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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 24, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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♪ right now at 11:00 o'clock, a travel alert as millions get ready to head out of town for the holidays, a warning for all americans over terrorism concerns. how philadelphia international airport is beefing up its security. and as you shop for holiday gifts, are you paying sky high interest rates on your credit cards? you're not alone. three on your side's jim donovan shows you how you can pay off your debt faster and safe money. also, he's one of the runners in the philadelphia marathon that really caught our
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attention. 26 miles in 50 pounds of fire gear. why did he do it? we have the story behind this photo. hi, good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. those stories are straight ahead we gip tonight with blast of cold weather. we haven't felt in several months. >> meteorologist kate bilo has more on how long the mercury will drop. kate? >> it is dropping pretty quickly already, ukee and jessica. temperatures in the 20s in many locations outside already on the heels of what has been our coldest day in quite sometime. the high today only got to 43 degrees. that's the average high for mid to late december. not node late november. so we were about 10 degrees below average today and tonight these numbers are plummeting. none millville feels like the teens. allentown you're only at 22 degrees right now. 17 in mount pocono. we just dropped to 36 in philadelphia. numbers are continually dropping it will be subfreezing in the city. 20s across the suburbs. i'll tell you how low we go in the morning and then it all
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turns around. a warming trend later in the week. leading to what could be a very mild thanksgiving. i'll tell you your holiday forecast and some changes for the second part of the holiday weekend that's all coming up in a few minutes. ukee. >> see you in a bit. as we gear up for one of the busiest travel time of the year the state department issued a worldwide travel alert for us citizens due to terrorism concerns. that alert is in effect until february 24th. those traveling by air for the thanksgiving holiday should expect increased security measures. among them, passengers screening dogs. they're now on duty at philadelphia international airport, and they are trained to detect explosives with their extraordinary sense of smell. new cbs news poll finds 69% of americans think a terror tack here is somewhat likely in the next few months. and the investigation into the paris attacks continues explosive belt discovered in a paris suburb today may be linked to the terror attacks. police say the belt contained bolts and the same type of
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explosives as those used in the november 13th attacks. in belgium police conducted 29 new raids overnight and arrested 21 people as they continue the hunt for fugitive suspect salah abdeslam. brussels remains on lock down for a third straight day and highest alert level will be kept for at least another week. chopper three over a fire in department for, gloucester county tonight. the flames broke out in a home on lexington drive and we know a man and woman in the home when that fire started got out safely. firefighters tried to fight the flames from inside the home but they were forced out by heavy smoke. no one was injured and the cause of that fire is now under investigation. a frightening a tack as college student is stabbed on her way home from class. she's now recovering as police search for her attacker. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on the moore college of art campus tonight with video of that suspect police want to you see. david? >> reporter: jessica, detectives have pretty good
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surveillance video of this guy. they're just trying to identify him hopefully someone knows who he is so they can put him behind bars and get him off the street. in this surveillance video from police, the suspect slowly follows the 19-year-old female student from moore art of college and design before trying to grab her handbag. authorities say he then stabbed her several times in the torso before running off. >> i think that's a shame. i think it's unfortunate. >> reporter: detectives say the ma and was walking down the 2,000 block of cherry street about 11:30 last sun today. nay yo goes to moore and says she received an alert from school officials about the attack. >> it could happen anywhere because we're downtown. i feel like this is a very populated area. >> reporter: authorities say the man never actually took the student's handbag. >> hopefully we'll be able to get this guy off the streets so he doesn't do this again. >> lieutenant john staffed for tells "eyewitness news" the attack is a bold one considering the location. >> just want people to be aware of their surroundings.
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it look like this young lady was trying to do that. but again you have individuals that are out there and they look to prey on people that are walking by themselves. >> reporter: one student who didn't want to share her name says the video while troubling link watch is important to get out to the public because it shows the attacker. >> i don't think that, um, anyone feels animosity. they just want everyone to be safe. >> police describe the suspect a black male about 25 years old, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with a thin build. detectives say he carried a large cell phone. some good news to report tonight. i've learned that 19-year-old college student is expected to make full recovery. if you want to is he that video again we have posted on oh our website if you have any information give police a call remember you can remain anonymous. reporting live tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, dave david, thank you. take look at these surveillance photos much the man police want to talk to wearing that incredibles costume.
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the woman is wearing a similar costume on halloween the man punched a cab driver and fled with the woman after failing to pay his fair 5800 block of ridge avenue. as we approach the busy holiday spending season do you carry a balance on your credit card every month? credit card interest rates have largely been in a holding pattern for the past few years. don't expect that to last much longer. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us now explain how and why you can prepare yourself. jim. >> that's right. indeed. all likelihood the federal reserve bang will soon raise interest rates for the first time since 2006. when the fed raises rates it costs banks more to borough money much those extra costs eventually get passed down to consumers in the form of higher interest rates on lots of things including credit cards. as the holiday shopping season gets into full gear. it looks like everyone is pulling out their plastic and credit card companies make it easy. >> such a competitive time now for the credit card industry. that they're doing whatever they
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can to at track customers. >> reporter: every time you turn around there's another offer in the mail. >> as soon as oy get it i don't even open it at all any more. >> i just stick with the cards i have. i don't need any more credit. >> if i got great deal i might take a look at it. >> reporter: when the fed raises rates interest rates on credit cards will likely follow costing americans $6.6 billion more on wally on their credit cards. >> keep in mind rates are probably going to be trending up in the near future so it's something you need to prepare yourself for. >> reporter: now may be the time to consider a balance transfer offer. >> so it makes eight really good time to jump on these deals while they're still there. report roar credit senior industry analyst matt schultz says after serving 100 credits card several may be worth your while. the first slate by chase offers 0% interest for 15 months. >> which is longer than the average period. and if you make the transfer within 60 days of getting the card, there's zero -- there's no
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balance transfer fee. that can be a really good savings. >> capitol one quick silver one rewards has a short zero interest rate only nip months,. >> there's no balance transfer fee at all. >> the city diamond preferred card has the longest 0% interest rate period. 21 months. >> really long time. but it's important to know that that one does come with a balance transfer fee. >> reporter: now, one important thing to know about most balance transfer offers is that if you don't make the transfer within 30, 60 or 90's days after getting the card you can lose that 0% taj altogether. be sure to read the five print. >> jd, what do you think over time will zero% offers go away altogether. >> i think they'll hang around. what will happen shorter periods of time. you'll get them four months or sick months or extra fees are added on. so if you carry a balance which i tell people they really shouldn't, you should pay off your credit cards if you're carrying a balance, upping, now may ab good time to switch. because probably december,
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january, range the rates may start creeping up. >> i gotcha. >> a little different, jim, thank. pennsylvania's five month budget standoff continues with no deal in site. the senate narrowly reject add rejection to raise school property taxes. tonight vote was tied and broke by lieutenant golf nor mike stack. governor wolf wants a budget on his desk by december 4th. >> do you think running 26 miles is a tough feat. talk about going the extra mile. imagine running in firefighter goal from head to toe. a local man did that yesterday during the philadelphia marathon but why. >> "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinn nope has the answer. >> reporter: of all the runners one stood out most firefighter steven bender running a full 26.2-miles in full gear including the air tank. >> this is at least, what, 20 pounds. >> a little heavier, 20, 25 pounds.
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>> are you crazy? (laughter). >> some people said i'm crazy but i don't believe so. >> bender is motivated if nothing else. he does all of this for attention but not for himself. but rather for his charity. the firefighter five foundation. >> you must get looks i imagine. >> i do get some looks. >> reporter: mission to pay entry fees and expenses for first responders eing races and other competitions. >> first to run into a fire, first to run the guy with the gun. their health starts to deteriorate. they gain some wait. lose focus on themselves. >> reporter: the president of the reliance hook and ladder fire company in boothwyn was 1240 pounds. >> when you look at run diagnose that safe you? >> i believe so. it's not just the physical aspect of it. they're the mental at spec as well. it helps clear the mind. >> reporter: he finish the philadelphia marathon in a little over five hours and 30 minutes the fourth time he's run a full marathon in tull turn out gear and it weighs about 40 pounds. >> hot is the worst part.
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i was really sweating badly. >> 41-year-old has no plans on slowing down any time soon. he plans on running a marathon in every state in full gear. he thinks it should take him about 12 years. >> it seems almost impossible. >> nothing is impossible. i always tell people, mile 22, 23, we got this. one step at a time. >> in booth rick, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> great story. >> amazing. >> how about that? >> here in the city of brotherly love and sister affection we know a thing or two about being neighborly. >> you're about to meet your average neck door neighbors. they're both big-time chefs each with their own restaurant and vittoria woodill shows us why this kitchen is so friend until tonight's taste with tori. >> it was the show and tell that got one teenager arrested wolf months later find out how much money the boy's parents want the
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school to pay out. >> kate. >> a frigid night even way few snowflakes in the air but a holiday warmup is on the way. i'll tell you just how warm it will be for your thanksgiving holiday. plus, chip kelly fires back. the eagles head coach responds to his critics after yesterday's embarrassing loss. ♪
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the family of a texas teen arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is planning on suing for millions. he was mistied after teacher thought that clock was a bomb. the family is seeking $15 million from the school district as well as written apologies. the attorney says the family does not receive those letters in 60 days, they will go to court. meanwhile ahmed and his family moved to qatar. >> hundreds of local families in need will be able to enjoy thanksgiving people thanks to generous donations from the salvation army. as part of the thanksgiving to
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go program, 200 volunteers and cull any nary students are raising to prepare full meals for nearly 4,000 people. "eyewitness news" at the sal vague army philadelphia operations center today as the food was prepared. it will be given out on thanksgiving morning. now instead of a communal meal the families will be able to enjoy the feast in their own homes. this is a tale of two restaurants both on the corners of the same south philly street in east passyunk. >> both are dishing up delectable cuisine tonight's taste with tori. we're getting a double dose of the good stuff tonight. >> that's right. i'm double dipping on east passyunk it's a lot an loud. >> rue right, ukee. >> you know what makes a neighborhood great? great people. but even better, great neighbors. it's the attitudes of these two chefs that serve up a little friendly competition with a lot of brotherly love. ♪ >> separated by a crosswalk
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noord and fond are two restaurants off of tasker that make a delicious pairing of philly neighbors. >> i cooked in new york and i cooked in chic shock and coming back here what took me back the most was the comradery amongst the chef community here it's great. >> mitt john carl the southwest philly born chef and owner of noord a dutch eatery he celebrates his heritage through the food he grew up with. >> italian kids their moms making lasagna with spa spaghetti and meatballs. my mom would be making ham. >> we cook -- that's a we do. >> john carl would definitely be making his momma proud with his northern european sensational bistro fare. that is heavenly.
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>> i got to try his shellfish clams, mussels, and shrimp steamed in beer. with braced cabbage, smoked sausage, bacon, smashed potatoes and a dash of cream. john carl started his career in food as waiter. going on to become a chef working in a world class restaurant. finally returning to philadelphia and owning his own place. >> i'm really happy this is where islanded where i came home. >> landing across the street from font he found a truly good neighbor. >> our first week we were over there borrowing something. a chair arc soft smell crab. they've been great friends for. >> fond may be a short walk across the street, but it's a world away with its contemporary american cuisine and he can collect tick twist. how about some pets sell with seared scallops, baby carrots in soy and sesame oil infused sauce.
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>> enjoy this little perfect bite. hmm. chef lee began his cuisine career in berk county where he grew up. >> started restaurant when i was 11. washing dishes. >> it was not just any restaurant. it was his family's restaurant. the stiers arbor in in reading. he moved on attend the culinary institute of america and worked in places like the le bec fin here in philly. and now he has his own place and like john carl he appreciates the neighbor the he can change. >> borrowing things here and there. like once a week we'll go back and forth something we don't have and replace it. >> one of the best things the two chefs exchange, comes at the end of the night. when john carl take the short walk from noord over to fond. >> has a nightcap and a late night snack by his friend. >> good. so good. >> cheers. >> how cool is that support. >> neighbor to neighbor. i mean that's why philly is so great. it's the neighborhoods, right. we shall tell that you john carl
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has opened a second restaurant called nook in south philly back in september. we're also hearing amazing things i'm probably going to be there very soon. but don't forget to tell me about your favorite place. send me a message on facebook to find out more about these restaurants we set a link on but a great story about philly neighborhoods east passyunk being known for amazing food. >> yup. >> but to know that behind that food are like awesome people helping one another doesn't get any better than that. >> i think it come out in the food. those two restaurants are very popular at our house. we love them. >> yum, yum, yum. >> you can't get enough of that. >> thanks tori. >> kate has got our forecast. it's 34 degrees in center city. >> 34 degrees at the cbs broadcast center right now much that's the coldest it's been in quite sometime. this morning we got down to 34. tomorrow morning gets even colder. >> here we go. >> keep in mine we hit our morning lose around sun advise. we've got many, many hours to go at least, what, seven hours to go for that temperature to continue dropping with a clear
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sky it will continue doing so. so expect to wake up to some of the coldest air we've felt since last spring or in some spots last winter. take look outside right now. you can see it's a clear, cool night. it's crisp out there. moon almost full beautiful sight outside tonight a few clouds will try to drift in overnight and into tomorrow morning. but all in all just a crisp and cold night. get those jackets the hats, the gloves, the whole 9 yards ready by the front door. i know if you're as rushed to get to the schoolbus in the morning as we are at my house have everything ready before you go to bed. storm scan3 shows a few snowflakes tried to pop up. you can see just a few snow showers tried to move through the baltimore area those have since really fizzled you can see locally still that little line of flurries could move into portions of delaware most of this not reaching the ground don't be shocked if you see a stray flake outside tonight as we head through the live neighborhood network. 24 in norristown. 23 degrees in mace lanning. 30 in wayne. 31 in cinnaminson and it feels
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like the low 20s look at the feels like temperature mount pocono right now feels like 10. feels like 22 in allentown and it feels like 21 in millville. already feeling subfreezing here in philadelphia. and today only our second blue square month of the meaning below average today. second was the second one. tomorrow will be another one but then we're back to the red as we head toward the thanksgiving holiday as we enter a warming trend. tomorrow mostly sunny very cold start to the day but the afternoon not quite as chilly as today. heading into wednesday high pressure moves east we get a return flow from the south and that knocks us right back to the low 50s. wednesday seasonal day. no problems if you're traveling that's the great news. thanksgiving thursday looking great. 60-degree will be our daytime high. mild turkey day with lots of sunshine as we await the arrival of the next front on saturday. big difference the warmest day of the week is actually friday out ahead of that front. today's high was 43. friday's high climbs to 66. a 23-degree swing in high temperatures this week. big difference here and friday
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definitely above average. certainly for the end of november. overnight partly cloudy, cold, 31 degrees. overnight low in the city. 20s across the suburbs. teens in some spots he is special physical you're up in the lehigh valley there could be upper teens. for your tuesday, clouds give way to sun less wind at 49 and then your thanksgiving turkey treat let's call it 60 degrees. our thursday high the average is 52. so we're about 8 degrees above average the most recent thanksgiving that was 60 degrees or warmer was 71 back in 2007. so it's ban while. the record warmest thanksgiving 1941 when we got to a balmy 75 degrees. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, there's the warming trend. 49 tomorrow. 53 wednesday. 60 for thanksgiving day. friday 66. warm day for november. and then watch out for some rain if you're traveling on the back end of the weekend on saturday. now, we've been hearing lots of questions about what's this winter going to be like today we finally got our first taste of winter if you're curious you got to come back here tomorrow at this time we'll have our cbs3 winter weather outlook. what's the deal with el nino?
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that's big thing on everyone's mind. >> save me a z i'll be here. >> i'll be here as well. >> thanks kate. >> by the way i think your seat is saved. >> okay. cool. >> you're okay. does don't worry. >> don, what's happening in sports. >> we're talking about those birds still. if you think the eagles stink, chip kelly has news for you. and the flyers two goal lead against the canes but what they did in overtime is worth sticking around for. sports coming up next.
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what makesheart healthysalad the becalifornia walnuts.r? the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at there are about 2.5 million people in the delaware valley. what do you say we round up the flyers, sixers and eagles meet at love park and give them a group hug. they can use it. the city of philadelphia hasn't seen a home win by a pro team in 30 days. they're zero-november. flyers hosting the hurricanes down at the center. brayden schenn and claude giroux scoring in the second period. the orange and black with a two goal lead going into the third. canes storming back with under four minutes left. brett pesk rebounding and
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scoring. weaver tied at two. in overtime, those guys power tripping. shane, the rookie, giving the flyers the win. so philly finally gets a home win in november. it's about time. all right. last season the sixers started zero-17. they got their first win against minnesota timberwolves and this time around their zero-14 once again they're playing minnesota. we all want them to do well and earlier today we here at cbs3 did our best to help. >> fingers crossed. >> go get them six it. >> if sixers within tonight after this weekend it will feel like an nba championship. >> i would cross the toes but i don't have that kind of dexterity. >> fingers crossed and we're watching that is game taking on minute money as i said. there's the number one overall pick carl anthony big jal number three collection. 25 points and 12 boards. sixers up by five. sixers up by two. kevin martin goes in for the layup blocked. but andrew wiggins going to the
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hole with soul plus the foul. and the timberwolves tie the game. minnesota up by a basket and kevin martin the dagger three and the sixers lose 100 to 95. that is 15 straight losses to start this season. next time we will have to cross those toes. all right. eagles got beat down by the bucks yesterday. they lost by 28. they're now four and sick on the season and head coach chip kelly was asked if his team is what he wants it to be. >> not at all. no one is happy about what our record is right now, um, all we can do is prepare and get ready for thursday. we lost two games. sometimes people panic thrown the baby out with the bath wat water. i think we have really good if the ball players. i'm confident with the players. >> eagles back at practice and bradford joined them back on the field for the first time since separating a separated shoulder and a concussion eight days ago. no word whether he'll start thanksgiving day
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high school marching what happened from delaware county is savouring the sweet taste of victory. >> ♪ >> that is the sun valley high school marching band from aston they brought home the gold at the cal val cade of bans state champions in hershey. they beat out 12 competing schools and they were recognized in brookhaven at the council meeting and it has been quite a year for the sun valley bands. they have placed first in every competition they've entered this year. so outstanding work by them. congratulations. we'll be right back. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. our morning team at back at 4: 4:30. >> i'm young washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with rocky balboa himself. >> a little creed. hey, yo. >> thanks for watching family. good night. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you're about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been


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