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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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kobe bryant is back in philly. of course one every his first stops, one every his favorite cheese steak places. live with a look at the tributes planned for the retiring star, at tonight's sixers games. hey, if you cross any of the delaware river port authority bridges, several times a month, listen up. could you qualify for discount starting today. we'll explain. >> today is tuesday, december the first, good morning to you, so glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. we are getting your day start wad check on traffic and weather together. we have katie and meisha, and dealing with a loft rain this morning, good morning, ladies. >> good morning, not a way a lot of people want to wake up on a tuesday morning to very wet roadways. but they are indeed, but sounds like, katie, we just got to get through today and tomorrow. is that right? >> that's the thing, not just a one day event there is will be a 48 hour stretch for potential of wet weather. right now fine mist on the skydeck, but the hair, i had to use an umbrella could you blame me? i advise that you take your rain gear with you, too, today. because, this is just one of those days where we will be dealing with potential for rain any time. you see it somewhat scat nerds
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nature. i mean it, cents widespread for sure. there are supports where it is just a mist, or you really just have clouds. the problem is, see what's off to the southwest there? another little pocket. this is our warmfront that's lifting in, guys. so it really is essentially all day event, even there will be few breaks along the way, it is just cloudy and damp and showery, and with a pocket of steadier rain on the way, for later on today. i would say about midday, you can expect that to really dampen, you know, any kind of lunch plans you might v might be good idea to order in today. our rain and the, thus far, are as such. not too bad. we have only seen few tents after inch so far in reading, coatesville, enough to make it a big fat nuisance, but not enough to lead to any flooding. that's kind of how the storely shake out for us here as we move forward in this forecast. we take a look at the area visibility. they're not perfect in philly, but they're better than they are in the poconos, at least the combination of some of the visibility troubles that we may ends up having as the day goes on. soap, with this milder and moisture rich air mass in place, we will see some patchy
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fog develop by tonight. for now though it is primarily about the damp roads. currently 50 already at the airport. temperatures slowly climbing with this milder air mass in place. and quick check on your day planner. mid 50's at best, but still technically above average for the highs, that means, it is strictly rain showers out of this entire storm system, meisha. but definitely again, big fat headache. >> yep, it certainly is, especially for the morning commuters, katie. you know what? i can't complain about the 50's, i just left somewhere where it was snowstorms and 30, let me tell you, it was colds and not good. nice break, nice welcome. fifty's, can't complain. schuylkill, moving in the eastbound direction at 202, in the king of prussia area, looking good. it is just roadways as you can see are very wet as we see the drivers drive past the cameras, you can kind of see all of that splash pop up behind them on to the windshield of the cars behind, so, we have been dealing with some accidents this morning, this is one of the areas,
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actually, debris in the roadway in conshohocken, ridge pike eastbound off ramp, southbound kind of the left side blocked, but vehicles are still able to kind of maneuver around. now, one of the areas that we do have an accident, is this jackknife tractor-trailer, woodhaven road eastbound ramp to 95 southbound, is closed. as you can see, just string of vehicles, everywhere we look now, as we move into the 6:00 hour. it is heating up. because we have wet roadways, give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning. over to you. >> thank you, if your daily commute includes driving across the delaware river, you can get a discount on your drive starting today. delaware river port authority is giving drivers 18-dollar credit if you drive across any of its four bridges, at least 18 times a month. the only good catch, if you have e-zpass from new jersey, do you have sign up for the discount, weaver that information on well, two days after announcing his retirement, kobe brian is playing basketball in philadelphia for the last time. the sixers are hosting the lakers tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live for us at the wells fargo center where
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the farewell tour get underway today. justin, good morning. >> good morning, before saying good-bye, we saw fans giving kobe brian warm welcome home last night. even sat with him and kept him company as he tore down a cheese steak and chips. and that warm welcome will likely extends into tonight, sixers, lakers, match up here at the wells fargo center. >> from the second he stepped off the plane, all eyes, and cell phones, seem to follow kobe bryant. the nba superstar guard who just announced he's retiring. >> feeling good, man, feels good to be back. >> tonight kobe's lake letters take on the sixers, but first for kobe, a stop at larry's steaks in wynnefield, where crowd of st. joe's student and fans clam earthed to be close to the philly born celebrity. >> only thing i can sign my napkin. you know what? sign that for me, you snow. >> long before kobe went pro, sean bush was a fan, tracking kobe's career from high school to the la lakers.
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>> i watched him play at lower merion and everything, and growing up. a great basketball player. >> we won that title in 1996. ever since then we never really lowered the bar. we just maintained very high expectations. >> lower merion high's greg downer, almost 20 years later, the basketball coach says kobe's legend looms large at his alma matter. downer new it would. >> we met him when he was in eighth grade. he was 13 years old. 6-foot two, about 140 pounds, and he scrimmaged against my current varsity, i turned to a couple of mia cyst at any time coaches and i said this kid is a pro. >> side lined by injury as of late, kobe will always be known for his many achievements. >> he's had unbelievable run, the five rings, two gold medals, the third leading scorer in the history of the game. >> and so who knows just how much kobe you will see in action tonight, but you will see him nonetheless and that's
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now being called history, now, your cheap seats tonight start at 08 bucks, court side the high hundreds, and to be on the floor, way up close, that's $2,500 a seat for that amount of money could you fly to l a on january 1st and see kobe and the lakers take on the sixers here at the staples center, nicole, i bet you there are fans out there who just might be doing that. over to you. >> i love that you crunch the numbers and had that information handy. i also love that kobe's first stop was at the cheese steak place. that's fantastic. justin, thanks, we appreciate it. switching gears right now, happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane heads to philadelphia to unveil a team of special prosecutors. they're going to investigate pornographic emails among prosecutors, judges, and others on government computers. cane's new conference is this morning at the national constitution center. >> well, jim kenly hold his seconds town hall meeting at philadelphia's mayor-elect. it will be held tonight, at south philadelphia high school. now, the first one was held at central high school last
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night. hundreds turned out for this. many wanted to know his plans for educating the city's children. >> how do we maintain what we have and what i love as the city of philadelphia, if we do not have adequately funded properly staffed, with arts, music, dance, math, science, english, libraries, gyms, sports teams. i had all of that. my son should get no less. >> schools can be and will be the center of the universe, when it comes to delivery of service. >> kenly take the oath of office, and become philadelphia's 99th mayor on january 4th. well, still no word on what sparked this fire that injured two firefighters in the third person last night in olney. chopper three over the scene on wellons avenue. the good news, all of the injuries are non-life threatening. septa police use technology, social media, and offer you can't refuse, to get
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a rider his smart phone back. it all started with surveillance video, showing a woman pocketing a phone at the cecil b. moore station in north philadelphia. she then tells the owner she didn't have it. septa police chief tom tweeted out the woman's photo and instead of threatening arrest, offered amnesty if the phone was returned. >> within 12 hours of posting my amnesty tweet, a woman who identified herself as the offender's sister went to the 39th police district and presented that phone. >> now, the chief says, he was criticized for his methods and his decision to offer amnesty, but the benefit of getting the phone back to the owner over criminal prosecution and trial proves his decision was the right one. well, two strangers in south jersey go under the knife today to share the gift of life. we told but 49 year old glenn counter hunks banks incredibly selfless story last month. and looking on craigslist for tools, he discovered nina is
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her ya, in desperate need of kidney donation. well, today is the transplant, and there will be much more on their story coming up a little bit later on cbs this morning. >> well, it is kind of like a yield sign for diners, who are trying to watch their salt intake. coming up: why this image is taking over restaurant menus in new york today. we'll explain. >> also ahead, major toy company hacked, 5 million accounts are at risk including photos of children and their home addresses. find out what customers should do, plus this. >> president obama wraps up his trip to the un climate conference, and he's also talking about terrorism. i'm don champion with the latest overnight development, coming up. >> ♪ >> yes, here we r december 1st, i believe is it meteorological winter, katie.
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>> well done. >> meteorological winter begins this tuesday, december 1st, we'll take a short break. stay with us, everybody. >> ♪
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>> take a look at this, green pyramids, illuminated three pyramids and a sphinx with green light. now, it is a tribute to the climate summit in paris, with world leaders, including egyptian president. told the green lights will remain in place for two nights. well, time is running out, on global warming, that's the warning from president obama, to world leaders, who are in paris, for that historic climate summit. the fight against terrorism is also an important topic there. here is more now from cbs news correspondent don champion.
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>> as president obama wraps up his trip to the un climate summit in paris, he is expected to meet with the leader of turk bye isis. the fight against terrorism has come up before during the president's two day trip to the summit, whisk held two and a half weeks after the deadly terror attacks in the french capitol. >> we have come to paris to show our resolve. what greater rejection of those who would tear down our worlds, than marshalling our best efforts to save it. >> on the climate front, during the summit, the president has met with leaders of the worlds' other top polluters, the goal, get 147 countries to reduce carbon emissions enough, to keep global warming below 3.6 degrees fahrenheit. that is the level some scientists believe would prevent natural disasters like floods and droughts. >> this is how we'll solve this challenge together, that's at the heart whatever we're trying to accomplish
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here in par us. >> having snowing in beijing today is a sign of the hard work still needed. looks like nighttime in this video, but it is in the i had l of the day in the city business district. schools in the chinese capitol were ordered to keep students indoors as today's record breaking air pollution soared 35 times government regulated safety levels. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" news. those images in beijing are just disturbing. but, let's talk about this rain, katie. we know it will be lingering for couple of days, right? have absolutely, yes. so really duo of fronts, warmfront today, cold front tomorrow. that's what's going to bring us wet weather today and tomorrow. then the storm gets out of here, left with high pressure. so that in a nut schil is your weather story, obviously want to break things down in much more detail for you since many of you are out travel, head today work, head today school, also your school grade forecast today. so take your bet. how poorly do you think we do today? light ra still falling, heavier batch, see this over virginia, that's what's going to be lingering into our area,
6:15 am
or nudging, into our area, as we hit say midday. meantime, this storm really is overtaking pretty much the entire united states map. it is so much better organized than it was this same time yesterday. classic sort of comma shape. very cold air wrapping in the back edge of this. i know meisha can a test to that, because she was out in the northern planes the last couple of days. snow still falling out there. but we don't have to deal with snow just rain. it has been way too warm. it will stay that way even though we've got cold front coming through, still stays above average, basically, for the majority of the forecast. so i want to walk you through future weather here. so as of now, rain still over spreading the area. light in general. light rain. but we see the heavier stuff come in. one pocket of it looks like from middayment then bit more scattered in nature by this evening. tomorrow, similar scenario, light rain. another heavier batch of it. probably more of that heavy rain even as we head toward evening. that is your cold front. then it is out of here. so by thursday morning, this same time, we are going to finally be seeing the light of day since we're not going to
6:16 am
see too much sun the next few days. okay, we gave you c minus. not terrible. clouds, showers around, any time today. it is damp. it is dreary. the kids need the goloshes or the raincoat for sure headed out to the school bus. tomorrow look at that temperature, guys, we flirt with 60 degrees on december 2nd. but trade off obviously. it is heavy rain tomorrow. then we cool it back down, see some sunshine. >> better than cold and rainy. >> i'm with you. it could be so much worse. >> it could be. >> unless you are a snow lover, i know you are not dig wag we have to tell you right now, but your time will come eventually. >> oh, it is coming, it is a coming. >> good morning, everyone, the roadways surprisingly are actually looking pretty good. i will say now that we're in the 6:00 hour, things starting to heat up, all of the major interstates, highways, we've had couple of spin out crashes, two accidents to report, but right now, things are actually looking a-okay dairy say. wet roadways out there, yes, it you are just waking up with thus morning as katie
6:17 am
explained, it is wet outside. it will be wet today. it is going to be wet tomorrow. and you can see, this is a look at 95 southbound at cottman looking very wet on the roadways, in a little slow. i can let you know on interstate 95 this is fairly typical for what we see pushing through our 6:00 hour now reaching, trying to push toward our rush hour. so looking okay on interstate 95. you're just slowing down just little bit. look at this. droplet all over the camera. this is the schuylkill eastbound at city avenuement now if you look just behind this tree right here, you can see, westbound schuylkill, looking very busy, coming off the roosevelt boulevard, moving in the eastbound direction, you're just getting a little hook upright as you try to make your way into center city. but overall just give yourself couple of extra minutes, pack your patience for sure, nicole, over to you. >> coming up: meet the local teenage here is gracing the cover of sports illustrated kids, and has his sites set on the olympics. also, quite a site on florida golf course. when two giant alligators started fighting, yes, not
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break that one any time soon. we'll take a short break and be right
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>> planned parenthood clinics have increased security following the deadly attack at clinic in colorado springs. there has been noticeable police presence, inside and outside the clinics here in the delaware valley. yesterday, robert lewis deer deer, the man accused of killing three people at the colorado springs facility a periods in court. ceo of southern new jersey planned parenthood says patients should not worry
6:21 am
about their safety during visits. >> we did ramp you our secure tip, most in a to a lay anxiety for the patience, not because we necessarily felt the need. >> brown and letter team meet to go determine just how long that extra security will last. well, florida is definitely phone for its alligators, right, but even residents, say, they've never seen anything like this before. golfers teeing off at gore course in angle wood say they saw two gators, at least 10 feet long, fighting, right on the course. going at t okay? grabbed the camera, captured these photos, they say the fighting lasted almost ten minutes, before the reptiles had enough. >> the big one won the fight. the little one limping walking away. >> sad. the larger gator apparently
6:22 am
well known in southwest florida golfers call him golieth. so, oh, boy. ya. not getting in the middle that far fight. just let him duke it out. coming up next, we all know too much salt in our diet isn't healthy, right? but limiting our intake requires a lot more than just taking the saltshaker off the table. most of the time we don't even realize how much salt we're eating, and that's why new york is adding this sign to certain menu items. we'll explain coming up next. and katie, tracking all of that rain out there, right? >> indeed i am. it is two day event, nicole. two fronts to track. two days worth of rain as a result. but, there is a light at the end that far tunnel in the forecast, we'll tell you
6:23 am
you got your big games...
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>> new warning label is now on the menus at new york city restaurants. it is a saltshaker icon. the city's board of health unanimously vote today require chain restaurants to add that icon to foods that contain more than 2300 milligrams of salt. that equals about teaspoon of salt. city hoping the labels will help combat heart disease and stroke. >> along with clearly being linked to racing blood pressure, we now have credible information, that it can directly damage the inner lining of the blood vessel. to damage the kidney, to
6:26 am
damage the small vessels of the eye, to damage the small vessels of the brain. >> when you see this warning label, you know that that item has more than the total amount of sodium that you should consume in a single day. >> the rules go into effect today, but the city won't start collecting fines until march 1st. >> and today is world aids day, the white house is marking the day with a large red ribbon outside the white house. world health organization established the annual observance in 1988 to fight against the hiv aids stigma, to commemorate those who lost the battle with aids, it also just shows support for those living with the disease. coming up: dog parking see how zombies also giving our furry friends a spot to wait safely for their owners, while they shop inside. jan? >> nicole, a popular toy maker is hit by hackers. what they gained access to this time, may make this the scariest hack yet. details up next.
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>> dealing with wet roads for your commute. storm scan3 showing the wet weather there will be with us for the next couple of days. i guess the good news, it is not terribly cold out there. >> right. you know, actually not going to see any kind of push of arctic air any time soon anyway. we see the ups and downs of the thermometer, but going to above average place, then sort of just get brought back down to reality in time. so it is not that bad. but man is it a headache. you know? you get out the door, last thing you want to deal with. >> dear. >> i dreary, not going to see much sunshine today, tomorrow, and definitely the rain will be with us. so we give you sense of exactly how it all shakes out, going full screen on storm storm scan, still have the rain falling at least across
6:31 am
southern new jersey as well as now into east central pennsylvania, but, you see off to the southwest there, some steadier rain, heavier pocket, set to nudge our way with time here. let me just give you one quick snapshot view at the local level too. here is basically where you are finding the rain currently falling at its steadiest. southeast burlington county, portions of ocean county, atlantic county engulfed in the rain. but light, so, it isn't a flooding situation, say, it is more of gist a big fat nuisance, in time for your morning commute. obviously, ooh degrees out at the airport right now, ooh degrees already, at 6:30, on december 1st. i mean, not bad, 37 even in mount pocono, terrible, in the 20's this time yesterday. so we are looking ahead, to a slightly above average day, in the temperature department. certainly dreary day, don't get me wrong, you do still need the coat and i highly suggest the rain gear, and meisha, not going to be able to put that rain gear away, just yet, we have to keep it in the ready in hand here right through tomorrow. since this is a prolonged
6:32 am
event. >> all right, katie. small price to pay for 50 degrees weather in december! just saying. good morning, everyone, if you are just waking up with us, yes, we have wet roadways out there, but things are actually looking pretty good. what you are looking at live look outside interstate 95 moving in the southbound direction, at girard, looking busy, very busy indeed, we push toward our rush hour 7:00 a.m. time frame. looking good though, for all intents and purposes, i can tell you what we typically see around 6:30, is exactly this. on interstate 95, now, when we add on top that far that we do have wet roadways, i have to say, i got to give a round every applause to the drivers so far. things are actually really nice. ben franklin bridge, again, looking busy, and this sex actually what we can expect. so coming from jersey headed in the wean direction, into center city, it is looking a little bit busy. dropping little less than posted speeds right now, but all things considering, looking okay, 42 freeway northbound, again, in jersey, for those of you moving northbound, at creek road pushing all the way toward
6:33 am
295, looking exactly like. >> this you are traveling less than posted speeds in this area, as well. we do have serious accident in parks berg, highway ten southbound, passades burying i rode, know that that's serious accidents there. then also this downed tree, route 206, closed, both directions, past willow grove road. so we do have some incidents out there. what i would say right now is 6:30 a.m., just leaving your home, give yourself couple of extra minutes, nicole, over to you. >> thank you, hack attack targeting children and this morning, technology maker v tech reports some 5 million customers may have had their information compromised. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins the -- joins me with more on this. not just credit cards information or financial information it is involving children. >> fortunately for parents in time around it is not having to do with credit card information or social security numbers, anything like, that but it is some personal information. more scary for parents, it is information about their children, as well, that's the scariest part. this time, hackers gained access not only to children's
6:34 am
names, their birthdate, their gender but their pictures is as well. >> this morning, cyber security ex percent weighing in and some say v tech should have done more to prevent this from happening. >> jada mcdonaldson has to pause about an answer, but the mother doesn't react -- don't wait to react. >> that's scar. >> i hundred with targets kids. >> already concerned about their information in the first place. >> now, parents who use v tech's learning lodge app store have another concern. the electronic toy makers app store was hack last week. exposing the personal information of about 5 million customers, including hundreds of thousands of children. security expert, troy hunt, wants parents to be aware. >> one thing to understand, is that probably everything that they have given to v tech has been compromised. >> including name, age, even your child's picture.
6:35 am
>> certainly accountability or on their behalf. it is real that i simple. that the question might become did they take sufficient measures to suffer from the loss? >> hunt says the answer to that question is simple? no. no. and this is the problem. >> so how do you go protecting yourself and your children in the future shnewer ask about a website or app security before you register your personal information. you know what companies that use encrypted connections are the best, and maybe think twice about allowing your kids to play went net connected toys. that's the key there. if it is connected to the internet, you can get into the scary situation with haaking. >> just assume it is not completely safe. >> exactly. >> jan, thanks. switching gears now, louisianna family says the whoever board caught fire after it was plugged in to charge and nearly burned their house down. jessica bought the 300-dollar whoever board for her 12 year old son. she said sparks began flying out of it before it burst into flames. >> both wheels it was like a
6:36 am
fireworks, like you just lit fireworks, i seen sparks flying and before i could yell the house on fire mid i had part of the board just poof. into flames. >> the state fire marshall is now investigating, the maker of the whoever board has not yet responded to those allegations. well, a mid the mayhem of the holiday season, today we celebrate giving tuesday. a day dedicated to giving back. and before you write that check, cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger says there are steps to take to ensure that you maximize your dollars, and ensure that they go to your desired organizations, jim, good morning to you. >> so hearing giving to clarity not only makes you feel good but helps you out at tax time, dual benefit, right? >> yes, absolutely, but t are couple of caveats about using this for taxes. you have to donate to something called a qualified organization. the irs has a list, to help you understood, what that means, and you also have to itemize your tax deductions,
6:37 am
so, you meet those two measures, then you will be able to write off your payment. however, a lot of people do this at the very end of the year. and what they realize is they just say oh, my god, it is december 31, and i'm just going to write december 31 on my check, i'll get the tax deduction. no way. it has got to be postmark by midnight december 31 writing the dayton the check does not do it for the irs. if you are up against a deadline, you may want to use a credit card. donations are deductible as of the date the account is charged. >> good to know, are there certain times when you should just maybe say no to a solicitation, maybe you get something in the mail? i mean, what are the rules around that? >> well, i think the most important thing is you have got to be familiar with the organization. so, a lot of people get little worried because a representative will call them, and they sort of get this high pressure tactic. so, one of the things that i say is if the representative asks you for money, but
6:38 am
doesn't give you any details about the group's identity or the cost, how it is going to use your donation, just say no. if they say sends us cash, say no. if they promise to enter you in a sweep sticks, that's a big red flag. and if they will not provide proof that a contribution is tax deductible, just walk away. look, if you're unsure about the ledge it mass bye an organization, you may want third party confirmation, better bureau business website or charity navigator can really be helpful. now, there is also big rise in charitable scams, i hate to say that, i know we are just talking about web suck eye at this, for more on those scams the way to avoid them go to jill on money. com. >> all right, important information. jill, thanks, we appreciate it. and, dog owners in brooklyn, they have new option. when they shop at businesses, that actually ban pets. instead of tying your dogs to maybe a parking meter or bike rack, use the dog parker. assisted by exclusively designed to keep them safe. use membership card to open the device, when it opens, the
6:39 am
censor turns green, when it locks it turns red. >> do an errand, and be able to put your dog in a little house where it is going to be safe. >> in the same way you can access mailbox, what if there were doing kennels on the street? >> about 15 member dogs are testing the product out. >> he is local swimming sensation in the national spotlight. take a closer look at this guy. remember, his name. okay? reese whitley is gracing the cover of sports illustrated kids, and this is just the beginning for him. we'll introduce you, coming up next. also, the golden arches are getting little fancy. that's right. mcdonald's debuts new upscale menu. we'll have the details on that. next. >> ♪
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santa claus is coming to town, but new informal study that shows he may be able to tell who is naughty or nice, just by looking at the name on your christmas stocking, that list comes from english school, which tab late the the most gold good behavior stars for girls, remains anna, courtney, and millie.
6:44 am
now, boys with the best behavior were named harry, ryan, and eat and. of course, there is also a naughty list for the kids who weren't often rewarded when gold stars at school. the girls coming up short are lea, eleanor, and jasmine. the naughty boys names were joseph, james and josh ooh a i think that is a little unfair, but i will continue. before you get all work up, parents out there, don't worry, the school director says the list is not to be taken seriously. i don't know about that. that just seems a little wrong to me, but also, justin bieber, do you think he'll be on the naughty or nice list, what do you think? >> oh, gee, nicole? >> i feel like he is trending nicer. >> i'm with you. i think he's trying. >> he's trying. he's trying to turn it around. >> in the past, not so much. more on the naughty list. >> just saying. >> well, you're absolutely right. >> thank you. >> okay. let's turn the focus to the weather my friends, wet weather to dodge out there. and for the latest on what you're finding out in some of the observations that we will
6:45 am
find out there we turn to the weather watcher network, take it a glance at the map here, portions of southeastern pennsylvania, finding a loft temperatures in the mid 40's right now. i want to turn the folk cents though any can down toward south new jersey trending the mildest at least this slew of observations. alex checked in with light rain falling, mays landing 53 degrees, 53 degrees, the sun's not even up yet. taking a look a bit further inland further to the northwest, margo checks in with 51. and, even bit further up the pike here, another 51 degrees temperature reading comes into us from sharon, she too in gloucester township reporting some light rain. and, i love her comment. it is not too terrible right now. but take your umbrella, you will be glad you d i mean, girl after my own heart, i guess definitely what i would say to you. so keep that wet weather gear ready to go today and tomorrow, guys. even though we're seeing just little bit, little bit, of break in the action here, it is still wet outside. the roads are still wet from the rain that's previously fallen. you have got big old batch of
6:46 am
some heavier stuff, you can see the movement here. trending to the northeast. and eventually that is going to roll into our area. so, you know, pretty much talking showers any time today. it will likely bring heavier pocket of rain around midday. that's the pocket we just showed you. but look at this nice organization. i mean, you have got classic almost candy cane comma shape going on of a storm. with the cold air wrapping the back side, snow currently falling through the dakotas, we have don't have to deal with snow but here is your trailing cold front. that's going to march eels. by tomorrow, bring with it additional rain which will in fact be heavier for our area. how much will we talking? region wide taking you through today, future rain amounts, right through tomorrow. even into early thursday morning. by the time this is getting out of here, talking one to 2 inches. according to the models, in terms of total accumulations, so, that means, the next 36 hours will feature just damp and dreary conditions. as we mention, one to 2 inches the expectation so do you have slow it down out there.
6:47 am
just the way it is, you will naturally be slowed down by the wet weather. looking ahead to thursday all long gong, sunshine for days, high pressure remains in control. >> awesome. after wednesday, it just doesn't even seem like december with 50's, high 50's, moving into the 60s, looking pretty good here. looking pretty good. here is a look at delaware county, 452 looking good, slowing down just little bit. you can see, moving in the northbound direction, a loft taillights, and starting to see some brake lights too. so you are slowing there. traveling less than posted speeds. blue route, headlights moving in the southbound direction, past route one. also, slowing down just a little bit, just look at how congested it is looking now, just 15 minute ago, it wasn't even this congested. so, as we push toward our rush hour, of the 7:00, you can bet, we will slow down specially with these wet roadways experiencing. fifty-nine southbound at cottman another area i've been keeping my eye on, heating up fairly quickly, usually does, certainly slowing down now. and we have accident in northeast philly, roosevelt boulevard northbound at oxford
6:48 am
circle. make note of that. also, we do have this downed tree route 206 closed, both directions, past willow grove road because that far downed tree. so overall just give yourself couple of extra minutes this morning, wet out there. >> meisha thanks. mcdonald's going upscale to attract new customers, and also to keep the olds ones. hundreds every restaurants in the fast-food chain have introduced new menus execution live in southern california. for example, maple bacon sandwich with ding and mustard, one of the new menu items, motorcycle doll eight also offering table service to go with it. wow. they say it is all about giving customers more choices. >> the consumers here discriminating, expect more, they want more, and they have more choices. and so we have talk to our customers, list toned our customers, clearly, that's something people are looking for. >> there you go. table service at mickey d's, motorcycle done al's testing new menu at 600 of its restaurant. 6:48. a lot coming up, nora
6:49 am
o'donnell joins us with a preview. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, nicole. only on cbs this morning charlie's interview with hillary clinton her plan to take on isis and syrian leader. plus, the consumer reports investigation into prescription drug prices. why some people pay ten times more for medicine. also, a cyber attack against a popular toy maker for kids. what it appearance for your children's security. and, how kennedy center honoree maria shatters stereotypes to become an electric ends. news is back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> we look forward to it, nor, a thanks for the preview. when the latest edition of sports illustrated ks hits newstands today it, will have local athlete gracing the cover. real exciting. penn charter high school's 6-foot eight reese, spoke to our pat gallen about his rise to stardom. >> when a 15 year old ties olympic legends michael phelps in a swimming competition, heads will turn. when that 15 year old is
6:50 am
six-eight, 235 pounds, it is hard not to take notice. meet 15 year old reese whitley, the penn charter high school sophomore well on his way to becoming one of the next great american swimmers. >> where did you start in swimming come from? >> i was seven going on eight. i failed my deep water test. i started getting lessons that summer. >> accolade are piling up already. not only did reese swim the exact same time as phelps in the 200-meter breast stroke during the us nationals in san antonio, but set us record for his age group. today named sports illustrated sports kid of the year for 2015. >> as i was just something that was cool to be a part of, to be up there with other greatthle as who are all doing the same thing that i was doing in terms of working hard in the sport and stuff like. that but i never thought, actually didn't think that i would win. >> what's not lost on him is his difference in size, but also, race. it is a predominantly white sport but reese is hoping to change that.
6:51 am
>> i'm very comfortable in my own skin. so i don't finds a problem with it. i think that, yes, african-americans are under represented in the sport right now. that would be great if i could set up a clinic with inner city kids, get them in the pool here, just talk to them about my experiences. >> having accomplished so much already, is a time to start talking olympics in 2016? >> it is a maybe for everybody. nobody is a given. >> hopefully we'll see reese in rio in 2016 taking on the masters of the sport while becoming one himself. from penn charter high school, pat gallen, eyewitness sports. pretty cool stuff. by the way reese is getting some big name reengage anythings, after the honor first lady michelle obama tweet today reese saying congrats, reese whitley, on becoming si sports kid of the year. we are so proud of you. this is the second year in a row local product has earned the sports i will state dollars sports kid of the year, last year, it was mo'ne davis following her historic performance in the little league world series.
6:52 am
so we're just popping them up around here. very proud. hey, it is a cute face with kind of mean expression. guaranteed to make you smile. take a look at this. >> show me your mad face. (laughing). >> oh, myoodness. we have so many cute kids on the show today. it is adorable. look at her. show me your mad face. how can you be mad at that precious little face, that's baby imani. she has been making her rounds on line. her mom record in the video for making her faces, lots of people say they can't stop watching it. i have to agree. she is absolutely -- look at her. look at her looking down. and i've seen jack make that kind of face. yes, just give parker and kaiden time. just couple of months. >> oh, it is too much. >> she is just adorable. >> happy. >> angry. turn it off. turn it off. >> we will take a short break. we could watch this pretty much all day.
6:53 am
>> absolutely. stay with us, we'll be right back. >> i love it. so cute. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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>> today's headlines, kobe bryant farewell tour begins tonight in front of his hometown fans, as lakers play the sixers, first game since the lower merion native announced his retirement after 20 seasons in the nba. and starting today, the delaware river port authority is giving drivers a 18-dollar credit if you drive across any of its four bridges, at least
6:57 am
18 times a month. the only catch, is to have e-zpass from new jersey. and happening today, pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane, will announce team of special prosecutors, to investigate pornographic emails, among prosecutors, judges, and others. kane says team will go through public e-mail accounts on government computers. ♪ i like that jazzy music. our "joy of sharing" toy fest campaign underway, i love there is effort, every single year. and you can help spread holiday cheer this year. take a look. >> ♪ >> yes, philly pops festival brass helped kick off annual toy drive yesterday, all month long, as i said, checking toys for under privileged children to benefit the salvation army, the uso, and also the boys and girls clubs. and it is very easy, all do you have do is buy new unwrapped toy, and bring it to one of the drop off locations, you can find a list of
6:58 am
locations at fest. and happening today, keeping with the season. the rittenhouse square christmas tree lighting is tonight. meteorologist, kate bilo, will be there live on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 along with santa claus of course. if you are going out to the tree lighting you are encouraged again to bring new unwrapped toy for our "joy of sharing" toyfest. , tree lighting at 5:00. and speaking of trees, ladies, wait until you see this. this is maybe he a little grinchy maybe. >> oh, oh,. >> i mean, not terrible, but we all know the philadelphia eagles are taking a beating on the field, right? on and off, apparently, because now someone unexpected is cutting them down. shall we say? check out this sign spotted at local christmas tree shop. it reads: our christmas trees are freshly cut, most of the eagles should be too. >> ouch. >> so kind of harsh. yes, that's a sign at noll's trees in ben cell em. >> hard to be a philadelphia fan in general.
6:59 am
>> i'm sure they're big eagles fans. >> just feeling the losses, like the rest of us. >> most passionate fans. >> sometimes though you have to stick by your team, guys. >> it is hard, though. >> yes, short-term memory in sports, right? >> tis the season. >> let's move on. checking the forecast, katie, a lot of rain. >> a lot of rain and poor visibility starting to come up on us. take a look, normally see the center city -- city atlantic city like it, sort of gets lost in the shuffle there. light rain still falling out there. cloud and showers this afternoon. maybe heavier pocket of rain, too, meisha, a just is with us all day. >> certainly is. already, we are slowing down because of those wet roadways, indeed, 422, taillights moving in the eastbound direction at trooper road and by the way, two new on and off-ramps opening up later this afternoon, the ben franklin bridge i can tell you right now looking swell. >> next on cbs-3, hillary clinton's first interview since the terrorist attacks.
7:00 am
hear her plans to fight isis. see you in a bit with updates. it is tuesday, december 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning". the first major snowstorm of the season slams the mid-west. whiteout conditions cause hundreds of crashes. >> only on "cbs this morning," hillary clinton outlines her plan to destroy isis and defends her relationship with wall street. and a cyber attack on a popular toy maker exposes photos and private conversations between parents and their children. are you at risk? >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. it's way too snowy for us to continue on the highway. >> i can't believe we got this


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