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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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meisha a is keeping an eye on the road. >> when katie says only thing we have to deal with in terms of the road congestion is sun glare is a good day for our travelers this morning, katie. we're looking good. how does it the look outside. >> i have to tell you, granted, you need heavier coat. the it is cold. we don't have too much win. high pressure hooking us up with very, very tranquil conditions. when we have high pressure with the light wind you can bank on clear, bright, sunny skies. that is what we will find out there today. storm scan you will not find it out there, it is a boring graphic to show but we will start there regardless and lets move right into temperatures. they are chilly. we are in the 20's in most of the outlining suburbs. check out pinelands. 24 degrees, millville, pretty cold. the bundle up here today but it will be a bright, sunny day regardless. heavier coat for sure, little milder then yesterday but just back to typical. it is late november after all. we expect high in the the 50's, but we are going to keep
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that milder trend, going in the next couple of days. average high on thanksgiving in philadelphia, 52 degrees. most recent, that has been 60 degrees or warmer was back in 2007 and the record, to beat would be 75. it will in the get that warm, meisha, but it will start to warm up for us. we will tell you exactly how warm it will get, as the the show progresses. i come with good news for a change. we will send it over to you. >> we will celebrate the the 50's today. >> that is a minnesota woman. >> true. good morning. happy hump day to you, it is day before thanksgiving and it will be busy, indeed. good news it is still early and things are looking great. here's the boulevard at fox street, again, almost looking like a ghost town dairy say it. early obviously. ninety-five a at the girard where we start to see heat up. it is heating upright now but 5:00 o'clock, even yesterday looks busier then this. you may even gotten out of town just slightly bit early
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for thanksgiving. ben franklin bridge looking good for those in new jersey and center city. thanksgiving day parade is tomorrow. this starts at 8:30 a.m. many road will be closing around six or 7:00 a.m. these are road that will be affect. i want to note that jfk closes tonight at 7:00 p.m. these are going to be affected primarily tomorrow closing at six or 7:00 but yfk closes tonight a at 7:00 p.m. all right ladies, back over to you. it is 5:02. police plan to charge a 17 year-old as an adult in the shooting of the pennsylvania state trooper. >> it started as a traffic stop on the schuylkill expressway yesterday morning and it eventually led to the crash of the school bus, and then a shoot-out on the vine street expressway near between the second street. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live at southwest detectives to bring us up to date, justin. >> reporter: nicole and erika, good morning. the under police watch that chase took hours and interviews and questioning overnight and now we hear this morning he is hours away from
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arraignment. cbs-3 cameras were there last night as that 17 year-old was brought in for processing and his family stood by for updates. they tell us he did suffer some injuries. state police say he was driving the sedan tuesday morning, that struck that school bus and spark a fire on the eastbound vine street expressway near 22nd street close to 9:45 a.m. police say that the teen was fleeing state trooper patrick casey who persued the car after it fled an earlier traffic stop. casey pulled alongside that sedan which crashed into his cruiser before rear ending that bus. now only the the bus driver was aboard that bus and he did escape unharmed. the teen sedan driver fled on foot and launched into a highway shoot-out with casey, who fired back from inside of his cruiser. casey was struck in his left shoulder and viewer video shows one man on the expressway ago rested yesterday morning. volume highway traffic east and west was rerouted hours
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for investigation. troopers rushed casey to hahnemann where he is in stable condition this morning. it was quite a morning yesterday. we spoke to a man who said he is the alleged shooter's dad and a witness. >> what happened here. >> i don't know. >> unaudible. >> we were up on the sixth floor of the apartment tower over there and we heard noise and we thought it was gunfire. we looked out the window and sure enough there was an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: how many shots? >> i'm guessing probably 30. >> reporter: at least 30 shots that man overheard yesterday morning, as for that shooter he remains in custody. we are told he will likely be charged as an adult. he faces charges including attempted murder and assault of a law enforcement officer. there were other suspects in the car in that initial stop. we are told two had been released, one of course is in custody and one is now being looked for at the this time. the a as for casey we are told
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he should be home for thanksgiving tomorrow morning. we are live here in southwest with texas, justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is nice to hear, justin, thank you. camden county is investigating a fatal shooting involving two officers. the county prosecutor's office say police responded to a call for a domestic violence disturbance on the 3200 block of rutledge walk. investigators say the suspect and officers exchanged gunfire. man in his 20's was pronounced dead at the hospital. the two officers are now on administrative leave. a 20 year-old man is in stable condition this morning after being shot in the leg overnight outside of the frankford transportation center. this happened just before 2:30. victim was able to get to nearby dire street before police rushed him to aria torresdale. there are no suspects or an arrest. in other news this morning it is getaway day, one of the busiest travel days of the entire year. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at philadelphia international
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airport where extra security will greet passengers heading out for thanksgiving. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. security lines are very long. i was able to snag one family before they got in line here extra early. this is the long family from lower merion. good morning you guys, how are you feeling. getting ready to go to somebody's house for thanksgiving. >> no, we're going to dominican republic for vacation. >> reporter: even better, getting a way from it all. >> absolutely, looking forward to it. >> reporter: what is it, 7:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> reporter: you arrived extra early because you knew lines were long. >> we were figure ago this. >> reporter: how has it been have you seen extra security around the airport. >> not yet the but we are just getting started. >> reporter: very g what are you looking forward to the in the dominican republic the most. >> sun, nice to get out of the town. >> reporter: how about you, what are you looking forward to. >> we all need a break. we are looking for time to relax and hang out together. >> reporter: of course, when you made this break you didn't
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know everything would be happening in the world as it is right now, what is it like getting on the flight today. >> we're just optimistic everything will be just fine, and everyone will travel safely and have have a great thanksgiving. >> long family from lower merion. ill a's let you get the in lines. there are very long lines here today. even longer then what you see right now. when we first got here line stretched outside of this glass area all the way down the hall way and they opened up another security checkpoint. this is what you can expect. the not only is it the one of the busiest travel days of the year but you will see these stepped up security all across the the country. transportation centers have been doing it all this week in the wake of the paris terror attacks and rising terror threats worldwide. again there are no credible threats to the the you had, still this week, the the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel a a alert warning people to exercise caution during the holiday season, particularly and large events and at holiday events.
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46 million people expected to travel for this thanksgiving holiday, we should look at the airways and coming up in the next half an hour we will look at the roads and we will talk to some travel experts the about some advice when you should and should not get in your car and go to grand mom's house but for now we are live at philadelphia international airport, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> grand mom's house or dominican republic. >> i'm still stuck on the the dominican republic. >> thanks, jan. you can also expect high security on the the railways. "eyewitness news" live at 30th street station right now. amtrak says it is working with local, state and federal law enforcement to make sure travelers can get to their destinations safely. cbs is your go to source for everything you need to know before you hit the road. get latest travel forecast and traffic conditions and tips on how to get through airport screening smoothly. well, power is being restored in olde city after a transformer catches fire. "eyewitness news" cameras on
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the 100 block of arch street last night. that transformer caught fire around 10:00 o'clock knocking out electricity. at last check about three dozen customers were still without power. we are told most of those are businesses. a tense night in chicago as protesters clashed with police after an officer is charged with murdering a teenage boy. >> now they are bracing for more, today we are live there with the controversial video that sparked the confrontation, plus... >> i'm really moved by it. >> um-hmm. this is about the last thing you'd expect to see in the church's nativity scene a new born baby found in the manger, why the boy's mother could be in trouble en though the church is a safe haven. ♪ the >> a lot of folks heading back home today, triple a predicts half million people will travel at least 50 miles for
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thanksgiving. 90 percent of the people will be on the road, driving to get where they are going, we will check road and travel forecast, up next. thioh my god. friday.
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high. it comes after dash cam video showing a white police officer fatally shooting a a black teen is released. that officer is being charged with murder. cbs news correspondent adrian diaz joins us live from chicago in the case that is causing outrage nationwide, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. the incident happened on october 20th of last year, prosecutors have the dash cam video, two weeks later but only released yesterday after a judge's order. city of chicago was bracing for more heated protests following release of the video showing laquan mcdonald's last moments. >> sixteen shots, 16 shots. >> reporter: demonstrators clashed with police in the early morning as they blocked intersection after intersection. chaos erupted after authorities released this gruesome dash cam video shows
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the 17 year-old being writled with bullets from officer jason van dyke's weapon. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: silent video shows van dyke continue to shoot the teen as he laid on the ground. many are wondering why it took prosecutors 13 months to file murder charges against him. >> working with our federal partners at u.s. attorney's office ape fbi, they move at the rate that they move. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emmanuel hose charges will mend a rift between the police department and some community members. >> i believe that this is a moment that can build bridges, of understanding rather than become a barrier of misunderstanding. >> reporter: van dyke is being held without bond. if convicted he faces 20 years to life behind bars. as for mcdonald's family the city of chicago awarded them five million-dollar, even
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though they did not file a lawsuit. live at chicago adrian diaz, erika, back to you. >> thank you for that. now new this morning an nfl player is in the hospital after getting shot in the head. we're still getting details but we do know st. louis rams wide receiver, steady man bailey was shot while riding in a car near miami. the the team said bailey is in critical but stable condition. he is currently serving a four game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. nativity scene comes to life in queens, new york when a real new born baby is found in the man ger. take a look at this picture, 5-s hours old and still umbilical cord a attached when left outside holy child jesus roman catholic church on monday. the bishop was returning from lunch when he heard the child crying. >> the baby was crying, so obviously he was well, he was breathing, he had good color. really moved. >> really moved by it, the the church is meant to be a home.
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>> the parish said they want the the baby's mother to know he is saved and loved but authorities say the mother could face prosecution because no one was notified that baby was left there. 5:16 right now. it is getaway wednesday. people heading out of town for thanksgiving. >> i wonder how travel forecast is shaping up. >> not terrible. eastern two thirds of the the united states look totally fine right now but the the further west you go, we're talking all the way across the country, storm system is brewing and that will create some travel headaches and maybe your travel take you outside the u.s. we will talk about that storm system. locally, we're sitting pretty. we're sitting pretty. it looks so nice. beautiful. tomorrow is beautiful. we will get you outside to a beautiful shot of the live neighborhood network where it is quiet as could be. you could hear a pin drop in rehoboth. so this is always a great time to visit these shore, beach points just because it is so
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much less crowded and maybe if that is where you are headed, it is looking beautiful here. little chilly for my taste, but it is november after all. storm scan three, it is nice a quiet. the your eyes get immediately drawn to is what going on in the northwest and inter mountain west. lots of snow falling. the once this streaks out in the central plains it basically turns into a monster storm system but it doesn't have a huge impact on us. we will really just get showers looking forward to the weekend. that is bit. high pressure is hooking us up big time today. low to mid 50's. they are seasonal. bright, sunny day. mild for your turkey day. it wouldn't be the worst excuse to head out after the turkey and play touch football, something like that, try to work off a couple calories. as we head into friday, still partly sunny but is there a cyst to tell approaching. it doesn't have a huge impact, it brings nothing more than just some showers on saturday morning before we get it out of here and knock temperatures
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back. in fact it already does that come saturday. so next few days, perfect timing, beautiful for the holiday, black friday shoppers cannery joyce, in the the warmth, for november, 66 degrees, and then we will cool it back down on sunday, especially back in the 40's at best but we will see a rebound coming our way into monday and tuesday, not too bad, meisha, over to you. >> not too bad at all. sixty for thanksgiving, katie, wow, that is so awesome. good morning. happy hump day. happy wednesday to you. if you are just hitting the roadways right new things are looking good. i was looking at the northbound direction from new jersey and it didn't quite look like this, for those in the northbound direction. we are heading that way. it is getting very busy there. another area where it is picking up is the the schuylkill, taillights in the eastbound direction. this is at spring garden and as you can see we have an incident right here, not quite sure if that is an accident or your typical traffic stop. either way, not too bad right now but it could if we don't
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get that cleed out soon because this is one of the busiest travel days of the year. blue route southbound at route one looking good, really good anywhere i look at the the blue right right now. we have an overturn truck, route 55 northbound at route 322, off ramp to 322 is still closed. i will let you know as soon as that is opened for business. ladies, back over to you. 5:19. time to check your philadelphia a jobs market report. >> business analyst jill schlesinger shows you which jobs are most likely to see a pay raise. >> hiring has improved but wages remain flat but that is in the true for all jobs. new survey uncovered several position was salary increases of five times the average. the job with the biggest increase a business systems analyst, here in the philadelphia area these professionals pull in over 94,005 hundred dollars a year. last year they enjoyed a pay bump of 10 percent.
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you don't necessarily need a tech degree to land these jobs. someone with the business or liberal arts degree might be a a good fit. the business systems analyst determines how a company can leverage tools in order to boost efficiency. it requires understanding needs of the business and potential of the it department, and then helping the two groups communicate. you may find these positions advertised as data analyst, process analyst or a systems analyst. whatever the job title will you can expect opening to grow as much a as 25 percent by 25/22. i am jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". are you feeling stressed out about getting everything ready for thanksgiving. >> a little bit. you have to see hilarious holiday parity to help you cope. plus this has turned into a hair raising experience for some people. the company is offering some solutions for frustrated parents. we will have that and more when we
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you only have a few hours left to name cute new animals at philadelphia a zoo. we showed you the red panda cubs last week when they made their debut at the zoo. there are five possible sets of names for pandas and you have until 6:00 tonight to vote for your favorites. right now, sa va and pabu, which mean dear to hold and puff ball in tibetan. betsy and benjamin two important names in philadelphia history are in second place. they get my vote. >> absolutely. >> benjamin and betsy. >> he looks like a benjamin right there. >> i'm with you. >> some or important names in philly history how about rocky and creed. >> today is creed day in philadelphia latest installment in rocky franchise hits theaters to day but some lucky fans saw it last night. lucky duck.
5:25 am
michael b jordan stars as son of apollo creed and he is back and rocky balboa, and we spoke with them and they loved it. >> it was really good. i'm a big fan of sylvester stallone and michael b jordan. >> it was more believable then anyone of the rockies because rocky was a human being. >> fight scenes were more realistic then i remember prior rocky movies being and they really capture philly. >> very good. creed is already getting some oscar buzz, i googled it, it is true. ninety-point rating. >> is that right. >> people are loving this movie. >> it opens up in theaters today. >> wouldn't that beneath to see because the first one, rocky, oscar winner. >> well done. >> i wouldn't put it past him. family known for making parity videos on you tube it back at it. >> check out the family's take on thanksgiving. >> ♪
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watch me whip, whip, nana, nan. >> hilarious. >> yes, that was my favorite. >> the first gained popularity in 2013 with their pajama song but they are so great. the daddies busy in the background. >> that sums up my thanksgiving, really. >> charred in a. >> it happens. >> sip, sip. >> you are up a at 4:30 working on the turkey. >> yes. >> they married and all that talent in one family. impressive. >> cool parents. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news", it is holiday getaway on one of the busiest travel days of the year, diane. >> reporter: here at
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philadelphia international airport it is not only busiest travel day or one of the busiest travel days of the the year, it is already very busy even early this morning. we will talk about what you need to know hitting road, rails or air waves for that thanksgiving holiday. that is right, jan. we can expect to see quiet weather looking forward in the forecast here so that bode well for travelers, we will have your full forecast, turkey day forecast, black friday forecast and everything beyond that all coming up. meisha also keeping an eye on traffic getting ready to hit the roads this morning, stay with us.
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if you are heading out of town today get ready for plenty of company. we're looking live a at the airport and it is busying at 5:30 this morning as people get ready to catch those flights for thanksgiving. and skies are clear, if you are about to leave home right now pretty chilly, however, we have a nice warm up. it is just in time for the the holiday. when are considering it black friday or black friday, there is plenty for both. >> so we have lines, maybe camp out for some black friday door busters not that i do that kind have of thing. >> do any of you guys do shopping on black friday. >> i go on line. >> i love it. >> i will take the crowds for some of that stuff. >> to


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