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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  November 22, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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>> they're off, thousands of runners hit the streets for the annual philadelphia marathon this morning, we'll have more on what it takes to run those grueling 26.2 miles, that's coming up next. also, mangled wreckage involving three cars, very violent crash on the boulevard, leaves one person dead this morning. and bristles on lockdown,
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highest alert level, police hunt down suspect from the paris attacks. good morning to you, today is sunday, november 22, i'm nicole brewer. so glad you're with us right now, just past 8:00. we send it over to justin tore nor on the more cast again a lot of runners, 25,000, runners, out there, and hopefully they get some weather, some good weather. >> you know, not bad at all. >> this time of year, it can get nasty out there. >> yes. >> temperatures right around 50 degrees, runners, like that overcast skies, not dealing with the blair sun, little winnie though. but overall i think they'll be okay out there. , westerly one, so running in a easterly direction, hopefully enough or that route. but again, clouds this morning, kind of holding tough, cold front that's slowly moving on through. but coming through dry. >> live look at the skyline there, those clouds will thin out little bit. delaware right around ooh degrees, north of the city in the low and mid 40's.
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>> further north and west you are, cold air starting to rush n quakertown mid 40's as well as doylestown. there is sustained wind, ten to 20 miles per hour, out 69 northwest, that northwest winds direction is coming from canada. so that's colder, drier air, moving in. left over clouds, you may get sprinkle along the media coastline, new jersey and delaware, over the next few hours, but i think we will make the day dry, most locations, temperatures, kind of holding in the upper four's, to around 50 through the morning, we struggle to get to the low 50's for high for philadelphia, that's below average. low 50's at the shore. then tacking colder air tonight, and for monday. so chilly start to the work week, we get to the details in the full forecast in a few minutes. nicole, back to you. >> new this morning, one person dead, another injured after multi car crash in northeast philadelphia. this happened just before 10:30 roosevelt boulevard, at woodward street. now, police tell us the driver of that vehicle lost control
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while traveling southbound, hit utility pole. car actually split in half. driver ejected. he died at the scene. the other victim suffered broken bones, but is expected to be okay, police are now investigating. truck loses control, sending one person into the hospital and causing damage on the street. you can see damage here, downed street signs, siding fall apart on homes on north hanover street there. peco crews were also on the scene making repairs to the equipment. and one eyewitness says the site was devastating. >> we heard allowed explosion from inside the house. sounded like war zone, and come out, and you seen all of the houses with it. and i thought he fell asleep or something. hit three, four houses, and then spun around at the last second. >> very scare. unclear what caused it to veer
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off course. no word on the extent of the injuries. >> missing college student from our area has been found dead near ham berg, bucks county. nineteen year old jacob marburger body discovered in the picnic area of the hawk mountain sanctuary. police believe he shot himself. sophomore at washington college in maryland. they say the cheltenham native pulled unloaded gun on a classmate last month, he returned to pennsylvania but then disappeared from his family home last week. the college canceled classes fearing he was armed. school officials say, grief counselors will be available for student. >> well, to mali now, getting new images from inside the hotel. where terrorists stormed last week, and you can see the desperate measures that some took to stay alive. some actually hid behind furniture, others used mattresses, to block the doors as they waited for hours for help, in all, at least 19 people were killed, including one american, with ties to new jersey. to france now, where
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police say at least one suspect from the paris attacks is still on the run. he was last seen crossing the border into belgium. authorities in brussels had locked down the capitol as that manhunt continues. cbs tina krause with the latest from paris. >> police and soldiers are on guard across brussels and subways are closed as authorities warn of a terror attack, similar to the ones in paris. officials believe suspected attackers salah may be in brussels. french police stopped him at the bull jump border the morning after the paris assault but let him go. authorities in turkey arrested three suspected islamic state militants saturday. targeted until the paris attacks. >> paid tribute to the 89 people, killed at the theater. >> still live in fear. knowing that attacker is still out there. two women who escape the massacre here in paris almost
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ended up at this restaurant but chose cafe across the street instead. they say that gave them the extra seconds they needed to survive. >> the friends heard gunshots, and duck under their table outside, just before a gunman opened fire in the cafe killing five people. the terrorist's gun apparently jammed and both ran for their lives. >> parisians mourning those who died at memorials around the city. american ricky stevenson lives in par us. >> two and a half million people in paris, everyone has been touched by those 130 people who lost their lives. >> she came with friends, to deliver a message. >> cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> meantime the hacker group anonymous is declaring cyber war against isis. it says it is uncovered threats by the terrorists against the wwe survivor series which is schedule for today in atlanta.
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the fba doesn't consider it to be credible. anonymous also says it is to has uncovered information but new isis attacks in paris. anonymous claims it has taken down more than 20,000 isis related twitter accounts. >> on the campaign trail this weekend, republican presidential candidate, donald trump, says comments this week about support ago government data base to track muslims were mischaracterized. >> wendy gillette reports from new york. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump backed off comments he made this week about creating government data base to track muslims if he's elected. he said when asked about the subject, he didn't hear the question correctly. and says what he does want is surveillance of syrian refugees allowed into the us. >> i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance if we have tonight and i don't care. i want, are you ready for this, folks, are you ready? i
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want surveillance of certain mosks, okay? if that's okay? >> and we've had it before and we'll have it again. >> john kasich also talk about the refugee issue, during the town hall, in berlin, new hampshire. >> i don't want syrian refugees to come here now. because we don't know who they are. i got to have a sense who have people are before you let them in. >> on thursday the republican-led house easily approved a bill that would suspend the syrian refugee resettlement program in the u.s. president obama has threatened to veto the measure. he visited river ooh gee center in malaysia center, trying to keep americans focused on their plight. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 8:08. happening right now, philadelphia marathon is underway, this is live look at the corner of race and
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columbus streets, right now, thousands of runners are making their way throughout center city, the race got off to a slow start because of long security check point lines. cherri gregg from "kyw news radio" will have more coming up in just a bit. >> also, still to come this morning, local contractor accused of taking customers' money and never showed to up do the work. "3 on your side" jim donovan on the case. >> how you can avoid that same mess. >> also, uninvited guest, the creature that had to be rescued after getting trapped in hotel hallway. justin? >> okay, we have chilly finish to the weekends. then it gets even colder for the start of the bourque week, details coming up in the eyewitness weather
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>> state youth of limitations for rape charge in california is ten years. two of cosby's accusers spoke at yesterday's rally. >> i was raped by bill cosby, drug and raped, 46 years ago. and it has taken me years, years, to be able to call it what it actually was. i was barred from receiving any justice there, just few months outside of the statute of limitations. >> now, some states have already abolished the statute of limitations for rape.
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well, all they wanted to do was fix their homes, yet the company they hired took their money, and never came back. customers say it is a pattern of deception, and they want it stopped. "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan has the warning. >> we know you're in there. hell snowy just wanted to ask some questions, but when i visit the this mc mansion in marlton, only family dog seemed happy to see me. >> i know they're in there, doggy. >> i had questions from corneum ers like francine. >> why do you want to rob me out of hard earned money. >> all francine wanted was reliable roof over her head. >> when the heavy rain come it, leaks. >> but 11 months after paying a thousand dollars deposit, to a company called owe mega windows system, in south jersey, to row place her roof -- >> they did not do the job. 90% of the time, when i make a call, it goes to voice mail. and when they do call, they are lying say they're coming and they never show up, never. >> these are all of the walls
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and going day-by-day, while waiting for the new roof. >> she knows the feeling. she handed over a 4,300-dollar deposit to owe mega for a roof. >> they said it takes about six to eight weeks to be delivered. >> six months later? >> we canceled our vacation, we canceled like our wedding reception, because every other week woe say i'll be next week, next week, then -- >> never showed up? >> never showed up. >> people work for their money. it is not fair for people to just scam them. and just take it. >> last february, car let a maze paid owe mega $500 toward new windows. >> it was some type of a deal. >> but she sado mega took the money, never came back. she ended up hiring someone else. >> i normally check better business and i did not. >> in fact, omega window systems has f rating, 22 complaints in the past year, complaints have been filed with the new jersey attorney general's office too. >> this is an established
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pattern. and it is criminal. >> vanessa williams went sofas to sue omeg a and its owner for windows she never got. she, too, had to hire another company to do the work. >> i had to pay again. >> the court awarded her 3355 bucks, but hasn't yet seen a scents. >> he's been un response i have to better business bureau, to me, to the courtesies tell. >> these four complaints alone add up to over $8,800. someone's in the house. we can see your cars out here. >> after i visited his home, he called to say he would meet with me. >> you will come here? >> true to form, never came. last thursday, texting me, i'm stuck on a job because every weather right n. then while we waited for him on friday, he texted: may have to run wife to hospital. will let you know shortly. he never showed up. >> i'm glad that you know channel three has been so responsive. because it doesn't look like anybody else cared. >> on the phone, rod told me
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refunds have been mailed out, but customers say they aren't delivered. he said he's never heard of some of these people. people say they've gotten texts and voice males from him. we learned there is at least one active police investigation into the company. if you have given the company money and they failed to dot work file a complaint with your local police department and with the attorney general's office. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> and you know jim's going to follow up. all right, 8:16 right now. major winter storm hit the midwest, part of the chicago area getting several inches of snow this weekend, the hardest hit areas are to the north and to the west of the city. cell phone video was sent to us from local philly rapper tat money actually out in chicago for a show, said he almost got stuck in his hotel room, th's how bad it is out there. snow also causing problems at the city airport at o'hare, more than 260 flights have been cancelled, about 100 flights have been canceled, at mid-way, so yes, lots of snow out there.
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pretty much par for the course. back here at home happy to be in the 50's, we've been lucky if you like the miler temperatures there is whole month, averaging 7 degrees above average. pretty impress i have. cool today. cool tomorrow. but not going to last. crank up that warmth again for thanksgiving holiday. let's take you outside, still left over clouds from the cold front that's brinking in that colder air for the next 24 hours. clouds will break up little bit. see some sunshine, not full sun today temperatures struggle, that's about the best we will do today headlines, cold and windy today, then the cold really set unless tonight and tomorrow. colds ers air of the fall season, seen dry stretch, no big storms to talk about, so a loft sun returning to our forecast, later into the week into the holiday. mid 40's to the north and west, reading, 50 in philadelphia, low 50's south jersey with the thicker clouds. thirty-seven in mount pocono. if you think this is cold? look at the midwest. just have the snow. snow cover holding those temperatures down, chicago
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currently 11 degrees this hour. twenty-one alpena, 24 st. louis, some of the colder air will move eastward, but not talking about temperatures in the teens. >> lake effect snow breaking out around erie, up-state new york, northwest winds, brinking in colder air sustained at ten to 20 today with higher gusts. still breezy tonight. so if you are headed out overnight it will be cold wind chills down dot 20's cents possibly may feel like the upper teens in some of the colder spots early monday morning. winds start to relax little bit for monday afternoon. but again, seeing pretty good push every cold air cutting in from canada, the coldest air we've seen since early april. so the coal front, slowly moves off shore today.
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trying to clear out the skies, not whole lot of sun, high pressure builds in control, sits on top of us, headed into tuesday, as well. and it will stay here pretty much for the upcoming week, into the holiday. that's great news. big travel day on wednesday. looks like no issues, today partly sunny, breezy, temperature of 52 degrees, few degrees below average, still wind gust to go about 30 miles per hour, tonight, few clouds around, breezy and cold, still the wind bringing the colder air, 34 for center city, that means widespread 20's. in pennsylvania and delaware and new jersey, so once you get outside the city those temperatures really drop. looking ahead to thanksgiving, how about this? mostly sunny skies, not really feeling like thanksgiving with a high of 60 degrees. that warmth does hold. first half of the upcoming holiday weekend, until then couple of cold days, today low 50's, even colder tomorrow, 10 degrees below average mid four's, with some sunshine, then go full sun, for the middle of the week, back to the low 50's wednesday, there
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is the big travel day. looks good, pretty much up and down the east coast mid-atlantic northeast 53 for the high, 06 on thanksgivings, and the big shopping day on friday talking mid 60s, the warm he is day out of the next seven. looks likeness chance for any rain will hold off until later on saturday, at this point. so nice dry stretch. haj g to upcoming holiday weekended g something for everyone there nicole, cool temperatures to start the week, warms up for the holiday. >> nice stretch, thank you. it is 8: 20. let's check on the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann, how is it looking? >> not too bad. philadelphia marathon, still going on, we have the end of the race here, or looks like the end everyone of the races, as few people on the street, but his is actually race and columbus. see the runners coming up. of course shutdown for the marathon along with the ben franklin parkway in each direction, between 20th street and the art museum circle. off-ramps closed on the vine street expressway, martin luther king drive shutdown between the parkway the falls
8:21 am
bridge along arch street between fourth street and 16th street and kelly drive to the art museum circle city avenue along, pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill. a lot of the septa bus routes detouring around the race, keep that in mind if you do take a septa bus route this morning. we will move the traffic cam here, to i95, right at the linc. site of today's eagles game. if you are doing some early morning tailgating like you can a the love people, are now is a good time to go. no delays or problems on i-95. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic sentiment i'm inch avenue, nicole, back to you. >> unusual site in utah, check out these flying sheep. wildlife workers, flew around, actually picking out the big horned sheep. this is done to make sure the heard don't get too large. now, officials are worried about the disease issues when population gets high. moving sheep throughout the state since the 19 70s.
8:22 am
check this unusual hotel guest, that's an owl, got into the attic at the ritz carlton, then found it way to the fourth floor. can i imagine, being a guest, and see an owl? police officer grabbed the birds in a blanket, calmed it down, then release philadelphia back to the wilds. owls probably more scared than anybody else.
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>> adele ' much anticipated 25 albumn went on sale friday. already on track to break records. according to billboard magazine, it sold 900,000 copies alone on i opportunity on its first day of release. music industry experts say the
8:25 am
albumn could go onto sell 2.5 million coupon's its first week. that would break-in sing long standing record, of the former boy band 2,000 albumn. no strings attached. it is currently the only albumn to sell more than 2.4 million copies in a single week. so on the heals of n'sync, not bad. the holiday season is already upon us. the time for family, for friends, and of course, for food. charles osgood sets the table for us, cbs sunday morning annual food issue. here is a preview what you will see coming up little later on cbs sunday morning. >> so what's it called. >> get your green on. >> at juice generation in new york city, they're freaking out, over juice. >> what do you like. >> i like apples. >> let's start with apples. >> i like carrots, and kale,
8:26 am
kale is a very hot vegetable these days. >> kale is the new bacon. kale is super hot. >> the founder, eric, promises better health. in a glass. >> juice help reach the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat. most of us, you know, fall off the wagon, get stressed have, bad days, good days, juice sag great way to get a loft nutrition, in a quick easy way. >> so juice bars popping up all over. juice something new. juicing is hip. there is never been anything like it. well, yes there is. i'll give you a sample of the vita mix machine. >> in 1949 what might have been the very first infomercial, william barnard known as pappa was juicing it up. so are you juiced about
8:27 am
juicing? >> says right about kale is not the new bacon. also, tips for cooking turkey ahead in our next half hour. all right, 8: 27 right now. still to come: little boy's life forever alter after misdiagnose, lets defendant him deaf and learning disable, how a lawsuit will help his family cope. also the delaware county spca needs your help finding a home for this dog. this is abby rose. she's been at the shelter longer than any other dog, more than 300 days, so coming up on a year. we'll tell you how you can help even if you don't want to adopt. >> and looking live at the runners and walkers, making their way through center city for today's philadelphia marathon. we'll have more coverage coming up on "eyewitness news". stay with us.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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today is sunday november 22, good morning to you, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. 8:30, we send it out to the skydeck, justin drabick, how is the weather shaping up for those runners, justin? >> i think they're enjoying this forecast right now on this run, because, temperatures pretty much comfortable right here in the city running around 50 degrees, there is not whole lot of sun, clouds are trying to break up little bit. little breeze to deal with. with the winds at their best, out of the west, feeling pretty good out there. little to the north and west, into the colder air, especially where we thin out the clouds. low 40's berks county, reading, 45 allentown where we have the thicker cloud cover, south of the city, still holding onto low 50's specially along the coastline, i don't think we'll see whole lot of sun along the coast,
8:31 am
but the farther north and west you are today you'll see more sunshine as we progress to the afternoon. forty-four doylestown. forty-five quakertown this hour. sustained winds ten to 20 miles per hour, every now and then you get a higher gust 25 to 30. so a breezy day today, overall cool, few degrees below average. and there are some wind chills to deal wit especially north and west of the city. it is feeling like the 30's, up in reading, 41 in allentown. so you're going have to wear the heaviest coat if you are heading out this morning to the afternoon, maybe putting up christmas decorations outside. little rough with the wind kicking up. lingering clouds over us, partly sunny later this morning into the afternoon. temperatures struggle to get back up to around 50 degrees, this afternoon, because temps just kind of hold steady through the day today with the push of colder air. fifty-two that's it for the high for philadelphia, low 50's at the shore, mid 40's in the poconos. then it gets cold tonight. then coldest air of the season arrives for tomorrow. we get to those details coming up in just a few more minutes, nicole, back to you. >> justin thank you. philadelphia marathon now underway.
8:32 am
right now thousands of run remembers making their way down the ben franklin parkway, and throughout center city, the race got started off casino of to slow start because of long security check point lines. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" 10606 has that story. >> reporter: 25,000 runners began right here on the ben franklin parkway, for the 22nd annual philadelphia marathon. the race began about 7:15. thousands of runners began in waves. first, wheelchair runners followed by the elite and then thousands and thousands thereafter. the race route 26.2 miles long. it takes you throughout philadelphia neighborhoods, going to south philadelphia, and back up to manayunk. more than 25,000 runners have trained for weeks, sometimes months, getting ready for this race. security has been enhanced all along the route where there are security checkpoints. both for tech spate ores and the runners, remember, detours, throughout the city, as well as road closures, so if you are coming into the city to cheer on the runners,
8:33 am
expect delays. cherri gregg, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile, the philadelphia fire department is training the firefighters and paramedics of the future. fifty young people were honored during the closing ceremonies for the fire explorers program. "eyewitness news" there at the fire academy on pennypack street. the more err program for young people ages 14 to 21, who are interested in working the fire and ems field. >> state police stepping up effort to make sure families travel safely. "eyewitness news" at chapman ford in northeast philadelphia where parents were able to get their child's carseats inspected for free to make sure they're working properly. from 2010 to 2014 penndot says 82% of children under age four were not injured in crashes while in their safety seats. >> now, to "eyewitness news" exclusive. a jury decides children's hospital of philadelphia will have to pay $10 million to a family, after the hospital's mistakes left a six year old
8:34 am
deaf and disable. medical reporter stephanie stahl has the details. >> who is that? that's you? little boy. >> six year old shamir tilery loves to show pictures every himself, and without words, he says a lot. >> that's you. >> has significant disability because of brain injured that happened while he was a baby. his mom lives with shattered dreams anteriores that never stop. >> i don't know, he can do everything he could do. >> she said when shamir was 11 months old he spike a fever. she took him to children's hospital where they were sent home twice on the third visit, three days in a row, back to the hospital, shamir was finally diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. >> it is unfortunate that shamir didn't get basic standard medical care. it is very, very unfortunate. >> andrew stern represented the family in a lawsuit against chop. he says by the time shamir got blood work and other basic
8:35 am
testing, it was too late. >> it is inexcusable negligence. what's really sad is that it would have been so easy for this to have been corrected for him to get the right treatment. all he needed was antibiotics. >> jury award the the family $10 million. shamir will need life-long care. >> i want to do everything that any other child could do. >> shamir wears hearing aids, but they don't help much. he communicates mainly with signing. however, you don't need words to know this is an adorable little boy. >> high five. high five again. good job. >> cbs-3 reached out to children's hospital for a reaction, a spokesperson said the hospital does not comment on litigation. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> the delaware valley is answering an urgent plea from an animal shelter that's run out of space and needs good homes for dogs. >> "eyewitness news" friday
8:36 am
night, again, all of the kennels are full. the shelter, though, told thaws 34 dogs were adopted on saturday. long-term resident dozer was among those who found a new home, the shelter is offering free adoptions for all large breed dogs. that's nice to hear. the delaware county spca also needs your help, though, the shell err looking to find its longest shelter dog restaurant abby rosa home. still fun way you can help for funds a family. >> hi, abby. this is abby. >> high! >> when first met abby rose, she was sank the blues. >> we can tell she is becoming depressed things she still likes to do she doesn't really like to do them any more. >> three year old pitbull mix has spent the past 312 days >> her family left her behind. >> it is sad. you can see in her eyes, soul full eyes.
8:37 am
she looks like she has been through a lot. but the thing about dogs and cats, is they're so resilient. >> specially ones they find a home, which is why they launched the abby rose challenge encouraging folks to come meet their longest shelter dog resident and snap a selfie. >> can post it on their facebook, or fine abby rosa home, maybe more people in the network will see the dog. doesn't have behavioral needs, she said she would do best worth out dogs or other children. to adopt need proof of home ownership or permission from landlord in addition to vet references. the 150-dollar adoption fee has been taken care of. >> if you're a good family, we will make it a quick easy process for you. >> and for abby rose, who deserves to stop singing the blues, and start singing a different tune. >> another look at my selfie
8:38 am
within a rose, whether you can give this sweet girl a home or not or help raise awareness so she can find a family, head to the delaware county spca. go ahead, snap a selfie. hashtag find abby rosa home. hopefully we can get this little gill adopted. more coming up next check in with "face the nation" john dickerson with a look ahead at with "face the nation" john dickerson with a look ahead at today's like a lot of little circular dots. with "face the nation" john dickerson with a look ahead at today's itchy, burning. it's pretty much everywhere, where i have pants. define very active? then maybe yes. you know, i'm gonna have to call you back. okay bye. find and book a doctor in private with zocdoc.
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>> cbs "face the nation" will be coming your way little later this morning at 10:30, right here on cbs-3, joining us with a preview live in washington is the moderator and political director,ohn dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. we are going to look at this question of isis from both the domestic and the foreign february speculative. we start with senator diane fine stein, top democrat on the senate intelligence committee. then talk to brett the president special envoy to that global coalition, that is
8:41 am
fighting isis, in syria. and in iraq. congressman mike mccall will be with us, the house homeland security chairman. and then, at the end. we talk to senator ran paul, republican presidential candidatement also have new pole numbers from the battlegrounds tracker pole about where things stand in the republican field, some movement there. and then, nicole, finally, we ends with two panels today, one with experts talking about isis, and the terrorism threat, and then political panel to wrap up the political news of the week. >> always lots to cover, john john we look forward to the broadcast, still to come. chilly weekends, justin says much colder air on the way. forecast coming up next. plus, turkey tips, maybe you've already purchased your thanksgiving feast, but we'll have some advice from an expert about cooking the bird. and speaking of birds, hope they don't get cooked today. right? preview of the match up with the buccaneers ahead in sports. i think our floor director liked that one. we'll be right back.
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>> less than a week to thanksgiving, talked about side dishes already, chef, chef, roselli market fresh in marlton. why don't we talk about the turkey and the preparations, you know, before we get into the off glenn yes, so here we have, let's talk about the size of the turkey, number one asked question. 1 pound per person, to up 15 pounds. anything over 15 pounds, back up to three quarters after pound. second question we ask, how do we cook it? so real simple. no reason to panic. what i do, i like to make it fresh, i don't use wire racks or beds or anything. >> okay? >> i like using fresh vegtables, wire rack instead. easier to clean, also helps flavor your grave. >> i yes. >> take the drippings. >> that takes some time out of it. >> so what we do, we put this right in. this is brian turkey. i brian the turkey it, adds more moisture back to turk. >> i yes, a lot of people wonder why that extra step of
8:45 am
brining but you say keeps the moisture? >> no fat, no fat in turkey. a lot of women love turkey burgers, healthy, low-fat. we need to put more moisture into the turkey. so we brine it, one cup of salt, one cup of sugar, 1 gallon of water, good to go. you might need 2 gallons for bigger turkey. get it in the pan, stuff to not to stuff. another question, i love stuffing. i stuff mine. but make sure to stuff loosely, make sure the stuffing is 165 degrees. >> let's talk about the stuffing though. what do you typically put into your turkey? you're a professional, i'm a novice. not always sure. any advice there? >> flu want to stuff with your regular traditional stuffing you can do that, stuff the front and inside calf did i. if you don't want to stuff, do area owe mattick herbs, oranges to give flavor, onions, then just give flavor while the turkey is cooking so if you are not going to stuff, fine. but if you stuff, you know, put your favorite stuffing n if you are not stuffing, put something in. gives it flavor. >> how large a turk toy
8:46 am
choose, real quickly, fresh or frozen? a lot of people wonder what's the differens. >> fresh turkeys obviously are slaughtered within a week of thanksgiving. >> frozen turkeys just you have no idea, could be six months old in the freezer. also thawing issue with frozen turkeys, five days in the freeze over so you have to be pretty good on getting the turkey thawed in term. >> five days in the fridge? >> yes. >> or do it in cold water, will take 12-15 hours in a tub of cold water. >> so you get the turkey into the oven. and then the thermostat. >> then the thermostat. >> you got to check it? >> use thermostat. so i have a digital thermostat here. i also have a quick read. you want to just put it in. >> turkey done. you hear the alarm? >> you know something, i did set it, i'm glad i did. good thermometer. put the thermometer right into the center of the thigh, the thickest part. >> okay. >> a lot of people think these little quick read her mom at the, not accurate do. not trust them.
8:47 am
usually cook the turk toy 190 degrees. we want it to 165 in a leg. then good to go. now carving the turk. >> i yes? >> everyone gets scared. >> it is intimidating. >> it is. really easy. all you want to do is you can see the green of the turkey. you want to cut against the grain. so, you want to put slice here. you can separate the leg and thigh. joint here. you just put the knife, pops the joint right off. then as far as the turkey, you can actually make a slice down the center. >> okay. >> then all do you is do nice easy slices. and as you brine a turkey see how thin, how thin you can slice this without it crumbling. >> yes. >> see all of the added moisture. >> the brining, nice extra step. >> nice step. >> takes little extra time. >> and that's really how you want your turk toy look. so, justin slicing down. and then you can take the thigh off. people that like the dark meat, serve the dark meat that way. >> so glad you're here, i thank you, hoping a loft folks, ahead of thanksgiving. >> no problem at all. >> we appreciate t we'll taste this and send it over to justin. >> well, good tips right
8:48 am
there, and i have to say, that alarm were you hearing, that was actually nicole's phone going off, yes, reminding her of a cbs cut in coming up. but she played it off well. alarm for the turkey, nice job, nicole. and she ate all of the turkey, i didn't even get any. she was telling me how good it was. looking forward to thanksgiving dinner for sure. if you are traveling through the holiday, pretty dry, but cool today. it gets even colder tonight. let's check in with our weather watchers, this morning, temperatures kind of uniform, pretty much where ever you are, except further north and west, little cold. out in cherry hill new jersey lynn, 48 degrees, 47 down in middletown at jason's house at this hour, south jersey, margo simons at 47 degrees in buena vista, mouth laurel carry at 48 degrees. eagle ville mid 40's, same deal around philadelphia. miler lawrenceville, clementon, both low 50's at this hour. and down south, into williamstown, peter collection in also with ooh degrees. but the wind is now starting to kick up as well. sustained winds sanatoga, michael's house 17 miles per
8:49 am
hour16 at jason's in middletown. you get the picture. we are dealing with gusty winds this afternoon. that winds is starting to bring in some colder air. speaking of wind, wind speed, this is what phil's weather station is look being like, will be spinning all day long today. that's the story, windy and cool conditions. we take you outside to center city looking at the ben franklin bridge, from campbell's field. and clouds are starting to thin out little bit. still some mid to high level clouds going on. we will see some sunshine this afternoon. again, temperatures just struggle struggle to get back to the low 50's, so far november though has been warmment check it out. all of the days here in orange indicate above average temperatures. we are only at one day where we were below, one day right on average. here we are, 7 degrees above average for the month. so this is pretty impressive. brief cool down on the way for the next 24 hours, average high is 54. not quite that today. much colder tomorrow. only highs, den degrees below average in the 40's, then each day gets little warmer, by the end of the week, thanksgiving into friday, talking about highs in the 60s, how about
8:50 am
that? clouds over us right now, cold front slowly moving off shore. with some showers still off the coast. and then look at that lake effect snow showers breaking out, across up-state new york, northwestern pennsylvania, so that's that colder air surging on in. now much happening today. still some left over clouds, maybe get stray sprinkle along the coastline. elsewhere, just some increasing sunshine, through the day, tonight we are going to clear out, few clouds around, tomorrow, more sunshine, but even though with that sun temperatures stay cold. check it out. forecast high for your monday, 46 degrees, so that will be the coldest day since we've had since april 9th. temperatures today, struggle to get back into the low 50's at best, for mid afternoon highs. tonight cold, mid 30's, 20's, in a lot of the suburbs, it will be windy, as womenment windchills value will feel colder than that. and for tomorrow, look at that, widespread 40's, that's it for the high temperatures, and in the mountains stuck in the three's. jet stream on the move. it is heading southwards. we have this cold pocket of air, that's moving to the
8:51 am
south and east, the core of the cold air settles on top of us tonight and on monday. but short lived. check it out. it moves out of here, as we head to tuesday, wednesday, then surge of some miler air tries to return for thanksgiving into friday. that's why talking high temperatures running good 10 degrees above average. today, close to average, 52, partly sunny, breezy, still some gusty wind out of the northwest, to up 30 miles per hour. cold night tonight. few clouds around. the heat will be running. thirty-four for the city. twenty's in a lot of the suburbs. and it is good football weather though. at least things are nice and dry headed out to the link. have to do some tailgating or checking out the games, bucks in town, 48 degrees at kick off at 1:00. still windy though northwest wind at ten to 20 miles per hour. certainly, throw that heavier coat and sweatshirt on. extended forecast in dry stretch. pretty quiet weather pattern, just cold start to the week. mid 40's on monday. as we head into tuesday, back up to 50, near average wednesday, big travel day wednesday looks great. dry conditions. around the mid-atlantic,
8:52 am
northeast, thanksgiving day look at the sunshine with high of 60. big shopping day friday, mid 60s for highs, so the people headed out overnight camping outlooks like you aren't going to be battling anything too harsh, then really next chance for any rain will hold off until later on saturday, with our next storm system. do you love watching the weather you could be featured in our newscast by becoming eyewitness weather watcher. just sign up now at nicole? >> justin, thanks. 8:52, let's check on the roads with ann, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. you are looking at the ben franklin parkway, you can see, the runners for the philadelphia marathon. at the top of your screen there, running around the art museum circle. and they are having a lot of fun today. also, a loft work, but the ben franklin parkway shutdown in both directions, for the art new see. sickle and 20th street for the philadelphia marathon, along with vine street expressway, off-ramps closed at the ben franklin parkway, in either direction, kelly drive shutdown, this is to the right of your screen, between the art museum circle and city avenue. martin luther king drive shutdown to the left of your screen, between the ben franklin parkway and the falls bridge. also, spring garden street
8:53 am
shutdown from pennsylvania avenue and the schuylkill, all for the marathon. moving the traffic cam, from the marathon, to i95, at broad, and you heard justin bring up the eagles game, if you are headed to the eagles game today. no delays or problems on i-95. our shot went out, so i move it, there you go, it is back there is i95 at broad. so there is no problems on i95 through philadelphia, or it suburbs, moving on, to the ben franklin bridge mid-span, the ben franklin bridge coming along fine this morning, if you are taking it, and you are going up to 676, the admiral wilson boulevard, they look okay. and no delays on 42, or 55. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic centerment i ' inch evans, nicole, back to you. >> thanks so much. we also want to let you know broomall police are investigating overturned accident that happened this morning. it happened in the 200 block of south sprout road. two cars were involved in the accident. one woman cents has been taken to the hospital. there is no word right now on her condition. we'll take a short break ♪
8:54 am
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>> it is game day for the eagles, mark sanchez will get the start. both teams with four and five roads. the eagles have chance to move into first place, in the nfc eels, with a win. the birds defense will have a difficult match up. the bucks are led by this year's number one overall pick jamison winston. mike evans, caught 27 passes, in the last four games. >> obviously jameis winston alive, whole bunch of target, a loft times, like i said, he's covering, jest throw it up to him. a loft times he makes those plays. so, that's something that we got to look to defend. and we will get you ready for the class between the eagles and buccaneers starting 11:30 today on kick off, join me sports director, merrill reese, live from the link starting 11 doctor 30 right here on cbs-3. that's all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdale. have a great day. and go birds. >> go birds, good football
8:57 am
weather, flight. >> great football weather, cool, windy, temperatures in the 40's around kick off. stays dry. that's good. even colder tomorrow, mid 40's, that's it, so that's coldest air we've seen since early april. but then it warms up. second half of the week we keep it dry. big travel day wednesday, thanksgiving, look at that 60 degrees and sunshine. >> not bad. i notice "black friday", also looking good for all of the shoppers out there. all right, justin, thanks. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now, always on line sunday morning is next, great day. best of luck to all of the marathoners out there. great day for t see you next week.
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