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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  November 25, 2015 3:08am-4:01am EST

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mother, but i can help them. >> dylan: i'd like to make you a deal. you give me the name i want, i'll make sure everybody knows about your work. maybe you can get a reduced sentence. >> dr. neville: [ laughs ] how exactly would you do that? you have no authority. >> dylan: the police chief -- he's my dad. and he really wants to find out who held hilary hostage. so, what do you say? you tell me who it is? >> dr. neville: i'll tell you... on one condition. [ cellphone rings ]
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>> paul: dylan, what's up? >> dylan: hey. i found dr. neville. >> paul: in ohio? >> dylan: no. he's here in genoa city. we're at the old lake motel on route 8. >> paul: i'll send a squad car. >> dylan: no. no. i told him it would just be you. >> adam: you think billy abbott is responsible for reigniting paragon? are we talking about the same billy abbott? this is the same guy who can't go more than three minutes without imploding his own life? i mean, you really think this guy's capable of bringing down a multinational conglomerate like newman enterprises? this guy, you know, probably can't even operate a light switch, let alone a computer. are you kidding me? >> victor: you know, he's not flying solo. he has an accomplice -- someone who is very knowledgeable about computers. >> adam: you're talking about kevin fisher? >> victor: no. he wouldn't double-cross me. >> adam: well, if you think jack's involved, i can tell you right now he's not. >> victor: jack is not that knowledgeable about computers, but jack formed an alliance with
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me to fight paragon. and the forming of that alliance pissed off some people, especially his wife and billy boy. >> adam: phyllis. billy and phyllis. >> victor: an unlikely duo. >> adam: yeah. >> victor: you think? >> adam: yeah, i do think. they would love to see you suffer, though, wouldn't they? >> victor: this is very serious business, son. and i need to strike first. >> adam: you need to strike. >> victor: but i don't want to do it alone. >> adam: right. right, right, right. this is the part where you blackmail me, right? you tell me that you're gonna tell chelsea that i'm the father of sage's baby... unless i help you. >> sharon: i can't wait for your daddy to meet you. he's going to love you as much as i do. >> mariah: hi. excuse me.
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where is sharon? how is she? how's the baby? i am not leaving until i see her. >> dr. anderson: i don't blame you. i'd feel the same way if i were you. >> mariah: great. then let me see them. >> dr. anderson: as you can see, they're both doing fine. >> mariah: [ chuckles softly ] she looks so happy. >> dr. anderson: she is. they're picture-perfect, don't you think? >> mariah: i thought you said she didn't want any visitors. >> dr. anderson: well, obviously, she wants to share her good news. go ahead. >> mariah: hi. >> sharon: hi. >> mariah: hi. >> sharon: look! isn't he beautiful? >> mariah: oh, my gosh. hi! he's gorgeous. >> sharon: meet your big sister mariah. >> mariah: oh, my gosh. hi, little man! [ both laugh ] i...can't believe he's actually
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here. >> sharon: i know. neither can i. and when i heard that nick and sage lost their baby, i was just terrified that the same thing was going to happen to me, but it didn't. my son's here... it didn't. my son's here... thanks to dr. anderson.
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in a mirror, i see a stranger, and it's someone that i don't want to be anymore. >> devon: then you know what? if you really feel like that, you'll come to the police station with me and turn yourself in. >> neil: yeah. come on. let's go. >> victor: i'm not going to add to nicholas' and sage's pain by revealing... that you were christian's father. >> adam: so...what? you came down here to -- just to remind me what it is that i stand to lose if chelsea were to find out the truth? >> victor: the truth means a great deal to her. >> adam: well, it's a good thing you're not holding it over my head, then, right? it's a good thing that's not happening. >> victor: let me ask you something. do you honestly think i would have called judge moxley this evening to make sure that you get out of this hellhole? >> adam: you've been holding that moxley chip in your pocket for years. >> victor: to get you out of here. >> adam: get me out of here? i appreciate that. [ sighs ] but i know you. that means you want something in
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return, right? and in this case, that means you want me to help you fight billy and phyllis. >> victor: i need a partner... who thinks the way i do. are you willing to do it? >> mariah: and never, ever, ever trust victor newman. >> sharon: ohh. mariah. >> mariah: what? he's gonna be living at the ranch. he's got to know the lay of the land. >> sharon: well, yeah, but he's got plenty of time to get to know who victor is. right now i want him to get to know the people he's going to be close to, like his big sister. yeah. >> mariah: oh. oh, wow. [ gasps ] ohh! oh, my gosh. >> sharon: there you go. you're good. you're supporting his head, just like you're doing -- perfect. >> mariah: oh, wow. he' little. i don't think your mom knows that i've never done this before!
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>> sharon: [ laughs ] >> mariah: [ gasps ] what if i drop him? >> sharon: well, he looks perfectly safe in your arms. and i can't wait to see him in dylan's. >> mariah: i-i thought you didn't want to see dylan. >> sharon: what? of course i do. why would you think that? >> mariah: dr. anderson said you still didn't want any visitors. >> sharon: well, that must have been a misunderstanding. >> mariah: well, that's good, because i left him a voicemail on my way here, but he hasn't, uh -- he hasn't responded. i actually should probably text him. >> sharon: okay. >> mariah: hi. >> dr. neville: [ sighs ] >> dylan: dr. neville, just relax. paul williams is a man of his word. he said he's gonna come alone, and he will. [ cellphone chimes ] >> dr. neville: is that him? >> dylan: no. i've got to make a call real quick. mariah. hey, it's me. what's up? >> mariah: finally! um...dylan...
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i have somebody that needs to talk to you. >> sharon: dylan? >> dylan: sharon, hey. what's -- what's going on? are you okay? >> sharon: i'm fine. i'm perfect. >> sharon: i'm fine. i'm perfect. our little boy is here. >> sharon: i'm fine. i'm perfect. our little boy is here.
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oh, my god. >> victor: you're not interested in my offer? >> adam: well, you know, you can't blame me for just being a little bit wary, right? i mean, i've never been the go-to son. that's a spot that's always been reserved for nick. >> victor: nicholas is grieving over the loss of his son christian. he needs to devote himself to the rest of the family. >> adam: mm. that's good. but the real reason you're here is because nick has a conscience, right? that's something that you're convinced that i was born without. >> victor: [ chuckles ] something like that. >> adam: mm-hmm. something like that. what about victoria, you know? did you ask her? she'd do anything for you. >> victor: victoria has a problem. her achilles heel is that useless billy abbott. >> adam: so, basically, i'm all you got. >> victor: you're my choice. >> adam: your choice? okay. well, i am flattered. i'm flattered, really, but, uh, here's the thing -- i'm not gonna stab jack in the back. >> victor: you won't have to do anything to jack abbott.
3:24 am
he's not our enemy. it is billy boy and phyllis. are you with me? >> neil: hey, kevin. >> kevin: hey, guys. what's shakin'? >> devon: hey. we're looking for paul. >> kevin: oh, sorry. he's out. >> devon: well, that's weird, 'cause he knew i was on my way to see him. >> kevin: i think he got called out on a case. >> devon: on hilary's case? >> kevin: i don't know. he was gone when i got here. something i can help you with? >> neil: no. that's okay, kevin. we're gonna wait for paul. >> kevin: all right, cool. just hang out here. >> devon: are you having second thoughts? >> neil: no, man. i was just thinking i have spent so much time trying to avoid walking in this place, and now i am wondering why. >> devon: well, going to prison isn't appealing. >> neil: you know something? i have been in prison for a long
3:25 am
time -- right here, inside. and the strangest thing of all is i got to lose my freedom in order to set myself free. you dig? >> devon: listen... >> neil: hmm? >> devon: ...whatever you say to paul -- >> neil: no, no. don't say that. i am not gonna implicate hilary or gwen. you hear me? the story is -- i'm gonna tell him this -- it was my fault. i did everything. i was the jealous ex-husband who wanted revenge. i wanted to make you suffer. that's it -- end of story, clean and simple. >> devon: yeah, and it's a true story 'cause i hurt you. >> neil: no more excuses. it's time for me to stand up and face the music and be a man. i know that i'm gonna go to jail for a long time, and when i'm there, i bet you that you and hilary are gonna fall in love all over again. >> devon: you make that sound
3:26 am
very easy. >> neil: that's 'cause it is. i'm not gonna lie. i don't want you to lie, because we have to protect the women we love and keep them out of this. >> devon: i'm not gonna say anything about hilary or gwen's involvement. >> neil: then what's the problem? >> devon: i just imagined this day... you know, for months -- finding the person that took hilary from me, making him pay, making him suffer the way that he made me suffer. >> neil: yeah. you -- you got your wish now. >> devon: yeah. but it's you. you know. and now the only way for me to get the payback i've wanted so damn bad is to send my father to get the payback i've wanted so damn bad is to send my father to prison. get the payback i've wanted so damn bad is to send my father to prison.
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i can't lose you, neil. i can't lose you. i can't. i can't. >> neil: i never thought i'd say this, but i deserve to go to jail for what i did. >> devon: [ sighs ] you didn't mean for everything to go this far. >> neil: yeah, but they did. i have to take responsibility now, you know? i've been playing god for too long. i-i had right to be judge and jury. >> devon: you also could have let hilary die, but you didn't do that. you saved her damn life. >> neil: yes, i did. but i did it for me. i wanted her to wake up --
3:32 am
i needed her to wake up -- and clear me. >> devon: which she wants to do now. >> neil: but i'm not gonna let her do it. the guilt i'm carrying around for what i did -- no, man. i can't do it. >> devon: well, if i send you to prison, i have to carry that burden. >> neil: but you're not to blame for my mistakes. you can't right my wrongs. this is my choice. it's not yours. >> devon: i-i... i can't go along with it, though. i can't. i'm not gonna let you destroy your life. >> victor: what is it gonna be? >> adam: well, gee. it looks like my time is up. you know, here's the thing --
3:33 am
every single thing about our past history tells me this is a bad idea. but lucky for you, i like a long shot. >> victor: let me remind you... you don't have much of a choice. are you in? >> adam: yeah, i'm in. >> victor: hmm. >> sharon: dylan, this is the third time that i'm calling you. why aren't you answering my calls? please call me back. >> dr. anderson: what's wrong? >> mariah: sharon called dylan to tell him about the baby, and they got cut off. he probably lost service or the battery died or he just fainted from the news. >> sharon: no. it's not funny. this wasn't just a dropped call. i heard dylan moan before the line went dead. i think he's in trouble. >> dr. anderson: i'm -- i'm sure mariah did not mean to make light of your concern. >> mariah: no! of course not. >> dr. anderson: it's normal for you feel emotional right now,
3:34 am
but overreacting isn't good for you or the baby. maybe i should give you something to help you calm down. >> sharon: no. i don't want any medication. i want dylan. i need to make sure that he's okay. >> paul: dylan? dylan! this is the police! dylan. dylan! oh, my god. dylan!
3:35 am
>> next on "the young and the restless"... >> hilary: i was seriously injured, and the person who held me -- they were just trying to save me. >> colin: i got a business proposition that might suit someone of your particular talents. >> lily: what are you doing here? -- captions by vitac -- captioning provided by bell dramatic serial company, sing and compete. targeting venues where people come together from around the world killing citizens of nearly
3:36 am
20 countries, including america. it's an attack on the very idea that people of different races, religions and backgrounds can live together in peace. in short, this was not only a strike against one of the world's great cities, it was an attack against the world itself. it's the same madness and to slaughter the innocent from nigeria to the sinai and from lebanon to iraq. it is a scourge which harms all of us. that's why for more than a year, the united states, france and our coalition of some 65 nations have been united in one mission, to destroy these isil terrorist and defeat they vile etiology. >> what is your reaction to turkey shooting down russian plane today? >> first of all we're still getting the details of what happened and i expect to be in
3:37 am
communications, potentially, directly with the president over time over the next several days. turkey, like every country, has the right to defend its territory and its air space. i think it's very important, right now, for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other to find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of es s escalati escalation. i do think that this points to an on-going problem with the russian operations, in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by, not only turkey but a wide-range of countries. >> the "cbs overnight news" will
3:38 am
be right back.
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>> in the wake of paris terror attacks france has stepped up its bombing campaigns in syria and iraq. on the ground the fight has been left the kurdish fighters iraqi security forces. and shiite militia backed by iran. there are also a handful of american officers helping to >> we're in the combined operations center. >> >> general thurston where iraqis and americans have been sitting side by side. for more than a year. thousands of calls for u.s. and coalition air strikes have come through here >> who is bringing intelligence that feeds these coals? >> we have national intelligence, everything is fusing in different parts of this building and coming to this
3:41 am
strike zone, that's where it's checked and coordinated and approved. >> on their screens live feeds from drones that record every minute of the war. and seens from inside islamic state health territoriy that like this one in a town of western iraq that they were watching on sent 11 this year. these are isis photographs that general thurston confirmed were from the same scene. the town square, 12 islamic state fighters were preparing to execute this man. >> there are small children brought into the very front of the crowd and we sat there helplessly, calls are coming for strike, they're going to assassinate this person in front of these children. we can't because they're children and we had to watch that. >> moments later, the execution took place and the victim lay dead. shot by this man, once in the
3:42 am
head and once more in the body. the american drone stayed with the 12 terrorists. >> we followed them as they got into three vehicles and drove out of town. then they made a mistake because they always made mistakes and all 12 went into the building on the side of the river and none of those 12 came out. >> gurston told us tht the air strike that destroyed that building. it's more than one of 5,000 strikes to support the iraqi army and kurdish forces on the ground over the past year. yet the islam state remains entrenched in its strong hold. this was the first city to fall in january 2014. 5 months later most of the country's second largest city fell and the iraqi army collapsed. islamic state terrorist quickly advanced toward the iraqi capitol attempting to encircle baghdad infiltrating towns and villages on the out skirts.
3:43 am
with the iraqi army largely absent from the the fight it was the shiite my till lants backed by shiite's that helped push back the militants of the islamic state. one of the shiite militants that led the counter attack that led the organization. it's known here as the population mobilization forces. after months of negotiation they agreed to take us up to the front. treacherous journey we could not have made without them. for more than a year, the islamic state held this ground, but our fighters told us they fought hard to win it back. now, through desolate landscape, scarred by recent battles they were taking us toward their front line just outside boluga. a islamic state base for almost two years.
3:44 am
>> we're going up to part of the front line that's closest, we're told that this point is only a mile away and the biggest threat here is from snipers. >> it was in 2004 that 82 americans died fighting the bloodiest battle of the iraq war. the local commander here showed us a tunnel islamic state terrorists used to move undetected from an american plane. he showed us exploited bomb they left behind. this river, he said, it is the distant between his fighters and the enemy. this is a lot of spare grounds, huh? >> that's about two months. >> this is about two months of shooting? so they used the buildings to cover and they come and attack in small groups. >> sometimes they fight from the houses and sometimes they use the trees and the bushes for
3:45 am
cover. >> the tasks that lies ahead of trying to liberate the major city still occupied by the enemy is daunting. it remains the eventual goal of their lead who was among the first to rush into battle against the islamic state or die. >> i consider myself a fighter defending my country against diesh with all that i can. >> one of the most powerful and feared men in iraq. known for his brutal attacks on the iraq population in the civil war that followed the u.s. invasion. this is him as a young man in footage from iranian tv he spent much of his life in exile in iran. and he still has the ties to iranian regime.
3:46 am
>> everyone who fights along aside us is afraid. everyone who fights alongside diesh is an enemy. >> so that means america in this fight is your friend? >> no, only if they seriously fight diesh. >> are you saying they're not seriously fighting diesh now? >> frankly, well below expectations. we have struck thousands and thousands of positions. we're giving a considerable amount of equipment, effort, money and training to obscuring the government of iraq. >> but is that you're in the fight but you're not really in the fight, no 100%. >> if thousands of coalition members here, i have spent 25 years in this region. i would find it hard to believe that we're not interested in the safety and security of the government of iraq. >> it's part of the general's job to know where the men are on
3:47 am
the battlefield. command the largest shiite force in the country. seen here in images they captured this spring as they held a major victory, winning back sad dam hussein's hometown from the islamic state. they're fighting without weapons or support from the u.s. the fighters like these men at a training camp we visited deep in the south of the country are among more than 100,000 volunteers that make up the popular mobilization forces. men who rushed into the fight in the days after the iraqi army fell apart. now, in battle, they come to camps like this to continue their training in between deployments to the front line.
3:48 am
>> these young people took their weapons and defended baghdad from being over run, then they carried on and returned vast areas of iraq to government control. everyone accepts now that if it wasn't for them, not only baghdad but the entire iraq would have been over run by diesh. >> how many men have been lost so far? >> significant number, more than 2,000 mortars in this war. >> more than 2,000 militia fighters and thousands more iraqi police and soldiers. the faces of the deadline the streets of the capitol stretching for blocks. it's one of the first things we noticed as we drove around the city. many of these men killed by isis fighters using a weapon so
3:49 am
lethal, the general told us the americans have given it a name, franken truck. >> franken trucks are something out of a movie, something you see in a science fiction movie. these are vehicles that they've welded metal plates too, loaded them with high explosives put a suicide bomber inside of them and set themselves off. that is their precision weapon. >> you can see more of lara's report on our web site cbs the overnight news will be right back. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪
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♪ sleep in heavenly peace
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>> if you plan on traveling to your thanksgiving feast, you're not alone, about 47 million americans will travel 50 miles for the holiday. most of them will go by car. and that means traffic jams. 40% of road delays are caused by bottlenecks and have nothing to do with accidents, weather or construction. kris van cleave reports from one notorious trouble spot, the entrance to the lincoln tunnel in new jersey. >> the lincoln tunnel that connects new jersey to new york city, the worst traffic bottleneck on the east coast and anyone sitting in it can tell you that. researchers looked at the bottle necks and found the amount of money for sitting in the traffic, more than $2.4 billion a year and when we say bottlenecks we don't mean rush hour, we mean spots like this that always seem to be bad. drivers it doesn't get any worse
3:53 am
than this, a 12 mile stretch of red lights crawling cars and pure commuter agony, interstate 90 in chicago around o'hare airport is considered the worst traffic bottleneck in the country resulting in 16.9 million hours of wasted time. that's an estimated $418 million of lost productivity a year according to a new report out this morning. the reason, pure volume. >> they've destroyed so many neighborhoods to build it and yet people can't get anywhere. >> i give myself about an hour and a half to get to work. >> reporter: the report identifies the 50 worst bottlenecks in the country. six of the top ten are in los angeles. the south land scores 12 of the worst traffic stopping choke points over all. the new york city area has nine brutal bottlenecks the 2.6 miles around the lincoln tunnel results in 3.4 million hours of driver delay every year. >> compared 2005 to 2015, are
3:54 am
the bottlenecks getting worse? >> it is getting worse over time, certainly between 1982 and today there's a lot of studies that show that traffic that once was just in l.a. is now worse than what l.a. was like back then in dozens of cities around the country. >> yeg wo han runs the american highway user alliance that did the study. one study that dropped off the wood row wilson bridge outside washington, d.c. it was rebuilt and traffic improved. he says much more infrastructure work needs to be done. >> there's an opportunity there is good for people, saves lives, saves the environment. >> reporter: now, all 50 of these suffer from too much volume, too many cars. but one stretch of the hollywood freeway bottleneck, other also because of prolonged work zones and here at the lincoln tonl this is 80-year-old
3:55 am
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>> reporter: interactive games are no longer just for kids and they're not just fun and games either, businesses all around the country are taking their employees to escape rooms you have one hour to work together to find your way out. omar villa franca shows us how it works. >> you have one hour starting now. >> andrew mcjanet smith gets paid to lock people in a small room and monitor them as they plot their escape by finding riddles and solving hidden clues. >> you can see he's getting a really frustrated. >> what may seem like a cruel prank is becoming big business in dallas for andrew and his wife tracy. the couple opened escape expert in late january, the 6,000 square foot building has five-rooms where contestants must work together to try and escape.
3:58 am
>> my name could refer to fake money. >> today they average 700 customers a week. >> wait. wait. black. round and fuzzy. >> and at about $30 a person, that's about $80,000 in sales a month. >> it's taken from off of computer game and made for real life so you can actually play like a real live computer game. >> reporter: unlike many other escape room businesses their business customers aren't screaming teenagers or adrenaline junkies,they're employees from companies like fedex, frito lay, and 7-eleven. [ cheering and applause ] >> we won fair and square and we worked together and we have -- now we have stories to go back and tell other teams. >> reporter: tracy says the smartest person in the office isn't always the best teammate
3:59 am
in the room. >> who over thinks? >> accountants over think, financial people tend to over think things. >> and that can be a problem. >> it can be. if you're looking too deeply you and the answer is in front of you, you can miss the clue completely. >> each room has a theme. >> this is our advanced room, currently has 20% escape rate. >> reporter: teens need a particular set of skills. >> you have to know where things are on maps. >> reporter: escape expert is one of three hundred escape room businesses in the u.s. >> can i help you get number three? >> for andrew and tracy the only thing harder from escaping from the room might be coming up with ideas for new rooms and clues. omar villafranca, dallas tx. >> that's the overnight news for this wednesday. for some of you the news continues, for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new
4:00 am
york city. captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, november 25th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." anger in chicago. protests aimed at police after a video is released of a black teenager being shot more than a dozen times by a white police officer. as millions of americans head out for the holiday, they are seeing stepped-up security, after the government issues a worldwide travel alert. and nativity newborn. an infant is found abandoned in a new york city nativity scene. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm anne-marie green.


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