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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  November 22, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> any moment, run letters take off in the second annual philadelphia marathon, and if you're coming to watch, there are some additional security concerns, you should know about. we'll have all of the details coming up next. >> plus, run remembers going to be little chilly this morning. it is casino every a cold and windy day ahead. justin has your forecast next. >> president obama vowing to stop isis. more on the terror threats around the world as officials search for suspect, linked to the paris attacks. today is sunday, november 22, good morning to you. so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 7:00 right now. we sends over to justin for more on the forecast, big day, race weekends. >> yes. >> hoping, i mean, little cold, little windy. >> but, you know, as a runner,
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i'm not a runner, but -- >> if you were a runner? >> right but dow like the temperatures on the cool side, so it will feel good. so actually good start temperatures, little windy, though. >> all right. >> keep it at their backs, you know? >> to west windsor when they are running east, have it on their backs, hopefully they catch a break every now and then there with easterly run. good running temperatures, some clouds around, so we don't have the hot sunshine beating down on them. of course the eagles, are at home this afternoon, good football weather, as well. let's break it down for youment waking up, cold, especially tort and west, 30's, 40's, setting up clouds, but still decent amount of clouds from the city on south and east. that's holding the temperatures up. low and mid 50's, south jersey and delaware, then four's to the north and west, we will check out suburbs mid 40's quakertown, doylestown, so cool windy start to our day. these are sustained winds later this after morning, wind starting to transport in some
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colder air watch it feels like. we have some windchills out there. so, dress warm. 39 degrees, feels like in reading, allentown. still 52 in philadelphia, nothing harsh there, just yet. forty-one in wilmington. tonight, temperatures really begin to drop. tomorrow certainly feel the difference for sure. clouds again, over the region, all of the rain off shore from the cold front. so we will keep things nice and dry today, breaking down the temperatures, probably dropping another couple of degrees through mid-morning, then struggling to get back up to around 50 degrees, by mid-afternoon, not whole lot of sunshine. but we start to see more sun moving in from west to east this afternoon as front continues to move off shore. we struggle to get to the low 50's, philadelphia and at the shore, stuck in the 40's in the poconos, then talking about some of the coldest air of the season tomorrow. details in a few more minutes, nicole, back to you. >> justin, thank you. thousands of run remembers stretching and getting ready for the philadelphia marathon. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is live for us on the ben franklin parkway where the action is about to get started. cherri gregg, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, nicole. the buzz is in the air. they have trained for weeks and sometimes months. and it is about to happen any second now. as you can see, thousands of runners are lined up here at the starting line. for the 22nd annual philadelphia marathon. run letters start in just a moment. they are going to be coming out in waves. mayor michael nutter has been here all morning getting folks hyped up for today's race, something the 06,000 spectators are expected to be here will do, as well, then again there is race will begin any minute. it will take the runners on 26.2-mile journey through philadelphia neighborhoods. spanning from south philadelphia to manayunk, 25,000 runners are participating. they've trained for months. and now leave it all on the track today, when they begin. now remember, security has been tight. we have police right here. they're going to start the runners off, and and they are there are chick points all along the route. there will be delays, folks have to go through the
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security checkpoints, even spectators have to go through in order to participate in today's festivities. everybody's been searching, cleared, all of the runners here today, as you can see, they're trying to stay warm, they're jumping up and down, just trying to stay, keep the muscles limber as they begin to start. and i hear the a noun err saying right now it could begin and the starting point, it is about to happen. they've been waiting. there it is. as mayor michael nutter, yes, i think it is about to start any moment. >> the mayor loves to give people high fives as they start, at the starting point, at the finishing point right here along the parkway. this is going to happen any moment. there was an apparently an accident along the race route, which is why this delay started. and so that's why there is this delay after 7:00. and then as you can see, the mayor standing there, they are talking to officials, and they're trying to get it started. the police are sort of revving
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up their bikes. is it about to start? okay, they are bea to sing the national anthem it, will start any moment. >> they're going to sing the nash nan anthem. there you go, cherri gregg, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", they'll start any minute. >> the suspense is killing us, but yes, very exciting moment for philadelphia. good luck to all every runners, thanks! >> all right, thank you. >> one person dead, two other injured after multi car crash in northeast philadelphia. it happened just before 10:30 on roosevelt boulevard, at woodward street. police tell us the driver of the vehicle lost control while traveling southbound and then hit an utility pole. the car split in half. the driver was ejected. he died at the scene. no word on the other victims or their conditions. police are investigating. a missing college student from our area has been found dead near ham berg, berks
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county. nineteen year old jacob marburger body found in the picnic area of hawk man town sanctuary. they believe he shot himself. he was sophomore at washington college in maryland. they say the cheltenham native pulled unloaded gun on classmate last month. he returned to pennsylvania but then disappeared from his family home earlier this week. college canceled classes fearing he was armed. school officials say grief counselors will be available to student in need. >> anonymous is declaring cyber war against isis. the hacker group says it has uncovered threats by the terrorists against the wwe survivor series, which is scheduled for today, in atlanta. however, fbi does not consider the threat to be credible. anonymous also says it is uncovered information about new isis attacks in paris, the group claims it has taken down more than 20,000 isis related twitter accounts. to france right now, police say one suspect from the paris attacks is it still on the run. he was last seen crossing the board near belgium.
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now, authorities in brussels have locked down the capitol as that manhunt continues. cbs tina krause has the latest from paris. >> police and soldiers are on guard across brussels and subways are closed as authorities warn of a terror attack similar to the ones in paris. officials believe suspected attackers salah may be in brussels. french police stopped him at the belgium border the morning after the paris assault, but let him go. >> authority in turkey arrested three suspected islamic state militants saturday. one, who reportedly scouted sites, targeted in the paris attacks. leanna paid tribute to the 89 people killed at the bataclan theater. she says we still live in fear. knowing that attacker is still out there. >> two women who escaped the massacre here in paris, almost ended up at this restaurant, but they chose a cafe across the street instead. they say that gave them the extra seconds they needed to
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survive. >> the friends heard gunshots, and ducked, under their table outside, just before a gunman opened fire on the cafe killing five people. the terrorists gun apparently jammed, and both ran for their lives. parisians mourning those who died at memorial around the city. american ricky steven son lives in paris. >> two and a half million people in par ills. everyone has been touched by those 130 people who lost their lives. >> she came with friends, to deliver a message. >> ♪ >> in paris, tina krause, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now, there is concern this morning, over whether or not the united states should open its boarders to syrian refugees. this, after initial reports that one of the attackers may have been a syrian refugee. now, it is still not clear whether or not that is true, but during a speech this morning, or yesterday morning, rather, in malaysia, president
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obama said prejudice and discrimination undermines national security and helps isis. >> and we will not give into fe, or start turning on each other, or treating some people differently because of religion or race or background. that wouldn't just and betrayal of our values it, would also feed isil's propaganda. their assertion, which is absolutely false, that we must absolutely reject, that we are somehow at war with an entire religion. >> and the syrian refugee crisis was one of the focuses on the campaign trail this weekend, as well, republican presidential candidate, donald trump, is now backtracking, saying his comments about support ago government data base to track muslims were mischaracterized. cbs news correspondent wendy gillette reports from new york >> ♪ >> wow! >> republican presidential candidate, donald trump, back off comments he made this week, about creating a
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government data base, to track muslims if he is elected f asked about the subject, he says, he didn't hear the question correctly. >> i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance if we have to, and i don't care, i want, are you ready for this folks, are you ready, i want surround vale edges of certain mosks, okay? if that's okay. i want surveillance. and you know what? we've had it before, and we'll have it again. >> fellow republican candidate john kasich also talk about the refugee issue during a town hall in berlin, new hampshire. >> i don't want syrian refugees to come here now, because we don't know who they are. and you got to have a sense of who people are before you let them in. >> the bill is passed. >> on thursday, the republican-led house easily approved a bill that would suspends the syrian refugee resettlement program in the u.s. president obama has threatened to veto the measure.
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he visited refugee center in malaysia saturday, trying to keep americans focused on their plight. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, a special thanksgiving celebration in philadelphia for those experiencing their very first holiday inn this country. "eyewitness news" at the nationality service center, 11th annual thanksgiving celebration in center city. this is the first thanksgiving these refugees and i am grants were able to enjoy since coming to america. dozens came together, to share that meal together. >> 7:11. talking sport, big-time win for the temple owls football team as their historic season continues. the owls needed a win to keep their championship hopes alive and with yesterday's win, temple, first place in the east division. owls troweled early. quarterback walker through for 261 yards and two touchdowns. and became the school's all time touchdown leader. how about that? the owls defense kept
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high-powered tiger offense out of the ends zone as temple moves to nine and two for the season, with 31 to 12 wins. nice going. >> temple football fans excited by their latest win, no doubt about that, they celebrated by chanting the fight song at the linc. take a listen. >> we control our destiny, we'll beat uconn here necessary week, we're very excited and we come here. >> i come with my roommates to every game it. great atmosphere, great school spirit. >> this win is big. i think since 1979 they've done better than they ever have done before. and it is great. >> and game day for the eagles. they face the buccaneers this afternoon, mark sanchez will get the start under center for the birds. both teams with four and five records. and the eagles have a chance to move into first place in the nfc east with a win today. we'll have more on the eagles, temple's big win and the rest of your sports coming up later this hour. well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", there are a number of car
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recalls, but not enough parts and mechanics to fix them. it is leaving many people feeling un safer. but three on your side has expert advice on what you can do if you can't get a repair right away. plus meisha is taking us on another dream drive. love these things. and this time, she is taking us to a castle. right here in our area. wow that's cool. also, it is going to be a cold and windy day for those runners here at the philadelphia marathon, this is a live look for you right now, still wait to go take off from the starting line this morning. but justin will have more on today's forecast, and the warm up for the thanksgiving holiday, also, check in with the runners later on this hour. we'll be right back.
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>> the philadelphia marathon, ben franklin parkway, see the stage set for those runners, some 25,000 runners getting set for this race to take off. originally scheduled for 7:00 start time. looking at about 15 minute delay here, but at some point, that will begin, actually just getting word that the first wave has started so looking at the second wave here about to get started on this race course here, looks like they're removing the barricade there. getting those runners ready, we see mayor michael nutter,
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assisting in the process, we know he looks to give high fives to the runners as they start and finish that race. >> definately exciting time for the city of philadelphia. chilly out, there kind of windy for the runners. homing the winds will stay at their backs for those of this 26.2-mile course. 06,000 spectators all getting ready to embark on this 26.2-mile journey, you can see, they're about to get started here, getting the second wave of runners, all lined up. excited to see that. good luck to the runners. we'll check in with them in just a bit. >> all right, switching gears right now, sometimes, if your car gets recalled it, doesn't always mean you'll get a quick fix. right? some complain there aren't enough parts and mechanics to carry out the repairs the right way. well, "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan takes a look at what you can do if you're afraid to wait. >> lawyer afraid every time
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she backs out of her driveway. >> the stress if somebody will hit me and blow this air nag my face. >> she says the dealership tells her it doesn't have the parts to replace her takata airbag in her mazda rx8. >> they can't give me a date when they have the parts. >> mary jane, waiting for farther for her ford fiesta, recalled over a latch issue that could cause the door to fly open while driving full speed down the road. >> i feel unsafe and dangerous. but what can i do? i need my car to get around with. >> 2014 was record breaking year for recalls. 64 million vehicles in the u.s., with safety defects. some with the potential to kill. 64 million vehicles, that need to funnel their way through 16,000 dealerships nationwide for repairs. repairs that aren't necessarily happening quickly. for instance, in may, "3 on your side" reported at the rate takata airbags are being manufactured it, could be two and a half years before they all get replaced. >> the number is absolutely staggering.
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>> jake fisher is the director of auto testing at consumer report. >> it is confusing for consume that's have these vehicles, because you can't always get them fixed right away. >> the national highway traffic safety administration acknowledges parts is supplies, and the availability of repair technicians are both factors in delayed recall repairs. >> so, what can a concerned vehicle owner do? the auto alliance, reps manufacturers, said own earth should request owner from the deal here will work with the man ooh fact tower ers, loners given on case-by-case basis. >> i'm just taking chances. >> these drivers just hope their fixes or loner cars come before they experience the issue, that had their vehicles recalled in the first place. >> now, if you have a relatively new car, two years old or less, you may want to file a lemon law complaint and try to get the manufacturer to buy the vehicle back, if it is older vehicle, file complaint on line with the government, at safer car reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> all right, 7:19 right now,
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going to send it over to justin for more on the forecast, hopefully runners have good day, what do you think? >> good running temperatures, little winnie but stays dry, not whole lot of sunshine that actually helps things out as well. so, not bad for the marathon runners, and again, if you are headed over to the marathon, certainly dress for some cool temperatures this morning with some windy conditions. not winnie in berks county, kutztown live look, westerly wind, 2 miles per hour, but the kutztown area middle school 41 degrees, still overcast skies, little sunshine to peak on through, see more sunshine as we progress to the afternoon. but the trends continues for the warm november check it out yesterday once again above average, all these days, in orange, indicate temperatures above average. only one day below, one day right on average right now, averaging 7 degrees above average for the month, likely to finish off that month well above average, so, pretty impressive in with november warmth. temperatures, 50's, south jersey, millville, right now 50 degrees. fifty-one in the a.c. airport, dover, delaware, ooh degrees, newark, little cooler at 47. similar numbers, temperatures
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uniform because of the clouds. we have a few breaks in those clouds north and west, so malvern, little cooler at 46 degrees. then you get up toward the reading and allentown, low and mid 40's, mount pocono coming in at 39. so some temperatures kind of holding steady really throughout the day today. maybe climbing another agree or two, that's about it. clouds, hang tough, really, through much of the day, especially on south jersey, should see little bit of sunshine increasing, as you head further north and west from the city but winds sustained, coming in about ten to 20 miles per hour today. some higher gusts the morning into the afternoon, winds out of the northwest, starts bring in the colder air. still breezy tonight, battling windchills, air temperatures in the 30's, 20's, along with the winds, we make it feel colder so cold start monday morning. at least the wind starts to relax little bit for monday afternoon but still overall temperatures running a good 10 degrees above average. the reason is weight colds front that came through, last night, kinds of hung up over us right now, that's what's causing the clouds, it will bring in colder air, so tomorrow, some of the colds
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else air we've seen, since early april. so, check things out. future weather model tries to bring in across the coast, otherwise clouds, partly sunny skies, north and west of the city. it is dry tonight. we start to clear things out nicely. back to more sunshine, for your monday. just overall, chilly day along with the breezy conditions. so again, forecast high monday, only 46 degrees. coldest air, since april 9th. have to go back to the spring season. today though it is breezy, partly sunny skies this afternoon, temperatures struggle to get to about 52 for the city, little cooler north and west, northwest winds, still up around 20 miles per hour, gusting to near 30. and then, for tonight, it gets cold. thirty-four the breeze continues out of the northwest at ten to 15. mid 30's from the city, and then 20's in a lot of the suburbs, but looks at thanksgiving, looking ahead. mostly sunny skies, we warm it up. check it out. 06 degrees for the highest temperature. even warmer as we head into friday. until then, though, cold start to the week. something for everybody. if you like the cold air, you are going to like the next few
7:23 am
days. then we warm it up for the second half of the week. big travel day on wednesday. dry, sunshine, low 50's, six off on thanksgiving. "black friday", look at that, temperature of 64 degrees for the afternoon high. looks like our next best chance for any rain will hold off all the way until later on next saturday. nicole, back over you. >> nod bat temperature for shopping, justin, thank you. leave the coat at home. clock 23, let's see how traffic is moving out there with ann evans. big race weekends, ann. how is it shaping up? >> wow is all i can sayment looking at the ben franklin parkway, and we have about 25,000 runners checking -- taking part if the philadelphia marathon. and look at this. just sea of people on the parkway. sea of runners. and they are busy running doing what they should do and walking because there is a walk, as well. the ben franklin parkway shutdown from the art museum circle 20th street in both directions for this marathon. martin luther king drive to your left shutdown between the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge. kelly drive to your right shutdown to the art museum circle and city avenue now the
7:24 am
vine expressway, both directions, the off-ramps still closed through the ben franklin parkway, chestnut street shutdown between south fourth and sixth street, between south street and market street and race between north fourth and north columbus boulevard. one more closure spring garden street between pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill all for this wonderful philadelphia marathon today. we will move the traffic cam here. this is i95 right at the walt whitman bridge. no delays or problems on i-95. if you are taking the walt whitman bridge it, looks good, too, no problems further up on the 42 freeway or 55. the a.c. expressway looks good, so does the garden state parkway. and one more time to the mid-county tolls at the pa turnpike. headed up to the poconos, you shouldn't have any delays or problems. no delays at the mid-county tolls themselves. the pa turnpike looks good, so does the northeast extension, now, if you are taking mass transit, on or close to schedule. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> all right, ann, thanks so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news", the chipotle e-coli
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outbreak has expanded. the latest areas where people have gotten sick from the popular fast-food chain, and what may have been the cause. also, strutting their stuff on the runway. but for these women, this is so much more than a fashion statement. see why it was such a special day just
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♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> outbreak of e-coli from
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chip ooh chipotle, saying they ate a chipotle week before they became sick. people infected ate there from october 19th, through november 8th, 16 people have been hospitalized. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, supporting cancer patients and their families, beyond medical intervention. health reporter stephanie stahl tells us about a very special event. >> strutting their stuff at sacks fifth avenue. among the professional models, cancer patients and their families. this is dakota fisher, who is only 26, and has battled two bought every cancer. on the runway, she gets to take a break from cancer. >> it is so great to actually feel like a model and feel after so much treatment and stuff to really feel really beautiful. >> this was the 13th annual in fashion fundraiser benefit the cancer support community of greater philadelphia. it provides emotional, educational support to cancer patients. >> for me, think i it is one of the best things that i have ' done during my recovery, talking to people who get it,
7:29 am
is just a totally different experience. >> rachael coons has stage four breast cancer, she is the mother of four children, she and the kids go to a variety of groups provided by the cancer support community. >> it is a way of us to bond as a family. >> rachael's 17 year old daughter ariana was one of the models in the show wearing designs by baha east. >> i always wanted to be a mold. so it was great to have this opportunity. and i'm just here supporting my mom and the cancer support community. >> the cancer support community has six locations around the region. its programs range from yoga classes to educating al lectures and psychological services. we have link for you at click on health. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great event there. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", the philadelphia marathon is underway this morning, cherri gregg? >> reporter: (no sound).
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>> we are going have good running temperatures today, cool, though, in the 50's, then it gets even colder from the coldest air of the work week, details are coming up. >> thanks, justin plus get ready to make your thanksgiving meal little extra special this year. we have some tips on how to make those holiday pies that really pop. you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> good morning to you, glad you're with us, just past 7:30. we send it out to the skydeck, justin, for more on the forecast, and how is it shaping up for the runners out there, justin? >> little cool. temperatures casino every holding low 50's right now, maybe dropping another degree or two as we progress through the event. win starting to kick up. that's not the best thing forerunners. it is a west win. so hopefully you have more of an easterly route at some point. and you get the wind out of your back. we still have some clouds over us right now, eventually they thin out little bit. we'll see some sunshine, but overall cool day. check it out. split temperature trend right there. we're in the 50's, to the north and west, clouds casino every thin out, cold front moving through, then we drop into the low to mid 40's, berks county, lehigh valley, 45 doylestown, 44 pottstown this hour. low 50's, mt. holly, new jersey. sustain winds right now out of the west to northwest.
7:34 am
about 15 to 20 miles per hour. we will get some gusts close to the 30's, later on this morning. so, breezy day, that win will start to transport in that colder air. seeing gusts 25 in wilmington, 22 up in allentown, they'll pick up with intensity, over the next few hours. storm scan3, dry, couple of showers off shore, as the front continues to move slowly eastward, still some lingering clouds this morning. they'll give way to sunshine for this afternoon, overall partly sunny skies, temperatures stay below average, winnie today. break down the temperatures through the morning, casino every holding steady, upper 40's to around 50 degrees, we struggle to make it to about 52, for the afternoon high, for the city. your honor partially sunny skies, low 50's at the shore, 40's in the poconos. then we talk about even colder temperatures for the start of the work week, details coming up in a few minutes. nicole, back to you. >> justin thanks so. 7:34 right now. we have the philadelphia marathon, underway, at we speak, thousands of runners making their way through the city of brotherly love. our cherri gregg from the sister station "kyw news
7:35 am
radio" 1060 live on the ben franklin parkway where the race took off what 15 minute ago, cherri gregg, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, yes. fifteen minutes late because of long security check point issues is as well as accident i understand along the parade route. the mayor said that earlier they had to move the vehicle off the race route. , sort of jumping up and down trying to stay warm as they waited to get their start, the race began, and it started with the parities paint, wheels participant, then wave bee elite runners now more and more runners, wave after wave every few minute. as you can see, thousands and thousands are participating, stilts dollars 25,000 plus, folks, 60,000 spectators, all along the parade route. >> security tight, every running err, every spectator along the tracks had to go through security, their backs, patted down by members of the
7:36 am
police a.m. security for the race, today all about fun. but also about safe fun. as you can see, these folks are sort of trying to get very hype up as you saw, as they take this 26.2-mile track through philadelphia neighborhoods. >> the temperature has dropped, but it doesn't seem to have stop these runners that have been training for months for this day. live on the parkway, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. exciting day for sure. >> first told but the animal care and control team shelter in hunting park "eyewitness news" on friday. >> dogs were add on the dollars yesterday, making some progressionment long-term resident dozer was among those who found a new home. the shelter is offering free
7:37 am
adoptions, for all large breed dogs. midwest getting pounded with snow but not all of the residents mind. check it out. polar bears at the henry villa zoo in madison, wisconsin, actually pretty happy about it, right? just rolling around, enjoying the snow, that is suk a and t a/k/a ri spent the last day enjoying the snowfall there. right up their alley. all right, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", meisha is taking us on another dream drive. and this time, she is taking us to a castle right here in our area. plus: are you looking to spike up your thanksgiving meal this year? we are talking turk think morning on "eyewitness news". we'll have more on what you can do to spice up those sides. it is a cold one, windy one, definitely casino every crazy out there for the philadelphia marathon ers. blue -- but there is more in
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judge many will preparing a thank giving feast. here with fresh spin on classic favorites, chris, rosetelli market in marlton. you can't move from the classics. you have to have the turkey, the stuffs, mashed tomatoes, but you also want to keep it fresh, right? >> do. everyone has their traditions, and they won't change that. but what we can do, put little spin on some of the classics. >> spice it up, right? >> little bit. talk about mashed potatoes. >> right. >> traditional mashed potato,
7:41 am
white potato. we are going to ucon gold now, sweeter, creamier, very nice to use, then we take it one step further, people love it like this. but, what i do at homy use a cheddar cheese, okay, with black truffle. >> everything with truffle, i mean? >> i mean, it is just such a holiday item. >> yes. >> what we like about this, it melts, too, because it is a cheddar. what we can do, great it, as potatoes heat in the oven, great your cheese. try that. >> love it. >> it is delicious. so we take the cheese. >> that is good. >> put it into your mashed potatoes. >> and just stir them in, just that easy. >> adds real nice kick. first time did i there is half of my customers when like my gosh, what did you do? >> right. >> and it is pretty easy, because you just buy the cheese. >> and my daughter honestly, my kids, just cheddar, parmesian, lock tell he i, something simple, adults like something little more spicy. just easy to do.
7:42 am
>> you started when my favorite. but we have to talk about the stuffing. >> absolutely. >> because it is pretty much a tradition to have stuffing with your turk. >> i okay. so, stuffing, at my house, three different ways. >> really? >> really. >> you have a demanding group. >> we have a demanding group. one group likes it with mushrooms, so i use wild mushrooms for. that will we have another group that likes sausage, so i use saws and. another group likes plane herb. so how do we do that? well, the plane herb is your base. it is almost like your mother of mother sauce for stuffing. >> okay. >> so what i do, i accept rate the stuffing into three groups. split it based on how many like mushroom, and how many like sausage, and then all i do i take the mushrooms, i saute them ahead of time. i just put them in, mix them in. >> easy enough. >> yes. then same thing, sausage, mix it in real nice, heat it up, three nice stuffing. >> nice. >> one base. then your other side as far as all of these toppings that you have here. so everyone does mashed potatoes or they do the yams,
7:43 am
mashed yams. >> yep. >> my daughter, i just through thing every mash shall mellows on it, she in heaven. you snow that's very standard base being everyone does. >> easy. >> but you also have brown sugar, granola. pumpkin seeds, toasted pecans, all can go on top of another batch. it is almost doing the same thing. so mack too long different sides, add little brown sugar, little on top, now, that will melt right in. >> real quickly we have to get the forecast, got to send it to justin real quick balance some i can vinegar? >> good on everything. so let me just put this on here for you. this is root vegtables. okay? try that. with the root vegtables. >> i'm going to eat little bit. we send it over to justin. >> oh, that's good stuff right there by far for me favorite meal of the year and all about nicole eating the whole time. why not? take advantage of it. good food right there. temperature wise, waking up, cool, in the 40, a still some
7:44 am
50's out, there we check in with the weather watchers, kind of split. seeing little bit of everything, the farther north and west you are, little bit keel, some of the colder air from the front building on n up in eagleville, lou at 44 degrees, perkasie, 45, john jenkins' house, south jersey feeling the chill. margo's house in buena vista township at 45, as well. wilmington, up 40th, a get close to the philadelphia still upper 40's, chesterfield, 49. ooh right now in mt. laurel, new jersey, so you get the picture. temperatures kinds of holding stead think morning, with the wind starting to transport in that colder air. we may rise another agree or two, so overall cool day compared to what we have seen so far for much of the month of november. take you outside to south jersey, live look at ocean city where the wind direction has switched off shore. so those waves are kind of cleaning up little bit. i'm sure there will be few surfers out there this morning with some decent surfing conditions out there. and temperatures, again, struggling to get to the 50's today. looks like most of the clouds should hold tough on south jersey, this front, just
7:45 am
want to lingers off shore. so here is our headlines, cool and windy day today. then gets colder tonight and tomorrow. that's when we see the coldest air of the fall season, dry stretch, though, so from a lot of travel plans going on this week for the thanksgiving holiday it, looks good. average hi, 54, not going to make that today. few degrees shy of that. then the temperatures really drop tomorrow. talking about mid 40's at best, so 10 degrees below average. but if you like the warmth, wait few more days. look at this, by thanksgiving into friday, we are going to be well above average. so we've got split week going on. still those clouds, hanging on from the lehigh vale, berks county on south and east. clears out little bit the farther north and west go up in toward the poconos. eventually we see more sunshine progress to the afternoon. cold pocket of air over canada. jet stream on the move t allows the colder air to set until tonight. and for your monday, but it is short-lived. jet on the move. pretty progressive weather pattern, moves back north, now we see another surge of milder air returning for the second half of the upcoming week. that's why we are talking about temperatures returning
7:46 am
to the 60s. today struggling to get to the low 50's at best. tonight, it is cold, mid 30's around the city, widespread 20's, eventually, in the suburbs. and then it is a chilly day, monday, look at that, everybody in the 40's, looks like the poconos stay in the 30's, for afternoon highs on monday. today, partly sunny, breezy, 52 for the high temperature northwest wind up around 20 miles per hour gust to go 30. breezy coiled tonight, 34 for the city. mid and upper 20s in the coldest suburbsment good football weather though. you have to dress for some windy conditions if you are headed out to the linked to. kick off 1:00. 48 degrees with some sunshine still breeds think afternoon. that northwest wind up around 20 miles per hour. and here is the extended forecast, we go from 52 today, to the mid 40's on monday, and then it is slow warm up over the next few days. talking about temperatures returning to near average by wednesday, and then look at that, thanksgiving 60 degrees, and mid 60s on friday. nicole, always seems like for "black friday" freezing for the people that want to
7:47 am
campout. >> i know. >> they are in luck. >> getting good day this year. and i think the temperatures making the turkey dance. >> he likes that. >> i like that little guy. justin, thank up. it is clock 47. let's check on the roads and highways with ann evans. we know you're busy this morning, ann. >> it is a busy day, nicole. the philadelphia marathon. and where are the runners they kind of left the ben franklin parkway. ben franklin parkway still shut down between 20th street and the art museum circumstance nel both directions but we catch up to the runners. here they are. almost magical. race street at columbus avenue. and there they go. look at them all. the philadelphia marathon well underway. the vine, i go over the closures with you, vine expressway both eastbound and westbound, the off-ramps are closed at the ben franklin parkway, along with kelly drive between the art museum circle, martin luther king drive, between the drive and falls ridge, between sixth and 12th, chestnut between south 34th street and sixth street. and the spring garden street between pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill expressway. now, septa says many bus
7:48 am
routes are detouring around this event. keep that in mind if you are taking septa this morning. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thanks so much. if you are thinking about taking a day trip, there is a perfect gem, real close to home, it is a beautiful castle. meisha johnson takes us for a spin in the latest addition of dream drives. >> lambertville new jersey winding along the delaware river. we hopped over the bridge, through new hope, then took beautiful scenic drive, ends willing up in doylestown. we are driving up river road, jersey side of the delaware river, to lambertville. and right now, i'm keeping my eyes peeled for the old lambertville train station, which is now a restaurant and inn. >> a.m. bert ville station. >> so lambertville station, now, this is restored
7:49 am
19th century train station. you can see the very old original train tracks. >> it was vacant, abandoned, boarded up for about 20 years. but it was just a beautiful building. >> this looks so delicious and beautiful. it is almost like you don't want to eat it because it is so nice looking. >> oh, so good. >> whether you walk it, or drive it, the new hope lambertville bridge gives you just beautiful views, either way, and the best part about it, no tolls. i absolutely add or all of the little shops here in new hope, from the cafes, the restaurants, the art galleries, mine, lou like a postcard. now, we are taking the scenic route to buckingham. >> hi, meisha, a i'm jerry forest owner operator of
7:50 am
buckingham valley vinyards, along with my family. >> i unfortunately will not be testing today, because i'm driving around doing the dream drive. but i can smell it from here, and it smells delicious. >> we just make wine and live happily ever after. >> i bet you do. >> you do your research. you new i spoke swedish. by the way this says ... it means welcome meisha. when i heard about this next place, i just had to check it out for myself. >> i'm cory, the vice president for collections and interpretation here at the mercer museum. >> it is stunning. so what is all of this stuff? what's this room? >> the concrete castle filled with objects of every day life and early pre industrial america. collected largely under the auspices of henry mercer as a boy, infatuated with castles. >> you want to build your own cast snell well, this is the
7:51 am
place to do it. >> i err active hands on exhibit. >> i you guys grab your leggos, help me build on top of maybe this one? >> maybe won't build concrete castle but build something else. >> there is no doubt about it, you can find everything here. and i just found my
7:52 am
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game day for the eagles, fakes the buck neice, mark
7:54 am
sanchez will get it started under center, both teams four and five records. eagles have chance to move into first place, in the nfc east with a win. the birds defense will have a difficult match up, bucks are led by this year's overall pick, jameis winston, main target, wide out mike evans, caught 27 passes in the last four games. >> obviously jameis winston, gets whole bunch of targets, a lot of times like i said he's covering, just throw it up to him. and a lot of times he makes those plays. >> we will get you ready for the clash between the eagles starting 1130. join me, sports director done bell, merrill reese, live from the link starting 11:30 right here on cbs-3. temple owl just one win away from going to the conference title game after taking care of 21st rang the memphis. we pick up the action for you in the second quarter, owls down six to nothing, pj walker finds, makes the catch, temple
7:55 am
seven-nothing lead. still, in the second, hand off, to david hood. the freshman broke couple of tackles on his way into the end zone, 14-yard score, the owls expanded that lead 14 to six. first play of the fourth quarter temple with trick play, kip mat end, went 13 yards for the score, temple shutdown memphis 31 to 12. >> you have to have seniors who aren't focused on their futures, you have to have seniors who aren't disappoint bad last week, you have to have seniors out there, leading the way. our seniors led the way today. and i couldn't be prouder. >> out to hey vale, where penn state played final home game of the season against 12th ranked michigan. it was a wide out beaver stadium over 100,000 fans hoping the nittany lions would remain unbeaten at home. christian hack end berg, 25ard touchdown pass, to put the nittany lions up ten to seven. but the wolverine come right
7:56 am
back. screen pass to darbough. gives michigan the lead for good. beat penn state 28 to 16. the knits ends the regular season next week at michigan state. flyers on the road last night in ottawa the orange ankle black have a problem, put that puck into the net. they are last in the league in scoring with a 1.79 goals per game average. steve mason in the net for the fifth straight time. hoping he gets little offense, second period, flyers down a goal. two on one. mike hoffman beat the sliding mason for the goal, and it get worse. still in the second, senators back on the attack, milan mccall i can. right through mason's pads. into the net. >> lose four to nothing. probably know it has been a minute since the sixers won a game. march 25th to be exact. since then dropped 23 straight games. so would that losing streak ends? last night they are trying to ends it in south beach. fourth quarter sixers up by eight, robert covington pulls
7:57 am
up from behind the three-point line. makes the basket. sixers up by 11. heat fought back. >> advantage gone. heat up a bucket less than minute left, dwyane wade, drove to the basket, the floater misses but the rookie just continues which is low, tap in good. sixers played well. lost their 24th straight game 96 to 91. that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale, great day, go birds. go birds. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 8:00. three on your side jim donovan on the case after four homeowners complain to him about a local contractor, who they say, took their money, and never showed up to do the work. how you can avoid that same mess, that's coming up next. >> also, we are talking turkey. how big after bird should you buy for your thanksgiving feast, and what's best, fresh, or frozen? we'll answer those questions, and a lot more coming up in the next hour.
7:58 am
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>> they're off, thousands of runners hit the streets for the annual philadelphia marathon this morning, we'll have more on what it takes to run those grueling 26.2 miles, that's coming up next. also, mangled wreckage involving three cars, very violent crash on the boulevard, leaves one person dead this morning.


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