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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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isis, to facebook and this guy is looking at possibility that she raggized her husband. agents are examining the married killer's digital fingerprint to determine a motive and any possible accomplices. ape today we have learn that a pennsylvania native, died in wednesday's mass shooting at social services center. forty-six year-old harry bowman was formal willly of york pennsylvania, father of two work as a analyst for san bernardino county department of public health. bowman family says in part this is a tragic looks for our family much like it is for all families around the world who have experienced this kind of violence. there are no word that express our sadness in losing such a special person. we can only hope that these senseless killings, seized. cbs news correspondent daniel nottingham is in san bernardino with more on the investigation, danielle. >> reporter: ukee and jessica federal authorities don't know if others were involved in planning this shooting. they say based on the evidence
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the couple could have been plotting a second attack. >> we are now investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: fbi is taking over the investigation into the san bernardino shooting, this is as a federal law enforcement source tells cbs news that suspect tashfeen malik was an isis supporter. using an alias the the 28 year-old mother reportedly pledge her allegiance to isis leader, on facebook, just before the the the attack. malik and her husband, syed rizwan farook, killed 14 people, and injured almost two dozen more wednesday when they attack farouk's office holiday party. cbs news security analyst [natural sound] juan, calls it the a game changer. >> we are in a much more diverse terrorist landscape, one that involves potential u.s. citizens, of course, as well as women. i think that makes the the job of the fbi more difficult. >> reporter: cameras got a first look inside the couple's apartment since investigators
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finished processing it but offered little inside into the us peck's motive. inside half eaten food laid near toys and child bedding. couple had a six month-old daughter hoist being raise by relatives. >> they just, seemed like they were very happy. >> reporter: judy miller said she rented the apartment to farouk six months ago. >> because he seemed so nice, and you know, nice. >> reporter: fbi says it knows who purchased the guns used in the a attack but they are not under arrest. the fbi says that the couple left behind digital footprints, and they found smashed cell phones in the trash and they are working honorary covering the data. in san bernardino, california, danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fbi says it has concluded its investigation of the couple's apartments and released it back to the landlord and as danielle showed us just a moments ago the landlords opened it up to media today. it was instantly bombarded by a crush of cameras, there was
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food on the cameras and crib and children's books. farouk and malik had a yearlies, the the rent we're told was $1,200 a month. one of the landlord say the couple gave him in problems at all. >> they usualliment the neighbors if there is any problem the neighbors would say something or if there was a problem with the a tenant at so, gives me a call but i had no call or complaints or anything. >> landlord says he is afraid to open up the garage, couple had which is behind the apartment, they allegedly were building and stockpiling bombs there. congress is proposing new gun control laws in the wake of the massacre. we will have the full story coming up at 5:30. in the meantime keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the san bernardino massacre. of course, get very latest anytime at cbs a bucks count you middle schoolteacher is under arrest accused of sharing explicits pictures and videos with the 14 year-old student. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is outside the
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district justice office in warrington where the suspect was just arraigned, greg. >> reporter: ukee, investigators say teacher 30 year-old joseph becker had a five month-old sexually explicit relationship with a 14 year-old student, of his, and when investigators say becker found out police were looking into it, they say he tried having that 14 year-old's lie about what was going on. arriving at his arraignment joseph becker remained silent, the 30 year-old math teacher at pen ridge north middle school in cuffs after being caught in a relationship with a 14 year-old student. >> today, the bucks county detectives and pen ridge regional police department charge the the defendant with unlawful contact with minors, corruption of minors and sexual abuse of children. >> reporter: bucks county assistant district attorney michelle henry said girls parents first notified them yesterday after their daughter
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told them she and becker had been sending explicit sexual videos and pictures to one another. >> he was asking the victim while is was under investigation to lie to her parents. >> reporter: are was there any physical contact. >> as i said this is on going investigation he has not been charged with that at this time. >> reporter: during his arraignment bond set at the $250,000 and at his hearing becker told the judge he was sorry, even saying he cared about his students, and family. >> this defendant abused his position and violated that trust. >> reporter: but afterward before heading to the bucks county correctional facility he had nothing more to say. >> reporter: do you want to say anything more tour victim? >> no. >> reporter: investigators say they are looking in the possibility of more victims. we are live at bucks county i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks for that. we want to take you back out to california, happening right now farouk family attorney is holding a news
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conference in front of his office in north hollywood. let's listen in. >> there is two sisters and there is one brother. >> so, essentially the message that we want to give is that what we'd like to say on behalf of the families and the muslim community in jennies that just as late as 1:00 p.m. today the fbi chief james comby came out and said there was no signs that the alleged shooters belonged to a larger organization, a larger organized terrorist group or terror cell. so, i mean, they are trying to or they have come up with something where they are trying to say that they were
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inspired by some groups but there hasn't been any clear smoking gun evidence that they were part of any particular cell or any group. they are pointing to things that they saw on facebook and different account names, in the case of tashfeen malik, she supposedly had a facebook account set up under a different name that they say visited some group that may have been had ties to, you know, and more information keeps coming out, we will be able to identify which facts are accurate and which facts are not and that is the whole point of us meeting with the fbi. we have been in open communication with the agents of the fbi. we have been at their office. we were there for four hours yesterday. we will finishing up on monday, hopefully some other family membersment as more
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facts come out about the the types of relationship that each individual family member had we will relate that to you guys as well. >> what can you say right now, what do you know about what was found? >> what we can say from our four hour interview... you are listening to the attorney for the family of the the suspect shooters, in the san bernardino massacre. we will continue to monitor this and bring you important information you might need to know as it continues. >> they are an open communication with the fbi. we will continue once again to machine for the the situation throughout the evening. in the meantime police are investigating a serious crash that left three people injured in hanover township. four vehicle crash happened around 8:45 this morning in the 2200 block of swamp pike in montgomery county. authorities tell us that two people were taken to pottstown hospital and one was transported by helicopter. no details on the extent of their injuries. rutgers university sophomore is getting a lot of attention for rather bold move. >> he got in the ring to be
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head coach, of the scarlet knights football team and he talk with our diana rocco. >> come out, support the team and if i'm the coach, i'm the coach. >> reporter: after a disappointing four-eight team for rutgers scarlet knights, sophomore ben couch is petition to go take their program back. >> i thought it was funny at first but rutgers hasn't been doing well and maybe he is change we need. >> reporter: ben submitted his resume to the athletic department monday after former head coach was fired. >> originally it was kind of just a complete joke, nothing has been accounted for or have a good laugh and they need a good laugh. >> reporter: until senior associate athletic director jeff brown wrote back saying quote you have my vote, not that i have a vote but if i did, good luck. then posted message on social media and he has been gaining support across campus and in his hometown of wayne, new jersey. >> number one is that my youth is a big factor. the right off the bat i'm going to get that the record
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is the youngest coach. i will be able to relate to the athletes. >> reporter: he has offered to do the job for free tuition and says his first order of business is new recruits. his perfect game attendance and gaming skills are what qualifies him. he has brought on his roommate and high school buddy as a campaign manager who started circulating photo shopped pictures of ben with the team. >> he has the passion, he has the youth and he just knows how to game is played, he has madden experience, fantasy football experience. >> it is exciting, to see the student body about the open coaching petition. >> reporter: student body president ace that the students want a voice in the decision making process but if it doesn't happen. >> it was a rough year last year but i love being a rutgers fan. i love this school. i will continue to cheer every single saturday. >> reporter: while stand may be empty now ben has a place on this side line come this season win or lose, there has been so much support from the student body there won't be a empty seat in the stadium. on rutgers university campus in new brunswick i'm diana
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rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good passion is there. loud his efforts. >> yes, indeed. >> we will see how that shapes up so. >> very much owe. >> it is a perfect crisp december night and we are celebrating with another tree lighting. >> meteorologist kate bilo joins us at the christmas village in love park where festivities are getting underway, hi there, kate. >> reporter: hi ukee and guess contact we have carolers on the stage behind me people are starting to fill in, this place is really getting started. the the smells here are amazing. christmas market in full swing and we are about to light this tree in an hour or so. we will bring it to you live at 6:00 o'clock. the lets look at temperatures as we said a crisp night in the 40's in many spots. fifty in philadelphia. but by the time we light the the tree in the 6:00 o'clock hour we expect temperature right here to be about 46 degrees, and cool but not cold, light jacket and gloves are working for me right now, maybe the scarves but not all that cold. it is a perfect december night? i'll have your full forecast as we warm up through the
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weekend in just a few minutes but for now back here live i'll enjoy sound of the carolers behind me and look at that and three day in a couple minutes from now. for now back to you. >> we will see you shortly, thank you. coming up tonight holiday rush lead to a traffic nightmare near amazon mega warehouse in new jersey, how and when the company plans to alleviate the gridlock. plus this... >> reporter: iconic jersey shore hotel has change hand and new owners say they are ready to invest tens of millions of dollars, coming up why they think this may be a fame changer for tourism in cape may county. eating healthy is getting easier, health reporter stephanie stahl tells us how more food companies are ditching artificial ingredients while keeping the color. and temple's football team is heading to houston our pat gallon is their life where owls fans are gearing up, for tomorrow's huge game, we will
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. on the healthwatch grocery shopping is getting easier for people who want to avoid artificial color. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has alternative toss those food dyes. >> everybody wants to get health which this. >> reporter: with so many consumers wanting products to be as natural as possible food companies are responding, changing the way that they
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color their products. since becoming a mother katie mostman pays more a attention to what is in the food she buys for her family. >> i would read those ingredient list. >> reporter: since more consumers prefer food with coloring from natural sources more food makers are using fruit, vegetables an spieses for color. >> trend of removing artificial color is in the infancy. it will get bigger. >> reporter: companies like kraft and nestle and panera and subway are using natural color sources and general mills is removing artificial color sources from all of its cereals. >> removing from the colors with numbers, that consumers might be used to like red 40 or yellow five and instead using colors from sources such as fruit and vegetable juices. >> reporter: phil lamp earth says using natural pigment sources can be a challenge for food makers since fruits, vegetables, spieses can add flavor. >> they have a recipe fortes that they want to keep.
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it might take them a bit longer to find a natural color that can achieve the same product description. the most important thing for a consumer to look out for is, the free from claim report report claims like no color from artificial sources. >> if i'm eating something to enjoy it, i don't want to put anything artificial from my food. >> reporter: now for all of you trix cereals fans including ukee, general millions miss is changing trix to six fruit flavors to four, for now, while they work on a natural color alternative for the other two. no worries, ukee, we have you covered, my friend. >> they will not take them away. >> thanks, stephanie. well, santa's leaving the north pole early this year to give some special friend an early christmas gift. "eyewitness news" at adventure aquarium. santa claus traded in his sled for scuba gear as part of the aquarium's christmas celebration. watch santa swim along sharks,
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sea turtles and stingrays in the ocean, of 760,000-gallon tank. >> that is a good day, kid love i had. >> look at that. >> he sure did. >> yesterday was rittenhouse square to day we are in love park for annual christmas tree lighting. >> perfect beautiful night for it. meteorologist kate bilo joins us live from christmas village, kate. >> reporter: it is a perfect december, friday night, out here, and lots of people taking advantage of being here at this authentic german christmas village. if you have never been to the christmas village in philadelphia can i urge you to come down here. weekend will be perfect. it is beautiful. they have gigantic soft pretzels, eggnog in the cute mugs, they have all these things to buy from beautiful arrangements to beautiful sweaters. it is a great place to be. opened all weekend. we are about to light the tree behind me, for the entirety of the christmas season, and great night to do so. the lets go out to storm scan three and see what is happening, a whole lot of nothing. high pressure in control of our region and it will stay there throughout the weekend.
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the skies are clear right now and feeling comfortable for at least december night. it could be a whole lot worse, temperatures across the region 50 degrees in philadelphia, it is 44 in allentown. 47 degrees in trenton. forty-seven in atlantic city. and take a look at our feels like temperatures and we are not the that far off what the actual temperatures are. fifty in philadelphia the it feels like 50, wind not a big issue certainly today as it was yesterday. sunny weekend is on deck, high pressure will be overhead through the day tomorrow, wind not the an issue, lots of sunshine, it is a perfect day to hang christmas lights, perhaps on the the house if you have been putting it off making excuses. there is no excuse thomas far as weather is concern. the sunday, we want to be outside, it is not often we will get a near 60 degrees, sunny day in december enjoy it, sunday is probably nicest day in the seven day forecast. the and then monday just a few more clouds but still a nice day with temperatures above average once again. friday night, in philadelphia we will drop down with the clear sky, to 36 degrees, you will want jacket.
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i am happy i have, scarves and gloves on tonight. it is cool but not cold. thirty-six in our overnight low and as we kick start your weekend tomorrow, sunny, light wind, a perfect december day, temperatures almost 5 degrees above average as we hit 53. you're witness weather three day forecast looks great, through the weekend we have got sunshine across the the board 53 degrees on saturday. fifty-eight on sunday, full day of sun, sunday and monday 54, and still with some sun, coming up with the seven day next half an hour i'll tell but the chance for little bit of rain. also want to remind you our joy of sharing toy fest is going on right now, log on to cbs and fine locations all around the area donate bring a unwrapped toy down here to the tree light nothing love park and make holidays just a little bit brighter for a child in need around the area. as we come back here live i want to show you vantage behind behind you, we have staging, carolers up on the stage. i'm about to introduce the philly pops in a few minutes, they will be playing, doesn't
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get much better then philly pops at christmastime. then after 6:00 we will get ready to light the tree. we will bring it to you live here on cbs-3ment people are filling in and getting ready and we have his sixers gear on, i love it, a inningsers fan and apparently a cbs-3 as well, we will be here all evening to get ready to light this beautiful tree. reporting live from love park i'm meteorologist kate bilo for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and a kate fan, indeed. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" it is most wonderful time of the year but that could change if you are not careful. >> consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with decorating dangers and how to keep your family safe. pat. ukee and jessica we are live here in houston getting ready for tomorrow's aac championship we will see if temple can get themselves to the big time new years day bowl game, coaches ready, players ready, are you red i we will talk this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand
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game on, it is a huge weekend for temple football tomorrow they could be american athletic conference champions and play in the new years bowl game a big one if they beat houston in the title game. >> pat gallon joins us live from houston as owls get ready for the championship, pat. >> ukee and jessica, we are live here in houston but first take a trip back with me, it business a year ago when a philadelphia eagles take on the at will seahawks and lose. now what does that have to do with that game here? that was beginning of the end for philadelphia a sports. we all know about sixers and flyers and phillies and how bad they have been. eagles ended up missing playoffs and since then philadelphia a sports teams have just been, well, dread full. that is, until temple football came around and shocked us all this season. they beat penn state. they went seven and zero. they almost take down highly ranked notre dame. now just one more win this one over 19th ranked houston, stand between them ape biggest bowl game in school history and just a couple minutes ago
5:26 pm
we head from head coach matt ruhle. >> we would love to start fast, i mean, we with love to do thatment i don't think there is a faster starting team in the country than houston. at one point houston people here can see it was six or seven straight games where they scored on the first drive. we studied them and said what are they doing and what can we do? they were making plays and scoring. at the end of the day we have to stay true to who we are. we are a, you know, try to drag you into the fourth quarter and try to, you we feel if we are not down by 14 in the fourth quarter we have a chance. >> if they stay true to who they are temple can see themselves in the the bowl game in glendale, arizona or chick-fil-a peach bowl in atlanta but first they have to beat 11-one houston tomorrow at noon eastern time right here in houston. i believe that we are live, from houston texas i'm pat gallon for "eyewitness sports". back to you. >> i believe that we will win. >> we all believe. >> we have to.
5:27 pm
>> pat, thanks. >> thanks, buddy. coming up next, for the the first time fbi says san bernardino massacre is an act of terrorism. we will have the latest developments coming up. protecting your pet while traveling in the car results are in on a new round of crash tests find out if those pet seats keep your fury friend safe. new at 6:00. local church's connection to the freeing of slaves and how you can learn bit for free this weekend. i'm ra hell solomon with that story coming
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for the first time the fbi say san bernardino massacre is a act of terrorism and our coverage of the investigation, continues now at 5:30. good evening, i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. here's latest on the search for answers. cbs news confirms shooting suspect tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to isis, leaders on facebook. she may have radicalized her
5:31 pm
husband syed rizwan farook. camera crews got a look inside the couple's apartment have after investigators finish processing it but it offered let will inside in the motive. agent are examining the married killer's digital fingerprints, they are smashed cell fence were found in the trash. >> we are still exploiting the data. i have not seen it yet. we are still exploiting that. that will take time. i truly believe that will be the potential golden nugget but we just kept know why. >> reporter: we learned york pennsylvania mate i have harry bowman died in the wednesday's mass shooting at social services center. forty-six year-old father of two was a staff analyst for san bernardino county department of public health. in the wake have of wednesday's shootings congress remains divided over gun control legislation. series of measures were reject on the senate floor last night. democrats moved to push new gun control legislation on capitol hill on thursday in response to the recent mass shooting in san bernardino, california. >> san bernardino shooting was the 355th mass shooting this
5:32 pm
year. gun violence has reached epidemic levels in the united states. >> reporter: legislation would expand background checks to gun shows and on line purchases. permit people otter or watch list from buying guns or ammunition and strengthen, treatment for mental illnesses and substance abuse but republicans easily defeated the proposal. marco rubio explain why on cbs this morning. >> what they are trying to do now is not solve these problems, and in fact would impede second amendment rights of i large number of americans. >> reporter: for republicans the massacre in san bernardino, california has less to to about gun control but fight terrorism at home and abroad. >> fact of the matter were pack. >> reporter: on the campaign trail presidential hopefuls say fight against fight of terror starts at the white house. >> one of our priorities must be to defeat isis, in the contain them. not to degrade them. but to defeat isis, and to be back in the leadership business. >> reporter: president obama
5:33 pm
told cbs news congress need to pass gun control laws to stop the number of mass shootings in america. republican senators voted for expanded gun control legislation but still did not have enough support to reach the 60 votes needed. a paris cafe that was targeted has reopen. customers pack the cafe in the show of support, five people were killed when two gunman fired on the cafe's outdoor tables. instead of listing the day's special the menu read in part it is time to get together again, unite, to move on, and not forget. also the first week of the two week conference on climate change is wrapping up in parisment coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 todd quinones shows us why president obama says ignoring the the issue can have a much more sinister consequence on the global landscape. is there news of progress in harrisburg over state's five month budget stalemate. governor tom wolf sailed a proposed deal which include a historic increase in education
5:34 pm
funding. the terms lawmakers are focused on major changes to state pension benefits and state wine and liquor sales. they are expected to work through the weekend to hammer out an agreement. the big changes are in store for landmark hotel down the shore, golden inn, in avalon has been sold to chester base cod that plans to transform tonight to a luxury resort. here's "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve brian. >> reporter: for more than 50 years shore visitors checked in avalon's golden inn foresee see side getaways. when the property sold to philadelphia base iconea resorts there were concerns about what would become of the block wide property but today they invited us into say the the future is big, and bright. they plan to invest more than ten million-dollar to expand, and upgde the golden inn. >> this is going to be as it always was another level of luxury, for the the jersey shore. >> reporter: they will completely renovate the hotel to include 155 luxury rooms, a
5:35 pm
300 person wedding venue and pool and beach bar they promise would be unlike any other at the shore. their owner has decade of family history in avalon and has been eyeing this property for 15 years. >> it was always his vision, there was in other place in avalon that he wanted more than the golden inn. >> reporter: even if you never stepped foot in the golden inn and don't plan to their is a benefit to having all this new investment. it will bring more people to spend their money in cape may county and more hotels to help the local government. >> 155 rooms, a brand new fitness spa, brand new culinary experience, this will be a destination year round. >> reporter: they expect to create 35 new jobs and double tax revenue within three years. golden inn will remain opened through renovations with the grand opening by next july. in avalon, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> beautiful piece of property. >> beautiful place, yeah, absolutely gorgeous especially in the summer. >> got that right. amazon announced plans to
5:36 pm
alleviate grid locked traffic near its warehouse in robbinsville, new jersey. residents say holiday rush led to traffic jams on nearby road. so robbinsville mayor said the approved for 3,000 daily trips but they are now rolling out 5,000. employees enter and exit during rush hour, traffic grind to a halt for miles. beginning monday employees will work staggered shifts to ease the traffic flow. philadelphia's two leading children's hospital are joining forces, for an unprecedented partner hip to help children who are victims of abuse. children's hospital and st. christopher's hospital opens a sweet at philadelphia children's alliance facility today. "eyewitness news" on hunting park avenue as this partnership bliss together all services for sexual abuse victims under one roof. >> which in our old system they moved from site to site, d hs to police department, sometimes the the d.a.'s office and then to the hospital and every time, everybody asked them and almost a retrauma says of the
5:37 pm
child. having to keep repeated. >> partnership is all about make ago boost victims feel as comfortable as possible. a lot of pet owners, providing pets seat to protect pets but they may not keep your fury friend safe. the center for pet safety did crash tests on the seats and found they don't offer much in protection in a wreck. the seat which attached to the pets's collar or hardness often failed. >> connection points would fail, product itself would either roll or launch off the seat, and the dog would take flight, we do not recommend pet seats at this time for pet owner. >> they did not receive funding from pet care manufacturers, and their tests are sponsored by subaru. very special entertainer is coming back to philadelphia, coming up when and where you can see bruce springsteen. decorating for holidays is fun for the whole family but if you nor the careful it could turn dangerous. consume are report are jim donovan has some mistakes thaw are not making. and it the looks like your
5:38 pm
routine traffic stop, but what happens next, one woman will never for get. how a secret between the the officer and her boyfriend led to the biggest surprise of her life. and meteorologist kate bilo is live at love park, christmas village for annual tree lighting she will join us with more on their festivities and weekend forecast coming up.
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well, it appears that the november jobs report is a good one, labor department says that the u.s. economy added 211,000 jobs, in november, and that is slightly more than expect. and analyst saw growth in construction, professional and technical services, and health care. the the unemployment rate stayed the same at 5 percent. the last big piece of economic data, they said, the fed will look at when it
5:42 pm
decides to raise interest rates at its next meeting later this movement strong report makes it the more likely that the fed will raise rates for the first time, since the financial crisis. well, flashing lights in your rear-view mirror almost never a good sign but for one iowa couple a routine traffic stop turnout to be quite engaging. >> with all of the set up, jeff schultz was pulled over on his way to thanksgiving dinner in front of his girl friend's parents house. get out of the car by the officer. he then popped the question. much to the surprise of his bride to be. >> oh, my god, are you kidding me. >> oh, my god. >> i'm happy, that i was involved in it. it is nice to be involved, but it is something they will remember the rest of their lives. >> in case you are wondering how the officer got involved, he did pull over schultz the the first time he was on his way to meet her parents. so is there your connection. they plan to get married in july. >> tom mcginnes of the sixers, are you kidding me.
5:43 pm
>> that is great. that is great. good stuff.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. bruce springsteen and e street band will be performing one show at wells fargo center on friday, february 12th, ticket get on sale next friday, december 11th at 10:00 . they will go fast. we're lighting up the night in love park's christmas village with the first ever lantern parade. >> meteorologist kate bilo is there gearing up for another big tree lighting, kate, two in a row. >> you know what i am going around lighting up the city systematically my pleasure to be here for what will be an amazing tree lighting. 5800led lights, 43-foot christmas tree behind me right now, looking pretty dark. we will change all thatment right around 6:20 is when we plan to light the tree. this is when we usually check with our eyewitness weather watchers. i am out in the studio and i don't have my touch screen. i found a weather watcher.
5:47 pm
this is one of of our most prolific weather watchers, phil chapline and his wife, denise. phil, come here, i want your weather observation. >> beautiful clear night, crisp, perfect for tree lighting. a lot better than earlier in the week. >> can you imagine we had tree lightings for monday, tuesday. >> yes, you could not do it, terrible weather. >> but not tonight. denise, are you having fun. >> great time, happy to be married to a weather watcher. >> we are happy to have you as a weather watcher. the as a spouse, thank you for joining us tonight. lets look at more weather what is happening outside. we will start off here on storm scan three. not much going on, skies are clear, clear, star lit night and you know what that means with the clear night, light wind, that is recipe for cold. it is a cold one outside tonight. you could not ask for anything more, perfect weather for lighting a tree. the lets get through the the forecast, we will start off with temperatures on our live neighborhood network. in medford, new jersey you are sitting at 46 degrees at
5:48 pm
medford memorial school. little creek dover air force base at 46. hammington at fall come school district at 41. liberty high school in bethlehem 44 degrees. jet stream continues to lift to the north as we head through the weekend, it does stay mild. look the at the the cold air lock up to the north. milder air bilos from the south on sat the day but sunday, that is when that big bubble of mild air is right overhead, and when temperatures peak and it is a beautiful day. you want that peak of temperatures to happen over weekend ape that is what we will get. monday still mild but we are on notice. look at that bowling ball of cold air, centered over great lakes. that is going to swing through on tuesday and bring us a chance for a couple of showers and a slight buckle in that jet stream flow, means it will cool down for tuesday but still temperatures generally at or above average for the remainder of the week. take a look what is happening the the next couple of days, high pressure stays in control. stay planted overhead, skies will stay clear through the weekend. we are not tracking anything in the way of rain until
5:49 pm
tuesday so we are sitting pretty. when high goes off to the east into sunday we will get into a return flow and temperatures will start to surge a little bit more. but until then things look great through overnight hours temperatures dropping down to the mid 30's, it will be a cold night and chilly start to your saturday morning out and about but saturday looks great, we have had a full day of sunshine, for you, temperatures in the lower 50's. that is about three or 4 degrees above average, not the the warmest december day we ever had but it will feel nice and you're witness weather seven day forecast shows that beautiful weekend, sunshine from start to finish. call it wall to wall sunshine this weekend, machine still nice but cloud start to roll role in and tuesday we will see a few more cloud and it will be breezy with a chance for shower but we will rebound to the 50's by wednesdayment back here live we have got philly pops here. philly pops partnered with us in our joy of sharing toy fest this year. they are on the stage, festival brass, playing right now keeping crowd entertained until we light up this
5:50 pm
christmas tree and we will bring that to you. i will be on stage and i'm running backup here and provide your weather at 6:00 and light the tree behind me. that is all coming up. for new back to you in the studio. >> kate is busy. >> she is. >> they were break out eye to the world behind you, very nice. one of the best parts of the holiday season is looking at beautiful lights and all of the decorations. >> in doubt many people will take advantage of the mile weather to get decorations on this weekend but before, before you dig out those lights, three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has important information to keep you and your fat manically safe. >> safety is key. >> it is most wonderful time of the year but that could change if you don't take safety precautions. >> reporter: holiday decorations have a way of making us feel jolly but making your home look festive could come with serious risks like falling off a ladder. >> if you have in the climbed a ladder last year you should in the get on the roof this year. >> reporter: dan owe meara is well aware of the decorating hazard. he go ises hiring a pro to hang your exterior lights, be
5:51 pm
careful inside too. while we do it, it is not a good idea to use furniture to reach high places. another risk, electrical fires. make sure lou for ul label to be sure lights and cord were safety tested. never string together more than three sets of lights to avoid overloading. if you are ring using lights inspect them. >> they could get brittle will, as these are exposed wire there. >> reporter: if you have a real christmas tree in your home keep it the waters. if you can see from this state farm demonstration video dry trees and electrical sparks are a dangerous combination and watch out for capped also too, christmas day is number one day for capped will fires. consider battery operated, flameless candles to give your home that cozy glow. >> and traditional, and. >> be careful where you put them. >> reporter: state farm tells us december is one of the top three months for home fire claims, many of those related to electrical or cooking fires. don't let hustle of the season
5:52 pm
distract from you taking proper safety precautions. >> so true, so true. >> very good. >> all right. i'm dot not doing anything wrong. >> no, keep it watered. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> have you noticed your wifi connection is running slow? chances are it could be your holiday decorations. the report from britain's communication regulators show 12 percent of poor wifi performance is caused by electronic gadgets inn lights in your home and people who put their christmas lights next to their wireless router may see a slight slow down. you barely will notice it. people playing really high intense video games or down loading music or maybe down loading movies, something like that they might experience a tiny amount but it is a none in issue. >> there is an easy solution if you are experiencing, slow wifi make sure your christmas lights and your router are in the plugged into the same outlets. still ahead a super star cast is bringing a classic
5:53 pm
back to the big screen. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up shakespeare comes to life on the big screen with michael as the mack bet
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
shake peer is back and getting a oscar bus. >> seven frazier has more on the necessity take on the fast. >> michael fast bender and marion are ultimate scheming couple in the latest, adoption of the shakespeare legendary and bloody play mack bay. and we have king after a brutal murder, a role actor live for and won the star, was thrilled to play. >> if somebody gave me the opportunity to play mack bet, i would be kind of foolish to turn it down, or, you know,
5:57 pm
chicken or whatever you want to call it, you know, the challenge was there, it is a great privilege, and, honor to be allowed to take a on shakespeare. >> reporter: but this isn't your typical stuffy shakespeare it features steamy scenes and plenty of epic action. >> these battle scenes are very visceral and you get an idea have the landscape and how that effects the characters. >> i feel now. >> reporter: academy award winner marry's, stars as lady mackbet within of the most infamous wife's in literature who urgees in the quest for power but suffers as a result. >> lady mackbet gives herself up in a way to sort of this heinous crime of murdering duncan in the hope that they will forge together again this relationship that they lost.
5:58 pm
for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frasier new back to you in the studio. >> kevin, thank you. stay up to date with everything that is happening in hollywood, with entertainment tonight on tonight and every week night, at 7:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 san bernardino massacre is a federal terror investigation and we have new information about one of the victims who is a pennsylvania native. >> reporter: she told her ailing daughter they would not have a christmas this year, but thanks to a caring ridley to township cop and his community, there is a bit of the holiday miracle happening right here. i'll have this story coming up. and, live in love park where we're about to light up this beautiful 43-foot christmas tree behind me philly pops are here, we have
5:59 pm
lots of live music, lots of excitement at christmas village, we will bring it to you live coming up at 6:00. it has been 150 years since the you had abolished slavery see how our role in that historic event is being recognized. investigation in the san bernardino massacre is in the hand of the fbi, the agency now believes that wednesday's shooting was an act of terror. hello, good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. fbi announced the terror investigation this afternoon. top agent says that the new evidence quote push us off the cliff but did not say what specifically changed investigators mind. earlier law enforcement the source confirmed to cbs news that the female shooter, talked to isis before that on line attack. just about an hour ago the the
6:00 pm
attorney for families of the killers addressed the media. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt its live with more, david. >> reporter: an attorney for farouk family just wrapped up those comments 30 minutes ago and said many things including two suspects appeared to live normal lives and that syed rizwan farook was taunted and made fun of at work. >> he was a very isolated, introverted individual with really no friend that we could identify. >> reporter: family attorney for syed rizwan farook, stood firmly, on friday. insisting that the 28 year-old left family members in shock. >> none of the family members had any idea that this was going to take place. >> reporter: fbi the is now running the show in san bernardino after law enforcement sources discovered that tashfeen malik pledged her support on line to isis. malik and her husband killed 14 people and injured almost two dozen more on wednesday. >> we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence, this is electronic evidence that these k


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