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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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seth williams described to me what he calls, the the heroic actions of two of his detectives as they chased and caught the suspect during the violence here on the vine street expressway yesterday morning. >> let's go eagles. >> reporter: with the shout out for his favorite football team, trooper patrick casey, just over 24 hours after being shot in the shoulder in a gun battle on the vine street expressway, left the hospital. >> i'm feeling much better. feeling very good. >> reporter: casey's mom exchanging a hug with his commonning officer as her son headed home for thanksgiving, the the bullet that came so close to doing devastating damage still lodged into his shoulder. >> i am feeling much better, thank you. >> he did a remarkable job yesterday, we're very proud of him. >> reporter: holes in the windows of the trooper's car shows the the barrage of bullets as 17 year-old gee van owe coto opened fire at troopers chasing him after he sped away from the car shop for motor vehicle violations.
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coto police say crashing into a school bus that burst into flames. fortunately the driver, the the only one aboard escaped unhurt as two district attorney office detectives stopped in the vine street traffic suddenly turn into heroes chasing down the a alleged gunman. >> went in foot pursuit of the shooter, young man shot trooper casey and they apprehended him. >> reporter: seth williams described how his detectives raced through the smoke and spent shell casing toss capture coto. >> they did not know whether he had other weapons or just shot a troop are. >> reporter: coto's 45 stolen in the 2011 georgia burglary after being purchased in texas, in 2009. police want to speak with cameron lewis, whom they say is one of the three passengers in his car, before he sped off, and opened fire. none of the three face any charges. >> right new police officially are not providing any motive
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for the violence here, however, sources tell cbs-3 that the 17 year-old suspect has been arrested, twice in the past, for possessing and distributing drugs. he is now being held in $3 million bail. live from the vine street expressway i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right walt, thanks for that. coming up at 5:30 our greg argos talks to the suspected gunman's father. hear what he had to say to the wounded office are. then at 6:00 a disturbing new trend in violent crime in philadelphia "eyewitness news" reporter ra hell solomon breaks down the alarming number of juveniles being charged with murder. lets take a look at the weather now, a nice day for traveling. the it is only getting nicer and warmer out there the sunnies shining over kelly drive, people out enjoying the weather today. many working off the calories before tomorrow's thanksgiving day feast. what a difference from last year. do you remember this? we were dealing with snow, slush, ice, this is paoli chester county last thanksgiving eve.
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i was just talking about this today. weather meant travel delays on the roads and in the air. that was a mess. but today, it is nice enough for kate bilo to be outside on the cbs-3 sky deck. it is warming up for the the weekend, kate. the quite a difference. >> seeing that video gave me a panic attack there because that was a mess last year. we had snow just in time for the big travel day, i remember being outside in the mobile weather lab track ago this snow last year. what a difference a year makes. it is beautiful. it is crisp, chilly, just the way a late november evening should be and we will be warmer over next couple of days g news for thanksgiving. here's storm scan three, really not much to show you here skies are clear across the north east, you cannot see it as i zoom out but there is a system, line of cloud over northern plains, coming up, i will tell but a holiday mess in the plains and ice storm. snow and heavy rain, but luckily we are dodging a bullet on this one. there it is holiday mess and you can see, ice, some rain, some snow, luckily, away from frustrates, we don't have to
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worry about that today. we will be talking about nice conditions as we head into our thanksgiving day holiday. temperatures in the area right now cool but not cold. we're still hanging on to 60 degrees in philadelphia. forty-seven in allentown. mount pocono at 37. we're talking 60's for next few days. question is how long does it last? i will answer that when i join you inside. >> see you in a bit, thank you. day before thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the the year and this year is no exception. give you a live look at i-95 southbound near cottman avenue and you can see the roads are packed. very busy. nearly 47 million americans, are expected to travel at least 50 miles from home over the long holiday weekend. from the road to the rails, there was also plenty of activity over at 30th street station, rail passengers experienced some long lines at a very visible police presence. one traveler waiting to get home to new jersey had just flown in this morning from los angeles. >> i had uber to get to the airport, i took the train, i
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took the plane and i almost fallen asleep the at my lay overs. so luckily i was able to pull it all together and get back home. >> it happens. it happens. amtrak expects more than 700,000 passengers to ride the rails, this thanksgiving trip. if you plan to fly out of town expect enhanced screening measures at philly international airport. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us from the airport to tell us about that, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, everyone has to go through body scanners thaw see behind me but here at the security terminal, for b and e, things are going well. the there is a a line but there is plenty of space still a available, not all of that area that is sectioned off is filled with people and despite the enhanced security measures everyone that we're speaking to seems to be having an okay travel day. the hustle and bustle of
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thanksgiving travel had an ebb and flow today. >> it was not much traffic on the road. >> reporter: such a large airport, philadelphia international launching pad for people seeing families throughout the country. >> we are flying to chicago to visit the my brother. >> i'm visiting my daughter, and flying out to visit my sister in tampa pennsylvania and it will be first time that most of my family will get to meet her. >> reporter: gina good admits she's nervous bringing her five month-old daughter addison on the plane for the first time and it doesn't help that the world is under a height even state of alert following a paris terror attacks. >> if it happens, it happens. we have to pray everything will go smoothly and nothing will happen. >> reporter: as always airport officials are asking travel tours notify staff if they see anything suspicious. people seem to be more sensitive to those warnings. >> i'm a little bit more careful, a little bit more nervous, a little bit more on edge, a little bit more aware. >> reporter: most people we met are staying positive. >> if i don't get nervous and i don't fly they will win.
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i will not let them win. >> reporter: airport officials are telling people to please check the web site if you have questions about what you can and cannot bring. also, it will give you an idea where you can find parking. reporting live at philadelphia a international i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thanks very much. the trip home was rerouted for travelers heading to philadelphia from tampa when their plane made an emergency landing. american airline plane returned to tampa after pilots reported engine trouble. plane landed safely, all 140 passengers got off fine. airline is working to get passengers on to other planes. as americans travel this week president obama is reassuring those fearful in the wake of the recent terror attacks. the president says he knows have no specific threats against the the u.s. >> i want the american people to know entering the holidays that the combined resources of our military, our intelligence and our home land security agencies are on the case. >> we will have more on the
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heightened security measures travelers are seeing coming up at 5:30. meanwhile in belgium after a days long lock down brussels is slowly getting back to normal even though city remains on high alert. they are still concerned about the possibility of coordinated terror attacks like the ones in paris. solder still patrol the streets there. chicago is simmering one day after a police officer was charge with first degree murder in the 2014 shooting death of the teenager. dash cam footage of the shooting was released sparking outrage and calls for a change in police/community relations. cbs reporter adrian diaz has more. >> reporter: the streets of the chicago are calmed, after vocal and sometimes physical protests last night over the october 204 police shooting of 17 year-old laquan mc donald. >> sixteen shots. >> reporter: dash cam footage released tuesday shows jason van dyke firing 16 times at mcdonald, killing him. van dyke's attorney says the
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officer yelled for mcdonald to drop the knife that he was carrying. >> he shot mcdonald because he wases in fear of his life as well as the life of anyone else on the scene. >> reporter: ran dyke was charged with first degree murder. an autopsy report mcdonald was shot at least twice in the back and the drug p.c.p was found in his system. the city already settled with mcdonald's family for five million-dollar. but there is a public on you outcry over what took so long to bring and release the video and bring charges against the officer. the city council black caucus is calling for accountability. >> it just appears that the when the victims appear to be under privileged or minorities, that it takes a long time for justice to come their way. >> reporter: the judge will revisit the issue of bond at a hearing monday after viewing the video. officer van dyke faces 20 years to life behind bars if convicted. adrian diaz for cbs news, chicago. overnight protest where is
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largely peaceful but five people were arrested. there are calls for protest in chicago's downtown retail corridor, on black friday. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 a healthy new born baby, left in the had nativity scene manger with the umbilical cord still a attached. police want to know what happened. many women keep a hair tie on the writes if needed but one woman says her hair band caused an infection that led to surgery. health reporter stephanie stahl has that story next. hot new toy is a hot mess and parent are outraged, how a few minutes of fun with these small colored balls are turning into hours of frustration. plus this... >> another super bowl star returns to their former high school to pass on a golden football, we will catch up with rahim brook at dobbins high school, coming up.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a baby boy only hours old was discovered inside a church nativity in new york city. custodian found new born while returning from lunch on monday. 5-pound, 2-ounce baby was wrapped in towels and still had umbilical cord a attached. church's pastor says he could
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not believe his eyes. >> it is indeed the holy child, a miracle child, because he has touched the lives of all of us here in the parish and i'm sure he will be touching the the lives of many, throughout his life. >> the baby's mother could face charges if she's located. churches are considered safe havens but only if the child is left with the responsible adult. on cbs-3 healthwatch tonight a warning for people, mainly women who wear hair ties around the wrist. it is rare but they can cause infection. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain the problem. >> i have a demonstration for you. you see these all the time, hair ties around the wrist, never know when you want to put your hair up but doctors say, some kind can attract bacteria and cause an infection. it is easy convenient way to make sure hair tie is always close by wear it on your wrist like a bracelet but audrey cup learned that can cause trouble. >> i didn't believe it at first. i thought that it was a spider
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bite or something else, not from wearing hair ties. >> reporter: audrey noticed a growing bump on her wrist. >> it kept getting bigger, redder and worse. >> reporter: her doctors gave her antibiotic but bump continued to grow so she went to the er. >> they said i needed surgery, and thank god that they caught it in time or i could have have had sepsis. >> she had a large abscess on the back of the wrist. >> reporter: doctorate says bacteria from her hair tie likely got under her skin through her pours and hair follicles causing a nasty infection. >> be careful. you can put all these hair ties and around the wrist particularly because it can cause problems with the skin, it can cause infection. >> reporter: audrey said she won't wear them on her wrist any more especially ones that are tough to keep clean. >> it could have been a different ballgame once that gets into your bloodstream, people are known to go in the comb, your body shuts down. it could have been way worse.
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>> reporter: while the infection that audrey had is rare, doctors say you should make sure that the hair band are not too tight around your wrist, don't leave them there for long period of time and wash them, if you can. you can also replace them to make sure you always have something clean if you are wearing it around your wrist. >> boy, that was something, that looked nasty. >> yes. >> everybody does that. >> everybody in our news room yeah, you can bureau mine. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. >> well, there is a play set at the pennsylvania i labelle's table for the man who video went viral making her sweet powe tait the owe pie a smash hit. >> patty? >> ♪ >> i love that. that was james wright singing praises of the pie. labelle is hosting wright at her place for thanksgiving. the pies are sold exclusively at wal-mart. many stores are sold out. the the pies are going for up to $40 on e bay. >> i mean, i think -- patty
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could not have bought this sort of publicity. it is incredible. if you didn't know she made pies before, how about it. >> i'm trying to call you. let a's do this. lets he get together. >> he will have a great meal. >> kate has your forecast for your holiday. >> it is right around the corner, thanksgiving tomorrow. if you already had your thanksgiving destination and planning the day we have great weather to tell but for thed next couple days. i feel like i had to shoe my kid out of the backyard and have a touch football game while i do the cooking tomorrow morning. great way to get outside to even eye that thanksgiving who will take with your friend and family. beautiful weather. we will go outside to what is going on live neighborhood network time lapse. i want to show you a beautiful sunset over philadelphia sky line. we will set this in motion at 3:00 o'clock. it goes until 5:00. watch the sun blazing as it drops below and get that purple glow to the sky, just a gorgeous evening here in philadelphia a a, and all across the area. temperature wise feeling good as storm scan three remains
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quiet, high pressure in control. temperatures were very seasonal today, we got in the mid 50's, 55 degrees for daytime high and we will keep climbing. we started a at 43, yesterday we got to 50. today 55. tomorrow looks like we will be in the 50's. we are jumping five to 7 degrees each day which is good way to move upward. fifty in philadelphia 48 in reading. forty-eight in wilmington. forty-seven in allentown. look at how warm across southern plains but look at that front slicing through. i showed you earlier that nasty storm in the plains for thanksgiving day and into friday, ice storm, that mild air, runs into much colder air and precipitation overruns the cold here. sixty-seven in oklahoma city. 75 degrees in dallas. the that will not last. the as we said, pretty seasonal day. i mentioned yesterday we might end upright at zero. that is where we fell. morning low a a couple degree below normal. afternoon high, couple degrees above that put us at zero for
5:19 pm
the day. this has been cool he can week. we have a few more red days on the way. the as of right new we are aiming for top five warmest november and it doesn't look like we have any extreme cold in the forecast as we head through next several days and dovered end of the movement definitely looks like one of the warmest novembers on the record unless things drastically change. on the road tonight clear and dry. in problems traveling. thanksgiving day warming up but in problems on the road. green light there. friday dry and a few cloud and things looking good. fog friday morning is only thing that could slow you down. keep that in mind heading out early black friday shopping. future weather again shows high pressure over the atlantic ocean and this same front and storm bringing ice and snow to the plains lingers to the west for days and days and that approaches us as we head through the day friday. this will make its move toward us on saturday, it will weaken as it does so but few showers will creep in during the day saturday and a little bit of the cool down by end of the weekend and sunday. mainly clear, chilly at 41s
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thanksgiving thursday looks great, 62 with sun and cloud. here is your thanksgiving day planner. i have got planner as far as when things will will go in the oven. if you have plans to be out and about 45 at 8:00 a.m. fifty-eight by noon. sixty-two by 3:00 o'clock. by 6:00 p.m., 57, maybe in a turkey coma or crazy black friday shopping at that time, either way the temperature and weather will cooperate. your three day forecast looks great. sixty-two on thursday. sixty-six on friday. watch out for showers saturday morning. they could trickle the in the afternoon as well. the not a wash out but day you need to grab umbrella heading out. >> turkey stuffing. >> no, turkey is still shaking his tail feathers, he is enjoying this forecast. >> thanks, kate. still ahead meet lucky bird who has been name the official national thanksgiving turkey. >> we will take you to the annual presidential pardon when we come back, don. home for holidays. eagles are heading to detroit
5:21 pm
to play the lions. that means a couple guys are going back to where it all began. that s
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don is here now. everybody is celebrating the holidays. >> everybody wants to be home for holidays. couple guys will get their wish. eagles are on the road playing lions on thanksgiving at 12:30. a couple bird are thankful for a trip called a little place they like to call home. leslie van arsdal has more. >> reporter: what is it like to go home for thanksgiving and play against a team that was like your favorite team growing up. >> well, it is a lot of fun because obviously i remember growing up, in detroit playing in thanksgiving as an nfl tradition. >> it is a big deal because growing up i always used to play i wanted to play for the the lions on thanksgiving but now i'm playing against them on thanksgiving it is that much sweeter. >> reporter: barwin wears his detroit pride on his sleeve, he has a tattoo of the sky line on his biceps. growing up in the motor city
5:25 pm
helped make him the tougher player he is today. >> anybody from detroit has a lot of pride for detroit. i think you are a lot of who you are because of where you come from. i think who i became, had a lot to do with growing up in detroit. >> reporter: do you have a lot of friend and family coming. >> yah, me and bg had to get 40 plus tickets for the game. there will be plenty of eagles fans there. >> reporter: are a lot of them lions fans, how does that work. >> they root for me first. >> i got 40 tickets. i told everybody merry christmas. couple people got graham across and 55 and it is half eagle a half lion. >> reporter: when both players are finally home for the holidays their one big wish is to bring a win back to philadelphia a leslie van arsdal, "eyewitness sports". those ticket aren't cheap. he bought, 40, 45 tickets. happy thanksgiving. merry christmas. happy birthday. >> all in one. >> exactly.
5:26 pm
>> all at the same time. >> thanks, don appreciate it. holiday rush is underway across the nation and coming up we will update on what travelers are facing. then his sonnies accused of shooting a pennsylvania state trooper on the vine street expressway, tonight his message to the trooper's family. we are also live with what the alleged shooter girlfriend says about the incident. a popular toy is leading to hours of frustration for parents and in many cases some ruined hair, but what you need to watch out for, we will be
5:27 pm
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"eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. we have you covered. if you are getting out of town for the long who will will day weekend here's i-95 southbound near cottman avenue. folks are on the move as you can see plenty of people on the road tonight.
5:30 pm
as to be expect there were a few long lines at 30th street station but things were moving along smooth thely as rail travelers headed toward their destination. air travelers pack their patients over the philadelphia international airport, tight security measures, might slow things town but all in an effort to keep everyone safe. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. traveling has an added layer of stress for some people this year. >> triple a says 47 million americans will travel this weekend, some will be tighter security measures. >> this is all because of height even fears after the terror attacks in paris. president obama sought to reassure anxious americans after meeting with his national security team wednesday morning. >> right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the home lap. >> reporter: even so, security has been ramped up across the nation, a new intelligence bulletin sent to law enforcement nationwide earlier this week warns there could be
5:31 pm
copycats looking to replicate the terrorist attacks. at major airports, tsa agents are taking more time to search bags and passengers were urged to be patient. >> we have ton crazy in the to be concerned. >> reporter: increased security in the area where there were large crowd like on the upper west side of manhattan where giant balloons used in the macy's thanksgiving day parade are inflated. parade could a track record crowds thanks to pleasant weather and as many as three and a half million spectators including the wheeler family. >> higher vigilance and more wear necessary and more people. from the security point of view, even better. >> reporter: extra counter terrorism officers and traffic agents, mobile cameras and helicopters patrolling the area. the state department issued an alert on monday, and, americans traveling around the world to remain vigilant. rush ace sending air defense missions to syria after a fighter jet was shot down by turkey. both countries are telling
5:32 pm
different stories about the incident near syria/turkey border. turkey released radar image which says it proves that the russian war planes violated air space. russia released its own which they say shows jet operating overseer use, well south of the border. more now on wounded pennsylvania state trooper, now home for the holidays. with the cheer of lets he go eagles shall troop are patrick casey left hahnemann university hospital this morning. he was shot during a gun battle on the vine street expressway yesterday. authorities have charged a alleged gunman 17 year-old giovanni coto with attempted murder. the teenager is charged as an adult in the case and tonight, the suspect's father is speaking to "eyewitness news". our greg argos is in center city with that part of the story, greg. >> reporter: ukee, tonight blocking part of the street here of the vine street expressway really only reminder of what happened here just one day ago. tonight we're speaking with the father of the accused shooter and hearing what the father has to say to the
5:33 pm
injured trooper. the police chase, fiery crash on the vine street expressway, and shoot-out that left pennsylvania state trooper patrick casey shot in the shoulder, it was all of this 17 year-old investigators say giovanni coto charged as an adult. >> he made a wrong decision. i don't know why he did that. >> reporter: wednesday near coto's north philadelphia home his upset father hector coto still processing damage left behind by his son. are you angry at your son. >> right now i'm mad, i'm mad at him. i don't want to deal witt. >> reporter: hector spoke with his son last night after the teenager arrested shortly after the shoot-out and he tells cbs-3 he is glad his son and officer are both alive. what do you want to tell the officer that was hurt. >> a pol guys for him and his family. i know he is a father. he has got his mother, father.
5:34 pm
i got my mom, i got my father. a pol guys to the office are. >> reporter: also arrested and released last night was nine year-old, brian lewis in cuffs and back of the another state trooper vehicle when the chase and shooting happened. >> i got down, you know what i mean. >> reporter: you north back. >> i'm down, i'm in the trying to get hit. >> reporter: like the accused shooter's father, lewis is glad giovanni didn't cause more bloodshed. >> he need some help, you know what i mean. i have to be next to my son right now. he needs me. >> reporter: now, after we spoke to giovanni's on again, off again girlfriend who says his actions yesterday very unlike him. she is surprised and believed that he may have been using drugs. we are live on the vine street expressway, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, greg. "eyewitness news" at fop lodge for a breakfast honoring the families of the fallen officers. among those taking part mother of officer moses walker. walker was killed while
5:35 pm
walking to the bus after his shift, in the 22nd district, in 2012. >> it is really, warm my heart to come here and see other family members, you know, officers that i have met that have lost their loved ones too. >> those taking part this morning thanked the fop and others including jimmy binz for their work organizing the breakfast. philadelphia convention and visitors bureau makes a big a announcement, more than 1,000 hospitality industry professionals gathered at organization's annual lunch in center city today. they announced bio technology industry organization convention will return to philadelphia, in june of 2019. bio held a successful convention in the city this year and those in attendance soluted career of the bureau president and ceo jack ferguson who is retiring, at the end of the year. it is super bowl's golden anniversary and nfl is teaming up with cbs to honor some of the high schools that have produced some of the top super
5:36 pm
bowl players today a local high school got a big surprise, a golden football and a visit from a former student, and temple university grad, and super bowl winning defensive end. >> um-hmm. >> will alexandria hoff has more. >> reporter: this is a story about high school athletes. biggest battles weren't always for the on the field or on the court. >> it is tough. i got caught up in the streets at one point because there was nobody home, to tell what you to do. >> reporter: at school this was and for former nfl defensive end ra him brook that changed everything. >> i would get to the cleaners to pick up his pants because they didn't have any pant, you know to wear to school. >> reporter: in giving thanks brook joined super bowl alumni from around the country in returning to his own high school dobbins tech in north philadelphia and passing off a piece of super bowl 50 history the will son golden football. brook graduated in 1997, he was drafted by eagles and then
5:37 pm
later sign with the colts. with them he played in two super bowls, winning one. between dobbins and nfl there is sacking sam bradford, brook played for temple, a team that is now celebrating record breaking wins. >> i'm just glad to be able to experience that whole atmosphere, notre dame game, and to see them have so much success this year. >> reporter: with the ball on their side the future is looking golden a at dobbins. >> from the time they graduate they realize, that great people, have walk through these halls. >> all of the hard work i put in, that it is possible for you guys, to dot same thing that i have done. >> reporter: so this really isn't a story about one athlete but every high schooler. >> everybody has their own story, it is tough growing up in the inner city. >> it gives you motivation as a teammate. >> reporter: reporting from north philadelphia,al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> are very, very nice. >> isn't that great. >> shiny eagles foot the ball.
5:38 pm
>> that coach has been guiding young people for a long time in our community. >> big difference. still to come it just wouldn't be thanksgiving without a special presidential pardon. the meet turkey who is getting a reprieve. and the word is, creed is a knock out. the new rocky movie, out just one night is already breaking record, kate? nice and warm for thanksgiving and block friday but changes in the second half of the long holiday weekend, i'll have your full seven day eyewitness weather forecast coming up
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tonight at 11:00, millions of americans will be traveling by air this holiday weekend and many may be in for a surprise. three on your side jim donovan shows us how minister and more
5:42 pm
airlines are offering perks that passengers might be thankful for, that is tonight at 11:00. costco pulled prepackaged chicken salad from their shelves after an item was link to e-coli out break. nineteen people in 17 states have have been sick even. health officials are trying to figure out which ingredient was contaminated. if you purchased the item honor before last friday you are urged to throw it out. well, a hot new toy is turning into a hot mess for parents and their children. >> they are called bunche ms, vel row like balls that fold to make cute creations. but they have been bunching in kid hair. parents across the the country have been sharing their anguish on social media, each has a hook at the end that wraps and twists the hair and four year-old reagan says, getting them out really hurt. >> it hurt pulling them out. >> when there is four or 15 in your hair they were matted dunn to her skull and hair
5:43 pm
started to really wrap around and there was no moving them. they did in the budge. >> it becomes such a problem the company has made a video to show parents how to get them out. they recommend vegetable oil or conditioner but parents say even with that it does take a while. >> that has got to hurt. >> i remember being a little girl and yeah if you got things stuck in your hair and they had to sit there. >> chewing gum. >> both terrible. >> yes, it just chop, chop, chop that is worst case scenario. >> i hear you we will than right b
5:44 pm
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like stomach ulcers. a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. we want to know what you are ankful for this thanksgiving. tweet us using the hashtag cbs-3. send us a photo. you might see your tweets testimony on "eyewitness news" in the morning. we thank you for being part of our "eyewitness news" family. president obama spares two turkies from becoming thanksgiving dinner, thanks to executive action. >> the national thanksgiving turkey named and, was pardoned by president obama during a white house ceremony today. the president teenage daughter sascha and mallea joined them for the event. the two turkies, will now
5:47 pm
spend their remaining days at a farm in virginia. >> abe is now a free bird. he told us the turkey of the united states. >> my gosh. >> look at how his daughters are giggling, dad, telling jokes again. >> annual turkey pardon is run by the national turkey federation. >> yes, you got to love a turkey named abe at the white house. totus. >> oh, here he goes. dad telling jokes. >> free bird. >> you know the the free bird. >> you you can do it. >> yes. >> with the candles and flag, free bird. >> yes. >> just checking. >> yes. >> kate has your forecast. >> dad jokes at the thanksgiving din are table. >> no doubt about it. >> humor for thanksgiving day. >> we have your turkey day forecast. it is a beautiful thanksgiving. one of the nicest i can remember forecasting here in
5:48 pm
philadelphia we did get in the upper 50's but we are talking lower 60's last time it was 60 or above was way back in 2007. enjoy it while we have it. lets look outside to our rooftop camera at cbs-3 studios looking down in center city philadelphia. a lot of people on the road as we head through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning, maybe try to wait until kid fall back asleep and drive under cover of the darkness or wait until the morning so pies don't get too stale, in the car ride, you know, everybody travels differently. on the roads weather will in the play a role unlike last year when we had nasty conditions across portions of the the area with snow slush and just a mess the day before thanksgiving. eyewitness weather watchers are loving this day as well. we are looking at temperatures in the 40's. we will be in philadelphia in chestnut hill. beautiful grandson in the photo. 46 degrees. great weather, happy thanksgiving. safe travels. that sums it up to you as well. so 42 degrees as we check with ed connor in chesterfield new
5:49 pm
jersey, but wish everyone happy and safe thanksgiving. thanks for reminding me, full moon, known as the the beiber moon in november and it is a great night to see it. david best in clementon, new jersey 48 degrees. the as we head off to the north, i have zoom in too far but lets check this out. 36 degrees at eileen murray's house in gilbertsville and she has a nice warm up but temperatures dropping again as the sun goes down. i'm thankful this year for eyewitness weather watchers. they are part of the weather family and we thank them for sending those observations every day. lets look at storm scan three. a whole lot of nothing and that is just how we like it with the who will take weekend getting underway. we will zoom out, one can see a whole lot not going on over great lakes. few showers near chicago area but it is a system just getting its act together over northern plains that folks will have a problem with this thanksgiving holiday. you can see front here with much colder air pushing in the central and southern plains. that will over run some of the
5:50 pm
warmth in place. we will have frozen precipitation or rain falling as that cold air wedges in, and it will create the threat for some nasty icing. the ice storm tomorrow afternoon across portions of the central plains. that can cause major travel slow downs. heading that way hopefully in place and don't need to move very much over next couple days. for us we will miss out on that nasty weather. both looking quiet here. fifty in philadelphia. forty-six in millville. 48 degrees if you are in reading. mild turkey day with temperature in the lower 60's. and for your friday partly sunny, nice and warm. it does look like friday could start with some cloud and fog. i want to warn you heading out to the crazy relevant i sales at 5:00 in the morning friday or overnight watch out for fog on the road. that could get dangerous if you are speeding from sale to sale. take it easy friday morning in the afternoon sun comes out and then sun kind of slowly tracks through the area, morning showers but there is a chance that front could slow down more. we have a chance of the shower at anytime saturday and perhaps again sunday as that
5:51 pm
front just hangs out in the area. so, 0 percent chance of rain tomorrow or friday. 40 percent chance saturday. 20 percent chance on sunday. not a wash out but not quite as sunny and pleasant as past few days have been. is there our full moon mainly clear, chilly, 41 degrees. not as cold as recent nights. your thanksgiving thursday is looking great at 62. there it is again. little falling leaves getting in the thanksgiving spirit. if you are decorating this weekend people hang those christmas lights over weekend. watch out for showers, things get slippery up there on the roof. unless you are clark gris world take it easy here over upcoming weekend. chilly on sunday. back to normal monday with another chance of rain next tuesday and wednesday. now back to you in the desk. >> looking good, kate, thanks. creed earned 1.4 million-dollar in last night setting a record for thanksgiving weekend release. >> how do you know all this? >> i'm his son. >> that he is, latest installment in the rocky
5:52 pm
series opened up nationwide today. lucky fans got a sneak peak at the the theater last night. michael b jordan stars as son of the apollo creed, sylvester stallone is back as rocky balboa. justin beiber back out of two major appearances. pop star canceled both appearances on the late hoe with stephen colbert and performance in the thanksgiving day parade on cbs. word is he had to back out for personal reasons. some news about kim kardashian pregnancy is making her nervous. she posted her baby is breach and in the wrong position but child birth but kim says she still hopes to deliver naturally. her baby boy is due next month. still ahead on "eyewitness news" as thanksgiving deliver that i comes complete with the brazoban. >> yes, went along as these high school students brought food to their neighbors in style. i'll have that and more when we come back.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
for more than 20 years, the north philadelphia high school has made it their mission to give its neighbors a good thanksgiving. >> i was there as they made their special deliver think weekend. this was a sight to be hold. >> ♪ >> a noisy, but. hundreds of students being out saint guess courtyard for north philadelphia neighbors, accompanied by a brass band.
5:57 pm
but it all started a few days ago. students selling more than 300 laundry baskets, a and 14,000-pound of food and household supply. >> we have 41-pound of food going in and it is enough, to feed a family for ten days. >> reporter: coffee, soups, cereals and just about all of the makings of a thanksgiving day dinner. >> sometimes especially around holiys large thanksgiving day meals aren't financially feasible. so what we are doggies giving these families great food that they can enjoy around the holidays. >> people that don't have have what we have. >> reporter: some food was bought through a web side called you give which lets donors buy food and have it shipped straight to the school. >> because they can send it to the their friend, family and alumni around the country and raise amount of good that they bid. >> reporter: fast forward to delivery day. i'm feeling vibe just coming down the street. >> it is just great being able to help everybody out. >> reporter: we were there as students delivered baskets and turkies in person.
5:58 pm
one of them went to walker and her son, iain. >> i like to see the kid get together to do this for the community. we really appreciate it. >> reporter: when you see young men and schools doing this how does it make you feel. >> well: i'm sorry. >> that is all right, take your time. >> it makes me very proud and very happy. >> some food is being delivered to food pantries and organizations which help people in need. share your story at cbs the band was jamming. >> i love that band. >> a wave of kindness, goodness, flowing out of that cool down the street. props to the prep, indeed. >> nicely done. >> you go the that right. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 the rush is on from planes to trains to automobiles. we're tracking thanksgiving travel dash, kate. also the thanksgiving travel forecast, what will it be like for your turkey day plans, black friday shopping and your return trip home this weekend? i'll break it down coming up at 6:00. very special holiday home
5:59 pm
coming for troop are patrick casey, he leaves the hospital one day after being shot. what he had to say as he helpedded home. and a local tree that is now headed to washington d.c., as it is still standing on display in the white house. where it came from and how it was chosen. home for the holidays, the the crowds were out in center city as we get ready for a very mild, thanksgiving. the the mercury will be rising by the time we pull those turkies out of the oven, no doubt about that. good evening i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm yes, sir contact dean. we are in store for a spectacular holiday forecast. kate bilo is tracking things from the cbs-3 skies deck tonight, kate. >> thanks, jessica and ukee. as that oven thermometer goes up so does your outdoor thermometer. we are on track for warmest thanksgiving since 2007 and it will get even warmer, for your
6:00 pm
black friday, great news and weather stays try for the the next two days as well. lets look at storm scan three you can see nothing across the northeast, a few clouds over the great lakes that is about it. we are watching a front that will push toward the area on sat the day and it will take its time getting in here. it looks like showers will hold off until at least saturday. temperatures right now 48 in philadelphia. it is chilly. standing outside here on the die deck we are feeling chill in the air but it feels like night before thanksgiving should feel. you wouldn't want it balmy. forty-four in allentown. forty-four in$ trenton. it is a chilly 41 in millville and atlantic city airport. if you are traveling heading to grand moms house on thanksgiving it will be clear, dry, road looking fine, we have green light for thanksgiving day as well. for your black friday, if you are heading out early before sunrise watch out for patchy fog out there on your black friday. weather headlines we have a lot to talk about when i join you inside. we will talk about how warm it gets for your thanksgiving day, temperatures in the 60's to finish o


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