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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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haze been a very mild november. how long will this chill stick around? good evening aim ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. lets get outside to meteorologist kate bilo on the skies deck with more on that kate. >> it is feeling bitter out here. i don't know fit is just because it is so warm that we're not used to it. but i forgot my gloves, i had no excuse for that and neither do you. if you are heading out tonight and tomorrow morning bundle up, you need full compliment of winter gear like we have needed in the past several weeks. really since last winter. temperatures were well below average. we hit a high of 43 degrees. the that is average high for mid to late december. we usually hit that week before christmas. we are 10 degrees below average for today and take a look at how temperatures are dropping. now that the sunnies down we are down to freezing in allentown. twenty-seven in mount pocono. still barely hanging on to the 40's. hanging on for dear life in philadelphia 34 atlantic city 346789 in reading as well. we're talking 20's in suburbs tonight and then sub freezing
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lows here in philadelphia last time we were below freezing was april 16th of this year. but then a warming trend. we completely turn it all around as we head toward turkey day. it is a mild thanksgiving. how long will this last? i'll have answers in the seven day forecast when i join you back inside. shots fired, another monday full of frustration after eagles once again get thumped at home. this morning angelo cataldi of our sister station 94 wip traded jabs with head coach chip kelly. >> do you yell at them if they play real badly. >> i don't think you have to yell at green men. i think every single player in that locker roomies as disappointed or more disappoint then anybody in the city in terms of how we played and what the outcome of the game was. for someone to yell at them, they are not two-year old they are grown men. they know what is going on. that is harry high school stuff. that doesn't flow that doesn't work. that is not what what people talk about. if that is what people want,
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people want a screamer and yeller let's hire you because you are really good at it. >> i'm's not sure i would be worse then four and six. >> sports director don bell will have more on the bird in abt 20 minutes. when it comes to philadelphia sports it is hard to talk bay future, period then we are experiencing right now. our four professional teams are in a home slump has people scratching their head no team has won at home this movement the most recent home win flyers victory over rangers 30 days ago. sixers are still winless for the season and phillies have not played since early october. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan takes a close look at how bleak it has been and how the skid is affecting merchandise sales. >> we have a couple of nick foles. >> reporter: clearance rack at fan treasures sports depot in runnemede is, chip kelly ace roster turn over that has taken a ten-six team to four and six. >> chip can go back to oregon. matter of fact, ill will's drive him back. >> reporter: as fans enjoyment and confidence in the bird
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plumet so do jersey sales. at fan treasure several stores including pro image sports at deptford mall jersey sales in november are down 25 percent compared to last year. >> there is a lot of hype to start off the year. we have nelson agholor, everybody is under performing or getting injured. there is no trust that the fan base has in these players anymore. >> reporter: spark he will faded not just for eagles but for sixers who are win less and flyers have one of the worst record in the nhl. going to the holiday shopping season fan loyalty is only place sports shops can hang their hats. >> that is awful. i expect more. >> reporter: with all of the philly teams struggling fans are looking toward the the future when purchasing their gear. hottest thing is jahlil okafor with the 76ers but people have to wonder with the eagles there are any future stars. >> jordan matthews is a is in player but a star, i don't know. agholor we have not seen enough of them. >> reporter: they say if the trend continue it could mean
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changing their inventory. >> steer away from buying prepare stuff, because who knows who will be around. >> reporter: if hope has left the field maybe you can drum up nostalgia there is jerseys like dawkins, westbrook and cunningham to remind you of better days n runnemede, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new tonight state department issues a travel a alert for u.s. citizens due to terrorism concerns. the it comes amid new security measures at philadelphia international airport and assurancees from philadelphia police that they are ready to deal with an active shooter situation. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at philadelphia international with more on this, walt? >> reporter: well, days of that alert issued and new k-9 security here at the the airport i spoke with chief inspector joseph sullivan who head home land security for philadelphia police. we talk about the department's pol willcy and plan for dealing with any active shooter incidents. in the years before the paris attacks, philadelphia police
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were already busy, training for active shooters with one top priority in mind. there is no time to wait for heavily armed backup units. the the first officers on the scene must be the the first to go in. >> there has to be immediate, it has to be continuous and relentless. >> reporter: chief inspector joseph sullivan who leads the department's home land security unit says based on the paris attacks, it is clear instant action can save lives. >> if you allow attackers to be entrenched or take high ground or find themselves i place of cover, concealment, then it will be much more difficult to counter the threat. >> reporter: drills like these also emphasize medics no longer wait to help victims. they are cross trained along with police, so both can immediately rush medical assistance to the victims as soon as the the shooting stopped. >> immediate axis taken to control bleeding, maintain an
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opened airways and give that victim a strong likelihood of survival. >> reporter: meanwhile at philadelphia international airport as holiday travel begins a new four legged level of security. that is kena and four other tsa k-9's begins sniffing around passengers to detect explosives ordaining rust substances. >> they may come around, sniff around your feet, ankles but they won't be too intrusive. >> reporter: actually the dogs have always been here at the a airport, except behind the scenes with baggage and containers. philadelphia is joining a number of other airports around the country with the enhanced k-9 protection. live from philadelphia international the airport i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a budget proposal by pennsylvania governor tom wolf could give the state the second highest sales tax in the entire country. an additional 1.25 percent on top of the current rate would bring sales tax to
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7.25 percent. tack on philadelphia county tax and you could pay 9.25 cents for every dollar leaving your wallet. propose add measure was designed to create property tax rebate and fund school districts. right now lawmakers on both sides cannot agree to a yeah on a deal. governor want a budget on his desk by the fourth of december. vision and dental clinics and public schools i how some schools in cincinnati, ohio are doing it and mayor-elect jim kenney wants to bring a similar program to philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us from school district headquarters with more details, rahel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. what is interesting here is that the school district of philadelphia and teachers union both seems on board. it is a relatively new innovative way of schooling other districts in the country are doing it and we found today one school in philadelphia a that is working with it as well. when resources are hard to come by and need is hard to miss and philadelphia schools, the the city in ohio have one
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solution. >> we saw so many things that shocked us, we walk in the hall will way and there was a eye center, vision center. >> reporter: in a press conference monday at tanner duckry school in north philadelphia mayor-elect jim kenney talked about expanding schooling similar to plans in cincinnati. model var fridays school will to school but essentially uses outside non-profits and institution toss provide services like health care, dental and vision, even extracurricular like music he had case. but this is in cincinnati, this is south philadelphia high school where for at least the last five years, they have been working with dozens of partners to provide services to students. in that time the principal says graduation rates have soared, from 30 percent, to about 70 percent. >> we work really hard to make sure students come in, have the supports that they need to combat wide range of issues and wide range of abilities. we try to make sure we address both end of the spectrum.
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>> reporter: mayor-elect jim kenney would like to see community schoolings in 25 schools in his first term and city leaders say it should carry very little cost. >> in the cincinnati model no city money is needed and minimal school money. it was a private sector investment are in the school. >> reporter: intended outcome in cincinnati and south philadelphia is all the same, better academic achievement for students. kenney spokeswoman says good point they are still developing criteria to determine and identify what school this would take place in but ultimately this will largely determine, it will be largely based on community interest. reporting live, i'm rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will keep you updated, rahel, thank you. a driver cause aid fiery crash and tonight we are learning what may have led to the accident. getting in the holiday spirit and putting the giving in thanksgiving.
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how these volunteers are battling the clock to get those turkey meals out on time, kate. coldest day we have felt in quite sometime even a few snow flurries in the poconos earlier today but will it stay cold for your thanksgiving who will will day still in's have full seven day forecast coming up, don. eagles aren't who we thought they were so now what, time for radical changes or should they stay the course. chip kelly has some explaining to to do don't miss what the head coach has to say later in sports. blank
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facing dui charge after an early morning crash in 295 in west deptford. twenty-six year-old eileen dougherty of boothwyn was driving northbound in t southbound lanes when her prius smashed head on, into a pickup truck. that driver was able to escape before his truck burst into flames. the highway was closed for three hours during the crash investigation. a key section of the philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood that runs parallel toll i-95 is set to reopen tomorrow morning. penndot completed a a major
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reconstruction on richmond street between aramingo avenue and ann street. that area has been closed since february 2014. in addition to roadway upgrade, drivers will notice improvements to lighting and landscaping. pedestrians and bikers will have a a new route to take on the schuylkill river trail. mayor nutter and other city officials broke ground on the trail's new expansion which will run from grace fur toy 66th street. bartram's mile trail will a lou users access to the historic bartram gardens. >> the trail will connect the oldest, surviving, botanic garden in north america, bartram garden with the best urban trail in the country, according to u.s.a. today, and that is the the schuylkill river trail. >> which is expect to be completed by fall have of 2016, the trail is one of the many planned construction project for schuylkill bank south of the south sleet bridge. well, hundreds of local families in need will be able to enjoy thanksgiving meal thanks to generous donations from the salvation army.
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>> as part of the thanksgiving to go program 200 volunteers and culinary students are raising, for full meals for near hi 4,000 people. instead of the community meal families will be able to enjoy the feast in their own homes. >> i'm involved because i cannot believe that these people, volunteers and their students can all get it done, you know, and we do every year. >> they are able to have their meal, they are able to have left overs just like you and i would have for thanksgiving dinner and just have a a nice, peaceful family time. >> great. >> group is working with 2600-pound of turkey, 1200 cans of stuffing and 1800-pound have of mashed potatoes. got to have mashed potatoes. >> got to. coming up, it is a taste with torey. >> a lesson on being neighborly. it is always nice to have a good neighbor knowing if you ever need something they are just steps away. >> things here and there, i once went back and forth, one week was a chair, soft shell crab. >> not your average neighbors.
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the these are big time chefs here in philadelphia a with their own restaurant. vittoria woodill shows you why this kitchen competition is so friendly tonight at 11:00. kate is joining us now, very, very chilly outside. >> you got big coat for this one. >> you need puffy coat, park, scarves. >> you have it on the sky deck. >> yes, i was going to wear cute jacket and then i said one is better. function over form today, right? it is kind of night you want to bundle up, stay warm, throw an extra blanket on the bed. it is a cold one. coldest night in philadelphia since april 16th of this past year. we had dipped below freezing since then. bundle up. question is how long does it last? will it many pack your thanksgiving. thanksgiving does look to be warmer then this lets look outside right now, taking you out to campbell's field and ben franklin bridge lit up, but no adverse weather conditions as far as traveling is concerning. you need to bundle will up but
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we're in the talking about ice or rain this week. it is a quiet stretch which is all you can ask forehead nothing to thanksgiving. problem is saturday if you are traveling for the second half when you head home from your thanksgiving destination. we will get to that in a moment. we are clear. we are not seeing anything. few flurries in the poconos. we have light the snow, boundary sets up over in western pennsylvania and great lakes region but we are sitting pretty at least for now. question is, how cold will it get tonight? we're already down in the low 30's. the lets look at temperatures. the it is 36 at elmore rush elementary school in cinnaminson. audubon elementary school in norristown 34. mays landing is 31 degrees at the moment and it feels inn colder then thermometer indicates. we are still at 40 in the airport. feels like 34. feels like 19 with light breeze in mount pocono. feels like 20's in wilmington, millville and atlantic city airport. we will start to warm up over next few days.
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problem is tonight and tomorrow morning, again, coldest yet. do you think this morning is cold? tomorrow morning should 3 degrees colder and scrape ice off the cars in the morning. temperatures out and about expected to be down to 35 degrees by ten. it will stay there around 11:00 and continue dropping overnight. but here's good news, warming trend picks up, even into tomorrow afternoon is not as cold as today. wednesday high pressure moves east we will get more southeasterly flow by end of the week and temperatures surge back to normal on wednesday and above average for your thursday. turkey day turn around with the south win, temperatures hitting 60 degrees, beautiful weather. but growing up we went out front and did family football friend in the front yard while turkey was in the oven. the weather will cooperate for. that black friday warmest day of the week, 43 the high today. by friday we have a high of 66, a 23-degree swing from today to friday. we are heading upward. that is best way to be headed
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toward a big holiday. overnight tonight partly cloudy, cold. thirty-one for overnight low. many spots across the region in the 20's tonight. it will be in the 20's and 30's. we will get these numbers around sunrise so expect to it feel like 25 to 30 degrees tomorrow morning when you step outside. in the afternoon cloud giving way to sunshine, less wind then today. 49 degrees is the high. still below average but not much. thanksgiving thursday will jump ahead hitting 6o last time we had thanksgiving day 60 or above back in 2007. it has been a while since we enjoyed a nice mild thanksgiving. three years ago we were in the 50's. your seven day forecast lot at warming trend after a cool start, sunshine. 49 degrees in the afternoon. your wednesday high 53. that is seasonal. then above average, thursday and black friday great news for shoppers past few years have been rough, i necessity but friday looks great and front comes through saturday. traveling plans early saturday showers and gusty wind could slow things down, keep that in
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mine. sunday berth day to travel. monday quiet, seasonal again with temperatures in the mid 50's. today was a taste of winter in the air, tomorrow morning as well, what does winter have in store for us? cbs-3 winter weather outlook airs tomorrow night right here at 11:00. we have been working hard crunching the numbers. we will be hearing about el nino. >> yes. >> bring your questions tomorrow and i'll tell what you to expect. >> i'm ready, i'm all strapped in. we will be right
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don joins us now. >> and, nobody at all. >> and yeah, here we are we have to talk about it. good news eagles don't have a long time to what will owe in their own misery are. they play on thanksgiving day in detroit. the bad news is we may have to see another lackluster lost.
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yesterday bucks ran over through and around the bird beating them by 28 points. the a at four abe six chip kelly was asked if his team was where he thought they would be. >> not at all. no one is happen bye where our record is right now. a all we can company is prepare for detroit. we lost three games. people panic and throw the baby out with the bath water. i'm very confident in those football players. >> eagles went right back to work this morning. sam bradford practiced for the first time since practicing a suffering a concussion and separated shoulder. he is on the field and that is, progress. tonight's maybe the night sixers are zero and 14. they are the worst in the nba, and points per game, and turnovers but yes, there is a but, they play minnesota. the timber wolves are seer/and six at home. cross our fingers for sixers tonight, shall we. >> i'm with you. >> let's do it. >> morning skate for flyers they will host carolina
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hurricanes, tonight. fly guys are trying to avoid being shut out. dave hakstol has made changes, for one he is splitting up claude giroux and jay voracek line. >> we might look at a couple different things tonight. very likely we will start with a couple different line combinations, you know, tonight, and make sure we get a four line game going right away. >> we didn't score for last to games. i tried to spread it out, and hopefully get the lines going in a different direction. hopefully it will work and we can all get momentum and score some goals tonight. >> before the the games flyers legend, flyers will honor a legend in rod brind'amour, he will be induct in the teams hall of fame. rod spent nine seasons in philadelphia while setting a a team record with 484 games play. he is an assistant coach with carolina and here we are judge fingers crossed. >> goethe get them sixers. >> after this weekend it will feel like an nb a a
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championship. >> i would cross toes but i don't have dexteritiy got to work on that. >> we will be right back. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 a at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight how dangerous is anti refugee rhetoric. the nancy cordis reports on the growing political debate from new york here is scott pelley. take care family. we will see you here tonight.
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>> pelley: a new isis video threatens more attacks, and the u.s. has just put out a worldwide travel warning. we'll show you the tighter security in store for the holiday week. also tonight, warning signs that french intelligence missed. >> you were taunting them. >> yeah, they were taunting them. >> pelley: trump insists he saw it on tv, muslims in new jersey celebrated on 9/11, but did anyone else see it? and going nowhere fast, the worst bottlenecks in america. >> i give myself about an hour and a half to get to work. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight as 47 million americans are getting ready to head out of town for the


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