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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 26, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, looking live, right now at the staging area for philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade, garfield seeing him getting blown up is now in full form looking great there. the floats getting ready to go and a giving tradition in south philadelphia, we are live in cacia's bakery where they are stuffing the of when turkies and not bake good. we have a lot of time in the area this is a terrific day. we have the the turkey hat, turkey forecast, just a great day. >> it is, i mean this forecast is one of those forecast you don't of see, not just holiday itself but for multiple days. >> absolutely. >> travel day leading up to the holiday was great, tomorrow looks good too. black friday shoppers, rejoyce. >> those of us who are decorating for the the holidays as well. >> yes. >> tree going up tomorrow.
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>> so exciting. >> now you can shamelessly do it. >> holiday season in full force. >> i know you mentioned the wind in the years past. wind is not looking bad at all. it should be very light. much like yesterday, calm, sunny day, may not have much sun but we have that going for us. the lets go outside and show you what is happening here. much further away shot of the city overlooking, not just delaware river but we have sky line in the distance here at palmyra cove nature park in new jersey and neighborhood network. storm scan as you might imagine is empty, we have high pressure, so clear as can be, a few cloud beginning to bilo in here. they are higher cloud, partly sunny, but it will be a dry day and grade parade. and mid to low 30's, generally around the board but hey couple choice spots like a dover, wildwood are off to a milder start. also mild down to the deep
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south but i want to show you this magentas start to show up across inter mountain west and streaking in the northern high planes where we have teens, single digits and that is cold front that will cross by this weekend and knocking our temperatures back. not to the teens and single digit but back to a dose of reality. for now and rest of the day, sun, cloud, expectation the the a above average temperatures here we're talking 62 for a high and light wind to go witt. quick check of the area headlines, mild holiday forecast, watching for cold front to sweep in here as we head into the upcoming weekend and that is our next shot for some wet weather, erika, back to you. >> thanks very much. a thanksgiving turkey with all of the fixins is a hallowed thanksgiving tradition. do you have a turkey? >> welshing not me personally. >> but your relatives do. >> indeed. >> all of the turkey and no work. >> in south philadelphia they have their own ritual on how to prepare the the bird. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao joins us at cacia's
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bakery. there are terrific people. we love that tradition. we are there every single year. this is your second year. >> reporter: if i had a turkey, this is the way would i do it. they take all of the work. they sabrin your turkey down here four hours later you get it up and you are done. you can enjoy football game. enjoy being with the family. this is how would i do it. cacia's family they do it for hundreds of people. over a hundred people is how they can fit into this brick oven. this is danielle cacia, daughter of the owner here. she comes out every year. you see he how long the lines are. what sit like to be part of it. >> i like this day better than christmas and easter a then any other holiday because my entire family is here. we have been carrying this tradition for five decade that my grandfather started. we have fun doing it. >> reporter: you guys are known for your bread, and then you got into this turkey thing. how does that start five decade ago.
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>> my grandfather and his brother lewis wanted to make extra money around the the holidays. so they came up, the first year they started with ten turkies and we tagged them with titanium tags. first year wasn't perfect. they wrote on the tag with crayons so they had tleroub figuring out whose turkey belonged to who. >> reporter: it is a learning process that you have perfected over the years. at one point i heard you cooked 130 to 140 bird here in one day. >> that is about the average. >> reporter: no biggie. >> in. >> reporter: you brought your special turkey in this year. >> this is my turkey here, i will go to the sheraton household for dinner. i got engaged this summer so why not have a perfect turkey for thanksgiving cooked in the cacia's brick oven. >> reporter: that family is expecting perfection. you do nonetheless. this is what the bird should look like when you drop it off a at 6:00. explain what you have going on. >> thinks perfect pan we like to use. the aluminum pans tend to buckle they are not good in
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the oven. we like them with handles, nice and sturdy. >> reporter: you pick it up, however you want it and stuff it, whatever garnish because you just pop it in the oven. >> right, exactly. >> reporter: any technique thaw like what do you do with your turkey, open that up. >> this is sheraton's turkey, she stuffed it this year for us, seasoned it. >> reporter: any secrets. >> i haven't learned any of the irish family secrets just yet. >> exactly. >> is what the deal 6:00 o'clock people are waiting in their cars out in the cold but you open up at 6:00 come in and get the tag. >> in fact when we i walk out there at 5:00 a.m. people were outside waiting to get inside here. >> reporter: people knocked, please let me in, we're in new jersey, we came all the way here. >> 6:00 a.m. is kick off time for super bowl turkies. >> reporter: drop your bird off and watch eagles. i can tell you one place you won't get a bird here and that is here at cacia's. back to you good place to be, thanks very much.
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you are off the hook for turkey hat. katie has that covered. we will let you know. another thanksgiving tradition kicks off in a few hours. we are looking live at set up area for thanksgiving parade along jfk boulevard. we are looking live at garfield's foot. from there it goes north on 16th street and on to the ben franklin parkway ending at the art museum. philadelphia's thanksgiving day parade is in the 96th year. it is oldest thanksgiving parade in the country, older than that one in new york. thanksgiving is not just about the turkey anymore, lot of people are plotting their shopping strategies for later today a lot have of stores will open up at 6:00 including sears, kohl's, macy's and dick's sporting goods. the malls also open up at 6:00, that is 6:00 p.m. tonight. that includes cherry hill mall, willow grove park mall and the deptford mall. k-mart opens up its doors at 7:00 and find hours on our home page of cbs for your favorite stores
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opened up today on thanksgiving. today may be thanksgiving but it feels like christmas at philadelphia city hall. vendors are set up, ready to go at dilworth plaza a few days earlier. there is a wide variety of things on sale all of them unique to philadelphia. the pop up shops at dilworth officially open up on saturday. regardless though tourist are already getting in to the holiday spirit. >> the kid are having a blast. we had to drag them there and then we had to drag them out. they didn't want to leave. they want to come back on friday. >> vendors at dilworth plaza are in addition to the annual christmas village at nearby love park. annual tradition, thanksgiving tradition, continues at the white house. national thanksgiving turkey, named abe was pardoned by president obama during a special ceremony. the president's teenage daughters sascha and mallea were both on hand. abe the turkey will spend the rest of his days in a farm in ra. a beautiful, frazier fur from montgomery county is
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heading to the white house for christmas. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones traveled to lansdale where he looked at the birthplace of this years official white house christmas tree. >> reporter: of all of the christmas trees bought and sold this time of the year there is one from our area this that is going to the most famous house in the world. >> you will meet mrs. obama. >> um-hmm, yeah. very cool, yeah. i have never been to the white house before. >> reporter: jay buster is a third generation christmas tree farmer and chances are good if you see a christmas tree on someone's car or truck in the lansdale area, the tree came from his farm. but it is near 19-foot frazier fur that will wind up on display inside blue room of the white house. it was one of the two trees white house staffers were considering. >> this is the the tree that they didn't pick. >> they didn't pick, right. but it is a great tree. >> reporter: this summer's national christmas tree competition in illness for
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best tree earned busters the on are. along with his 88 year-old mom, virginia jay will head town to washington to officially present the tree to the first lady. >> i bought a new shirt today. turf look good for the white house. you can't wear suspenders. >> your father have would have. >> reporter: this particular 14 year-old tree holds a special place in buster's hat it was planted months before 9/11. >> that was such a horrible year. here we have such a beautiful tree we are donating to the white house. the just symbolically that is kind of a wonderful thing. >> reporter: in lansdale montgomery county, todd quinones for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fantastic. the philadelphia art museum, they are all ready in the christmas spirit they have flipped the switch on the museum's christmas tree last night. it is more than 47 feet tall and decorated with 4,000 lights. they plan to hold holiday activities for the next month. pope francis is making his
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first visit to africa. this morning he celebrated mass in the capitol of kenya. we have video, new video where thousands attend that had mass with 10,000 police for security. pope's surmon emphasized traditional family values. the pope will spend five days in africa including visits uganda and central african republic which is engaged in the civil war. still ahead a new born baby is doing okay after being abandoned in the church's nativity scene. we have new fur about where his mother was right the before she dropped him off and if she will face any charges. also this is not your average traffic stop, see what the officer did after pulling over that car that is earning him praise this morning. we're also talking turkey, safety from the preparation this morning, to how to handle the left overs, doctor rob is here to make sure you have a healthy holiday. we will be right back.
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here's a look at your headlines on cbs three, new you this morning fire fighters are investigating a fatal fire in nicetown. they found a man's body inside that home on the 1900 block of brunner street. there will be a record number of police officers patrolling macy an "s" thanksgiving day parade in new york. as many as 3 million spectators are expected. officials say that there are no known credible threats. and philadelphia is ready for its own thanksgiving parade, live look as crews blow up giant balloons.
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it starts this morning on yfk boulevard and then goes up 16th street, ben franklin parkway and then end at the art museum. father of the baby found in the church manger in new york city will not face prosecution. police say the surveillance video shows mother carrying her new born baby boy in the store just minutes before she left him inside a church in queens. police say mother believed that she would be found safely there. third say woman followed the spirit of the cities safe haven law. heart stopping video from a chase, police chase, in new jersey, watch right here as car cuts through gas station, and then speed down the wrong way, of the pal said parkway, this happened in engel wood cliff. he was wanted for stabbing his girlfriend to death. amazing he didn't hit any of the cars moving toward him. other office are, drivers, they had to swerve to get out of the way. >> i had to get my breath a
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little bit. i was unnerved, you know, gut reactions to get out of the way. >> i guess you just learn that in bumper cars or whatever. >> the chase finally ended when driver ran into traffic at toll plaza on the new jersey turnpike. a family in need is thanking a texas police officer for his generous gift. they were pulled over by jeremy rena on saturday. officer saw the boy's child safety seat and was very run down but instead of writing her a particular they took dean to the store and bought her a brand new child seat. >> i was so embarrassed, because it is kind of like poor parenting but i was just grateful. >> i looked at him and i could not put my daughter in that car seat, how could i let them drive off with that with no other help. >> dean bought her car seat second hand because she could not afford a better one.
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on thanksgiving that is what you want to see people helping each other. so much to be thankful for today. >> let's check with our forecast. >> we are grateful you are with us this morning, good morning, very happy thanksgiving to you, your family and friend, everyone out there we are grateful you are with us. we will check with our other folks we are grateful for, eyewitness weather watchers, they sent in beautiful pictures. let me show you a shot that came in, nice full moon, out there, this came in from walter, and we do have have chilly air in place, not too much wind to speak of. that is the bright side here, we will take you back to the map, and look at these area temperatures. not as many observations, couple folks sleeping in. that is cool we will get it. we are finding a a few. we're at 27, coming in from bill. cold start to the day but virtually no wind where he is in cardington and that nice clear sky. let go to storm scan which is at this point not a heck of a lot.
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we have high pressure in place. off in the distance wet weather is beginning to encroach. we will not see wet weather today or tomorrow but we might see fog along the way as warm front lifts in. that is why you will start to find these temperatures rebounding as nicely as they will. the nice clear sky for you you, down through portions of the southeastern u.s. but this next storm system, even since yesterday has started to be not terribly organize just yet, main area still back over rockies and it is looking a little different over mountainous terrain. we don't have as much organization to track, it gets cut up by mountains but you can see moisture drawn in here from el paso in the central plains and once this getting it will be the next story for us. the not a major player but it will be our next chance for rain and comes in primarily saturday morning. sunday still a shower here and there we will say. we're not talking about
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anything major, down the road here and today and tomorrow both look dry. timing is perfect for travelers for holiday itself and mild too, come tomorrow we're talking a pair of six's and then back to a dose of reality by upcoming weekend, erika, back to you. even astronauts on board the international space station are celebrating thanksgiving today. astronaut scott kelly, and others sent well wishes to those on the ground and showed off their meal as smoked turkey, candy yams and potatoes ar gotten. challenging to eat in zero gravity. after a delicious thanksgiving meal we will be stuffing our fridge west left overs. but when are transporting it from your dining room table is what best when it comes to food safety. family physician doctor rob danoff joins us for thanksgiving with some guidelines. before we talk left overs in the kitchen getting rod i for that big dinner what should they keep in mind while
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cooking. >> biggest thing we thaw it out properly. don't leave it at room temperature. you thaw it in the refrigerator or cold water or microwave but when we prepare raw food make sure we keep it separate from cooked food. juices can get in those cooking boards. we want to wash it the they arely. after you are done clean your hand very carefully. raw food is away from everything and they don tam nate anything else. >> rinse poultry do you agree with that or no. >> i read an article that said you didn't have to. as long as you cook it thoroughly. when you rinse it you are spraying it throughout the sink and if you don't clean it presently then you have that problem you are making pie, stuffing, going tour aunt house, what do we do when you transport that food. >> she will have lots of good food. >> so we have to keep hot foods that are supposed to be hot, who had. cold food, cold. safest thing for traveling get a cooler, and keep it cold. when you go to your relatives house then you heat it up, and
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at the right temperature at the right time. >> left overs, to me that is best part, the the meal the next day. >> me too. >> you want to store them properly. say a few hours from now you are finished with your lunch or dinner how do you store your food. >> i'm giving you a rule, two, two, four rule. what it means when you eat the food don't have it out more than two hours. still on the table put it in the refrigerator. fit is still out after two hours throw ate way. >> just two hours. >> room temperature. the other rule is 2-inch containers. the don't put them in containers that are broader because fit is too big the meal does not cool off and bacteria can grow. >> that is interesting. >> this is appropriate size. >> 2-inch containers. it is in the refrigerator too when you store tonight refrigerator i have seen people pack it like a suitcase. the air cannot circulate. make sure cold air can get around it. and then four rule is four case. ifou don't eat left overs by day four you either put them in the freezer or you throw
5:51 am
them out. two, two, four rule. >> sunday night, monday morning. >> by sunday night, put it in the freezer, if in the chuck it. >> doctor rob, thanks very much. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> we will be right
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♪ >> that is a great song. it is thanksgiving and we have so much to be thankful for, we have been getting messages there viewers about, what they are thankful for. keep them coming on facebook, twitter, instagram with the hashtag cbs-3. if we get a few more i will even wear the turkey hat today. hold on, let the me wear it. >> all right. here's the hat. this is the the hat. so if you tweet, this will do, just a heads up for you. let's talk turkey, the the bird, eagles are spending thanksgiving on the road in detroit when they play lions this afternoon. you usually don't like to be away for holidays but as "eyewitness sports" reporter leslie van arsdal explains it will feel like a home game for a couple of eagles. >> what is it like to go home for thanksgiving, and play,
5:55 am
against a team that was your favorite team growing up. >> it is a a lot of fun because i ren remember growing up detroit playing on thanksgiving is a nfl tradition. >> it is big because growing up i always said i wanted to play for the the lions on thanksgiving were you not now i'm playing against them. it is that much sweeter. >> reporter: barwin wears detroit pride on his sleeve. he has a tattoo of the cities sky line on the biceps. growing up helped make him the tough player he is today. >> anybody from detroit has pride for detroit. i think you are a lot of who you are because of where you come from, and i think who i became had a lot to do with detroit. >> you have a lot of friend and family coming. >> yeah, i think me and bg had to get about 40 plus tickets for the the game. there will be plenty of eagles fans there. >> reporter: are they lions fans how does that work. >> they root for me first. >> i have bought 40 tickets and told everybody merry
5:56 am
christmas. couple people got half jerseys made, graham across and 55, half eagle, half lion. >> reporter: will both players finally be home for the holidays, their one big wish toys bring a win back to philadelphia the leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". sixers are a step closer to the record books and still looking for win number one. first round pick jahlil okafor gave it a nice try last night with the celtics. he had 19 points, nine rebound in the the losing cause. celtics made up an 11-point deficit and out lasted sixers 84-80. sixers have tied nba record of 26 straight losses, dating back to last season. they have not won in 247 days, not that we're counting. sixers in houston, and they can turn it around tomorrow night. we will be right back.
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good morning, a thanksgiving tragedy. up investigators are looking into what sparked a deadly fire inside of a house in nicetown. we're live with the details. in center city they are getting ready for a parade. a live look at the staging area, balloons and floats will soon be marching by. and south philadelphia tradition, we are live at
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cacia's bakery as residents line up to get their turkies cooked in that giant brick oven. it must smell a amazing in there. it is thursday, in 26th, happy thanksgiving. i'm erika von tiehl. before the the parade and football and turkey we have to get your forecast. katie joins us now. just a fantastic day. i love these temperatures we are talking about. good morning. >> i can't remember last time we had a forecast this tranquil for the the entirety of not just the travel days, leading up to the holiday itself but the the holiday and then black friday as well. we have had wind as an issue in recent years even if it was dry or we had to deal with wet weather. in of those factors playing a role in the forecast. we also have have been talking about the warming trend. today will be a warmer day out of the next five. it is looking to be nice and mild. average high for standard of the late november, about 52 degrees on this particular day.


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