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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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weather stays try for the the next two days as well. lets look at storm scan three you can see nothing across the northeast, a few clouds over the great lakes that is about it. we are watching a front that will push toward the area on sat the day and it will take its time getting in here. it looks like showers will hold off until at least saturday. temperatures right now 48 in philadelphia. it is chilly. standing outside here on the die deck we are feeling chill in the air but it feels like night before thanksgiving should feel. you wouldn't want it balmy. forty-four in allentown. forty-four in$ trenton. it is a chilly 41 in millville and atlantic city airport. if you are traveling heading to grand moms house on thanksgiving it will be clear, dry, road looking fine, we have green light for thanksgiving day as well. for your black friday, if you are heading out early before sunrise watch out for patchy fog out there on your black friday. weather headlines we have a lot to talk about when i join you inside. we will talk about how warm it gets for your thanksgiving day, temperatures in the 60's to finish out the week but
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then chance for showers this weekend is all from the storm producing an icy mess in the plains for thanksgiving day. i will track that storm and tell you when it gets in for us and what we can expect when i join you inside. new back over to you. many people will be flying to their thanksgiving destinations but this year height even security added stress for some. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live at philadelphia international the to tell us more, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, they say to get to the airport two hearst in advance but really you will be waiting for your flight but not in line because lines have not been too bad here. we're at the the security check pint between terminals d and e and they have full body scanners, vast majority of the people are going through those scanners but everybody seems to be in a upbeat mood despite some nerves about travel it was all about timing, in philadelphia international, the lines formed and disappeared today, travelers
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looking forward to thanksgiving. >> food, seeing my family, relaxing. >> my sister in law and brother are treating me for an all expense paid trip to the holidays. >> reporter: meme family is heading to chicago. >> we have not visited my brothers in a number of years. it is a licensing overdue trip. >> reporter: along with the excitement for holidays they have their concerns how the the world deals with the height event security alert following paris security attacks. >> what will happen at the airport? will we be in trouble. you know, is something going to happen on the plane? but, you know, we told him that everything is going to be fine. >> all gates this way, all gates. >> reporter: after the state department issued a warning this week, airport security is expected to be tighter, and baggage check ins more thorough. airport officials asked travelers to report suspicious activity, but being alert doesn't have to be afraid. >> people who are having, problems are in the good, change it.
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everybody need to start thinking positive. report report so again, if you see something, say something, stated frame is supposed to be going on, state of mind, and if you come to the airport right now the the lines are not that long so hopefully it will be a happy travel. reporting live from philadelphia international i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, cleve, thank. rail travelers experiencing a few long lines and tighter security at 30th street station. law enforcement officers were visible as travel are made their way in to and out of the station. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us live from 30th street with how people are fairing there tonight, david? >> reporter: hi jessica, things seem to be under control at 30th street station. i will back out to show thaw law enforcement presence here. we found several swat officers here, bomb sniffing dogs just to keep things under control. if you look up at the big board that gives everybody the
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actual delays and the the status of what is going on right now. biggest problem we have seen for past few hours is the the pennsylvanian coming from pittsburgh, harrisburg and into philadelphia, there was a train derailment at the a freight train not related to amtrak, several hours ago so that delayed the pennsylvania, coming from pittsburgh and harrisburg. we are told that train right now is on its way from harrisburg to philadelphia, again, a heightened law enforcement presence at the 30th street station but people seem calm, no short tempers, people are exited to get where they are going and they want to do it safely. that is why you see officers out the here tonight. reporting live from 30th street station, david spunt forbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wishing them all smooth travels, throughout the weekend, david, thanks very much. looking for last minute ingredients for your thanksgiving dinner? well, so are these people. "eyewitness news" at reading terminal market in center city. you can see aisles jammed packed with people placing order and picking up all kind
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of goods. >> prayers answered, a wound pad state trooper is new home for the holidays. >> go eagles. >> reporter: he will be watching tonight. trooper patrick casey left hahnemann university hospital this morning. he was shot during a gun battle on the vine street expressway on tuesday. the authorities charged alleged gunman 17 year-old giovanni coto with attempted murder. new at 6:00 o'clock the the number of homicides this year has surpassed that of last years total from 248 to now 250. we have also learn that the number of juveniles facing murder charges has also jumped significantly. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon joins us with the shocking figures, rahel, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, ukee. i should say that philadelphia police say 2014 was a historically low year for violent crime. that said numbers for 2015, some might find shocking especially when you consider the the number of teens being charged for murder has significantly gone up. >> my son walks out, sunday
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morning, i never in my life thought that he would be dying that day. >> reporter: she will never see her son's smile again. she will never see him play basketball. she has only memories. her only child, 16 year-old salem west was gunned down earlier this year while riding a bike in strawberry mansion. the suspects are two other teens, ra him feaster and tyre johnson. >> he was taken away. >> reporter: according to police figures obtained by "eyewitness news" more and more families are losing loved ones at the hand of the juveniles. 2014, three teens were charged for three different murders. so far this year 12 teens have been charged for nine murders. hamilton and brandon smith were both 15 when charged earlier this year with shooting and killing james stohlman walking his dog in overbrook. >> too many philadelphians have access to handguns and too many teenagers really haven't developed unfortunately the conflict resolution skills that are
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necessary. result in the damage and the the violence that we see. >> reporter: dorothy johnson's fight with the group mothers in charge says it is not just the philadelphia problem, and while the offenders should be held accountable there is a larger problem. >> they too are victims. they are victims in these situations. they have grown up or have have lived, you know, in situations where violence is what they see. that is their frame of reference. that is their reality. >> reporter: sutton says that she hopes for other families something will soon change. she realizes the issue is a complicated one. a solution, perhaps, not easy. >> they need to stop the violence, you know, all of this, it is just too many babies being taken away from frustrates. >> reporter: officials of course say there isn't one solution but we did hear a lot today about conflict resolution. so essentially parents just making sure their children understand how to appropriately work through the the conflict and work through any anger issue they may have. reporting live, rahel solomon
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we have to find a way, thank you. delaware county constable is facing charges tonight accused of ripping off the the county of $23,000. officials say peter inroto, of havertown submitted false payment sheets for services he never performed for more than 600 cases. he is facing multiple charges including tampering with public records. philadelphia's mayor-elect jim kenney will shake up the cities troubled department of the licenses and inspections. kenney appointed current streets commissioner dave perry to the post. >> he is a licensed engineer which i thought is something that is very, very important that we have leading l and i's focus needs to be on public safety first. we have some business process issues that we have to deal with and we will address those. >> deputy streets commissioner donald carlton will replace perry in the tops street job and carlton williams will return to the streets department as a deputy. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight goodwill for the holidays. another display of giving just
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in time for thanksgiving. the tree heading for the white house is right here from our area, how this evergreen made the cut. it will be a beautiful thanksgiving in our area, and nice and warm but in the so much in the central plains as this storm moves through it will create a icy mess and will eventually impact us but for part of the holiday weekend. i will break it down with the seven day forecast, coming up, don. using an injury as an excuse to not play for chip kelly, it is a disconnect between the chip and eagles and players talk about that plus a grass routes route campaign to save jobs, find out hoist trying to rescue jahlil okafor from the sixers, those stories coming up later in sports.
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it is taste with torey at the 11:00. twin brothers are living their dream but see how they took a risk to make it all happen. >> you know, why don't we just take this chance. we're young enough. thought things would work out. twenty-three years new we have been here. >> vittoria woodill shows you how they went to father judge high school grad to owners of a local restaurant tonight on "eyewitness news" at
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11:00 o'clock. at 6:00 thanksgiving dinner for families in need. >> on south broad street workers from the unite health care boxed up and delivered thanksgiving dinners. families are participating in the social services program, of the philadelphia access center, and each family got a turkey and all of the trimmings. we do want to know what your thankful for this season. tweet us at the hashtag cbs-3 and send us a photo and you might see it right here on "eyewitness news" this morning tomorrow. a beautiful, frazier fur from pennsylvania will soon be on display in the white house blue room. >> our todd quinones traveled to lansdale where he looked at the birthplace of this years official white house christmas tree. >> reporter: of all of the christmas trees being bought and sold this time of the year, is there one from our area that is going to the most famous house in the world. >> you will meet her. >> um-hmm, yes. >> pretty cool. >> yes. >> i have never been to the white house before. >> reporter: jane buster is a
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third generation christmas tree farmer and chances are good if you see a christmas tree on someone's car or truck in the lansdale area the the tree came from his farm. but it is near 19-foot frazier fur that will wind up on display inside blue room of the white house. it was one of the two trees white house staffers were considering. >> this was tree that they didn't take. >> that is right. >> but, i think it is a great tree. >> reporter: this summer national christmas tree competition in illinois the best tree earned buster's the honor. along with the 88 year-old mom, virginia, jay will head down to washington to officially present the tree, to the the first lady. >> i bought the a new shirt. you have to look good at the white house. you cannot wear suspenders. >> your father would have. >> reporter: this particular 14 year-old tree holds a special police in buster's heart, it was planted just months before 9/11. >> that was such a horrible
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year. we have such a beautiful tree that we are donating to the the white house. it is just a wonderful thing. >> reporter: in lansdale montgomery county, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". three, two, one... >> wow. >> and signs of the season tonight as philadelphia museum of artery lighting was held about 15 minutes ago at east terrace of the museum this years tree stand 47 feet tall and has 4,000led lights. i wouldn't be surprised if some of those lights end up on the rocky statue too. >> it is great about this forecast, kate, it is so comfortable to be outside. >> yes, i remember last year we put up christmas lights weekend after thanksgiving. there was slushiness, wet, drippy after that storm we had day before thanksgiving. this weekend could be showery but not that bad. >> in the like that at all. >> yes. >> christmas tree lights, we are live with two different
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ones next week and make sure you stay tuned for that. i will be outlooking at trees next week. the lets look at is what happening right now, beautiful, quiet night, things looking good at ben franklin bridge. everything is all lit up. things are moving fine at least weather-wise will not throw a wrench in the travel plans. that is good news when i report that the weather will not be a factor out and about and can't speak for traffic but weather is a okay. what a beautiful take in margate. here's time lapse video in the live neighborhood network. you can see sun over water and moves across the the sky and shadows lenghten. it almost looks like a beach day. just too cold to dip your toe or do anything more than dip your toe in the atlantic ocean this time of the year. storm scan three shows our next system a front you can barely see a line of clouds as this storm gathers its strength and will provide a mess in the plains for the holiday. take a look as we head through next couple days this front moves through, cold air wedges at the surface.
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warm air override that boundary and you get everything from snow in minneapolis to heavy rain in kansas and oklahoma and that pink remember that from last winter and winter before? that is ice. ice storm possible across central plains. this is during thanksgiving day on friday we will start to see chance for icing in portions of northern texas and oak a note thinks front does creep toward us, and will eventually have an impact on our weather but not in the form of snow and ice. we have quieter conditions here. forty-eight at the airport. forty-one in millville. there is warm air in place. you can see that cold air, blue shading behind it, warm air billowing eastward and while we won't be in the 70's like texas it will be well above average. today right on target, typical in day feels like november 25th that is today, right at zero perfectly average day. we are back above average and if our forecast, holds for next five days of the month this will be the fourth
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warmest november on lord, maybe the fifth, maybe third depending on how warm it stays this weekend. it looks like a warm november. it looks like it may be on the list of top ten there. showing clear conditions. same story friday but notice how that front is approaching, saturday, this front tries to slowly push through. what i did was change morning showers to showers around on saturday because we can see them at anytime. couple models we look at are trying to hold that front back bringing better chance for showers in the afternoon. plan on showers possible at next time out and about on your saturday. not a wash out but showers are possible as that front hangs out. for your thursday thanksgiving day 62 degrees with the mixture of sun and clouds. your planner for the the day will be out and about, up early put ago this turkey in the oven, 45 degrees. a lot of people at noon. fifty-eight at 3:00 p.m. sixty-two as you are about to fall in the turkey coma, brave black friday crowds that opened up at 6:00 p.m.
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fifty-seven, clear and comfortable. eyewitness weather seven day forecast looking good, but again better chance for showers this weekend. we can plan for it at anytime. shower possible sunday as well. but next few days in the 60's. you cannot beat. that machine we are back to mostly sunny. that will help us ease back into work and school nice day get out of bed and get started after the holiday weekend but another chance for rain moves in the forecast as we start december next tuesday and wednesday. so pretty quiet forecast just a few showers around but all and all could not ask for much better for thanksgiving. >> difficult pies today. >> did you really. >> yes good i told ukee there were several cases where it could have gone really wrong but it didn't good i decided to paint my living room and dining room instead of preparing thanksgiving food. is what i do? >> show it up. >> thanks, kate. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away.
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>> jim axlerod is in for scott pelley and he joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and guess contact here's "cbs evening news", traveling amid security concerns. the president's statement do enough to calm fears (. plus a look at increased security measures as travelers hit the road. chicago unrest after release of the graphic video showing a police shooting, those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening
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don is joining with us a look at sports. a good week is ahead. >> a tough time for the the eagles because when you lose, things like this stories like this four-six eagles are anti rocky. they are lying on the canvas and taking hey makers from fans, media makers and industry indeeders. latest left hook comes from an article on
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reporter matt lombardo says an agent says chip kelly has lost a team between losses and bleep message that are in the working i can tell you that the players have tune him out. the source also says, that one player was using an injury to stay off the field because quote he won't play hurt for chip. the agent did in the want to be identify, fearing retribution against his clients. the birds play lions tomorrow, in detroit. big five hoops tonight at palestra, three-o lasalle hooking up with three-one penn. check out jordan price, in case you get buckets. twenty-nine points per game. can he get them against quakers. highlights tonight at 11:00. flyers are looking for consecutive wins for the the first time in a movement they beat carolina hurricanes in overtime monday night. tonight they are in brooklyn battling the islanders. the sixers play boston in 35 minutes. if they lose, they will tie the all time nba record for
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consecutive loss west 26, top draft pick jahlil okafor only lost four games with duke last season in route to the national championship. his former classmates would like to save him from the mess he is currently in with the sixers. >> ♪ >> that is just not right. >> hashtag save jahlil. >> we will laugh at all this, soon soon. >> it will get better. >> i'm telling you. >> that poor kid 19 years old he has done more losing this year then he has in his career, high school included it is an older level, growing up in front of our eyes. that is a shame.
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>> it will be all right though. >> go sixers. go. we will be all right apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at is 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". the you the next president obama's assurance about terror threats this holiday weekend. what you need to know bin creased security in the air and on the roads. in for scott pelley is jim objection he willrod.
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take care family. we will see you tonight. >> axelrod: over the river and through the snow, americans head out of town under tight security. >> our military, our intelligence, and our homeland security agencies are on the case. >> axelrod: also tonight, calls for peace after chicago police release video of the fatal shooting of a black teenager by a white cop. how the hits frank gifford took on the football field affected his long-term health. and a carpenter helps kids build a better life. >> reporter: what do you think about the chair? >> i think that it's perfect. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening, scott's off tonight. i'm jim axelrod. today, as nearly 47 million people began heading out of town for thanksgiving, president obama took the unusual step of going on national television


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