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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 6, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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multiple people stab on the subway in london this weekend as it is being called
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a terrorist incident. tonight, president obama is set to speak, to the u.s., about the threat of terrorism. well, community mourns the the victims of the san bernardino shooting fbi is focusing on the couple's ties to terrorism. i'm chris mar teen necessary san bernardino, california. latest come up. new york times takes stand on gun control legislation with editorial on the front page. coming up reaction from republicans, on the campaign trail. and good morning everyone it is sunday december 26th. not yet 40 degrees here in center city. i'm diana rocco in for nicole brewer. justin, it has been a cold start to the morning but overall mild weekend. a lot of people out and about in center city. it the is tough to get out of bed with temperatures in the lower 20's. >> that is for sure. >> you will to have break out that ice scraper if you had your car left out overnight hours but frosty start, little fog in some locations but it could be areas of icy
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conditions as well. we've got freezing fog to deal w check it out. the these are temperatures. now we are above freezing in philadelphia, up to 35 at this hour with the sun up, 31 wilmington but the fog is still socked in especially north hain west in the berks county, lehigh valley region. temperatures still stuck in the mid 20 upper 20's. same deal in pottstown, quakertown coming in at 25 degrees at this hour. good news is the wind are pretty much calm. no harsh wind chills this morning. there is visibility. 2 miles in allentown. only a tenth of a mile in reading. that is where a lot of the thick fog is, and again, it could be icy spots on the bridges and overpasses due to freezing fog this morning. storm scan three nice ape quiet, that is the the trend this afternoon if you have outdoor travel plans it looks good. clear and cold this morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. nice afternoon shaping up, lots of sunshine, it will be mild, as temperatures once again get in the 50's and then potentially upper 50's for philadelphia, almost 10 degrees above average, mid
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50's at the the shore and sunshine even up in the poconos it stays mild with the high of 50 degrees. i'll let you no he what to expect the week ahead in the seven day forecast in just a few minutes. back to you. new this morning police are searching for three suspects who fled after leading a state trooper on a brief pursuit. around 2:30 this morning the troop are pulled offer a silver pontiac on i-95 south near stadium exit as trooper was walking toward the car the trio sped away. suspects ditched the car and fled on foot at the intersection of the passyunk and 28th street. they are still at large this morning. a terrorist incident that is what london police are calling ate stabbing that took place at a busy subway station this weekend. it happened around 7:00 o'clock saturday night in east london. a man was threatening people with the knife, one person was seriously injured. the lone a being taker was taserd and subdued by police. several eyewitnesses say the attacker shouted this is for syria. last week british parliament approved air strikes on
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islamic state targets, in syria. president obama will address the nation tonight about the terror threats in the aftermath of the san bernardino massacre. the president had been closely monitoring the developments and tonight he is expected to address the the steps being taken to keep the americans safe. cbs will have live coverage of the the rare address, only third from the oval office from his presidency. you can see it right here on cbs-3 at 8:00 o'clock. meanwhile there are new details in the san bernardino investigation. cbs news correspondent chris martinez has the latest. >> reporter: fbi agents raided a home in riverside, california early saturday morning, shooting rampage suspect syed rizwan farook and his family used to live next door. >> i heard windows crashing, garage door being torn, breaking in, by law enforcement. >> reporter: house belonged to the friend of the farouks who purchased two assault rifle used in the shooting that killed 14 people. fbi investigation is focusing
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on the couple's ties to terrorist organizations. >> so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of the cell. >> reporter: according to an unnamed federal law enforcement official l.a. times reports that syed rizwan farook had some kind of contact with people from the front in syria and radical that bob group in somalia. his wife, tashfeen malik, pledged her support to isis, and its leader, shown here, in an on line post just before the the deadly rampage. malik's friend say in the last two years she became more devout and started dressing conservatively. isis official radio station called the couple supporters, but stopped short of claiming responsibility for the attack. the chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the san bernardino massacre, get the the latest on the investigation anytime at cbs
8:06 am horror of the san bernardino shooting has given new life to the controversial debate over gun control. from connecticut to california the rhetoric is ram hinge up morning and presidential candidates are jumping n cheri greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from the cbs-3 news center with more on what no doubt will be a hot button topic on today's sunday morning talk shows, cheri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, debate is heating up, new jersey governor chris christie will appear on face the the the nation this morning, where he is speaking out against new york times editorial that calls for a ban on military style weapons and strict gun laws. it is first time that the publication has put an editorial on the front page and nearly 100 years. in the page one editorial the new york times calls it a moral outrage and a national disgrace, that civilians can legally purchase weapons, tea sign to specifically kill people with brutal speed and
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efficiency. that certain weapons like slightly modified combat rifles used in the san bernardino attack should be out loud for use pie civilians. >> typical liberal crap trap from the new york times. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie lash out on face the nation. he and other g.o.p. hopefuls say the nation's response to the regularity of mass shootings should focus on expanding access to mental health services and on allowing more americans to arm themselves. >> guns in that room to protect, they could have protect themselves and their guns. >> you don't stop bad guys by taking away our guns, you stop the bad guys by using our guns. >> reporter: this week obama and senate democrats pushed legislation, that would prevent those on the no fly list from buying guns and toughen existing background checks at gun shows and on line, it it was blocked on capitol hill on thursday. the san bernardino shooting is
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deadly is since 2012 when 20 children and six adults were killed and sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. the anniversary of that mass killing is december 14th. in the cbs-3 news center, cheri greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". you can see more on the gun control debate this morning on cbs face the nation, it starts right here at the 10:30 on cbs-3. we will get a live preview of the broadcast from maryland rate or john dickerson ahead in our next half an hour. temple owls, fell short in the battle to win the first conference champion ship in almost 50 years. the owls entered yesterday's american conference championship game with the ten-two record, and against the houston cougars. matt ruhl's team came out slow and never recovered after 21st half turnovers. houston scored early, and often, temple often struggled just getting the ball down field.
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final score of the game was houston 24-temple 13. and "eyewitness sports" reporter, pat gallon has post game report. >> temple owls had best game in the season but conference title was just out of reach after falling to houston 24-13. >> we have been through so much. >> and it is just come all the way. come all this way and come up short. >> reporter: solid tea fence, did his best to beat the game with the offense that offered little help in return early with 21st half turnovers the owls played from behind from the start. >> two turnovers, and we moved the ball well and then we had someetbacks. once you have a few setbacks the crowd getting and it is a lot more energy. >> reporter: certainly disappointing finish but message was that overall this season has been a positive. >> you know, to be here, do what we are now compared to two years ago at two and ten, and not being able to go to the bowl game last year.
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it is great to see the group. >> disappointed, yes but we will play another bowl game. we have in the been to the bowl game. we jump step c and went from b to development and i'm proud of them. >> reporter: in the end greg ward junior and company were too much for tell tomorrow handle. instead of the going to the fiesta or peach bowl it appears that temple will be on their way to something less like the birmingham bowl on december 30th. with the owls in houston pat gallon, "eyewitness sports". temple fans will learn what the post season hold for their football team when bowl bid are announced later on today. can slow walking be an early sign of alzheimer's in the elderly. stephanie stahl will have results of the new study. also ahead, decorating for the holidays is fun for the whole family, but it can also be dangerous. consumer reporter jim donovan has more with steps that you probably do not realize you are making. looking for high tech gifts on the budget, we have got some great gift ideas.
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the justin. we are dealing with good shopping weather once we get away from the cold morning we are talking about temperatures warming up back in the 50's, i'll let you know how long they will last in the ey
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health reporter explains this new research about walking. >> walking slowly not being in good shape could be an early indication of alzheimer's disease according to new research. >> study was really building on existing data that it pays to be fit. >> reporter: study published in the journal neurology found a connection between slow walking speed in the elderly, and the amount of protein
8:14 am
build up in their brains. that build up has been associated with a development of alzheimer's. something that ann and dave longworth are hoping to avoid. >> we walk 30 minutes a day, at least. >> reporter: brisk walks are part of their daily routine. >> walking is supposed to be good for your heart, good for warding off alzheimer's. >> reporter: researchers i a slow gate could signal alzheimer's before people show clinical symptoms but not always. >> there is so many causes of being a slow walker which really have nothing to do with brain function. >> reporter: doctors do say that staying active physically and mentally, and help prevent, alzheimer's. estimated, 5.3 million americans, have alzheimer's disease, and, most are elderly and women. while it can, sometimes be treated there is no cure. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we know santa can fly but in australia is a good runner too. this was the the scene today
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in sidney at annual variety fun run. 3,000 runners dressed as santa claus to take part in the fundraiser. the charity says the event raised more than $340,000, and organizers say that money, will go to help those who are sick, disadvantage or have special need. well, it sure does look warm, down there. >> yes, it looks like a nice work out there tough running this morning. >> our weather hasn't been all that bad, actually waiting for the other foot to drop, we will get a bigging snowstorm in a couple weeks we have been so lucky. >> but, we're making a good run right now, that will be the trend for next week or two. mild temperatures. cold morning. we are dealing with frost, 20's but it will be another nice afternoon. check it out. live look north and west of the city, there are thicker area of fog this morning, current temperature 25 degrees right now from the kutztown area middle school. you can see a little bit of the disk from the sun but that fog still bringing dense visability.
8:16 am
less than half mile in spots. the lots of frost on the field. with a air temperature of 25, the fog, moves the object. is there icy spots, especially on those bridges and overpasses where you have that thicker fog. keep that in mind traveling around early this morning, and there is main problem spots with the fog, berks county lehigh veil, northern lehigh county 3-mile visibility in allentown. the less than half mile in reading. tenth of a mile currently at reading airport. so just that have in mind, whenou are traveling out over next hour or two but a lot of sunshine on tap today. eventually warms us up back above average, highs in the 50's and overall looking at a dry stretch in our forecast. we have our second warmest november, ever on record for philadelphia, and, in december, we are starting off strong have the the first five days of the month are in orange and warmer than average temperatures. that is our trend really for next several days through the middle will of the movement so far this month averaging over 7 degrees above average. this morning though, temperatures are cold, not
8:17 am
record cold, record cold is much colder then this 27 in millville. twenty-nine in newark, delaware. mid 30's at the the airport in philadelphia making a little progress, mullica is at 29 degrees. mid 20's in the suburbs, northern bucks and montgomery county, allentown 27. big area of high pressure still over us, providing sunshine yesterday, same deal today, there are some cloud out across the the midwest, little weak storm system passing by to the south and west over the next 24 to 48 hours. here's the setup, highs over us today, it is nice ape pleasant this afternoon g travel weather. good travel weather for rest of the weekend. there's the storm system to have afternoon west virginia, southern ohio, brings a few cloud around. the most have the rain stays to the the south. there the is not a lot of moisture with that storm system passing off shore and back for sunshine for tuesday into wednesday. so we will get closer to lehigh valley. once we get rid of the fog this have afternoon back to some sunshine, a few clouds, and tonight not producing any
8:18 am
precipitation. we will have another chilly night not quite as cold as this morning but monday once again back to mixture of sun and cloud in the afternoon. temperatures will make it in the 50's today, some of the warm spots can get in the upper 50's right around philadelphia. tonight, cold again near freezing, and many suburbs, possibly in the 20's in some locations, another good rebound for monday, temperatures well above average we you had this be in the upper 40's this time of the year. not even enclose toes that in the forecast. up to 58 degrees for philadelphia cooler in the surrounding suburbs in the sunshine tonight, chilly once again. thirty-eight for center city, colder in the especially northwestern suburbs could drop in the 20's again. the here's that extended forecast, again, in big storms, just some clouds that will role in for monday, tuesday, wednesday. coolest day is tuesday at 50. we have 60 degrees for a high often saturday. >> not bad, justin. time is 8:18. lets check the roads with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic certainty. >> yes, we have an accident here, this is actually a truck
8:19 am
carrying a load of christmas trees, it is involved in this accident as you can see. it is causing quite a delay on the schuylkill eastbound right lane is block between vine expressway and 30th street. once again an accident, it is a truck carrying a load of christmas trees and hopefully yours was not on the truck but eastbound we have had delays of the vine street expressway 30th street right lane blocked due to this accident. we will move traffic cam here this is actually 202 at allendale road, right by king of prussia mall where i'm told is getting very crowded these days from the early morning on. we are heading there now is the good time to go. as you arrive on 202, i-95, schuylkill leading up to the mall looks fine as well. moving traffic cam one more time to the ben franklin bridge, ben franklin bridge is in fine shape and other areas bridges this morning. further up 676 and admiral wilson boulevard is okay no delays on 42 and 55. mass transit honor close to schedule. that is latest from the traffic center, i'm ann evans
8:20 am
now diana back to you. one of the best parts of the holiday season is looking at all have have the beautiful lights and decorations around the area and no doubt many of the people who put those up will take advantage of the mild weather, to get decorations hunting this weekend. but before you dig out those lights three on your side jim donovan has important information to keep you and your fat manically safe report report holiday decorations have a way to make us feel jolly but making your home look festive could come with serious risks like falling off a ladder. >> if you have not climbed a ladder since last year you shouldn't get on the have roof this year. >> reporter: dann owe meara is well aware of the holiday hazard. he suggests hiring a pro to hang your exterior lights and while many do it, it is not a good idea to use furniture to reach high places. another risk, electrical fires. make sure you look for the the ul label to be sure that lights and cord were safety
8:21 am
tested. never string together more than three sets of lights to avoid overloading. if you are reusing lights inspect them. >> they can get brittle, exposed wire there. >> reporter: if you have a real christmas tree in your home keep it the watered. you can see from this state farm demonstration video, dry trees and electrical sparks are a dangerous combination and watch out for candles too, christmas day is the number one day for candle fires. consider battery operated flameless canned tolls give your home that glow. but if you prefer traditional or scented candles. >> you have to be careful where you put them. >> reporter: state farm says december is one of the top three months for home fire claims, many related to electrical and cooking fires. don't let hustle and bustle will of the season distract from you taking proper safety precautions. reporting for three on your side, i'm this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus
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it is a baby important foyer kim and kanye. kim kardashian west and husband kanye west welcomed their second child in the world in true kardashian form, kim announced her son's birth yesterday on web site and apps n word on the baby's name yet the but couple says it is going to avoid going with another direction this time. their two-year old daughter's name is north, west. close call for actor morgan freeman a private plane he was in made a hard landing. he was traveling in mississippi to texas when plane blew a tire taking off. the plane made an emergency landing and skidded off runway damaging it further, only the the 78 year-old actor and pilot the were on game. no one was injured. simon cowell's mansion was burglarized while he and his family were sleeping inside. the alarm reportedly woke up a security guard who saw burglar fleeing the scene.
8:25 am
another guard chased him down and recovered stolen money and jewelry. the guard supposed on on duty has reportedly been fired n1 was hurt in the incident. frank sinatra would have been 100 years old this week. as cbs sunday morning correspondent mo rock a tells us that calls for a celebration of the man who had an unparalleled passion for music and life. here's a preview what you will see later on cbs this sunday morning. >> ♪ >> i never knew anyone and i still don't necessity anyone else who felt things as deeply and took things to heart the way that he did. >> reporter: from the beginning she says her father, and only child, was no stranger to pain. >> he was a big baby, and they
8:26 am
had to deliver him with forceps which are like salad tongs because his. >> did you see them. >> he preferred always to be photographed from the right side and in the the left. >> reporter: not a scar could hold him back, in a career spanning 63 years, sinatra was a super star on the raid ohio, to the movies. >> what a day. >> and in concert. >> ♪ >> as the guy who knew had a swing and might very well take a swing at you, sinatra define the limits of the cool, on stage and off. your father was a really big temper wasn't he. >> yes. >> like how much.
8:27 am
>> one parking guy, gave him $200 and the the guy said, thank you mr. sinatra that is biggest tip i have ever had in my life. the other biggest tip was hundred dollars. what cheap state gave thaw. >> he said you did, mr. sinatra. >> frank sinatra and man and his music and, that is all coming up this morning on sunday morning on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. still to come on this next hour of "eyewitness news", the president of the liberty university is taking heat over his remarks made following mass shooting in california. and the fog is clearing and temperatures are still, in the 30's this morning, so is there a chill in the air but, it is improving, justin is back with your forecast for the rest of sunday, coming up next.
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good morning everyone. it is a chilly start to the day. meteorologist justin drabick is on the cbs-3 sky deck with the forecast. >> good morning, everyone. frosty sun this morning a lot of frost going on. temperatures in the forecast, did drop down to the lower 20's in some locations. here in philadelphia we made to it freezing. that makes it coldest morning so far this fall season. at least we're in the sunshine. that sun will quickly go to work this morning into the afternoon. we're up to 35 at the airport. still in the 20's in the suburbs. allentown, reading, 28 degrees. 27 degrees. even south jersey many locations still below freezing, quakertown, pottstown, colder spots at this hour at 25 degrees.
8:31 am
mount holly, new jersey checking in at 27. we have areas of fog, with some locally dense areas especially up in the berks county and northern lehigh county, visibility down to a tenth of a mile, right now at reading airport we will get freezing fog. we could have april ice glaze on some surfaces, watch out for bridges and overpasses. be aware of that for next few hours until we rise above freezing. storm scan three nice and quiet, clear skies, sunshine on tap for this afternoon, still chilly at 9:00 o'clock in the lower 40's around philadelphia early to mid afternoon we're talking about temperatures surging back in the mid 50's for highs. it business 10 degrees above average with the high of 58 degrees for philadelphia even at the shore we should make it in the mid 50's as well and in the mountains a nice comfortable 50-degree high temperature for this afternoon. we will talk about the milder temperatures lasting threw up coming workweek and maybe making a run at 60 degrees. we will time it out in a few more minutes.
8:32 am
diana, back toe. >> sound good to me, thanks justin. this this morning philadelphia police say a shooting victim drove himself to the hospital with multiple gunshot wound. philadelphia police say a 34 year-old man was shot three times, in the 5300 block of knocks incomes street around 3:30 this morning. they say he then drove himself to einstein medical center where he is currently listed in stable condition. >> police say shooting may have started as an argument that turned violent. in west oak lane a man was stabbed wound also drove himself to the hospital, this incident happened around 5:00 a.m. on the 6800 block of limekiln pike. philadelphia police say a 29 year-old man was stabbed once in the chest during a bar fight. they say victim then drove to einstein medical center, in word this morning on his condition. more protestness chicago this weekend after the city released hundreds of pages of documents tied to the deadly shooting of the black teenager. video of the shooting tells a different story then reports filed by responding officers. cbs news correspondent brian
8:33 am
web has details. >> reporter: protesters hit the streets of chicago, on saturday, claiming a cover up after a black teenager was gunned down by a white police officer. >> this is not a reflection of chicago police department but policies, procedures, the cover up, the probability that has impacted so many lives. >> reporter: this video shows 17 year-old laquan mcdonald moving away from police before being shot 16 times in 14 seconds by officer jason van dyke but van dyke and four others wrote in their reports that mcdonald was moving toward them swinging the knife in an aggressive exaggerated manner and at least two claim after mcdonald was shot he was attempting to get up while still arm with the knife. chicago police department first ruled this shooting was just final homicide. now van dyke is facing murder charges. on tuesday mayor rahm emmanuel
8:34 am
fired the city's police superintendent. >> those who saw it and those who withheld information should be part of the condemnation. >> reporter: but some believe changes should go even further and they are now calling for emmanuel's own resignation. in new york, brian web, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and now to the mass shooting in column, president obama has been closely following the developments and tonight he is expect to give an address about terror threats. you can see that rare address right here at 8:00 o'clock on cbs-3. meanwhile there are new details on the investigation. on saturday morning fbi agents raided a home belonging to a friend of the syed rizwan farook, one of the two suspects in the deadly rampage. investigators say the man purchased two assault rifles used in the shooting that killed 14 people. >> he was yelling step out of the house, step out of the door. they wouldn't h that is when he stepped out of his car and he met up with some one else in the yard and then ten
8:35 am
minutes later i heard windows crashing, the gram door being torn and breaking in by the the law enforcement. >> reporter: fbi investigation is focusing on farouk and his wife tashfeen malik's tie to terrorist organizations. keep it right here on "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the san bernardino massacre, get very latest on tv and on line at cbs in response to the shooting that president of liberty university is urging students, teachers and staff there to carry guns on campus. jerry fallwell junior says school need to be prepared in the face of the increasing frequency of mass killings. liberty university is a christian school in richmond, virginia. >> some of the people in that community center have had what iot in my back pocket right now. if more good people had concealed carried permits then we can end those muslims, before they walked in that door. >> falwell says he was
8:36 am
specifically talking about the san bernardino killers there syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik, falwell says he wants students to get a permit to car your a concealed weapon to counter any copycat attack. virginia's governor is calling those comments quote reckless. switching gears now to temple football, fans are waking up disappointed this morning after yesterday's football conference championship loss but many say that they are still very proud of their team. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has that part of the story. >> reporter: supporters at the piazza watched closely... and then cheered loudly as temple took on the university of houston on saturday. >> we're all fired up. boys are fired up. i'm feeling optimistic. >> reporter: optimistic highs were met with disappointing lows. >> we should have given to it jihad more. >> reporter: while many hoped the team could recover, it never happened, temple losing
8:37 am
24-13. >> ing in with the mentality that they might be able to come back. known as a second half team this year but it just wasn't there this year or this game unfortunately. >> it wasn't their best game. we all know that. they had a good season. it is tough, with the season. >> reporter: with the loss to the american athletic conference championship they can still look forward to the bowl game, meantime outing seniors say the team should be proud. >> it the has been a really great for my freshman to senior year to see how much progress temple has made and why it has made students feel so proud to be here. >> reporter: and a lot of people of course talking about, coach matt rule saying they are pleased with what he has been able to do and they hope this momentum created can carry over into next season. reporting from temple university, rahel solomon for cbs-3 eye "eyewitness news". we are so proud of them. there is still much more to come on "eyewitness news", coming up next we will check with john dickerson for a look ahea ♪
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face the nation is coming up at 10:30. joining us now with a preview live in washington is moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, john, good morning. >> good morning, diane a we will have the latest on the shooting in san bernardino and then talk to three presidential candidates bit. first donald trump with aggressive ideas about how to tractor wrist in the united states. chris christie does too but he departs significantly from what mr. trump says. then we will talk to the democrat, senator bernie sanders, who has some thoughts there. we want to talk to him about gun control, something democratic voters are concerned and skeptical about senator sanders. then we will have two panels, first business experts to talk about both the domestic and the foreign response to terrorism, and then diane, we will have a political pan toll talk about the fall out from san bernardino and other political developments during the week. >> looking forward to it.
8:41 am
thanks, john. still to come this morning blue skies as we take a live look down the shore, justin drabick is back with your workweek forecast, it looks like a beautiful day ahead. plus a new treatment to get rid of varicose veins and our stephanie stahl meets with the south jersey cop who had the procedure. we will see how though results came out and how it all works. plus high tech toys and gadgets that won't break the bank, holiday gifts for under $50, all coming up next, stay with us.
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back on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new treatment for varicose veins an issue for 30 million people. it is mountain just about how they look but they can be painful. health reporter stephanie stahl tells bus one of the first patientness our area to have the treatment any pain no sir. >> matthew is having a medical grade glue inject into the varicose veins in his leg. >> they are big, bulky, bulging, in the summertime, i
8:44 am
don't want to walk around with these veins on my legs. >> reporter: south jersey police officer says he spends a lot of time doing activities in shorts, bathing suits. >> that is the main primary reason. >> reporter: aside from how they look matt says varicose veins are painful especially when he works out. >> we think of them as an unsitely condition but it is a real medical condition. they have symptoms that affect their lives. >> reporter: this doctor with the vein and vascular institute of south jersey is using a brand new treatment for varicose veins. >> this is flowing into the vein over this wire. >> reporter: with the needle this tiny catheter is threaded in to the vein and then glue is injected into the vein which shuts it down. ultrasound is used to monitor placement of the adhesive. >> that is less invasive and you know, i can go right back to work after this. >> reporter: matt ace monk first in the area to get the the new painless treatment, an alternative to use heat or chemicals to seal off varicose veins and less invasive then
8:45 am
surgical vein stripping. >> in the period of 15 or 20 minutes the procedure is done, and you walk out as if nothing was done. no compression stockings. >> reporter: here are before and after comparisons of matt and others who have had the glue treatment which eliminates risk of nerve injury associated with other treatments. >> quick, easy, effective. >> reporter: glue treatment can cost as much as $4,000 and not covered by insurance. it can cause some bruising, but the results usually last forever. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fishtown is welcoming pennsylvania spca to the neighborhood. animal welfare organization held a grand opening celebration on the saturday at its new location on the 1500 block of frankford avenue. some of the fun activities included children learning how to treat dogs and cats with respect and care. this is pennsylvania spca's first satellite location in the city of philadelphia. we have had a few adoption is today and more importantly
8:46 am
we have had hundreds of adoptions in the few months we have been opened before today. we're also doing vaccine clinic is here, doing dog training classes, humane education. today is a great day. >> reporter: pennsylvania spca say goal, it is to save more lives of animals. well, it was a chilly start but hopefully things are improving, justin. >> we are slowingly progressing, still a lot of fog, breezy fog to be in fact. there could be slick spots north and west of the city but we have a lot of sunshine outside already. starting to melt the frost a little will bit reported from weather watchers as temperatures start to get back closer to freezing. many locations we're down to the mid 20's this morning. it is still sitting at 25 degrees at michael riley's house in sanatoga down in south jersey, margot at 28 degrees in buena vice tap. ed up to 28 in chesterfield. and 30 in lynn's house in cherry hill, new jersey.
8:47 am
williamstown, peter still below freezing coming in at 30 at this hour. david dutch in clementon, new jersey 32. tanya in philadelphia is coming in at 34 degrees. so, she's brave. she's going out for philly freedom 5k run. the nice morning for that run to benefit the the independent hall national park, so using there and overall good running conditions. little cold. we don't have wind to deal w lynn in cherry hill, she says her garden is confused. why am i still blooming. the that is a strong flower right there to brave through morning temperatures but that is the trend. we are dealing with temperatures well in the 50's a lot of unshine. forecast is above average. so here we go, lets go outside, where we still cannot see sky line too well from the palmyra cove nature park across the ridge in new jersey. we have haze and if you go to deal w is there local willly dense areas of fog especially north and west. we will go from berks county leaks high valley still, there is visibility dropping a tenth of a mile in reading right the
8:48 am
now. allentown has improved up to four, three in wilmington. there could be a few icy spots especially bridges and overpasses. good rebound today. low temperature this morning 32 degrees at the airport makes it coldest morning so far this fall season. look at that, 26 degrees jump to the forecast high of 58 degrees this afternoon. just stays mild, average high 48 degrees, not enclose to that, yesterday low 50's, mid to upper 50's today, the trend this week, slightly cooler but stale above average. we're talking 50, our coolest day this week i'll show thaw in the seven day forecast. big area of high pressure across mid-atlantic. the once again like yesterday lots of sunshine. weak disturbance over iowa. few rain showers. that will pass by to the south and west over the next 24 hours and may bring a few more cloud and it looks like rain chances are slim to none. for today enjoy it, pleasant conditions. get that holiday shopping done, putting up christmas decorations, cutting down the tree, it looks good.
8:49 am
into monday it is same deal mix of sun and cloud, disturbance passes by bringing a few clouds, tuesday, back out, with more sunshine. temperatures today surging in the low to mid 50's. maybe upper 50's in the warm spots. it does get cold again tonight with generally clear skies. near freezing in the suburbs. maybe upper 20's but doesn't look like it is as cold as this morning. then monday afternoon again, well in the 50's, even all the way up toward lehigh valley and southern poconos. here's the the trend through middle of this month mid-september overall jet stream pattern stays to the north. this is the average. so this keeps much of the u.s. mild. all of the cold air stays lock up north into canada. as long as that is to the north we can get that cold air. we are dealing with pacific air mass for the next week or two. there are signs that maybe the jet tries to make a dip southward, for second half of the december allowing that colder air to return. we will see in that happens. today not happening today, for
8:50 am
sure, 58 degrees for our high, very mild tonight, 38 for the the city, colder in the suburbs. here's that extended forecast, pretty quiet, cloud start to return for monday, tuesday, wednesday, 50 degrees on tuesday, that is our coolest day of the week and then by end of the week back to the mid 50's thursday and making a run at 60 degrees, heading in to the weekend, diana, back over to you. lets get one last check of the road and i understand we have seasonal hazards, out there. >> we certainly do, it is a truck carrying a load of christmas trees on the schuylkill expressway. it has been involved in the accident. it looks like grinch stole all of our christmas trees. schuylkill eastbound is jam. it is an accident. right lane blocked, at 30th street. you can see tree trunks at the top have of the trunk there. lots of christmas treason that truck but hopefully there are no injuries. that is the important thing. we will move the traffic cam here to i-95, this is i-95 at penns landing, we're going to have a race in olde city right around penns landing.
8:51 am
it is on chestnut street eastbound between south seventh street and front street, philly freedom 5k, right now just getting underway but watch out for runners, in old city this morning who are traveling there, in delays on i-95, it looks good at penns landing, volume picking up and it is moving through philadelphia and suburbs. on to 202 at allendale road a popular roadway doing some christmas shopping on today at king of prussia mall to the right of the screen. no delays or problems here, yes, now is good time to go. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now diana, back to you. there is no need to blow the budge this holiday season on technology gifts. whether you are buying for a tv fan or book work lexi, now reveals high tech gift ideas for under $50. >> don't blow budget for tech fan our your list this holiday season. here are topics all under $50. updated 35 doll google chrome cast turns in the television
8:52 am
and screams content from the big screen. that includes apps like you tube and netflix. you can even stream games from your phone. music lovers can plug the new $35 chrome cast audio in to any speak tore stream music. for the greens, of the family try parrot flower power. this $49 plant send a fix in the pot all on the ground. it delivers fur like sunlight, temperature, and moisture levels straight to an app on your phone so you will a he never forget to water again. also, for $49 it is amazon fire, a new 7-inch tablet for reading, web browsing and movie watching. it does not have bells and whistles it is well suited forecast you'll users and those with an amazon prime subscription. the tile is a tiny blue truth track their can help you fine just about anything. this $25 device attaches tour keys, or can slide into a wallet. from your smart phone you can check the tile's last location on a map. you can even use the the tile
8:53 am
to make your phone ring if you lose it. you'll be hit of the part which these $10 drum sticks. they are motion activated so simple tap on any surface makes it sound like a drum kit. you can jama long to the built in rhythm tracks. for more holiday gift ideas, visit n san francisco i'm lexi, for for cbs news. our joy of sharing toy fest campaign is well underway this season. buy a new unwrapped toy and bring it to one of our drop off locations, you can find the entire list of locations, at cbs fest. we will be right back.
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8:55 am
eagles face new england this afternoon despite losing three in a row, bird are still a game out of the nfc east lead which says a lot about the division. they have to beat best quarterback in the game tom
8:56 am
brady who went 23 of 42 for 280-yard and two touchdowns in the overtime loss to the broncos. in the game, brady tied dann marino for third most passing touchdowns, were 420, and brady says paths are looking for rebound. >> i think we all want to get back out there. it has been a long time since we lost a meaningful game, and i just, you know, it just sucks. so i'm glad we're not in a position where we're, you know, it is always hard to win especially to get on the road against good teams, and you have to play really well and when that game end, you have to as fast as you can turn the page and move on. >> we will get you ready for battle between bird and patriots today at 11:30 object sunday kick off. i will be here and sports director don bell will be live from foxboro at 11:30 right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great the day, go bird. >> should be a good day for
8:57 am
the game. i think i will do some outdoor shopping. good day to get that done. we are dealing with sunshine. temperatures mile. cold start but nice rebound, mid 60's for most locations. city gets close to 58 degrees this afternoon. included start to move in the middle of the week but still mild 50's all week long. >> that 60 is too good to be true. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs sunday morning is next. have a great the day. you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ is giving you more.america's best-selling brand the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus
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