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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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our hearts. pope francis blessing a local baby battling a terrible condition. to night the little girl's parents are calling it a mirac miracle. they share with us their positive update. >> get your hands on everything from high end clothing to prescription eye wear. it's easier than you think and it won't break the bank. three on your side jim donovan has good news for your wallet and your wardrobe. >> and loving dogs in desperate need of adoption a local shelter is running out of space. how organizers are hoping to find all of these animals good homes before it's too late. hi g evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> eye, everyone, i'm jessica dean those stories are straight ahead but we begin tonight with new information in the deadly hotel siege in mali africa. we now know the american among the dead has ties to new jersey. today's siege comes just one week after the deadly terror tax in paris. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in the cbs3 sat center with new details tonight. diana? >> reporter: jessica, we have learned the american killed in this morning' as tack is
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41-year-old anita dakar from the baltimore and new jersey areas but worked for international development agency. tonight her family says they are devastated as the death toll in mali continues to rise. >> mali yann police join by the french and off duty american forces op free 100 hostages. gunmen armed with grenades moved in just before 7:00 a.m. driving a toyota suv with diplomatic plates and started shooting in attack that left at least 20 dead including american anita dakra41-year-old from the baltimore area who grew up in new jersey. she worked for a non-profit group helping under served communities. >> we are devastated by the loss of our wonderful daughter. >> one witness says the men were shouting god is great. they spoke french and english at one point at least 170 people including 14 americans were held
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hostage. >> very sad. actually sad because mali is a peaceful country. >> the owner of nile african restaurant has been keeping a close eye on his home. the former french colon knee has been battling islamic extremist for years. >> this is one of the best hotels in mali. the security is so tight and i can't believe they hit this place because a loft checkpoints before even you get inside the hotel. >> they need to come together to fight this. >> french defense minister believes north african operative is responsible for the tack. he's responsible for kidnapping dozens of westerners and attack in algeria that killed 39 including three americans. u.s. war planes tried to kill him in libya but the pentagon could not confirm he was dead. and tonight the us defense department employees in the city are all safe. five were at the hotel of the attack. in the satellite center, i'm die nan rocco cbs3 "eyewitness
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news". >> diana, thank you. tonight marks one week since the terror tax in paris and the healing there has begun. parisians remember the 130 people killed with flowers and candles and memorial also across the city. at 9:20 the moment of the first attack music and dancing filled the streets tonight. authorities are still severalling for a ninth suspected terrorist who got away after the attack. belgium has raised its terror let to the highest level. warning of eminent threat. belgium has champed at least three suspects in connection with the paris attack. no doubt the terror in paris will be on the mind of runners and spectators at this weekend's philadelphia marathon. mayor mike nutter an event organizers officially kicked off race weekend at the pennsylvania convention center earlier. extra security will be in place along the course. about 30,000 people will descend upon the race course which stretches from pennsylvania landing to manayunk. for more information on the race and road closures, check out
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new jersey governor chris christie kansas sells a campaign event in new hampshire after an incident on plane. christie was on united airlines flight from san francisco to boston this morning. while still on the ground passengers say the pilot turned the plane around and went back to the gate to remove a passenger from the flight for suspicious behavior. picture posted on twitter showings the governor waiting in the airport. we're told that flight was delayed for about four hours. it was nearly two months ago prove move francis came to philadelphia. >> the visit by the pontiff touched many including a one-year-old girl with inn op per rap brain tumor. her parents calling what happened after the pope's visit nothing short of a miracle. here's "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt. >> reporter: it's the little kiss gianna parents call the miracle on market. and they insist that quick kiss is partially responsible for her quick recovery. >> i think all this is from god. the pope is just -- messenger
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from god. >> reporter: one cereal gianna has a rare inoperable rain tum tumor. her blood cells attacked her brain stem weeks after her bir birth. and surgery is not an option. family clan showed up for the papal parade in front of independence hall. expecting maybe a quick glance. but thanks to friend from the fbi... >> oh, my god! >> reporter: god bless! >> reporter: see the man holding gianna. he's the pope's bodyguard and his name is domenica jianne knee. dominic is gianna older brother. joey and kristen say the similar names is just another sign of divine intervention. and they believe the proof is in the scans. here's a scan taken in late august. before the pope's spontaneous kiss. here is the scan from the end of october. >> you can hardly see the tumor. and in so many of the cuts it's
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just -- it's just a blur. >> reporter: the scans next to each other clearly show a difference. the left is before the kiss. the right after. >> she's getting better and stronger. she's blowing kisses. she's starting to point -- started pointing at things. >> gianna was named for saint gianna a modern saint from italy who died in 1962. saint gianna's daughter was in philadelphia and met little gianna during the papal weekend. her parents insist her future is a bright one and they can't wait to sit down one day to show and tell her what a difference one kiss can make. >> last year was about living in honor of her. now we're going to get to live with her. >> david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". amazing story. urgent plea tonight from a philadelphia animal shelter. they have run out of space and need good homes for dogs. "eyewitness news" at the animal care and control team shelter all of the kennel there is are full. about 22 dogs were euthanized
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yesterday. the shelter is offering free adoption for all large breed dogs. >> all of our kennels are totally full so we really need people to come in and adopt or foster to help safe lives and encourage adoptions. >> if you do adopt and live in the city of philadelphia, you will have to pay a $16 pet registration fee. holidays around the corner how would you like to wear new outfit for every gathering you attend, everyone. well, there's a growing trend that allows you to do just that. >> three on your side consume they are jim donovan is here to explain. >> that's right, jessica and ukee. pressing clothes to hasn't bags even prescription glasses can be rented. the number of sites specialize on this kind of service has exploded. sharma matthews cease her prescription glasses as more than just eye wear. >> i like to treat my glasses like accessory. >> owning multiple pairs gets expense matthews rents them. on the sight she can do a virtual try on. computer shows her what they'll
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look like. >> the same way i change my earring or necklace for my outfit i like the idea of changing my glasses. >> for a monthly subscription of $34 she can exchange the glasses as often as she likes. when the new ones come in she sends the old one z back. >> i've changed them two or three months. >> christie not only wears rented fashion, she teaches others how to do it on her website the rented lifestyle. >> pretty much anything you need you can rent now. >> everything she's wearing is rented from subscription web sites except for the shoes. the outfit is from rent the runway. the necklace is from rocks box and monthly subscription to bag, borough or steal got her the high-end handbag. >> so i'm not buying a handbag that i carry for a year and then ends up in the back of my clos closet. never to be seen again. i try different styles because i'm not committing to one that i feel like i have to keep for a year or two. i can be a little more adventure chen russ. >> for matthews having a variety
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of options is why she plans to keep renting. >> clothing rental may not be for everyone. it can be a affordable alternative if you want to add variety to your what about dover. i'll be sharing links on and facebook and twitter as well. >> i've heard about the clothes and bags but prescription eye glasses is new. >> launched the service february. they call it end less. it's worth checking out. >> it can be part of the outfit, too. >> monday you can have a whole new look. >> congratulations jim. >> thank you. >> proud of you. >> it was a very special honor for jim tonight induct flood the philadelphia broadcast pioneer's hall of fame. known for his award winning consumer reporting his hair al also. >> i like look i'm 12. >> you sure do. >> he was among several veteran broadcasters recognized for chief in many our industry. jim along with broadcast check
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exec seive al primeau, lauren lipton of kyw news radio and radio host harvey holiday of our sister station w0gl every day is a holiday. radio host bob pan tan in a in this year's person of the year. congratulations to each and everyone and to the first class organization and all its members the philadelphia broadcast pioneers. congrats, jim. >> very nice. >> i got to watch the video and go with you through all the years. >> the hair has remain the same. 29 years, same haircut. >> you still look the same. >> thank you. >> yes, do you. >> 29 more to go. >> congratulations. >> thanks. >> keep doing your thing. have a good weekend. >> the weekend is upon us and lots of outdoor events. temple football, marathon angeles on sunday. >> a lot of people hoping for good forecast kate. >> congratulations to jim as well and that young picture jim is giving me live. beautiful. weekend chill. this storm bringing snow. look at the snow in chicago. what does it mean for us? it just means another blast of cold air. i'll tell you how cold it will get coming up.
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plus, delicious dishes cooked up by a chef from across the pond. at any time with tori heads to a hot spot other side of the tracks at the downingtown train station. i'm taking a chance really paid off for the man in the kitchen. >> wedding crasher catches the garter and then gets caught. find out what happened when the groom realized there was an unwanted guest. >> and it is the final friday football frenzy of the year. lesley van arsdall and pat gallen with highlights from around the region coming up in sports.
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violent fight at a wedding reception. the groom and another man are charged with attacking a wedding crasher in california. police say chris bell man was jumped and had to receive seven stitches. bell man was the best man at an earlier wedding and decided to just stick around for the next wedding and continue to celebrate. when he caught the garter belt, things turned violent. bell man was he is cored out and beaten up after the wedding coordinator figured out he wasn't supposed to be there. tonight there are concerns about a new caffeinated peanut butter. some believe the pick mow up
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snack could be too much for children and dead toll animals. it's called steam. each 2 tablespoons serving has 150 milligrams of caffeine that's the equivalent of downing two shots of espresso. veterinarian we talked to says the caffeinated peanut butter sandwich could kill an 18-pound dog. senator charles schumer wants the fda to determine if the peanut butter should carry a warning label. now for a tale of food, beverage and love. >> not a bad combination for great night out. time for taste with tori and tori has got all the info. >> hello. >> hello lady. >> hello you guys. i have all the luscious details. let's get right it to. this place is called the tap room. chester county pub where locals come from craft beers and great food by a chef who took a chance that changed his life. ♪ >> it's called the station tap room for a reason.
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it sits across the tracks from the downtown train station it's place to grab a draft beer and have a bite to eat and meet some nice people like this guy. >> you will not find anyone that comes into this restaurant and doesn't have amazing time. >> also amazing, this food. i'm here for the shrimp and grits. that's the dish recommended to us by a cbs3 viewer who suggested this place. >> what makes them so tasty. >> 3 pounds of cheddar. >> 3 pounds. >> yup. 2 pounds of butter. >> this is one of the best things i've ever had. >> wow! >> got the butter nut squash. >> did you notice the accent. chef tim smith is from great britain. >> the day i left for america my dad, you know, i was very nervous, you know, i was 23 years old, and my father said, oh, what have you lot got to lose? it might change your life. >> it did. he was only supposed to be here for a one-year cooking internship. and then -- >> i found the girl.
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i met the girl. >> the girl colleen became his wife 10 years ago and he never made it over the pond and back to he know land. >> i just fell mad until love with her after like day one of meeting her. >> now they have two children. good thing he stayed for the foodies in downingtown who can enjoy his dishes like roasted garlic risoto. topped with lump crab and asparagus. butter nut squash sandwich. oh, my. or a bowl of tie curry. >> chef, this is dynamite. >> awesome. thank you. >> of course a salute to his homeland, english fish and chi chips. >> that batter is so crunchy on the outside. flaky and perfect. going to clear the palate real quick. >> all this food can be paired up with the restaurant's selection of craft beers. >> right now we have all from pennsylvania and then we have a lot of things international. >> to top it off, remember this guy who i was talking to at the bar earlier? turn out he's josh
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maxwell the viewer who told me about the shrimp and grits, and he also happens to be downtown's mayor. >> you hit me up on twitter and you were pumped about station tap room. >> popular place in our community. i'm glad to share it with the philadelphia region. i knew you were going to love it. >> cheers. salute. >> how cool was that? and sorry guys no sick packs under the desk for you. that was a big surprise finding out it was the town mayor that sent us. the message about the station tap room on twitter and don't forget to tell me about your favorite place you can send me a message on facebook and we've also set up a link on cbsphilly.comaste with tori. so you can, you know, keep letting me on all these delicious spots. >> clearly you're taking advice because we've had lots of viewers that you've been taking them up on it going out and meeting them. >> that's right. trying food. >> they're the experts. they're the ones that know the spots to go. i take that very seriously. >> clearly you like to cleanse that palate, too. >> i do. >> i am little irish. >> kate has got your forecast.
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>> great night at peddler's village. >> we lit up the village. it was a grand illumination. i tell you it was my sickth year doing this and it gets better every time. tonight was the best weather we've had. annual tradition in bucks county highlighhigh holiday lighting peddler's village. i had the pleasure of helping mr. and mrs. claus light up peddler village they were helped by a lovely student. another tree lighting santa was busy headed to marlton new tradition was born to burlington first tree lighting new marlton promenade at samp more. he chatted with the kids and hung out i'm sure this will be the first of many great evenings lighting up the tree there in marlton. take look outside right now. our roof cam looking good speaking of all lit up maybe not holiday lights but the city looking beautiful on friday night. storm scan3 though not looking quite so nice for the midwest where it is snowing first big
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snow of the year for many folk. take look at chicago banding there. pretty heavy snow falling at the moment. you can see the dark purple shading luckily this is not coming our way. it's all going to lift up to the north over the great lakes and we'll get the showers in a few spots tomorrow night on the tail end of that storm. temperatures right now, 37 degrees in kennett square. 40 in ardmore. 40 degrees in bensalem. 37 in hainesport. take look at millville. 31 it's 33 in allentown. 27 in mount pocono. take look at these departures at this time yesterday, it was much warmer than this in in fact 32-degree drop in temperature in the past 24 hours in marlton. it's 21, energy millville. philadelphia we're 21 degrees colder than this time yesterday. 27-degree drop in allentown. the first punch of two,% of two punches of cold air has arrived. around tomorrow. tomorrow seasonably cool but then tomorrow night that storm i just showed you heads off to the north drags the front through here saturday night. maybe a stray shower but you'll feel the cold when you step outside sunday highs only in the 40s and with the wind it's going to feel even colder.
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monday the coldest day of the season so far. start the day off below freezing get ready to scrape the frost and ice off your car in the morning and then in the afternoon again only mid fours. start with sunday our forecasted high of 48 degrees will make it the coldest day since apri april 9th and it's been quite sometime since we've been quite that. get ready to bundle up if you have any weekend plans. overnight tonight we're mainly clear. it's chilly drop to 37 in the city. subfreezing lows in spots across the suburbs the winds not all that bad. that will be the case as we head into saturday. sunshine giving way to a few clouds in the afternoon as that system approaches but 53 is actually pretty much on target for this time of the year and winds not a big deal. so of your two weekend days to get outside saturday looks like the better of the two. but of course we've got a big football game here sunday eagles take on the bucks 46 degrees, brisk and cold. you got a northwest wind 10 to 20 miles an hour. that's going to make it feel like the theirs all day. monday you start your day at 31. in the afternoon just 45.
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not the best way to start a week but at least it's a short week for most of us and if you're traveling for the thanksgiving holiday wednesday, 54. great travel day. thanksgiving day 58 if you have a family tradition of football in the front yard beautiful weather for that. and you're not going to be freezing in your black friday shopping this year. >> hey, stellar. >> everybody wins. >> you got it. >> thanks, kate. >> sure. >> lesley is here with a look what's ahead in sports. >> almost everyone wins. sixers, temple and villanova all in action and unfortunately all good things must come to an. the final friday football frenzy of the season coming up in sports.
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chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. brett brown trying to shake up things for struggling sixers tonight. nerlins noel came off the bench as they took on the hornets. the move didn't pay off. the sixers had no answer for the hornets center al jefferson
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scored 26 points, 10 boards. the sixers fall to zero-13 on the season, 113-88 the final. they take on the miami heat tomorrow. eleventh ranked villanova taking on east tennessee state at the pavilion wildcats have not lost a non conference game in three years. they kept that winning streak alive. 86-51 victory. temple semi finals of puerto rico tip off classic facing 22nd rank butler. the owls had an early 12-point lead couldn't keep it. dunham scoring 16 points to lead butler to a 74-69 victory. temple will play in the third place game sunday afternoon. and eagles news. sam bradford and ryan matthews have been ruled out of sunday's game against the buccaneers. not big surprise there. mark sanchez will be under center for the birds. last season he went four and four and through 14 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. ♪
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>> you're watching the friday night football frenzy. take it away, lesley? >> whoo! >> thank you, guys. yes, it's the final friday football friend seat season. play off games all over the region most of the schools wait for thanksgiving. let's get the action started in delaware county. we have great valley visiting academy park. jermaine wesley taking the hand off and right in your living room. academy keeps it rolling they win this one, 39-14. over to jersey we go. buena visiting west deptford. crouch gets down low. into the end zone wept deptford wins 21-10. archbishop ryan facing archbishop wood. finds james gillespie for the long touchdown. wood wins 35-seven. north penn at downingtown east. reece, rolling do out. the other way to owen thomas fort touchdown north penn wins 27-14. finally marple newtown upper
11:27 pm
moreland carmen christiana has always the moves. bobbing, weaving, he is gone for the touchdown. upper moreland wins 28-20. stay tuned. our game of the week is coming up right
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now for our game of the week voted on by you the fans. we have little williamstown visiting cherokee. pat gallen was there and has this report. >> cher row wee and williamstown for a spot in the group five finals.
11:30 pm
tied at seven in the second ha half. get on the see saw. william town take the lead. 8-yard run by joseph early. extra point no good. 13-braves. chiefs respond beautiful screen fake ryan rickerts wide open 69-yards pay dirt point after is good. cherokee up 14-13. they would add 1 yard scoring to up 21-13. williamstown roaring back. glenn his second score of the night. it's 21-19. they need two and they get it. tied at 21. so to overtime we go. first possession for cherokee moore gets his head on the ball that mean rick kerrs fumbles. williamstown would take over. williamstown would get their shot and they do not miss. it's early for second score of the game. williamstown comes from behind, they are a winner. with the win overture row key williamstown moves on to the group five final.
11:31 pm
final here 27-21 williamstown wins. from the final frenzy of the year, i'm pat gallen for "eyewitness sports". >> that's it? >> wow. >> great excitement out there. it's been fun. it's been fun. great job. >> always next year, right. >> that's right. great job to all the kids, parents everybody. great time. >> a
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ thanks for joining us tonight. our morning team is back at 5:00 o'clock in the morning for kate, lesley and everyone here, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. don't forget you can always fine us at late show with stephen colbert is next with michael caine. >> have a great weekend. good night, family, and sleep well. ♪
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