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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 4, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> searching for answers after the massacre in san bernardino, investigators still trying to figure out what trigger the deadly shooting spree left 14 people dead and shocked the country. >> now one of the first officers on the scene is describing the chaos he saw, and also hearing from relatives to one of the victims who had ties to our area. cool, cloudy start to the day. things are actually looking up for this weekend we're happy to report. i know that does a number for the roads. >> certainly, traffic and weather we go hands in hand. right now dealing with dry roadways. things are looking good full outside. and i don't even want to talk about traffic. i know the weather will be so nice. katie, sunny all weekend? >> it is looking fantastic. soap, yes. i would say if you're going to be headed out maybe waking up with us now, but not hitting the run until the sun comes up, prepare for sun glare,
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that is the problem, have the sunglasses ready to go. hey, that's nice price to pay if it means real pleasant conditions, and exactly what we we can expect here today, tomorrow, sunday, how long does it last? wait and see. we have the answer for you. so, storm scan quiet at the moment. you know, we talk about the fact we have couple of clouds over there, over head, just very thin vale of cloud cover at this hour, over spreading the delaware vale, there are some spots where it is completely cleared down across most cape may county, atlantic county most of delaware for that matter. high pressure will be hooking us up here. beautiful view right now, outside in the live neighborhood network, overlooking from palmyra cove nature park, the city sky scape off in the distance here, and it is actually a really easy view at this point. we couldn't even see our hands in front of our faces two days ago. meanwhile expect the sunshine once the sun does rise it, will help increase the thermometer readings to the low 50's, along the shore points, here, in philadelphia, and up toward the mountain us terrain talking low 40's at best.
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still above average, as we look forward in this forecast with the sunshine, and it is going to stick with us here, as we head into the upcoming weekend. quick check for you on the area headlines, take a peak here, sun soaked weekend. temperatures staying nicely above average though. they will actually go on nice uphill climb through the weekend, next shot for wet weather meisha doesn't even come until next week. >> oh, sun soak. doesn't that just sound so great? fifty-seven on sunday. i cannot wait. here is a look at 95 southbound past cottman, looking pretty good. southbound interstate 95, southbound direction, starting to heat up just little bit. we push through the 5:00 hour. of course we will see that push even more so into the 6:00 hour. even though it is friday, and it tends to be one of the lighter travel days, certainly going to see 95 heat up today. boulevard southbound approaching the schuylkill, looking good here, once you get on to the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, looking good, there as well. but the schuylkill westbound city avenue start too long heat up. we just saw that ten minute ago. this is where we do have police activity, an accident, near media route one, media
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bypass north, the ram top southbound blue route. that shoulder is blocked right now, but as you can see, not causing too many slow downs. just going to make you stop and put on your brakes a little as you approach that. this is an accident that we have in burlington new jersey overturned vehicle with vehicle fire route 130 northbound tyler street just past the burlington bristol bridge. that will right lane is still blocked, not causing too many slow downs right now, but it will if we don't get that cleared out of the way. world of mass transit media elwin line busing this weekends, airport line bussing between terminals e and f and 30th street. so busy morning, but overall things looking pretty good. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. several thousand mourners gather for vigil honoring the victims of the san bernardino shooting, religious leaders pay tribute to the 14 dead and 21 wounded at minor league baseball park. a search revealed that the two suspect, stockpiled weapons inside their home. investigators are now being looking for a man who bought two rifles, used in that attack. one of the first responders to that shooting said despite all of this training, nothing
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could prepare him for what he saw. >> as we entered into the conference room, the situation was surreal. it was something that i don't think again we prepare for. >> sigh ad farook and his wife tashfeen malik died in the shoot-out with police. farook had been in contact with the people in the us and over sees with us is expected links to terrorism. >> one of the victims every wednesday's shooting in california used to live and work in south jersey and still has ties here in our area. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in our sat center details on. that will jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, during his time at the cape may county health department, 52 year old nick thalasinos was health inspector, he was on the hazmat team, he inspected food and water now his family from the east coast to the west coast is left stunned by his death. >> people don't realize when you go to bed at night that
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your world can be changed when you wake up the next day. >> reporter: that was reality for annette thalasinos, awoke to news her husband was one of 14 people killed in san bernardino shooting killing. fifty-two year old nick thalasinos was health inspector for the county there you. >> can't describe it. there is just no words. i don't know whatever our difference might have been, you know, he and i were parent together. >> annette and nick now have two grown sons, while they were married nick worked at the cape may county health department. >> he was on their hazmat team. he was dollars foot inspector, water inspector, like i said, he just wanted to make sure his community was safe. >> in 2001, nick moved west, remarried, and now leaves behind a wife, jennifer thalasinos. >> my whole life has been basically turned upside down.
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he just had enormous heart. >> while nick had posted comment, his widow tells cbs news she can't believe he would be a target. >> was so kind to everybody, so shuffle russ. >> we'll hear more from jennifer coming up in our next half hour, as for annette and nick, they had been estranged since divorced but nick had recently reconnected with his oldest son, who lives in delaware county. reporting live in the sat center, january carstarphan bano. >> jan, thanks for the update. >> not pleasant to think becomes but there are some things to do to try to stay safe in a active shooter situation. local security expert offers three steps to survival. first, and most obvious, run away. if there is no way to escape, then find safe hiding place away from the gunfire. if worse comes to worse, fight back. >> you have going have to fight. you are going have to do anything you can, you are fighting for your life. aim not saying let's go from is her tia hundred, but have to now start thinking what if,
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if and when, if this should happen here, when this happens, what am i going to do. >> now, the goal is to come up with a plan about what you would do in a life or death situation. >> it is 5:37 right now. in business news, this morning, what triggered a huge sell-off on wall street. money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange with more on. that will jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, europe central bank shocked investors by not putting in place stronger economic stimulus yesterday's meeting, that and concern over the san bernardino shootings were that they were terrorism sparks big sell off on wall street yesterday. the dow fell 252 points, the nasdaq dropped 85. the big jobs report comes out before opening bell, most economists expect the unemployment rate held steady at 5%. this is the last big piece of economic data the fed will look at when it decides whether to raise interest rates at the next meeting in two weeks. oil prices at six year low, which is falling prices at the gas pump. but that could change.
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opek meets today, saudi arabia, other members of the cartel, could decide to cut production in order to boost prices. >> and, another day, another iphone rumor. >> this time there are reports apple's next iphone will be smaller with a 4-inch screen, also less expensive, like upgraded iphone, but with faster processor and apple pay, expected to hit store shelves early next year. >> just in time, you know, for lots of people to get in line and buy it, appreciate t5:38 right now. if you went to bed early last night, you missed wild finish. you have to see the play being called the motor city miracle. tony romo, he won't be throwing any footballs for awhile after getting hurt. and eagles fans, you won't want to miss what happens when the cowboys quarterback invites james cord end over to his house for a sleep over. plus, she turned books intov best sellers. know oprah trying her own hand at writing, the words on when you can read her highly
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anticipated memoir. >> ♪ >> ♪ is. >> yes, cold play just booked its biggest gig yet, let you know where you can see the popular band play next year. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> today's headlines, new this morning, philadelphia police officer suffered minor injuries, when a driver rearended her police cruiser. it happened on the schuylkill expressway off ramp to passyunk avenue. police arrested the other driver for suspicion of dui. in overnight fire, damages a home in runnemede, new jersey, firefighters say the flames broke out in the basement on the home on the unit block every south read avenue. there are no reports of injuries. >> and several thousand mourners gathered for prayer in candlelight vigil for the victims of the shooting in san bernardino california. religious leaders pay tribute to the 14 people killed and 21 wounds the. >> all right, 5:42, let's
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check in with our weather watchers, good morning. >> good morning, nicole. good morning, everybody. we start things off by looking at highlight we've had since the past fall, now that we're entering into meteorological winter, go month by month, see the headlines that came into play here in september. we had seven days at 90 degrees or higher. in the month of october, the highest day or the highest temperature we saw was 80 degrees, lowest was 35, and through the month of november temperatures were trending, 5.6 degrees above average, making that month of november the second warmest that we've ever recorded. so far, i mean, only few days in, only the fourth of december, but so far reaking out average of 9.8 degrees, above that norm. soap, it is to has been incredibly, incredibly mild for the standards. let's go next to what's happening here, on storm scan3. and if we can, come on, clicker, work with me here maybe. it is thinking about it. it is thinking about it. it want to.
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steve, would you minds? our wonderful weather produce letter swing over, hit the space bar for me. let me switch, there it is, i didn't even hit the button and it decided to go. okay, at the local level, nice and clear for you at this point. with high pressure building in place, it will keep things real nice. i do want to check in very quickly, though, with the weather watchers, we go there next, take a look at the area map. into the low 40's around the board, couple of chillier spots like this one at 30 degrees for mark. he's out in chadsford with the nice clear sky. portions of the delaware valerie still until the midst of little bit of cloud cover. but this is not one of the spots. and very quick check on one of the other colder spots, john jenkins reporting more clouds where he is, but he is in a remote perkasie, right now, so that's where that is coming from. let's go ahead, take a look at that hour by hour forecast under nice clear sky for the rest of the day we can expect temperatures it rebound, we will warm up nicely as the weekend goes on, by sunday, sunny skies, and high of
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57 degrees. normal high, meisha, 49 degrees, so doing the math it is not bad. >> amazing, katie, you know what's also amazing, these clickers can cause us so many troubles. shake my finger at it. good morning, happy friday everyone, 422 eastbound at trooper road. looking good. just moments ago, we looked at this exact same shot, it didn't look quite as busy so we know that 422 eastbound direction at trooper road you're starting to heat up. westbound looking pretty busy, as well. delaware county 95 moving in the northbound direction 452, very nice scene. this is very quiet here. obviously traveling at posted speeds, all the way up northbound, even to the airport, around the airport, looking good. by the way no major delays at the airport, oh, no, not dealing with weather conditions today. beautiful outside. here is a accident, near media. route one, media bypass, ramp to southbound blue route blocking the shoulder just starting to heat up little bit right now not causing too many problems. but k burlington, new jersey, another accident here,
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overturned vehicle, possible vehicle far, in fact, the vehicle fire was confirm by the way route 130 northbound tyler street just past the burlington bristol bridge. all lanes block right now. not just the right lane. all lanes. so, stay clear of that area, i'll update in you another 15 minutes. >> eagles quarterback sam bradford is expected to play when the eagles take on the ten and one new england patriots sunday afternoon in foxboro. bradford missed the last two games with a concussion and shoulder injury. but the patriots and tom brady could be without one of their main weapons, tight ends rob, went down with a knee injury, listed as day-to-day, but sources in new england say gron will not play sunday against the eagles, grnonk1 every brady's favorite target. >> check out the ends of last night's thursday night football game on cbs-3, controversial face mask penalties give aaron rogers and the packers one more play against the lions, and rogers adds to his legacy launching hail mary to the end zone, tight end richard rogers comes
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away with it, almost unbelievable. what a play. the packers shot the lions on the last play of the game, the very end, 27 to 23. well, of course we have to wait few more weeks to find out who is going to play in superbowl 50. but we do know half time is going to rock. take a listen. >> ♪ >> nfl announced last night cold play will headline the half time show at the big game, seven time grammy winner just released new albumn today. more musicians are expected to be added to the half time show in the next few weeks. love cold play. that's going to be awesome. and don't forget the only place you can see the superbowl and the half time show is right here on cbs-3, on february 7th. it will be here before we know it. well, it is pretty safe to say the hated dallas cowboys will not be playing in the superbowl with quarterback tony romo, likely out for the rest of the season. but now we get to see how he's
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spending his time recovering from the shoulder injury. he actually had a sleep over with james cordenden on the late late show. take a listen. >> hey, nice to see you. in your pajamas. >> i'm not. >> oh, cool. >> they roasted marshmellows, painted their toenails, and put on face masks for the late night get together. crazy. but the part the eagles fans will like the best, has to be the jab that cordon got in during a game of jenning ajenga. >> (laughing). >> ahh. >> never lost before. you lose all the time. >> we like that. way to go. of course you can see more of corden late night laughs on the late late show at 12:37, here on cbs-3. >> ♪
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>> well, this is sure to make her book club list. oprah winfrey is starting her own book imprint. kicking it off with a new memoir. the book titled the life you want is scheduled to be released in january of 2017. now, it will feature series of never before told stories from her own life in an effort to show how people can make the changes necessary to succeed. winfrey ace imprint doesn't have a name yet, but is expected to feature several non-fiction works a year. looking forward to. that will. >> women, shakespear is back on the big screen this weekend, kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has the words on the new take on motorcycle macbeth. >> the ultimate couple until the latest adaptation of shakespear legendary and bloody play macbeth. >> (movie clip). >> michael stars a -- stars as macbeth, the scottish duke who becomes king, role lived for and won the star was thrilled to play. >> if somebody was going to give me the opportunity to
5:50 am
play macbeth, i would be kind of foolish to turn it down or chicken or whatever you want to call it. you know, the challenge was there. i think it is a great privilege, and honor to be allowed to take on shakespear. >> but this isn't your typical stuffy shakespear. it features some steamy scenes and plenty of epic action. >> these battle scenes are very visceral. and you get idea of the landscape. and how that affect the characters. >> i feel now the future ... >> ac admit award winner maryanne also stars as lady macbeth, one of the most infamous wives in literature, who urges macbeth in his quest for power but suffers as a result. >> looks like an innocent plower. >> lady macbeth gives herself up in a way to sort of this haneous crime of murdering duncan in the hope that they will forge together again this relationship that they lost. >> what's done is done.
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>> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> you can stay to up date with everything that's happening in hollywood with entertainment tonight. it is on tonight, and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> well, a lot of people heading to the mall to take pictures with santa claus. but one jolly old saint nick is trading in his signature red suit this season. you'll meet the man being called hipster santa. that's coming up next. stay with us.
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the national mall. president owe bamm, a the first family, lighting up the national christmas tree, annual lighting hosted by actress reese whitherspoon, and performance by cross out boy and crosby stills and nash. looking for more authentic santa this holiday season, don't take trip to portland, oregon, you won't find hipster santa in the traditional red and white suit. instead he sports jeans, sweater and man bun.
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all in portland, giving the reindeer time off opting instead to get around on his bike. love. that will kind of cool. hey, don't forget, you can help spread holiday cheer this year, our "joy of sharing" toy fest campaign now underway, just buy new unwrapped toy, bring it to one of our locations, you can find at list at fest, also collecting at the love park christmas tree lighting, so make your way out there definitely bring new unwrapped toy. >> the fort worth texas police department is looking for new officers who want to join the force. >> you can see per my resume, i'm quite proficient at using the force. >> well, we refer to it as use of the force. and i don't get quite the same thing as you think it is. >> i love this. the force was not with darth vader during his appearance in a recruitment video, maybe shouldn't have hired yoked a for the job. facebook followers shared the
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video more than 3,000 times. i just like that they're having good time with it, and all things star wars, you know, mega hits. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", the first lawsuit is filed over charlie sheen's hiv diagnosis. and when he revealed that diagnosis. find out who is suing the actor next. >> for this week's dream drive, meisha is riding the rales. we're take you aboard the north pole express for holiday treat. something the whole family can enjoy that's coming up next.
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we're following some stories that happened overnight. check out this scary scene, when fire races through a south jersey home, we'll let you know if everyone made it out okay. >> some scary moment for a philadelphia police officer, when someone rearend her cruiser. find out why the other driver could be in some legal trouble. >> and, we have the latest on the san bernardino massacre, investigators working to determine a motive as we learn more about the victims. >> today is fly, december the fourth, good morning to you, glad you're with us, i'm nicole brewer. i want a check on weather and
6:00 am
traffic with katie and meisha a good morning, hammy friday, ladies? good morning, yes, tgif. what a great weekend. it is going to be. roadways are dry. we do have couple of accident out there, but not slippery conditions, obviously, katie, great driving conditions. so they have no excuse this morning. >> yes, looking good. we can expect to see the nice quiet weather continue through the weekends, them things do start to shift little bit in the pattern. for now, all good smooth sailing here, as we kick off not only the last day back to work but the up coming weekend so looking fantastic, nice generally clearing skies for you out there right now, all courtesy of high pressure. and we can actually see the skyscrapers behind me for a change. that's good news, right? storm scan3, quiet as can be with the tri-state sweep being made. put the satelite coverage over top, yes, thin vale of cloud cover. not messing with your morning, though, not low to the ground. that was the problem, in recent days here, right? but those clouds too even though higher up in the atmosphere, they too will start to thin out with time, courtesy of the high


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