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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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you can see a break in the action over philadelphia, down toward d.c. and baltimore but more rain still to come as part of the much larger system that has been producing you can see circulation around that storm, cold front, extending out from the center of the low but we have a long way before this front pushes off eastern seaboard and we have been seeing a lot more rain, perhaps half inch to an inch of rain still to come. what to expect this evening and overnight? showers and fog this evening, watch out for slow downs on the road even though we don't have heavy rain falling at the moment is there road spray and patchy fog leading to low visibility. overnight continues, light rain, mist, drizzle and for your wednesday morning commute period of rain light in the morning and areas of fog but that is not the end of it. this could impact second half of your wednesday commute as well. the good news is we're not talking about any ice or snow. temperatures well above average in the mid 50's right now in philadelphia, approaching 60 tomorrow, once rain gets out of here, better
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news in the second half of the seven day all coming up in a bit. thanks, kate. breaking news, a school bus crash in burlington county has left at least one person seriously injured. a bus collided with a volkswagen on pemberton and ridge roads in southampton. new jersey state police say there was one serious injury to someone in the vehicle but say no one was seriously hurt on the school bus. we're gathering more information. stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest. police in south jersey are searching for a mother and her three month-old daughter. police say 34 year-old ne id y ramirez and her daughter genesis were last seen mountain vineland area on saturday police found mother's 2005 chevy trail blaze's abandoned on route 55 north. police say, neither ramirez or her daughter has a melodies other. if you have any information, call police. this is giving tuesday a day dedicated to generosity following all of the blank friday and cyber monday. the social media campaign
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encourages people to make donations to charities and other good causes. >> health reporter stephanie he stall is here with the heart warming give back. >> lots of really give backs and this one touched us. hashtag giving tuesday, generated $46 million in donations last year, but giving isn't just about money, there is volunteering and even donating blood. well to day a grateful family from south jersey decided to give back to the red cross. benjamin hopkins likes to play with trucks and toys just lake any other five-year old but two years ago his life was in jeopardy when he was suddenly, a plastic, anemia. >> stop making new blood cells and ben was treated with blood transfusions. >> without that he wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: on this giving tuesday ben's mom tony wanted to give back to donate the blood for the first time. >> to help anybody who needed a transfusion, the amount of time that i spent over at hup, with all of those children getting transfusions for multiple reasons.
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all you have to does look in those and. >> and critical times, from the red, and, tropical off during the holiday season. >> there is and, prohibit people from coming in like they normally would. >> and and, turn his life around, but his mom does. >> what do you think of the people who donated blood to save his life. >> thank you. you're a super hero to me and my son. without those transfusions, many in he had treatment, there was no other option. >> i joined tone any making a blood donation, even more meaningful when you see patients like ben who are here. >> is what your favorite sport. >> and there you go. now ben is not technically cured but his blood counts are back to normal. the red cross is hoping that
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the holiday slump in blood supplies will get a boost from giving tuesday and that spirit of giving will last, through the the new year. you know i have given blood a lot of times, but today, to be able to see ben and that adorable child getting help from this, it really is meaningful. >> it makes it very real when we see actual faces. >> every day super heroes. >> thanks, stephanie. some good news for some commuters if you drive across the delaware river you may be able to save some money. >> starting to day, delaware river port authority, and, and, "eyewitness news", and, and, greg report report and e-z pass customer and going from new jersey into philadelphia through one of our four bridge is here you could save about $20 per month in toll toll charges. the catch is right now this program is only available to new jersey e-z pass cuss mers. if you take any of the four
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bridges from new jersey into philadelphia, your journey could get a little cheaper. >> the fact that we had a roll back for those people by a dollar from $5 to $4. >> reporter: delaware bridge river port authority announce that had discount would apply to anybody with the port authority or new jersey e-z pass. you have to travel over ben franklin, betsy ross, walt whitman or commodore barry bridge, at the least 18 times per month. >> you know it offers a discount of $18. >> reporter: but this toll break isn't automatic. >> you have to go on to their e-z pass and elect it, so they have to, enroll in the program, and one time enrollment. >> reporter: what do you think of the new program. >> i think it is great. >> i think we do spend money on tolls and it helps out the community. >> reporter: new jersey drivers say that they are excited about this discount. >> it is good to give back to us who travel into pennsylvania all the time. >> reporter: they should be. over the course of the year you will be saving $216.
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taking the the current average gas price in new jersey, the savings, now have fill up your tank about eight times. >> anyway to save. >> reporter: cashier those folks with pennsylvania e-z pass tags who may live in philadelphia and travel to new jersey for work, they are out of luck. >> right the now if you get your e-z pass through pennsylvania turnpike you are not eligible. >> reporter: is there not much sympathy from new jersey drivers. >> i'm from new jersey so it doesn't matter to me. >> it is good to be from new jersey. >> reporter: no love for pennsylvania. we reached out to the pennsylvania turnpike authority and they say they are in talks to offer this same discount to pennsylvania e-z pass holders but that won't happen until sometime in early 2016. we're live at ben franklin bridge, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news brookhaven woman is facing theft charges tonight. police say she stole from her own mother and set up a fraudulent go fund me page claiming her mother was sick. "eyewitness news" reporter
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rahel solomon joins us live at the delaware county courthouse in media with more on this case, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. prosecutors say that this daughter stole more than $40,000, from her own mother when she was made power of attorney. today i spoke to the defendant, that daughter and her boyfriend and they simply say the charges are not true. the photo perhaps shows happier times, mother and daughter embracing for a quick picture, delaware county prosecutors say that the mom pictured here is now a victim of theft and they say her daughter was the thief. >> we understand that the daughter may have her own financial need that she may have her own expenses that she needs to pay but not at mom's expense. >> reporter: prosecutors say that five three-year old carolyn of brookhaven used her nine two-year old mom's account to withdraw cash from atm, open credit cards and stopped paying her moms's expenses a the this retirement community. also to the tune of $40,000. >> mom's ready to get put out on the street. >> reporter: but le grand did
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not want to speak on camera but talk to me on the phone. she was in the process of trying to catch up on her mother's own expenses. her boyfriend says it is a misunderstanding. >> the credit card, auto loans. >> no, no, it is ridiculous. >> reporter: prosecutors say le grand even set up a fake go fund me page for her mom and they say law is clear. without permission, mom's money is mom's money and that doesn't change for anyone not even her own daughter. >> you may have a reason why you have taken mom's money and your reason in your own mind may be good but it is not. you need to make sure you take care of mom first, mom comes first. >> reporter: prosecutors tells me the mother. victim will be able to stay at that retirement community for foreseeable future. as for the defendant, the daughter, she tells me she plans to plead not guilty to these felony charges she's facing. the she's back in court in late december. rahel solomon for cb is s3 "eyewitness news".
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thanks very much, rahel. kathleen kane turns to a inform maryland attorney yen to head the so-called porn gate investigation. it will be a team of special prosecutors tasked with examining the exchange of e-mails by state officials. the team will look for violations of pennsylvania's criminal, civil, or ethics laws. the e-mails were allegedly pornographic, racist in nature, and sent on taxpayer time. >> they are viewed on state, taxpayer owned computers, and sent over state servicer, government servicer and during work hours. >> kane cannot lead the investigation as the the state's top prosecutor, her law license is currently suspended while she awaits charges that she leaked secret grand jury information and then lied bit under oath. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight he was once the voice of your commute for decade but former kyw news radio traffic reporter john brown has been in a life long battle with a debilitating disorder. now a new tell all book how he
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didn't let it slow him down. plus stealing from first responders for profit, where police say a chester county employee was ripping off a company he work for and selling items on e bay, kate. it has been a rainy day, it will be a rainy night and stay soggy in the day tomorrow with another batch of heavy rain, head our way, we have a lot of time before this system moves out but once it does, we will talk about staying sunny for days. we will have your seven day forecast, coming up, don. it feels like a lakers game here in south philadelphia, all of these fans in purple and gold, coming up later, we will talk to kobe bryant about playing here in philadelphia, and he has advice for big ja, later in shoed.
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police are investigating a groping incident. take a look at this video from black friday. this man ace cues of following woman at 15th and market station touching her buttocks and then running away. if you know who that suspect is, give police a call. philadelphia a police officer joseph sees has been suspended for 30 days with intent to dismiss. he was arrested on
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thanksgiving by bensalem police for allegedly assaulting a woman. he was off-duty at the time. up investigators say woman suffered facial injuries as a result of the physical altercation with sees. he has been charged with simple assault and harassment. suppliers of first responder equipment is charged with stealing items from his chester county employer and selling them on e bay. he faced a judge in west chester today. prosecutors say he stole more than 2,000 items from the public safety group over an eight year period and pocketed more than $196,000, from the on line auction. >> the defendant was putting putting public safety items like rifle scopes out there. we're always worried that those things could end up in the wrong hand. some of these rifle scopes are high end rifle scopes, they should really be used only by law enforcement and folks for a need for them. >> he pleaded not guilty and had no additional comment. familiar voice to all of us is sharing a personal story many don't know and helping
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others. >> long time kyw news radio traffic reporter john brown has written a memoirs detailing a life spent conquering disability. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson has the the story. >> very first thing you will note business john brownies the last thing that is actually matters. >> i never considered myself different. >> reporter: brownies two years in retirement after nearly half century in broadcast continuing. including a decade long stint as kyw news radio traffic reporter. >> i have done stuff that other people just wouldn't do. >> reporter: that stuff is what john made a career of, broadcasting, to thousands, traveling the world, and taking joy ride on jets. through all that, few ever even noticed that first thing, john has cerebral palsy. wife donna says it even took her a while to drak the case. >> we dated for four or five months and i said is what wrong with you. >> reporter: even now disability keeps them from nothing but after john
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ruptured a difficulties income his back five years ago life got harder. >> i went to get out of the car and could not use my left leg. >> reporter: one year ago with the fresh mixture of pain and retirement, donna made a challenge. >> i challenge him to do something when he said he would retire. i said you will not sit home all day. he said let's write a book. >> reporter: together they came up with why not, an award winning story of how what should be a greatest weakness is a strength. now available on with a inner perfect rating. >> i never had any restrictions because i didn't put any on myself anyway. >> reporter: on this giving tuesday johnnies giving back for every copy of his book that he sells a dollar will come here, a place call variety camp where he learned that disabilities shouldn't be a hindering but a metvation. the 88-acre facility is haven for special needs kid, often whose biggest need is just to feel normal. >> the amazing thing about johnnies you probably never knew he had a disability. >> reporter: beyond says if you didn't write the book,
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most might never necessity but if it helps just one person, why not. in lower merion, steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> um, john and donna very best. >> cheers to them. kate is here now with a look a at a continuously wet forecast. >> yes. >> not a great transition from november into december. we had a lot have rain for first day of the month but it is still warm november and warm start to december. we will have that going for us. you need umbrella but not heavy parka, gloves and mittens just yet and for the rest of the forecast, to temperatures stay at or above average right through the the weekend. the problem is we have to get this rain out to enjoy it. lets look outside, taking you out to campbell's feel showing low clouds and fog out there as we look live at ben franklin bridge. beautiful shot but not most beautiful night out and about the on the road, slow go out there no matter where you are, storm scan three shows this large scale system impacting our weather since late last night and rain finally started
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to move in, cloud thicken up yesterday afternoon and we still have a lot of real estate between us and cold front. is there edge of it right there moving through portions of western kentucky and tennessee, still some snow around back side of that low over northern plains. this is rain you want to watch moving through deep south here this evening and lifting, to the north and east, and will eventually impact our area as we get in the day tomorrow and rain could be heavy for a time during the the midday hours. right now a few scattered showers, temperatures at 48 degrees, glass co at 45. many areas have seen over half inch of rain, few more rain amounts glass co, delaware, .9 , four almost and inch so far. west chester over three-quarters of an inch. ambler and langhorne at .6 of an inch rain. it has been on and off for the past 24 hours. light rain and mist will continue tonight with areas of fog. for your wednesday period of rain, steady in the afternoon. wake up tomorrow morning a lot like today light rain, drizzle, scattered showers
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that will intensify during the afternoon hours but it does stay warm, temperatures will be, near 60 degrees. let's review since it is first day of december. temperatures for month of november, 5.6 degrees above average, it is second warmest november ever on record in philadelphia a, and that is not hard to believe, it was a very warm month and dry month, more than an inch below average precipitation wise. high temperature 80. lowest temperature got down to 33. we have more warmth, today we are in the 50's, same story upper 50's. we he will get that rain out, cooler but seasonal on thursday and we are at 50 degrees with sunny skies on friday. overnight tonight we will drop down to 50. light rain, area of fog. slow go on both side of the coin on your wednesday at 59. let's fast forward to sunday night to the start of the hanukkah at sundown at 48 degrees, man mainly clear, cool, beautiful start to the holiday. for those celebrating in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, looking fantastic, thursday and friday,
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seasonally cool with sunshine and then above average with sun, saturday, and sunday. >> wow. >> love to see that in december. >> thanks, kada appreciate it. >> we will be right back. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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special day in south philadelphia, lakers legend back where it all started just days after announcing his retirement. >> sports director don bellies at the wells fargo center where kobe bryant will be playing his last pro game in philadelphia, don? >> hello, it is a special night here in south philadelphia a, as you mentioned, kobe bryant is set to take on the sixers here and it is the final game professional game, for him here in philadelphia he said he loves coming here. we talk to him about an hour ago. he said when he pulls in the a arena, to make sure he has soft pretzels on top of his locker with mustard to go with it. he always has a cheese stake after the game. he broke the sixers hearts, while playing here, back in
6:24 pm
2001, in the nba finals, but, we come now to find out that growing up, one of his fantasies was to play for the sixers and he talk about it. >> in high school i always hoped to be a sixer, i was hoping that but at the time iverson was such a force, but it was always a dream of mine to play in philadelphia but once that didn't happen, my childhood ambition was being a los angeles laker. this can actually happen. and i became a lak. i was never going to look back. >> here's the thing about kobe bryant, when he came in, he was 18 years old. a child project can i. sixers have one in jahlil okafor, he is 19 years old and you may have heard a week ago he got in issues in boston. he got in the street fight and other off the court issues.
6:25 pm
tmz released this video of him getting into that fight. it is a struggle being a kid in this situation, and i asked kobe bryant at this press conference do you have any advice for big ja. >> to the point, it is important to learn from those things and stay focused on the game. stay focused on the game. focused on tactical things where you feel your weaknesses are and how to get better and if he does that he will be just fine. >> so, some housekeeping issues here before we let you go, the flyers are playing in ottawa tonight. they are looking for their third straight win talking about orange and black, eagles practice and sam bradford did participate but we are unsure when will play sunday in new england. as for tonight, you know what the story is, sixers/lakers and sixers are trying to avoid a 19th straight looks to start the season which is an nba record, highlights and reaction tonight at 11:00 but for right the now we will send it back to the studio, guys.
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>> okay done thanks very much. >> it looks like a lot of people are coming in there right now. let's do it. let's do it. lets go sixth are tonight g luck kobe you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back the at ten on our sister station the cw philly a and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news" tonight an new drug could be use to cure hepatitis c but how are people who really need it going to afford it. from new york here now is scott pelley, take care family see you tonight.
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>> pelley: shake up in chicago. the police superintendent is fired after a white cop is charged with murdering a black teenager. also tonight, the cure for a fatal disease that afflicts thousands of veterans. >> that was some of the best news i had heard in a long time. >> pelley: then came the bad news. the v.a. can't pay for it. record-breaking snow in the midwest makes travel a challenge. and a random act of kindness leads to a quest to say thank you. >> i want people to know what he did for captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the mayor of chicago tried to end the turmoil by firing the police superintendent, garry mccarthy. the city, plagued by gun violence


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