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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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faces. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we are live at airport where security lines are long this morning. while thousands will fly to their destination, more people are hitting the the roads this thanksgiving, looking live, katie and meisha has your travel forecast. the it will be a busy day. it is wednesday, november 25th good morning i'm nicole brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. lets check this with them on get the away day. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. i'm not looking forward to the airport lines, you guys but on the roadways things are looking pretty good. >> good. >> we are starting to heat up on the interstate and highways but overall things are looking really pleasant on the roads. >> definitely the case in the weather department as well. traffic can be dicey, as the morning progresses but weather we know this much will be nice and quiet today, tomorrow, and even into the rest of the holiday weekend, for the most part. we have one hiccup on the way which we will talk about but high pressure is on your side. so often high pressure brings
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fair weather, it is absolutely doing that this morning. the it is cold but we have no wind with that high centered overhead. it is critical clear. that has allowed these temperatures to drop off readily. even by the time we hit 8:00 a.m. we are only talking in the the 30's at this point. heavier coats required but thankfully not a wind chill to deal with. we're actually looking at a milder day by comparison. the this is a dose of reality. the it the ace gut check. back to the low to mid 50's where we should be for standard of the season. the it is november. this is what you expect. even as we look ahead to turkey daze itself not bad, a beautiful weather day, is expect for us as we hit turkey day itself. nice and mild for standard and we should hit 60 degrees. that is a trent that will continue for us, moving forward in the forecast. the temperatures will just keep on climbing. we were back in the 40's on monday, in the 50's as of yesterday and then, we will warm up, well above average,es specially for black friday.
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we will have more details on those numbers coming up later in the show, meisha, back inside to you. >> lots to be grateful for tomorrow, katie, and every day but tomorrow, 60 degrees, just put that on your list immediately. fifty-nine southbound at girard starting to heat up on i-95 right now at girard. anywhere i look it is looking like this you can expect over the next 15 or 20 minutes, half an hour we will start tapping those brakes, slowing down more so just make note of. that give yourself extra time. for those coming from new jersey, ben franklin bridge is looking g it has been holding steady, slowly starting to see volume levels creeping up a bit for those coming from new jersey, even on 42 freeway, overall looking good there platt bridge taillights moving in the westbound direction looking good here as well. overall things are looking g make note that the thanksgiving day parade is tomorrow, so because of that we have some stuff going on in mass transit too. i will tweet out this list right now. the it is on a special schedule. these are ones that are in
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effect today and detours and changes to your schedule. check that out on line. ladies, back over to you. a 17 year-old awaits his day in court accused of shooting a pennsylvania state trooper. gunfire erupted during a chase that started as a traffic stop and ended as a a fiery crash. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from southwest detectives where that suspect is being held, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. the authorities say that teen now being held was driving that car and opened fire on that trooper, this morning, that trooper is now on track to be home for thanksgiving and that kiddies now awaiting arraignment. >> what happened here. >> i don't know, he said it was wrong decision. >> reporter: what this man blames for his teen son being held behind bars for shooting of pennsylvania state trooper patrick casey. here's how it ended. school bus, and blaze and damaged afront end wedged underneath. about 9:45, a.m. tuesday, casey was pursuing that sedan
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on the eastbound vine street expressway. the the driver a 17 year-old boy. we're told casey tried using his cruiser to maneuver that sedan off the highway. then the the sedan crashed in the cruiser and lost control rear ending that bus. >> when the the car hit the bus, somehow it was still accelerating and it was tires that were smoking. the the engine revving throughout the gun fire. then within the next ten minutes the engine caught fire, car caught fire and caught the bus on fire. >> reporter: only the driver was aboard and he escaped unharmed. seventeen year-old suspect got out too and kept up a gunfight with casey who was struck in his left shoulder. >> there was an exchange of gunfire. we saw... >> how many shots. >> i'm's guessing 30. >> reporter: witnesses say teen was not in the kara loan. >> the cops came up with their guns drawn and he just stood up and just started to run. >> reporter: viewer video shows an arrest in progress as traffic on the east and westbound vine street expressway was closed for a police investigation.
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meantime troopers got casey to hahnemann where he is in good spirits and recovering in stable condition. now back out here live we have learned that the next arraignments are set the for 8:30 this morning and that teen could be in that lot. he will likely be charged as an adult facing charges including attempted murder, and assault of the law enforcement officer. we have learned there were other suspects in that car in that first stop. we are told two have been questioned and released. one is in custody. search is now on for another. the the release here is that casey could be home for thanksgiving morning. we are live from southwest detectives, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great to hear he is doing okay, justin thanks. take which at witness news for continuing coverage of the shooting of the pennsylvania state trooper. when you are not near a tv jump on line at cbs in other news it is day before thanksgiving, one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> get ready, nearly 47 million americans are expected to travel despite heightened terrorist am
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alerts. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us from philadelphia international a a airport where extra security measures are in place and those lines are slowing with some people. how is it looking right now. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. we seem to be going through waves in long lines and short lines. it is a quiet period here at philadelphia international airport this morning. when we first arrived, though, that line was snaking all the way through the roped off area and down the hall way. it is looking much better. philly international a airport officials say on domestic flights folks come here two hours early to get and make their way through security screenings. i want to welcome in triple a spokesperson kathleen miller for philadelphia mid-atlantic region. what is advice for people as they helped to the airport this morning. >> just remember folks, you are not alone. there will be about 45,000 philadelphia area residents traveling will by air for this weekend. pack your patients. check your flight status
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before you come. give yourself plenty of time to get here, to find parking and get through security. >> reporter: you don't want to be rush when you go to meet family: the now lets talk about roads a little bit. the the the majority of the people are getting in their car and happening on the roadways. what do folks need to necessity there. >> there will be about 90 percent of the philadelphia travelers will do it by car. before you get in the car, prepare yourself, and prepare your vehicle. i know a lot have people don't think about their car. that is what will take them to their thanksgiving holiday. take a look at the lights make sure they all work, check your wipers and tires. no one wants to break down on the way to the thanksgiving meal. pack your patients because you will be on the road with your fellow drivers so always take it safe. >> reporter: definitely plan ahead. speaking to that what are better times during the day to travel, since this is one of the busiest travel days of the year.
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>> absolutely avoid later this afternoon and early evening just in case you hit the road and then getting on the road, so if you can leave early, that is one of the better ideas. >> so people watching the newscast they need to pack up and get out right now. >> that would be a good idea. >> reporter: what about on the return trip we think about today getting to our destination but it will be just as bad if not worse. >> that is it for those who have to report to work on monday, you know, nobody want to leave a day ahead you might want to stay longer, but, sunday, sunday will be busy as well, so again plan ahead. >> reporter: busy here at the the a airport as well. we have stepped up screeningness light of the paris terror attacks. what is advice for people as they make their way through lines and trying to go a broad do they need to check into make sure there is no changes. >> if you scheduled a trip overseas, and you have a travel agent and check with again airline to make sure there aren't any other delays
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and for international travel you want to leave even more time even earlier when you get the here. >> reporter: kathleen miller, thanks very much. good advice. back to you guys in the the studio. >> all right, jan thanks for that update. also some more advice from triple a a flying out for thanksgiving, they say make sure to printout your boarding pass beforehand. check the status of your flight before leaving home. get to the airport earlier then usual. that is kind of common sense. >> yep. >> definitely you have to do that. you can imagine there will be extra security so you may have to deal with some lines there. >> pack your patients. >> amtrak is gearing up for the travel rush, a live look at 30th street station. very different scene from the airport no long lines there. amtrak says more police will be on the patrol to keep travelers safe. amtrak has had are have available train in service, they have added extra trains. lath year a a record 772,000 passengers rode the rails and they expect similar numbers this year. before you hit the road, check out our cbs
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web site. you can get latest traffic conditions and weather forecast and tips on how to get through airport screening smoothly. 6:10. it hads been a night of protestness chicago after dash cam video is released showing a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager. >> that officer is now facing murder charges. cbs news correspondent adrian a diaz joins us live from new york with the details for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and nicole. that october night here in chicago last year, what happened was eight police officers persued the suspect 17 year-old robber who was holding a 3-inch knife. the officer who opened fire said he feared for his life. the city of chicago was bracing for more heated protests, following the release of the video showing laquan mcdonald's last moments. >> fifteen shots, 15 shots. >> reporter: demonstrators clashed with police into the early morning as they blocked
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intersection after intersection. the the the chaos erupted hours after authorities released this gruesome dash cam footage showing the 17 year-old being riddled with bullets from officer jason van dyke's weapon. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: the violent video shows van dyke continue to shoot the teen as he laid on the ground. many are wondering why it took prosecutors 13 months to file murder charges against him. >> we're working with our federal partners at u.s. attorneys office and fbi, you move at the rate that they move. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emmanuel hopes charges will help mend a rift between the police department and some community members. >> i believe this is a moment that can build bridges, of understanding rather then become a barrier of misunderstanding. >> reporter: van dyke is being held without bond. if convicted he faces 20 years
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to life behind bars. van dyke is due back in court on monday. the as for protests, more are expect, throughout the week. live from chicago, adrian diaz, erika and nicole back to you. thank you. >> this morning, president obama a meets with his advisors to review u.s. attorney security. we will have have more next half an hour. first a baby scare for kim kardashian find out why doctors are concerned about their delivery next month. black friday is almost here, we will have you covered with the a look at what you shouldn't buy on black friday, and a battle plan to get the the best deals. we will be right back many
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it is chilly but temperatures where to go up.
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>> just in time for thanksgiving. >> the timing could not be more perfect. we are looking at pleasant weather in time for the holiday. storm scan is quiet a as can be. it makes it that much nicer. it will be that way right through friday. is there a much larger storm system that is starting to brew well off to the west. you can see snow falling through the inner mountain west. once this gets in the plains you will see it turn into something not just stronger but moisture rich and more organized. this doesn't have have the storm, a huge impact on our area, but what it does in advance of it is we will see nice mild air get drawn n we are back to reality today. worst of the cold getting put off the map well into northern canada. but with time here by tomorrow we will warming up. 7 degrees or so for the the high. even more so for black friday itself. that will be a day people will be out and about at outlet malls and that kind of thing.
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it looks like very pleasant. lots of sun today. we call it milder, but again, this is just back to normal. fifty-three for expected high. we will drop down in the 30's tonight, on to that nice clear sky without blanket of cloud cover it does get chilly. it is late november. but it is not too terrible moving forward here. sixty tomorrow. lovely, for your turkey day, gobble, gobble. sixty-six on friday. nice warm day for sure. but then with some showers saturday morning the temperatures get dropped back down to reality. back to reality, meisha. >> and reality is so good. it is all good. good morning. everyone. it will be a busy travel day to day indeed. it will be then yesterday. one of our busiest of the year. here's schuylkill headlights moving in, approaching girard, already, certainly busy in this area as we push through this early part of the 6:00 o'clock hour.
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thinks the boulevard southbound making your way to the schuylkill and get on at city avenue we're looking busy there as well. we are taking a peak in delaware county, we don't see this volume at this early hour. but we see in delaware county this is i-95 northbound at 452. not right in the beginning of the 6:00 o'clock hour. good indication that people are hitting the roadways. accident in king of prussia in front of the mall gulf road at kirk avenue and that overturn truck in new jersey. we will have updates in 15 minutes. ladies, back over to you. still ahead, black friday, don'ts. we will show you what you shouldn't buy if you want best deals. >> ♪ >> it looks like ukee leading parade through street but ies helping hundreds of high school students on a mission to deliver a happy thanksgiving to their neighbors in north philadelphia, it is this weeks story of brotherly love coming up next.
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beiber is saying sorry for canceling two major appearances this thanksgiving the even cryptic reason he is backing out.
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profis for for cbs news. coming up why justin beiber just canceled two major thanksgiving appearances. highly anticipated film creed opens up today but some lucky fans already got to see it. hear what they think of the film. katie is working on your holiday forecast. >> i have to say it is a easy forecast when you have high pressure on your side so nice weather coming your way, plus bonus, a nice little warming trend, we will talk temperatures coming up on the other side.
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the word is, canceled. >> justin beiber back out of two major appearances. pop star canceled both of his a appearance on the late show with stephen colbert and his performance in the thanksgiving take parade on cbs. the facts were undisclosed personal reasons. he tweeted colbert saying there is something he needs to tiehl with and that he will see him soon. >> oh, boy. >> very cryptic. >> news about kim card darn an's pregnancy is making her nervous. she said her baby is breach meaning he is in the wrong position for child birth but kim hopes to deliver him naturally. her baby boy is due next month. well, it has been a long time coming but latest installment in the rocky
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franchise opens up in theaters today. >> today is creed day in philadelphia lucky fans got a sneak peak last night, michael b jordan stars as son of apollo creed. sylvester stallone is back and fans we spoke work loved it. >> it was really good. i'm a big fan of sylvester stallone and michael b jordan. >> it was more believable then anyone of the rockies because rocky was a human being. >> fight scenes were more realistic then i remember other rocky movies being and they captured the look of philly. >> creed is already garnering oscar buzz. >> i love to hear that. >> still ahead this morning an update on the pennsylvania state trooper hot shot on the vine street expressway. >> also, plenty of discovery in the church's nativity scene when cry where is heard from the manger. it was a new born baby wrapped in the towel. we will that story, jan? >> reporter: we're looking pretty good right now a at philadelphia interest the national airport, but the rush is on to get to those holiday
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destinations, i'm jan carabao reporting live, coming up what you need to know hitting the road rails or taking a flight out of the philly ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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good wednesday morning to you and what a beautiful shot there, gorgeous sunrise, we're waking up to 30-degree temperature but we have a who will take warm up on the way. >> indeed we do. >> we are traveling today and so great it is not raining, not snowing in the area. >> really no hiccups to speak of until you hit weekend. saturday specifically a front sweeping in here but up until that point it is looking just smooth sailing. >> yes. >> all the way around. >> storm scan empty as can be, just like we like it. i have another beautiful shot. nice sunrise currently underway. she stopped in her track to
6:31 am
look at it. appreciate that. beautiful. 35 degrees, cape may courthouse but you can see the beautiful colors off in the distance and that sunrise, picturesque being with that nice clear sky. temperatures as they stand are chilly but no wind. you don't to have factor in that for feels like value. what you will see is what you will get on the thermometer. we are giving you a thanksgiving day planner. i had to pause this graphic. look at the turkey making a cameo, he is wearing a fat ball helmet. is that the cutest thing ever. >> here he goes. >> i could not help it. that is funniest thing, i love it. >> i hope i give you lol to kick start your morning here. get you out the door with the smile, but sun will shine will make you smile all day long here looking ahead to tomorrow. we are warming it up to 60. in the meantime for today we're talking more seasonal, probably 53 at best in philadelphia for daytime high but tomorrow, a sign of things to come here that nice warming trend will last us right into
6:32 am
black friday. it is looking good. >> it is looking good. i have to say that turkey has a great personality. i just love him. good morning, everyone. it is a very busy travel day indeed. we are seeing our major highways and interstate heat up considerably. the this is i-95, right here near airport in the southbound direction. this is one area, simply because i know people, myself included are heading to the airport today to take flights out. the it will be busy at the airport. looking at airport status, it looks like all flights are still running on time. looking good. we can expect long lines there but in and around the airport i-95 south is looking good. we saw, them pulled off not causing delays there. looking at the vine, vine street is looking good in the eastbound direction you're heating up. volume levels heating up there. forty-two freeway, this is moving in the northbound direction a at creek road. the as we approached 295 where we are getting busy.
6:33 am
forty-two freeway is busy. we have two accidents i'll tell but in ten minutes. ladies, back to you. despite travel warnings millions of the americans are taking to the air rail and road this thanksgiving. >> triple a says 47 million people are traveling for the holidays and that includes more than half million philadelphia a area residents. agency projections the the most travelers since 2007 and part of the reason gas prices are lowest they have been since 2008. >> nice benefit. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live where it is getting crowded. not sure if the airline tickets are any cheaper but jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika and nicole, good morning. crowd come and go here at philadelphia international airport. you can see behind me at security checkpoint it is not too bad. that line is growing but i have seen it longer right around 4:00, that line snake through roped off area and down in the hallway where i'm standing. the these folks should consider themselves luck think
6:34 am
morning. we will see more of this later today. rush is on for millions of the travelers to get to their holiday destinations. 46 million americans are expect to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, many of them getting out of town today on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> we left out of greensboro airport in north carolina indianapolis. >> her mommies coming in from california. >> atlanta, georgia. >> my other daughter is coming in from maryland. >> cincinnati, ohio. >> reporter: no matter where their travels take them federal officials are asking americans to remain vigilant this week the the u.s. state department issued a worldwide travel alert in the wake of the terror attacks in paris and rising terror threats. while there are no credible threats to the you had, the new global alert forced people to exercise particular caution during the holiday season. for example in large crowd and during holiday events. here at philadelphia international airport, five newly certified k-9's will be
6:35 am
used to sniff out potential threats and passengers are taking note. >> we feel secure, very thorough. i felt safe. >> think about it when you are traveling, of course, it is all over the the news. you cannot think bit and worry about it but you have to live your life. >> reporter: but still federal officials want people to travel and at philly international airport is asking folks who are traveling domestically to arrive two hours for their flight. >> we was than the sure how long time frame would be for check in. that is why we came early. >> reporter: these folks at philadelphia international airport seem to be getting through checkpoints fairly ease think morning but this will change as more people arrive here to take their flights to their final holiday destination. majority of the viewing audience philadelphia area will be hitting the roads 90 percent of the travelers. so triple a a suggest you get on the road very early or wait until tomorrow because peak travel times on the roads are this afternoon and this evening. we're reporting live at
6:36 am
philadelphia international airport jan carabao for "eyewitness news". >> worth it whether that turkey. >> so true. >> jan, thanks. from the runways to the rails this is a a live look at 30th street station. amtrak expect to go carry record number of passengers this thanksgiving holiday. they estimate 770,000 people will travel by train, amtrak add ad extra trains to handle increased volume and working with various law enforcement agencies to ensure traveler safety. with travel's wear of terror threats, president obama meets with his national security advisors. according to triple a47000000 people will travel 50 miles or more for their thanksgiving holiday. new york city is not taking any chances. nypd is trying to protect more than 1 million people expected to attend macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> i think quite clear what we are advocating is this idea of don't be afraid, be aware. . the department rolled out a
6:37 am
new counter terrorism unit. suspect in the shooting of the pennsylvania state trooper is expect to be arraigned in a couple hours. the 17 year-old arrived late last night at southwest detectives. he faces a attempted murder charges in the the shooting of troop are path the trick casey this happened during a brief chase that ended in a fiery crash on the vine street expressway yesterday morning. trooper casey may be home in time for thanksgiving. so good news there. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting outside frankford transportation center. this happened just before 2:30 this morning. investigators say that victim is a a 20 year-old man shot in the leg but he was able to run to nearby dire street. they have no suspects or arrests, victim is in stable condition at aria torresdale hospital. a real new born baby is left abandoned in the queens new york church nativity scene. check out this picture, 5-pound 2-ounce baby boy was just hours old and still had his umbilical cord attached when left outside holy child jesus roman catholic church on monday. the bishop was returning from
6:38 am
lunch when he heard the child cry. >> the baby was crying, so obviously he was well, he was breathing, he had good coal or. >> really moved by it. the church's home. >> churches are considered a safe have men new york state but this mother in this case could face charges because she did not alert anyone to the babies whereabouts but wonderful that the baby is okay. black friday deals are just days away, coming up jim donovan has battle will ground. >> a battle plan get ready. >> on the hunt for best deals. toy trouble these little bunches are on holiday wish list but they are making parents pull their hair out. up next the company solutions to the problem. in this weeks story of brotherly love i met with team of boys bringing thanksgiving cheer to their neighborhood, brand and all follow along with their special delivery when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> 47 million people travel, 90 percent will be done by car, we will have your travel forecast, and when you hit that holiday road we will be right back.
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you are a stiff. >> now mommies going to do the turkey. dad want it so we have to get that miniature marshmallow. you do the cranberry. you know, i cannot cook. >> i'll see you tomorrow, gobble gone he he will. bye-bye. >> my goodness a classic, isn't it. >> steve martin. >> yes. >> that is just too much. >> just a great scene from the
6:43 am
movie planes, trains, automobiles, very fitting on this busy travel day. >> hopefully your journey is easier then his was is there the philadelphia police department is in the spirit of the season. the department boxed up and prepared to deliver $15,000 worth of thanksgiving meals yesterday. members of the department co nateed the fund to purchase the meals. each box contained a turkey and all of the side. those meals are being delivered to families across the city. >> is he sweet. >> donated funds themselves too. >> all right. great nice for your holiday and for all of the cooking we will do tomorrow, nice outside looking outside the window. >> from the comfort of the nice warm kitchen, right? that is true because especially in the next few mornings it is chilly, it the is what you expect but nice warming trend heading our way for late november. looking at eyewitness weather watcher network and most up to date observations we are getting in here. it is a cold start. heavier coat a great idea but don't have wind to contend with. we will start off in the middle here 30 degrees in from
6:44 am
phil in the heart of the philadelphia here. cold dry sunny wednesday. it is definitely a good day for traveling. if this is your travel day as it is, we are looking okay. we will take you a smidge north where kyle checks in with a clear skies. the virtually no wind in hatboro where he is located. 24-degree temperature reading feels like it is what it is reading. we will go to i-95 south in wilmington. the she's at 30 degrees. lets go ahead next to is what going on with storm scan three and nice wide zoom. the reason why there is a storm system getting its act together over the northwest and inter mountain west and as far south over portions of the sacramento valley. but once this pull is a cross the rockies a and in the central plains it will blossom and turn into a much larger system and that will eventually cross the the country but it doesn't have a huge impact on us. we will eventually see a cool down, we will eventually end up with a few showers but next few days we are looking at
6:45 am
1:00 p.m. today. the as we go out to the mobile weather lab northeast travel is looking great. do not worry that weather has a factor say for sun glare in the next couple hours and once that sun goes down. then we will see that next system advancing, by friday but don't worry about wet weather until that saturday morning. that is when we will see showers moving in here. beautiful turkey day itself and nice for the the standard. 66 degrees. >> thanks very much, katie, if you are just waking up with us i want to say take a look, i-95 southbound at cottman, looking really nice. i cannot believe i'm saying that as we are pushing toward our 7:00 o'clock hour, interstate 95 at cottman does not ever look like that at this time. that is great news. schuylkill westbound past the curve however looking very busy moving in the bows east and westbound directions. looking busy there and also the boulevard too moving in the southbound direction at broad street. this is at broad street.
6:46 am
looking okay. we are maintaining like normal, would i say speed levels around 55 miles an hour. now this is where we have a more serious accident overturn tractor trailer carrying a bunch of tangerines overturn. in new jersey, route 55 northbound at route 322, that off ramp to 322 is still closed. i will let you know when that does reopen but it is still closed. we have an accident in burlington new jersey, sunset drive before burlington mount holly road a car hit a tree there but it is pulled off to the shoulder. we will have another update in 15 minutes. ladies, over to you. a local high school in north philadelphia, is living its motto of being men for others. >> for more than 20 years st. joes prep made it their mission to ensure its neighbors have a good thanksgiving. "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington has this story in this weeks brotherly love. a noisy, joyful day. >> probably a thousand guys right now.
6:47 am
>> hundreds of students from st. joes prep courtyard to deliver thanksgiving dinner to their north philadelphia a neighbors accompanied by a brass band. it all start aid few days ago, students spilling more than 300 laundry baskets with more than 14,000-pound of food and household supplies. >> we have about 41-pound of food going in and it is enough that could feed a family for ten days. >> suits, serial and just about making of the thanksgiving dinner. >> sometimes especially around holiday thanker meals aren't financially feasible so what we are trying to does give these families great food to enjoy around the holidays. >> we know they don't have what we have. >> reporter: some food was brought through a web site called you give, which lets donors buy food and have it shipped to the school. >> they can send to it different family and alumni around the the country. >> reporter: fast forward to
6:48 am
delivery day. >> i'm feeling it, coming down the the street. >> it is just great being able to help everybody out. >> reporter: we were there as students delivered the baskets and turkies in person. one of them went to walker and her son iain. >> i like to see the the kid get together and do this. we appreciate it. >> reporter: when you see young men at school doing this how does it make you feel. >> well, i'm sorry. >> reporter: that is all right, it take your time. >> very proud and happy. >> reporter: some food will be delivered to the food pantries and organizations to help people in need. do you want to find a way to help others? go to cbs i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is what it is all about. penns landing is transform in the winter wonder land. >> but blue cross river rink open up on friday but luck skaters hit the ice last tonight looking good. in addition to the ice skating they have for the non-skaters. >> the fire pits, always fun this time of the year.
6:49 am
>> holiday light and lots of food and warm beverages even if you are not the quite the most able skater you can still enjoy it. >> that is my favorite part coming indoors from the outdoor activity. >> hot chocolate. >> right now 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live with that preview, good morning. >> i love hot chocolate part but i cannot ice skate. i know how to roller skate but i can't figure out how to ice skate. what do you say about that. >> more than you wanted to know. >> inquiring mind. >> there you go, nicole and erika very good to see you. we are in chicago with overnight protest after video being released of an officer shooting a teenager 16 times. plus we're tracking holiday travel and efforts to keep airline seats from getting smaller. this and we are talking about how they are gearing up for black friday. he a said they are ready for you. from finding your car after shopping to using your smart phone to get a better
6:50 am
hotel deal this all can be done so says david pope, who is here with simple ways to make your life easier. don't we all need that. yes, we do. news is bank in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes and counting, nicole and erika back to you in the studio. >> you need to take skating lessons, rockerfeller center there. >> i don't like the falling part, guys. it is graceful to watch, graceful to watch. >> gayle, thanks so much. >> well, remember when black friday used to be kick off to the holiday shopping weekend do you remember that time. >> yes. >> more stores, opening up on thanksgiving day itself and more like a midpoint. >> no matter when you start you still need that battle plan. >> three on your side consume are reporter jim donovan shows you what you need to know before you head out to shop. >> reporter: 135 million americans are expected to shop in stores and on line this weekend, often starting on thanksgiving day before the left overs are even put away.
6:51 am
>> now each stories trying to top the other one and starting earlier. >> reporter: consumer add ohio cade edward dworksky says check circulars before head ing out to the store. >> you don't to have wait until thursday big newspaper arrives, check them now. >> reporter: on line on web sites like or black friday at got a deal cot come. most wal-mart stores will be opened all day thursday but big deals won't start until 6:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. jc penny opens up its stores. at 4:00 o'clock old navy. at 5:00 best buy and toys-r-us. the at 6:00 target, kohl's, macy and sears get in the act. many malls will open up at 6:00 among them cherry hill, moorestown, king of prussia, lehigh valley, montgomery, oxford valley quakerbridge and christiana mall. what sort of deals can you expect? old navy is offering everything for 50 percent off thursday night and friday morning. you can pick up a roku streaming device for 19.99 at
6:52 am
hh greg. 24.99 at kohl's, wal-mart and best buy. >> that is less than i paid and that must be a good deal then. >> best buoys offering a 60-inch ultra inch h.d.t.v for 799 bucks. >> on toes goodness at the beginning of november a similar samsung 60-inch tv was 1799. so talking about a thousand dollars less for a comparable item. >> reporting for three on your side i'm jim donovan. >> wow, pretty good. >> a a lot of deals. hot new toy is getting new attention but for all of the wrong reasons. >> bunch ins they are velcro like balls that kid can mold together but it turns out what that toy has been doggies bunching up kid hair. parents across the country have been sharing their anguish. it looks painful. reagan says getting them out really hurt. >> when they pull them out it hurt. >> when you have that many, 14 or 15 they were getting mathed down to her skull and hair
6:53 am
started to wrap around and there was no moving them. they did not budge. >> poor little girl. company says using vegetable oil or conditioner can help get them out but parents say even with that it is still takes a while to let them out of the hair. >> hard enough to brush a child's hair can you imagine. >> those darn bunch ins. >> we will take a break. >> we will be right back.
6:54 am
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many americans are heading off to their thanksgiving destination. >> that means trains and security. tim jimenes from our sister station 1060 joins is live on the phone at 30th street station. how sit looking, tim. >> reporter: not so bad. trains have have been moving around with a lot more people than usual. amtrak says 141,000 passengers will be on the rails system wide today. compared to the 83,000 on a regular wednesday. we have had a chance to talk to your college students heading home, university arts junior says she cannot wait to sees her dog back in connecticut. penn sophomore says she's salivating over two turkies, that they cook up in new york. two turkies. one woman heading home to virginia says all that is going on in the world home with her brothers and sisters is only place she want to be. there is that state department travel warning out because of the attacks in paris and aftermath and there it is a very strong police presence
6:58 am
here, more k-9's then usual and they stress that travelers be aware of their surroundings and report anything unusual. >> all right, tim jimenes, and these two turkies sound pretty good. >> not one but two. >> you got it. new red pandas at philadelphia zoo they still need names. >> you can help but clock is ticking. we have video from the the brother and sister red panda clubs made their debut last week. >> so adorable. >> there are five possible sets of the names for the pandas and you have until 6:00 e within on the zoo's web site. sa va and pad u, they are the the lead, those names mean dear to hold and puff ball. >> yes. >> and these are our favorites, betsy and benjamin two very important names in philadelphia history. i think they look like little betsy ace benjamin. >> benjamin and betsy it is. >> so darn clue. >> i don't know about the other names. >> it is philadelphia, we can to better than that.
6:59 am
>> done. >> separate puff balls. >> it is adorable. >> but to hold, where did that come from. >> yes. >> all right, people are traveling today. we cannot get better travel condition. >> today is fantastic. today looks fantastic. beautiful frosty start in the morning in kutztown. 23 degrees to kick it off. as we look at today, thanksgiving, friday on the road no matter what your plans meisha, it looks beautiful. >> in terms of weather, it does. look at this. even roadways are looking good. this is interstate 95 southbound at the airport. it is as if everyone got out of dodge earlier but look at this, 42 freeway north bound right around creek road that is where you are slowing down. >> meisha, thank you. >> cbs this morning is coming up next and popular identity protection service used for cyber stalking. a woman explained how her ex-husband tracked every within of her financial move. >> track us each morning each
7:00 am
weekday morning a at 4:30. weekday morning a at 4:30. we will get captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 25th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." disturbing video shows a chicago police officer shooting a teenager 16 times. protesters want to know why it took so long for murder charges. turkey's president calls for calm after his country shut down a russian war plane but the kremlin is deploying new missiles. people are stuffed in smaller seats. to get the airlines from cramping your style. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. people will be upset and want will to protest when they shea this


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