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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:51pm EST

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♪ right now at 11:00, ready, set, shop. the thanksgiving leftovers are still warm, but the malls are now packed. holiday shoppers filling the stores looking for deals. >> thanksgiving melt down. the eagles woes continue with another embarrassing loss. tonight, frustrated fans weigh
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in. and the true meaning of thanksgiving on display. how the generosity of others helped to make holiday one local family will never forget. good evening, to you, happy thanksgiving. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we begin tonight as the holiday shopping season gets under way. malls around the area opened their doors tonight and the crowds came out. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live at cherry hill mall where the early birds are hoping to save big. there seem to be a lot of people out there, greg. >> reporter: there really are. we're here at the cherry hill mall. it opened around 6:00 o'clock tonight. you can see some of the folks are here some of these shoppers hour by hour we've seen more and more people arrive here to do some shopping. leaving thanksgiving meals leaving their families and coming here to spend some serious cash. >> does anybody else need a map to let you know where our all items are? >> reporter: black friday shopping may be dying, but heading to the stores thanksgiving thursday is a live and well. >> i think it's exciting.
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it's something that you want. it's worth it. why not go and get it? >> reporter: more than 100 people snaked around this south philly target store passing the time making new friends. >> shopping. we all just met today. (laughter). >> so just talking and eating snacks and having a good time. >> reporter: playing some games and forgetting about that turkey dinner. >> someone should hopefully be pulling me up now to bring me some report roar bring you turkey dinner. >> yes. >> reporter: these folks are simply waiting for the deals. i'm getting the 55-inch tv report roar target manager scott says black friday shopping has evolved. matured due to earlier signs and online shopping. >> one things that's changed is the online shopping. so we have target we have now you can order online and get shipped from store. >> across the bridge at the cherry hill mall shoppers say they notice a difference in crowds. >> actually kind of smaller than i thought there would be. we found parking pretty easy the
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lines weren't too long, right? >> reporter: let's face the. they're still here spending money and crossing items off their list. >> i like shopping in this store because i'm impart. >> reporter: you want it now. >> i want it now. >> reporter: cherry hill mall is open for about one more hour until midnight then it reopens again >> life here at a packed cheryl mall, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, buddy thanks so much. appreciate you. we have a full holiday shopping guide on you can find money saving tips an list of hours for malls and outlets throughout the region. shoppers out there are enjoying middle weather to kick off the holiday season. meteorologist lauren casey is live on the cbs3 sky deck and lauren, everyone wants to know how long the warm temperatures will stick around. >> have another dave this unseasonal very unseasonal warmth. the sunshine today, 64 degrees
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the high temperature in philadelphia. i think even caught a suntan today and temperatures are still pretty mild at this late hour. not too chilly at all in philadelphia. 49 degrees. calm winds so no wind chill impact. cooler down the shore 41 degrees and in the poconos, very mild by your standards, 49 degrees right now. storm scan3 showing us just a couple of clouds passing on through although we will see some areas of fog continuing to develop across the area that could reduce our visibilities late tonight and early tomorrow morning but we are going to be even warmer as we head into tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures running about 15 degrees above average. we do start to cool things off as we head into the upcoming weekend and a few showers in the forecast on saturday. so we'll talk about the timing of that rainfall and the cool down coming up in your full forecast in just a a couple of minutes. >> lauren, see you shortly. thank you. right now thanksgiving thumping. major melt down. the birds could not keep it together against the lions this afternoon and neither could
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their disheartened fans. >> i'm disappoint. i'll really disappointed in ya'll. >> i believe the eagles lost because of mark sanchez the worst quarterback ever. >> chip kelly got to go. him and offensive coordinator defense coordinator all got to go. >> they lost a couple close ones but today was, um, a tough thanksgiving. >> that it is. eagles are to you 94-seven on the season. pat gallen joins us now with more on the disaster in detroit. >> we didn't have time to digest that game on sunday again the buccaneers. >> right. >> that was enough to spoil your thanksgiving people if sunday's disaster against the buccaneers was not bad enough eagles went back in for a second helping of sickening football. with a tied game in the second quarter before detroit walks all over the eagles this is golden tate just walks right into the end zone. that puts the lions up seven and if you're queasy, probably want to look away from this because late in the second quarter, this is matthew stafford hooking one with calvin johnson grabbing
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number one of his three touchdowns on the day. it was ughly from there. and here is calvin johnson yet again. this is number two of his three touchdowns on the day. the lions within 45-14. many fear that chip kelly has lost this team. it would appear that they have quit on him. the coach says it starts with him. >> i think we all take accountability but i speak for -- i'm a coach i'm not a player. so it starts with me. i'm not pointing fingers at anybody and i don't think anybody points fingers at anybody. we all got to look inside ourselves and see what we can do to change the out come of what's going on and that's the way it has to be once you start pointing fingers and blame it on somebody else, you know, then you've lost what you got to do. i think everybody has got to look inside and figure out what they can do as an individual to make this team better. >> you got that, write that down. >> 33 speed today. slow it down. >> in the midst eagles getting crushed video surfaced reportedly of sixers center jalill okafor getting into altercation outside a bar in boston. this video courtesy of tmz and it appears to show okafor shoving and striking a man
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reportedly heckled him after the celtic beat the sixers earlier in the evening. we will have plenty more on the okafor situation including the sixers reaction it to and unfortunately more eagles highlights coming up in sports. >> just action packed over here. >> action packed stuff coming your way. >> thanks, pat. >> parkway came alive this morning with the sounds and sights of the longest running thanksgiving day parade in america. this was the 96th year for the parade and "eyewitness news" reporter solomon shows us a few surprises including a very important question for one woman. ♪ >> reporter: for some families this was their first year. >> i'm just spending time with my family. spending time with my baby. >> it's amazing. i got to see my cousins as well. >> reporter: for other you could call it family tradition. >> when my kids were my grandkids age i brought them and now i'm bringing my grandkids. >> reporter: philadelphia's 96th day thanksgiving day parade came with all trimmings
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and floats. parade goers couldn't help but be thankful for the mild weather. >> it's beautiful. i was hear two years ago. i thought i was going to freeze to death it was like frost bite. >> reporter: while many told us they were just thankful for the friends and family they have had, one couple celebrated the combined family they're just now starting. >> even down to last night i was still trying to tie up loose ends and make sure everything was perfect. >> perfect because this year would be a thanksgiving to remember. fishtown native john dual hal a band carry with the this banner popping the question to girlfriend amy mccord. they met six years ago on thanksgiving and she said yes. >> very excited. shocked, nervous, happy. very grateful. great day. >> thanksgiving we're all eating together to celebrate what we're most thankful for and celebrate our engagement. >> rah hal solomon, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> heightened security today at new york city thanksgiving day parade more than 2500 officers were stationed along the route. the highest number ever assigned to the event. this comes in the wake of global
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terror concerns. there were no known credible threats against new york today. lock down at the white house after a man draped in an american flag jumped the fence this afternoon. the president and his family were inside enjoying thanksgiving festivities when the breach occurred. the man identified as joseph caputo was captured almost immediately after clearing the fence. he was not carrying any weapons. authorities say they need help solving the fatal shooting of a clerk in willingboro township, burlington county. that shooting happened wednesday night array round 8:20 at the quick and go convenience store on the 100 block of martin luther king, drive. the victim and the gunman walk out of the store together before the shooting. officers later responded to the store and found the victim shot in the street. he died an hour later. anyone with information should call willingboro police. activist plan to disrupt chicago's most shopping district on black friday demanding justice for a -- chicago police
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released additional dam cash video. one blurry shows mcdonald running away from officer jason van dyke's police cruisers. the additional videos do not show van dyke opening fire on the teenager. van dyke was charged with first degree murder on tuesday. >> as we continue tonight, what would thanksgiving be without reaching out and helping those who are in need? >> holidays all about and our vittoria woodill got to play a key role in making this holiday extra bright for one local family much the touching thanksgiving surprise is still ahead. >> also a big thank to you the men and women who serve our country. the special meal that's all about tradition. laren. >> it was a mild thanksgiving and it will be even warmer for our black friday but then that warmth is going to come to an end, but not before some rainfall first. i'll have all the details in your eyewitness forecast coming
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>> on thanksgiving many service members around the country have to spend the holiday away from home. today some active military personnel treated to dinner aboard the big j, the battleship new jersey on the camden waterfront.
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>> thankful for the people who i served with and i'm thankful for everybody who keeps my hopes and spirits up. >> i'm thankful just to be alive. i really am. >> the meal was served by volunteers some of whom were veterans. another taste tease thanksgiving meal serve upped by the volunteer staff of manna the non-profit organization cooks and delivers meals to people battling life threatening illnesses. outgoing mayor mike nutter was there alongside mayor elect jim kenney helping with much of the food preparations. >> in the true spirit of thanksgiving many people came together to surprise a deserving family. >> a bounty of food provided by a few of our fantastic local restaurants and it was all hand delivered by our own vittoria woodill. >> for janine marshall a single mother, raising three beautiful girls in the northeast, a meal has never meant so much. >> you're not just feeding my stomach. you're feeding my heart, my soul. you're helping me be a better
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mom. you're helping me be a better person and i can't be more thankful for that. >> reporter: like most single moms janine hasn't p has endured a lot these past couple of yea years. >> it was hard enough dealing with the stress of just being able to handle, you know, the household and the kids by myse myself. but then i lost my job. and it's when that happened to me that i just -- i lost it. >> reporter: losing her job never meant losing hope. she reached out to the salvation army for assistance all to keep a very special promise to her children. >> mommy is going to take care of you. mommy is going to be here for you and i always tell my kids that. don't worry, i got you. >> reporter: that's why a meal like this -- >> oh, my goodness. >> it allows me to stop, to pause the world for moment and enjoy thanksgiving. >> you've given me thanksgiving. >> reporter: for most of this month we've been telling the stories of restaurants and the great people behind them. many of them family owned and
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involved in giving back to their communities. three of those restaurants have donated their cooking skills for a marshall family thanksgiving. turkey from jack's firehouse in fairmount. roast beside chef jack himself and he is cored with fixings by owner mick houston. >> i think it's going to be wonderful. i think they're going to really really have a special thanksgiving. thanks to you. >> thanks to you. >> we got a little chocolate chippy can pie for dessert. >> really? >> a little gravy for extra timings coming out soon. >> i'll have to try and hold myself back from eat this myse myself. sides from the lady at consolation collective in collingswood wheat berry salad with roasted vegetables and maple dressing and corn bread loaf. >> since we were given so much to be able to start our business to be able to give that back to the community in the area ton familiar al need just, really warms our heart. >> dessert from brown betty's boutique a business inspired by the women of linda hinton's family. >> coming from one mother giving
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to another mother and i understand totally what she's going through, yes, so i am just so happy to do this for her. >> makes me cry a little. >> me, too. so don't start. everybody is here. >> thank you so much. >> this means so much. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it's said we make a living by what we get. but we make a live by what we give. so give thanks for a little and you will have a lot. >> vittoria woodill cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we got you. we have each other. >> happy thanksgiving to them and to the vittoria, too. she was here putting the final touches on everything. >> beautifully done. lauren joins us nouse with our forecast on this beautiful day today. >> beautiful day today for the parade, football games, eating a lot of turkey. >> yeah. >> couldn't ask for better conditions a lot of sunshine and above average warmth well above average and we'll keep that it way as we head into our black friday. whatever plans you have, make
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sure you get outside and spend some time enjoying some of this seasonably or unseasonably air because we are going to transition to some cooler air as we head into next week but conditions right now nice and quiet on this thanksgiving eve getting a live look at skycam3. center city all is quiet right now. just a few passing clouds. but as we head into the overnight period, we are going to see areas of fog that will develop and could be locally dense reducing our visibilities but temperatures right now certainly not too chilly. 49 degrees in philadelphia. we're still at 45 in wildwood. close to 50 right now in point pocono. temperature transition over the last 24 hours mostly positive numbers. big-time in the poconos. we're up 9 degrees in philadelphia. over this time last night. and checking in on your neighborhood network, temperatures still above 50 right now in ardmore. 45 degrees right now in bensal bensalem. 45 degrees in hainesport. on roads tomorrow heading out and about especially tonight you'll have to watch out for those areas of fog late tonight and continuing into tomorrow
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morning that could reduce your visibilities so caution there but clearing as we head into the afternoon. so dry roads no problem there is and then on saturday, we will see some showers developing so if you need to hit the road on saturday, morning is probably going to be the best time to do so before some of that rain starts to move in. but some of that fog is already settling in across burlington county. some fog being pick up right now also down towards millville reduction of visibility down to less than half a mile right now. 2-mile visibility in ac and down to about a half a mile in wildwood. so overnight tonight, areas of fog some locally dense, partly cloudy, overnight low, though, not too chilly. only dropping to 47 degrees. and then a very mild day tomorrow. 66 degrees our average high temperature would have us at 52. so well beyond that. fog and low clouds to start and then improving into the afternoon becoming mostly sunny. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions across the eastern seaboard. but a white thanksgiving for folks in the midwest and portions of the central planes in association with this cold front that will continue to
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drive eastbound and bring our shower chances into saturday in the delaware valley but tomorrow morning, areas of fog starting to break up as we head into the late morning hours and then transitioning over to a mostly sunny sky in the afternoon for your black friday. we cloud up tomorrow night and cloudy conditions as you wake up on saturday morning. a few showers mainly north and west of the city and then a better chance of shower activity philadelphia and parts of southern new jersey for late day saturday. but tomorrow get out there and enjoy the conditions. transition to go mostly sunny skies in philadelphia. down the shore a mix sun and clouds. in the poconos mild for you 51 degrees and top at 63 down the shore but then we do have that gradual cooling trend as we head into the weekend. scattered showers 56 degrees on saturday. even cooler by sunday, 49 degrees. chance of a passing shower in the morning. then sunshine for the afternoon. then it's heading back to work and school after the holiday weekend on monday. but conditions looking very
11:22 pm
nice, 51 degrees that is seasonal for us. mostly sunny conditions. and we're a little bit more seasonal as we head into next week and another chance of showers arrives for the first day of december but 54 degrees to kick off december. that's not too scary. >> come on now. >> no. >> come on. we'll take it. thanks lauren. >> pat is here with look at sports. >> the zero-16 sixers have struggled all year and their season has just took a down tu turn. jal legal okafor in fight in boston. did the eagles quit on their head coach? we'll tell you next in sports.
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♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the 76ers, it does. not only are they supporting zero-16 record but their star center is now at the center of an altercation. this video is courtesy of tm seem it shows jalill okafor apparently pushing and striking a man outside a nightclub in boston. the sixers fell to the celtic to drop their 16th straight to operate year and according to tmz okafor says he was heckle hd and threatened on the street after leaving the club. sixers released a statement regarding the fight saying "we are aware of the report and we are currently working to gather additional information. until that time wee will have no further comment. i reach out for further comment and a source close to the situation responded with a one word answer. man. when momma gallen took the turkey for thanksgiving she starts around 9am so it's finished at 2:30. she's birds were cooked by 2:30 today as well. chip and company looking to
11:27 pm
forget about their implosion on sunday. mark sanchez coming off an ugly performance did not get any better. this is matt stafford hooking up with theo riddick that opens the scoring in the first. eagles would strike back early in the second. mark sanchez finding brent celek at the goal line. niece from 2 yards out. it would be tied at seven and then came the melt down. in the third quarter, they call this guy megatron. that's calvin johnson at the top of your screen. his third touchdown catch of the day. and it would get even worse from there. somehow. in the fourth rubbing it he would power his way in from 1 yard out as the lions embarrass the birds 45-14. staffed for throws for five scores same as jameis winston just four days ago eagles looked to me like they quit on their head coach. have they given full effort? >> full effort has nothing to do with execution or how the gape
11:28 pm
goes. full effort you think everybody plays hard with the intention to go win, i think that question is yes. >> the guys are fighting. i got to put them in better position much it's going to take all of us to get us out of the hole. all of us got hole. this is the right group of men. there's no excuses. there's no explanations for th that. we just -- to weeks in row five touchdown passes in a game. we have to get better. >> number eight villanova taking on stanford in the nit season tip off in brooklyn. bronson knocks down the three. he led all scorers with 18 points. as nova mains undefeated 59-45. this morning before you settled into your favorite recliner hopefully you were able to get out and watch good football. what beautiful day it was for the thanksgiving rivalry games around the area. let's start it off. this is interboro and ridley and this is quarterback malik young with the jump pass to connor beaumont. wrigley wins 12-zero.
11:29 pm
over to south jersey camden at woodrow wilson. drew harris fires, justin singleton makes a leaping grab an beautiful effort to get into the end zone. eagles need to sign that kid right now. camden wins 26-22. let's go to haddonfield taking on haddon heights. brendon gill martin finds matthew burns for the long touchdown. haddonfield a winner, 37-21. gloucester catholic and gloucester, andrew burke hard a little flip play. chris rodriguez that's an easy six. gloucester with a 27-seven win. up next audubon and haddon township. this is brandon hopkins from haddon right up the gut. makes the man miss. heads to the house. 28-yard touchdown. however, audubon wins 24-eight. vikings my alma mater northeast high taking on sentra the oldest thanksgiving rivalry in the country. that's wilson a one handed pick he goes the other way for six.
11:30 pm
my vikings within the wooden horse 48-20 win over central. judge battling lincoln. rob king the throw justin guys goes up and pulls it in. great leaping grab. crusaders win 35-14 over the rail splitters. stay in northeast philly. archbishop ryan and george washington. ryan's billy palmer he lace out the amazing interception. ryan easily handled gw this morning winning 35-seven. go to chichester and sun valley this is gabe bow cello of sun valley hitting james gines over the mill. he does the rest helps sun val toll a 20-seven win. and finally, less ends it owen j robbins taking on pottstown. you today stop stewart hitting mitchell in the end zone. omj with the blow out 41-13. more awesome football all over
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it's not just the pros or high school athletes playing football on thanksgiving. >> "eyewitness news" in the northeast where it was a perfect day to toss around a pigskin with family and friends. these guys have been getting together for this particular game for 15 years and they say the game as evolved lot since it started. >> back when we started i think my son was one. so now he's 16. so we had to get them kind of involved a little bit. kind of like a family thing, but, um, my brother-in-law got a
11:34 pm
lot of his friends playing. so we have a good time at home for thanksgiving dinner. >> sounds like a great way to start off a long holiday weekend and i love the smell of ben gay in the morning and some of those guys might need it. (laughter). >> we'll be right back.
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our morning team is back at 4:30 till 7am tomorrow for lauren, pat our entire crew i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the lay show with stephen
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colbert is next. >> happy thanksgiving holiday. >> jon: welcome stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hey! welcome, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you so much. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome, everybody. that's lovely.
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thanks, everybody. hey, welcome to "the late show." i'm stephen colbert. do you guys ever follow business? do you guys follow business news? you definitely should. because it's where they keep all the money. and today there's really big news this week from the business world. it's news you might actually care about, because it's nothing boring like real estate or the financial system. it's about something important-- it's beer. ( cheers and applause ) international sign for tick- tick. anheiser-busch is trying to buy miller for $104 billion. yeah, yeah, you heard that right.
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that's billion, with an "illion." $104 billion? that's crazy. you can get a beer at yankee stadium for, like, half that. ( laughter ) ( applause ) approximately. a little more. personally, i'm excited about the bud and miller getting together because that means i can finally stop pretending i can taste the difference. ( laughter ) but, again, this merger worries some people out there, because this mega-corporation, when combined, would control 70% of the american beer market. they'd have bud, miller, beck's, bass, busch, corona, michelob, rolling rock, stella artois, and milwaukee's best. and i know that's not a great beer, but they're doing their best. it's right there in the name. just say you like it. just say you like it. you're hurting their feelings! ( applause )
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basically, the only thing they wouldn't own is your brother-in- law's home brew. and i just want to say for a second here, max, i love you, but really? lavender-infused, pumpkin spice, triple bock chocolate stout, fermented in a grout bucket in your basement? no, thank you. i just want something with maximum drinkability that i can pour down my throat quickly while operating power tools. ( cheers and applause ) all right? is that too much to ask? is that too much to ask? tonight's show is going to go down easy because it is a tall, frosty one. i'll be talking with the multi- talented jack black. ( cheers and applause ) whoo! always brings it. always brings it strong. he's starring in the new "goosebumps" movie based on the fantastic series of books. now, if you've never read the "goosebumps" books, good news-- you don't have to, there's a movie now. so thank you. i'll also be talking with the
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inventor and c.e.o. of gopro, nick woodman. ( cheers and applause ) a lot of people have them. a lot of people have the gopro. i will interview him while base- jumping off a cliff in norway wearing a wingsuit. did we get the wingsuit? we did not get the wingsuit. okay, then we're just going to sit at the desk and talk. and then, a performance by a dancer i think you'll love, called michelle dorrance. she just received a macarthur genius grant for tap dancing. she's amazing. ( cheers and applause ) she's amazing. and i think-- personally, i think you will love her as much as her downstairs neighbors hate her. ♪ ♪ oh, folks that there is the stirring music of jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody. >> jon: hello, everybody. how y'all doing? >> stephen: they're going to
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kick this high into show gear. but first, one more thing-- delta airlines has announced nearly half a billion dollars in quarterly profit. and to mark the occasion, they'll be charging you a $50 celebration fee. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> tonight, stephen welcomes jack black... c.e.o. of gopro, nick woodman... and a dance performance by michelle dorrance. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, it's time for "the late show with stephen colbert." ( cheers and applause )
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>> stephen: wooo-ooo! la-la! thank you, everybody! >> stephen! stephen! stephen. >> stephen: thank you very much. that's nice. wow. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. this is the rare-- this is the rare double chant night. and i'm-- for legal reasons, i'm going to pretend i didn't like that. all right, let's do this thing. anyone watch the democratic debate last night? me too. me, too. me, too. it was different. the republican debates have been filled with drama, but last night, nothing really outrageous happened. there were no personal attacks,
11:45 pm
no salty language-- except from the back wall, which for some reason kept repeating "f-cnn." i don't see why. i think they did a fine job. i think cnn did a fine job. that's inappropriate. it was mostly the usual democratic talking points: tax the rich, free college. once-a-month bagel day will be doughnut day. and no surprise, the senator from vermont stayed true to his core message. >> it is immoral and wrong that the top 0.1% in this country own almost 90%, almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. 57% of all new income is going to the top 1%. 1%. 51%. 36%. 90%. 80%. 63%. ( laughter ) >> stephen: i would not want to split a check with bernie sanders. ( cheers and applause )
11:46 pm
"what is this? 5% of the people at this table are paying 40% of the tip, which should be 15%, 20% for good service, or 18.5% for a party of six or more. i'm tired of the great majority of seltzer drinkers footing the bill for a small number of mimosa drinkers! yes, i did take a bite of the fruit plate, but i was on the record against ordering it. the point is, this brunch is rigged! this brunch is rigged!" ( cheers and applause ) got to mop up after that impression. ( laughter ) but it was secretary hillary clinton who had the most quoted moment of the night, and even more impressive-- it came out of bernie sanders' mouth. >> let me say something that may not be great politics, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.
11:47 pm
>> thank you. me too. me too. ( applause ) >> stephen: you know your debate was pretty uneventful when the banner headline the next day is, "elderly man not interested in email." ( applause ) mix 'em up! but that wasn't the only good moment for secretary clinton last night. she also had some tough talk for wall street. >> i represented wall street as a senator from new york, and i went to wall street in december of 2007 before the big crash that we had, and i basically said, "cut it out." >> stephen: yeah! back in 2007, before the big crash, she said, "cut it out! "i've had just enough of you collapsing the economy, mister! stop it right now or you're going to bed without any cocaine." ( cheers and applause ) okay? no, i'm-- no! no!
11:48 pm
no! no! uh-uh! n-n-no! "okay, you can have a little cocaine." and hillary's big night clearly pleased her biggest fan, potential future first lady's man, bill clinton, who tweeted this photo of himself watching the debate in his vegas hotel room, which was very supportive of him. and also absolute proof that he spent all night in that room watching cnn alone, certainly not out on the vegas strip and definitely not with whoever took that picture. ( laughter ) but the night was not all substance. there were also these guys, like former virginia senator and man holding in a burp, jim webb. ( laughter ) ( applause ) this is-- a good man, good man. this was a candidate who really demanded attention. >> people are going back and
11:49 pm
forth here for ten minutes here. i've been standing over here for ten minutes trying. i've been waiting for ten minutes. i will say this... >> you're over your time. >> well, you've let a lot of people go over their time. this hasn't been equal... equal time. >> stephen: a powerful message. i can already see his new slogan-- "jim webb: leadership for a brighter... hold on a minute. i thought i had more space. this isn't fair. the other candidates all had much bigger yard signs!" ( cheers and applause ) but the guy on stage that i really felt bad for was rhode island governor and winner of the "why i should be in this debate" high school essay contest, lincoln chaffee. he didn't get asked too many questions, and when he did, it mostly looked like this. >> governor chaffee, you've attacked secretary clinton for being too close to wall street banks. in 1999, you voted for the very bill that made banks bigger. >> the glass-steagall was my very first vote. i had just arrived. my dad had died in office. i was appointed to office. >> are you saying you didn't know what you were voting for?
11:50 pm
>> i just arrived in the senate. i think we get some takeovers, and that was one. it was my very first vote, and it was 95-- 92.5-- >> with all due respect, what does that say about you that you're casting a vote for something you weren't really sure about? >> i think you're being a little rough. i just arrived at the united states senate. >> stephen: "c'mon, anderson cooper. you're being a little rough on linc here. he just arrived in the united states senate. you know the other senators were giving him swirlies and running him through the spanking machine. he didn't know what to do. i mean, jiminy christmas, stop giving him the business. why don't you ask jim webb something? he hasn't talked in, like, ten minutes!" ( cheers and applause ) still, it was an exciting night for these guys. after all, come november, one of these men could end up voting for president. we'l


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