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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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multiple people are stabbed on subway in lon on this weekend, it is being called a terror attack. tonight president obama is set to speak to the u.s. about the the threat of terrorism. >> reporter: while victims mourn the the shooting, the fbi is focusing on the couple's ties to terrorism. i'm chris martinez with the latest coming up. new york times takes a stan on gun control legislation with the editorial on the front page. coming up reaction from republicans, on the campaign trail. good morning, everyone it is sunday december 6th, 6:00 o'clock this sunday morning i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. it is a chilly start to the day. 37 degrees here in center
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city, fill awe about not too bad for rest of the the day do we have a great shopping forecast. >> great shopping forecast, lots of sunshine, it will be warmer. temperatures well in the 50's. still will no signs of that cold december air coming up in the forecast anytime soon. up joy it if you like mild temperatures. maybe putting up those christmas decorations day. the great day for that. it is a coal start just like yesterday morning. there is a lot of frost, you will be doing scraping, once again. check out these temperatures outside city well below, freezing, 24 in allentown. twenty-eight in wilmington, delaware. knew at the airport we are above freezing at 33 degrees. mid 20's doylestown, mount holly, new jersey, pottstown a cold spot at 24. wind currently calm allowing that cold air to really settle in at the surface, clear skies, calm wind, perfect ingredient to get widespread frost this morning. storm scan three just like yesterday nice and quiet. clear skies and wheel see sunshine around for this afternoon. the that is the it up, what to expect, sunny skies once
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again. our high temperatures stay above average. the it will be comfortable this afternoon with light wind. breaking it down throughout morning still chilly at 9:00. temperatures in the the lower 40's. by noon time in the lower 50's and then breaking out in the mid to upper 50's for afternoon high temperature, 58 for philadelphia. fifty-four at the shore. even in the poconos not bad coming in at 50 degrees. we will will talk about how long these temperatures will last when i show you the seven day forecast in a few more minutes. the diana, back over to you. new this morning, police are searching for three suspects who fled the scene after a state trooper, they let a state trooper on a brief pursuit around 2:30. the the state trooper pulled a silver pontiac on i-95 south near the the stadium over. the as the the trooper was walking toward the car the the trio sped away. suspects ditched the car and fled on foot at the intersection of passyunk and 28th street. they are still at large this morning. in london a stabbing at a subway station is being treated a as a terrorist incident. it happened around
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7:00 o'clock sat the day night at an under ground station in east london. a man was threatening people with the knife, one person was seriously injured. lone attacker was taserd and then taken into custody by police. eyewitnesses say he shouted this is for syria, last night, british parliament approved air strikes on islamic state target in syria. president obama will dress the nation tonight about the terror threats in the aftermath of the san bernard teen owe massacre. the president has been closely monitoring the developments and tonight, he is expect to address the steps being taken to keep america safe. cbs will have live coverage of the rare address only the third from the oval office from his presidency. you can see it the right here on cbs-3 at 8:00 o'clock. there are new details in the the san bernardino investigation, cbs news correspondent, chris martinez has the the latest. >> reporter: fbi agents raided a home in riverside, california, early saturday morning. the shooting rampage suspect
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syed rizwan farook and his family used to live next door. >> i heard windows crashing, garage door being broken in, you know, by the the law than force. >> reporter: house belonged to the friend of the farouk's who purchased two assault rivals used in the shooting that killed 14 people. the the fbi's investigation is focusing on the couple's ties to terrorist organizations. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized large are group or form part of a cell. >> reporter: according to an unname federal law enforcement official los angeles times reports that syed rizwan farook that had some kind of contact with people from the group in syria and that bob group in somalia. his wife tashfeen malik pledge her support to isis and its leader of ice is, in an on line post just before the deadly rampage. malik's friend say in the last two years she became more devout and started dress and
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conservatively are the isis official radio station called them supporters but stop short of claiming responsibility for the attack. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the san bernardino massacre. you can get latest on the investigation anytime at cbs the the the horror of this san bernardino shooting reignited national debate from gun control. the from connecticut to california the rhetoric is heating up and presidential candidates are not saying away. cheri greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from the cbs-3 news center with more on what is expect to be the the hot button topic on today's sunday morning talk shows, good morning, cheri. >> reporter: report good morning, it is heating up. new jersey governor chris christie will appear on face the the nation where he will speak out against new york times editorial calling for a ban on military style weapons and stricter gun laws. it is first time publication has put a editorial on its
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front page in nearly a hundred years. in the paining one editorial the new york times called it a moral outrage and a national disgrace, that civilians can legally purchase weapons, tea signed to specifically, kill people, with brutal speed and efficiency and that certain weapons, like the slightly modified, combat rifles, used in the san bernardino attack should be out loud for use by civilians. >> it is typical, liberal crap trap from the new york times. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie lashed out against editorial on face the nation, he and other g.o.p. hopefuls say the nation's response to the regularity of mass shooting should focus on mental health services and allowing more americans to arm themselves. >> so i think it have would have been someone in that room, they could have protect themselves and their guns. >> you don't stop the bad guys by taking away our guns. you stop the the bad guys by using our guns.
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>> reporter: this week obama and senate democrats, pushed legislation, that would prevent those on the no fly list from buying guns, and toughen existing background checks at gun shows and on line. it was blocked on capitol hill on thursday. wednesday's shooting in san bernardino had been labeled the third deadliest mass shooting in the united states in the last 20 years. live from the news center, cheri greg for kyw news radio, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can see more on the gun control debate this morning on cbs the face the nation and starts at 10:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3. we will get a live preview of the broadcast from moderator john dickerson ahead in our 8:00 o'clock hour. a car smashes in the the telephone pole knocking live wires on the vehicle will and causing it to catch fire. it happened around 3:30 in the afternoon in the mount laurel -- mount laurel, new jersey at corner of south church church street an
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cobblestone drive. fire fighters were initially unable to fight the the fires but eventually were able to to get the the flames under control. one person was injured and then taken to a nearby hospital, in word this morning on that person's condition, the the cause of the crash is now under investigation. the temple owls fell short saturday as they tried to win their first conference championship in almost 50 years. the owls entered yesterday's american conference championship game with a ten-two record, against the houston cougars, but matt ruhl's team came out slow and never recovered. after 21st half turnovers. houston scored when they needed to, and temple struggled will. several times, getting the ball over the goal line. the the final score houston 24-temple 13. "eyewitness news" sports reporter pat gallon has more, from the post game. >> reporter: report temple owls have have had perhaps their best season in school history, b a conference title was just out of reach after falling to houston 24-13. >> we have been through so
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much as a team, and it just sucks to come all the way, you know what i mean, come all this way and come up short. >> reporter: ol i had defense did their best to keep temple in the game. it was offense that offered little help in return especially earl which 21st half turnovers the the owls played from behind from the start. >> the the two turnovers cost us and then we had some setbacks. once we setbacks the crowd getting and defense can get more even why i. >> reporter: certainly a disappointing finish but message was that overall this season has been a positive. >> you know, just to be here, to be where we are right now compared to two years ago when we were two and ten and not being able to go to the bowl game last year it is great to see the group. >> disappointed, yes but we will play another bowl game. we have in the been to the bowl game. we have jumped step c and went from b,. >> reporter: in the end greg ward junior and company were too much for temple to handle and instead of the fee takes
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or peach bowl it appears that temple will be on their way to something less like the birmingham bowl on december 30th. the with the owls in houston, pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". coming up in our next half an hour we will hear from temple fans about saturday's game. kardashian baby news coming up and plane scare for morgan freeman. we will tell but it, up next. plus another red meat. is there a tasty healthier alternative that is explode nothing popularity. stephanie stahl tells us why bisonnies popping up on more and more dinner plates. it is one of the most expensive costs for new parents, three on your side helping you save money on child care expenses. justin. we have cold temperatures outside this morning, but it will turnout to be a mild sunday, that is the trend this week, i'll show you seven day forecast coming up this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus
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6:13 am matter how many tries it takes. energy lives here. welcome back. scientists believe that parents may be able to significantly cut risk for sudden infant death syndrome with one easy step. researchers in boston say new borns should always be put to sleep on their backs, they also claim that a campaign against putting babe toys sleep on their stomachs has contributed to a 71 percent drop in sids over the last 30 years. other factors include better neonatal care and increased breast-feeding. meanwhile a new treatment is helping morbidly obese americans, it is called gastric arteries immobilization.
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researchers in dayton, ohio used it to block main blood artery the to the stomach suppressing a harmone. early results are encouraging. also on the cbs-3 healthwatch we have heard of the other white meat but how about the other red meat that is better for you. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on that. >> reporter: juicyberg their does not leave you feeling guilty, bisonnies the new other red meat. >> they love the flavor. they are surprised by the flavor. bisonnies not gamey at all it tend to be sweeter then beef and i think consumers really enjoy that. >> the flavor is really pretty amazing. >> reporter: according to the usda bisonnies lower in calories, fat, beef and higher in protein an iron. >> consumers are looking for healthy alternative to become healthier. as long as there are these options i feel like more and more americans will put their money, where their health is. >> reporter: unlike meat products on the market bison, is free range and grass fed
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and they are not given growth hormones or antibiotics today you can go in restaurants and find short ribs, fahitas made with bison, great flange stake, brisket, even items which is meat from the shank. >> reporter: bison, is more expensive than beef, roughly $3 a pound. >> it is so much healthier that off sets the price. >> reporter: 3-ounce bison patty has 152 calories and 7 grams of fat. the that is less than a lean beef burger, and even less than a turkey burger. sales by the the way of bison meat topped 240 million-dollar last year. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now, nasa has just released most clear your is face of pluto's surface ever. space horizons snapped tonight july during the fly by. it shows craters, mountains and terrain along a strip some 50 miles wide. although new horizons spent
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past pluto this past summer nasa says it will take a while to transfer all of the photos and data. well, kind of a mild morning out there, chilly start but it looks like it will be a great shopping day. >> yes, it is cold this morning, still have that heavier coat on but we're talking about highs 10 degrees above average. impressive for early december. >> not bad. >> no signs of cold air just yet, that is trend through middle of the month. we have outside, a live look, just like yesterday morning, throughout our early day we have clear skies, cold, calm conditions. so we're not battling the win no brutal wind chills this morning. so a few hard can core people trying to get that morning run in, just go for it. it is chilly. temperatures in the mid 20's in the suburbs. the here's our weather headlines. this is what we're talking about. a lot of sunshine. temperatures still on the mild side breaking in the the 50's and the mild highs will continue through the the week and we are looking at a dry stretch. we will see some cloud return later on this week but really no big chances for any big
6:17 am
storm system anytime soon. let's check it the out down in southern delaware rehoboth beach at 38 degrees along the the water. thirty-one in capitol city of delaware. wildwood at 30. twenty-five in millville. normally a colder spot. mullica, woodstown in the upper 20s you get the picture. it is cold. mid 20's in mount holly and colder to the north and west. look at quakertown topping the list there with the colds spot so far 23 degrees, lafayette hill checks in below freezing. average high temperature is 48 . the we were far from that yesterday, making it in the lower 50's. well above that. again maybe 10 degrees above average in some spots. tomorrow slightly cooler, same deal tuesday with more cloud coming by but overall our trend this week, stays above average and there is broken white line. that is average temperature. temp line in yellow ace above that. that is the trend. looking for some colder air, just not happening, except at nighttime where we are seeing lows in the 30's and 20's. high pressure on top of us right now. the that is why we have clear skies. notice clouds out across the
6:18 am
midwest. that is a weak storm system bringing cloud to the region tomorrow and tuesday, cooling us down a little bit but still not a big storm system. the in the a lot of moisture witt. you may get showers in west virginia, tomorrow, and then to our south but overall, it the is partly sunny conditions for monday, and t,uesday and we're right back at it with high pressure in control, that locks in a dry weather pattern long with temperatures at or above average. so again closer shot of the delaware valley, later on tonight we will get a few clouds, returning to the region but no threat of rain, it will still be chilly tonight, tomorrow morning, cold start to the the day, and afternoon we're back to some sunshine, tuesday the same deal, so temperatures, today, quickly rebound into the the lower 50's early this afternoon topping off in the mid potentially upper 50's in some spots, heading outside, this evening, dinner plans around town, again, it gets cold, we will talk about the mid to upper 30's late they're evening, lows dropping down to freezing in many spots, early on monday morning and then once again, monday's high, well into the the mid 50's for most locations, and across the
6:19 am
viewing region. even the the poconos it will be pretty mild, upper 40's to around 50 degrees, not the bows news for ski resorts. today lots of sunshine, overall mild day, philadelphia 58 degrees for the high temperature, cooler in some of those suburbs, likely down to the the southwest. the tonight, another chilly night with mostly clear skies, we will drop down to 38 degrees for center city. colder out the in the suburbs. mid to upper 20's once again. hanukkah begins this evening, at 52 degrees at sundown with clear and calm conditions. here we go with that extended forecast, not a whole lot to talk about the big story is those temperatures and well above average, today, we will keep it in the mid 50's on monday which is just a few more clouds around. as we head into tuesday that is our coolest day of the week, 50's still above average. the cloud linger around for wednesday and thursday but look at next weekend we're talking about highs in the 50's potentially to 60 degrees, next saturday, diana back over to you. >> thanks, justin. topping entertainment headlines it is a baby would for kim and kanye.
6:20 am
kim kardashian west and husband kanye west welcomed their second child to the world n true kardashian form kim announced her son's birth on her web site and app. no word on the babyes name just yet but couple has said it will avoid going with another direction. their two-year old daughter's direction is named northwest. close call for morgan freeman. private plane he was in made a hard landing last night. the oscar winner was traveling from mississippi to texas, when the plane blew a tire on take off. the plane made an emergency landing and skidded off runway damaging it further. only the 78 year-old actor and pilot the were on board. no one was injured. simon cowell's mansion was burglarized while he and his family were sleeping. the alarm reportedly woke up a security guard who saw the burglar fleeing the scene. another security guard chased theurglars down -- chased the burglar down and recovered stolen money and jewelry. the guard was supposed to be on duty at the time of the
6:21 am
break in had reportedly now been fired. no one was hurt, in that burglary. early holiday gift for the people, swindled by bernie mad off, the trustee of the firm began distributing $1.9 billion yesterday to the victims of mad off's record ponzi scheme. total pay outreaching more than 9 billion. mad off pleaded guilty in 2009 amies serving a 150 year prison term. more and more parents are working full-time making a child care a necessity for more families but paying for that child care isn't always easy. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan shows us some easy ways to save. >> reporter: when three month-old connor was born first time parents nicole manditto and justin sternberg weren't ready for the high cost of child care. >> difficult not expect child care to be more expensive than my rent. it would be most expensive item in my budget right now.
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>> reporter: since they cannot afford day care the the couple works opposite schedules to watch their son at home. >> we never get to see each other with her working overnight and me working days. it is very tough. >> reporter: a coordinating to the bureau of labor statistics the the the cost of nursery, school, child care has listen 168 percent since 1990. so how can you cut down the cost? opening up a pretax flexible spending account at your job can help. also take advantage of the tax credits for day care spending, provided by the irs. >> probably going to be saving several hundred dollars a year, by using one of these pretax plans. so if you combined that with the the idea that you're going be using the tax code to help you out we can get in the thousands of dollars a year. >> reporter: something connor's parents will look into. >> anything will help. >> reporter: federal government says child care should not exceed 10 percent of the family's budget to be considered affordable. with those costs, it can account for 30 percent of the
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good morning, today is sunday, december 6th, it is 6:30 this morning.
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i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer and just about 37 degrees here in center city philadelphia meteorologist justin drabick is on the die deck this morning with a look at what is ahead today. you are not wearing a coat out there this morning, just continue. >> no, i usually don't. that is joke about it out here i'm a real manny can handle this but don't get me wrong it is cold out here but we're not battling wind chills right now. you you are able to stay out for a few minutes or so but we will rebound nicely this afternoon. the lots of sunshine in the forecast. skies are brightening up. we are half an hour away from sunrise but it is colder then yesterday morning. check this out. anywhere from three to 6 degrees colder. there is a lot of frost on the ground, again, watch out for bridges, overpasses over rivers there was freezing fog. there could be a few slick spots as well. through go temperature at the the airport 33 degrees right now. that ties us for the coldest temperature so far but a lot of suburbs well below freezing. mid 20's in allentown, reading. 25 degrees in millville.
6:32 am
we will zoom in closer to the suburbs there. 23 degrees in quakertown. twenty-six doylestown and mount holly, new jersey. the wind calm to about 3 miles an hour or less, but we will continue with that calm wind through the morning and afternoon. nothing happening on storm scan three so if you have outdoor plans today putting up those christmas decorations looks good check out temperature break downs, still cold at 9:00 making it in the lower 40's but sunshine will rebound nicely in the afternoon. we will break into the mid to potentially upper 50's. fifty-eight for philadelphia mid 50's at the shore. even 50 degrees up in the poke knows, and it the looks like where the mild trend continues in the the forecast i'll show what you to expect over next seven days in a few minutes, diana, back over to you. more protestness chicago this weekend after it is i released hundreds of pages of documents tied to the deadly shooting of a black teenager. should yes of the shootings tell a different story then reports filed by responding officers. cbs news correspondent brian web has details.
6:33 am
>> reporter: protesters hit the streets of chicago saturday claiming a cover up, after a black teenager was gunned down by a white police officer. >> but this is an attack on policy, the procedure, the cover up, the brotherhood that is impacting so many lives. >> reporter: this video shows 17 year-old laquan mcdonald moving away from police before being shot 16 times in 14 seconds by officer jason van dyke but van dyke and at least four other officers wrote in their reports that mcdonald was moving towards them swinging the knife in an aggressive exaggerated matter and two claim after mcdonald was shot he was attempting to get up while still armed with the knife. the chicago police department first ruled the shooting was just final homicide, and now van dyke is facing murder charges. on tuesday mayor rahm emmanuel fired the cities police
6:34 am
superintendent. >> we will clean up the police culture, cleaned up. these who saw it and those with important should be part of the condemnation. >> reporter: some believe changes should go further and they are calling for emmanuel's own resignation. in new york, brian web, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and new to the the mass shootings in california, president obama has been closely following developments and tonight he is expected to give an address about the terror threats. you can see rare address tonight right here at cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 8:00 o'clock. there are new details on the investigation. on saturday morning fbi agents raided a home belonging to the friend of syed rizwan farook, one of the two suspects in the deadly rampage. investigators say man purchased two assault rifles used in the shooting, that killed 14 people. >> step out of the house, step out of the door, and they wouldn't. that is when he stepped out of his car and he met up with somebody else on the yard and
6:35 am
then they heard windows crashing, garage door torn, they are breaking in, you know, by law enforcement. >> the fbi's investigation is focusing on farouk and his wife, tashfeen malik's tie to terrorist organizations. keep it right here for "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the san bernardino massacre. you can get the latest on the investigation anytime at cbs in response to the shootings, the president of the liberty university is urging teachers and staff to care guns on campus. jerry fallwell junior says school needs to be prepared in the face of increasing frequency of mass killings. liberty university is a christian school in richmond, virginia. >> if some of the people in the community enter have had what i have got in my back pocket right now, if more good people had, concealed carry permit we can end those muslims before they walk through the the door. >> fallwell says he was specifically talking about san
6:36 am
bernardino killer syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik, he says he wants students to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon to counter any copycat attack. virginia's governor is calling the comments quote reckless. temple football fans waking up a little empty this morning after yesterday's football conference championship loss but many say they are still very proud of their team. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has that part of the story. >> reporter: supporters at the piazza watched closely, and then cheered loudly as temple took on the the the university of houston on saturday. >> we're all fired up, boys are fired up and i'm feeling optimistic. >> reporter: optimistic highs were unfortunate thely met with disappointing lows. >> we should have given it to jihad more. >> reporter: while many held out hope team could recover in the last half, it never happen. temple losing 24-13. >> going in to it with the mentality that they might be able to come back since they
6:37 am
are known as a second half team this year but it just was not there this year, and this game unfortunately. >> it wasn't their best game, they had a good season. the it is tough to end of the season like that with a loss. >> reporter: the loss of the american athletic conference championship they can still look forward to the bowl game. outing seniors say the team should be proud. >> it has been great playing from my freshman to senior year to see how much progress temple has made and it made students feel so proud to be here. >> reporter: and a lot of people here talking about coach matt ruhl saying they are pleased with what they have been able to do and they hope this momentum can carry over into next season. the reporting from temple university, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". our region is remembering some of the philadelphia's fallen heroes this weekend. a met or cade of 150 officers, volunteers and families of the fallen officers visited 54 cemeteries on saturday. the starting point was fop lodge in the northeast, they
6:38 am
placed blue wreaths on the graves of the police officers killed in the line of duty. the the officer's family began making the wreaths last year. >> and made up christmas wreaths for 14 of our fallen who are up at resurrection cemetery in bensalem. the response coming back after the wreaths were placed was overwhelming, and in support of this, and this here the families decided to take this and do it for all 274 of our officers who have been made the supreme sacrifice. >> reporter: organizers are hoping to make this an annual tradition. if you are noticing slower wifi in your house? how your christmas lights may to be blame and what you can do about that, coming up. plus don't let your heating bills sore when the temperatures tumble this winter. three on your side with the easiest, cheapest ways to make your homes energy efficient. this adorable little boy owes his life to the goodwill of others, this holiday season
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at things you can do to stay warm and save money when temperatures fall. >> reporter: many people think getting rid of the old furnace and upgrade to go an energy efficient model will save them money. but energy experts say that is not necessarily the case. >> there is no reason to upgrade to a high efficiency furnace if there is something raining with your duct work in the attic. >> reporter: ceiling leaks is easiest most expensive way to improve your home's energy efficiency but you don't necessarily need special tools to find those leaks. >> turn on your clothes dryer, your bat exhaust vent and your kitchen exhaust vent and then go around every where in the home and feel for cold air leaks. the best time to do this is on a very cold day. >> reporter: once you feel any leaks, then shift your focus to the heating system. >> the biggest user of energy in your home is your h va c system is he proper maintenance will save you money. change your filter each month and get a tune up.
6:43 am
>> reporter: installation is another key, you need ten to 12 inches in your attic, anything more than that may in the be cost effective. if you use a space heater be careful, improper use makes it the second leading cause of home fires and running them constantly will heat you hard in the wallet. >> a 15-dollar space heater, running 24/7, could add over a hundred dollars a month tour bill. >> reporter: meanwhile, for more advice from angie on improving your home's energy efficiency visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. if you want super fast wifi in your home this may surprise you but may want to turn off those christmas lights. new report says that 20 percent of poor performance is caused by electronic gadgets and lights inside your home. restarting your router and moving ate way from electronic devices and lights should cause that interference and should help. we have a cold start to the day but you are going home today putting up those christmas lights. >> mine are already up.
6:44 am
>> good for you. >> i did mine a few weeks ago. >> i thought would i jump the gun and take advantage of the milder temperatures in november but they are still around. so if you have not put up those lights or getting that christmas tree, today another good day to do it. check it out 20, minutes from sunrise. live look from roof camera at ben franklin bridge there, nice, developing sunrise, skies brightening up. that will get to work today even though it is early december, we will still get our temperatures up well above average, five to maybe even 10 . just like november, we came off, at the the number two warmest november for philadelphia, and this past month and just like november, december, starting off strong with above average temperature each day in average indicates warmer than orange number. december 2nd we were 14 degrees above. yesterday, 3 degrees above. right now over 7 degrees above average to kick off this month. that is the the the trend at least through the middle will of the movement second half there could be some signs of colder air, but over all the month still could above average, once you add up all
6:45 am
of the highs and the lows. here's the setup. yesterday low 50's. average high 48. we will be way above that today. we will keep it in the 50's throughout the upcoming workweek and maybe even 60 by next week even. thirty in wildwood right now. twenty-eight in atlantic city airport. thirty-seven rehoboth beach. cherry hill, chilling out at 28 degrees at this hour. there is philadelphia, airport at 33. so that ties us for coldest morning so far, this fall season, palmyra, voorhees, both in the upper 20's, out in malvern we are below freezing at this hour and pretty hard freeze in quakertown, doylestown, allentown, mid 20's. a lot of frost. break out the scraper if your car was outside in the overnight hours. high pressure over us right now, so there you go, clear skies over us, we have some clouds out across the midwest, no rain coming out of clouds from those clouds we will move in our area later tonight into tomorrow. no threat of any rain as long as this high is on top of us, here's that weak disturbance moving out of the midwest for monday afternoon, again, maybe bringing a few cloud around
6:46 am
through the the afternoon and into tuesday but overall, still looking at a dry weather pattern. and then high pressure regains control for middle of the upcoming week so again, no big storm systems are going to impact the delaware valley this week. we will time it out for you lots of sunshine this morning into the afternoon. tonight a few cloud roll on through, we will call it partly cloudy, tomorrow morning same deal waking up generally clear skies into the the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions, most of tuesday. temperatures today will get in the 50's early this afternoon. some spots have a chance to reach the upper 50's, and then for this evening we will drop the temperature quickly once again, as skies will be generally clear but with a few clouds and calm wind that allows that cold air to settle in and then look at monday, same trend, temperatures well in the 50's, for monday afternoon. so forecast for today above average at 58 degrees, in the sunshine, southwest wind, light at five to 10 miles an hour, and then again tonight a chilly night not quite as cold as it the is this morning.
6:47 am
thirty-eight information center city. some suburbs could drop in the 20's and cold spots. here we go, the trend, dry and mild, look at that, temperatures well in the 50's on monday, 50 on tuesday, that is our coolest day but end of the week check it the out making a run at 60 on saturday. diana. >> sound good to me. >> time is 6:47. lets check the road. ann evans standing by in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning. >> good morning you might to have contend with frost on your windshield other than that not a bad drive but we have foggy conditions in the area to watch out for. otto owe taking a lot at schuylkill at vine street expressway, no delays or problems on the the schuylkill, top of the screen, vine street expressway, right in the middle, getting even finally see these red ways and sun coming up a bit but they are both in good shape so far this morning. we will move the the traffic cam to the mid county tolls of the pennsylvania turnpike, in delays or problems at the mid county tolls, on the pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, northbound we have construction, between mid county toll plaza and lansdale
6:48 am
exit, which is exit number 31. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now diane back to you. this holiday season instead of getting a very grateful family from south jersey, it is giving back by donating blood to the red cross. health reporter stephanie stahl has their heart warming story. >> reporter: benjamin hopkins likes to play with trucks and toys just like any other five-year old but two years ago his life was in jeopardy when he was diagnosed with a plastic anemia, his body stopped making new blood cells. ben was treated with a series of blood transfusions. >> weren't them he wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: on this giving tuesday, ben's mom tony wanted to give back to donate blood for the first time. >> to help anybody who may need a transfusion, the amount of time i spent over at chop was with all those children getting transfusions for multiple reasons. all you have to do is look in those eyes, there is in way you can say no. such an easy thing to do, to save someone's life.
6:49 am
>> reporter: tony's donation comes at a critical time for the red cross, blood supplies typically drop off during the holiday season. >> there is just a lot of activity going on that prohibit people from coming in like they would. >> reporter: ben does not understand how donations from strangers turned his life around but his mom does. what do you say to the people who donated blood to save his life? >> thank you. you're a super hero to me and super hero to my son. without those transfusions, until he has them, there was no other options. >> reporter: i joined tone any making a blood donation, even more meaningful when you see patients like ben who are helped. >> is what your favorite sport. >> baseball. >> um-hmm. >> baseball. >> reporter: ben isn't technically cured but his blood counts are back to normal and red cross is hoping more people like his mom step up this holiday season to off set the traditional slum in donations. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3
6:50 am
"eyewitness news". and it is going to be a great holiday season for needy children in our area, thanks tour generosity. dozens of people, brought, unwrapped toys to the montgomery mall to build a mountain of toys, this is their 16th year our sister station 92.5, wxtu, organized this special toy drive and everyone, was happy to help out. >> i'm a nurse. real spirit of christmas is really about helping people and people who are in need and kid getting a gift for christmas it is really important thing and all of us that have everything that we need is just worked out for these kids, and give them a chance at life. >> reporter: huge parade kick off the event and santa led everyone to toy mountain. our joy of sharing toy fest campaign is well underway, buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop off locations, you can find a list of locations at cbs fest. we will be right back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. eagles face new england this afternoon despite losing three in a row, birds are still a game out of the nfc east lead, which is, and, best quarterback in the game, tom brady, went 23 of 42 for 280-yard and three touchdowns in the overtime loss to the broncos. the in the game brady tied dann marino for third most passing touchdowns were 420. brady says paths just looking to rebound. >> i think we all want to get
6:54 am
back out there because it has been a long time since we lost a meaningful game and it just sucks, so i'm glad we're in the in the position where we're -- it is always hard to win especially going on a road against good teams and you have to play really well and when that game ends, as fast as you can turn the page and move on. >> we will get you ready for battle between birds and patriots today at the 11:30 on sunday kick off. i will be here in the studio and sports director don bell will be live in foxboro at 11:30 right here at cbs-3. temple owls will find out this have afternoon which bowl game they will be playing in. yesterday they lost the chance to play in the new years bowl game when they lost to houston in the american athletic conference title game. after pj walker interception houston wasted in time getting on the scoreboard. they are taking it the in the from the one. owls trail by one. second quarter houston beats
6:55 am
the temple defense. greg ward, junior, calling his own number making some nice moves. he was gone, 47 yards, to the house. temple trailing 17-three at the half. third quarter, ward continues to run through the the owls defense. 10-yard run for his second touchdown of the game. ward had 237 all purpose yards, he was name game mvp, houston took home championship 24-13 but temple head coach matt ruhl is very proud of his team. >> they for the back into the game, they had a chance to make it a one score game. we had a couple plays getaway from frustrates. but for our kids to win ten games, to beat penn state, to bring college game day to philadelphia, to dot the things that they have done and know they are going to the the bowl game, i could not be more proud. flyers have been on the roll winning four straight taking on columbus down at the center last night. second period flyers with the two goal deficit brayden schenn with the pass to michael rafl.
6:56 am
they trailed two-one. blue jackets would come right back, nick fuleno gets a shot to beat steve mason for his second goal. columbus went backup by two. the flyers down a man, blue jackets on the puck, be in on scott hartnell, he scores. blue jackets win this 14-one. to hoops, sixers taking on the denver nuggets. jahlil okafor sitting out for second game suspension for off the court issues. sixers welcomed back tony wroten for a line up out for a year with a torn ac r. fourth quarter sixers with the lead, robert covington junior with the three, that gives them a five-point lead. covington had 18. and then st. joes alumni jameer nelson hitting the jump shot over nerlens know toll tie the game. nelson drove down the the basket. made a nice pass, here to score two of his game high 24 points. the nuggets, beat sixers 108- 105. fran dunphy's temple owls
6:57 am
taking on the wisconsin, long day for fran and the owls, badgers went on a nine-two run in the first half to take control of the game. they scored 18 points, wisconsin beats temple 76-60. not a good day on north broad street. >> that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. go bird. that is it for eyewitness news at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. late oats deadly chicago shooting that is sparking protest. and a popular train ride in bucks county gets families in the holiday spirit. our meisha johnson takes you on the the holiday express. plus if you are drawing a blank on what to get your loved ones this season we have got high tech gifts and ideas that will suit just about everyone under your roof. it is going to be a mild sun take justin drabick has your weekend weather forecast just ahead.
6:58 am
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three people are stabbed, and authorities are calling this a terrorist incident in london and president obama tonight will address the the nation on the treat of terrorism. the community mourns victims of the san bernardino shooting the fbi is focusing on the couple's ties to terrorism. i'm chris mar teen necessary san bernardino, california with the very latest coming up. in the wake of the last weeks massacre the new york times takes a stand on gun co


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