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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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police say he shot two people he was living with before killing himself. the the only outside indicator that something terrible happened at this home in hatfield is this exit hole from a semiautomatic rifle shot. >> we were called, out to a scene last night. there was three deceased, a it appears that there was two murders, and an apparent suicide that followed. >> reporter: 11:30 unday night police rushing to the scene here after 911 calls of shots fired. this morning, was the home's christmas lights still flickering investigators say 48 year-old paul moriarty shall opened fire on family. killing a 48 year-old woman and her 28 year-old son, before turning the gun on himself. >> we didn't hear no gunshots or nothing. the it was a normal night. >> reporter: neighbor steve hair said he had a normal relation ship with paul. >> good morning, hi, can i bureau a stick of butter, you know, cup of sugar.
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i don't believe it happened. it is unbelievable. >> reporter: that is common response from neighbors on this vine i street. >> we're crying. we don't have any issues, police have never been here before for anything here and it was just, shock. >> reporter: shock over a senseless crime that devastated a family, during this holiday season. now police are calling this a domestic disturbance but they are not giving a specific motive for these killings. meanwhile neighbors say two victims in this case were marshall's girlfriend, and her son, police, not releasing their names. we're live in hatfield i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. lets look the a the the weather now and get those umbrellas ready after a cold start to the day the rain is moving into parts of the area. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the sky deck with more, kate, any rain drops out there. >> just a few, not quite enough i need umbrella just yet but definitely feeling drop starting to move into philadelphia we will start the the day with blue skies,
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sunshine, cloud rolled in and now rain has arrived and now that it is here it will be here for quite a while. lets look at storm scan three we are seeing what we are looking at with light branches and rain and showers, and cloud building across the region. there is more from south to north, that is what we will see overnight tonight and tomorrow morning this is all part of the larger system over portions of the northern plains. the look at that snow. we have to wait for that system or cold front, to move through before we finally get this rain out of here. good news, temperatures air above freezing and that is where they will stay, so we're not talking snow or ice with this system. the this is just rain. temperatures warming up with the rain coming in, 50's in south jersey, right now, 46 in philadelphia. even above freezing in mount pocono as cloud move in, and it should stay that way. that is good news for us. problem is rain is around for a couple days. i'll tell you how long and when heavier rain will fall when i join you inside, back over to you. see you then, thank you. new tonight amnesty verse arrest an unique experiment by
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septa he police got the phone back to the rider but some say person who took the phone should face charges. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is at cecil b. moore station with how social media played a role in all of this walt. >> reporter: ukee, when septa police chief tom nestel saw video of one passenger with a phone left bye-bye another passenger instead of tweeting out the a call for at rest of that person, he tweeted out a call for amnesty, bring back by the phone, the pass he canner gets the phone back, no charges will be filed. it was a gamble, a controversial call, but in the end, it worked perfectly. septa video shows this subway rider whose identity we are concealing picking up a phone using it, and then putting tonight to her pocket. problem is, septa says, it is not her phone. it belongs to this man, who accidentally left it on the bench as he boarded a train. now he is back desperately back searching for it.
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>> i was just worried bit, looking for it every where. >> reporter: he says that even when he, approached her and asked about his phone, she told him that she hadn't seen it. then, boarded a train, as he continues his search. >> the lady was sitting there with the phone, and this search takes a very unusual, successful, and, chief nestl l, and arrest making an amnesty over. you won't face a criminal charge within 12 hours of pose continuing my amnesty tweets, a woman who identifies shore self as the offender's sister, went to the 39th police district and she presented that phone. >> reporter: chief admits he was criticized for his decision. >> i can tell you that there was tremendous amount of
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mocking, as soon as i put that out. >> reporter: but he says his smile when he got back his phone, proves he was right. >> and, everything, i put it on, beyond so much. >> reporter: and, it is not, finders keepers, and someone leaves their property behind, and you take it without notifying september, the chief says that you will be arrested, for theft of mislaid property. live from the cecil b. moore stop on the broad street subway line, i'm walt hunter for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, incredible eyewitness image from his exton chester county where a car slammed into a star bucks. this comes from viewer jp davison, around 8:30 this morning two elderly man were unable to navigate parking lot and drove in the parking lot. store was evacuated right away. men in the car were unharmed and no other injuries were reported, that crash remains under investigation. gunman accused of carrying out a deadly attack in the
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planned parenthood clinic colorado springs has his day in court. rob are earth lewis dear was arrested friday following a standoff that left three people dead, including a police officer, and nine others wounded. and at today's hearing the judge granted a request to seal an arrest warrant for the 57 year-old and the search warrant for his home prosecutors say making record public would jeopardize the ongoing investigation. the in the wake of the deadly shootingness colorado planned parenthood in our area are amping up security. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson spoke would the local leaders in the organization and he is live in center city with more on that, steve. >> reporter: jessica, those local leaders say yes you will see an increased security presence at clinic is a cross the region but more as a show of force rather than a response to any fears about a possible looming attack. normally this wouldn't be considered a welcomed sight, armed, on duty police officers still as a statue guarding the
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front door of the health clinic but little seems normal now. >> when we see it, it does disturb you. when we see a horrific situation and another incident in this country where guns are in the hand of the wrong people. >> reporter: this weekend police announce that had wrong person was 57 year-old robert dear, accused of storming a planned parenthood in colorado springs, killing three, wounding nine. days later, increased security at clinic as cross the region. >> just to make it a more comfortable and safe environment for our patients we did ramp up our security today. >> reporter: planned parenthood southern new jersey lynn brown said she isn't afraid and her patients shouldn't be either but to make everyone feel safe she needed to make a visual statement. >> mostly in an effort to alay that anxiety, the the anxiety for our patients, not because we necessarily felt the need. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, planned parenthood said they are taking similar steps but wouldn't comment on exactly how saying in part by
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statement quote over the weekend the philadelphia police visited two health centers to help us ensure safety of those who enter. we do not share specific tea tails and doing so would compromise them she said she and her leadership team are meeting to discuss how long this increased security phase will last. for now reporting from center city, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jury selection begins in the trial of the baltimore police officer william porter, one of six charged in freddie gray's death. porter is accused of failing to get medical help for 25 year-old gray who died after his arrest in april. he faces manslaughter and other charges. the trial could set the tone in the fragile city that exploded with violence after gray's death. >> the public need to calm down and hope for justice, instead of preconceived outcome and justice is fair. >> i think people are willing
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to let the judicial process go forward. we're waiting to hear the the truth, we're waiting to hear what happened to freddie gray and what evident the prosecution will present. >> reporter: five other officers will be tried separately beginning in january. big announcement concerning pse and g and camden, new jersey the today they detailed 55 million-dollar of infrastructure upgrades in camden. pse&g says they will support an influx of new businesses making plans to move in for expand within the city. a new mural honoring pope's visit to philadelphia could be potentially one for the record books. more than 2700 people, including the pontiff himself, helped create the artwork. it was unveiled during a dedication ceremony at future home of the saint maliki school in north fill amount the the mural is titled the sacred now, faith and family, in the 21st century. >> even though the events of the september, two months ago is history, we will never forget how the city, our city,
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and our people, throughout the region came together to work collaboratively. >> the the dynamic mural stand to receive the guinness world record for most contributions to a painting by numbers. beautiful. >> pretty good. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a mystery in china that went viral is finally solved. down to earth explanation for what looked like levitating cars. cyber monday mania is expect to be the on-line shopping day of the year, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to shop safely while getting the best deals. advertise the season to take part in the cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fest. today we are kicking things off with the philadelphia pops festival choir here in our studios. we will take you there when we come right back.
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i'm ready. >> look at that. >> i know that is right. >> just in time. >> holidays are in full swing and we are here in our great hall kicking off our yearly toy collection campaign.
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>> that is right, joy of sharing toy fest starts today and we are very, very excited about this we are asking for your help. we will need to do this with your help and we know you got it in you. we're collecting toys for kid all over our area and we are doing three different organizations, the salvation army, uso and boys an girls club. >> we will hear from those organizations throughout our broadcast, as well as a musical treat, the philly pops brass festival grouper they are with us and they will jam for us and that will put you in the mood, in doubt about that. >> we have a great representative. we have frank giovanni, ceo and president of the philly pops and you are making our very first donation. >> we are thrilled to be doing this our second year. here's one for you, a tam ber reen and ukee, i could not resist, you ukeelee. >> that is fantastic. >> tell us about the, christmas spectacular. >> we will do ten shows, this year, and the first show thinks friday, where we give
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away 2,000 tickets to the military and first responders, police and firemen. then we have nine other shows for the public, from december 5th, december 22nd. >> beautiful. beautiful. let's show everyone in print once again what is going down. here's what you want to see. if you'd like to donate a toy head to cbs fest. find a full list of the drop off locations. as you have done through the the years. >> we have more, and, and a philip, and, and, he is upgrade philadelphia you guys served so many families in our area what does something like this mean for families thaw are serving. >> oh, this means a lot, christmas will holiday, much more spectacular for children who otherwise wouldn't have this opportunity to receive gifts. >> reporter: what type of toys are you looking for. >> we are looking for a wide variety of toys, just about anything, musical instruments are great for children to have
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but just about any toys that you can think of, mostly for age 12 and under. if i can say ten to 12 are my hardest age group to fill, so anything for that age group thaw can think of would be wonderful. kid of all ages, want to celebrate christmas in morning. >> ukeelees included. >> yes, exactly. >> well, thank you both so much. we will hear from the boys and girls club coming up later in our show but first here's the treat we were talking about. >> take ate way, philly pops. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. >> yes, i know. i will play my ukeelee at the same time. >> let's get our forecast. >> kate bilo is in the studio with more on that. >> even though the weather hasn't been all that cold and snowy, it doesn't take much more than that and joy of sharing toy fest to put you in the the holiday spirit. it did it for me. lets look at is what going on outside, a live look from our live neighborhood network camera palmyra cove nature park. the cloud have taken over, sun has gone down but the rain is just starting to move in. here's storm scan three showing showers, lifting in
5:18 pm
from the the south, you can see steady showers just over southern delaware right now, this is just first little batch of showers, moving in, first of many, we will be dealing with this wet weather right through, wednesday. the it is all part of this system. there is a bound dry draped right here, lifting through during overnight hours tonight. actual cold front with this storm is still well back over midwest heavy snow over minnesota and nebraska, it will take a couple days for this storm to push on through. make sure you have wet weather gear, umbrella haines, rain jacket from tonight all the way through to wednesday night and then we have much better weather in the second half of the seven day forecast. we will start with the rainy stuff. temperatures right now 46 at the airport. pair of four's in allentown and trenton. lets draw your attention to we are all above freezing and that is good news. the as this rain comes in we don't want any ice or snow with this to cause travel headaches out there and that doesn't look like it will be an issue with this system. thirty-six in alpine a. sixty in lexington.
5:19 pm
slightly warmer bubble of air will lift in tonight and overnight tomorrow. temperatures are on the rise. colder air waits in the wings that is where snow is falling and by thursday behind the storm columnar weather will approach. we are not talking 30's but 40's but another cool down by even of the week. future weather, overnight tonight a few light rain showers moving in, it will start to intensify around 11:00 and steady light rain all night long into your tuesday morning. that is heaviest. then it weakens. on and off throughout the day tomorrow scattered showers here and there and another batch of heavy rain along the cold front coming through during the day on wednesday, pretty much all day long. showers south and west until 9:00 o'clock. widespread rain between nine and midnight. after midnight rain continues and over next 48 hours or owe we will end up with one to 2 inches have rape, heavier burst on wednesday could lead to slightly higher apples down the the shore. overnight rain not as cold luckily 43 degrees. well above freezing. showers around steady in the morning not as cold in the
5:20 pm
afternoon, 54 degrees our daytime high. here's our eyewitness weather, three day high in the 50's. and, rain could be heavy at times on wednesday. thursday there is a mini cool down, 48 degrees cooler and breeze which some sunshine, and then, coming up next half an hour i will have the rest of the seven day forecast which looks nice and mild, again as we head toward next week even. get rid of the rain and we have more good stuff on the the way. >> bring it. got stuff, thanks, kate. time for a viral video from china surveillance camera caught mysterious images of three vehicles at a busy intersection seemly to levitate off the street there, right? you can see the the two vans rise one after another, and then the car in the opposite direction also jumps. welshing it wasn't caused by paranormal activity, it was not weather related it turns on it a steel cable that got caught up on a sanitation reek will tripped the three cars. >> so, yeah, so you are not quite as exciting, but, there is an explanation. >> i was ready to call ghost
5:21 pm
busters. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a reported cure for a disease that can be fatal in infants. >> health reporter stephanie stahl shows us how doctors are using a patient's own stem cells to cure them of the owe called baby disease, don. while were you eating holiday left overs was chip kelly feasting his eyes on a new gig latest with u.s.c. and eagles head
5:22 pm
5:23 pm
5:24 pm
all right, don we're talking sports. this is first time i have seen you since before thanksgiving. >> yes. >> i did. >> okay. >> would have been really bad if i said no. >> yes, it is like musical chairs. someone is sitting down, you cannot take their seat. southern cal filled their head coaching vacancy, movie effectively end the chip kill toy southern california rumors, however, a report from football says u.s.c. officials met with kelly in
5:25 pm
philly over holiday weekend. over last three games chip's eagles have been out scored 110-43, but that doesn't mean he is ready to jump ship. he was grilled about it the today. >> i have never spoken to anybody from u.s.c., i never e mailed anybody from u.s.c., i never had a phone call from anybody from u.s.c. same thing i'm's not involved in any college jobs. i said it before, same thing happened a year ago with florida. i have great respect for those schools. u.s.c. just hired a coach. head of a coach. he will do a great job there. i haven't been in any jobs and discussed anything with any college. >> right from the horse's mouth. >> chip and eagles try to rebound from the three game losing streak flyers looking to make it 39 in a row. they are off tonight but visit ottawa today. only team who in this state can get a whip these days. what did you do right after your wednesdaying ? keep it clean, people. dallas in minnesota, over the weekend this couple went straight to the game. the the bride is crushing this
5:26 pm
burger. the groom is staying true to his vows, helping, when his food is in need. did you see that. >> yes. >> put the phone down. >> otherwise, it is very engaged in that phone. >> yes. >> very engaged. >> wait, yes. >> she has her gown. >> he has can catch up all over the dress. >> very inspired by young love. >> that was really good. >> yes. >> pretty good. >> we miss you, we missed you glad to see you back. >> there you go. >> teamwork. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" uber monday mania but you cannot trust every web site, consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with how to shop safely while getting the best deals. >> reporter: season that began with the tragic loss of the coach end with glory as chester panthers bringing home numerous championships but they have one more goal, i'm cleve bryan, coming up, how you can send the team to florida. new at 6:00 a local team honored by sports illustrated,
5:27 pm
we will speak to the 15 years old about his accolade and his olympic dreams.
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it is sign are monday, and although many are hunting for bargains on line today, cyber deals actually started last week. in store purchases for black friday were down this year because more people, did their shopping on line. americans who were shopping from work and home today are expect to spend $3 billion, that is up, 12 percent from last year, and unofficial holiday is in the tenth year and it started back in 2005. did you do any on line shopping today? nearly 80 percent of those shopping on line will use computer at home and one in four expect to use a mobile device to shop. >> three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has
5:31 pm
advice so you can shop safely, jim. >> that is right. although amount spent is expected to hit a record for second year in the the row the number of people taking part in cyber monday has actually declined a bit. on line deals started in early november have had an impact, now it noise longer about one day of of sales but a season of digital deals. professional shopper and stylist allison kahn get her best buys on cyber monday. >> percentages are better, 40 percent off, nobody doesn't like that. 30 percent off, free shipping. >> reporter: this cyber monies on track to be the biggest e commerce sales day in history. >> checking my e-mail getting blast after blast of just deals, deals, deals. >> reporter: heavy traffic temporarily slowed some retail web sites including target as the the on-line shopping rush got in full swing. if like allison you prefer to park your self on the couch instead of the maneuvering parking lot at the mall there are things to remember when shopping on line today and any day for that matter. so confirm a web site is
5:32 pm
secured before entering any information. look for an app after http in the url or word secure. paying with the credit card will offer more protections then if you are paying with the deb i had card. check statement regularly to make sure only charges are the ones you have made and keep a record of order confirmations and receipts. if you are using amen device to make purchases you should consider using cell data instead of the public wifi. for a more security internet connection. one tracking firm find average discount is around 23 percent. >> that is pretty good. >> that is good. >> i have not bought anything. >> you have not. >> i'm remaining in control. >> this is breaking news. >> people get crazy. >> you really to have think about what you need verse what you get. >> i got hundred e-mails, i am like nope, delete, delete, delete i have a list and i'm sticking to it. >> you cannot talk aboutn line shopping without talking about am "eyewitness news" went to one of the amazon's fulfillment
5:33 pm
centers in robbinsville mercer county this place was a beehive of activity. there is 14 miles of conveyor belts at the robbinsville fulfillment center and today they were full of boxes. >> we think of ourselves as santa's workshop and we're all helping to help put presents under the tree. >> amazon says cyber monies its busiest day of the year. last year it logged some 43 million order. the company is expected to break record today. president obama joined world leaders in paris focused on reaching a global agreement to combat claimant change. a new cbs news/new york times poll find many americans support the goal of the conference. 66 percent, say that the u.s. should join a international treat toy reduce global warming. 54 percent agreed protecting the environment is more important than stimulating the economy. the world's two biggest polluters, china and the u.s. kick off the the climate change summit.
5:34 pm
>> the you had of america not only recognizing our role in creating this problem but we embrace our responsibility to do something bit. >> reporter: a pledge made in small, started dangerous high levels in china goal, to limit global warming to 3.6 degrees fahrenheit from preindustrial levels but terror threat is diverting attention. the president's first stop on french soil was to pay his respects at bataclan theater, site of the worst of the terror attacks. france remains on high alert a 120,000 strong security force is station add cross the country. riot police have been deployed in unprecedented numbers, on sunday, 174 protesters were a arrested for defying the government ban, on demonstrations. president obama a sessioned the fight against isis with the president of the france and chine and white house officials say he will likely have a shot at another difficult chat with russian president vladamire putin about his role in the battle
5:35 pm
against isis. the paris conference runs until december 11th giving world leaders less than two weeks to lock down the first ever universal climate deal. washington man is lucky to be alive today and it is all thanks to quick thinking good samaritans. that is the sound of a train as it slammed into a man's car. whole rescue was caught on cell phone video, four friend, dragged a confused, elderly, driver out half his car, moments before a freight train barreled directly into it. that 76 year-old man escaped with only a few scratches. >> we were all in the right place at the right time. it just happened to everything line up in the right way for him to be alive still. >> unaudible. >> coming to my rescue. >> men watched as he suffered a stroke zero years ago and should not have been driving. the those good samaritans say
5:36 pm
they don't see themselves as heroes, just four people who did the right thing. a youth football team from chester is chasing a dream. after an undefeated season they are now trying to raise fund for a trip to florida and date in the big tournament. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in chester with the young athletes the hoff high hopes, cleve. >> reporter: john burroughs said leap and the nets shall appear. they sent their goal, in reaching the championship game in florida with no idea how they with pay for such a trip but they just kept on winning and now they are looking for a little help. >> amen. >> reporter: cheers and trophies are mounting for chester panthers peewee football team. >> this is the the baby right here that got us to florida. >> reporter: playing for first time in the league without weight restrictions, eight and under panthers were undefeated earning a place in the national championship this particular group of kid are amazing. this was our first year, in a
5:37 pm
limited weight league and we were smaller than everybody we beat this year. >> reporter: season began with the loss of assistant coach sean atkins who died suddenly on the sidelines during a game in september. dedicating the season to atkins the the panthers dominated the delaware county league not allowing a single point. the now eyeing a trip to florida they have a new obstacle: money. they are driving to florida on friday but aren't sure how they will pay for hotels and meals. >> i have no doubt that we will make it happen, the more help the merry. >> reporter: parents have been working on bake sales and other ways to make children's dreams a reality. >> it is exciting to do something, and win. >> most of the time we play, we play around delco area but now they have an opportunity to play nationally. everybody is excited about that. >> reporter: supporters say this trip is more than just having fun but teaching young men that they can reach goals. >> keep that in their mind thaw can conquer anything, so they conquered it and we know that they will bring it home.
5:38 pm
>> one, 23. >> panthers. >> total come nation. >> reporter: panthers will have a pep rally at chester city hall on wednesday night the at 6:00 and you can help out the team. half they have a go fund me site just look for chester panthers. reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good luck, thanks very much. philadelphia eagles hosted a pep rally at cook wissohickon elementary school in philadelphia today. the the nfl, gear up to play 60 program is recognizing the school for its commitment to healthy eating and physical fitness. caleb surges was there to see the kid. eagles and mid-atlantic association presented the check for some thousand dollars. those are happy apartmenters. >> indeed, smiles every where. the beautiful. still to come on "eyewitness news", doctors in california are using stem cells to cure a deadly disease in infants and health reporter stephanie stahl has more on
5:39 pm
this incredible break through. kicking off our joy of sharing toy fest with the fill five. find out how you can make holidays brighter for a deserving child. we will do that on the other side.
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szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. time to check your philadelphia jobs market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has more. >> holiday season is officially here and witt good cheer that can quickly put a dent in your bank account. but good news if you'd like to earn extra cash this holiday season, you can do so without
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standing behind a cash register or waiting tables. is there interesting part-time jobs available that require a variety of skills. for instance, many stores hire decorators to put up, maintain and take down holiday decor and many companies amp up social presence now some hire social media assistants to support their digital pushes. staffing up for the season photo studios, put your artistic skills to work helping customers capture holiday memories. if you'd like to get paid for helping others that is possible too volunteer organizations need a lot of assistance this time of the year. look for paid positions running year end fund raising campaigns or clerical work such as donor thank you notes and organizing donations. non-profits juggle a slew of volunteers during the holiday some hire staff to coordinate these do gooders. i'm jill schlesinger for
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come on get your song on. i know you were singing, philly pops festival brass helping us on you the as we kick off our eye of sharing campaign at cb. three, toy fest 2015. >> what we're doggies we are gathering toys for kid all over the the area. we're getting your help and they will go to the uso, salvation army and boys an girls clubs. >> we have heard from a lot of organizations, we have two more, uso and boys an girls club. >> you have a guest tour left there. >> let's start off with the the boys and girls club of camden. the this is bernadette shan hon, joined by michelle, and giles, welcome. tell us about the boys and girls club. the it means so much to so many people out there thank you so much. boys an girls club provides an after school program for
5:48 pm
children age six to 18. that is in the city of camden. right after school our doors are opened. >> i bet you guys have fun there, don't you. >> yes. >> what is your favorite thing. >> well, there is a lot of festivities and there is like we do this program, it is about like how you get your future and your smart girl. >> you are smart. you will have a bright future. i bet you are too. >> i like the sports and like the competitions and all. >> that is great, guys. thanks very much. bernadette, thank you for letting our viewers know more. i know you work with so many kid a across the the area. >> a lot of fun, thanks very much. >> from lint uso we have my man joe brooks here happy who will case. >> merry christmas to you too. >> likewise. >> tell us how uso shares with families too. >> uso is primary care giver for military families in southeastern pennsylvania and
5:49 pm
south jersey. what this program will enable to us do is take toys from your wonderful viewers, and give them to military families and young children like beautiful mad sun here. we have madison tour right and catina ingram, where are you stationed. >> fort mifflin. >> had does this time of the year mean to you and your baby girl. >> very special time. us o is always there, every holiday, regular days all the time. >> do you want my microphone. >> hello. >> say hell to everybody at home? she's a star. the she's beautiful. happy holidays. thank you very much for being here. wonderful time of the year. >> you can be part of it. go to cbs fest, and that is where you can make a difference. fine the drop off locations. we will be doing this for next few weeks. >> loving every bit of it. madison, i have a ukeelee do you want to play it with me? look at her. >> young musician there. >> we will take a short break and go back in the studio and
5:50 pm
check with kate for your forecast. >> thanks, guys. when i was on the die deck little madison came running toward me and then grabbing mike. we have a future news person on our hand, what a great thing that joy of sharing is every single year. the let look at storm scan three as we sweep the area you can see scattered showers popping up, not a whole lot but light rain, drizzle steady off to the south. we will zoom out a few showers lifting in from the south and thinks part of the much larger system and it will take a couple days for this system to clear out. you can see over northern plains heavy snow in men so the a and wisconsin. we have got rain into illinois. it is pulling in mild air, so next couple days will be in the 50's, maybe 60 on wednesday. none of this purple stuff for us, we are talking rain but just a quick hitting system that moves out. you will need umbrella through wednesday evening. temperatures well above freezing, 46 in philadelphia, we will start off at 36.
5:51 pm
forty-eight in millville. fifty in atlantic city and 44 in allentown and trenton. we have 5.8 degrees above average. today closed out month 1 degree below average. the yesterday was above. you can see how warm friday and sat take were. ten a above average friday. twelve on saturday. my unofficial calculations put this november in the number two slot for warmest novembers ever. we'll exactly what the map is from the national weather serve business this looks like top five if not number two but does not look like number one. future weather showing rain pushing n steadier rain, overnight tonight continues into tomorrow morning. then we will get a lull, a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon at this time but another round of heavy rain as coal front progresses in the area during the day wednesday with band of steady rain, pretty much all day long. that front will come through wednesday night and clear it out. here's what to expect, steady light rain tonight over next 48 hours off and on rain tomorrow, few scattered showers in the afternoon,
5:52 pm
period of heavy rain wednesday, one to 2 inches, and, locally higher amounts over the next 48 hours. not likely to cause flooding but ponding is possible on wednesday afternoon. overnight period of rain not as cold, 43 degrees. we will continue that in the as cold trent into your tuesday. showers around, steady in the morning watch for a few in the afternoon as well. high of 54 which is well above average. we should be right around 50 or 40's. wednesday, warm near 60, but not a nice day to get outside and enjoy. we have got heavy rain in the forecast. we will clear it out, sunshine back thursday, cooler day at 48 degrees but then look at this another sunny stretch and another warm up friday. fifty that is seasonal and then 53 saturday, sunday, first sunday of december, we're at 57 a and keeping it in the mid 50's with sunshine on monday. once we get through rain stretch it looks like a great period of weather toward the weekend. ukee and jessica, back over to you. kate, thanks very much. on the cbs-3 healthwatch
5:53 pm
researchers have cured a disease that can be fatal in infants. treatment involves using a cologne gene. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain how this works. >> very exciting treatment for an unusual disorder. this treatment is for is what called the bubble baby disease, children born with the immune deficiency often have to be kept in the bubble like isolated environment. now researchers have a new solution. days after bringing home her new born twin daughters, alycia vei car owe could sense that she was not as healthy as her sister. >> i had a baby to compare to and i knew something was wrong. >> reporter: her mother's intuition was right. the testing reheld she was born with immuno deficiency call skid or bubble baby disease a genetic disorder that leaves the body without an immune system making infants extremely vulnerable to illness, even the the common cold can be deadly. >> we wore masks, we had san
5:54 pm
advertiser, raw hand from cleaning so much. >> reporter: they turned to the clinical trial as a last hope and that led to a cure. treatment takes bone marrow from the patients gathering stem cells, a cloned genies then added to correct what is missing at birth. >> those stem cells are given back to the patient where they can go back to the bone marrow and make blood cells for rest of the the patient's life. >> reporter: so far treatment has restored immune systems to all 23 patients in the most recent clinical trial will that including angelina. >> i know it is a cure we're living the cure. >> reporter: now three years old doctors say she's in perfect health. >> how about that. a cure. >> reporter: that clinical trial was performed at ucla, doctors there are now working with the f.d.a. to make the treatment available nationwide, and very same method is also being tested now for a cure of sickle cell disease, amazing therapy out there. early diagnosis of this disorder is unusual because it is not in the new born testing. early diagnosis really
5:55 pm
perfect. >> perfect health. >> stephanie, thank you. still a head on "eyewitness news" cost of christmas is going up. >> you know french hens and golden doves and five golden rings we will explain, straight ahead, we will be right back.
5:56 pm
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♪ >> cannot read music but i know the changes. holiday sound from the philly pops, and we are kicking off our joy of sharing joy fest campaign today. >> you than cab a part of it buy a new unwrapped toy and visit cbs fest to find your closest drop off location, the the toys will be donated to the salvation army, u.s. o and boys an girls club. >> help make holidays bright for our children all across our area. it that is time of the year, family, i know you can help out. santa claus is coming to town. ♪ >> your true love does not to have pay much more this year for those interesting presents in the song the 12 days of christmas. >> pnc wealth management says, it stayed the same, part ridge will cost you an extra $5. pair tree was in another two bucks. two turtle doves are $30 more
6:00 pm
expensive i have then last year. not sure about that, turtle doves and the ten lord of leaping don't know where would you find that took a 3 percent leap. you put the gift together and it will cost you $34,131. and that is, 6 cents of a percent more than last year. not that much just .6 percent. >> that is including the the five golden rings. >> listen, it is all include for the small sum of $34,131. >> small price. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 he is making a splash in the swimming world our pat gallon talks to the local teen hoist grazing the the cover of the popular sports magazine and has his sights set on the olympics, kate. it was a chilly finish to november, today with temperatures just slightly below average as cloud rolled in, raining out here at 5:00 on the sky deck now it has settled down but we have more rain to come tonight, and for the next few days i'll break down when heavier rain


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