four hours. turning to weather, we have been spoiled with mild weather up until will now. get ready for a cold stretch. meteorologist kate bilo is at peddler's village with the first of the forecast, hi kate. >> it is cold air that had to come in today is perfect day for it. we are in the holiday spirit here in le has ka where beautiful peddler's village. if you have never been here this is the time to go. today is grand illumination. this is my sixth year doing it, flipping the switch with sanity, coming up at 6:15. we will bring that to you but nicest weather we have had in the past six years, beautiful,
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cold, snowing, raining but tonight is gorgeous, we will look at temperatures, and, where we and beautiful inn temperatures started to fall off and this system is going down. fifty-two in philadelphia a47 in allentown. we are at 50 in trenton. forty-one mount pocono. big difference from yesterday, coming through, and we had rain, and mild day, temperatures dropped off ten to 20 degrees depending where you are. with that said most people would pick today over yesterday's weather if given the choice. we're glad it is not raining here tonight. evening planner, you can see pedestrian already's village in the background 49 degrees, clear skies. less wind. wind have dropped off. getting cold down to 46. by 11:00 o'clock 46 degrees. cold not keeping crowd away from peddler's village. everybody bundled up but back here live you can see everybody is ready for sanity, everybody excited. we will light up peddler's village. are you guys looking forward to it. >> yeah. >> where are you from. >> new jersey.
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>> you come here every year. >> yeah. >> okay. it is a tradition for so many people, walking around, they are really looking forward to it. this year will be best one yet what do you think. >> yes. >> they have a a light show behind us, don't they. >> yes, they are early bird. >> christmas early bird. i'm a christmas early bird myself. i'm looking forward to it. they have hot cider, pretzels, they have everything here, home will get better and we will be live all night long. reporting live, meteorologist kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you guys. a rash of home break ins under investigation in haddonfield. police are looking for a bold burglary suspect who hit several homes while people were inside sleeping. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan is live in haddonfield with more on this, cleve. >> reporter: haddonfield consistently ranks as one of the best place necessary new jersey to live. median home value here is over four hundred thousand dollars but police say as they look for this serial burglar
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it is people living in nicetown have to lock their doors. >> it makes you very uncomfortable. >> reporter: talk of the serial burglaries a hot unwanted top nick haddonfield home to as a vibrant of main street you'll fine and quiet tree lined neighborhood. >> i think people have a false sense of security at times and people let their guard down. >> reporter: that may have been the case early thursday morning. sometime between midnight and 4:00 a.m. burglar entered three homes and tried to go in four more. ones he got into had unlocked doors and windows. before he tried and left, they were lock. >> they are entering and they are leaving, and they don't discover it until morning when they come down to go to work and discover stuff missing on their cell phone and some cases they found door ajar. >> reporter: in each case residents were in bed and didn't know an intruder was in their house. >> people are in their house. i would be terrified. >> reporter: one of them happened on kim crammer's street, her family is conscious of locking doors but
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her neighbor jerry kline say many people in town tend to forget. >> i think we all do that, once in a a while, you know, it is human nature. >> reporter: police say stolen items include cell phones, tablets and cash. right now they don't have a description of the suspect and they have in the been able to find any useful surveillance video, but they remind everyone again to lock your home and your cars, every night. in haddonfield, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news, tonight, funeral home director january he will pole bailey is face ago abuse of corpse and theft charges. the she's accused of storing three decomposing bodies in her strawberry mansion garage over the summer. police say she accepted money from the families of the the decease todd provide services that were never rendered. 911 call about a foul odor led police to the bodies. former public works director for tredyffrin township has been charged for illegal dumping. fifty-six year-old scott cannon illegally disposed of
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1,000 gallons of magnesium chloride which is used on road during the winter. eyewitnesses say they saw the incident which occurred at township's public works facility, and our walt hunter will have more coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock. receiving a college acceptance letter is a big moment for any high school senior. >> for one group, it was not only the day they got that letter but it it was the day they beat the odds. steve paterson has their story. >> reporter: some came with hugs. >> fantastic, congratulations. >> reporter: others high five's, and happy dancing. but all something so special, so unique. >> congratulations. congratulations. >> reporter: these are the single most important moments of their young lives. >> i'm going to college. >> reporter: friday we visited crystal ray philadelphia high school a prep school for over achieving inner city youth for families without traditional prep school means. students pay, with hard work. >> students will work one day
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a week in the corporate work study placement, and the money that they earned through the the sponsorship goes to pay their tuition. >> reporter: college counselor jared apler says those four years' quite to college ready kid, the school, established four years ago, is graduating its first class of seniors, 75 . >> hi, i'm sam. >> reporter: senior le von woodies one of 40 students select for high school instant decision day. recruiters from college as across the region telling students on the spot that they are getting into college and many with major scholarships. >> i just said i got accepted to holy family university and i have half off their tuition plus a $2,000 scholarship. >> reporter: our camera rolled as le von broke the news to her mom. >> what? i'm proud of you. >> thank you, mom. >> i'm really proud of you. i told you you could do it. >> reporter: i'm's very proud of your daughter. >> me too. >> most definitely did change
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my life. i have a a lot of doubts about myself getting into college. i don't know why but now that i'm accepted it is just like it is a heavyweight wait off my shoulders. >> reporter: just like that young teens, some told their whole lives what limit they are bound to now learning there are none n logan, philadelphia, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now that is a feel good friday. congratulations. >> wonderful. >> you go to college, you go college, you go to college. >> that changes everything. >> yes, it does. >> can't wait for the the future. this is just the start. >> young job seekers were created with career fear with some needs in mind. >> "eyewitness news" at enterprise center in west philadelphia a for next level expo. career fair for 18 to 25 years olds offered job opportunities and apprenticeship programs and more than a dozen companies. >> we have a mix of young people, some of them are current college students, some
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of them have college degrees and really thorough just looking for different resources and relationships so that they can begin to formulate what their career will be. >> other resources offered to job seekers offered workshops on financial aid for college, time management, and learning how to dress for success. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 do you think you pay a lot for cable and internet? depending on your provider will cost more. extreme cross wind, force a pilot the to aboard landing of the very last second. also this genetically modified salmon is coming to a fish market near you, i'm todd quinones with that story straight ahead. and the long awaited final chapter in the hunger games saga a hits theaters, coming up we will talk about the line they formed off the screen plus here from the firstans to see the film. come on in pop .
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. salmon on your dinner plate may be genetically
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modified. food and drug administration approved genetically modified salmon and not everybody is happy bit. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more. >> reporter: inside one of the largest sea food distributors in our region lies boxes and boxes of salmon ready to hit dinner plates. soon they could include genetically modified version. >> which i believe is going to be a gateway fish for our products such as beef, poultry. >> reporter: joeys vice-president of the new product development at samuels and sons sea food. >> when you hear term gm o genetically modified organism, i think because of the unknown factor there is a a natural fear. >> reporter: skeptics may refer to it frankenfish, others as a great new source of healthy food. in either case, f.d.a. says studies indicate that the genetically modified salmon is safe to eat. >> genetically modified salmon is changing or altering genetic material in a way thaw could not do with tradition aal breeding. >> reporter: natural grocery
5:16 pm
store chains vowed to not to sell the salmon. it is a combination of the three different species, first atlantic salmon, as well as king salmon but this fish, it is called ocean fish found off coast of ice land and related to the eel family. >> atlantic salmon gives it flavor, king salmon will give it size, and the ocean fish grows at an accelerated rate. >> reporter: why salmon? most popular fish in the market. here at samuels and son in south philadelphia, they sell 10,000-pound of it every day. consumers looking to a avoid it can buy wild caught salmon, farm raised, gm o salmon won't be labeled. >> i think it vice important that people understand what they are eating and there is no reason that this shouldn't be labeled as a gm o. >> reporter: genetically modified fish isn't expected to hit the the market for at least two years n south philadelphia, todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". big salmon fan too. >> i love it. >> you really love it.
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>> i do. >> just don't tell me if it is that or not, just put it on the plate just don't tell me, that is all. when it comes to fashion, you know how expensive it can be to update your wardrobe. >> but you three on your side jim donovan found a way to stay stylish without breaking the budget and you are previewing this story at 11:00. that is right. we know one thing never goes out of fashion and that is saving money. i will show you how to get your hand from high end closing to prescription eye wear and won't break the bank. it is good news for your wallet, wardrobe and that is coming up tonight. and this is, real deal stuff. >> yes it is. >> this isn't like joey bag of doughnuts. >> maybe for everybody else. >> it is legitimate. >> thanks. >> see you at is 11:00. beginning to feel like christmas with the the temperatures starting to drop out there. perfect weather for grand illumination at peddler's village. >> meteorologist kate bilo is here with more, hi kate. >> reporter: hi jessica and
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ukee. they are playing white christmas behind me. we have hot apple cider going on back there and lots of people getting the good spots, right in front of the stage here. if we have pan over here you can see where santa will come, that is stage, there is big giant switch and one lucky kid who wrote a winningest say will pull the switch with santa claus and myself, we will talk to him, next half an hour but first i met a few of my friend here. this is guillen i and haley from levittown. you guys are in fourth grade. you come almost every year with your grand mom. is what your favorite part being here. >> probably seeing, watching the lights. >> watching the lights. >> hailly this is your first time? what do you think. >> i like it. >> are you guys going to get hot chocolate or hot apple cider. >> i don't know. >> i hope so. >> i have hot apple cider. >> are you feeling chilly out here. >> it is chilly. >> not too bad. >> when snow starts flying it will feel like the who will will day season. that is coming shortly. lets look at if mother nature has any snow in the future.
5:19 pm
we will go out to start at the storm scan three. not a whole lot in our area everything is, quiet for the moment. we have a cold front moving through late tomorrow night, and that will bring changes, but temperatures right now 47 in allentown, 47 in reading and 52 degrees in philadelphia a. not feeling all that bad though, wind have died down as well as we go through tonight. wind are variable at the moment, just five to 10 miles an hour. not feeling all that bad outside. i can tell you this is my sixth year and it feels a whole lot quieter and warmer then recent years. the here's how things are shaping up for your weekend? high pressure overhead in the day tomorrow and that will keep us quiet. wind will slack up. not a bad day. pretty seasonal. that comes through late tomorrow night and sunday and that will bring changes and usher in the coldest air of the season. sunday, brisk, chilly highs only in the 40's and it will feel pretty cold with the wind and monday stays cold a as well, monday coldest take of the season so far, a very cold
5:20 pm
start to the morning as well. so sunday's high temperature only in the 40's and that will make it the coldest day we have felt in philadelphia since april 9th of this past year and this cold sunday is on tap. but it is that time of the year. cold air comes in. it will not take too long. the overnight tonight 37 degrees, mainly clear. for tomorrow, not a bad day, pretty seasonal for november. we have highs in the lower 50's. you're witness weather three day forecast, it is cold, average temperature these three days lower then it has been this month but you know what it is sunny and dry. temperatures are in the 40's on monday but next week, we will start to warm backup, coming up we will be back here at peddler's village and i have to the news for your thanksgiving holiday, coming up. for now back inside to you guys. >> we will see you you shortly. good news. your cable and internet bill could soon be going up, find out how much when we come back. also a ahead a record breaking rescue involving more than a thousand dogs and cats,
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all getting on planes, as they head for new life. i think neil sadaka sang it saying braking up is hard to do but facebook wants to make it easier at least on social media. we will tell you about a brand new feature next. thinks the final cbs-3 friday football frenzy of the year, williamstown begins cherry east, we have more on this game coming up. eagles take on the buccaneers this weekend. jameis wins exton their star quarterback has an interesting relationship with the philadelphia eagles. we will
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go to for a $4 coupon. thinks final football friends of the season. pennsylvania the path gallon joins us from cherokee high school will with a final voyage of the frenzy, patrick. >> ukee and yes, sir contact, i might shed a tear. it is our last friday football frenzy of the year. it has gone so quickly. we have traversed the entire
5:25 pm
delaware valley, we have been to lawyers for, delaware county, we were this delaware twice and new back in south jersey to finish it off in williamstown they are eight-one and they take on cherokee at seven-two in the group five semi finals, so winner of this one will go to the finals. lets go to the eagles, they play buccaneers this weekend in a big game, no sam bradford, no ryan matthews, they are out with concussions that means mark sanchez will start. eagles defense will to have extort jameis wins exton, comes from the same town as, demeco ryans in alabama. their relationship goes back to when a seven year-old james woes get to demeco's high school practice and watch and learn what demeco would do. demeco knew jameis would be a special athlete. >> i kept up with him and knew he would be a special quarterback in camps. i understand he would be a number one pick. it was just always been, good positive things about him and his play and everybody knew he would be a really talent at
5:26 pm
quarterback and he has proven it to be a number one pick. >> i'll have more on jameis and demeco's friendship sunday morning at 11:30 on sunday kick off. join me don bell, leslie van arsdal and voice of the bird merrill reese, again live from the link sunday at 11:30 right here on cb. 36789. back live here at beautiful cherokee high school, you see behind me there is a cameraman would like me to do but we will send it back to you. we have a good one here tonight we will set up at 6:00. >> all right. >> you don't need any broken bones. >> no, good luck to the kid indeed. >> thanks, buddy. >> coming up in the next half an hour, we will continue to follow deadly hotel siege in mali where 27 people have been killed. new details about where the suspected master mind was on the night of the paris attacks. i'm kenneth craig with the latest coming up. and a frightening ride for passengers caught on cameras
5:27 pm
strong wind, blowing sideways forcing the pilot to avoid the landing. inn new at 6:00 a peanut butter pick me up, latest trend in caffeinated food, one serving of steamed peanut butter is almost as potent as two cups of coffee at 6:00 why health experts are concerned about its potentially dangerous effects, on children, or pets. be right back.
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we are following latest developments out of mali. authorities say armed islamic terrorist killed 27 people during a hostage siege at the radisson blu hotel, at least 170 people were held captive. surviving hostages including 14 americans were freed but the gun man continue to hold out against security forces. two terror groups with ties toal cade air claiming responsibility for the deadly
5:31 pm
siege. at attack in the former french colony comes one week after the terror attacks in paris. >> cbs news correspondent kenneth craig is in paris with more on how residents, and tourist are remembering the victims, kenneth. >> well, ukee and jessica, it has been seven days since this all happened and this community is still very much, in a state of mourning. in fact, some of the people i have spoken without here at this memorial tonight tell me they could not bear to visit this memorial until right now. >> parises honoring victims who died exactly one week ago in the terror attacks. tally reached 130, friday when a wounded victim succumb. >> i just, think about other people, and all of the families. >> i think it is a long, long process. >> reporter: french lawmakers voted to extend the state the of emergency another three months giving police more power and flexibility police have conducted 783 raid, since the the a attacks, including
5:32 pm
the one that killed suspect ring leader abdelhamid abaaoud, and his cousin and another suspect were also killed. surveillance video reportedly captured abdelhamid abaaoud jumping a barrier at this subway station, within a an hour of the massacre this man ride that same subway. >> last friday night, i was in the subway. >> reporter: authorities are still searching for suspect terrorist, who slipped away and admit they don't know where he is. the manhunt for salah abdeslam, has now, widened to the netherland. french authorities are urging people to not live in fear. >> i just don't want to stop to live. i want to be here. >> reporter: security, remains tight. >> pray for paris. pray for paris. >> reporter: and also, an interesting note french authorities told us today that the number of people who have signed up to join the french army since these attacks, has tripled. reporting from paris, kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness
5:33 pm
news". israeli spy jonathan pollard is a freeman after being released this morning from federal prison. pollard now 61 served 30 years for selling intelligence secrets to israeli agents. pollard was spotted with his wife this morning at the federal courthouse in manhattan. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu praised the decision to release pollard. >> nerve racking moments for passengers object a plane in ireland. pilot of this jet was faced with extreme cross wind when attempting to land at the a airport in ireland on wednesday. the plane made it on to the runway but pilot was forced to pull up and go around, again, after that. the aircraft landed safely on the next try. cbs-3 healthwatch tonight pennsylvania lead the nation and new jersey is close behind, in drug overdose deaths. among young adult men according to new analysis. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the epidemic of drug abuse in our area. >> it is very scary, bucks, gloucester counties led their
5:34 pm
respective states in overdose fatality rates among young men. each of them nearly three times philadelphia's rate. here's a typical scenario an athlete is injured and prescribed pain medications. addictions can quickly follow. michael battle still has track marks on his arms after being addict to heroin for 20 years. >> overwhelming comfort and you think you are the smartest, bravest person in the world. >> reporter: michael who was a high school foot the ball star was off drugs for 25 years and is now a counselor. >> i thank god i got the help when i got it. >> reporter: pennsylvania pennsylvania now lead country with the highest number of overdose deaths among men between the ages of nine to 25. new jersey is fourth. >> we have the highest potency have of heroin actually of anybody in the world. >> reporter: ken dickinson, with a drug rehab program in philadelphia, says heroin
5:35 pm
addiction often starts with prescription pain medications, like oxycontin, especially prevalent in suburban counties. trucks are now killing a growing number of people who are young, rich, and white. people often turn to heroin because the legal drugs, can be difficult to get, and they are expensive. >> so, a one oxy tablet would be $40. they can buy heroin, cheaper then a pack of cigarettes. >> reporter: just amazing. drug abuse epidemic has killed more than twice as many americans, as homicides, over the last decade. we have much more information on this, and where to find help, at the cb., click on health. this is a problem that touches everybody, these days. >> sure it does. >> reporter: it is not an inner city issue, it is every where. >> powerful information. stephanie, thanks. comcast customers can expect to pay more starting next year, rates will be going up about 4 percent on some xfinity, tv and internet
5:36 pm
services. rate increasings into effect first of january. comcast officials say the the increase is necessary to provide faster internet, and more wifi hot spots. we've got breaking news out of center city, a massive rally is shutting down streets around the city. >> let give you a live look at chopper three, group is demanding that the paris attacks not be a pretext for racism war and reprecious. they started at city hall within the the hour and they are now making their way down jfk boulevard, we understand, there is no set route, but as you can see they are causing a little problem for friday night commute, home for many folks in the center city area we will keep you updated throughout our broadcast. get ready to feast your eyes on the sights and sound of the holiday season. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao takes us to shady brook farms of a preview of their spectacular annual lights difficulties play.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: it is dazzling display of lights, that grows every year in bucks county, at spots reaching mount rush more proportions, holiday season has arrived in shady brook farm in yardly. >> i just love coming to work and at the end of the night you see lights. >> reporter: installing 3 million lights is no easy feat, design starts a year in advance and close to two dozen workers construct everything from the blue woods to the light tunnels. >> we will set up lights in the summer when it is nice and hot out and it is in the cold or rainy. >> reporter: shady brook farm owner paul fleming took "eyewitness news" through the nearly 2-mile show before opening night on saturday. the wagon ride his personal favorite. >> it is best way to see the lights, if it is not freezing. the it is a great experience for your family. >> reporter: thinks only one of the many light displays and holiday attractions in bucks county. >> we have ferry christmas at
5:38 pm
sesame place. washington crossing historic park on christmas day. no math ther what part of the 622 square miles you have, it is something to do. >> reporter: this is display that draws more than 30,000 vehicles each season, cost is $25, wagon ride runs $12 per person. not even the grinch cannery cyst the trip. shady brook farm annual light show starts saturday at 5:00 and runs through january 10th. reporting from bucks county, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> even the grinch got some love. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. >> carol of the bells and you see the lights, you know it is time. speaking of the lights, meteorologist kate the bilo is a at peddler's village for grand illumination ceremony, kate. >> it is dark right now but in a half an hour this whole place will be lit up and i'm's so excited. are you guys excited. >> yes. >> back to you, jessica and ukee. 1,000 dogs and cats are
5:39 pm
taking to the skies in a record breaking air lift today, find out where they are heading. and the final movie in the hung are games series is now in theaters markser from the stars and some of the first fans, to see the film, that is next.
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the the nation's largest health insurer is warning that it may leave the affordable care act. united held care says it will deciding whether to keep offering coverage through the affordable care act, insurers are struggling to attract enough healthy customers to off set customers for sicker patients. some say the the program could use tweaking. you break up but then you have to see every sipping will post your x makes on facebook. now you can change all that. new facebook feature allows to
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you stay friend with your x but not see each other's post. it is for users who do not want to unfriend or block each other. the feature also allows users to remove their names from past posts involving their x. make it easier. >> that is a little more subtle then what did we talk about earlier text messages that breaks up for people for you. >> yes. >> e-mail you. >> yes, really doing it in person. >> that is more subtle. >> we will be right
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. these dogs and cats were facing euthanasia just days ago. now they are bound for pacific northwest and as farrah away as tennessee. non-profit wings of rescue transports california's overcrowded, to several times a week. but this holiday, air lift, of more than 1,000 animals on two dozen planes, it is a record
5:47 pm
for them. rescue dogs myself i have three, and i just, value, the adoption process, just being able to help with the flying part and be a able to get home, it is a great decision. >> animals find new families within two weeks and that would be just in time for the holidays. >> bravo, indeed. that is fantastic. word on the street that is santa claus has come to peddler's village taking a break from the north pole and just a bit we will be light ago a tree to ring in the holidays. >> meteorologist kate bilo is right there, kate, how is it going ? >> it is going great, guys. i think i heard jiggling of reindeer bells a little bit ago, i think santa may be having his hot chocolate gearing up, ready to get out here. and, here, and, here such a family, and, most people, and coming out here every year for grand illumination and my pleasure to have been here for the past six years. what a beautiful night. lets look outside. we will take you first and
5:48 pm
foremost to the storm scan three which is completely quiet at the moment. no problems out there right now and just stay that way through the day on saturday as well, we're looking at quiet conditions as we go through the course of the day. front will move through saturday night and that will bring some changes, still lets take a peak what we can expect moving forward. we expect temperatures to drop, it feels cooler then it is right now with temperatures feeling about five to 10 degrees cooler, but as wind dies down overnight we will not experience too much more of that, at least, until sunday. the that is when things will start to get chilly for us. so again a look at what to expect as we move forward, we expect, you know, this really the front that is moving through great lakes that will cross our area late saturday night into sunday but, notice tomorrow high pressure overhead heading in to saturday night when front comes through. the notice it falls apart, maybe a stray shower, maybe some flurries in the poconos and then sunday, high pressure builds back in but cold high dragging in the northwest wind
5:49 pm
and it will feel more cold around here by sunday evening. lets look at our future feels like temperatures it will feel like 30's by late tonight and as we head into tomorrow, feeling cooler, just like thermometer indicates. the not too much because win is not as much of an issue through the day tomorrow but on sunday, with the wind picking up, temperatures in the 40's, it will feel ten, maybe 15 degrees colder then thermometer will have you believe. get ready heading out to the eagles game we expect a cold day at eagles game, kick off temperatures in the mid 40's, northwest wind and gusting expecting to feel like the 30's all afternoon. so overnight tonight, temperatures drop, around 37 degrees. it will be mainly clear. wind die down and then tomorrow not too bad at all. temperatures in the the lower 50's, seasonal, you're witness weather seven day forecast does show that cool down as we head into sunday, monday, coldest air of the season is upon us, highs only in the mid 40's, monday after a morning low below freezing but look at that rebound, thursday, thanksgiving, 58 degrees, and
5:50 pm
friday, 61. now back here live at peddler's village i want to bring in thomas jolly. i mentioned earlier one kid every year writes an essay and pulls the witch with santa that is you this year thomas. can you sum up your essay is what your favorite part of coming here every year. >> just coming here and watching all of the lights and walking around. >> you come with your family every year, you have two brothers and sisters. >> two sisters and one brother. >> okay, and if you get to give santa a special message this year is what your message going to be. >> thank you for all of the presents that you gave me. >> i love it. >> gratitude, not asking for anything just saying thank you. that is why you are the winner here tonight. thomas will flip the switch at 6:15. live from peddler's village, meteorologist kate bilo, back to you, guys. >> nothing like the holidays. >> thanks, kate. long awaited final chapter in the hung are games saga hits theaters, fans are flock to go see mocking jay park two. >> at river view plaza viewers
5:51 pm
said they were sad to see the series even. >> i cannot believe that four years of my life is over, like three books later, four movies, and i can see another one. >> i thought it was good, but i am sad it is over. i read all of the books. although it has been a long time coming i'm sad to see it end. >> if you want to be total surprise, close your ears right now, fans say the that the movie ending is a little different then the book's ending. >> book series, both hugely popular with people of all ages. >> lets take a look the at movie and see what the actors said about the cast. entertainment the tonight kevin frazier has more. >> this week jennifer lawrence returns for last time as catness everdean the girl on fire, in the epic conclusion to the hunger games franchise in the hunger games, mockingjay bart two. >> you have to pay for wharf done. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the seventh sixth hunger games.
5:52 pm
>> catness faces capitol and their dangerous games, one last time, in the hunger games mocking jay part two, finally finds everything she holds dear put to the test but off screen the bond forge with liam hems worth and josh hutcher son will last forever. >> i get to work with liam more with this film. he normally misses out on all of the action and stuff but they are the greatest guys in the entire world. i don't know how i got the so lucky. if i met them in any other circumstances i would have said same thing, we will be best friends. >> you are still trying to protect me. >> have movie has clearly made a huge impact on pop culture but on jennifer's life. >> it is amazing. i loved being part of the film. i can spark conversations. it has been an incredible chapter, in my life, filming these movies, so the fact that
5:53 pm
anyone could be, touched by them or, you know that the films rest mate with anyone, it is amazing. >> we all have have one enemy. he corrupts everyone and everything. tonight, turn your weapons to the capitol. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. two word for you. lizard people. it is all i will say. >> get back to me when you see it. >> i will be a big weekend. in other movie news coming up we will take you to the red carpet premiere of creed, also this... >> ♪ >> hello. >> we're saying hello to adele's new album singer is saying good bye to streaming services we will explain next.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
adele album is tout day but you won't find it streaming on you on line. >> ♪ if you want 25 you will to have pay for it. adele is one of several artists, who have come out against free streaming services saying it amounts to giving away their work for free. fifteen is expected to be one of the best selling albums in years. well, philly has been waiting for this, rocky is back on the big screen. the red carpet in hollywood for world premiere of the creed. michael b jordan stars as son of the apollo creed and sylvester stallone is back as rocky in the latest spin off from the boxing ring. >> well, actually, michael gets part, finally someone else. >> creed is the seventh installment in the rocky
5:58 pm
franchise and it is opening up next wednesday. coming up on monday and tuesday, i talked with everybody, everybody, everybody, we will get you ready,ing behind the scenes, showing philly love, that is monday and tuesday at a special surprise as well. >> special surprise. >> mark it down. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a chester county man charged with illegal liz dumping thousands of gallons of chemicals. story has an ironic twist considering the job he used to have. run fast, far and philly, it is marathon weekend in the city, i'm alexandria hoff with everything you need to know coming up. perking up with peanut butt they are new brand promises to give you a jolt because it is full of caffeine. what happened if children, that possibility is raising eyebrows tonight and concern. kate? it is a beautiful night here at peddler's village where we're about to light up village, i have the world's snow ball in my hand.
5:59 pm
ready, go. all right. it is on next on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. states -- starts right now. developing right the now at 6:00 o'clock, taking to the streets a demonstration is blocking rush hour traffic in center city. this is a live picture from chopper three. it is over at 19th and walnut by rittenhouse square where rally for unity is underway. the group is made up of civil rights activist, anti war and political groups. they are speaking out about a number of issues in the wake of the deadly paris attacks and this is affecting traffic. if you are in that area watching us, avoid center city if you can or give it some time. also tonight a former public works director in chester county accused of illegally dumping. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. chemical in question is used to treat roads in the winter. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
6:00 pm
walt hunter is live with more from tredyffrin township, walt. >> reporter: jessica, part of the scott cannon's job here is helping protect environment in this main line community, but state attorney general's office now says he polluted it instead and today criminal charges were filed against cannon. this main line media news picture from 2012 shows former public works director scott cannon, next to a leaking pipe, but this arrest warrant claims that here at the tredyffrin township public works complex the the same year, it was cannon, who illegally poured between one and 4,000 gallons have of a chemical, magnesium chloride in the retention pond from which it fled in the nearby creek. prosecutors claim that cannon opened up a valve allowing magnesium chloride to flow out, the chemical, same one used by some road crews like these, to keep highway, snow


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