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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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passengers may be in for some new entertainment. three on your side's jim donovan has the story of airlines are offering perks that flyers might be thankful for. getting home save the night before thanksgiving is typically a popular time for partying. how one car service company is making it easy to find a designated driver this holiday. and a festive scene in center city. it look like a winter wonderla wonderland. come tomorrow, it will feel anything but winter like outsi outside. get ready for holiday warmup. hi g evening, i'm ukee washington. >> eye, everyone, i'm jessica dean much those stories are straight ahead but we start with heightened security as millions of americans travel home for the holidays. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at philadelphia international airport where safety is top of line, david? >> reporter: jessica, that's right. things are finally starting to settle down and the crowds are thinning out after a busy two days here at philadelphia international airport. people expect a day like this to be busy even yesterday to be busy but when you add that
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increased security, travelers say it has made a difference. with the holidays on the minds 10 office thousands made their way threw philadelphia international airport hoping to see family and friends without a problem. >> my son and medley granddaughters. >> reporter: deck mets singer is from chicago and he said the flight was smooth and more importantly he could relax. >> i felt very safe, secure, comfortable. not a problem at all. >> reporter: whether it be oh be be on a plane or train passengers at the airport and at 30th street station seemed well aware of the increase in security following the terrorist attacks in paris not even two weeks ago. >> look, if you're going to have them soaring around like ants i'd much rather than than the alternative. >> my parents just came in on sunday from germany, and they seemed security was good and tight, but nothing to be afraid of. >> reporter: earlier in the day, president obama briefed americans on national security. >> we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe.
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>> reporter: the president joined bite heads of homeland security, the fbi and the department of justice talked about his strategy to dismantle the threat of isis. >> we continue to work to choke off their financing and their supply lines, and their -- count their recruitment and messaging. >> reporter: a good plan according to dick who says i continue flying no matter what happens. >> we got to keep going doing exactly what you're doing and have a normal life and look optimistic klee ahead. >> reporter: that's what president obama and members of his cabinet suggested today. just go ahead and live a normal life. president obama said there is no credible threat against the united states but if you see something that you think is a little off at an airport a train station a mall, give authorities a call. they say you see something, say something. reporting live at philadelphia international airport, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. we are in for another cool night. then temperatures will rise for
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thanksgiving day. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck to talk about the holiday warmup. kate? >> jessica, it doesn't feel much like a warmup right now. it is very chilly out here on the sky deck. i wish i had worn the heavier coat tonight. take note if you'll be out early tomorrow morning. a lot of turkey trots happening. a lot of early morning football games to attend or maybe play in and open field by your house definitely bundle up. it will ab chilly start to thanksgiving. but a nice mild afternoon. here's a quick look at storm scan3. it's clear in the northeast. nothing happening even as we zoom out just a few showers and clouds up across the great lakes. eventually, showers will invade for part of the holiday weekend. but not for your thanksgiving thursday. temperatures right now, a chilly 40 in philadelphia. 33 in millville. 40 degrees in allentown a lot milder than last night when we were in the 30s. if you're traveling on the roads no problems tonight you've got thgreen light tomorrow and friday as well. watch out for fog friday morning i'll have more on your thanksgiving and black friday forecasts as well as the rest of the extended holiday weekend coming up when i join you insi inside. back to you.
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>> kate, see you then. thank you. wounded pennsylvania state trooper is counting his blessings tonight. he is home for the holidays. >> let's go, eagles! >> as he cheered on the eagles, trooper patrick casey left hahnemann university hospital this morning. he was shot during a gun battle on vine street vine street expressway tuesday. authorities have charged alleged gunman 17-year-old joe giovanni cato with itemed murder. his father is glad the officer and his son are both alive. >> what do you want to tell the officer that was hurt. >> apologize to him and his family. i know his father he got his mother and his father. like my i got my mom, i got my father, you know. i apologize to the officer. >> authorities say giovanni cato will be tried an an adult. more protests in chicago one day after a police officer was charged with first degree murder in the 2014 short shooting death of a teenager. demonstrators took to the streets protesting the shooting
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of 17-year-old la quon mcdonald. taunted officers trying to hold the lines. meanwhile, more dash cam footage released it appears to show mcdonald running from police after allegedly vandalizing ca cars. graphic footage released tuesday shows officer jason van dyke firing 16 times at mcdonald killing him. getting home safe is a priority around the holidays and thanksgiving eve is known as popular night for drinking and partyinpartying. uber is making sure those who have too much to drink have safe way to make it home. natasha brown is live in manayunk with more on this. natasha? >> reporter: jessica, we can tell you we have seen a steady stream of people walking up here to the uber breathalyzer kiosk. they are pretty surprised some of them what they're seeing register on the screen but they're glad they at least have a ride home. for some, there's reason to celebrate. >> whoo! >> reporter: for others, it's a sobering surprise. >> i was close. >> party goers able to gauge their blood alcohol level using
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the uber smart breathalyzer i could have been. >> i thought it's great, get a free ride or discounted ride home. it's good because don't get drive drunk home. >> reporter: it's set up in the high affect manayunk area on this thanksgiving eve. folks breathe in and despite how much you've been drinking uber will give you a free ride home up to $20. >> i got a .05 i'm under the limit right now which means either i should not drive later which is true or i should just stop but i think it's good to have it so that you don't hurt yourself and other people around you. >> people should be able to know where their blood alcohol level s they may not be aware that terrace intoxicated as they are. it may be awake up call. >> reporter: first of its kind uber breath lies sir initiative is set up blocks away from a tragic last thanksgiving eve. the body of shane montgomery was found in the river five weeks
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after he was last seen leaving a bar in manayunk. libations are flowing friehl as the holiday season kicks into high gear of one wanting to get home safely. >> even it's really a good idea because there's way too many accidents and drunk drivers. >> always better to be safe. >> uber says safety is its number one priority and they are hoping that initiatives like this cut down on dui's in philadelphia. we're live in manayunk tonight, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, natasha, thank y you. mate only be thanksgiving but it feels a lot like christmas at philadelphia city hall. vendors set up dilworth plaza and there's a wide variety of things for sale all of them unique to philadelphia. the pop up shops at dilworth officially opened saturday but they will be open tomorrow. the vendors at dilworth plaza in addition to the annual christ nass village at nearby love pa park. estimated 25 mel i don't know people will be traveling by air over this long holiday weekend and many won't be thankful for experience cramming
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themselves into smaller seats. some paying extra for carry on bag. >> would better entertainment options help things to make things more so. the airlines thing so. jim is here to explain a little further. >> good evening, airlines are offering everything from i-pad rentals to the ability to chat with devices with people around you. and how about live entertainme entertainment? would that entice you to fly? southwest hosts a live concert 30,000 feet in the air. it's one of the many new entertainment options airlines are using to woo passengers on to planes. >> they're adding streaming, videos, live television on to your personal devices so you don't have to watch the little screen any more or watch the one movie so you have choices of 1500 channels on some flights. >> reporter: melanie is with airlines for america airline advocacy group. >> we're adding faster more secure wi-fi. we're adding plug ins so you can plug in your devices so you
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never leave the charge during your trip. >> reporter: george with airfare watch says competition is causing the airlines to up their game. >> in a sense, airlines are competing on their in flight entertainment offering things like larger video screens, more selections, in some cases business class you get both noise canceling headphones. >> reporter: for passengers it pays off more ways than one. >> there's no question that having a really great in flight entertainment system makes the flight go faster and amuses people especially if you're delayed. >> reporter: on jet blue flights you can order food right from the smart device at your seat or shop the marketplace on the plane. >> you may get thirsty before the cart comes around. so some airlines are adding marketplace where you can go and get your own snacks and drinks as you need it. some or you can order drinks and snacks on your tablet. >> reporter: on certain virgin america planes you can chat with the person a few rows back. >> it allows to you, for example, chat with your seat mate. even somebody you don't know
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which might be a nice way to meet somebody on the plane. >> reporter: don't chat with jessica. (laughter). >> if you want to know what the entertainment options for each airplane seat let's you find out what's available on specific flights and on specific aircraft. i'm with you. i don't want to talk to anyone. i just -- >> come on man. >> i don't even plug it into anything. >> that's a shame. >> you just gave up your rap now. >> i know. >> jim, come on. >> wait a minute. what -- sometimes you do, we had merger that just happened. what if you get older place. >> the older planes in you're in first class they're giving those out. otherwise you have to rent them. they're trying to step up their game. i just want to get to where i'm going. >> less earth, whipped and fire and chic shock on the plane playing life i'm going to sleep. >> fair enough. >> every time. >> happy thanksgiving. >> same to you my man. be well. >> holiday season is celebrated with family and food. >> and those are two things two local brothers built their
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business around. stelai towed vittoria woodill shows you how these twins had their dream come true it's tonight's taste with tori. >> plus, it's a tree that will grace the white house this christmas and it has local roots. see how a national search came down to this fir. kate? >> it was a beautiful day across the area behind me a time lapse of the day in margate. the question is, does the sunshine hang around for the entire long four day weekend as we head into thanksgiving tomorrow? well, we may have some showers to talk about. i'll tell when you those will get here coming up with the seven day forecast. as the eagles get ready to take on detroit tomorrow are there bigger problems brewing in the locker room? don bell has the latest coming up in sports.
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this year's official white house christmas tree is from lansdale montgomery county. 19-foot frazier fir from bustard's tree farm and it arrive at the white house friday and be on display in the blue room. the 14-year-old tree was planned just months before septembe september 11th and it was one of two on the bustard's farm the
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white house was considering. at the white house today the national -- thanksgiving turkey named abe was pardoned by president obama during a special ceremony. the president's teenaged daughters joined him for the annual event. abe and his alternate known as honest -- honest and abe will spend remaining days at a farm in virginia. >> i love that. >> happy days. >> i love that. as we head into the day of feasting it's time for a taste with tori and a story about great minds thinking alike when it comes to food. >> for twin brothers in the northeast, one great idea to take over a restaurant was so tasty, they couldn't help but take a risk. vittoria is here with their story. >> hey. >> yes, that's right ukee and jess casm it's pretty amazing have i to say when you were graduating from high school were you thinking, hey, why don't i start my own business? i know i wasn't. but as teenagers these two father judge creators thought, hey, why not? ♪
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>> here's our calamari. we do it with the sweet and hot peppers. fresh tomatoes. >> john and david are living their dream. owning a fantastic restaurant in northeast philly called macaro macaroni's hometown boys of italian decent, their passion for food starting when they were little. >> every sunday waking up to meat gravy, you know, getting ready to go to church and just you never needed an alarm clock. you just wake up because of the smell in the house. >> that aroma was mamma prief vera's cooking which turned john into a chef. >> my mother was put on this earth to cook. >> picture here that's your mom. >> that's my mother's side. my grandparents and some of my uncles and aunts and that's my mother in the middle with her hands crossed. >> john and david proudly display the old black and white photos of the family's past in italy and the two brothers are proud of what they have accomplished today. >> when we first started here, we were sophomores in high school. >> at students at father judge
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high school they work at the restaurant. when the owner decided to sell it, these two kids bought it fresh out of high school. >> we just saw the passion we had with food. thought things would work out. and, you know, 23 years now we've been here. >> the with david in the front of the house charming customers. and john in the kitchen finess finessing mamma's italian classics. >> don't mind if idol there's nothing better than fresh italian bread. >> there's a lot to love here at mack crone knee's like homemade pasta in a beautiful sauce with fresh sheep's milk ricotta. filet primeau with crab meat and sun dried tomatoes. more to this restaurant once you've had your fill in the dining room. >> the night is not over yet. let's go outside for a cocktail. look at this. >> what was once the back of the old restaurant is now a sleek
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outdoor bar called p squared where customers can enjoy a customer and small bite. >> p square stands for john and i our last name primavera and we're twins. >> clever and deliciously exot exotic. >> i've never had a pickled quail egg. >> it's delicious. you're going to like it. >> hmm. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> good. >> look how gorgeous that looks. >> wow! >> salute, fellows. >> tori, thank you to brothers and family also and new friends. >> there you go. >> absolute. >> absolute. a missing my -- missing something. big thanks to ryan hannigan who said mack crone knee's rest wasn't was a must try. we had a few people hit me shout out to uncle judy. tell me about your favorite places as well tendon send me a message on facebook facebook woodill. 19 fresh out of high school. >> that's brotherly love right there. no doubt about it. >> amazing food and they really
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have done such amazing thing. that lounge is a big surprise. very nice. >> it looked like a lot of fun. >> happy thanksgiving tori. >> happy thanksgiving to you guys. >> brotherly love to we're going to love this holiday forecast. >> i know. that food looked so good. i'm trying to save me calories for tomorrow. i feel like i haven't eaten all day. my mouth is watering now. >> that's my job. >> thanksgiving right around the corner and good news the weather really not going play a role. unless you want to get outside and joy the day like i said burn off calories in the morning. go for a jog. lots of people doing 5ks turkey trots or big football game. we did that when i was in high school. if you'll be outside tomorrow chilly in the morning but nice in the afternoon. although not all dry this weekend. we've got some showers to talk about. let's get right night take you outside the ben franklin bridge looking about half lit right now. no problems out there though. traffic is moving aok. the weather is not adding any travel delays which is a far cry from last year if you remember this time last year the day before thanksgiving we had much different weather in our area with temperatures generally much
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cooler and also little bit of snow. let me backtrack through the forecast real quick my computer got out of alignment. we'll take you out to this holiday mess in the plains. it was -- mess for thanksgiving day. this storm moves on through. everything under control now we can get right into the forecast. take look what we're looking at. early tomorrow morning 8m on thanksgiving morning we've got ice forming across portions of central plains and it just gets worse. heavy rain pushes into missouri. more ice this could be a dangerous ice storm for portions of the kansas and oklahoma and even some ice into portions of north texas by the time we get into friday morning. anyone living in this area or traveling to this area hopefully you're where you need to be because that's where the problems will be for this thanksgiving hold day. luckily for nouse problems for the holiday but that same front is going to push in over the weekend. temperatures right now 40 degrees in philadelphia. 40 in allentown. 33 in millville. and 33 at the atlantic city airport. you can see this big bubble of warm air, though, that's going
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to cause the problem. cold air pushing in. that storm is setting up but all of this warm air billowing toward our area and it's going warm up nicely for the next couple of days. it's pretty much par for the course for the month. temperatures well above average look at all these read squares here. today was right on target. just what a mid november late november day really should feel like. we got to 55 for the daytime high that's about 2 degrees above normal but the morning low was actually a couple degrees below normal so we fell right on target but more red squares to come as we head through the end of the month the looking like we might have a top five warm november on our hands five more days in the month and most of them at or above average. a look what's to come again high pressure in control. clear skies, through your thanksgiving thursday. friday watch out for clouds and fog in the morning. the clouds should break. it's one of those days that if the clouds don't break quickly enough we may not get quite as warm as forecasted we'll have to see. i think we will watch out for some fog if you're out early on black friday. these showers try to push in as we get into the day saturday. now we're not going to see a
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whole lot of rain but it could slow you down a little bit out there saturday into sunday a shower could linger. overnight mainly clear and chilly at 41 degrees. your thanksgiving 62 with a mix of sun and clouds. here's how the day breaks down if you're up early 8am, no problems. some sunshine 45 degrees. by noon 58. 62 by 3:00 p.m. 57 by 6:00 o'clock. if you're putting christmas lights up this weekend a lot of people have that as their tradition, just watch out for a few showers. could it get a little soggy but not too bad. it's not a washout this week bend it notice it gets colder. sunday's highs may not make it out of the 40s. a little bit of everything. we got 66 on friday. and then just 49 degrees by sunday. but not a lot of wet weather and it's a great thanksgiving. >> you said 40s. jessica and i at the same time went hmm. >> i'm going to miss the turkey with the little shaking. >> my favorite. >> very cute. >> favorite icon. >> don bell here with a look at sports. >> talking basketball. the sixers try to avoid their 16th straight loss. it comes down to the final
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seconds and find out who is trying to rescue jalill okafor from the mess that his sixers basketball. you don't want to miss this. sports is coming up next.
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rough week for the birds. they had egos batter and bruised by the bucks and now everyone outside of their locker room is taking shots at them. latest comes from an article on reporter matt lombardo writes that an agent for unnamed player says chip kelly has lost the team between the losses and his bull bleep methods that aren't working, i can tell that you the players have tuned him out. the source also says that one player was using an injury to stay off the field because quote he won't play hurt for chip. the agent did not want to be identified fearing retribution against his client. the birds play the beacons
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tomorrow in detroit. to the ice the flyers visiting the islanders looking for back to back wins for the first time in 33 days. first period we go flyers on the power play as they take on the islanders. shane feeds the captain claude giroux who make it one to nothing. second period, things fall apa apart. game tied at one. kyle lights the lamp and the flyers lose three-one your final score. the explorers visiting penn at the palestra tonight. quakers shake it. huge night for penn. darien nelson henry, 31 points and 41 points for the big man. penn wins, 80-64 snapping an eight-game lasalle win streak. tell was one of those nigh. sports producer andy, ukee and myself, we were all yelling at the tv. the sixers up by 11 and looking for their first win of the season. they're zero-15 but they had a chance against the celtics under three minutes in the game, jalill okafor big jal, and one.
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19 points and nine boards. sixers up 80-75. they haven't won in eight mont months. 40 seconds left. jay crowder massive buzz kill for the sixers. everyone in the newsroom was upset. sixers lose 84-80. 26 straight losses tying an nba record and awful feeling for big jal his former duke classmate cs feel for him so much so that they made this. >> ♪ (laughter). >> i know. i'm sorry. >> i still love him, man. >> that's my team. i still love them.
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>> big jal. >> that's my team. >> we're here for you, dog. >> that's my team. >> we'll laugh at this in a year or two. we'll laugh at all of this. >> that's my team.
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it's looking a lot like the holiday season at the philadelphia art museum. >> tree lighting was held on the east terrace tonight and "eyewitness news" was there as the museum flipped the switch.
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this year's tree stands 47 feet tall. it has 4,000led lights. the lighting kicks off a month long series of holiday activities at the art museum. get ready. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ this thursday, hdtv prices will drop to record lows. ken, how are you getting ready for this deal? with subtle hints... barbie, i want an hdtv. doors open thursday 6 pm at target.
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♪ starting thursday, apparel will cool down to 40% off. [ both ] 40%! [ quickly ] the news is good! [ quickly ] sports win! [ whispers ] let's go shopping! doors open thursday, 6pm at target. our morning team is back at 4:30 until 7:00 a.m. for kate, don and our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> omega's dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next. have a happy thanksgiving, family. good night and sleep well.
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