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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  November 23, 2015 2:05am-2:39am EST

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♪ ♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". it's not fun to root for the
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eagles any more. i don't want to watch them any more. i'm done with them. i'll done. i'm done. >> disgust and desperation from eagles fans tonight after the birds get em bar rav at the linc by the tampa bay buccaneers. good evening everyone. i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. the eagles were booed off the field today beaten in every phase of this game. it was not pretty. sports director don bell is here to tell us what in the world happened. >> i'm done with the eagles. no more. >> yeah. >> i love fans. i can get enough. four-five eagles hosting the four-five buccaneers. i was there along with 69,000 others. it was like a trip to the dentist a root canal with no novocain. the birds were favored by 6.5 points. but they were the ones that got drilled. let's show you exactly how this thing went down. chill kelly's squad trying to bounce back after blowing a 13-point lead last week. they couldn't stop the run. doug martin that had 235 yards
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rushing. tam at a bay had 283 on the ground. jameis winston grew up eagles fan sang the fight song along the side lines and through five touchdown passes. 30 rookie in nfl history to do that. eagles get smashed 45-17. >> beat dallas and that was -- we'll win the rest of our game. it doesn't work that wage it never works that way. you know, so we got to come back to work tomorrow morning and get ready to play a game on thursday so if we allow this game to affect us on that you first then shame on us. guys always upset with losing but to come out and play in the fashion we did is unacceptable. >> so the eagles fall to four and six with no time to rest. they play in four days on thanksgiving day in detroit. coming up later in sports mark season chez makes his first start of the season i'll have more on his performance. this is basically the weekend where hope went to die. >> it looks that way. >> it was that bad there. they don't have a lot of time to recover. >> no, they don. >> they got to get back on the
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game. thank you so much, don. see you later as well. needless to say fans had unanimous reaction to today' embarrassing loss and many thought it was the coaching staff that needed to be changed. >> eagles, man. chip kelly got to go. >> with all the players that we have and the talent that we have, i think the coaching staff has to completely change.we neel change. >> i think the season is over. i think the play was sloppy. chip kelly is out of there. too many interceptions the season is over. i don't know when it ever be our season. >> wow they bro claimed the season over plenty of chatter on our cbs philly facebook page. bobby wrote the entire team is to blame but the brunt goes to kell. he got rid of some excellent players, brought in his people and poof there went the eagles. now patricia add chip kelly lot of this game, oh, that's right, he knows what he's doing. destroying a team in one season. there are plenty of other
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comments and we cannot put most of them on television. so what do you think of the eagles? keep it clean, everybody. is there season toast? way in on facebook and twitter with the hash tag cbs3. we'd love to hear from you. on to another big event here in if youly. race weekend today. 30,000 participated even more were lining the field cheering them on. "eyewitness news" reporter rah hill salomon hasn't has more on the increased security measures in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in paris. >> reporter: they start the race alone whether the be 26.2 miles or 13.1, 1 foot in front of the other, 1 mile at a time. >> we are so ready. we've been training for this since august. we've been out getting our miles in and this is the day we've been waiting for. >> reporter: the route starts along the ben franklin park parkway, south philly, university and city and manayunk before finishing back on the parkway all along the way fans cheer on exhausted and weary
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runners. while participants focused on the path officials kept their eyes on security. >> since the boston bombing we upgraded some of our security measures so some have been in effect since then. clear bags and secure area in the start and finish zone. but give given the events in paris just a week or so ago, we've taken some extra precautions. some things people won't even necessarily see. >> reporter: among the measures scene a heavy police presence. >> whether they were on bike or motorcycle or horse or driving in their cars, and so this is a major event for the city, and so because it's a major event we want to make sure people feel safe and that they are safe. >> i love the fact the police are out here and added security it makes me focus on on my run. >> after hours of running one by one runners crossed the finish line. some physically helped by others but really all helped pushed and supported along the way by many. >> this was 22nd year for the
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philadelphia marathon race officials tell me it was a record breaking year for spectators. more than 60,000 people showed up along the race course to support. reporting on the ben franklin parkway rah hill solomon, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> men's win are in was from ethiopia. he crossed the finish line with in two hours, 17 minutes and 44 second. women race two showers 40 minutes and five seconds. she told cbs3 she had a baby just eight months ago. wow. congratulations to all the winners and all the runners out there. after a chilly weekend temperatures are beginning to plunge toward the freezing mark tonight. meteorologist lauren casey out there on the cbs3 sky deck, got her jacket on this autumn chill we've been feeling much needed jack at this point. >> i did need my winter beret also but i didn't want to left off my doo i left it off. little bit chilly much blustery
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day today. a cool day and temperatures getting even colder as that arctic air continues to build in across the delaware valley checking in on our current conditions across the region, 42 degrees right now in philadelphia. but with that biting north northwesterly wind and around 15, feels more like 35 degrees. it's 40 at the shore feeling more like 33. 31 right now in the poconos. feeling like, ooh, 21 degrees right now, and what's ahead, y yes, an arctic blast as we head into the day tomorrow and tomorrow night as well but it will be brief because we'll kick off a gradual warming trend that will help warm us up to unseasonal levels as we approach the thanksgiving holiday. we'll talk about some 60s in the forecast for you, your family, the bird, for everybody going to enjoy some of this fall warmth that's coming up in your forecast in just a few. >> thank you very much. the red cross meantime is helping families affect beside a fire in philadelphia's nicetown tioga neighborhood. crews did respond to the 3600 block of north 21st street
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just after 5:45 this evening. they were able to place the two alarm blaze under control about half an hour later. no injuries were reported. brussels belgium in lock down tonight as authorities warn residents a terror attack may be eminent. investigators believe a terrorist who escaped from paris after the attacks there is now hiding out in the belgium capitol. tina krause has more from paris. >> reporter: soldiers are standing guard on the streets of brussels where the subway and most businesses are shut down. with paris terror suspect salah abdeslam still at large the city is bracing for possible attacks in multiple locations a lawyer for a man who dropped off abdeslam in belgium the day aft the paris onslaught says the terror suspect may have been wearing an explosive belt under his coat. >> muhammed abdeslam thinks his brother decided at the last moment not to go through with the attack. seven terrorists died in paris
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including brahim abdeslam a third brother who blew himself up outside a bar. parisians are still bringing flowers to a memorial at the bataclan theater what 89 rock fans lost their lives. they were here to see the american band eagles of death metal. band members told about that night. >> the killers were able to get in and killed everyone of them except for a kid who was hiding under my leather jack. killers got in your dressing room. >> yeah. >> wow. >> people were playing dead and they were so scared a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends. >> reporter: at a church service near the bataclan the priest urged people to embrace love, not violence. >> i've been praying a lot since last week. i've been praying a lot for the victims, for their families. >> reporter: paris is still grieving the city is slowly coming back to life. tina krause for cbs3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the terror attacks in paris.
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we'll have the latest on air and on our website a bomb threat caused a plane headed for istanbul this morning to divert to nova scotia. canadian police say the threat was received on saturday night when a turkish airlines passenger jet had already depa departed from new york's jfk airport. the plane landed safely in halifax and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in to search aircraft. no explosive devices were found. turning now to campaign 2016. new cbs news poll shows donald trump regaining his lead in two early primary states. 30% of likely republican voters now back the billionaire in io iowa. ben carson has slipped from first to third hyped a surging ted cruz. similar story playing out in new hampshire carson has fallen behind trump and florida senator marco rubio. trump gets 32% of the vote in the granite state 20 points ahead of his nearest challenger.
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we'll have the latest on our website now against all odds, it was the perfect match, a local man is risking his own life after stumbling on a craigslist pos posting. our steve patterson sat down with the man and tells us this inspiring story of fate and kindness. >> reporter: if there's a single word for what 49-year-old glenn consult bank is about to do, it's hard to articulate it. >> i think this is very important. so important i'm risking my live for it. >> reporter: glenn is preparing to donate his kidney to a woman who will die without it. someone until very recently was total stranger. >> i can save somebody. >> reporter: the fact that glenn has been to the hospital a dozen times in help preparation to risk his own life isn't particularly astonishing that's just glenn. what is in a zero as of fantastic coincidences twisted fate and dumb luck is the way glenn found nina. >> looking on craigslist, and i
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just happened to come across an ad that struck my eye of somebody was asking for a kidney for their wife. >> reporter: glenn was looking in the material section of craigslist for his job. posting begging for the life of egg harbor resident nina, mistakenly placed right in front of him. >> i was meant to see that. >> reporter: glenn and responded by asking her blood type. probability lost again. a positive. a perfect match. within a week nina was sitting face to face with glenn. >> and i told her, i said, look, i know i'm a match. she said how do you know that? i said, there's no way that i saw your ad by accident, we're the same blood type and i'm not a match. >> reporter: and perhaps the only reason nina's post caught glenn's eye is because of jessica. >> i feel like she's my angel. >> reporter: glenn's first wife, first love, waited two years for a kidney after hers started failing. eventually it came from a cadaver but when her body
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rejected the organ she died on dialysis. now, four years later, glenn and jessica have another shot with nina. >> the excitement and the feeling of doing this for somebody else is moreover powering than the fear that is i have. >> reporter: maybe that word is bold. maybe that word is brave. maybe that word is love or maybe in this particular moment out of all the other moments that make up time maybe that word is just glenn. >> i don't feel special. i just feel like somebody had to. i'm the one. >> reporter: in berlin, new jersey, steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> amazing story. new apps meantime are maybing eight lot easier than ever to manage your money. straight ahead here on "eyewitness news" we'll show you how they work and give you the tools that you need to make smart financial decisions. plus, born on a boat. the incredible story of a child born prematurely at sea who beat
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all odds and survived. lauren? >> we're just one month away from the official start to winter but we're getting a taste of it right now. how long we'll need to bundle the answer is in your forecast. stay tune. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. born on a boat. a baby boy returned to his home. he spent two months in a miami hospital after his premature birth on a cruise ship. little hayden arrived home in ogden utah this weekend. he was born three months early when his parents were on a seven-day cruise around the caribbean. he was only 1.5 pounds but the little boy has defied all odds. >> he started taking bottles a number of week ago and his breathing has been on very low setting he's surpassed their expectations long time ago. >> his parents say the main
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concern in moving him to utah the change in elevation. he will be hospitalized there for the next several weeks or so but they hope that he will be home just in time for christmas. a yacht yacht in venice beach california destroyed this weekend after it was engulfed in flames. everybody aboard did get out safely including a baby but it wasn't without a very serious scare. the baby, her parents and two other adults were forced to jump off the 40-foot boat. the cause of the fire was not immediately known. now, millennials group up with the rise of technology and in the middle of the great recession. why many financial planners see them embracing money saving apps mon are mon. everything you need to get started fits right in the palm of your hand. bill couldn't nel system really watching his budget right now. he is set to move from new york to la next month. >> i at least like to know how far i'm over stepping my bounds. >> he downloaded meant an app that tracks how much money you have, how many bills you have to coming your way and let's you set savings goals.
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>> you can set up alerts. if i say that i want to budget to only spend $100 week on food, it shows i spent $300 this week on food it can e-mail me and say what are you doing? real it in a little bit. >> dan is a millennial who tracks workplace habits for his generation edge cease the apps becoming the popular way millennials safe money, management their budget or even invest. >> millennials use multiple banks, multiple credit cards. these apps centralize all the information in one app. >> level money will keep track of your budget and look at how much money you have you have to spend each day, week mon. acorn takes your spare change from your debit card purchases and round it to the nearest dollar. that change is invested in six different funds. >> it actually an incentive for mill help yann to start saving because it's a little bit each time. >> millennials like connelly think the apps allow him to save more by alerting him in real
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time. >> i would forget to put money into savings, you know, or put it into an investment portfolio if there wasn't some technology doing it for me. >> allowing him to make a move now while planning his financial future. >> before downloading the app know that most of them do require users to link their credit cards, checking accounts and other highly personal information. christmas village is now open at love park. philadelphia's german style christmas shops opened week earl will a very preview weekend. vendors sell popular christ nass gifts from germany including glass ornament, music boxes and nut crackers also tasty treats. mulled wine, ginger bread and bratwurst. village is open until december 27th. also 300 senior citizens enjoyed a very tasty thanksgiving feast a little early today. reading terminal vendors donated turkeys, sweet potato pies for the meal at septa' jefferson station. little dancing going on, too,
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there. the philadelphia corporation for aging organized this event. that provided holiday cheer to local low income older adults. looks like everybody had good time out there. >> never too early for turkey. >> never. we got our little turkey day coming up this week. what is it looking like. >> looking so nice it will feel a lot warmer than what we're feeling right knowledge. bitter blast maybe getting you in the holiday spirit. big cool down and we felt it moving in to today. cold front passed through the delaware valley with little fanfare here in center city philadelphia. quiet conditions right now as we get a live look on skycam3. but it did bring a few showers down along the shore. beach haven picking up just about over a tenth of an inch of rainfall. cape may close to that total. same case in egg harbor. light showers moved along the coast and dropped a little bit of rainfall now that moisture has moved out. we can see that on storm scan3. well offshore at this point the cloud deck moving offshore as well. drier air builds in on the back side of that cold front. so skies now clearing out after that cloudy start to the day and temperatures dropping down.
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neighbor network showing us 40 degrees right now in cinnaminson. 37 degrees right now in norristown. mace lanning reporting 38 degrees. so feeling a little bit chilly and we're in the 30s in the lehigh valley. 42 degrees right now in philadelphia. and 40s across much of the southern new jersey right now. but we do have that wind out of the northwest ushering in this colder air but wind speeds up there around 10 to 15 miles per hour really adding to that wind chill element so it's feeling more like 35 degrees right now in philly. feeling like 30 in allentown. 33 degrees your feels like temperature in atlantic city and these temperatures drop off as we head into tomorrow morning. waking up to temperatures feeling like middle 20s in philadelphia. so you need all the winter weather gear waking up and heading off to work and school tomorrow morning. even by lunch time, still feeling like 30s across the region. and as you're heading home from work temperatures diving back down once again feeling like 20s in the lehigh valley feeling like freezing mark down the shore as we head into tuesday morning, that breeze will start
2:30 am
to let up but conversely with the lighter wind speeds temperatures will cool even a few degrees colder so it's going to be another frigid and chilly start feeling like 29 degrees tuesday morning in philadelphia. overnight tonight we're dropping down to 33 degrees. one of our defendant nights of the season so far. mostly clear, breezy and surely cold. tomorrow 45 degrees our coldest day of the season so far. but with that northwesterly wind, it's going to feel more like 30s really all throughout the day. despite that mostly sunny sky. this air compliments of canada, of course. dip in the jet stream allowing that colder air to sing in across parts of the northeast. but it is going to be brief a big ridge of high pressure setting across the east coast building in as we head into midweek and just in time for thanksgiving, that warmer air driving northbound will push our temperature up to near 60 degrees in the delaware valley and even warmer if do you have plans for black friday, conditions going to be very mild for this time of year. 60 degrees mostly sunny.
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a great looking thanksgiving for you and the family and temperatures even warmer as we head into the end of the week. 64 degrees and well above average about 10 to 15 degrees above average for us. a dry week featuring a lot of sunshine. but we will have a few chilly mornings over the next couple of days. the only rain chance in the extended forecast is going to be next saturday with a chance of a few showers and some eventual cooling as we head into next weekend but turkey day looking great. >> and your turkey is so happy as we pointed out. >> he's taking a little -- shaking his tail feathers there. >> tail feather. >> getting ready. >> nobody is happy about this eagles loss. i can tell that you. >> are you going to make me talk about the eagles. >> i've got to. i'm sorry. >> i guess i'll do that. >> why not? >> mark sanchez got the start today. let's just say he was less than perfect. sanchez off the mark much that's
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ron jaworski, ran dam
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cunningham and donovan mcnabb you can wrap all three of those quarter nooks into one and the eagles still would have lost today's game against the bucks. it was that bad, people. none of those guys were on the field but mark sanchez was. sanchez got the start for the injured sam bradford and through three interceptions. his last one was returned for touchdown. there was miscommunication between he and running dac darrin sproles. two got into a visible shouting match. the birds lost by 28 and the frustration is obvious. >> we're in the middle of a game where getting beat pretty good and, you know, i'm pissed he stopped and he's mad i didn't throw it right to him. there's nothing wrong with that. >> he's all pro and a great player and i know, you know, as mad as i was i needed to hear his opinion and he wanted to hear what i had to say and you move on. >> okay. so who do you blame more for the loss? the players or the head coach chip kelly? what happened to the defense? sports radio glenn macnow and rob char rejoin
2:35 am
me and lesley van arsdall in the sports zone coming right after this very fine news program. so, yeah, listen we're showing that you because a lot of things went wrong and that's just one of the things that just kind of shows the frustration. >> yeah. >> going on with this team right now. >> lots to talk about. >> yeah. >> don, thank yo
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welcome back everyone. adele's 25 album went on sale but already on track to break records actually. billboard magazine says the album sold 900,000 copies on i tunes on friday which was its first day of release. analysts say 25 could go on to sell 2.5 million copies in his its first week breaking in sync's long-standing record
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