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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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9090 fly owl fly temple to the aac championship game. philadelphia sports good evening i'm natasha brown thanks for joining us. what a moment that is for temple football. for this city. tonight's game it was a below out game the owls sparked you couldn't 27 to 3. we got live coverage. we begin with leslie down on the field. >> reporter: well natasha this was such a big big win for temple tonight. matt rhule told me from the very beginning this was the goal to make it to the aac title game which they did. and they are headed to houston next saturday. now let's show you some of the highlights from this game
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starting with thomas taking in from anyone yards out to give us 7 nothing lead. he ran two touchdowns. defense is amazing for sink a fumble or a you couldn't drive hacked on a field goal that's going to give them 10 nothing lead. touchdown pass in the third temple crews in on this one to an easy 27 to 3 win. well, matt rhule couldn't be more proud of his team. >> happy for these guys. they are great kids. they battle adverse is the. we are not done yet. hope we can do more. proud the way they played tonight. want to thank the people that came out all year, came out tonight. students our band. special people. >> reporter: you know the eagles haven't one at the linc in 39 days it's very nice to have this big win tonight. i know someone who is excited. steve patterson hey steve. >> reporter: hey leslie you know
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there's an article in usa today that says that philadelphia is the sad defendant professional sports town in the united states. and whether or not you believe that is true, they did not factor collegiate sports temple university into that mix. well they should because temple is just as part of the sports tab brick as any other team tonight they made us proud. >> not easy being a fan of philadelphia sports right now. let's take a hard look at things. the flyers while showing promise are tied. the eagles a team many predicting to fulfill aspirations are 4 and 7 those same people wondering if they'll win again. oh boy the sixers. well the sixers just broke a record most consecutive losses by professional sports team in the united states. wow. so who has the best winning percentage in philadelphia pro
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sports the phillies, which was also the worse record in major league baseball. where does that leave philadelphia fans? >> saturday night the last hope. the temple owl football team. we are phillies team right now. never was that way, may never be that way again, man rhyme recovering it. if there's one team playing beyond expectation sincere this year you'll find them at the linc. in east division title a birth into a conference championship game good to race the schools national profile. >> in a this has been forever for me. he's been waiting his whole life for this. now he says what we are all thinking in thy city its temple's turn. >> this is what i've always wanted hopefully this is what philly always wanted go owls that's all i can say.
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>> reporter: there you have it the temple owls doing what no other philadelphia team has been able to consistently do this year and that is win. reporting tonight from the link steve patterson cbs3 eyewitness news. >> bright spot in all this thank you so much, steve we appreciate that. at the linc couldn't rain on the owls parade looks likely weather could be lasting into the morning hours. meteorologist lauren is tracking it what ishe latest jam. scattered showers moving to delaware valley throughout the evening hours most concentrated south of philadelphia. we do have another badge of showers moving in right now across parts of new castle county kent county moving in. west to east right now. pretty light in intensity we do have more moisture in association with cold front that has moved through the delaware valley we are going to continue to see that, more rain is in store for us. we received just a touch of rain so far. our neighborhood network some of
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our reporting sites, doylestown so far. about 300 of an inch temperatures consistent in mid to upper 40s more rainfall and some cooler temperatures after a string of mild days we'll talk about what to expect in full forecast in a few natasha. >> thank you so much. 4 pedestrians including two young children are injured after police say they were struck by a vehicle while crossing the street in west philly. it happened about 530 on 49 hundred block of parkside avenue. a two year old and 30 year old woman are in critical condition at this power. police say the driver remained on the scene and it is not a dui case. no word yet if any charges are being filed. also tonight a colorado community is in mourning as police release new details about a deadly shooting ram patch in front of planned parenthood 3 people killed including a police officer before the suspect finally surveillance rendered.
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corresponding reports now from colorado springs. >> reporter: newly released video shows the situation un folding during a deadly shooting ram patch. officer with body shields move we'll out of harms way as gunfire raining out inside a planned parenthood facility on friday. shot and killed 3 people including officer garrett swasey. >> we heard the call and was in the vicinity and and responded. impost this community will monday nor him in a way that reflect the heroism that he displayed. >> says came face-to-face with gunman. >> i saw myself in the mirror just like my god. he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: when it was all over 9 people had been wounded. vicky oversees the facility that was attacked. >> what happened yesterday was a
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terrible crime. resulted in a terrible tragedy and we will never forget it. >> reporter: when he finally surveillance rendered he said quote, no more baby parts investigators severed his property in colorado and north carolina. neighbors say dear it was a wreck clues. >> he didn't say much. he he wasn't outgoing where he would come out and talk to you. he stayed to himself. >> reporter: relatives described him as weird and unpredictable. david for cbs3 eye witness news. >> of course stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of the shooting at the t at the plant parenthood facility we will have the latest on there. also now paris is stepping up security just a day before the city prepares pho host a major climate change meeting. military personnel are making rounds outside of the ahead of the cop21 submit. nearly one one 50 heads of government and 40 thousand others are expected to attend.
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in addition to accident occurring the venue eight thousand officers deployed to secure fran's borders in wake of recent a tack. back here at home social media experiment to recovery a cell phone. police say this woman was caught on surveillance taking the phone at a subway station after another right left it behind. tracked her down he treated a tweeted a picker along with this message quote amnesty until 5 p.m.. the phone that you took and you won't be arrested. and guess what, the phone was turned in at a police station in the city last night. it will be returned two its own near and police will not be filing charges against the woman. plaintiff may be over the busy shopping weekend is going on. holiday shoppers were buying
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local. alexandria as the story from had den field. ♪ >> reporter: at the season of shipper becomes official may be time to make something else official too with a deemed maybe if so he meet jeffery goldstein. >> at the department store and our prizes are just as competitive sometimes better since we do all the work ourselves. >> reporter: his new store just opened up in had den field right in sometime for small business saturday. >> you do the get overwhelmed. e. >> everyone helps each other out it's a great feeling. >> reporter: he mentioned the store next door we went into say hello. >> reporter: last year 80 million americans came out to shop small business saturday. increased from the year before this year businesses are looking for another sweet boost.
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>> it's a mitch and being in a community like this people have to travel to get to say. >> i'm here today to pick up a cake, va fella and chocolate. >> decided to go local after less than personalized service at an unnamed chain grocery store. >> happy birthday beverly its happy birthday beth. i was very disappointed e. >> even some of the large store have taken local businesses under their winning. >> you know they are going to have to be part of us. >> reporter: many towns offer free parking for the day. its an everyday effort. >> we try and eat locally we go to the farmer's market down the street. i think it's into nice that there's a movement. >> reporter: we do too especially when 84 icing job doesn't make the cup. cbs3 eyewitness news.
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>> always a p in the job. we are looking ahead to cyber monday that's when shoppers will see huge deals online electronics and toys expected to be the biggest hot ticket items. the new movie just on the horizon. estimated, consumers shop this long holiday weekend up from last year. so be sure to check out holiday shopping guide where you can find store hours and money saving tips you can find it on our home page at jam. 29 month journey across the atlantic ocean for arrow we are for aids awareness. victor mooney arrived at the navy yard yesterday. he talked to high had eyewitness news. he he was rowing in memory of his brother. he hopes his journey will encourage people to get request tested for hiv.
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he plans to attend a ceremony at the brooklyn bridge. surprise wedding attended by the mayor at the grand opening, see the touching story coming up. lauren. first half of our thanksgiving holiday dry and mild now transitioning to cool and rain i'll have oldy trails on eyewitness sports cast. more obeying temple win tonight. great day for flyers has she snap a losing street dates all the way back to 2011. coming up on sneeze -- eyewitness news stay with us.
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>> welcome back everyone. take a look at this video helicopter were able to get a site of this volcano flowing to the north more than a quarter mile long although its win 7
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miles of communities the laugh via is not threatening any home at least not at this time. back to local news, philadelphia has quite a view of the city. one liberty deck open to the public today 57 floors up one liberty place un obstructed views of the region. visitors can art portraying life, newest tall left attraction in center city eyewitness news got a tour for the grand opening. >> 88 3w above city level. beautiful view of philadelphia today. this as great city only people appreciate, walking around or driving around in the cars. it's a beautiful city when you get up here you realize how big this place is. >> the deck is open every day. also check this out on first day of being open new deck held
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first wedding. both of philadelphia made it official with views of the city behind them. the couple was married by a pastor shortly after the deck opened. mayor nutter along with a group of kids from the boys and girls club were there to witness the wedding. that's going to be a great wedding spot jam. animals they now have a permanent home thanks to special adoption event. eyewitness news at the animal care and control team of philadelphia online retailers sponsoring the cost of adoption fees for dogs and cats from belief through cyber monday. more than 80 man mals have been adopted. workers tell us the savings are from $25 to a couple hundred depending on the animal. >> a lot of adoptions happening this weekends which is really great on back of the adoption event lots of animals going him a win win for everybody.
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for a lot of animals that get to spend the remaining of the holiday weekend not here. >> more than 100 shelter across the country are participating in this huge event. for more information go to our website cbs .com. he may need to get arraign jacket. it's going to be chilly. needs a coat maybe umbrella. >> little socks. the whole thing you know you got to spoil them. moving in after several dry and very un season belly mild days, 3 days in philadelphia in the 60 but that is about to come to an end. showing us low clouds in the, hard to see. some of those buildings, you can kind of see william penn. and that will be the trend for showers to advertisement transitioning to a cooler pattern as we head into tomorrow. for today warmth was on
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certainly in atlantic city near 70 degrees for late november day. tying old record setback in 2011 the changes they are building in from the north to the south 24 hour temperature change. mt. pocono 20 degrees. philadelphia 3 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. right now temperatures are starting to take a tumble north of the city 46 right now allentown back into the 30s. mount poke though still mild across southern new jersey winds they have shifted on the backside of cold front now from the north going to continue to drive in that cooler air and really feel and settle in in philadelphia and point you think ward as we head into tomorrow afternoon. for tonight periods of rain continue widespread for the latter portion of the overnight period. 46 degrees low temperature. highs take a tumble tomorrow 51
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degrees. that's seasonal for us. morning showers dry for of the afternoon if you do have outdoor activities planned. late day clearing with sunday peaking up before it does set tomorrow afternoon. locked in with cloud cover across delaware valley. shower activity moisture about showers moving into did he tell march via peninsula move due eastbound for best chance of shower activity continuing overnight tonight will be in philadelphia for parts of delaware and southern new jersey late tonight and through tomorrow morning. as i mention the rain becomes more widespread in nature late tonight comes to end for most midday tomorrow. not impressive rainfall told to a quarter of an inch we could see higher amount across far sorn new jersey. we will see the most rain full. future weather is going to confirm is it for us. rain coming, 5:00 in the morning tomorrow into the 7:00 hour still seeing rain across parts
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of southern new jersey and delaware. still city some of the rain lingering in philadelphia midday that rain clearing out and then the cloud deck clearing out as well as we head into the afternoon hours. by 8:00 in the evening tomorrow skies return to their clear state. travel forecast conditions looking nice if you have to head home you have family heading home. northeast no problem. we are starting off with a few showers. across the south no problem. southern, maybe a few showers could delay a few flights coming in and out of dallas across portions of the midwest. really quiet for late november day. out west sunshine, if you are flying out to california a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures. in 7-day forecast nothing too too chilly we start off 36 degrees monday morning. that is average for us. just been so area this warm
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november so far a high of 49 degrees. bring back the showers on tuesday. dog goes need raincoats again. as we head into tuesday, tuesday night especially weds we could see periods of rainfall. >> get a wardrobe for them t as we mentioned temple crushed you couldn't earning spot in aac championship game. huge win. >> reporter: huge win you know it took them 33 seasons to do it yes coach matt rhule taking temple owls to aac championship game and he couldn't be more
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♪ ♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the compassion and security of blue cross, giving you the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> well the temple football team is 10 and two headed for, leslie is live at the linc where the owls knocked off uconn when you
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say skis no problem. >> reporter: no problem at all i talked with coach matt rhule he said he was so proud of his team and he should be. because this was just a total team effort. let's show you some of the highlights from the game. from start to finish this game as you said all temple. they ran the football. controlled the clock. played great defense. thomas, carried the ball 20 times for 119 yards. tj walker through for 160 yards temple wins, 10 and two they'll play houston in houston next saturday. and i caught up with the coach after the game. >> you know what's next. we, after we beat penn state we don't want this to be the highpoint. this was awesome tonight. we don't want this is to be the highpoint. we want to go next week. even after that t he know. >> reporter: meanwhile penn state wrapping up their season
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michigan steat. nittany lions, bur bridge with great moves on this pass. 13 yard score right here. spar tans win this one penn state will finish the season 7 and 5. the flyers on the other hand got best win of the season beat the rangers at the garden this is the first win in new york since 2011. simmons with two goals and assist. another goal the flyers snapped a 10 game losing streak at madison square gary dan. and the eagles finished up easiest portion of their schedule with 3 straight losses they head into new england to take on un beaten pity '80s, asked if the players are still respond distinct to chip kelly? >> yeah, i think so. i don't see anything different. i mean, still out here fight ding giving everything we got
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you know. play the best. >> reporter: yes, the eagles not wouldn't here at the linc 39 days so this victory tonight was huge and something i think natasha we all needed. >> no doubt about that a glim mer of hope.
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>> welcome back everyone. prince harry learns that polo can be a royal pain he takes a bit of a tumble all of it is captured. he fell off his pony at a charity match in south africa. he wasn't injured. just a little embarrassed. he was taking part in an annual event that raises thousand dollars of dollars for aids charity which he set up. pope francis 6 day tour of south africa, visited the shrine pope frances pays his respect to 19th century christians burned a live for refusing to renowns their faith. the holy father urged catholic to spread the faith at home and abroad. his first visit t
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>> welcome back everyone. holiday tradition in one camden county town kicks off the holiday season. families raining in the most wonderful time of the year with this special holiday events with performances from the band. of course san at a and mrs. clause made a big appears. this is the third year. thank you so much for joining us tonight. we do prior appreciate it.
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i'm natasha brown we appreciate we do prior appreciate it. i'm natasha brown we appreciate you being with just pile on the sauerkraut and onions. sure thing. you better load mine up, too. okay. baez: well, this is a cord. what, for how long we'll have to ride around with the windows down after eating these? no, how long my new year's diet lasted. oh. mine lasted ten minunew re . there you go. thank you. come to mama. (gunshots) (people screaming) tes (gunshots continue) you see the shooter? danny: heavy coat with a mask. (people screaming) help him! i got the shooter! (brakes screeching) move it! (panicked shouting) get out of the way! move! move! (shouting) move! watch out! (shrieks) (gunshots, tires screeching) move. (car alarm whooping)


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