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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 25, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EST

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>> right now at 11:00, a fiery chain of events on a philadelphia highway. what started as a traffic stop ended with a pennsylvania state trooper shot and a schoolbus consumed by flames. tonight new details about the alleged gunman as the seven for another person continues. black friday deals are just days away. three on your side's jim donovan did the research to help you save time and money. you'll want to stick around for
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his new black friday battle plan. >> ready or not the cold weather season is right around the corner. will we see a lot of snow? the cbs3 weather team breaks it all down in the exclusive winter weather outlook. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we begin tonight with new information in the police shootout and fiery crash on the vine street expressway. the 1784 old alleged shooter remains in police custody tonight and face as long list of criminal charges. the good news in all of this, the state police officer who was shot is in good condition and expected to make full recovery. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is outside southwest detectives right now where the suspect is expected to arrive any moment now. david? >> reporter: ukee, he is expected to be here literally any moment when i say we're told that to expect him probably in the next two minutes or so. he's 17. we're told he's going to be charged as an adult. he's going walk behind me into those doors and he will be processed which could take several hours. a burning schoolbus on the vine
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street expressway shocked drivers just after the rush hour commute. luckily no kids were inside and the driver made the out unharm. the schoolbus caught fire after state police say this car driven by the alleged 17-year-old shooter sped off after being stopped for a traffic violation on the schuylkill expressway. three others were in the car. state police continue to pray for one of their own. >> trained to do this stuff and he did it. did he it very well. >> reporter: state police captain is talking about his colleague trooper patrick casey. he says casey was chasing the car after learning the driver sped away. authorities say the 17-year-old driver pulled out this gun and started shooting at trooper casey. the car crash into the schoolbus and casey took a shot to the shoulder. >> the bullet lodged in the soft tissue. it will be removed at a later time. but all the troopers that responded to assist in the whole incident performed remarkablely well. report roar police arrested two suspects on scene. "eyewitness news" was there as
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the 17-year-old alleged shooter's family left state police barrack. >> hector coto doesn't believe the allegations about his son. >> state trooper got family. i got family, too. i know -- i know deal with that. >> reporter: police are looking for one other man. there were two other people in the car. they were treated and released. they were not charged tonight. we have to say the 17-year-old will be charged with three counts of attempted murder also charges of aggravat aggravated . reporting live to in southwest philadelphia david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much, david. i witnesses watched a real life drama unfold on the streets right in front of them. we talked to man working in a building near the scene who saw the shoot out. >> one guy got out of the passenger side car. look like he was giving himself up. got down on his hands and knees and the cops came up to him with
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their guns drawn. and he just -- he stood up and just started running. jumped over the median. ran up the westbound lanes of 676. and then they caught him just a few hundred yards away. >> eyewitnesses say the scene along this stretch of the vine street expressway was simply surreal. be sure to stay with i'm news for continuing coverage of the pennsylvania state trooper shot in the line of duty. you can see more of the dramatic images from today's events on our website at a chic shock police officer is now facin facing first degree murder charge for shooting a shooting seen 16 times killing him. video of the incident has been released and here's a portion of it you may find it graphic. 17-year-old la quon mcdonald shot in october of last year by officer jason van dyke had is 14 year veteran of the police for force. van dyke opened fire on mcdonald as he was walking with an object in his hand. later determined to be a knife. an autopsy found drugs in his system. at the time of the shaling
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police were responding to complaints of car break ins. the release of that video sparked protests to night in chicago. some of those protests turned violent. before the video was ray reeceed chicago's mayor and police commissioner called for peaceful protests. 11 days after the terror in paris. french head hollande visits the white house to press president obama for action on i it. >> u.s. assistance has supported recent french strikes in syria and we're going to keep stepping up that coordination. >> the french president is looking for a stepped up military role from the u.s. and other coalition countries. he also said u.s. and russia must work together to defeat isis but the obama administration says russia must first stop propping up as sad regime in syria. meanwhile russia threatening consequences against turkey after it shot down a russian fighter jet. video shows the jet crashing to the ground in syria near turkey's border. authorities say one of the crew members was killed by ground fire as he parachuted from the
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aircraft. turkey claims the russian jet violated its air space and was warned tepp times to go back. >> there are concerns about terrorism and security as we head into the one of the busiest travel days. years. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport where many arrived for the holiday. some say they noticed increased security measures during their travel today. the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert urging americans especially those headed overseas to be vigilant. an estimated 47 million americans are expected to travel for the thanksgiving holidays. remember when black friday used to be the big kick off to the holiday shopping weekend? with more and more stores opening on thanksgiving day, it's kind of like a mid point now. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan joins us now with a black friday battle plan. what you need to know before going out to get your shop on. >> that is right, ukee and jessica. it all comes down to having a strategy investing an hour online before hitting the mall can save you time and money.
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135 million americans are expected to shop in stores and online this weekend. often starting on thanksgiving day before the leftovers are even put away. >> now each store is trying to top the one and starting earlier. >> reporter: consumer advocate edgar, add advises checking sales circulars before heading out to the stores but -- >> you don't have to wait until thursday's big newspaper arrives you can start checking them on. >> reporter: online on web sites like bf and black friday at got a most wal*mart stores will be open all day thursday although the big deals won't start until 6:00 p.m. at 3:00 p.m., j pennies opens its doors. alter 4:00 o'clock old navy and hh greg. 5:00 o'clock top at best buy and toys r us. at 6:00 kohl's, target macy and sears get into the act. many malls will open at 6:00. cherry hill, moorestown, king of prussia, montgomery, oxford valley, weight quaker bridge and
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christiana mall. what deals can you expect old navy offering everything 50% off thursday night 49 day morning. you can pick up a roku streaming device for 19.99 at hh greg and 24.99 at kohl's, wal*mart and best buy. >> best. bet buy offering a 60-inch tv for 799 bucks. >> honest to goodness at the beginning of november a similar samsung 60-inch tv was 1799. so you're talking about a thousand dollars less for a comparable item. >> reporter: now by the way i just checked a few minutes ago that samsung tv is still available right now at the 799 price. until 12:59 a.m. so you've got about an hour and a half part of the best buy's early access pass promotion. quantities are limited and you'll notice the promotion code samsung 60 deal. >> jd online deals be better or worse than in store deals.
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>> i think very similar. for instance, wal*mart this year at 3:01 on thanksgiving morning they're going to have all of their store sales online. so basically it will be like a virtual -- they're all matching each other and stuff like that. so but i would say go to those web sites. the sale web sites take look at the circumstance collars before heading out. >> you got to have a game plan. >> everything is on our website in case you need that code for that big tv you can buy for me for present. >> slipped that in. >> thank you bud deem sounds like when you do hit the stores later this week you won't need to bundle up though. >> meteorologist kate bilo has a treat for your holiday many kate. >> that's right. we're calling eight turkey treat. it is going to be warming up. it's chilly outside right now. you can see 20s and 30 ace cross the region but we're talking a big jump in that temperature just in time for the holiday. now, we a taste of winter this week but there's a lot more winter weather to come. the weather team and i have studied all of the data and coming up our cbs3 winter weather outlook will help you prepare for the season ahead.
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also, this could be one of our area's best kept secrets much these hoagies and cheesesteaks have had a loyal following for nearly 30 years and it's all been by word of mouth. vittoria woodill in tonight's taste with tori. highlighted anticipated film creed opens in theaters and the first reviews are in. is it oscar worthy? ♪ >> coming up after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 the late show with stephen cole colbert tonight he welcomes spike lee, andy cohen and a musical performance by carly simon. 11:35 show team and off front row seat. be right back.
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>> this is video just into us suspect face attempted murder charges in the shooting of a pennsylvania state trooper on the vine street expressway earlier today. authorities transported the 17-year-old from the state police philadelphia barracks to southwest detectives tonight. that suspect is from philadelphia.
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he's expected to be charged as an adult and is now awaiting arraignment. the trooper is recovering and is hospitalized in stable conditi condition. the latest installment in the rocky film franchise creed hits the big screen nationwide tomorrow. >> some lucky fans got to see it early at several local theaters to night. philadelphia shines again the latest spin off from the boxing ring. michael b. jordan stars as the son of a pal low creed and sylvester to loan is back as rocky balboa. rocky fans say the movie did not disappoint. >> it was really good. i'm a big fan of sylvester stallone and michael b. jordan and i mean i thought they did a good job. >> it was more believable than anyone of the rockies. because rocky was a human being in this. >> the fight scenes were a bit more realistic than i remember prior rocky movies being. they really captured the look of philly. >> how about that? three thumbs up. creed already getting oscar buzz. again it opens in theaters nationwide tomorrow. rocky of course so closely affiliated with philadelphia.
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when you think of philly food, you probably think of cheesesteaks. >> but what about cheesesteaks that are not made in philly and you have to go over the bridge to get them? tonight's taste with tori vittoria reveals a place the best kept secret around. ♪ >> reporter: aroma of cheesesteaks at chicks in cherry hill is calling me. but there's one problem. >> where is this place? >> you know where to find chicks? >> admiral wilson boulevard. >> reporter: nobody wants to let me in on the secret. >> best kept secret. >> reporter: i think it found it down a little alley on marlton pike on township lane it's lunch time and customers are lining up for hoagies and cheesesteaks. >> joe dan field has own chicks since 1976. buying from it a guy who opened the place in '57 it was called chick's and the name stuck. >> it was good. it's chick's.
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>> here's the question. how do people know about this place? >> i almost missed it. >> we hear that a lot, too. word of mouth the best tie many. >> reporter: word of mouth might have started long ago but that word of mouth flies down the information highway today. to joe' as placement. >> people want cheesesteaks. we have people come from the turnpike -- call from the turnpike and say i'm coming through. i'm coming from connecticut i'm going to washington, d.c. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: it's not all about hoagies. in the morning, breakfast sandwiches are being made for a gang of early birds. >> they're all back there drinking coffee, solving the world' problems. >> reporter: like customer and retired history professor john girard. >> people my age grow old. you get up early. my wife is still in bed asleep. come down here and chat with the guys and swap lives and then go home. >> reporter: i caught up with him just after a bull session. some of the gang have passed
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away. but remembered on chick's memorial wall of fame. >> bill was a police officer. don elmer was a police officer. joe work for campbell soup all of them had their own stories. they were good guys. >> you have to earn your place at the table with professor girard. >> i don't know if we'll put you up. you took my seat. >> you'll have to fit me in. i think there's plenty of room. >> 5:30 in the morning. exactly. >> lunch time is more my speed. because one wasn't enough i got three. we got to get in there. that is so good. >> i'm from philly and we may be in cherry hill, but this cheesesteak tastes like home. >> nice. >> it really did. so thank to you viewers eric, gina and lynn who recommended chick's deli me. thank god did you. and don't forget to tell me about your favorite places on facebook send me a message
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facebook/have you torah woodill. amazing stuff. >> look what you brought. >> tada. >> selection of their hoagies. they've got it all. cheesesteaks, buffalo chicken cheesesteaks, cheesesteak hoagies. hoagies itself and breakfast san witches. >> game on after the show. >> indeed. >> let's do it. >> thank you very very much. >> thanks are tori. appreciate it. >> kate has her forecast now, and i'm -- i can't wait. the weather outlook. >> the weather outlook. talk the forecast first you enjoy your hoagies we've got pretty nice days ahead. lots of sunshin. nothing winter like at least over the next few days. but we've got a lot of winter still to come. let's take look what's going on right now take you out to storm scan3 things are very quite across the northeast no problems even across much of the country things are quiet although on thanksgiving day the central plains could get hit with nasty ice storm and heavy rain in that part of the country that shouldn't impact us. stretch of dry weather ahead. you can see chilly it is. 26 in millville right now. 42 in philadelphia. 35 degrees in allentown but here's the warm air.
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60s still in dallas right now and objection okay city and all that warm air is billowing eastward. if you're traveling over the next few days headed to grandma's house for thanksgiving dinner, got pretty great conditions. green lights for the next thee days. sunny and dry for your wednesday tomorrow warming up for thanksgiving and stay drying on friday as well. so overnight a moonlit sky. it's chilly again down to 35. the moon looks full. it's actually going to be full tomorrow evening but it's a beautiful moon outside tonight. and for your wednesday, sunny and bright with milder temperatures. at 52 degrees. your thanksgiving thursday mostly sunny and mild at 60 degrees and here is the "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast. and it is a beautiful one. 52 degrees on wednesday. thursday 60 just a lovely turkey day. nice and warm on black friday, and as we head into the weekend that's when things change. watch for couple of showers saturday morning then it it does turn colder by sunday. i'll tell was these balmy days are not going to last. as we go into december those persist 10 questions keep coming up. we have a unique look at the season to come.
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it's our cbs3 winter weather outlook. ♪ think you've seen it all. maybe not. the pattern this winter is complex and unusual. "eyewitness weather" team is hard at work analyzing the data. main factor is the big man to the west. justin tell us about it. >> that's right. el nino will be major player in our winter outlook. what is it all it is warmer than average ocean conditions across the central pacific. enough to disrupt the global weather patterns normally we have high pressure off the coast of peru. trade winds from blow from east to west pushing the warmer weather across the century pacific ocean but sometimes these pressure patterns reverse and then high pressure pushes the warmer water back closer to south america. that warmer water brings a lot of moisture newspaper the southern united states during the winter which could impact our weather. >> this year this el nino pattern may be one of the top three strongest ever. however, this one is expected to weaken.
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warmest waters may be concentrated in the sentra pacific, that's called the central based el nino. this concentration has been linked to more snow in our region. >> the last time that kind of central based el nino happen the winter of 2009-2010. and who can forget that one. 78.7-inches of snow. but not all el nino winters end with lots of snow. consider 1997 to 1998. currently the strongest el nino winter on record. this el nino was east based which tends to be warm prone dues less snow. the winter of '97 hypenate left less than an inch all winter as you can see el nino winters tend to produce extremes but el nino is not the only factor influen influencing this winter as lauren explains. >> el nino isn't the only climate pattern we look at also the north atlantic oscillation has a big impact on winter time winter. when it's in the positive phase
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more wintertime temperatures in the delaware valley. it also brings us more mixed precipitation events like freezing rain and sleet as opposed to snow. but if you like hot cocoa and snowmen the negative phase of nao is for you. cold arctic air will spill into the delaware valley, chillier itemmers and creased potential for snowfall. >> kate. >> thanks lauren. what does all of this mean for our winter? temperatures will romaine well above average through the first half of wint winter. but february into march could feature pronounced shots of arctic air. which leaves the big question, how much snow are we getting? >> i really would like to know how much snow we're getting this year. >> if you can ask me one question about this winter what would it be. >> how much snow are we going to get? >> here's our projections for this winter. if the start of wintry mapes warm and the strong he wil el no holds this lipped will fall slightly below average. 18 to 24-inches.
2:28 am
most of that will fall in a handful of big storms versus the bunch of smaller storms and the potential for ice storms will be greater this year. now it's important to remember that el nino produces extremes. this means we could be in for higher amounts. it's all about having the cold at the same time as the moisture and that's something that comes down to the day you just can't predict it three months in advance. i've gone way more in depth i mean way in more depth in the winter forecast online. you can find that at it's important to note we don't have a whole lot of data on el nino winters some of them have been crazy snow winters. others the warm air wins out, doesn't match up with the cold and the snow and we don't get a whole lot at all this winter is very very interesting. slightly unique. >> matching up like you said, cold, moisture. >> you get the cold i'm -- >> i'm rooting for below avera average. >> that's what most people are rooting for. >> come on blow. >> we shall see. >> thank you so much and the team. >> don joins us now with a look
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at sports. >> you boo the birds and now a player is booing. find out which philadelphia eagle took aim at the fans and it will be mark sanchez or sam bradford? the birds are looking for starting quarterback. we'll hear from both guy what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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you can't unrink a bell. you can't put toothpaste back in the tube. sometimes what's done can't be undone. eagles right tackle lane johnson hopes that's not case though. here's the deal. reporter from philadelphia magazine asked lane johnson today about fan reaction to the eagles 28-point loss to the bucks lane said if we get down by any significant amount of points or we don't naked my first downs, we'll going to get booed. that's just kind of how it is. it's not really home field advantage playing here any more. really, that's the truth. cats here, they really don't care. about an hour later he took to twitter and tried to apologize. in fact he did apologize. my comment about the fans was out of line and i apologize. i'm just frustrated like they are about our performance on the
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field. the bottom line is that we need to give them a reason to cheer by scoring and winning games. we need to earn that home field advantage and i know that. they won't have to worry about home field advantage on thanksgiving day. they're visiting the three-seven detroit lions. who will be the quarterback? well, we don't know yet. mark sanchez and sam bradford practiced with the first teamers. bradford is recovering from a separated non throwing shoulder. >> i think we need this game, you know, about as bad as we've needed one all year, so like i said, i hope i'm out there. >> you got to have a short memory either way. good, bad or inn different. just be ready to move on, and i think we need to do that in a timely fashion here and we've already done that with our preparation and everything. so from that stand point we're ready to roll. >> all right. moving on the flyers are off tonight. they're hooking up with the islanders tomorrow in brooklyn. meanwhile the sixers are preparing for a matchup tomorrow in boston. they'll try to avoid losing 26 games in row which would tie an all-time nba record. but check out this little guy right here.
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as we go to a packers vikings on sun today. this little squirrel just taking the field by storm. adrian peterson you got nothing on this dude right here. just getting after the slow motion. >> the three, the two, the one he may soa score. >> several time. great form. real speed he will not be denied. he was not denied. he or she. >> they couldn't catch him. did he get out of the way, though. >> safely. >> that's the would tom line.
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the whole day to sell to the their old cart aside and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. new tonight ice skating back as penn's landing is transformed into a winter wonderland. >> blue cross river rink getting ready for it's 22nd season and some people strapped on their skates tonight and got a sneak peek before the ring opens to the general public on friday. if addition to outdoor ice skating there are fire pits, holiday lights and lots of food and warm beverages. this will be a great place to burn off those thanksgiving calories.
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>> um-hmm. >> lots of fun out there. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> that will do it for us. our morning team is back at 4:30 till 7:00 a.m. >> for don, kate and for the
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money folks in the field and behind the camera. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jess a dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> good night, family. sleep well. >> good night, family. sleep well. ♪ >> sharon: i don't understand. how is this possible? i-i-i have no memory of this. >> dr. anderson: well, i had to give you something for the pain to get you through the delivery. it must have interacted with your regular meds and caused you to be confused. >> sharon: but i have no memory of the birth. >> dr. anderson: sharon, this is what you've been waiting for. aren't you happy? >> sharon: yes. i'm so happy. my prayers have been answered. my son is born. dylan's son. dylan. i have to call him! >> dr. anderson: no. lih, shh, shh.


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