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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  November 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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good morning, temple scores a big win yesterday, against u-conn and more on the fan excitement and what this means now for the owls. and also we're hearing the last moments of the police officer's life after a gunman shot him during the planned parenthood attacks. his calls for help and the amazing stories from the survivors of the attack. and, tracking some rain this morning along with much cooler temperatures, justin has your changing forecast and chance for some showers later on this week. good morning, it is sunday november 29th, i'm erika von tiehl in for nicole brewer. lets check with justin who says it is a big day for travel, lots of folks hitting the the road, travel, how are we looking.
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>> it is the the problem. nine or 10:00 o'clock it gets better. we will see sunshine in the afternoon. improving conditions if you hold off travel, that is best bet or just hanging out at home and watching our newscast as, until then, you know, we're under the gun for light rain but it is not a big deal at this point, not causing problems, outside on the roadway. live shot the in south jersey, ocean city live look where we are seeing steady rain. south jersey, delaware right now, that will let up, this morning into early afternoon but i don't think we will see a lot of sun in the shore point and delaware, like yesterday. you can see northern edge of the rain is up across, southernly high valley right now, we still need to push through the the city. this morning areas of light rain. >> we have road spray and slower travel this morning. it is cooler, temperature 45
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at the airport as well as wilmington and millville. thirty-nine in allentown we are drying out, and that colder air is returning to the northern suburbs. what to expect through the morning, areas of light rain, afternoon some sunshine with temperatures, struggling to get in the lower 50's. again, on the road, this morning, that is only problem spot, it is slower, afternoon much better, drying out, evening looks good, clear, cool conditions and it will be a lot of traffic out there. forecast high today, 52 degrees, lower 50's at the shore, sun and poconos with high in the mid 40's. we will talk about increasing rain chances in a few more minutes. erika, back to you. >> philadelphia sports fans, finally have a team to cheer about this morning. the temple owls are heading to the conference championship. last night's game against u-conn huskies was not enclose, did you watch this one. from start to finish, the owls played great defense. temple went to half time with a ten to nothing lead marking first time this season that the owls shut down a team in the first half.
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jihad thomas ran for 129-yard and two touchdowns. pj walker threw for 160-yard helping owls smash u-conn huskies 27-three. the coach is beaming with pride. >> i'm so happy for these guys. they have battled adversity. we're in the done just yet. we are hoping to do more but i'm proud of the way they played tonight. >> i want to thank people that came out all year came out tonight. whether i a fan or not they admit it is a nice time to cheer on a winning philadelphia team. steve paterson has more from thankful owls fans. >> and, it is easy being a fan of philadelphia sports right now. the let's just take a good hard look at things. the flyers, while showing promise are tied for fewest wins in the nhl. the the eagles a team many were predict to go have lombardi as preparations are now four-seven those same
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people wondering if they will even win again. and oh, boy, this. while sixers just broke a record, most consecutive losses by a professional sports team, in the you had, wow. so who has the best winning percentage in philadelphia pro sports? the the phillies. which, was also the worst record in major league baseball. so where does that leave philadelphia fans. >> cherry and white. >> reporter: saturday night the last hope temple owls football team. >> it is here. >> we are philly's team right now. it never was that way and may never be that way again but man i'm loving it. >> reporter: if there is one team playing beyond expectations this year you'll find them at the link. >> big game. >> huge. >> big playoff game. >> reporter: at stake saturday east division title a birth in the conference championship game ape bowl big enough to raise the school's national the profile. >> this has been forever for me.
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>> reporter: alumni ron barbellassays he has been waiting his whole life and now he says what we're all thinking, this is temple's turn. >> this is what i always wanted and what philly always wanted and i know those kid that is what they have always wanted. go owls is all i can say. >> reporter: you have a shining beacon of philadelphia sports, consistently proving once again why they are and just in time, as they continue their march forward to victory. reporting at the link, i'm steve pather on for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 7:05 right now. now to the latest on planned parenthood shootings. attorney general loretta lynch is calling the shootings a crime begins women receiving health care services at that clinic. people gathered on the campus of the university of colorado, colorado springs for candle light vigil last night. the people died in that shooting, including police officer garrett swasey. cbs news correspondent david begnot reports we are hearing swasey's calls for help during friday's shooting.
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>> reporter: desperate police officer screamed for help as swat teams responded to a active shoot inner colorado springs a mid chaos robert lewis dear moved calmy and methodically, according to colorado springs mayor john southeaster. he said police commanders were watching from security camera, inside planned parenthood. >> they were able to trace the movement of the perpetrator, and inform the officers of the swat team, about those movements. >> reporter: wearing a trench coat and carrying a long gun dear reportedly sat out in a chair when he realized he was cornered. he yelled out he was surrendering. >> he was surrendering. >> reporter: this is one of the patients who escaped without being shot. >> i heard everyone screaming, get down, get down. and there was a gunman walking towards us and he was shooting
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randomly. >> reporter: he said the boyfriend with her inside the clinic, said she stepped out to see what was going on. tonight she says her boyfriend is unaccounted for. >> reporter: osi, was sitting in his car right in front of the facility where gunman walk up and opened fire. he was hit by shattered glass. >> i think i had ten seconds to look at him to try to remember he was and why he was doing that or whatever. and then the shots came through the glass. and then i started bleeding. i was looking at him, i saw blood. >> reporter: 100-yard from the front doors of the planned parenthood civil lance video in a shopping complex shows officers with body shields moving patrons to safety. nearby, she hid in the restaurant. today she had a message with the first responders who were guarding the front door. >> just thank you, thank you so much. thank you so much. >> reporter: law enforcement source tells cbs news that the suspect robert dear said no
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more baby parts being taken into custody. law enforcement source say dear came here to the planned parenthood with propane tanks, and investigators believe he had every intention of firing on those propane tanks and setting off a series of explosions. david begnot, cbs news, colorado springs, colorado. >> while robert dear did make the no more baby parts comment after his arrest, law enforcement officials are still stopping short of saying a motive. however, planned parenthood cited witness helps said the gun man was motivated by his opposition to abortion. dear is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the shooting, at planned parenthood we will have latest on air and on line at cbs meanwhile, pennsylvania's state police have have a man in custody in the shooting death of the police officer near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. thirty-one year-old ray shelter was arrested after a six hour manhunt. authorities tell us that officer lloyd reid was
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responding to a domestic call when he was shot. a woman called 911 late last night to report an assault, and said that the house was on fire. officer reid died at the hospital. protesters rallied in baltimore ahead of the first freddie gray trial that trial, for officer william porter one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of the freddie gray that begins tomorrow. gray's death from a severed spine while in police custody spark outrage and led to violent protests, vandalism and looting. jurors who will not be sequestered will have an opportunity to see the the vehicles, that gray was transported in. still ahead, on "eyewitness news" 150 world leaders are gathering in paris for a possible historic climate change meeting. but just over two weeks after the deadly terror attacks there, security is at a all time high, and more on the preparations, for the the big event. also a new side effect of certain medications for attention deficit hyper activity disorder, what
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pope francis arrived in the central african republic, final stop of the first trip to africa. violence between christian and muslim militants in that country have forced nearly 1 million from their home over the the last two years. many hope that the pope's message of peace and reconciliation can usher lasting stability in the nation. president obama meanwhile arrives in paris, commander and chief is trying to negotiate a legacy making climate change tax this week. 150 head of the state will come together tomorrow and tuesday to try to iron out a global agreement. but this meeting in paris comes two weeks after deadly terror attacks there as jim bitterman reports, security is even a bigger concern. >> a wind turbine has sprouted in the middle of the avenue, a planetary globe has appeared in the middle of the environmental ministry. paris seems as fit is being paved over with solar panels and city is a wash in displays
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and innovations. >> single will handily rode boats across atlantic and pacific ocean, sales up the river as what is set to be the the the world's largest solar powered ocean vessel. >> i'm very please todd bring it here in the entire city. >> reporter: for tens of thousands of overs like this man, drawn to paris for coming two weeks this this is make or break time for climate change. later will be too late says the sign a president to french foreign ministry as foreign minister himself tries to get the nation and world to gree on anything is a tall order and never before in france or anywhere has there been negotiations quite like these. the starting monday 195 countries will gather in a purpose built conference center at the airport, in paris to, try to filed an agreement on worldwide limittation opposite greenhouse gases. the the complex negotiation
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where is nearly overshadowed by terror attacks in paris two weeks ago which at first seemed as if they might endanger meetings here. some people felt that the climate talks should be called off. >> i'm not convinced about the necessarity at the this moment to organize this event. i think that we have other priorities, today, even if the environment is very important. >> reporter: but for most those worldwide issues, trump even terrorist concerns. in a way, the paris conference is just too big to call off. everyone from the pope on town has emphasized how important it is for the the planet to concentrate on the climate issue. president hollande said just a few days ago that the best response to the terrorist attacks toys carry on with the climate summit. but protecting the nearly 150 head of state and 40,000 delegates who were expect will be a real will challenge for french security forces. 2800 police and army will patrol it the by itself, 8,000 more will reenforce french
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borders, in all 120,000 security personnel will be mobilized across the country. the leaders will only attend for the first two days of the conference but miles of road will have to be closed off to get them to and from the conference site. something that it is expected to throw normally impossible french traffic into chaos. but with popular demonstrations, that serious negotiations, climate conference will go on, it is something that the world's leaders feel cannot be postponed, any longer. jim bitterman cnn, paris. turning new to incredible video from hawaii, helicopters were able to catch this stunning side of the kilauea volcano erupting on thursday. that lava is flowing to the north at a more than quarter mile long. although it is within several miles of the communities the the lava is not threatening any homes at this time. but just a beautiful sight there. lets check with justina lot of folks traveling home today wrapping up that long who will will day weekend. how sit looking.
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>> it is morning, that is problem, next couple hours we will have have light rain, not a big problem outside on the road but enough to slow things down a little bit but if you can wait, until early afternoon, conditions will get better. berks county, live look at overcast skies in kutztown. rain ended, cool though at 37 degrees. the this hour from the kutztown area middle school. we have morning rain giving way to some sunshine this afternoon. not an all day wash out. temperatures much cooler, highs back where they should be in the the lower 50's. we're not done. we are tracking more rain for middle part of the upcoming workweek. we will get to that in a bit. here's the the setup, southern berks county, northern chester, bucks, montgomery still in the light rain, that is northern edge and it is pushing to the south and east. we have steady rain south jersey, and delaware. another two or three hours or so, around nine or 10:00 o'clock rain should end around philadelphia, longer in south jersey and delaware. so we do have improving conditions, throughout your sunday. temperatures, big change, compared to yesterday, anywhere from six to 21 degrees colder, as this cold front has passed on
7:18 am
through the the region early this morning. is there temperatures stuck in the steady or light rain. forty-three in at atlantic city. forty-five millville. wildwood at 46 degrees after a nice afternoon wednesday, newark delaware, 45, it the gets cooler, further north you go, especially where that rain end, 41 chalfont and malvern, and north and west and west, and, 41, and in pottstown. travel conditions on the highway, heading north, it is great, we will run from to high pressure, nice clear conditions throughout your morning, still some rain left over, through late morning to the south across baltimore and washington, but even to our south, things do improve in the afternoon. still some left over clouds, south jersey and delaware, by mid afternoon. and then tonight mainly clear throughout the entire region, and so all is good across mid-atlantic and northeast. tomorrow if you are heading north again to the northeast, in problems but we will run into our next storm system monday afternoon just south of washington. if you are heading toward virginia, west virginia, tomorrow afternoon we will run
7:19 am
into more wet weather. that storm will approach us late monday night into tuesday. if you are hitting the air, morning showers around for philadelphia and washington. it looks better to the north and east. in problems us just cooler. we will run into rain in the deep south. there is heavier rain around dallas, high of only 42 degrees. sixty-nine in atlanta there could be airport delays in some locations but overall mess of the country is looking okay as far as the weather goes, it is just cool and dry in the great lakes abe out to the west coast, we're looking good, san francisco and sunshine with a high have of 58 degrees. back home we will struggle to make it to the low 50's in the afternoon but that is where we should this be time of the year. cold night tonight with the clear skies. look at that, around 34 for philadelphia tomorrow morning, widespread 20's in the suburbs. monday's highs stuck in the 40's. maybe 50 degrees if we're lucky. that is with some sub shine. for to take that morning light rain, we will see clearing skies in the afternoon, 52 degrees for the high temperature. tonight, chilly, 36 around the the city and colder out in the suburbs.
7:20 am
here's that extended forecast, we will get a break on monday, 49 degrees, sunshine, clouds and included quickly move back in monday night. more rain for tuesday into wednesday, and then we will dry out for next thursday, friday, saturday, and we will get temperatures this week average slightly above average. erika, back over to you. we want to get a check of the wet roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center, good time to travel. >> well, it pretty much is but we have an accident right now, erika and you did mention those wet roadways and they are, affecting the the highways, they are making them quite slippery. this is the vine street expressway, right at the schuylkill. there is an accident that you can see just in the traffic center, the the right lane is blocked, folks, of course, squeezing around that lane that is opened as you can see but it does president look like a great accident, it looks like a very bad accident, in fact. but we have an accident on the vine street expressway eastbound at the schuylkill, right lane is blocked, by it, traffic squeezing around it. we will move the traffic cam, again, you mentioned erika it was a very wussy travel day
7:21 am
and this is a view of the 30th street station as you can see, 30th street station very popular destination if you had are dropping someone off today. no delays or problems, at 30th street station, amtrak reporting in with in major delays or problems, that is market street, right at the top of the screen there and that looks fine. schuylkill at 30th street looks all right as well. take your time, very slippery conditions, on to i-95 at the airport a popular roadway and popular destination this morning. i-95 looks good airport reports no major delays or problems, if you want to check your flight, 800-phl-gate, other than that no delays or problems at the airport, and all on to ben franklin bridge mid span area bridges look okay, further up 42, 55, ac expressway, garden state parkway look good. in burlington township we have an accident, two lanes are block on 295 northbound at the mount holly exit which is exit number 47. right and center lanes are blocked there. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans
7:22 am
now erika, back to you. thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" is your child having trouble sleeping? it turns out certain medications for attention deficit hyper activity the disorder or adhd may to be blame. also, it turns out children may benefit from having a pet dog while growing up, we will have reasons why in your healthwatch.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ chill republican may not be getting rest they need.
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what research confirms wham suspect that the drugs can interfere with sleep. health reporter stephanie stahl is here now to explain the new findings. >> reporter: eleven year-old car marion owe is on stimulant medication to treat his attention deficit hyper activity the disorder that used to keep him awake at night unable to sleep. >> i would come in crying to my mom and dad's roomy cannot the go to sleep. i just can't sleep. >> reporter: new stud any pediatrics found children taking stim length medications for adhd have poor overall sleep. >> it cap be a delay in sleep on set, sleep duration, so kids are not the getting quite as much sleep, they have more difficulty falling asleep. >> reporter: study recommend pediatricians closely monitor sleep problems in kid with adhd who were on medications like ritalin and adderall which helped them focus. >> if children are on medicine you want to try to use the the mostly dose possible and some cases perhaps change their medicine might also help. >> reporter: coal's mother is grateful that he is now on a
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new medication to help him focus on his school and then wind down, for a good night sleep. >> you to have see what works best for your child. >> reporter: doctors say there are extended release medications, taken once, early in the day that interfere less with sleep. study also found that boys, taking adhd medications, were more likely to have sleep issues, then girls. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". also on the healthwatch eating walnuts every day could improve your health. researchers at yale university say eating just a handful of walnuts every day is linked to better overall diet and could lead to improvement in certain risk factors for diabetes. researchers also found that the nuts may lower cholesterol. and, it turns out having a pet dog when you are a kid can be a good thing for you. new research from the centers for disease control and prevent shows children less likely to suffer from anxiety while having a fury friend at home. researchers found interacting with the friendly dog reduced
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cortisol levels which in turn helped relief stress. dozens of animals now have a permanent home, all thanks to a special adoption event happening this holiday weekend. "eyewitness news" at the animal care and control team of philadelphia, on line retailer is sponsoring the cost of adoption fees for dogs and cats the for black friday through cyber monday. so far, more than 80 animals have been adopted just there alone. workers at the animal shelter tell us that the savings are from $25 to a couple hundred dollars, and it all depend on the animal. >> because a lot of the adoptions happening this weekend which is really great on the back of the adoption event that we are running two weeks ago. very empty shelter, lots of animals going home which is a great. it is a real win for everybody. for animals who get to spend the least make of the holiday weekend not here. >> great to hear. more than 100 shoppers are taking part in the adoption event, and for more information just go to our web site at the cbs
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still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" we're more than half will way through the biggest holiday shopping weekend of the year but experts say is there a big change this season. how many people shopped this black friday and changing trend in the retail holiday. justin? we have some rain this morning across the the delaware valley but things get bet they are afternoon before rain head our way this week. seven day coming up in a little bit.
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good morning, it is a biggest holiday shopping weekend, of the year, but some of the numbers are back from black friday and there is a big change this season. more on the changing, trend this year. and also donald trump talking about some controversial comments he made about a new york times reporter last week. why people are upset, and see how trump is now responding. and temple scores a big win yesterday against u-conn, more on the fan excitement and what this means for the owls. good morning, it is sunday in 29th, i'm erika von will tiehl in for nicole brewer. we will check with justin drab bic outside on the sky deck. we have wet roads, and, light
7:32 am
rain, how sit feeling. >> just like last time very light rain almost a mist but enough to use wipers on the road. road are wet. road spray on the highway. travel will be slower this morning but it does get bigger, over next two or three hours. lets check it out on storm scan three. we have nothing too heavy. steady rain across south jersey and delaware is starting to break up from the city and north ward and it has end add cross berks county and lehigh valley. that is trend. try conditions from north to south, over the next two or three hours. light rain this morning, it end around nine or 10:00 around the city, later for south jersey and delaware. overall amounts a tenth of an inch, that is it. reduced visibility on the road, road spray, watch out for slower travel. temperatures much cooler, cold front bringing rain, also colder air but really thinks where we should be this time of the year. it feels colder then what we had been dealing with, the past several days. thirty-nine in quakertown and doylestown, breaking it down today around 9:00 o'clock still cloud, light rain but it
7:33 am
starts to end. we should be cry, mostly cloud which sunshine in the afternoon making it up to the lower 50's. again on the road to this morning is the problem, afternoon much better as we dry out. no problems for tonight and for travel on monday. we will talk about our next storm later this week in the seven day forecast in a few minutes, erika, back to you. many holiday shoppers hit the stores this weekend on the hunt for the black friday deals but ebb more so looked for bargains on line. analyst say that is a precursor to tomorrow, cyber monday, cheri greg from our sister station kyw 1060 joins us from the news center with the details on love that bargain hunting, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. according to on line sales track eradoby cyber monies expect to bring in $3 billion in sales, and all of this on top off the record on line sales that began thanksgiving day. brick and mortar stores, saw a drop in sales on black friday, but on line sales, were up, more than 14 percent, with on line shopping on thanksgiving day up 25 percent, over last
7:34 am
year. >> this year we're seeing more electronics, advertised on thursday night and fewer advertised on friday. >> reporter: fritz beamer, ceo of america's research group says much of the increase came from wal-mart offering deep discounts on line, starting thanksgiving morning in an effort to compete with amazon which is offering deals all week. >> this year wal-mart changed the rules. they have retail battle will ship wal-mart verse on line battleship amazon and what they did on thursday was they shot across the bow. >> reporter: keep discounts on electronic where is biggest draw for shoppers both on line and in stores, but with smart phones, tablets, gaming devices and tv's sweeping most of the sales. retailers are willing to take the the hit now hoping shoppers come back later. >> if i want people to buy something on thursday and friday is there a 70 percent chance i will come back and buy two or three or four things over the season. >> reporter: were cyber monday around the the corner there are even more sales with
7:35 am
clothing, shoes, beauty items expected to score the biggest deal. cyber monday deals begin as early as tonight. remember for those shopping on a budget, use a holiday shopping list, and stick to it. erika? >> yes, easier said than done. thanks, cheri, very much. yesterday holiday shoppers were buying local, it was small business saturday. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria half hoff has that story from haddonfield. >> reporter: as the season of shimmer becomes official, the time to make something else official too, with a diamond maybe? if so meet jeffery goldstein. >> we're not the department store. our prices are just as competitive, sometimes i feel better since we do all of the work ourselves. >> reporter: his new store just opened up in haddonfield just in time for small business saturday. >> you don't get overwhelmed like do you at the big box
7:36 am
stores. >> i think everyone in the the town helped each other out and it is a great feeling. >> reporter: he mentioned a store next door and we popped into say hello and get a quick lesson. >> basically start in the middle and go all the way around. >> reporter: last year 88 million americans came out to shop for small business saturday, and increase from the year before and this year businesses are looking for another sweet foods. >> gluten free, basically it is a niche and being in, people have to travel to get to us. >> i'm here to pick up a cake, vanilla and check late. >> reporter: boyd moore decided to go local after less than personalized service at an unname chained grocery store. >> you go in and it is like happy birthday beverly. the it is like happy birth the day beth. >> yes. >> it is very disappointing. >> reporter: matt adds even the the large stores have taken local businesses under their wings. >> big businesses, they want us to be part of the community and doing well and they will have to be part of us.
7:37 am
we will need to be in there. >> reporter: many towns pitch in and offer free parking for the the day but for this local business, it is an every day effort. >> we try to eat locally. we get to the farmers market down the the street. the it is nice that we are seeing a movement. >> reporter: we do too especially when your icing job doesn't quite make the cut and you get to keep the goods. >> in haddonfield, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to check out hour to day shopping guide where you can find store hours and money saving tips. find it at the our home page at cbs 7:37 right now. happening right now today, the national security agency is expect to end its sweeping collection of the americans phone record today. the controversial program, began 14 years ago under president george w. bush. it was kept secret until edward snowden leak its existence in 203. in june, president obama signed a reform measure that took away the the agency's authority to collect the the record. u.s.a. freedom act gave nsa180
7:38 am
days to make the change, that period expired today. under the the new law the nsa must get a warrant or court order to collect phone data from ten communications company. in campaign 2016, republican presidential front runner donald trump is boosting about his high standing in the polls during a campaign stop this weekend in florida. he also addressed summaries event controversial comments made about a new york times reporter. but as cbs news correspondent julianne golden reports, trump is not backing down. >> ♪ >> reporter: donald trump was defiant, defensive and definitely not apologetic. >> i don't mock people that have problems, believe me. now people mock me with my hair. >> reporter: trump's latest controversy has snowballed over the last week. it started with the claim that he saw thousands of muslims celebrating the collapse of the twin towers on
7:39 am
september 11th. but backing it up with an article describing a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks. the reporters surge is now with the new york times and suffers with a disease that limits movement of his arms, when he disputed the the account, trump hit back. >> you have to see this guy, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. >> reporter: trump insists he never met him and doesn't even know what he looks like but he says that he covered the real estate mogul in the 80's and they were on a first name basis. >> i really don't necessity him. i was express any of saying i don't take that back because the person was talking. >> pleases court the person out. >> reporter: trump did strike a softer tone when black lives matter protesters interrupted the rally. >> don't be rude, please, but don't hurt the person. >> reporter: he said he learned his lesson after saying this protester should have been roughed up, last week in alabama. >> you see how diplomatic i
7:40 am
have become, right. >> we had one person, who was really, really being bad. >> reporter: yule i ann goldman, cbs news, washington. meanwhile ben carson is weighing in on a syrian refugee controversy saying refugees he spoke with don't want to come to the u.s. after touring refugee camps in jordan the republican presidential candidate said yesterday that the camps should serve as a long term solution for millions. other refugees could be absorbed by middle will earn countries. after the the visit carson said he did in the learn anything that gives him confidence in authorities ability to screen potential terrorist. russia announced a package of economic sanctions after turkey, against turkey, after a russian war plane was shot down on the syrian border on tuesday. decree signed by president vladamire putin covers imports from turkey, the the work of turkish companies in russia and any turkish nationals working for russian companies. the it calls for an end to charter flights between the two countries.
7:41 am
now to just a bizarre story out of fresno, california a man is dead after he tried to break in the home and got stuck in the chimney. there is no word on exactly when that suspect got stuck, but the owner of the home realized someone was in there when he tried to light a fire. >> light a fire, fireplace, and heard somebody calling out for help in the chimney. >> the house filled with smoke while the home owner tried to put out the flames. crew as arrived to try to free the man from the chimney but when they finally got him, he was dead. back here at home four pedestrians incding two young children are injured after police say they were struck by a vehicle while crossing the street in west philadelphia. it happened around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on the 4900 block of park side avenue. a two-year old and a 30 year-old woman are in critical condition this morning. police say that the driver did remain on the scene, and it is not a dui. no word now on if charges are being filed.
7:42 am
septa police say a social media experiment worked to recover a cell phone. police say that this woman was caught on surveillance camera taking a phone in the the subway station after another rider left it behind. rather than track her down, septa chief thomas nestel tweeted a picture with this message quote, amnesty until 5:00 p.m. on 12:4. give transit police the phone that you took at cb moore station and you won't ab rested. sure enough, nestle says phone was turned into a police station in the city last night and it will be returned to its owner and police will in the file any charges against that woman. good solution. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", millions of americans traveled by air this holiday weekend and many of them, may have gotten a big surprise. three on your side jim donovan shows us how more and more airlines are offering perks to passengers that they might be thankful for. also, this is basically big enough to live in where people are flock to go catch a glimpse of the the two story ginger bread house.
7:43 am
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they are using to woo passengers on planes. >> they are adding, streaming, videos, live television, and, on to your personal, devices, so you don't have to watch the little screening or watch one movie, so your choice of 1500 channels on some flights. >> medical if i is with airlines for america an airline advocacy group. >> we are adding faster more security wifi so you never lose a charge during your trip. >> reporter: george, with air patch watch says competition is causing the airline to up their game. >> in a sense airlines are competing, on in flight entertainment, offering things like larger video screens, more selections, and some
7:47 am
cases, business class you get both noise canceling headphones. >> reporter: for passengers it pays off more ways than one. >> it noise question that having a great system makes it go faster and amusees people if there is a delay. >> reporter: on some jet blue flights you can order food right from the smart tea vice, to shop the marketplace on the plane. >> they make it, first before the the cart comes around so airlines are adding marketplace, where you can go and get to your own, snacks, and drinks, as you need it, somalia or you can order drinks and snacks on your tablet. >> reporter: on certain virgin america planes you can check with with a person a few rows back. >> allows you to chat with somebody you do not know, which might be a nice way to meet somebody on the plane. >> do you want to know what entertainment options are available for each airline and each play, seat allows to you find out is what available on specific flights and specific aircraft. the reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
7:48 am
a major wintry storm system is finally, moving east, out of texas where the storm caused deadly flash floods. however, it covers some states to the north and blanket of ice making dangerous driving conditions. the band of storms that has been moving through parts of the plains, midwest since thursday has been blamed for at least 14 deathsnd slowly making its way to us, just where it will effects later this week. >> after today's rain we have a break monday and tuesday and wednesday we are watching a better chance for heavier rain to the region. this morning still some light rain to deal w temperatures cooler. we are in the upper 30's to lower 40's from our weather watchers. owe lets check into the far north and west. eileen checks in at 40 degrees. she has got cloud, in gilbertsville, so the rain has stopped, but quite, bone chilling, and this morning, we're in the used to these cold temperatures, over past few days we will see highs in the 60's, that is not happening today. in mount laurel, new jersey
7:49 am
robin checks in at 42 degrees. she has light rain, going on, we will see warm temperatures, departing. i'm were you there. this is where we should be, highs will be in the 50's this week and let's head to south jersey, ocean city, sees 45 degrees. the rain is steady down there at this hour. i don't think we will see sunshine in south jersey today, even though it is raining, it is a sunny day for temple alumni. we got the that right. the nice job there. temple, way to go. the let's get outside to philadelphia right now, a live look from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. you cannot see the the skies line. low visibility and light rain, continuing to fall, so that is the trend for another two or three hours or so as rain is slowly pushing southward. is there a back end through northern edge of the rain right around turnpike moving south and east so still that rain will last longer in delaware, and south jersey, but by the afternoon most areas should start to dry out. temperatures on the move, again, highs, should be in the lower 50's yesterday and lower 60's. today near average and little
7:50 am
bit cooler tomorrow, a few degrees below average even with some sun and then for the rest of the week a little bit, above average, maybe by a couple degrees or so. overall nothing too cold in the forecast and we're still bringing in some november warmth, yesterday, we averaged 12 degrees above average. so for moth just shy of 6 degrees above normal. so far. so very warm november, each day here in orange indicates above average temperatures. the this is certainly going to be a top five warm november, for the history of philadelphia if you are heading the airport so far no delays with the light rain and overcast skies, here at the the airport, 44 degrees currently in philadelphia the most of the major airports are looking okay, we have to watch out in dallas where we have had heavier rain and there could be delays down there but overall in delays being reported, so far on this busy travel day. rain chances today, 100 percent. we are seeing that over most location this is morning. it is dry, bringing back next storm for tuesday. boost rain chances backup to 80. ebb wednesday, still the the threat for some rain,
7:51 am
especially through first half of the the day. so, this afternoon, it will get better, cold front moves south. we will see sunshine north of the city, mostly drying out, monday looks good, high pressure over new england, keeps us nice and dry and so travel over north east and machine still looks good but here's the the next storm moving out of the midwest, monday night and tuesday we will see rain returning, off and on showers throughout the the day on tuesday. 9:00 o'clock this morning rain starts to push southward, still lingering in south jersey and delaware but by early afternoon we should see sunshine around the city. the cloud will hold tough for south jersey, delaware, tonight mostly clear, cold, and then tomorrow just clouds return for the afternoon. so for today morning rain, and sunshine, later today, 52 degrees for the the high which is close to average. tonight colder mostly clear, 36. here's that extended forecast brief break monday, back to the mid 50's, tuesday and wednesday and then there is rain and we will dry out thursday, and friday with highs in the the 50's. erika, back to you. lets check on those wet roads with ann evans who joins us from the cbs-3 traffic
7:52 am
center. i saw an accident last time. how are we looking right now. >> we're looking well, which is good. just a rot of wet roadways. they are slippery. take your time, drive carefully, we will have a lot of company on the roadways because folks come at different times but they seem to all leave at ones. the this is i-95 at walt whitman at the top of the screen, i-95 looks okay, at this point traffic is moving, volleys increasing, but what is out there is moving. the as for the the bridge, that is a fine shape but is there an accident further up on 295 northbound, the the right and center lanes are blocked at 541, the mount holly exit. the so watch out for that. is there a jam up on 295 as well. we will move traffic cam here, one more time, or two more times actually for the the vine street expressway at the schuylkill, earlier erika had mentioned that accident has since cleared and we're good to go, on the vine street expressway and the schuylkill. we're in the the far from 30th street station here so if you are dropping someone off at 30th street station today, in delays or problems, amtrak is reporting in with no major delays or problems as well.
7:53 am
moving traffic cam one more time to the mid county tolls to the pennsylvania turnpike, mid county tolls are in fine shape but further up on the pennsylvania turnpike the the northeast extension, northbound, we have traffic being paced by a maintenance vehicle. we have big delays northbound to 44 quakertown and lehigh valley exit which is exit number 56. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now back to you. ann, thank you. an iconic hotel in san francisco unveiled a culinary masterpiece this weekend. tories ginger bread house at fairmount hotel is 22 feet high, and 23 feet wide, look at that. it is made with 8,000 pieces of ginger bread, 1500-pound of icing an 700-pound of candy. the help tell's pastry shop has spent weeks whipping up that beautiful holiday display. we will be right back.
7:54 am
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and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. this is goal from the very beginning and may have taken matt rule three seasons to get here but tell testimony owls are going to the a ac title will game next saturday in houston. the let's show you highlights for the game. jihad thomas taking it in from 9-yard out giving owls an early seven to nothing lead. they ran for two touchdowns on the night. defense was amazing forcing a fumble on a u-conn drive and added a field goal that would give them a ten to nothing lead in the half. pj walker, threw a touchdown
7:57 am
pass in the third, temple cruising to an easy, 27-three win. >> i challenge those guys what is neck. after we beat penn state we said we don't want this to be high point of the season. college game date came and we didn't want that to be high point of the season. >> we want to have a great bowl game. and you know what, i just keep saying is what next. try to build more things. >> greatest moment of my life right here. greatest thing ever. we're a family. this is what it is all about. >> yes. this is what it is all about. >> it has been 40 days since the eagles have won, here at the link, so it was very nice to have such a huge victory, to get excited b reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". >> go olds, that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. police investigate a serious crash in burlington county overnight, we have the latest on the driver taken to the hospital. and also, as you shop for holiday gifts are you paying
7:58 am
sky-high interest rates on your credit cards? if so, you're not alone, three on your side jim donovan shows you how you can pay off your debt faster and save money. and we're tracking rain this morning on the busy travel will day as people head back home from their holiday destinations. justin is back with your sunday forecast at the top of the hour. good morning. ♪ cyber sales are storming
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